Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

by N Fourbois

Part 1

A masculine interpretation
of the pantomime and the fairytale based on the
Collection made by the Brothers Grimm

Once upon a time, some years, even centuries ago, there was in the German Lands a kingdom ruled over by a handsome king and his equally beautiful queen. The country was happy because they were happy; the kingdom was wealthy because the king allowed it to be wealthy and did not overtax it, and the royal family was loved by its people.

One day the Queen was sitting in her room doing some embroidery. She was sitting by the window to gain the light for it was the middle of the winter and light was scarce, and what little there was, was reflected off the virgin snow and through the ebony framed window and onto her needlework in blue silk. She made to open the window and as she did so, she accidently pricked her finger and three drops of blood fell, one on the blue silk, one on the black ebony window frame and one on the snow on the window ledge. Instead of cursing her carelessness, for she was a genteel queen, she stared in wonder at the combination of black and white, blue and red, and mused 'If I have a child, I want it to have skin as white as snow, hair as black as ebony, eyes as blue as the sky and cheeks as rosy as blood.'

In time the Queen's wish was granted and she gave birth to a baby boy who was christened Alexander James Richard. So white was his skin that he was immediately called Snow White and he grew up more familiarly known as Snow White than as Alexander. However, everything comes at a cost and the royal family's good fortune was marred when the prince's father, the King, who was riding back to the palace in haste to see his new born son and heir, was thrown from his horse, broke his neck in the fall and was instantly killed.

And so celebration and royal mourning became unsatisfactorily mingled. The widowed queen continued to rule the kingdom for five years, but her heart was not in the task, her only real interest being her son, Snow White, the embodiment of her late husband. Her courtiers and advisors won her over to the idea of remarrying which she did to Prince Rupert, second son to the Elector of a neighbouring principality, more out of expedience than for love.

On the wedding night the Royal Lifeguards stood watch outside the honeymoon suite. Immediately after the royal couple emerged the following morning, the Lord Chamberlain, in the line of duty, rushed in, examined the linen of the matrimonial bed and officially proclaimed that the marriage had been consummated, then left to carry on with his daily duties. And that was the last time that the Queen and Prince Rupert slept together. He preferred the company of his Gentleman-in-Waiting whom he had brought with him from his father's court and, of course, that of any comely young man who caught their eye as they rode about the kingdom or went hunting.

In time the Queen bore her second husband a son, Prince Otto, a stepbrother to Snow White, but unfortunately she died in childbirth. Now Snow White was alone in the world, lacking the affection and guidance any growing lad needs, but a future king in particular. In theory he now was the King, but until he became eighteen the Prince Regent, Rupert his stepfather, ruled in his stead and made sure Snow White was kept away from affairs of state.

Prince Rupert took his royal duties as Prince Regent seriously, too seriously, for joy and well ruling by the court had been replaced with greed and ambition, which in turn destroyed the happiness and wealth in the kingdom. Rumours had long abounded at court, and now throughout the country, that Rupert, the Prince Regent, was gay, bi strictly speaking, but he bent more to the gay extreme as he openly entertained the handsome young bucks of his acquaintance.

When Prince Rupert married into the royal family, he brought with him a magic mirror which he kept well hidden. Not even the Queen knew of its existence. In times of personal doubt and insecurity, which were many, he would consult it.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Who's the greatest hunk of them all?"

He was safe in the knowledge that the mirror would only speak the truth.

"Your Royal Highness, no man in the land can exceed your handsome visage and superb physique. You are certainly the greatest hunk of them all," at which he would kiss his biceps.

Thus, content, he would despatch the business of the court with unseemly haste and indulge his passion for hunting and young men, or more precisely hunting for young men.

The years passed by at a steady rate. Little heed was paid to the orphaned Prince Alexander Snow White. Indeed more attention was given to the younger Prince Otto, the next in line for the throne after Snow White, and when he grew older, it was he who was gradually introduced to the workings of the state. By now Snow White had celebrated his fourteenth birthday, old enough in those days to be considered an adult socially, if not legally so. Still four years to go until he could be crowned king. He had indeed inherited the wish of his late mother. Puberty was kind to him. He retained his eponymous snow white skin; his fair face with its rosy cheeks and sapphire eyes were enhanced by his ebony black hair. Those who met him immediately fell in love with him. Since he was unloved at home, he was mainly left to his own devices and would leave the palace to mingle with the townsfolk and the village folk if he rode out into the country. He had many friends, but one special friend, a best friend of his own age, Hans, the gatekeeper's son, whose family had a grace and favour dwelling by the main entrance to the castle. And now with the background set our tale can commence.

