Brian and Lanny Go to Europe

by Nick Brady

Chapter 15

That night after Brian and Lanny were in bed in the yellow room, Lanny had taken off his sling and Brian was rubbing his back and shoulder.

"That feels good," Lanny purred.

"I could rub something else if you like," Brian whispered in his ear.

"That's OK. I don't think I'm up to anything strenuous."

"It was just an offer. I'm glad you're feeling better."

"The doctor said it would help to put some heat on it."

"Hmm. Maybe some body heat?"

"Yeah. That would be nice."

Brian wrapped his arms around Lanny and held him from behind. "How's that?"

Lanny snuggled back against Brian and sighed. "That's just right."

"While you were sleeping this afternoon, Roth and I drove around in his car and had a long talk."

"Yeah? What did you talk about?"

"Oh you know, stuff. He asked me what we were planning to do next, and I told him we didn't have any specific plans. We had talked about going to Holland, I guess."


"Roth said he would hate to see us go. He wondered if maybe we would like for him to take us some places in his car. Like maybe to Switzerland or maybe up to Berlin."

"Really? That was nice of him. Does he really want to do that?"

"I think he does. I told him that we thought we were imposing on him, but he said he was afraid he would never see us again and he'd really like to spend more time with us."

"Did he really say that?"

"He did. He said he felt closer to us than to a lot of his friends here."

"I guess we went through a lot this past week. I've heard that shared adversity is a bonding experience," Lanny yawned.

"We had some of that, for sure."

"Roth's a real friend, isn't he?"

"Yes he is," Brian agreed. "Yes he is."

"Actually, that sounds pretty cool. I wouldn't mind spending more time with Roth. He's a pretty cool guy."

"You know, we've really been lucky on this whole trip. Not that you getting hurt was lucky, but we've met some nice people."

"Yeah. I know what you mean. Fredrick's family has just been fantastic to us. We're perfect strangers, and they've treated us like long lost relatives."

Brian laughed. "Emma has been so sweet. I think she likes to feed people."

"We need to do something to thank them. Like buy them a really nice present or something," Lanny said.

"Like what?"

"Good question. Flowers for Emma and a box of cigars for Renke?"

"That's not enough. We've saved a ton of money staying with them."

"We don't have a ton of money," Lanny reminded him. "If they hadn't taken us in, we'd be close to broke by now."

"True. Staying in big cities and paying to see the sights is expensive. How much do we have left?" Brian wondered.

"I don't really know. I'm not doing a very good job of keeping track of expenses."

"Traveling with Roth would be cheaper than using trains to get around. We could pay for his gas and still save money."

"We would still have hotel bills though - and food," Lanny reminded him.

"True. But we'd have to pay that anyway. Besides, it's not just saving money. I'd like to spend more time with Roth. I really like him."

"Yeah. I do too. But if we're with Roth, we can't, you know, screw around as much."

"Remember when he sent us down to check out that little lake while he took a nap?" Brian reminded him. "He knew what we'd end up doing. I don't think he'd cramp our style too much."

"Yeah," Lanny chuckled. "I think you're right."

"Well, anyway. You want to do it? You want to let Roth show us around?"

"Do you have a better plan?"

"Not really."

"Then I guess we should. I mean, if he's really serious about it."

"I imagine we'll see him tomorrow. You can ask him yourself if you want," Brian suggested. "But he sounded serious to me."

"Sure. That sounds great." Lanny yawned again. "I guess that's the plan. Now can I go to sleep?"

"Sorry. I had that on my mind. Good night. I love you."

"Good night. I love you too."

And so it was decided.

In the morning, Brian woke up first and looked over at Lanny. He was sleeping peacefully. Brian ran his hands through Lanny's hair. "Hey sleepyhead. Are you interested in some breakfast?"

Lanny stretched and rolled over. "Hmm? Is it time for breakfast?"

"It's after eight o'clock. I bet we're the last ones up. How do you feel this morning?"

"I don't know. I'm not awake yet," Lanny yawned.

"We need to be thinking about what we're going to do. We can't stay here forever," Brian told him.

"I wouldn't mind staying awhile longer. Emma's a great cook."

"She is, but I think we may be overstaying our welcome. We've been with either Fredrick or Roth for the last ten days. You know what they say about fish and guests. After three days, they begin to stink," Brian reminded him.

"I thought you said they enjoyed having us around."

"I think they have, but there has to be a limit to their hospitality. The thing with Roth is kind of different."

