The Test

by N Fourbois

"Hey, Josiah," called out Keith Hartland. "What does it feel like to be gay?" Finn, Finnegan Morley, Josiah Redland's friend, best friend, confidant and boyfriend, began to bristle. This was going to be yet another verbal attack – bullying – since he and Josiah had outed themselves a couple of weeks ago at school. He was already clenching his fists.

"Hold on a minute, Finn," said Josiah. "He only asked a question."

"He's taking the piss like everybody else."

"No, I'm not," pleaded Keith, clearly taken aback by Finn's OTT defensive attitude.

"What's it feel like to be straight?" retorted Josiah.

"I don't know the answer to that, either," replied Keith. "That's the point of my question. I just think I might be gay and I want something to compare with."

Finnegan had calmed down. He realised that there was no one else around and so there was no point in Keith's taking the piss – no audience and in a two to one minority. However, it had been a trying week for the two friends, but in one way they had boxed clever. The last period before half term had been taken up with a tutor period so that the pupils could take their assessment grades home. Just before their form tutor came in Josiah and Finn stood up in front of the class and announced that they were gay. In their PHSE lessons they had been dealing with homosexuality and the new 21 st century attitudes towards it. They didn't want to live in the closet any more, particularly as they were finding it difficult to hide their sexuality when the majority of their male classmates were getting girlfriends and talking about girls and what they'd like to do with them. Josiah and Finnegan couldn't pretend any longer that they liked girls. They even found some of their friends' exploits, imagined or real, revolting. They chose the moment because at the end of the tutor period everyone would be hell bent on going home for the half term holiday and when they met again in ten days' time, the news would be old hat and mostly forgotten. By and large their strategy had worked.

"Well," said Josiah, looking at Finn for help and shrugging his shoulders, "I don't really feel any different from the way I did before we came out. How about you, Finn?"

"Not really," he replied pushing his bottom lip forward as sign of not knowing what to say. "Just that it's a relief not having to hide it any more." Then Josiah's face lit up as if he had just got an idea and he looked across at his friend, searching for support, the blind, unquestioning sort, since he hadn't the slightest idea what he was supposed to support.

"Suppose, Keith," he said slowly as if thinking out aloud "we put you through the gay test?"

"What's that?" asked Keith.

"I don't know yet," Josiah answered. "I'm still inventing it. What are you doing after school tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow? Tuesday," Keith said slowly, mulling over the concept of Tuesday as if it were a new word he'd found in his reading and he needed to get to grips with it. "Homework, telly…"

"Having a wank," added Finn facetiously.

"Hey, how did you know?" asked Keith amazed.

"Guessed," said Finn. The truth was he didn't know. He just said it.

"Because you do it," retorted Keith.

"No! We… I mean I do something much better," but if the cat wasn't out of the bag, it had at least seen daylight.

The interlude of repartee had, if nothing else, given Josiah some thinking space. "Come round to my place. The parents don't get home from work until six. That'll give us plenty of time."

"What are you going to do?"

"Tell you tomorrow, but don't have a wank tonight, nor in the shower in the morning."

Keith said "See you later," and went off to his lessons. After school Josiah would go and hang out at Finn's and they would have to get their thinking caps on.

Arriving at school the next morning Josiah saw Keith before he saw Finn. "Hi, Keith. Still on for this evening?"

"Sure. All right if my mother picks me up from your place?"

"No probs." Finn arrived and greeted them with

"Hi, guys."

"Keith's okay for tonight."

"Great. I got as far ahead with homework as I could last night."

School passed slowly for the three boys that day. Keith was apprehensive about what was going to happen and Josiah and Finn were worried about whether they should really be doing what they planned to do.

It was about a fifteen minute walk to Josiah's house. Finn lived a further five away and so it was nothing for them to go to one house or the other after school and have some fun for it would be some time until their parents came home from work and their brothers and sisters were away at college. As he went into Josiah's house, Finn automatically took off his school blazer and tie, hung them up in the porch and left his shoes with them. Keith followed suit. Josiah said that he was just going upstairs to change and that the other two should make themselves comfortable in the lounge. Finn knew the drill. He introduced Keith to Fanny the labrador. Josiah came down dressed in shorts and tank top, after first rearranging his room ready for the gay test. "Who's for orange squash?" asked Josiah.

"Me," said Finn and Keith said he'd like some too.

"Finn, come and give me a hand and Keith you stay here playing with Fanny." It was all part of the plot.

In the kitchen Josiah got a tray and put three glasses on it. Finn got some ice cubes from the fridge while Josiah filled the glasses with orange squash and water. "Remember the tankards are for us and the straight glass is for Keith," he said as he took a bottle of vodka out of the cupboard, measured a capful and tipped it into the straight glass. "He won't taste that and it's not enough to make him drunk. It'll just relax him. He won't even notice it."

"Ah, a Mickey Finn," laughed Finn.

"A Josiah Finn," his boyfriend corrected him.

They took the drinks into the lounge and handed them around. Keith drank half a glass at one go.

"Hey, this is nice," he said.

"You won't get that at the supermarket," said Finn. "It's Josiah's mother's secret home made recipe."

"You'd better put these on, Finn," said Josiah taking four cable ties out of his shorts pocket and handing two to his boyfriend. They put them round their wrists.

"What are they for?"

