Brian and Lanny Go to Europe

by Nick Brady

Chapter 19

Roth looked into the bathroom and reported, "There is a nice shower. I want to do that now." Then he smiled. "It is big enough to all of us."

Brian and Lanny looked at each other and shrugged, sat down on the edge of the bed and began to get undressed. "I'm kind of dizzy," Lanny discovered when he bent over to remove his shoes. "I think a shower would feel pretty good."

"Yep. Therapeutic, maybe," Brian mumbled. "I think maybe I had too much beer."

"I thought Roth was immune to that stuff. Or maybe he has something else in mind."

Brian chuckled, "He was the one who came up with the king-sized bed, wasn't he?"

Roth's voice called in from the shower, "The water is very nice."

Brian grinned at Lanny, "You ready for this?"

"I guess," Lanny shrugged. "We kind of talked about it."

Now nude, they walked into the bathroom to find Roth standing under the water in a large walk-in shower. His back was turned. They stepped in beside him.

"This is very nice. Do you think so?" he asked, and moved to the side to allow them to stand under the water. When they looked at him he was smiling and erect.

Lanny stepped under the water and found himself to be rather unsteady. He stumbled a bit and Roth caught him in his arms and drew him in close, holding him a bit longer than necessary.

"Oh. Be careful!" Roth laughed. "I will not let you fall."

This was the first time they had gotten a good look at Roth naked. He was slender and muscular. His skin was very white and his red-orange hair hung wet over his ears and neck. His erect uncut cock stood flat against his belly and his full bush of pubic hair was red like that on his head. His balls were hung down loose against his thigh. Brian looked at Roth's naked body and liked what he saw. He impulsively reached out and put his hands on Roth's head. "I like your hair," Brian explained.

Lanny stepped away and leaned against the shower wall then ran his hand down Roth's stomach, grazing his cock with the back of his hand. He said nothing, but noticed that Brian's cock was rising. The sight caused his own to rise as well.

Roth smiled, reached out and took both cocks in his hands. "Oh. You are excited. How nice."

Brian turned to Lanny, put one arm around him and kissed his mouth. Roth smiled broadly and took them both in his arms. All three wet bodies were in contact and the effect was very erotic. Brian turned to Lanny and pressed their bellies together, feeling the erections between them. In doing so, he turned his back to Roth who pressed himself into Brian's crack. Roth pressed his face into the crook of Brian's neck while he and Lanny kissed passionately.

Brian felt Roth sliding up and down his butt crack and was unsure about Roth's intentions. He stepped away and picked up the tube of body wash provided by the hotel. Squirting some in his hands he began to wash Lanny affectionately. Lanny did the same and they stood facing each other, running their soapy hands over each other's bodies. Roth watched this with great interest.

"I can help you," he volunteered, and began to rub his hands over both of them.

In the spirit of the moment, Brian and Lanny turned and washed their red headed friend, much to his pleasure. Brian knelt in front of Roth and stroked his soapy cock, looking with interest as the long white foreskin moved over the head of his dick. Roth hunched himself towards Brian's face, and Brian stood and stepped back.

Lanny stepped out of the shower and picked up a towel to dry himself. "I think I need to sit down before I fall down." Brian followed his lead, leaving Roth in the shower by himself.

Roth soon joined them and they all stretched out on the big bed naked. "It is like when we were in your tent," Roth laughed. "It is exciting to see you kissing and loving each other. Should I leave so you can have sex?"

"I have to admit I'm pretty horny," Brian said. "I'm not sure that I care if you're here or not."

"Please let me watch you. I want to see what you do. As I told you before, I am curious about such things," Roth said with a grin.

Brian needed little encouragement and turned to take Lanny in his arms. "I need you inside me," he whispered as they began to kiss passionately.

Lanny responded by hunching against his lover and rubbing his fingers over Brian's hole. Brian moved down to take Lanny in his mouth and sucked his cock deep in his throat, causing Lanny to moan. Roth turned to watch and began to stroke himself.

Brian moved to crouch on his hands and knees and tilted his ass in the air. "You know what I love." Lanny responded by pressing in face in Brian's crack and slurping at his hole. "Oh yes. Just like that," Brian moaned.