"How's that?"

"Well, other than traveling in his car, we'll be paying our own way."

"That reminds me, we need to see how much money we have left," Lanny said. "We might need to cut this thing short."

"Right," Brian agreed. "This trip was your idea, I'm just tagging along. Is this all you hoped it would be? I mean, other than tearing up your shoulder?"

Lanny lifted his left arm and moved it around. "I think it's better today. If I can keep from stressing it, I think it will heal on its own. But to answer your question, I've had a great time. We saw some neat stuff in Edinburgh and London. Paris was beautiful, and when we got to Munich, we met Fredrick and his family and have had a wonderful time."

"They have turned this into a terrific experience. I'm glad you talked me into doing this with you. It's been great, but spending time with you has been the best part for me."

"For me too. I was sort of infatuated with you before the trip. Now, I am thinking this might be a long term relationship. I hope so. On my own, this would have been an interesting trip. With you, it's been a dream come true. I can't tell you how glad I am that you came with me," Lanny assured him. "Speaking of dreams, what's this about your dreaming about our accident? I vaguely remember your talking about that."

"Yeah, that's kind of crazy," Brian admitted. "I had a dream about my falling and you catching me that I made into a story for my English Comp class. I'll let you read it when we get back. At the time I didn't know who the other guy in the dream was, but now I realize that it was you all the time."

"That's kind of weird," Lanny shook his head. The accident was not fun for me, but in a way, it brought us all closer to each other - you, me and Roth. It turned out OK. It'll make a great story to look back on."

"We should go downstairs for breakfast. Do you need help getting dressed?

"Not really. You go on down. I'll be there in a few minutes."

"I love you, Lanny."

"I love you too. I'm really glad you came with me."

Emma was sitting at the kitchen table when Brian walked into the kitchen.

"Guten Morgen. How is Lanny this morning?" Emma asked.

"He'll be down in a minute," Brian told her. "I think he is feeling better today."

"I am so happy to know that. Would you like some breakfast?"

"Of course. How could I refuse?"

"If Lanny will join us, I will make enough for two."

"Where is everybody this morning?" Brian wondered.

"Ah. Renke is working, of course. Fredrick has taken Deiter somewhere. I don't know about that."

"We are indebted to all of you," Brian told her. "I don't know we can ever repay you."

"Ach! It is nothing. We are so glad you can be with us."

"Roth has offered to take us to see some things in Munich. I think that we will only impose on you for one more night."

"No, no. It is not a problem really. We will be sad to see you leave us."

Lanny joined them just as Emma was putting eggs, sausage and toast on the table. "It is so good to see you this morning Lanny," Emma said. "You are not wearing your sling today. I think you should use it."

I will put it on before I go out," Lanny promised. "I want both hands for your breakfast."

"Will everyone be home tonight?" Brian asked.

"Yes, yes. I think so."

"I have an idea for tonight," Brian looked at Lanny. "I wonder if we can take all of you out for dinner tonight. I think we will be leaving tomorrow. It is the very least we can do."

"There is no need for you to do that. I can make something."

"We would really like take you out. I know that your cooking would be better than in a restaurant, but it is one way to try and thank all of you for your kindness," Brian insisted. "Please let us do this little thing."

"Yes, please," Lanny agreed. "We can never repay you for all that you have done."

Emma smiled. "If you like, we can do that. It is very good of you."

After Breakfast, Brian called Roth on his cell phone. "Hello Roth. Have you recovered from our adventure?"

"Yes, yes. I am ready for another. Have you considered my suggestion?"

"We have. While we still feel like we are imposing on your generosity, you have made us an offer that we can't refuse. Lanny and I would love to join you for another trip. What do you have in mind?"

"I have some ideas for you. Maybe I can come over and we can talk about it," Roth suggested. "Do you have time for that?"

Brian laughed. "We have all the time in the world. Please come over whenever it's convenient for you."

"I will see you soon," Roth replied.

Emma was curious and asked, "Will you go again with Roth?"

"Yes. He is suggesting a trip north to Berlin. He wants to show us more of Germany."

"There is much to see there. Much history. Not all is happy times for Germany," Emma said, looking rather serious.

"I understand a little about that," Brian replied. "When we first went to France, we visited the beaches at Normandy. Lanny's grandfather is buried in the American Cemetery there. We found his grave."

"So many died at that terrible time. It is hard for us to remember it," Emma said. "We lost many friends and family at that time."