One sunny morning Snow White rode out and at the lodge which guarded the main entrance to the palace Hans was waiting for him mounted on a horse that Snow White had arranged for him from the royal stables. Before they departed, Hans's mother ran out with a wicker basket of goodies. "Just a little something to tide you over until you return this evening, my dears." She was proud of the fact that her only son among her four children was the best friend of the Crown Prince. She knew their friendship could not last for in four years' time Snow White would be crowned king and no longer have the time nor the inclination to be the friend of the lowly son of a gatekeeper. In the meantime she was overjoyed to see the two boys so happy together, especially as she gradually learnt that Snow White had so little to be happy about at home in the palace.

The boys decided to ride out to a village a league and a half outside the capital. They had heard that a travelling fair was taking place and they were always fun. The Crown Prince was little known outside the immediate surroundings of the royal palace and so Snow White was able to ride about his kingdom in safety and without being recognised. They reached their destination before the sun had reached its meridian. Everyone was gathered on the village green. "Hey, look, Snow White," said Hans. "There's Morris dancing."

"Yes, I've been a bit worried about Morris just lately," replied Snow White.

"You pillock," laughed Hans and gave his friend a playful punch on the shoulder.

"We'd better tether the horses and then we can mingle with the crowd."

"We'll take them to the village inn and they can be fed and watered there," said Hans. "Papa always says you should look after the horses and then they will look after you."

"I've got some coins, enough to pay for them," said Snow White. He looked sadly at the coins for they were still imprinted with the head of the father he had never known.

The first thing they did was to head back to the Morris dancing. They had left their provisions in the care of the ostler. The boys' eyes were glued on the set. In it were lads of their own age and some amazingly spritely older men. At a break in the dances the foreman came up to them and said "You two strapping lads look as if you might make dancers. Come and join in the next set and we'll teach you how to do it." Snow White and Hans looked at each other and tacitly agreed. "What are your names?"


"And Alexander," said Snow White. He didn't want to give away who he was.

The boys were taught the rudiments and allowed to take part in one set. They acquitted themselves well and the squire presented them to the villagers for a round of applause. At the end of the session the fool took a pail round and Snow White threw in a Pfennig which hit the pail's edge. The fool picked up the coin, looked at the head, then looked at Snow White and back to the coin. "Amazing," he said and passed on his rounds.

Snow White and Hans reclaimed their provisions and found themselves a patch of grass in the sun to lay out their goodies and eat their lunch. They talked about taking part in the Morris dancing and Hans said he had noticed the look of amazement on the fool's face when he looked at the coin.

"Oops, it's happening again, said Snow White.

"What?" asked Hans and Snow White's face was as red as blood against a backdrop of freshly fallen snow.

"You know. It's always happening, especially when I'm riding a horse. Does it happen to you?"

"What?" repeated Hans out of frustration. Snow White lowered his voice.

"My dick's gone stiff."

"Oh that. It's all right. You've only popped a boner."

"Popped a what?"

"Popped a boner… got a stiffie… you're on the horn…"

"Shh!" said Snow White. "It's embarrassing."

"Nothing to worry about. It happens all the time. Haven't you ever noticed it happen to the stallions too? Except… when it happens to me, I know how to deal with it."

"Will you show me, Hans?"

"Sure, but not here. We'll stop in the forest on the way home."

By this time the Crown Prince's dick had returned to normal and the two boys carried on eating. "My mother baked these buns," said Hans proudly.

"Mmm, they're delicious," said Snow White. "I wish I had a mother to bake me fresh buns and then I would share them with you, Hans." Hans could see that his friend had become upset and he put his arm round his shoulder to comfort him.

"Faggots!" shouted somebody out of the crowd. Snow White pretended not to hear. Hans turned round and flipped the finger behind Snow White's back in the general direction of the voice.

"Do you know what?" said Hans. "I'll share my mummy with you. I already share her with my three sisters. I'm sure she won't mind one more."

"You're sweet, Hans," and Snow White gave him an affectionate squeeze.

The boys finished their picnic and returned with the wicker basket to the inn. They wandered round the fair looking at the wares on sale at the various booths, listening to the buskers and watching the mountebanks up to their tricks. The pair gained more than a few admiring looks from the crowd. They were not to know it, but they were nearing the peak of their adolescent beauty, to be enjoyed while they could do so, for in a few months it would fade and, if fortune favoured them, they would morph into two handsome young men. Not that they gave that any heed. They were just two innocent young teens enjoying the springtime of their lives while they were able.

