Brian and Lanny Go to Europe

by Nick Brady

Chapter 2

The hostel provided a breakfast of rolls, jam and coffee which Brian and Lanny devoured gratefully. They walked out on the street to do some exploring. They could see the Thames across the street from their hostel and turned to the left to walk up towards the Abbey.

They hiked past Dolphin Square and under the Vauxhall Bridge where the road again turned next to the river. They walked under the Lambeth Bridge and admired the wide river with apartments and old buildings on both sides. The path ran by a tree-lined area with many large buildings until they arrived at the Victoria embankment and Westminster Bridge. Making their way under the bridge, they took their time and strolled towards Westminster Abbey arriving there at about ten-thirty.

"Wow, that's huge. Look at all the spires," Brian exclaimed.

Lanny had looked up information about the ancient church and was relating it to Brian as they began to walk around it.

"It's laid out like a big cross. The top is this part next to the street. It's supposed to be Henry II's chapel," Lanny told him. There was a wrought iron fence around the church, but they went through a small gate and began to walk around the great cathedral.

"This says that there was some kind of a church and abbey built here in about 970. The present church was started in about 1050, and William the Conqueror was crowned here in 1066."

Brian was impressed. They walked around the north side admiring the ornate architecture until they came to the Gothic entrance on the west side. Here were two great towers on each side of an elaborately carved facade. Statues of saints and martyrs were set into the face with an enormous rose window at the top. A small crowd was beginning to gather.

They were able to enter at eleven and went inside to see an incredible sight. The vaulted ceiling was supported by great columns hung with colorful flags and banners. The marble floor stretched out past the central area to the elaborate choir stalls that reached to the sanctuary with its great altar. There were a number of folding chairs for those who came to worship.

"I've never seen anything like this before," Lanny whispered. "Let's find a seat."

Soon the organ began to play and filled the place with a huge sound. The inside of the cathedral had a sort of echo which gave the sound great depth. The choir began to sing and the service began. For these two young men, raised in the Episcopal Church, the service had a form that was familiar to them, but with a beauty and formality that was inspiring. There were readings, prayers, and a homily, all punctuated by the music of choir and organ. They went forward to receive the Eucharist in quiet reverence.

After the service, they lingered to look at the many plaques and memorials which were on display. Set into the floor were bronze grave plates for the many famous people who were buried there. As they looked, a young man not much older than they, stopped for a moment, looking at their hiking boots and the rucksacks slung over their shoulders.

"Hello," he said. "Did you come to worship with us today?"

"Yes," Lanny responded. "It was a magnificent service. Are you a member here?"

The young man laughed, "Yes, there are a few of us here in addition to the tourists. I was one of the servers today. I take it that you are not Londoners."

"We are from the States," Lanny explained, "This was a little like our church at home, but much more impressive. I don't know if there is anything like this in America."

"So then, you are Anglican?"

"Yes, well, Episcopalians anyway," Brian told him.

"The man laughed, "Well, that's close enough. Were you interested in looking about?"

"Yes, of course. We don't know what we are looking at. "I'm Lanny, and this is my friend Brian. We are from Tulsa, Oklahoma."

"It is my pleasure. I am Tristan and I could show you around a bit if you like."

"Thank you. We would appreciate that very much," Lanny agreed.

Tristan walked them around, pointing out the burial places of many famous people. "We have lots of Kings- Georges, Henrys, and Edwards - and several Queen Marys. There are famous scientists like Darwin and Newton, composers like Handel and Purcell, famous writers like Chaucer, Dickens and Kipling." The list went on as he pointed at their burial places. Some had elaborate statues, others, simpler plaques.

"How do you remember all this?" Brian asked.

"Well you see, I was a chorister here from the age of eight until this year. I was in the choir school. I finished last term and will be on to Oxford in the next."

"We must be about the same age," Lanny explained. "We are just beginning our university studies ourselves. We are taking a break for a semester to see some of the world."

"That sounds exciting. Where do you plan to travel?"

"We started off in Edinburgh, and from here we will go across to France, then to Germany and maybe Holland," Brian told him.

"That's marvelous. I love to travel. We did a bit of that with the choir. I have never been to Tulsa but I know where it is. We

The choir went to Oklahoma City one time, and to Kansas City and Dallas. America is very interesting."