"We can only hope that such things are in the past and will not happen again," Lanny added.

"Yes, yes. We hope so," Emma turned and went back in the kitchen. It appeared to be a difficult topic for her.

"Is Roth coming over here?" Lanny asked.

"Yes. He wanted to talk about his ideas for another adventure," Brian told him. "Are you up for that?"

"Sure thing. If that's what he wants to do. We owe all of these people a lot for their kindness."

"Roth said he really wants to spend more time with us. We need to find a good place for dinner tonight. It's the least we can do."

"We need to figure out how much money we have left. We should make this dinner really nice," Lanny insisted. "Have you figured out a good place to take them?"

"I don't know what's around here. Maybe we can ask Roth for advice."

As soon as they had finished their breakfast, Roth arrived looking eager. "I have some ideas for us," he said. "Let us make our plans.

"What are your ideas?" Brian asked. "We don't know where to go. You're the local expert."

"Yes, yes. I have been thinking about it. I have to begin my work again next week, but there is enough time for a good trip. I suggest that we go to Berlin, but there are some interesting things along the way there. At Ingolstadt is the place where Audi automobiles are manufactured. You might like to see that. After Ingolstadt is Nuremberg. There is much history there if you would like to know it. Then we can go to Berlin where there is much to see. What do you think?"

"That sounds great," Brian assured him. "We are grateful to you, but it seems that you are going to too much trouble for us."

Roth looked a little hurt. "I told you already. I want to do this because I think I will not see you again. I really want to spend this last time with you."

"And we will enjoy your company as well," Lanny said. "You have been more than a friend to us."

"And so it is decided? I can come here tomorrow morning and we will begin, yes?"

"That sounds wonderful," Brian told him. "Tonight we want to take all of you out for a nice dinner. You are invited, of course. Can you recommend a good restaurant for us?"

"Ah. There are many in Munich. What kind of place would you like?" Roth asked.

"We want it to be a nice place with good food. Not a cheap place, but we are kind of limited on money. Is there something that will fit that?"

"Hmm. Let me think. I have been to some places. Maybe you would like Andecher am Dom. It is a nice place in the center of Munich. The food is very good there and not too expensive, but often it is crowded. It would be good to make a reservation to avoid a long wait time."

That sounds great. How do I contact them?" Brian asked.

"I can do that for you if you like," Roth suggested. "I think it will be good to make a group reservation, and order something for the group. Do you think so?"

"Whatever you suggest," Lanny said. "We trust you."

"Yes, yes. That is a good idea. How many of us? Emma, Renke, Fredrick and Deiter is four. Brian, Lanny and myself is another three. So we are seven in all?"

"Yes. We want to take all of you for a nice dinner," Brian agreed.

"Umm. What to order? You have had many things so far. I think maybe you have not eaten a good duck. They make a nice one. Would that sound good for you?"

"Sure. Whatever you think. You haven't led us astray so far. If you say it's good then we will trust you on that," Lanny agreed. "Do you think everyone will like roast duck?"

"I think so. I have eaten it before and it is very nice," Roth assured them. "I can do that for you. Will you want also some beer and wine for the dinner?"

"Of course. We want this to be nice. Do what you think is best," Lanny told him.

Roth smiled. "I will try. I think you will like it. Good. That is decided. I will call the place and tell them to expect us at seven o'clock. Do you think so?"

"Sure. Renke will be home by then and we will have plenty of time to get there. "We'll look forward to it."

As they were making their plans, Fredrick and Deiter returned from their errand. "We see you are alive Lanny. Is all well with you?" Fredrick asked.

"Yes. I'm much improved today. We were making plans to take you all out for dinner tonight. I hope that you and Deiter can join us."

"Yes of course. That is very kind of you," Fredrick said.

"I can come with you!" Deiter replied with pleasure.

"Then it is settled," Roth declared. "Now what can we do today? I think there are places for you to see in Munich before you leave us. Come Deiter. Let us show off our beautiful city to our American friends."

Deiter was delighted to be included and agreed enthusiastically. They went out to Roth's car and Deiter sat in front while Brian and Lanny took the back seat to begin their tour.

"If we hurry, we can see the Glockenspiel," Roth told them. "It is a wonderful clock on the tower of the Town Hall."

"What's so special about a clock?" Lanny asked.

"You will see. It is 100 years old and still working nicely." Roth drove to the center of the old part of Munich and parked the car. "From here we are walking."