The sun had moved round and they thought it time to ride back to the palace, especially if they were to break the journey on the way. They collected the horses, mounted and rode at a trot along the king's highway.

"This is the place," said Hans. "I recognise it. We ride into the wood for about ten minutes and then there's a clearing. No one ever goes there." They found it easily and apart from the birdsong silence reigned. Through the trees they could see that the sun was still quite high. The boys were quite worldly wise concerning nature and their surroundings, Hans more so than Snow White, for his father would take him out into country and teach him things. They tethered the horses to a tree and walked into the middle of the clearing. "Okay," said Hans, "how to get rid of a stiffie. First of all you need a stiffie and I need to be in the mood. You must help me here, Snow White." Hans stood with his feet apart. "Now slowly slide your hand up between my legs and gently hold my balls. Mmm, that's nice." It was a strangely pleasant experience for him to be feeling Hans's balls jiggling in his hand. He had never done anything like that before. Hans exhaled with a slight moan as his own dick stiffened up and grew. Snow White was obviously giving his friend a lot of pleasure.

"I'm in the mood now and I'm going to do the same to you. Stand firm with your legs apart and don't flinch. I'm not going to hurt you." Snow White's dick had already started to stiffen and grow. He too gave a low moan when Hans's hand jiggled his balls. He was in heaven. Snow White offered no resistance when Hans lowered his hose, grasped his dick firmly in his fist and moved his foreskin back and forth over its head. The feeling intensified until he gave out a scream and some white stuff, snow white stuff, shot out of the hole he normally peed from. Snow White's heart was beating hard and he felt on a high. Hans gave him time to recover before saying "Now you've got to do that to me."

Confident that they were alone, Snow White and Hans played their game with abandon. Little did they know, however, that they were being silently watched from the trees at the edge of the clearing by seven pairs of hidden eyes with their interested lust. Seven dwarves had paused on their way home after a hard day's work in the mine.

Without being able to put words to it, both Snow White and Hans felt that during their little adventure in the clearing their relationship changed. It had deepened; they had grown closer, sharing an intimate experience which they could share with no one else, which no one could take away from them. It was a first time and they could never have another first time. It was true too that it had been effective. Snow White did not get one stiffie on the ride home. "Where did you learn that trick, Hans?"

"From the royal pageboys. It's something that gets handed down from the seniors to the juniors, but not until their voices break and they get hair down there."

"Why didn't they teach me?"

"They wouldn't dare. You are the King in waiting. They'd be afraid of losing their jobs… or worse."

"I'm glad they didn't, Hans, or I couldn't have shared my first time with you. Mmm, just you and me. When can we do it again?" Hans thought for a few moments and lost in thought, Snow White listened to the rhythmic thuds of the horses' hooves.

"What do you do in the evenings, Snow White?"

"Nothing, really. No one seems to worry me or worry about me. I'm supposed to have my own personal page, but it seems so often he's seconded to duties with my stepfather and obviously, they're more important."

"Is he good looking?"

"I've never thought about it, but now you come to mention it, yes, I suppose he is. He's certainly one of the best dressed pageboys. Always white hose with a doublet that comes down just to his waist so that you can see all of his bottom."

"Oh, you've noticed that as well, Snow White?"

"Well… yes."

"Are you gay?" Snow White thought for a moment. The horses' hooves thudded on towards the palace. "If you admire the pages' bottoms…"

"I know my stepfather is. Everybody says so and his Gentleman-in-Waiting is more than just a gentleman-in-waiting. It's said they sleep in the same bed." Snow White blushed; Hans said nothing. "I have to admit I do look at the pageboys' bottoms and that gives me a stiffie too. I even look at your bottom, Hans. It's much nicer than any of the pages'." Then Snow White lowered his voice, even though there was no one else abroad on the king's highway. "Do you want to know a secret?" He didn't wait for Hans to answer, proving the absolute trust he held in his friend. "I look at their front bulges, too," he whispered. "They're far more interesting than their bottoms, especially when they've got a hard on. So to answer your question, yes, I might be just a teeny weeny incy-wincy little bit gay."

"But to get back to what we were talking about just now," said Hans, "you said you don't really do anything in the evening. So how about I asked my mama if you could come and spend the night in the lodge?"

"Do you really mean that, Hans?"

"Of course, but only if Mama says yes."