Brian and Lanny were quite impressed. They would like to have talked with Tristan more, but he excused himself. "It has been very nice meeting you gentlemen, but I have to be off now. I wish you safe travel."

They shook hands and he walked out, leaving them in something of a daze. "Now that is one smart guy," Brian said.

"Yes, and a very nice one too," Lanny agreed. "We have been lucky so far. I hope that continues."

Brian laughed, "I guess we look like we need help."

They walked out of the great church and down toward the docks.

As the exited the church, Brian asked Lanny, "What did you think of that?"

Lanny laughed, "The service was very beautiful and meeting Tristan made it a fantastic experience. There is so much history there.

"Not quite like St. Jerome's back home."

"I guess back in the middle ages when most people were illiterate, all that impressive architecture and beautiful music was about the closest they got to God. It must have been inspiring to them."

"It was inspiring to me. That's for sure," Brian agreed.

They had a little time before their boat tour and decided to splurge and found a small cafe where they sampled some classic English fish and chips.

"These 'chips' look a lot like what we call home fries," Brian said.

"What you are thinking of as potato chips they call 'crisps' I think," Lanny told him. "If you want ketchup you're out of luck. These come with mayonnaise."

"It was good. I can live with that. I may switch to mayo from now on," Brian chuckled.

They found their way to the dock for the river tour and waited until it was two o'clock. A big sleek boat eased into the dock and they boarded. It was bigger than they imagined, with comfortable seating inside and a promenade deck all around the sides. Since it was a fine day they positioned themselves at the rail and waited until they started to move. A disembodied voice came over the loudspeakers and welcomed them aboard, inviting them to enjoy the drinks and food that were served inside. They stuck to the rail.

The voice began to point out the highlights along the shore as they moved along. The Parliament buildings, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye were impressive from the river. Farther down was the magnificent St. Paul's Cathedral designed by Christopher Wren with its enormous dome. They passed by London Bridge, the Tower of London and London Bridge. There was a lot to see. The view of the buildings from the river was impressive. The boat tour was a bargain.

When they were returned to their starting point, they walked over to the area around the London Eye and a nice park called the Jubilee Gardens. They walked around and found a place to sit and watch people going by.

This has been a great day and we still have the Ferris wheel to look forward to," Brian said.

"It has been. I have to tell you how great it has been to have you with me," Lanny told him.

"Me too. I don't think I've ever had a better friend than you Lanny. I hope nothing comes between us."

Lanny looked at Brian. "I could say the same for you. The better I know you, the closer I feel to you."

Brian smiled and took Lanny's hand. "Maybe this is something special, you think?"

"I hope so," Lanny smiled, "I really hope so."

They sat and talked until it was time to walk over to the Eye for their appointed ride. They shouldered their packs and walked the short distance, picked up their tickets and got in line. The wheel did not stop, but moved slowly enough so that when their capsule reached the platform they stepped inside and found a seat on one side. They were joined by an older couple, the door closed and they continued on.

They rose very high into the air. Their capsule rotated so that they remained vertical as it flew slowly through the air. It was not quite dark but the lights were on as far as they could see. From the great wheel they could see that London was an enormous city. They looked past the river over great buildings and fine parks. To the west, the evening sky was filled with an orange sunset. The view was tremendous. They did not look at each other but their hands found one another and they leaned together, pointing out first one thing and then the other. It took about 30 minutes for the great wheel to make a complete revolution and then they stepped off onto solid ground once more. It was the perfect end to their day.

They walked back to their hostel and ate more bread, cheese and sausage. They would tire of this eventually, but they were hungry and it was filling. They went back down to the pub and drank Coca-Cola while they listened to music. There were people to talk to, but they felt content just to sit and enjoy each other's company. When they began to yawn, they went back up to their room to prepare for bed. They showered and returned to go to bed.

They stretched out together and let the sagging mattress pull them side to side. Brian slipped his arm under Lanny's shoulders and closed his eyes. Lanny turned on his side and laid his arm around Brian's waist.

"I suppose it's inevitable that something is going to happen between us," Brian said.

Lanny sighed, "I suppose, but you need to know that I've never done anything before."

"Nothing?" Brian asked, "Not with anybody?"

