Brian and Lanny Go to Europe

by Nick Brady

Chapter 6

Brian and Lanny stowed their big backpacks in the room closet, shouldered their small rucksacks and went down to the street. Lanny deciphered a route through the narrow streets to the Place de la Concorde to begin their trek through Paris.

"Look at that monument. I bet that was stolen from Egypt somewhere," Brian pointed to the tall spire at the center of the place.

"That's the Obelisk of Luxor," Lanny explained, "and yes, I think it might have been 'liberated' from Egypt. And the fountain is famous too." After a few clicks on his smartphone, Lanny corrected himself. "Actually it was gifted to King Louis-Phillipe by Muhammed Ali, Khedive of Egypt in 1833. I guess it was quite an engineering feat to get it here. At least that's what Wikipedia says."

"What's a Khedive?"

"The big cheese of Egypt I guess. At least I guess it wasn't stolen. A lot of the stuff in museums was."

"Well it's cool anyway. The fountain is nice too."

"We better get moving. We have a pretty good hike planned for today," Lanny reminded him.

From the obelisk they started down the Champs Elysée. For a long way it was a wide avenue with lots of trees and places to sit and picnic. There were a few others strolling along; ladies walking dogs, couples holding hands and a few bums sleeping on the grass. After a while they came to a more commercial area and stopped for something cold to drink.

Lanny held up two fingers and said "Deux Coca-Colas, s'il vous plaît."

The waiter nodded and returned shortly with two small bottles of Coke and a pair of glasses. "I read somewhere that if you order Coca-Cola in any country in the world you'll get what you ask for," Brian smiled.

"I think you're right," Lanny agreed. They sat at the little table sipping their drinks and feeling very Parisian. He paid for the sodas with a "merci," and they started on.

"They say that Paris is the most beautiful city in the world," Lanny observed, "I couldn't argue with that." Brian nodded in agreement.

As they walked, the streets grew more congested and lots of stores lined the streets. They were amused to see a Disney store. "Mickey Mouse seems to be universal too," Brian chuckled.

"Right. It's hard to overestimate the influence of American culture all over the world," Lanny agreed.

"That's true. It's great to travel and visit cool places, but I don't think I would want to live anyplace else but in the USA."

Lanny shrugged, "I guess. I wouldn't mind living in places like Paris for a while. I would end up back in the states though."

After a very long walk the Arc de Triomphe came into view, prompting Lanny to share what he knew about the historic structure. "It was designed in 1806 and completed in 1836. It honors all the French who defended their country in time of war. Their tomb of the unknown soldier is here, I think. I remember seeing newsreels of Nazi soldiers parading through it when the Germans captured Paris, and then another parade of French and Allied soldiers parading through after Paris was recaptured. It is quite the iconic structure. When you see a picture of that, or of the Eiffel Tower you know that it's Paris."

As they drew closer, the arch seemed to grow. "That thing is big," Brian exclaimed. "How big is it?"

"It's 60 meters tall. That's about 165 feet. After the First World War some guy flew a biplane through it. I saw that in a newsreel too," Lanny told him.

When they finally got to the traffic circle that surrounded the arch, they found another little cafe and sat with their Cokes and admired the view.

"OK tour guide. Where to next?" Brian asked.

If we use the Avenue Kleberg, it will take us back down to the river for the boat tour. Are you ready?" Brian nodded, they hoisted their rucksacks and started away. Now they could see the Eiffel Tower off in the distance.

After another long walk they found themselves on the side of the Seine where the boat tours began. They bought tickets and waited for a few minutes until it was time to get on board. The rain had stopped although it was still overcast. They elected to sit outside along the rail so as to see better. The boat proceeded off at a leisurely pace and rolled by one beautiful building after another.

Lanny shared a small brochure he had acquired and they tried to figure out what they were looking at. The buildings were antique and interesting. They were even amazed by the bridges they passed beneath. Everything seemed to be built for beauty as well as function. First Brian, then Lanny, would

point out one amazing sight and then another.

"Everything is so beautiful," Brian exclaimed. "They all look in pretty good shape too. How did all this survive the war?"

"Paris wasn't bombed out like London was," Lanny said. "When the Germans were pushed out at the end of World War Two, Hitler instructed one of his generals to destroy and burn down everything in the city as they retreated, but he disobeyed. I guess he just couldn't bring himself to do it."