Lanny knew what to do. He moved behind Brian and stretched himself over his back, rubbing his cock over his wet butt crack, then pushing the head of his cock against Brian's hole. Using his hand to position himself, Lanny slid deep inside while Brian moaned.

Roth watched wide-eyed and stroked himself. "Oh Mien Gott! Does not that hurt?" Brian responded with a long low moan. Roth put his hand on Brian's ass, trying to feel Lanny's cock as it moved in and out. With his other hand he fondled Brian's cock and balls.

The effect on Lanny was dramatic and he emptied himself in Brian's ass. "Oh shit! Oh, oh, oh!"

Brian stretched out flat and let Lanny recover with his cock up his ass. Lanny held Brian tightly and kissed the back of his neck. After a minute, Brian rolled over and laughed. "Does that turn you on?" he asked Roth.

"Yes, yes. I have dreamed about such things. I can see that this gives you great pleasure." He ran his hands over Brian's thigh and felt of Lanny's dripping cock.

"Be honest now. Haven't you done anything with another guy?" Brian asked.

"Not like this," Roth admitted. "I have jerked off with a friend before, but nothing else. But I must tell you that I have dreamed about such things."

"Didn't you ever have your dick sucked?" Brian asked.

"I have not done that, but I would like it very much."

"Maybe I can help you with that," Brian grinned, and he bent over to take Roth's cock in his hand. He pulled the loose foreskin up over the head of his dick and pushed his tongue into the loose skin. Then he pulled the skin down and sucked Roth into his mouth.

The effect on Roth was dramatic as he fell back and hunched himself into Brian's mouth. Lanny watched this with interest and began to rub his hands over Roth's chest and belly. He impulsively straddled Roth's chest and rubbed his cock over his face. Roth hesitated only a moment then opened his mouth and took Lanny inside, causing Lanny to regain his erection.

Roth was sandwiched between his two friends. Brian's mouth on his cock, and Lanny's in his mouth. He hunched and sucked with great enthusiasm. Lanny pulled away and Brian reversed his position so that his crotch was over Roth's mouth. His cock replaced Lanny's as he and Roth began to do the beast with two heads.

"I want to suck him," Lanny said, and replaced Brian on the cock surround by long red hair. The presence of a foreskin was exciting to him and he played with it as he sucked.

Now it was Brian who watched the show. "Maybe you would like to know what if feels like to be fucked," Brian suggested. "How about it? Can I fuck your ass?"

"It would hurt me," Roth protested. "I am afraid to try that."

Now Brian was ready to press Roth on just how curious he really was. "You would like it if you tried it. I won't hurt you. Just ask Lanny, I am very gentle."

"Lanny laughed and admitted, "I was afraid too. It did hurt a little at first, then it felt really good. Brian is good at this."

Roth was hesitant, but obviously more than a little curious. "I am not so sure about this."

Brian moved behind Roth, turned him on his side and rubbed his hands over his ass. "You will like this," he said, and pressed his face into Roth's ass and began to tongue his hole.

Roth did like it, and arched his back to give Brian better access. While Brian lapped at his ass hole, Lanny played with his dick. Roth seemed to be persuaded and he began to moan.

Brian replaced his tongue with a finger and inserted it in Roth's ass hole, slowly sliding it inside and rotating it carefully. "How's that?" he asked.

"It is strange, but it does not hurt me. But your penis is much larger."

"Let me try it," Brian urged. "If I hurt you, I'll stop."

While Roth consider this suggestion, Lanny handed Brian their tube of lubricant. With this, Brian inserted two fingers in Roth's wet ass hole and slowly twisted them in and out, while Lanny rubbed his balls. Roth closed his eyes and arched his back.

With no further discussion, Brian applied a generous amount of lube to his cock and pressed against Roth's hole. "Just relax, and push out like you want to take a shit." Roth tried to do so, and felt his hole opened by the head of Brian's cock.

"Oh! That hurts. Please stop!" Roth cried.

Brian did stop, but did not withdraw himself. "Hold still and relax. It won't hurt if you just relax."

Roth held still and panted. He wanted to experience this, but did not like the discomfort. "I will try, but please be careful."