"Nothing," Lanny whispered, "except in my fantasy."

"Brian paused, "I can't honestly say that."

"That's OK. One of us has to know what we're doing I guess."

"Look, I don't want you to do anything you aren't ready for. Maybe I'm not the right guy to be your first."

Lanny took a deep breath, "Probably you are."

"So... what do you want to do? I mean, what are you ready to do?"

Lanny did not reply but moved closer to Brian and pushed his face into his neck, then he said, "I think I would like it if you held me."

Brian turned towards him. Now they were pressed closely together. They held each other tightly and Brian kissed Lanny on his cheek. "I don't think I have ever felt so close to anybody else before. I could lie like this forever."

Lanny raised his head and held his face very close. "Do you think it would be OK if I kissed you?"

By way of answer, Brian pressed his lips to Lanny's and they kissed. Lanny inhaled sharply and moved against him. After a minute they parted. Brian rubbed Lanny's back and shoulders, and kissed his forehead. "I could get used to you."

Lanny closed his eyes and kissed Brian again, holding him very close and pressing their hips together. Brian responded and they began to rub themselves together their erections moving over each other. Lanny pressed even harder and then gave a little cry. Brian could feel something warm and wet against his hip. He knew what had happened and hugged Lanny tighter, kissing his cheek and rubbing his back.

"Oh damn, I'm sorry," Lanny whispered.

Brian could feel Lanny heart pounding against his chest. He kissed him gently on the lips. "Don't be sorry. Please don't be sorry. I don't ever want you to be sorry for anything."

Lanny leaned back a little and ran his hand under the front of Brian's shirt and passed his palm over his chest and stomach. "You are really a beautiful guy, you know?"

Brian ran his hand down the back of Lanny's shorts. "So are you."

"I'm kind of embarrassed."


"Well, gee. One kiss and I blew my wad."

"Was that your first real kiss?"

"With a guy. I played spin the bottle at a birthday party one time, but that doesn't really count."

"Brian laughed, "No, I guess not. Look, I can't honestly say that I've never done anything before with another guy."

"Don't tell me. "I don't want to know and it doesn't matter."

Brian thought for a minute. "I will tell you that it wasn't really my idea and it didn't mean anything. It didn't mean as much as just now, when we kissed."

Lanny looked at him and smiled, "Really?"

"Cross my heart and hope to die."

"Then this is kind of special to you too?"

"Yes," Brian said softly, "Very special." His hand kept passing over Lanny's butt.

"I like that," Lanny laid his face against Brian's.

Brian turned and lay on his back, took Lanny's hand and put it on his erection without comment.

Lanny shivered and began to feel of the hard penis through the fabric. "Oh," he whispered.

Brian pushed his shorts off and tossed them on the floor. Lanny explored Brian's body with his hand while he pressed his face on his chest and looked down at him. He wrapped his fingers around Brian's cock and squeezed.

"Go ahead," Brian whispered, guiding Lanny's hand up and down.

Lanny raised up for a better view and began to slowly masturbate his friend. Brian arched his back and sighed. "That feels nice."

Lanny's other hand cupped the soft testicles that hung down between Brian's legs and watched with fascination as his hand moved up and down. "Is this OK?" he asked.

Brian chuckled. "It's just great. Wait, I want to see you, OK?"

Lanny stopped for a moment, then both boys removed what clothes they had on and looked at each other naked. Brian traced his fingers over Lanny's belly and down over his recovered erection. The pubic hair was thick and dark. He took the narrow penis in his fingers and ran his thumb beneath the head, making Lanny shiver.

"Shit, you're going to make me cum again."

"Not yet, let's take our time, OK?" Then he felt some concern. "Hey Lanny, are you OK with this?"

"Oh yes. I've wanted to do this forever, but I never found anybody I could trust before."

"Do you trust me?"

Lanny looked at him and smiled. "Yeah, I think so."

They kissed again and Brian rolled over on top of Lanny spreading his legs to each side and pressing their erections together. The feel of bare flesh against bare flesh was wonderful.

Brian took a deep breath and kissed Lanny again, this time easing his tongue inside his mouth and rocking his hips so that their erections passed over each other. Lanny responded with a little gasp and hunched up against him. They continued like this for several minutes then Lanny broke away and whispered, "I think I'm going to shoot again."