"Good man," Brian nodded. "You know, we think of all the Nazis as being evil, but when you think about it, I guess a lot of them were just doing what they had to do. If you have a madman for a leader, when they tell you to fight I guess you have to fight. Not all of those guys were bad people."

"I think you're right. Most wars are pretty stupid when you get right down to it. A lot more is lost than is gained. Look at Germany and Japan. They caused an enormous amount of death and destruction and had nothing to show for it in the end. In retrospect it seems pretty senseless."

Brian nodded again. "War is hell, and also pretty stupid if you ask me."

"It's beyond me to understand," Lanny agreed. "Living in the states all we know about the World Wars is what we read in the history books. Here you can see it more clearly."

Brian smiled, "Is this what makes this an educational trip?"

"That's part of it," Lanny agreed. "Look – we're turning around. Now we can admire what's on the other side of the river."

As they turned to start back, they were passed by another tour boat. It was smaller than the one they were on and the occupants were sitting at tables eating and drinking. Apparently they had been liberally supplied with wine as they looked very happy and waved and raised their glasses as the two boats passed each other.

"They look like they're having a good time," Brian chuckled.

"They do. Maybe we should try some of that French wine I hear so much about," Lanny smiled.

"You think? I'm kind of scared of alcohol."

"Oh me too. I'm just joking," Lanny assured him. "Still, it might be educational to sip a little just to see what it's like."

"Maybe," Brian looked unsure.

Before long the Eiffel Tower came back into view and their boat tour was over. They walked across the bridge to start the long hike back to the Louvre which was their next destination. They chose to stay close to the river to see some of the buildings they had admired close up. It also gave them the opportunity to wave at the passing passengers. As they strolled along they found themselves holding hands. It was a nice feeling.

It was early afternoon by the time they arrived at Saint Germaine l'Auxerrois and the great museum just beyond.

"We're going to be living on bread and cheese again when we leave here. What do you say we have a nice lunch somewhere" Lanny suggested.

"I could do that," Brian agreed. "Surely we can find something to eat that doesn't break the bank."

They walked away from the river to explore some of the side streets and on Rue Saint-Honore found a Cafe Brasserrie under a long red awning. They went inside, found a table next to a window and looked at the menu. They found a lunch special of seafood pasta that included a small salad and a complimentary glass of the house wine.

"What do you think?" Lanny asked.

"The pasta sounds fine, but what about the wine?" Brian hesitated.

"It comes with. Surely one little glass couldn't hurt," Lanny assured him. "It might be educational."

Brian shrugged, "Well, OK by me I guess. Let's do it." They ordered and watched the people go by outside the window as they waited.

The salad was crisp and fresh and the seafood pasta was served with some kind of delicious white sauce. Its contents were unknown to them, but they were hungry and found it delicious. They eyed the glasses of white wine with some suspicion.

"To tell the truth, I have never drunk any kind of wine before," Brian confessed.

"When we have Christmas dinner at my grandmother's house, she always serves some Sherry before dinner," Lanny told him. "I have had some of that. It wasn't bad – kind of sweet, but kind of nice."

Brian sniffed his glass and took a small sip. "That's not so bad. It's better than I expected. I guess it's OK."

Lanny sniffed and sipped then agreed. "Actually, this is pretty good. If we're still thirsty we can ask for some water."

They ate, sipped and found the flavors went very well together. Casting their reservations aside, they cleaned their plates and drained their glasses with gusto.

"Actually, that was pretty good," Brian admitted. "I don't really feel anything from the wine."

"Neither do I. Maybe one glass with a meal is the way to do it."

When they had finished and paid, they went back to the Louvre and walked in through the entrance to the large plaza that stood inside. All around them was a four story building of beautiful classic architecture with a very modern glass pyramid at the center.

"The pyramid is quite a contrast to the rest of this place," Brian observed.

"It was designed by Pei and was very controversial when it was first built," Lanny told him. "Most everybody likes it now."

"Pei? Is that the guy who designed the big BOK Center in Tulsa?"

"No, that was Pelli. He did the Petronas Tower in Malaysia. Close but no cigar," Lanny laughed.

Brian shrugged, "I knew it was somebody like that."