"Get on your hands and knees. It will be easier."

Once Roth changed his position, Brian applied more lube and crouched behind him, pressing himself into Roth's ass and pushing. "Relax. Relax and breathe. It will feel better when I am inside you."

Roth put his head on the pillow and tipped his ass in the air to allow Brian another try. The head slipped in and Brian stopped while Lanny ran his hands over Roth's back and spoke soothingly to him. Brian applied more pressure and slid in deeper. He stopped, pulled out a little, then pushed even deeper until he was fully inside the red-haired German.

"Oh! That is so big."

"Come on Roth. I'm not that big. You've shit a bigger turd than that," Brian suggested with a laugh.

That made Roth laugh, and he relaxed a little more. "Maybe you are right, but my turd was going in the other direction."

Brian grasped Roth by the waist and pumped slowly in and out. "Oh. That is so nice for me. Am I hurting you?"

"Ahh! It is very strange, but maybe it feels good too. Please be very careful."

Brian smiled and continued to stroke in and out slowly. He pulled almost out, then pressed in until his pubes were against Roth's ass. He looked down and watched as his hard cock slid into Roth's ass. He could feel the wiry red hair that surrounded Roth's hole as it scratched the sides of his cock. It was an erotic sight.

As Brian did his work, Lanny lay down and slid under Roth to suck his rock hard cock. Roth closed his eyes and moaned. Lanny alternated between sucking and stroking on Roth while Brian increased his pace.

"Turn over on your back so we can look at each other," Brian told him, and Roth did as he was asked. Now Brian slipped a pillow under Roth's hips and reentered him from the front. Roth looked down to see Brian on top and could see his friend's cock sliding in and out of him.

"Oh yes. I think I like that very much," Roth moaned as Brian kissed him and sucked on the skin beneath his ears.

After a few minutes, Brian approached his tipping point and felt the cum rushing out of him into Roth's rectum. "Oh man! I'm going to shoot!"

Roth could feel the warm slick sensation, and the pulsing of the cock inside him. At the same time, Lanny took Roth in his mouth and pulled down on his testicles. Roth exploded into Lanny's mouth with a loud cry. "Ach Mein Gott! Ahhh!" He lay back and jerked with the intensity of his orgasm.

Brian stretched out over his stomach with his cock still inside, and kissed Roth on the lips. In truth, Brian had become quite fond of Roth and was pleased to see that he had given his friend pleasure. "How was that?" he asked

Roth was breathless and it took him a minute before he could answer. "It was.... It was very strange, but not so bad as I expected. I think you were gentle with me. Thank you."

Brian withdrew and sat back on his haunches. "Thank you!" he laughed. "I hope you enjoyed your first experience. Did we make you a convert to male sex?"

Roth rolled over and his back and smiled. "I don't know. I must admit that it was better than I expected. I might have to think about that."

Lanny rubbed Roth's shoulder. "You have been very kind to us. I hope we were able to express our appreciation tonight, eh?"

"Yes, yes. I think that was a very nice thank you present. You must believe me that I have never done such things before."

"Would you do it again?" Brian asked.

"Ah. That is a good question," Roth admitted. "I have wondered what such a thing would be like. I told you I am curious about such things. I do not know anyone else I trust enough to try such things for myself. You have become my dear friends and I am very fond of you both. I cannot say I love you in the same way that you love each other, but you are very dear to me."

"But do you think you would might enjoy doing something like this again, perhaps with someone else?" Lanny repeated.

Roth was thoughtful. "I feel I can be honest with you, my friends. I think it might be possible that if I found the right person, I could enjoy this again. It was far more exciting than I imagined. All of it. I did some things I have only fantasized about before and they were very pleasurable. I even found it nice to suck on you. I never thought I could enjoy that."

"So have you lived out all your fantasies with us? Is there anything else you would like to experience?" Brian asked.

Roth smiled. "Of course I might like to be the one who does the fucking, but I am past that tonight. But there is one thing I have never done."

"What's that?"

"While we were playing, you two kissed each other so passionately. It was very romantic. I have never kissed another man before tonight. I have kissed some girls so maybe that is the same. I don't know."