By way of answer, Brian started to hunch himself against Lanny and groaned as he spewed his seed against Lanny's stomach. Lanny responded with a second eruption. They slid themselves against each other for another minute then held still, panting for breath.

"Oh my God," Lanny sighed.

"Are you OK?"

"Yes, oh yes. More than OK. That was fantastic."

They lay still and cuddled for a long while then started falling asleep. Brian got up and grabbed a towel, still damp from the shower, wiped himself off then turned Lanny over on his back and wiped him too. He looked up to see Lanny smiling.

"Thanks," he chuckled, "That was very considerate."

"Don't mention it. I'm sure you would do the same for me." Brian smiled.

"Probably. "Lanny looked at Brian shyly. "Is this the start of something?"

Brian stretched out beside him and pulled up the covers. "I hope so."

They cuddled each other and fell asleep.

They slept late. Brian roused about nine o'clock with his back to Lanny and Lanny's arms around him. It took him a moment to realize where he was and what had happened the night before. The recollection caused him to smile. This was not the first time that Brian had been sexual with another person, but the first time it had seemed right. He placed his arm over Lanny's and pulled him closer. Lanny stirred a little, snuggled his face into Brian's neck and sighed.

Brian held still, wanting this tender moment to last. This was a new experience for him – not the sex, he had done much more with several others. But what happened the night before had been an expression of real affection and mutual trust. As sexual encounters went, this had almost been chaste. Lanny had been shy and Brian took care that his first experience was gentle and did not proceed too quickly, did not make Lanny uncomfortable, did not involve more than Lanny was ready for. For the first time it had been Brian who had taken the lead. Not that he was the aggressor, but rather that he had a previous experience to draw on and some idea what he should do.

He had known Lanny for a year or so, first casually. More recently they had come to know each other much better. He had found Lanny to be very intelligent, very careful about whatever he did, and his feelings for Lanny were progressing beyond simple friendship.

For Lanny the evening before had been the stuff of fantasy. His inherent caution and sense of morality had told him that casual sex was not what he was looking for, but the experience from the evening before had seemed right to him too. He was awake now, but unwilling to break the embrace with Brian. It seemed too much to hope for - that he had found the one person who would be right for him. Yet what he felt for Brian was trust and respect. If it turned out to be a passing thing, then so be it, but he had been ready, and Brian had been so tender, so loving, that he felt no regret. Perhaps this was the way things should be, and he accepted it with a sense of gratitude.

Was this love? That was probably too much to hope for, but they both felt the hope that it would grow into something more lasting.

Brian finally moved away, slipped out of the room and went to the toilet. Lanny followed a minute later.

"So what's the plan for today?" Brian asked as they returned to their little bedroom and dressed to go down for breakfast.

"I was thinking that I would like to go on to Brighton," Lanny told him. "It's what is referred to as the 'English Riviera', among other things. It's on England's south coast and I understand it's an interesting place to visit. How does that sound?"

"You're the official tour guide. Whatever you think. You haven't steered me wrong so far. So, what's there to do in Brighton?"

Lanny searched for more information on Brighton. "Oh wow, look at this. It says; 'There is a significant gay district which adds to the Bohemian atmosphere of the city. Brighton has long been the capital of decadence and hedonism in Britain - not for nothing it is famed as the place to have a dirty weekend.' Do we want to have a dirty weekend?"

"Uh, not really. Do you?"

Lanny thought for a minute, "Regardless of what happened last night, I don't really identify as 'gay'. Making the round of gay bars doesn't much appeal to me."

"Me either," Brian agreed. "There are probably other things to do there, but I'm kind of losing interest in going to Brighton."

"I guess there are still a lot of things to see in London," Lanny pointed out. "We could look at the Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, and the British Museum would all be cool."

Brian shrugged, "There is so much in England that we could spend a month here. If we wanted, we could go to Stonehenge and that kind of thing."

"That's true. There are all kinds of places I would like to visit. I would love to go to Ireland too, but we can't do everything. I guess this is kind of a highlights tour," Lanny smiled. "We might come this way again. You never know…"

"I think it would be worth one more day in London. Want to?"

"Sure. I am enjoying this, and enjoying your company."

