Brian and Lanny Go to Europe

by Nick Brady

Chapter 17

Brian and Lanny left Roth for a final beer and went to the room to call it a day.

"How are you feeling?" Brian asked. "Is your shoulder hurting?"

"It aches a little when I move too fast, but it's OK," Lanny assured him.

"Don't make any sudden moves then," Brian smiled. "We have an hour before Roth comes up. I think he isn't really staying behind just for a beer."

"He likes beer, but I think he's mostly trying to give us a little private time."

"Do you feel up to taking advantage of that?"

"Oh yeah. I think I'm ready for some private time," Lanny grinned.

"I think I'd like to shower first. What about you?"

"Me too. I think I'm kind of stinky. I wish we could shower together."

"Hmm, that would be nice," Brian agreed. "You know, Marco and Marty like to shower together."

"Really? How do you know that?"

"When you live in the same house with people, you figure things out. They go into their bathroom together then come out twenty minutes later with wet hair and towels wrapped around their waists. Their towels look kind of bulgy, if you know what I mean."

Lanny laughed. "Like as a tent?"

"Right. I think there's a little foreplay going on in there. After they shower, they go straight to their bedroom and stay there for an hour or so."

"I hadn't thought about it before, but I guess it's kind of tricky to have sex with three boys in the house."

"I guess," Brian said. "We all kind of know what's going on, but it's no big deal. We pretend not to notice. But they are married for Pete's sake. We know they have sex with each other."

"They are both good looking guys. It's kind of hot to think about that"

"They are. Marco with that long black hair, and big Marty, the blond hunk. I imagine they enjoy each other," Brian paused, "I kind of had a crush on Marco when I first moved in with them."

"Really? Did you want to... you know?"

"I have to admit I thought about it. Just as a fantasy, but Marco is real good about setting his boundaries."

"Do you still think about that?" Lanny asked.

"No. Not really. I think about both of them as my dads now," Brian explained. "It's a different relationship. But it's still kind of fun to think about it."

Lanny smiled, "This conversation could make me horny."

"I'm almost always horny," Brian admitted. "Are you ready for the shower?"

They walked into the bathroom which connected their room with the next and found it empty. There was a double sink, a toilet and a shower with glass doors in the corner.

"There's a latch on that other door," Lanny noticed.

"Is anybody in the next room?" Brian asked.

Lanny eased the connecting door open and peeked inside. "Not at the moment. There are a couple of suitcases on the beds, but nobody's in there."

Brian grinned, quickly got undressed and stepped into the shower. "Come on in. The water's fine."

Lanny latched the door, then put his clothes in a pile on the sink and stepped in the shower with Brian. "How do we do this?"

"Let's get clean first and see what happens. Want to wash my back?" Brian handed Lanny a bar of soap.

Lanny smiled, took the soap and began to wash Brian's hair, using the resulting suds to wash his back, then his butt, letting his fingers slide up his crack. Then he knelt down and washed the back of his legs. The running water rinsed the soap away. As Brian turned to face Lanny, his erect cock was at eye level. "Want to wash the front too?" he asked.

"I can see how this might lead to something," Lanny smiled and washed that which was in front of him, then stood and ran his soapy hands over Brian's chest and arms. "You're pretty hot yourself," he said softly.

Brian's response was to wrap his arms around Lanny and kiss him. Their soapy bodies rubbed against each other and there were soon two erections in play.

"Let me wash you now," Brian whispered and took the bar of soap and began to rub it over Lanny. "Have I told you lately how beautiful you are?"

"You can tell me again."

Brian embraced his friend and ran his soapy hands over his back and down his crack while holding him from the front. The skin on skin contact felt very good.

Brian stepped back as far as the close space allowed and let the water from the shower rinse the soap away. Then he knelt down and took Lanny in his mouth, caressing his balls and sucking him deeply into his throat.

"Oh! That's really nice!" Lanny gasped.