They looked just down the street at an impressive old building. Set in the central tower was a clock. Just at eleven o'clock, it began to chime and carved figures began to dance as they rotated around. The bells rang out lively music.

"The people are from our history," Roth told them. "I don't remember all about it, but this is a very famous clock. Listen for the little bird at the end." They laughed when a golden bird gave three loud chirps to end the show.

"Now we go to the Frauenkirche – the Church of Our Lady. I think at noon, we can hear nice music."

"Do we need to pay admission?" Lanny asked.

"No, no. It is free," Deiter told him. "And it is very nice inside."

Walking to the Cathedral, they saw a brick structure with twin towers, capped with domes. They entered to see a large space, but quite simple compared to the churches they saw in England and France. The walls were white with rows of wooden benches. They walked near the front and sat down to wait for the music. A small group of musicians came in carrying violins and a cello and sat in a group of chairs on the next level. They were followed by four singers, three men and a woman. One of the singers introduced them in German, of course. Brian and Lanny assumed he was giving their names. After a moment, they took their places and began to play something very beautiful. The little string quartet accompanied the singers who harmonized a vocal piece. It was unknown to our travelers, but they enjoyed it very much.

The little group performed several things. Then, at precisely 12:30, they bowed as the small audience applauded and exited, taking the chairs with them. "Now we can go forward and see more of the church," Deiter told them.

The Sanctuary was bare except for beautifully carved wooden panels with benches in front of them. "Here would be the choir for a big service," Deiter explained. The floor was paved in marble squares of contrasting colors with a decorative strip down the center. The white columns rose high to a paneled ceiling. It was very impressive, but done without the elaborate decorations of other churches they had seen.

The altar is placed near the front of the sanctuary," Brian noticed. "At the back where I would expect to see the altar, is a nice wooden panel with only a large chair in front of it. That seems unusual to me."

Deiter was eager to explain and Roth allowed him to show off his knowledge. "You see, this cathedral is the seat of our Archbishop. The chair is his. If he were the celebrant, he would sit in it."

"We saw the cathedral in Edinburgh, Westminster Abby in London, and Notre Dame in Paris. They were very ornate. By comparison this church looks rather modern. Was it constructed recently?" Lanny asked.

"No, no. I think about 1450 or something like that, Deiter said. "They wanted to make it simple."

Roth laughed, "That, and they ran out of money."

"I'm surprised that it is in such good condition after all that time. It looks newer somehow," Brian said.

"Some of it is newer," Roth explained. "It was very heavily damaged during the last war and has been restored."

"Probably bombed by American forces," Lanny guessed. Roth nodded without comment.

When they were ready to leave, Roth announced, "Now we must visit the Hofbrauhaus."

"What's that?" Brian asked.

"I think the most famous beer hall in Munich. You must see it. I hope you do not mind, but I am thirsty for a glass of good beer and something to eat."

"Sure. I think I'm developing a taste for your good beer. I could eat a bite myself, Lanny agreed. "Isn't this where they have that Oktoberfest?"

"Yes of course," Roth smiled. "But it is celebrated all over this area. It is when the new beer is ready to drink. But there is always good beer in this place. Let us go."

Brian shrugged.

They walked to a large beer hall. Inside were long tables with people sitting in small groups. The walls and ceilings were decorated with painted panels covered with paintings of revelers. There was a low hum of conversation punctuated by laughter. It was a happy place.

They took a seat and were quickly visited by a young lady in traditional dress. Roth ordered for them. "Don't worry Deiter. I ordered for you too."

"Yes. A Kinderbier," Deiter looked a little disappointed.

"What's that?" Brian asked.

"It is called a child's beer. It is alcohol free," Roth explained with a smile. "Sometimes we call it a practice beer."

"Maybe that's what I should have. The real thing is kind of strong."

"Don't worry, Brian. I will not lead you astray. At least not too far."

In a few moments the girl came to them with a large tray on her shoulder. On it were four tall glass steins of beer. Three were dark and one was a lighter color. Also a plate of sausage, cheese, and some radishes and crackers. The lighter beer was given to Deiter.

"It is good," Deiter said. "Really, I don't mind."

"I must report on your behavior when we return," Roth laughed. "I must not be in trouble with your mother."

"Thank you Roth. Will you let us pay for this?" Lanny asked.

"No, no. You will pay for our dinner. That will be enough I think. Let me do this for my friends. It is only a little money."

"They drank the beer and even Brian agreed it was delicious."

"Now we have two more places to see," Roth told them. "Both are nearby. Are you ready?