Brian paused, "Are you OK with last night?"

"I am," Lanny admitted. "I guess I've waited my whole life to do something like that. I was waiting for the right person to come along I guess."

"Am I right for you?" Brian asked hopefully.

"I think so. At least last night seemed right to me. I have no regrets."

Brian nodded and smiled, "Let's see where this goes, OK?"

"Right. So another day in London?"

"Let's do it. How about you plan our day? You're doing a good job."

"OK, another day in London it is. Let me check out the Tower of London, St. Paul's, and the British Museum." He began pecking away at his phone. "All three of those places are within walking distance from here. Let's try the Tower of London first. Let's see what this will cost us." Lanny searched for a few minutes then said, "Oh man, this is expensive. The Tower of London will cost us forty dollars apiece and even the student rate for St. Paul's is twenty apiece. That's one hundred dollars."

"We spent too much money in Edinburgh and on the Eye yesterday. At that rate we won't be over here very long," Brian complained.

"I know. Let me see what I can work out for today," Lanny pecked away for some time. "OK, I think I have a plan. It turns out that the British Museum is free."

"Really? I can't believe that."

"Yes, it is considered a public service to be provided free of charge. I think we have to do this. Even the guided tours are free. Such a deal. It opens at ten o'clock."

"That works for me," Brian grinned. "Free is a hard price to beat."

"Hang on, there is more. There is a changing of the Horse Guards at Buckingham Palace at four. That doesn't cost anything to watch."

"Cool. Can we go in the palace?"

"No, that costs thirty dollars apiece. We can look at it from the outside though."

"OK. Any other free stuff?"

"Yes. I think I would just like to hike around and see some famous places. How about this for a plan? We start at the British Museum at ten in the morning, then go to Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus and snoop around there for a while. We can be at Buckingham Palace in time to see the Horse Guards at four, then go over to Hyde Park. That's a huge place and there is lots of cool stuff to see there."

"Is it free?" Brian asked.

"It is," Lanny grinned,

"Then I like your plan. That's a full day for nothing. Let's do it."

"Right. We can even pack ourselves some sandwiches for lunch," Lanny suggested.

And that's just what they did. They arrived at the British Museum just after ten and walked in through the columned entrance to see a splendid sight. It was an enormous room with a glass ceiling and in the center was a great round room that went all the way to the top. They found a tour in progress and fell in with the others to be led through the museum.

There were almost too many things to absorb - many antiquities from Egypt, Greece, Asia, Africa and many foreign lands that had been plundered by the British Empire over many centuries. They emerged two hours later with their heads overflowing with information.

They hiked to Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus to admire Lord Nelson's Column and browse through many little shops filled with clever things they could not afford. From there they walked to Buckingham Palace.

"That's the official residence of the Queen," Lanny told him.

"Quite a residence," Brian observed. "I wonder how many bedrooms it has?"

Lanny consulted his cell phone, "It says 52 guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms and 78 bathrooms. There are over 800 staff members. I think all the Royals have offices there."

They located themselves at the great forecourt and waited for the changing of the horse guards. It was quite a sight. Mounted soldiers in red tunics with white plumes were relieved by another group in blue tunics with red plumes. Officers inspected them with a great deal of pomp and ceremony. Then those being relieved rode away. It was an impressive ceremony.

From there they walked to Hyde Park. It was very large and very beautiful. They lingered at an area where several people were giving animated speeches, competing for the attention of those who gathered to listen.

"Here is free speech at work," Lanny smiled. "This place is famous for it."

They admired the gardens and the friendly squirrels who showed no fear of humans, but would sniff at their fingers looking for treats. People were walking around and sleeping on the grass. This was a cool place, but not somewhere they would like to visit at night. Tired of walking, they started back for the hostel.

Tomorrow they would be in France so decided to splurge and spend their remaining English pounds on a nice dinner. They found a small Indian restaurant on the way back and went in to look at the menu. It smelled good in there and the prices were reasonable. Brian ordered a lamb curry, Lanny, a chicken Korma. They were not quite sure what they were going to get, but shared with each other and found them both filling and delicious. Now they were ready for their hostel.

When they got back to the hostel they took off their shoes. "Man, my feet hurt," Lanny complained.