They stood in line to buy tickets then descended the series of escalators to enter the museum. Picking up maps they decided to go first to the see the statuary.

There were ancient statues from Greece and Rome, and masterpieces like the Venus de Milo. Many of the most beautiful works were from the Renaissance.

"I can't believe these sculptures," Brian exclaimed. They look alive. You can see every muscle, even the veins under the skin. How in the world can somebody carve things like this?"

"I know what you mean," Lanny agreed. "Almost all of them are nude. They were intended to portray the perfection of the human body. For sure they are very beautiful."

"They were amused at the statue of a young boy listening to a sea shell. "He looks alive. Look at the trace of a smile on his face."

"Cute little guy, isn't he?" Lanny chuckled.

"Pervert," Brian teased.

They spent a long time looking at a sculpture made for the tomb of Phillippe Pot done in the Burgundian style of the 15th century. It was a huge slab bearing the armored body of Pot supported by eight hooded mourners.

"It looks so dark and gloomy," Brian observed.

"Well, the guy is dead and they are carrying him to be buried. Would you expect them to be happy?" Lanny asked.

"No. Of course not. But the piece is so solemn. I imagine that is the way it is supposed to look."

"I know. I was just teasing with you. It is magnificent. It sets its intended mood very well."

"There is so much of this," Brian exclaimed. "We would need a week to really look at all this stuff."

"It's all so beautiful. They don't care if you take pictures as long as you don't use flash. Keep snapping photos and we can look at them later," Lanny suggested. "Look up at the ceilings and walls. The building itself is a masterpiece. Part of this was Napoleon's apartments. Everything is so grand!"

Realizing that their time was limited, they tore themselves away from the statuary and tried to see some of the paintings. Lanny was almost breathless. "Oh man. Here is every famous artist I ever heard of and

more. Here are paintings by Angelico, Gericault, Caravaggio, Renoir, Rubens, Titian, Vermeer, even da Vinci. Any museum in the world would kill to get their hands on a couple of these."

"Wow! Marco would love to see all this. We need to try to describe some of this when we email the folks next time. There is way too much to see," Brian exclaimed. "Isn't Leonardo da Vinci the one who did the Mona Lisa? Is that here?"

"Yes. I think it's in a special room. Let's see. From the map it's this way."

Lanny led the way to find a long line of people leading into a small room. They were allowed to look at the treasure for only a moment and then hustled on.

After watching for several minutes Lanny turned and asked, "How bad do you want to see the Mona Lisa?"

"I don't know. I know what it looks like and it's kind of small isn't it? I think the big incentive is just to say we saw it," Brian admitted. "We could always fib."

"Right. And we can see a lot of other cool stuff while we would be standing in line. Want to skip it?"

"Sure," Brian shrugged. "Let's go look at some other stuff."

In another hour it was close to time to go. They had really enjoyed the museum but by now they were very tired. They walked back to the hotel talking about what they liked best, and deliberating about what they could eat for their supper.

"We have some more good bread and cheese," Lanny reminded him. "And there is some of that salami left."

"We need some orange soda maybe. I think that's all gone," Brian recalled.

They stopped in a little market on the way and looked around. "I'm kind of tired of orange soda," Lanny said, holding up a bottle of white wine. "What do you think?"

Brian looked at it with a frown. "I don't know. I think that stuff is expensive. How much is it?"

"Not much more than the soda really. That was kind of nice at lunch," Lanny reminded him. "We could just drink a little of it and save the rest for later."

Brian shrugged. "If you say so. I don't care." So the purchase was completed and they trudged back to the hotel, footsore and tired.

"I think I want to shit and shower now. We can eat a little later," Brian declared. "I feel all sweaty and stinky."

"Good idea. You go first and I'll get out the food."

Lanny went in to shower when Brian came back to the room. Soon they both sat down on the bed wrapped in damp towels and smelling of soap, somewhat refreshed but still hungry.

"I have the cups from this morning's coffee," Lanny held them up. "Will these do for wine glasses?"

"Whatever. Let's eat this stuff up."

Lanny poured the wine and Brian sliced the bread, salami and cheese, laying them out on a clean towel between them. They sat and ate, washing down the spicy salami and salty cheese with sips of the semi-sweet white wine. They were hungry and thirsty and it tasted good.

Brian looked at the label of the wine bottle. "What is this stuff?"