They arrived back at the palace an hour before sunset. Snow White handed the horses over to the guards for watering, feeding and stabling, and they took the wicker picnic basket into the lodge. Hans was greeted affectionately by his mother, father and three sisters, Snow White less so for no other reason than that he was the future king and the family felt bound to show due deference. This saddened Snow White after such an enjoyable day when he could be normal. However, Hans asked the vital question and after some considerable hesitation, his mother said yes, providing Snow White didn't mind sleeping in the loft with Hans. It was the only space they had. She didn't understand that that in itself would be quite a novelty for Snow White.

And so he returned to the palace, reported his presence and in the twilight returned with his page, yes, the one in the white hose and short tunic, who bore Snow White's overnight attire and some provisions from the royal kitchen to help the family accommodate the extra mouth to feed.

Hans's mother kissed him good night and he took Snow White up to the loft of the lodge. He hung the lantern from a hook on a beam. The roof space was small, but in those days considered luxury for a boy like Hans. There was no bed, but a large palliasse on the floor. A window looked to the east. The sun would wake him each day. "I won't be a minute, Snow White. I should have gone to the privy before I came up." While he was gone, Snow White got himself ready for bed. When Hans came back, he was standing by the palliasse in his freshly laundered linen nightshirt as only befits a future king. Hans just took off his boots and hose. The boys looked into each other's face. From the expressions there could be no doubt they were up for it, whatever 'it' was going to be. Snow White invitingly lifted his shirt. Hans saw that he was already hard.

"Feel my balls, Hans. Just like you did this afternoon."

"We don't have to do this standing up, you know," and Hans lifted the nightshirt over Snow White's head, looked at him naked in the dim light of the lantern, took his own shirt off and led him by the hand to his bed.

Snow White was mesmerised at what he saw. Their dicks were very similar in size and shape, but what caught his eye was Hans's balls. His own were large, as befits a future king, but tight against his body and they made his flaccid cock protrude. Indeed, unbeknown to him, he was greatly admired among the pageboys for that very reason. Hans's balls on the other hand were by no means small, but hung loose and separately below the length of his limp cock. 'So that must be what gave me that incredible feel this afternoon,' he thought.

At first they simply lay there chatting. "You know, you're so lucky, Hans. I haven't got a mother to give me a good night kiss. There are times I feel so alone in the world."

"Would you like a good night kiss, Snow White?"

"You don't want to bring your mother up here just for that, and I can't very well go downstairs like this."

"I didn't mean that, silly. I can give you a good night kiss."

"But boys don't do that."

"I can see that I still have a lot to teach you," and with that Hans rolled over towards Snow White and gave him a long kiss with his tongue playing along Snow White's lips. Snow White moaned with pleasure and was amazed that his semi hard dick became harder than it had even done before. It was not long before he felt Hans's warm hand stroking the inside of his thigh on its journey up into his groin to caress his balls.

Hans brought the dirty deed to orgasm and then said it was Snow White's turn to pleasure him. Hans had an orgasm, one such as he had never experienced before. Entwined they fell into a deep slumber and entwined they woke with the sun shining through the window, a cock crowing in the distance and two cocks straining under the restrictions of a piss hard.

Hans got out of bed, walked across the room, opened the window, looked out of it, then proceeded to relieve the pressure on his bladder. "You can do the same, Snow White. Just make sure first no one's underneath." Snow White the Crown Prince had never done such a thing before and thought it was fun. "I don't think we need to get up yet and so more of the same, methinks. You go first this time."

And so this was the start of a loving relationship whose emotion and physicality grew and grew in intensity. As part of these developments Snow White had his personal page permanently drafted to perform duties for his stepfather and had Hans appointed as the Personal Page to the Crown Prince. More and more his responsibilities required him to be on night duty in the palace. He was provided with a smart page's uniform; he ate in the palace and his parents were delighted that he had a secured a post in the royal household. Gradually the years passed and the two pretty boys became two handsome young men and it was now less than a year until Snow White would take his rightful place on the throne as King.

Prince Rupert, the Prince Regent, had no difficulty with Snow White's ascension to the throne. Not being of the kingdom's royal blood line himself, he had no claim to the throne, although his son, Prince Otto, would, if Snow White died without children. That was the least of his considerations. He had other priorities. However, he became aware that things were happening to his son. He was after all approaching thirteen and during one of those rare moments of 'quality time' they were spending together he noticed his son's voice was deepening, there was a trace of bum fluff on his upper lip and furthermore he would draw his father's attention to himself by continually adjusting the pubescent bulge in his hose. "I think, my boy, it's time we had a father and son talk." He looked at the boy and could not help noticing not only how his features were sharpening, but also how Prince Otto was beginning to resemble his father. That pleased him. One night he had spent with his Queen and this attractive youth was the result of it. There was no doubt Otto was his.