"Um-hum," Brian mumbled. He sucked for a few minutes then pulled back long enough to admit, "I really like sucking you. I like to the feel of your cock in my mouth."

Lanny pushed himself against Brian's face, "Knock yourself out. I love to be sucked!"

Brian went back to his task, stroking himself as he took the hard dick deep in his throat. He gripped Lanny's butt cheeks and ran his fingers over his hole.

Lanny hunched himself into Brian's face for a few minutes more then grabbed his hair. "You better stop. I'm going to shoot!"

Brian sucked harder and mumbled from the side of his mouth. "Go ahead. I'm loving this."

Another few strokes and Lanny emptied himself into his lover's mouth. "OH! My God, that's intense!" His knees buckled and he had to support himself by leaning over Brian.

They both sat on the floor of the shower, embraced and kissed deeply, sharing the semen in Brian's mouth.

After a few moments Lanny raised up and pushed Brian down against the wall of the small shower. "My turn," he whispered.

He leaned over and took Brian's dick in his mouth, licking it from top to bottom, sucking first one testicle then another into his mouth while he stroked him. He sucked the top half of his cock while he stroked him, running his tongue around the cockhead and squeezing his balls with the other hand. He stopped only long enough to glance up and whisper, "I like it too."

He sucked, stroked and squeezed until Brian began to stiffen and gasp. Lanny ran his fingers down over Brian's butt hole while he took him as deep in his throat as he was able and pulled the cum from his balls while Brian stifled a cry.

Brian slumped back against the wall of the shower and looked into Lanny's smiling face. "Whew! I guess there are a lot of ways to do this."

"This is our first time to do it in the shower," Lanny grinned. "Now I understand why your dads like to shower together."

"No shit!" Brian laughed. "Now we better get out of here before we get caught."

They stood, rinsed off and stepped out to wrap their towels around themselves. They brushed their teeth, picked up their clothes and unlatched the adjoining door. As they walked out, the door opened and a young man peeked in, nodded and stepped back to pick up a towel. They slipped into their room, closed the door and sat down on one of the beds.

"That was kind of fun," Lanny grinned.

"Sex with you never gets old," Brian told him. "I bet there are a million ways to do this."

"I hope so," Lanny chuckled. "And we didn't even mess up the bed."

They lay side by side and tried to regain their composure.

"I wonder if Roth has finished his beer?" Lanny asked.

"Probably. But he said he would give us an hour. He'll be up here in a little while."

"I wonder about Roth."

"What do you mean?" Brian asked.

"I wonder where he is on the scale of sexuality. The first time we ever met him, he got in our tent naked and ended up jerking us off. Then when he got to know us better, he told us he was straight, but he has twice now made room for us to have sex together. You know he didn't stay downstairs just to drink another beer."

"I see what you mean. I don't know either. Maybe he likes it both ways."

"But he has been really nice to us and has been a real gentleman. He hasn't tried to do anything with either of us. At least not with me," Lanny said.

"No. Me neither. I wonder about that too, now that you mention it."

"How did you feel about playing around with him in the tent?"

"Well. It kind of surprised me," Brian admitted. "But at the time it was just kind of like horsing around. I was more concerned about your feeling jealous than anything else."

"I was thinking the same thing. That was the first time I ever felt of another guy's cock, except yours. It was exciting but I was afraid you would be mad."

"It was kind of exciting. I admit that. You know what I thought was interesting about it?"


"I can't honestly say I never felt another guy's cock, but his was the first that was uncut," Brian admitted.

"Yeah. He was uncut, or is, I guess I should say. His skin was real loose. I kind of liked that too."

"We need to do something nice for him. He's been really great to us and hasn't asked for anything."

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Lanny asked.

"Probably. Would you feel OK with that?"

"As long as we do it together. I think it would bother me if either of us did something with another guy on our own, but if we do something together, maybe that would be cool."

"It would be fun," Brian laughed. "Let's see what happens. We have a few more days with him."

