The Hitchhiker

by N Fourbois

The Hitchhiker, Will drop trousers for a ride

Saturday morning and Dave was driving back home after dropping off a package for his mother. He was motoring slowly along the street for he was not quite sure how to get back to the main road. In the distance he saw a hitchhiker holding a cardboard sign up with where he was heading for. As he got closer, he noticed it did not say the destination, but rather displayed a message. 'Will drop trousers for a ride.' 'Nah, come on, Dave, pull yourself together.' He got closer and was no longer giving the road his full attention. Now he could see the lad, he thought 'Yeah, that is smart. Hmm, sixteen to twenty I would guess. Is this my lucky day or is this my lucky day?'. Before he realised it, he had driven past the youth and he stamped on the brake pedal. The van came to a screaming halt. Dave quickly put it into reverse, drove back to the boy and wound down the window.

"How far do you want to go, bud?"

"All the way if I can," came the reply.

"I'm going to the next town," said Dave.

"That'll do me," and Dave released the door lock. The boy got in. "My name's Tom."

"I'm Dave." They shook hands.

Dave put his van in gear and drove off. The street was empty, thank goodness, as Dave tried to check out his passenger from the corner of his eye.

"Do you really mean it, Tom?" said Dave. "Am I going the right way to get back onto the main road?"

"Yes. I'm sure you're going the right way and sure I really mean it. Take a left at the T-junction."

"Do you do that often?"

"Yeah," said Tom, "if I've got to get somewhere and I'm short of cash."

"And you always pay your fare?"

"Always. You meet some interesting people. The last bloke that gave me a ride arranged this job interview for me."

"What time?"

"Twelve. I've got a couple of hours."

"Job interview on a Saturday?"

"It's a Saturday job."

"How old are you?"

"Eighteen. I've got my pub ID if you want to see it." Meanwhile Tom had unbuttoned his 501s and laid his dick out as a form of proof of good intent. Flaccid, average length, foreskin covering the rim and leaving the rest of the acorn uncovered, greater than average thickness. Dave swerved as his attention left the road once more.

"Put it away, Tom. We'll worry about that later. I've got to keep us both alive at the moment." Tom tucked it away and buttoned up his flies.

They reached the main road, but instead of taking the dual carriageway, Dave went along the back road to the next town. He knew a lay by under the trees that only had spaces for two cars. He'd used it before. If he parked in the middle, there was no room for a second car to park there. He switched the engine off. "Okay, Tom?"

"Okay, Dave."

"Into the back then." Dave reached across to the glove compartment, grabbed a packet of three and slipped it into his shirt pocket. He opened the back doors. The van was mainly empty. He unwrapped a blanket and spread it out, then put a bedroll and a sleeping bag along the length. "Something I was taught in the Boy Scouts," said Dave.

"What? How to have sex with another boy in the back of a van?"

"That as well, but I meant 'Be prepared'. In you get. It's quite clean." He jumped in behind Tom and closed the doors. There was sufficient light coming in from the windscreen. Tom had his trainers and Levi's off by now. No underwear and he was already chubbing up. Dave started to wank Tom's dick and was about to take it in his mouth when Tom said

"Don't I even get a kiss, then?" Dave worked his way down, mouth, neck, nipples, belly button, finally cupping Tom's balls in his hand and taking his dick into his mouth so that his nose nestled in Tom's pubes.

It seemed like five minutes, but it was twenty before Tom released his seed in Dave's mouth. "You said you wanted to go all the way, Tom?" said Dave. "Ready for it?"

"I sure am." Dave pulled his sweats and boxer briefs off.

"Assume the position."


"Uh huh." Dave grabbed some lube from a corner of the van and went to work on Tom's butt, crack, then hole. "Slip one of these over my dick. I've got greasy hands." Tom took a rubber out of the Durex pack Dave had handed him. Extra strength, he noticed.

"Is this going to be a rough ride?" He unrolled it over Dave's dripping cock and got ready to take it.

After orgasm, Dave's cock went limp and slid out of Tom. He removed the jonnie, knotted it and put his boxer briefs and sweats back on. Tom pulled a neatly folded pair of boxers out of the back pocket of his jeans, put them, his jeans and trainers back on. Dave looked at his watch. "We'd better get you into town, Tom. Just about time for a cup of coffee before your interview." They climbed out of the back of the van and into the front. Dave started the engine and pulled away.

"Good luck, Tom," Dave called out as they left Caffè Nero.

"Thanks for the ride, Dave. One of the smoothest I've ever had. See you later." I do hope so, thought Dave.

By the way, Tom did get his Saturday job, despite the fresh love bite on the side of his neck.

© N Fourbois 2013

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