by N Fourbois


The Boynapped site specialises in BDSM situations, but has developed over the years from taking boys off the street and dominating them to more to sado-masochistic scenes. A favourite clip has been lost and so this is an essay to reproduce the screenplay in the form of a normal short story in this vignette.

Jason and Wayne were seated in the back of the SUV as Geoff, their driver, cruised through the streets of Manchester on a fine summer's afternoon. Their eyes were skinned on the look out for a likely lad of their age, that is late teens. The car cameras and mike were rigged up and the take would be edited back at base. Both boys were masters of their trade, performing for the cameras and giving experienced gay performances at that. Their sexuality served them well and, as they said, it was better than working for a living. On camera they were boyfriends; off camera good mates, and probably boyfriends, but the boundaries were blurred and it was hard to tell where work ended and private life began.

"Geoff, there's one sitting on his own on that low wall over there," said Wayne.

"Just ahead on the left," added Jason. Geoff indicated and pulled into the side of the road. It was impossible for anyone outside to look in through the tinted windows in the back of the SUV, but you got a perfect view out. Jason opened the door. "Hey, you all right there, mate?" he shouted.

"Yeah, I'm good, thanks," the youth replied.

"Do you want to come for a ride with us?" called out Wayne.

"I can't. I'm waiting for my girlfriend."

"We'll give you two hundred quid," said Jason.

"No it's okay. She'll kill me if I'm not here."

"Two hundred quid," said Wayne.

"No, I told you."

"We're not going to get any joy here, Geoff. Drive on."

Geoff was the driver and technician. He knew the drill. Driving and being a technician were his remit; he never got involved in anything else. He pulled out into the traffic which was light, even for the time of day, and so he could get away with driving at twenty-five in a forty area.

"Geoff, pull in at the next bus stop." Geoff complied. At the stop was a good looking Chinese lad.

"Where ya going, mate?" Jason called out.

"I'm waiting for the bus to the airport. I've got to meet a friend off a plane from Hong Kong."

"What time?"

"Five o'clock."

"Plenty of time yet. We're going that way. Would you like a lift?"

"Yeah, okay."

He made to open the front passenger door. "Come in the back with us," said Wayne. "It's more fun." Jason ushered him into the middle seat and made sure his seat belt was buckled up properly.

"Ready to go, Geoff," said Jason. Geoff pulled out into the traffic again and headed for the M60 ring road. There was an ominous click from the child lock. The lads got into their routine.

"I'm Wayne and my mate's Jason. What's your name?"

"My name's Jason too," said the Chinaman.

"Say hallo to Jason, Jason."

"Hallo, Jason," they both said.

"So this friend from Hong Kong. Is he over on a visit or does he live here?"

"He's come to stay for a couple of weeks to see England and he'll stay with me. The SUV was by now cruising along the M60. There was no escape. Wayne leaned across passenger Jason and kissed Jason mate. This went on for a few moments and Jason mate grew visibly hard though his sweats. Then he lugged out his wand and started wanking it.

"Jason, would you like to help Jason with that?" As if mesmerised Jason passenger reached across and took over, grasping Jason mate's stiff cock and wanking it. This left Wayne to slide down Jason passenger's zip, put his hand inside and have a good feel. He was already hard. He unbuckled his seat belt and gave the Chinaman a French kiss.

"You liked that, Jason," said Wayne. "Let's make it easier for you." He undid his seat belt too. "Now give Jason a kiss. That's right. He's enjoying that." Wayne's hand slid down Jason's trouser zip. "Ooh, you're a bit cheeky. You're hard already. Stand up a sec." Wayne unbuckled the top of Jason's trousers and pulled them and his pants down to his ankles. "They always say the Chinese are small down there, but you're not, are you?" Jason passenger laughed. "You're enjoying that, aren't you? So's Jason. Aren't you, Jase? That's it. Give him another kiss. Kneel on the seat. It'll be easier. Then as quick as a flash, Wayne had pulled his own sweats and pants off, had rolled a rubber over his cock and was penetrating Jason's sphincter.

Meanwhile they had gone round the M60 and Geoff had taken the exit for the airport. They drew up outside the arrivals. "There you are, Jase," said Wayne.

"You're lucky," said Jason mate. "Usually when the scene's over, we dump them wherever we are."

"It's because you were such a good fuck," said Wayne as he threw his trousers out after him and Geoff drove off.

© N Fourbois 2014

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