Next, he took them to a magnificent palace. "This is the Palace of Munich. It was where the king of Bavaria lived and now it is a fine museum. We have a little time only. Would you like to see it?"

Lanny shrugged. "If you like. We have seen some nice museums in other places."

"Then you will not be disappointed to pass it by?"

"Not really," Brian said. "Let's just look around on the outside. It's really beautiful."

"It is just as well," Roth agreed. "Inside are 130 rooms with antique furniture, art, porcelain, and tapestries from many periods. It is very nice, but to really see it takes much time. I have another place to show you that I think you will enjoy."

They followed Roth on a short walk to a very large park. "Oh! Here is the English Garden," Deiter said. "Can we do a paddleboot?"

"A paddle boat?" Brian asked.

"Yes, I think we can if you like. This park is even larger than the Central Park in New York City. There is a nice lake here where we can rent a paddle boat and go for a ride."

"That sounds great!" Brian agreed. "Are you up for that Lanny?"

"Sure. There's nothing wrong with my legs."

They came to the park and began to walk through it. "This is huge!" Brian exclaimed. "Look at all the ducks and geese. The river is covered with swans. Cool!"

"Yes. It is very large. I think we can only see a small part of it today," Roth explained. There are many areas. If Deiter wants to rent a paddle boat, we must go to Kleinhesseloher, it is a lake with some islands inside. Or would you like to go surfing?"

"Surfing? In Bavaria?" Brian thought he had misunderstood.

"Yes, yes. The river Isar runs through the park. Many like to swim in the river, although it is very cold, even in the summer. But there is an artificial river which is made from it where big pumps make it very fast. It is for surfing. Really. I do not make a joke for you."

Lanny laughed. "That's all I need in my delicate condition. No thinks, I'll pass."

"I think that is only for summer time," Dieter said. "Now is too cold for that."

"I think so," Roth agreed. "Today the sun is warm but the water will be very cold."

As they passed through some green meadows, they saw a lot of sheep grazing on the green grass. "Do they rent this out as pasture?" Brian asked.

No, no," Deiter laughed. "They are the lawn mowers. It saves the park a lot of money."

There were small groups of people sitting on the grass. Some were stretched out on beach towels. "They are naked!" Lanny said with surprise. "Will they get in trouble for that?"

"It is not so surprising here," Roth told him. "I told you before. We do not care about such things so much. As long as they are only sunbathing, that is."

"Truly. This is a wonderful place," Brian laughed.

"Now here is the lake. Would you like to rent a boat?" Roth asked.

"We can rent two. Roth and I can have one and Brian and Lanny the other," Deiter suggested. "Maybe we can race in them."

"That sounds like a challenge," Brian said. "You're on!"

The boats were procured - Roth and Deiter in a blue one, and Brian and Lanny in a red one.

"Everybody knows that red boats are faster," Brian exclaimed.

"We will see about that," Roth took up the challenge.

They started out onto the lake and Roth shouted. "We will race around the islands!"

The race was on. Roth and Deiter soon took the lead, as Brian struggled with the steering. When that was mastered they stayed close behind. When they circled the second island, Roth dropped back allowing Brian and Lanny to pass. "I am spent!" Roth cried. My legs will not cooperate."

"Me too," Lanny agreed, and stopped paddling. Brian continued at a furious pace, causing the little red boat to veer to the side.

"Maybe the race is over. Let us enjoy the view only" Roth laughed.

They circled the islands and started back to the dock. "I've had enough," Brian admitted.

"Yes. It is enough. Maybe we should go back. We will want to shower and dress for our dinner before long," Roth suggested.

The boats were parked and they walked back to where they had parked the car. It was getting late and dinner was waiting. Roth dropped them off at Fredrick's home and went on to his own. "I will be there in plenty of time," he called to them as they went into the house.

They found Emma, Renke and Fredrick waiting inside. "We thought you had forgotten us," Fredrick teased.

"Roth took us on an extended tour of old Munich," Brian explained. "There is a lot to see here."

"There is enough time," Emma told him. "We cannot leave without you."

Brian and Lanny went upstairs, showered and changed, and were back downstairs in record time. "We have to wait for Roth," Lanny said.

"Wait for me too," Deiter told them. "I am next for the shower."

Roth arrived just as Deiter was coming down the stairs. "We should leave soon, Roth advised them. "Our reservation is for seven o'clock."

"There is enough time," Renke said. "We must take two cars, I think."