"I don't know. It says 'vin de table blanc' and there was a big stack of it, so I figured they must sell a lot of it. Do you like it?"

"Yeah. It's pretty tasty. It goes well with the cheese and bread."

"Here, have some more. There is plenty." Lanny poured some more, leaving a good third of the bottle behind.

"Are we going to get drunk off of this stuff?" Brian looked mildly concerned.

"Nah! I don't think so. Maybe it will just help us sleep good," Lanny reassured him. "Sixty million Frenchmen can't be wrong. They drink this stuff like water."

Brian took another sip and swished it around in his mouth. "Actually, I kind of like this. If this is the cheap stuff, I wonder what the good stuff tastes like."

"Probably we can't afford to find out," Lanny laughed and drained his cup. "Want some more?"

"Oh no. I really shouldn't," Brian laughed and held out his cup. "It probably won't travel well in our pack anyway.

Lanny measured out the rest of the bottle into the cups and held his up high to make a toast. "Here is to Paris, mon ami!"

"To Paris!" Brian raised his cup and took another sip. "Hey. I really had a great time today. We saw a lot of neat stuff."

"Here is to the Mona Lisa, whatever she looks like. I guess we stood her up," Lanny giggled.

"Aw, she wasn't that good looking anyway," Brian raised his cup and took another good sip. Looking down into the cup he said solemnly, "I think this cup leaks. Mine is empty."

Lanny chuckled, "Mine too. I think that was a small bottle."

"Well it was pretty good... Maybe my reservations were unfounded. I could learn to like that stuff." Brian stretched out on the bed. "I feel like I took a forty mile hike today. My legs are stiff."

"We walked a long way, that's for sure. I'm tired too." He lay down next to Brian and watched as Brian raised his leg up and started rubbing on his calf.

"Would you like for me to massage your legs for you?" Lanny asked gently.

"Would you mind? I'll do yours if you like."

"I'll do yours if you'll so mine," Lanny repeated with a burst of giggles.

"That might be the best offer I've had all day," Brian laughed loudly and flipped over onto his stomach. "Go for it."

Lanny knelt beside him and started by rubbing on his feet, pressing his thumbs into the soles and squeezing his toes. "This little piggy went to market," he hummed.

"Easy. That tickles," Brian laughed and jerked his foot away. "Rub my legs."

Lanny began to massage Brian's calves and the back of his thighs, taking long strokes and running the heels of his hands along the muscles, stopping just before he got up under the towel.

"Damn! Actually, that really feels good," Brian moaned. "You need some lotion or something."

"I have some hand lotion in my bag. Just a minute." Lanny retrieved a small tube and went back to his task, squeezing a ribbon of cold lotion up Brian's leg and making him giggle.

Now he began working Brian's legs carefully, trying to feel the tight muscles and loosen them up while Brian made contented noises.

"Hey, you're pretty good at this," Brian murmured, flipping his towel aside and exposing his bare butt. "The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body," he suggested.

"Oh yeah?" Lanny extended his strokes to pass over the aforementioned muscles and dug the heel of his hands deep into Brian's butt cheeks. "How's that?"

"Umm, great. Do that some more."

Encouraged, Lanny gripped Brian's ankles and ran his hands up one side of his calves, thighs and over his ass, coming back down and returning up the other side. Brian responded with a low moan. After several strokes Lanny let his thumbs slip into Brian's crack and pass over his hole. Brian

instinctively spread his legs to allow better access. "That's nice," he whispered.

"Let me do your back," Lanny suggested, and moved up by Brian's hips. He squirted some more lotion on Brian's back then starting on his butt, ran his hands in long strokes over the small of his back and up each side. Starting again, he repeated the movement, pressing his hands up each side of Brian's spine and over his shoulders, then out over the backs of his arms. Lanny repeated this process, taking a different path each time to ensure that he left no muscles neglected. Brian responded with a low hum.

"Damn. Where did you learn how to do that?"

"I'm self-taught," Lanny giggled. "Does that feel good?"

"Oh hell yes," Brian murmured.

After several minutes of this Lanny gave his butt a gentle slap and instructed, "Turn over and I'll do your front."

Brian uttered an evil laugh. "Are you sure?"

"Sure. Why not?"