"Nothing really," said Josiah. "It's just… you know we're not allowed to wear bracelets and things at school and so we put these on at home… well, just to show that we're together." Keith was beginning to feel relaxed and no longer worried.

"Can I wear them as well?" Josiah and Finn looked at each other, drawing their breath in through their teeth and shaking their heads. Inwardly they were surprised at how well their plan was going.

"We don't usually," said Finn.

"But perhaps we can make an exception in Keith's case, but he'd better pass the test, if we do."

Josiah took another two cable ties out of his pocket and fixed them loosely round Keith's wrist, but tight enough for them not to slip over his hand. "Okay, we'd better get on," said Josiah "or my parents'll be home." Josiah showed Keith the way to his room, followed by Finn.

"Okay," said Finn. "For the first part of the test we're going to show you a Powerpoint presentation and we need to gauge your reaction. The desktop iMac flickered into life. The desk on whose top the iMac was situated was at the end of Josiah's bed. "You'll have to stand here," he said as the two boys manœuvred him in front of the bed frame at the foot of the bed. Before he realised what was happening, Josiah and Finn had taken another cable tie each, slipped it through the ones on Keith's wrists and closed them round the bed frame. He was trapped.

"It's all right," said Josiah. "We'll let you go. It's just that we don't want you playing with yourself during the test. It'll ruin it." Keith giggled at the bit about playing with himself. He also tugged at the cable ties, but just found that they cut into his wrist if he did. He decided he had no option but to comply and anyway it had to be over by six when Josiah's parents came home, and if he thought about it, he was enjoying being restrained. It was making him feel really horny.

"Right," said Finn, "the test's beginning." He put his hand up between Keith's legs and gave him a good feel, then wrote a note on his pad. Josiah set the Powerpoint presentation going. It consisted of women straight from porno sites, showing full views of their tits, fannies with and without pubic hair and their arses. He stopped the slide show after five minutes when Finn took another reading from between Keith's legs and noted it."

"Now the second half," announced Josiah. This time the show was pictures of boys. It was better organised, consisting of boys from fourteen upwards, first dressed, then partially dressed, speedo shots and finally naked with and without erections. During both halves Finn noted that Keith did not turn his head away and Josiah was taking photographs of his trousers from different angles. The boy slide show came to a close and Finn took another reading of the feeling between Keith's legs.

"That's part one over and done with," said Josiah. "You can take five."

"Will you untie me?"

"Not yet," said Finn. "We still don't want you fiddling with yourself." Keith giggled again at the thought. Josiah continued taking photos of Keith's trousers every few moments.

"Ready to go again?" said Josiah. Keith nodded.

"This is the kiss test."

"What's that?"

"What is says," said Finn. "One of us is going to kiss you."

"Boys don't do that."

"That's what they all say till they try it," said Josiah. "Who do you want to kiss you?"

"I don't," said Keith.

"Okay, Finn, you do it. I'll carry on with the snapping." Finn took another 'between the legs' reading, then stood in front of Keith, puckering up, but Keith was not going to cooperate. He kept moving his head about.

"Give me a hand, Jose. He's being awkward." Josiah held Keith's head still. Finn met his lips and held the position. Keith ceased to struggle and as if on cue, his tongue automatically came out and started to lick Finn's lips. Josiah let go of his head. "There, that didn't hurt, did it?" said Finn. "Let's try again."

Finn and Keith leaned in and their lips met. This time Keith's tongue ran across Finn's lips, the tips of their tongues met, then without warning Keith's tongue passed between Finn's teeth. This lasted a couple of minutes and when they finally broke, Finn said "You're a natural. Josiah, come and have a go." The two examiners changed places and Finn took up the camera. Josiah soon got his tongue past his lips, then pressed his crotch against Keith's. At one stage Keith thought he was going to explode in his trousers, but Josiah stood back in time. He had never in his life felt such heightened sexual ecstasy.

"Take five, Keith," said Finn. "Then we'll get on with the last part." Keith pulled at his bonds, but to no avail. After five minutes Finn took another reading, then took over the photography again. Josiah pulled down Keith's zip and put his hand inside.

"A bit moist in there. You're obviously enjoying yourself." He undid the clasp and Keith's trousers dropped to the floor. He helped him step out of them. There was indeed a large damp patch on his briefs and Josiah breathed in the mixed smell of sweat and precum. He lowered his briefs and Keith's dick immediately stood to attention. He pulled the foreskin back and forth a couple of times before kneeling in front of him, licking first the bubble of precum from his acorn and finally his balls and the whole shaft, before taking it into his mouth. Keith was in boy heaven. After five minutes he stood up and invited Finn to take over. Finn soon finished Keith off, took his whole load in his mouth, swallowed part, stood up and kissed him. After his past experience Keith plunged his tongue into Finn's mouth, savoured his own seed and swallowed. That was the end of the test.

Josiah cut the cable ties round Keith's wrists and looked at his watch. A quarter past five. "You can go and shower if you want."

"It's okay. I'll do it at home," replied Keith. He got dressed, then phoned his mother to say he was ready to be picked up.

"We'll analyse the results and talk them over with you at school tomorrow," said Josiah, "but there is no doubt, Keith, that you are one of us. Love it or hate it, you're gay," and both boys gave him a hug. Keith was speechless, but if what he had just experienced was being gay, then he had a lot to look forward to in life.

© N Fourbois 2013

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