They tossed the towels on the bedside chair and got under the sheets of two adjoining beds, leaving the third for Roth, and stretched out to wait for him. By the time he returned to the room they were asleep. Roth came in quietly, looked at his friends and smiled. In a few minutes he was also asleep.

Morning came and their first thought was for breakfast. The hostel had a dining area with rolls and orange juice where they sat and planned their day.

"So what's on the agenda, Roth?" Lanny asked. "You're the tour guide."

"We saw a little of the town last night. There are places to shop and nice museums, but I think the most interesting thing is for you to see the Rally Grounds. There is much to see and we should take our time there. We can spend the day in Nuremberg, but I would like to go on to Berlin tonight."

"Whatever you say," Brian agreed. "Are we in a hurry?"

"Ah, I should tell you that I called Fredrick's brother Karl last night. Do you remember that he lives in Berlin?"

"Right. He is married and lives there with his family."

"Yes. Of course he knows about you. Emma told him that we were coming to Berlin, and he wants to meet you. We are invited to stay with him while we are there."

"Does he have room for us?" Lanny asked.

"He lives in a small apartment. I think we will sleep on the furniture, if that is alright."

"That's not a problem. It's awfully nice of him," Lanny smiled.

"I think you are part of the family now," Roth smiled. "He is curious about the American visitors."

"If you're sure we won't be a nuisance. We would like to meet the rest of the family."

"If you are ready, we should go. It is not far to the Congress Hall from here. I think I would like to walk. Is that good for you?"

"Sure. All we need are our rucksacks. The rest we can put in your car," Brian suggested.

"Yes, yes. Then we go."

They walked for some distance and saw what looked to Lanny like some photographs of the Roman Coliseum he had seen. As they got closer, they could see that it did not make a complete circle, but was in a U shape that opened outwards towards a small lake.

"That is the Kongresshalle, or the Congress Hall. It was intended to look like the Roman Coliseum, but it was never completed. There were many grand buildings designed by Albert Speer that were only started. One which was finished was the Zeppelinfeld, the Zeppelin Field. That was where the great rallies were held. There is an Education Center in part of the Congress Hall. We should go there I think."

In the Education Center was an exhibit called 'Fascination and Terror' that took them through the rise and fall of the Nazis – the common name for this is the Nationalsozialistische, or National Socialist Party. The exhibit progressed through the growth of the Nazi Party and the great changes that took place from the end of the Great War in 1918 through the rise of the party in 1933, the start of World War II, the terrible concentration camps and the utter destruction of much of Germany. It was both fascinating and rather frightening.

"That must have been a terrible time to live through," Lanny observed.

"Yes, I think so," Roth agreed. "Of course that was before I was born, but my father remembers a little about it. He was a young boy during the war. His father, my Ommpa, lived through it all."

"Did he have to fight?" Brian asked.

"No. He was one of the lucky ones. He was a Mechanical Engineer and worked in a factory that made tanks and trucks. Other things too, I suppose. He was a designer and they needed him to work in several places. He was spared from the fighting, but late in the war some of the places where he worked were bombed and he was injured. Not so bad though."

"Did he talk much about the war?"

"He told us some things about it. Many people of his age do not like to talk about the war. They saw too many terrible things, I think. He was in Nuremberg in the early time and told us about the rallies here. That is why I wanted you to see it."

"Tell us about the rallies," Lanny requested.

"There is a Nazi propaganda film made by Leni Riefenstahl in 1935 called 'Triumph of the Will', that makes this clear. I think we can see it here. It was intended to promote the adoration of Adolf Hitler as the savior of Germany. He was made to be a sort of God. Leni was a very good film maker and did some other films for the government. The woman was paid to make the film but after the atrocities of the war, she was deeply ashamed that her film contributed to the success of the Nazi party and the destruction that was caused. She was severely penalized for it."

"What happened at these rallies?" Brian wanted to know.

"We should watch the film," Roth suggested.