Smiling broadly, Brian flipped over on his back revealing a massive erection.

Lanny laughed. "Am I supposed to massage everything?"

"You're doing this. I'm just the client," Brian giggled.

"Give me a break. I'm trying to be professional about this," Lanny protested and squeezed lotion on his hands.

Starting at Brian's ankles, he worked his way up his lower legs and then over the thighs, stroking first inside then outside, watching as Brian's tool waved from side to side. More lotion and he came up over the hips and across the abdomen and over his chest then out over his biceps.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Brian asked suggestively.

"Patience my man. Patience."

Lanny methodically worked on the front of Brian's body, carefully avoiding the flagpole that stood at attention just in front of his face. Succumbing to the long strokes from Lanny's hands, Brian relaxed and almost forgot about his erection. Almost.

A few long strokes from ankle to wrists and Lanny sat back. "How's that?" he asked.

Brian opened his eyes and squinted. "You gonna leave me hanging like this?"

Lanny feigned surprise. "More? You want more?"

Brian laughed. "You jerk!" He grabbed at Lanny's towel and pulled it aside revealing that Lanny was as hard as he was. "Come here!" Brian pulled Lanny on top of him and hunched into him while he nuzzled his neck and squeezed his butt cheeks. "You messing with me?"

Lanny laughed so loudly that Brian shushed him, afraid that they would draw the attention of someone out in the hall. "Of course I'm messing with you, you big lug."

He pushed himself up to sit across Brian's hips. Looking down and smiling he said, "Do you know that you look as good as some of those statues we saw today? I was thinking that all the time we were looking at the statuary. Don't you ever look at yourself Brian? You are a beautiful guy. I just got to give a massage to a Greek god. You turn me on. Running my hands over you is a big turn on for me."

Brian looked doubtful. "Really? You really mean that?"

Lanny nodded. "Yes. I really mean that. I think you're beautiful."

"Damn. That's the nicest thing anybody ever said to me."

Lanny leaned over and kissed him on the mouth, relaxed and let himself settle against Brian's full length. He spread his legs to wrap them around Brian's pole and then squeezed them together with Brian's hard cock pressed against the underside of his balls. "Fuck me Brian," he whispered.

Brian pulled Lanny close and began to hump into him, running his erection between Lanny's legs while he gripped his ass and pressed his fingers against his hole. It was not quite the real thing, but it was erotic and he liked the closeness of their bodies. He bit at Lanny's ear as he hunched him.

"Fuck me Brian. I mean it," Lanny whispered.

Brian held still and looked at Lanny's face. "You really mean that? I thought you were scared."

Lanny nodded thoughtfully. "I am scared, but I want to try it. It took me a half bottle of wine to work up the courage, but I want to try it."

Brian put his hands on each side of Lanny's face and looked into his eyes. "Don't do anything you don't really want to do just to please me Lanny. I can wait. I can wait a long time."

Lanny shook his head. "I'm not doing it for you. I really want to try this. I know I couldn't do this with anybody else in the world but you, and I want to try it." He looked earnestly into Brian's face. "You will be careful won't you? I mean if it hurts too much will you stop?"

"Of course. I wouldn't hurt you for the world, but.... Are you sure?"

Lanny smiled and nodded. "I'm sure. I mean I'm sure I want to try it, but I might wimp out on you, OK?"

"Don't worry about that. I'll be really gentle. Uh, how do you want to do this?"

Lanny sat up. "I'm not sure. What would be the easiest way to do it for the first time? What did you do?"

Brian frowned. My first time it hurt like hell. I would never do that to you. Um, I think maybe the best way is for me to lie on my back and let you straddle me and sit on it. That way you are in control and can go as slow as you want, or even just give it up if you are too uncomfortable, OK?"

"OK," Lanny nodded. Like which way? Do I face your head or your feet?"

"My face. That way I can watch your expression and talk to you. Besides, fucking you from behind would be kind of impersonal."

Lanny laughed. "I would like to think this was personal. It is for me anyway."

"OK then. You ready?" Brian asked.

Lanny looked down at him and laughed. "Are you?"

Brian had lost his erection. "Sorry. We got serious and I sort of lost it. Maybe it's time to complete the massage, you think?"

"Well, it seems like the least I can do," Lanny's eyes twinkled and he took Brian's soft cock and began to stroke it, pulling up on his balls with his other hand and feeling it swell and rise in his hand. "How's that?"