"A father has a duty to show his eldest son how his body functions. Come stand by me, Otto," and Prince Rupert slipped his hand up between his son's legs and felt his balls. The way the boy's cock was growing and its heat warmed his hand pleased him.

"Papa, you're not showing me anything I haven't done before," declared the young prince dismissively. The Prince Regent raised an eyebrow in mock amazement."

"And who, pray tell me, has been interfering with the royal genitalia?"

"Why, your pageboys, of course. Who do you think? And I don't consider it interference either," he added precociously.

"Which pageboys? Name them."

"All of them. They let me join in their games below stairs and when I started, they assured me we were doing nothing different from what they have to do with you when you summon them to your bedchamber. And they're a darn sight better at it than you are!"

Prince Rupert was secretly delighted to find that his son had been introduced and trained in the arts of the gay underworld. Truly my son, he thought. "So tell me, Otto, about the wisdom they have imparted."

"First of all they taught me the jerk off, then how to take a cock in the mouth. After that it was how to take a cock in the butt, then how to give it, and now they are teaching me what to look for in other boys and how to make myself attractive to the older courtiers and how to spot the ones that are up for it. 'Gaydar' they called it. They tell me I'm a natural and I seem to be very popular and sometimes they fight over me."

"Well done, my son. You seem to be a chip off the old block. As you appear to have gained a great deal of experience, I think it only right that you come to my bedchamber and show me what you have learnt," and Prince Otto was led by his father up to the secret locked room where the mirror was concealed.

Affairs of state wearied Prince Rupert. He lived only for his liaisons with his Gentleman-in-Waiting, the pageboys and any other handsome youth they might grab off the street. He was looking forward to returning to the principality of his birth where with few state duties he could pursue the one true interest in his life. However, the years take their toll and he no longer found it so easy to have his way with these partners. The Prince Regent grew disconsolate. The royal physician was summoned, he diagnosed erectile dysfunction and prescribed some little blue tablets from the apothecary, which he said would help. They didn't. It would be centuries before Viagra was discovered. He was losing confidence in himself and so for personal assurance he disappeared up to his private room, unlocked his magic mirror and consulted it.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Who's the greatest hunk of them all?"

He felt safe in the knowledge that the mirror would only speak the truth.

"Your Royal Highness, only one man in the land can exceed your handsome visage and superb physique. You were certainly the greatest hunk of them all." Not listening properly, he kissed his biceps, but the mirror continued. "The hunkiest man in the land is now your stepson, Snow White."

"Impossible!" he screamed, but there was no one else there to hear him. "He's only seventeen, no hunk at all." Prince Rupert flew into a rage. For the first time in his life he had been denied something that he wanted. The rage led to tears, tears of frustration, tears of jealousy, tears of irrational hatred. Eventually he calmed down and dried his eyes. He wanted to call his Gentleman-in-Waiting, but even he did not know about this part of the palace and there was no one within hail of the room. If nothing else, this outburst had pulled the Prince Regent out of his melancholy and galvanised him into action.

Partially recovering he made his way back to his quarters with but a single thought in his mind. Snow White had to perish. He sat at his desk and pondered the possibilities. Finally he came up with a plan. He summoned the Master of the King's Hunt, a favoured member of the Prince Regent's inner circle of gay young men.

"I have a special task for you, Reinhardt, a secret task of which no word must be spoken. I think it is time the Crown Prince learnt to hunt and I want you to take him out for the day into the forest. Unfortunately he is becoming a danger to the throne and must never become the realm's king. He must have an accident. Know what I mean? A fatal accident, deep in the forest, and to prove that he is dead you are to cut out his heart and cut off his testicles and bring them back to me in this wooden casket. Understood?"

"But sire…"

"No buts, Reinhardt. Not a word to anyone else or you will be tried for high treason, and the only penalty for treason in execution, public execution. I shall expect your return by sunset tomorrow. Now go."

With a heavy heart Reinhardt bowed and left Prince Rupert's presence. If refusing to murder the Crown Prince was high treason, what did that make murdering a Prince of the Blood Royal itself? Reinhardt made the preparations, but slept little that night. In contrast Prince Rupert had regained both his mental and physical strength and to his own delight he rogered three pageboys that night.

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