They sat and watched as the film played out. It began with a glorification of the German people and showed clips of workers in the fields while the voice of Adolf Hitler praised them for their bravery and loyalty. The nation had suffered greatly from the onerous restrictions placed on them after the last war. The people would be the salvation of their nation through their hard work. It was these people who would make the Germany great again. There was great emphasis on the Hitler Youth as the future of the nation. The film showed the faces of many handsome boys and girls giving the stiff-armed Nazi salute. It was promised that they would make a nation for all Germans, no matter where they lived. The implication was that largely German regions outside of Germany itself would be incorporated into a larger country. It was made clear that the purity of the German race was very important and that the Jews were the enemy of the state.

There were scenes of smiling children and women, saluting as Hitler passed through crowded streets in an open car. Here was the Führer, the leader, smiling and waving at the crowds. There were scenes of a great rally at the Zeppelin Field where thousands of cheering people listened as Hitler's party leaders - Bormann, Goebbels, Goring, Hess, Himmler and others, gave inspirational speeches. While the film cut to scenes of marching soldiers, tanks and airplanes, the voice of Hitler exhorted them to work and make sacrifices for Germany. He told them that they must fight for Germany. He was an extremely powerful speaker, an eloquent madman.

The speeches were very inspiring. It was stressed over and over again that everyone must work and everyone must be loyal. Hitler would be loyal to them, and of course they must be loyal to him. It was not really the state to which they must show loyalty, but to Adolf Hitler, to the Führer. Speech after speech emphasized that whatever the Fuhrer said was law. It was the promotion of a cult designed to worship Adolf Hitler. Hitler was the National Socialist Party.

"The rallies must have been very exciting," Roth told them. "They occurred every year as an annual celebration from 1933 to 1938 until Germany invaded Poland and the armies had other things to do. There is a film record of all of them. The enormous area of the Zeppelin Field was filled with soldiers in military banners. They marched in carrying hundreds of flags and standards with swastikas on top. Some of them were held at night, and there were hundreds of big spotlights that lined the field and shined columns of light far into the sky. It was called the Cathedral of Light. It was very dramatic. There were tens of thousands of people who were watching all this and they were very excited. The films were shown all over Germany so that even those who could not attend could know what happened here and be inspired."

"Why did they think Hitler was so wonderful?" Lanny asked

Roth shook his head, "Try to think about being an ordinary German of that time. They had been left in a terrible situation after the Great War. People were starving because of the extreme conditions of the Treaty of Versailles. T>he Treaty placed Germany under legal sanctions. They were deprived of military power, economically ruined and politically humiliated. Although Germany was devastated by the war, they were to pay reparations for the losses of the Allies. It was not possible for Germany to do this, and it made their situation extremely difficult. Many of the German people did not support the Great War and felt very resentful. It was a terrible time for them. They were desperate for something, anything, which would improve their situation. Here was this exciting display of military and economic power and this political savior who promised to make Germany great again. Of course they embraced him."

They left the Congress Hall and walked to the Zeppelin Field.

Roth tried to explain what had happened there. "Albert Speer designed the Zeppelin Field as an almost religious space for the worship of the Führer. On three sides, the field was framed by spectator stands for the people. The main stage was centered at the far end of the Zeppelin Field with a massive rostrum on which Hitler would stand so that he was above everyone with the party leaders just beneath him. High above him was a golden swastika like the cross on an altar.

"Everything faced the Führer which emphasized his power and leadership. The vast groups of military stood in the field in orderly rank and file, and the spectators filled the stands on the other three sides. Everyone pledged allegiance to the Führer, and became part of the 'national community' which was subordinate to him. Long banners lined the field and there were flags and standards topped by swastikas everywhere. It was very dramatic. Hitler liked to drive up in a car during the party rallies, and enter the grandstand from below out of the crowd of spectators. Hitler wanted to stage himself as the leader who came from the people and remained connected to them. It was a carefully orchestrated liturgy."