"That seems to be working," Brian smiled. "Now use some of that

lotion. Lots of it, and put some on your hole. Matter of fact, let me take care of that."

Brian squirted a generous amount of lotion on his fingers and applied it to Lanny's crack, rubbing it in, stroking up and down and gently easing a finger into his hole. Lanny inhaled sharply. "You OK? I'm a little bigger than my finger."

"No, that's fine. It is just an unusual feeling is all. Keep it up and I'll get used to it."

Brian worked his finger in and out slowly, watching Lanny all the time. After a few minutes, Lanny began to smile. "That's not so bad. Maybe it even feels kind of good."

"You sure? You have to be honest about this, OK?"

"Really, it's OK. I might learn to like this."

Brian raised up and kissed Lanny gently while he worked the finger in and out. With his other hand he rubbed his chest and gently tweaked his nipples. Lanny took a deep breath and sighed. "Oh yeah, I think I might

like this," he whispered.

They kept this up for several minutes until Lanny seemed to relax. "I think I'm ready," he said quietly.

Brian stroked himself rigid then lay back to let Lanny straddle him. "Just relax. Take your time. There's no hurry at all, OK?"

Lanny positioned himself over Brian so that the end of his dick was rubbing back and forth against his hole. "Use your hand to get it lined up right," Brian told him. When you feel like it's in the right place then kind of sit down on it. But go slow. Go slow and relax. Kind of push out like you were getting ready to poop, OK?"

Lanny laughed. "There isn't anything elegant about this is there?"

"Just take it easy and go slow. If it hurts, then stop and relax some more."

Lanny pressed himself down on Brian and held his breath.

"No, breathe," Brian told him. "Take deep breaths and relax. There's no hurry, OK?"

Lanny did as Brian told him and Brian could feel Lanny's hole open up and the end of his cock start inside. Lanny took a sharp breath and paused. "That's it. Go real slow," Brian said. "This might not work the first time and that's OK. I want you to enjoy this. If it hurts too much then you might not want to try it again."

Lanny positioned himself again and started to lower himself down on Brian, looking him intently in the eyes. "I love you Lanny," Brian said quietly. "Be careful, OK?"

Lanny sank lower and Brian could feel himself start to slip inside. Lanny felt it too and stopped. "That's it. You're getting there. Now hold still and try to relax."

Lanny did not let himself go farther, but he didn't withdraw either. As he held his position Brian could feel the tight sphincter loosen a bit and sink down lower. Suddenly with a pop, the head of Brian's cock slipped inside of Lanny's ass.

"Oh!" Lanny froze and panted, taking deep breaths and squinting his eyes, trying to relax.

"That's it. You're doing fine. That's the worst of it really. Once the head is in the rest is not so bad. Mostly, I think you're just scared of it."

"You're right. I know you're right, but this is the first time I've ever tried this. Look, I know I can physically take you. I've pooped turds as big as you before, but they were going in the other direction."

Brian guffawed, "That's right. Just think of me as a reverse turd."

Now Lanny laughed loudly, "That's funny. I may start calling you RT."

As both boys laughed, Lanny was able to relax, and as he did, the discomfort diminished. He reached down to hold Brian's erection straight and sat down a little more.

Brian looked up at Lanny whose mouth was partly open and eyes were wide. He had an expression of wonder and determination on his face. He raised up just a little, then pressed down so that Brian began to slide inside again, this time a little deeper.

"Oh yeah, that's it," Brian encouraged. "Am I hurting you?"

Lanny frowned a bit, "No, not so bad. It just feels so..., so full. Like I really need to take a crap."

"You're doing great. Just keep raising up and going back down. Every time you do that, it will go in a little deeper. You OK?" Brian asked.

Lanny smiled and nodded. "I think so. I can't say it's comfortable, but it doesn't hurt like I thought it would. Is this good for you?"

"Oh yeah. I'm fine. You are so tight, and the sight of you sitting on me is like, erotic. Yeah, I'm definitely good."

Lanny grinned in reply, closed his eyes and sat down so that half of Brian was inside him. Both boys moaned in unison.

"Up a little, now back down. Ahh, that's it," Brian whispered.