"Mine too," Brian admitted. "We better get used to walking. We're going to have to do a lot of it. So what's our plan for tomorrow?"

"OK, Let me check this out," Lanny pecked at his phone for a few minutes and scribbled some notes.

"How's this? We can catch a bus for Dover at six in the morning and be down there at ten. Then there is a ferry to Calais that leaves just after eleven and will get us to France about two-thirty. The bus is only fifteen dollars for both of us and the ferry is about ninety. We can get to Calais for about one hundred dollars. Not bad really."

"Is that the cheapest way?"

"It looks like it."

"Then that's a plan," Brian smiled. "Where will we stay?"

"Let's see. The cheapest thing is the Hotel Balazar. We can stay in a shared room with 4 beds for Twenty-six dollars or get a private room with a double bed for thirty-six dollars. Um, what do you think?"

Brian smiled, "It might be nice to have that private room. You know, quieter and all."

"Right. That's what I was thinking," Lanny agreed. "I will book that for one night, OK?"

"Great. Are we set?"

"Sure. It's too early for bed and too late to go out. Want to go down to the pub again?" Lanny suggested.

"Yes. That was nice last night. I have a few pounds left. It will be my treat," Brian said.

Downstairs they found a table and sat down to enjoy a little folk band with guitar and banjo. Brian ordered their Coca-Colas and splurged on a bag of peanuts. They nibbled and sipped until the day caught up with them and they went back up to the room.

After their showers, they came back to their room with towels wrapped around their waists.

Brian said quietly, "You know, at home I sleep in the buff sometimes. What would you think about that?"

"Lanny laughed, "I usually wear pajamas to be honest. But I kind of like your suggestion."

Brian dropped his towel and slipped under the covers, rolling toward the center of the old bed. "Let your conscience be your guide."

Lanny hesitated for a moment then smiled shyly, turned off the light and did the same. The found themselves in the valley of the old mattress. Brian turned to his side and took Lanny in his arms. Lanny responded with a hug and a kiss. "I could get used to this," he whispered.

"I could to," Brian agreed. "I think maybe I already have. I know this is new to you, so I would rather you set the pace. Do what feels right to you and we will go at your speed, OK?"

Lanny hesitated, "I liked what we did last night. Would you hold me again? Like you did before?"

Brian moved against his friend and they pressed themselves together and embraced, kissing each other affectionately.

"It feels really nice when you rub on me, you know?" Lanny whispered.

Brian ran his hands over Lanny's back and down over his backsides, letting his hands feel the curves of his body, running his hands through his friends hair and moving against him. They could feel their erections between them. He turned Lanny onto his side and began to stroke his chest and stomach, dropping his hand down to caress his hard penis. "How's that?" he whispered.

"Yes, oh yes! That's really nice," Lanny whispered as Brian lifted his balls and laid the flat of his hand on his erection.

Brian turned to press his face on Lanny's chest and licked at his nipples while he gently began to stroke him. Lanny arched his back. "I'm so close Brian, I will cum in a minute if you keep that up."

"That's OK, go ahead. I want you to enjoy this. Just let yourself go."

In a few minutes more, Brian felt his friends warm sperm coat his hand as Lanny gave a little cry, then wrapped his arms around his neck, and finally relax. "Oh, that's so nice."

Brian licked Lanny's sperm from his hand and turned over on his back. After a moment of sighing, Lanny turned to Brian and repeated what his friend had done to him.

Lanny caressed Brian with his hand, kissed his neck then his nipples and began to stroke him. He raised up so he could watch as his hand gripped and stroked Brian's erection. When Brian gasped and exploded Lanny watched with fascination as the white jets covered his hand and Brian's chest. He ran his fingers through the sticky mess and raised his fingers to his mouth to take a tentative taste.

"That's not so bad really. I thought it might be gross."

"Maybe it's an acquired taste, like oysters. You'll get used to it," Brian told him. "There are a lot of nice things we can do."

"Thanks for going slow," Lanny smiled. "No doubt this will be an educational trip for me."

They kissed and Lanny took his towel and wiped them clean. "I guess it's my turn for cleanup duty tonight." They kissed once more, held each other close and cuddled together."

"Just think," Lanny murmured, "Tomorrow we'll be in France."

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