As Brian and Lanny looked around the vast space, they tried to imagine what it looked like at the time of the rallies. Much of the structure was crumbling now, and the grandstands were choked with weeds. Roth told them that there were plans to do repair and restoration to preserve the memory of the place's history. Roth smiled and told them, "This is used by the high school futbol team now. So it is not totally abandoned."

By this time it was afternoon, and they began to think of lunch. "There is much to see here," Roth told them, "but I think we should go. It is enough for one time. Did you find this interesting?"

"Very interesting," Lanny said. "How do you know so much about all this? It happened long before you were born."

Roth shrugged, "Like many Germans I struggle to understand how such things can happen. It is important to understand those times. Maybe I can make some difference for my country."

"Have you ever thought about getting into politics?" Brian asked.

"Perhaps. I have thought about it," Roth smiled. "I am not sure what my future will be."

They started the long walk back to the hostel without much conversation. Roth was tired from all his explanation, and Brian and Lanny were thinking about all that they had learned. It had been a very interesting day.

They stopped at a cafe and had some lunch, then loaded up the car and got back on the Autobahn towards Berlin.

Roth called Karl on his cellphone to get directions to his apartment and let him know they were soon arriving. They drove through blocks of tall apartment buildings and pulled into the parking area of one. They shouldered their packs and followed Roth into the building and up an elevator to Karl's apartment. By this time it was late in the afternoon and the family was home.

They were greeted at the door by Karl, his wife and two little girls who looked very excited.

"Come in please," Karl greeted them.

Roth introduced Brian and Lanny, and Karl's wife was introduced as Anna. The girls were Heidi age 5 and Gretchen age 3. They were cute little blonde girls with rosy cheeks.

"Are you sure you have room for us?" Lanny asked.

"Yes, yes. Of course. You are family now. We do not have beds for you but you are welcome to find a nice place on the floor," Karl laughed. The rent is very reasonable."

Anna greeted them then disappeared into the small kitchen from which some good smells were coming. "Are you hungry?" she called.

"Always," Brian laughed. "Can we help?"

"No, no. It is almost ready." She laid out a simple meal of sausage and potatoes with a small green salad. "I hope it is enough," she said.

They crowded around the small table and answered the usual questions. "Where are you from? How do you come to be here in Germany? Tell us about your families." They felt right at home and related their adventures with travels and the excitement of their hike on the Goldsteig Trail.

Anna made some coffee and they went into the living room to sit more comfortably while Karl told them about his work in Berlin. Anna was in nursing school and they were making a nice life for themselves here. Heidi and Gretchen tried to follow the conversation but soon fell asleep in their chairs. Anna excused herself and ushered them into their bedroom to be tucked in. It was a very nice family.

"I'm sorry, but the apartment is small," Karl explained. "The sofa is comfortable and we have an inflatable mattress that we can put on the floor. I hope you will find that comfortable."

"That will be fine," Brian assured him. "We have been sleeping in a tent, so that will be very nice."

Karl blew up the mattress, then brought in some blankets and pillows and made his apology. "I must leave rather early for work in the morning, so I must leave you. If you need anything, please let me know. Goodnight."

Brian and Lanny chose the mattress and gave Roth the sofa. They located the bathroom and got ready for bed.

"What is our plan for tomorrow?" Brian asked.

"Ah, there is so much to see in Berlin," Roth told them. "This is a very big city. Of course there are museums and cathedrals which I know you would enjoy. But perhaps you would like to see more history, and save the museums for another time."

"I think we have seen plenty of museums and churches," Lanny told him. I thought the things we saw in Nuremberg were very interesting. I would not mind more of that history."

Roth smiled, "I'm glad to know that. There is much here for you to see, and that is what interests me as well. I will try not to disappoint you."

"Thank you for everything, Roth. You have been a wonderful friend to us both," Brian said sincerely.

Roth smiled. "It has been my pleasure. I am sorry to see our time together coming to an end. But now I must sleep. Goodnight."

And they slept well.

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