Fredrick drove his grandmother's Mercedes with Deiter, Emma and Renke. Roth took Brian and Lanny. They arrived at the Andecher am Dom shortly before seven. They were expected and shown to a round table already set up for them.

"This is a cool place," Brian looked around. "Do we need to look at a menu?"

"I hope you will not mind, but I ordered for us already," Roth told him.

"As always, we trust you," Lanny smiled.

First, they were served tall glasses of nice beer. "This is from the Andechs Monastery," Roth explained. "It is a very famous beer for this place."

Next, they were brought a large platter of assorted cheeses, with crisp vegetables and sliced avocados along with some sliced dark rye bread. While they enjoyed that, Lanny tried to tell Emma and Renke about all the places that Roth had shown them during the day.

"Yes, yes. The Frauenkirche is very nice," Emma declared. "We go there for the Christmas Eve service. It is very beautiful. The choir and organ are wonderful!"

"I bet," Brian said. "I noticed that the organ was in a little balcony at the very back."

"Oh yes, but the music fills up the church. I wish you could hear it."

They were interrupted by plates of roast duck served with red cabbage, potato dumplings and roasted asparagus.

"This is very good," Renke said appreciatively. "I like this very much."

"Yes. So nice. Thank you so much!" Emma smiled.

"It was delicious. There was more than enough and nothing was left over. The server brought fresh glasses of the good beer and whisked the empties away. Brian had the feeling that he should not have a second, but it was very good, and he was very thirsty. After the second, he decided he really didn't care. The already cheerful mood at the table got even merrier as they told about their paddle boat race.

When the plates were cleared, they were served what looked to Brian like a blackberry cobbler covered with heavy sweet cream, and served with strong black coffee. It was the perfect ending to a fantastic meal.

"You did us proud," Brian told Roth.

"I hope you liked it," Roth said with a big smile.

"It was great!" Lanny said enthusiastically. "I knew we could trust you!"

The manager came up with a little tray and looked at Roth. Roth nodded his head in the direction of Lanny and smiled. Lanny took the bill and tried not to blanch. "No problem," he said, and handed the man their previously unused Visa card. He nodded and walked away. Lanny turned to Brian and whispered. "I hope that thing works."

In a moment the man returned with the card and the receipt. He was still smiling, much to Lanny's relief. Lanny leaned over and asked Roth quietly. "How much should I leave for a tip?"

Roth shook his head. "There is no tip. Everything is included with the dinner. It is enough."

"Well, that helps a little," he said, stifling a giggle. Then he hiccuped and whispered to Brian. "I'm glad I'm not driving."

"Are we ready to go?" Roth asked. "I think I must make a stop before we leave." Glancing at Brian and Lanny, he pointed to a door marked 'Herren'. They were joined by Fredrick, Deiter and Renke as they visited the little room.

Inside was a single stall and a long metal trough that sloped to one side. They lined up side by side as men will do, gave back three glasses of good German beer, zipped up and returned to the parking lot.

Once in the car, they sighed and loosened their trousers. "That was pretty great. Thanks for setting that up, Roth. I wouldn't have known how to do that," Lanny said.

"It is no problem. You did your part. You paid the bill," Roth laughed. "I am glad that you liked it. You should know that Emma and Renke were very pleased. I believe that you thanked them in a nice way."

"I hope so," Brian sighed. "They have been so great to us."

"And now, if you are not tired of my company, I will come for you in the morning and we will begin our final journey together."

"I could never get tired of your company," Brian said sincerely. "We will look forward to it. Thanks for everything."

"It is my pleasure. I mean that. Now here we are. I will see you tomorrow."

Roth drove off and left them to walk inside. Emma and Renke thanked them for the dinner and after a minimum of conversation they excused themselves and went up to bed.

"I'm beat," Lanny admitted.

"Me too. It's been quite a day. That bed is going to feel good," Brian agreed.

They undressed and stretched out on the bed. After a minute of silence, Brian turned to Lanny. "This is probably the last time we'll have any privacy for the next week."

"You think?"

"Um-hum. Want to?"

"I'm pretty full of dinner and beer."

"What's the matter? Too tired? You got a headache or something?"

Lanny laughed. "I guess that does sound pretty lame."

"Come on, I'll even let you be the top. I think we can manage it."

"Yeah? Promise me you won't twist my arm, OK?"

"I promise. Give us a kiss, huh?"

"Well, maybe just a little smooch."

They managed.

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