Lanny smiled. "I think I can help you with that." He leaned in to Roth, took his face in his hands and kissed him on the lips. Taking a deep breath, Roth returned the kiss and let his tongue enter Lanny's mouth. They wrapped their arms around each other and shared a deep kiss for several minutes.

When they broke the kiss, Roth laid back and smiled. "Now I have kissed two beautiful men, and you have renewed my erection. I would not have thought that was possible. That was also very nice. No, it was wonderful. Now I am quite confused."

"Why are you confused?" Lanny asked.

Roth sighed. "I must be honest with you, my dear friends. In truth, I have never had sex with a woman. I have dated. I have kissed and played a little with several, but I have never really done sex with any woman as I just did with you."

"Why not?" Brian wondered.

"I don't know," Roth admitted. "I must tell you that I had the opportunity with several girls, but I did not act on it. It did not feel right for me. I wanted to do it, but it did not excite me as I thought it would. I told myself that it was because of my Catholic religion, because of my strong morals, you know? But now I am not so sure."

Roth glanced aside then sighed. "With you, it was very good. It seemed right. I know that what we did was not acceptable to my religion, but I wanted to do it very much, and when the chance was there, I did not hesitate as I did with the girl."

Lanny smiled and shook his head. "Actually, it was you who took us to the gay bars and encouraged us to drink so much, it was you who reserved a room with one large bed, and it was you who asked us to shower with you. This did not come as a surprise to you?"

"Ah. That is true. I must say that I was hoping that we would do sex play with each other. I want to deny that, but I cannot," Roth admitted. "This has given me many things to think about."

Brian grinned, "I can't say that we didn't enjoy it."

"We talked about this several days ago," Lanny told him. "I think we had some idea that this might happen. We agreed that it was something that we would be willing to do if it came up. But you should know that we love each other very much. Neither of us would have played with you by ourselves. Not that we are not fond of you, or do not find you attractive, but because we are committed to each other."

"Yes. I think I know that," Roth agreed, then smiled, "So you find me attractive?"

"Yes of course," Brian laughed. "You are very attractive - handsome, charming and with sexy red hair. We talked about that too."

"Ah. That is very nice to hear," Roth smiled. "I must say that I find both of you to be very, very nice. I think many times how lucky you are to have found each other. I hope that I am so lucky."

"I thought you were going to marry some nice Catholic girl and raise a family. What happened with that?" Lanny asked.

Roth shrugged. "Maybe that will happen. I don't know. Although, I am not as sure of that now as before I met you. This country is my home and all of my family is here. It would be very difficult if I chose the same path as you. Maybe your families are not the same as mine. It is difficult. Do you understand?"

"Of course we understand," Lanny told him. "We will face that same situation when we return home. Brian's family will accept it of course, but my family? I'm not sure how that will work out. I worry about it, to tell the truth."

"We left home as friends. We will return as lovers. Unless something happens to come between us, we plan to make a life together," Brian explained. "We will have many decisions to make."

"Yes. I understand," Roth nodded his head. "It is like Kermit the frog says, 'it is not easy being green'."

Lanny laughed. "I think maybe that's what he was talking about. I always wondered about Kermit."

Rotf stretched back out on the bed. "I must tell you that I am very tired. We will go to Amsterdam tomorrow, then I must return to my home and you will return to yours. You have given me a lot to think about, but now I must sleep. I hope you will forgive me."

It had grown late and after the tour, the beer and the sex, they were all exhausted. After a last visit to the toilet to relieve their bladders, they snuggled together in the big bed and fell into a peaceful sleep.

It was a good morning to sleep later than usual. The busy day before, the amount of German beer consumed and their physical activity before retiring had left the three friends in need of rest.

Lanny opened one eye and looked at his wrist watch, "It's almost nine o'clock," he reached across Roth and poked Brian. "When do we need to get out of here?"

Brian was dozing and tried to respond, "Don't talk so loud. I have a headache."

"Sorry. So do I, but we are supposed to be out of the room by ten. We need to do something."

Brian nudged Roth and elicited a low moan. "Wake up, Roth. We have to get out of the room pretty soon."

Roth rolled over on his back and saw that his friends were on either side of him. "I know, but I could sleep for a longer time. My head is a little bad."