Lanny closed his eyes and slowly sank down until his balls were resting on Brian's pubic hair. "Oh," he sighed, "I think that's it."

"How does it feel?" Brian asked, "You OK?"

"It feels weird, but I think I'm OK. It doesn't hurt if that's what you're asking."

"Just hold still and relax. You will stretch some and it should start to feel better."

Lanny looked down at his lover and sighed, "You are so beautiful."

Now Brian began to move under him and the motion created a host of new feelings for Lanny. He raised up again then sat back down. "I think I'm getting used to this."

The increased movement caused Brian to stiffen even more. "Oh that feels so good. Keep doing that."

Lanny began to slowly move up and down, never taking his eyes from Brian's. He passed his hands over Brian's chest and tried to decide if he liked this or not. He decided that he did.

"I think I might get used to this," Lanny said softly. He looked down and realized that he was erect again. "There is a part of this that feels kind of good."

Brian smiled and ran his hands up and down Lanny thighs. "Maybe we need to practice more."

Lanny sat down all the way so that his weight was on Brian's hips. "Give me a minute. My legs are starting to cramp up."

"We can change position if you like," Brian suggested. "If you lay back I can be on top. It would be basically the same except that you might be more comfortable."

"OK. Let's try that." Lanny raised up so that Brian was released from his ass, turned over on his back and stretched out his legs. "Right. That's more comfortable. But now I feel, I don't know - empty."

"I can fix that," Brian smiled. "Here put this pillow under your hips and relax."

Lanny smiled and waited as Brian reapplied lotion to himself, then scooted forward. Brian raised Lanny's legs to drape over his shoulders and pressed the head of his cock against Lanny's hole. "You ready for round two?"

Lanny smiled and nodded his head. "Be careful, OK? You're in the driver's seat this time."

"I'll be careful. You just let me know if I hurt you or something."

Lanny raised his hips to give Brian access to himself, watched intently as Brian rubbed the head of his cock over his hole and started to push. Lanny tried to relax and felt himself being entered. This time was much easier. "I'm good," he said softly.

Brian went in about half way, stopped, pulled out a little then went back in a little deeper, repeating this until he was balls deep. "You OK?"

Lanny nodded and smiled. "I'm OK. Go slow and be gentle, but I kind of like this."

Brian took Lanny's cock in his hand and slowly stroked him in time to his thrusting, watching Lanny's face for signs of discomfort. Lanny closed his eyes and whispered, "Fuck me, Brian. I want you to get off inside me."

Brian did as he was asked and let himself feel the intense pleasure of being inside his lover. Lanny was very tight and the sensation was exquisite. He took long slow strokes and watched as Lanny closed his eyes and opened his mouth with an expression of pleasure.

As he felt himself coming to the point of orgasm, Brian gripped Lanny's cock tightly and began to jerk him off rapidly. Lanny suddenly cried out and sprayed semen up over his shoulder and then onto his chest and stomach. The sight of Lanny's release triggered his own and Brian pushed himself deep in Lanny's ass and climaxed, feeling his own hot cum spill out and provide some final lubricant to their love making.

"Oh my God," Brian gasped and shuddered in ecstasy. Lanny smiled and reached up to pull Brian down for an open mouthed kiss.

Lanny dropped his legs down and they lay together feeling the slippery residue of Lanny's cum between them. They kissed for a long time until Brian finally softened and dropped out of Lanny's ass. Panting and kissing they held each other tightly.

Finally, Brian rolled off and lay beside Lanny as both began to breathe normally.

"Brian turned his head to look at his friend. "So how was that? How was your first experience?"

Lanny smiled. "That was the most intense orgasm of my life. It was great!"

Brian took Lanny's hand in his. "I love you Lanny. I don't ever want to let you go."

"At this point, you'll have to work hard to get rid of me," Lanny told him.

Brian ran his hand over his sticky belly. "We're both a mess. Want to shower again?"

"I don't think I can move. Let's just wipe off with one of the towels. Maybe we can shower again in the morning."

Brian wiped both of them with a towel then lay back down and held Lanny close. "I love you," he sighed. "I want this to last forever."

Waiting a moment for a reply, Brian saw that his friend had drifted off to a contented slumber. Reaching down to pull the covers over them both, he nuzzled close and joined Lanny in sleep.

Tomorrow would be another day.

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