"I thought you were immune to German beer," Brian chuckled.

"It was the Schnapps, I think," Roth sighed.

"But we had a good time, right? We had some new experiences," Brian asked him.

Roth hesitated, "Yes, yes. At least for me. Now I am no longer a virgin."

"We can talk in the car," Lanny suggested. "We need to eat something and get on the road if we're going to Amsterdam today."

Roth sat up and stretched. "Yes. That is true. I must return to Munich tomorrow. I promised to take you to Amsterdam and it is a very long drive."

"How far is it from Berlin?" Lanny asked.

"I think from Berlin to Amsterdam is almost seven hours, then from there back to Munich is even longer. It is a long drive."

"You don't really have to spend the next two days on the Autobahns," Brian told him. "Unless you are hot to go there, we can use a train or a bus or something. That's how we got around before you guys adopted us."

"Maybe that is better. But I hate to say goodbye to you. I think I will never see you again."

"I think we feel the same way, but all good things must come to an end," Brian said.

As they discussed their options, Lanny clicked on his cell phone. "There is a train for Amsterdam at 10:34, and it's pretty cheap. Why don't I book that?"

"I think you should," Brian answered. "Let's have a good breakfast and let Roth go home."

The decision made, they drug themselves out of bed and made ready to leave. They carried their packs to Roth's car, then looked around for a cafe.

"I don't think I want anything too heavy," Lanny said. "I'm a little queasy from last night."

"They have some nice pastries," Roth pointed at a glass case near the register. "Those look nice to me."

After an assortment of sweet rolls and some coffee with lots of milk, the world began to look better. "So was last night really a new experience for you?" Brian asked.

"It was," Roth admitted. "As I told you, I am curious about many things."

"So how was it?" Lanny asked. "Any regrets? I mean, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but today you might not be so sure."

Roth smiled. "No, no. I might never had played with another, but with you two, it was good for me. Maybe I am not so straight as I thought. No. I have no regrets. It will be a very nice memory for me."

"We will never forget you, that's for sure," Brian told him. "When we look back on this trip, you will be what we will treasure the most."

"Yes. It is as if I have known you for a very long time," Roth said.

"It has only been two weeks since we first met you," Lanny recalled. "But we have done so many things together."

"Yes, I know. We had only a little time together so I tried to spend it well. I think we did some nice things."

"We have email addresses and if you use Skype, we can chat with you again. I would like to try and keep in touch with you," Lanny suggested.

"Yes, yes. I will do that. I have many memories."

"I have been taking a lot of pictures with my camera phone," Brian told him. "I will bundle the best ones and send them to you."

"We have been sending pictures and emails home every few days," Lanny said. "Our family already knows about you and Fredrick. Maybe you can come to visit us sometime."

Roth smiled. "I would like that very much. I will try to make that happen."

"The scenery is not as spectacular in Tulsa, but we can find a few nice places for you to visit. I hope that happens."

"We will see," Roth smiled. "So where will you stay tonight?"

The Clinknoord Hostel is only $18 each. I have already booked it," Lanny smiled. "We are all set. Just get us to the train station before 10:30."

Roth drove them to the station and they took their bags inside to wait for their train. They gave Roth the few simple gifts they had bought for Frederick and his family.

"We had a good time before we got down to Munich," Lanny told him. "After we met Fredrick and then you, it was fantastic."

"That's true," Brian agreed. "Before that, we were only tourists. After meeting you guys, it was like we lived here. You gave us a much better understanding of Germany – your culture, your food, and your history. We really owe you more than we can ever repay.

"It was my pleasure. You are the first Americans that I have really come to know well. You speak well for your country."

Soon it was time to board the train, and time to say goodbye. When they stood to depart, Roth hugged them both. They were surprised to see that he had tears in his eyes. "I will never forget you," Roth said. "I will pray for your safe return to your families. Auf Wiedersehen liebe Freunde. Gott segne dich!"

"May God bless you too," Lanny said with a sad smile. "Please be careful driving back home. Give our love to all of our new family."

One more hug, and they boarded their train. Roth stood by the tracks and waved to them as they departed. They were bound for Amsterdam.

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