Best Friends' Secrets

by N Fourbois

"So, Jack, did I miss anything while I was away last week?" asked George.

"Nah, just boring ol' school. Veronica Wilson wears green knickers."

"We knew that anyway. Bobby Sheppard keeps a secret list of the colour of all the girls' knickers in the class."

"Yeah, well, that Veronica Wilson's yeuky anyway."

"She's a girl, isn't she?

"Worse than that," said Jack.

"Nothing could be worse than being a girlie."

"Listen, George. If you promise not to tell a soul, I'll tell you why.

"Go on."

"You haven't promised."

"Okay, I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die."

"You didn't do the actions," protested Jack.

Testily George repeated "Cross my heart and hope to die," and did the actions that time.

"We were doing painting and you know we're allowed to talk while we're painting? Well, she leans across the table and says 'I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours.' 'Show me your what? I can see it from here.' I thought she meant her painting. 'No, what I've got between my legs, but you've got to show me yours, as well.' 'Okay,' I said, mainly to shut her up. She looked round and saw that Miss Dobson was busy the other side of the room and then she dropped my painting brush on the floor. When I got down on my hands and knees, I looked under the table and she'd lifted up her skirt and pulled her knickers aside and I looked. She bent down and whispered under the table 'Can you see it?' 'See what? What am I s'posed to be looking for?' All I could see was a flap of skin and a hole. 'My pee pee.' 'But there's nothing there.' I picked up my brush and sat back down on my chair. 'You've got to show me yours now.' 'It's easy for you. I'm wearing long trousers.' 'Then you've got to show me at playtime, or I'll tell Miss you've been peeking and you'll get the cane.' Shit, she's serious, I thought. 'How do you pee over high walls or have swordfights with that, Veronica?' 'I don't. Young ladies don't do that stupid sort of boy thing.' But young ladies show off their winkies under the desk, I thought.

"Suddenly the lesson was over and it was playtime. She took hold of my wrist and wouldn't let go until we reached the far end of the playground. If I resisted, she dug her nails in. 'It's payback time, Jack, or I'm telling.' Telling about what, I wondered. All I did was pick up my paintbrush. Anyway, I looked around and there was no one about. So I undid my trousers and dropped my pants. 'It's not as big as Bobby Sheppard's. Can I touch it?' I said no, but she touched it anyway and it shrivelled. Bobby Sheppard's much more fun,' she said and walked off, leaving me with my trousers round my ankles.

"On Friday I saw Bobby Sheppard and said to him 'Bobby, do you know that Veronica Wilson girl?' 'Yeah,' he answered. 'She'll show you her cunt for lick of your lollipop.' 'Her what?' I'd never heard the word before. He repeated it. 'What girls piss out of. She'll let you put your finger inside it if she likes you, but watch out. It'll smell of fish for ages afterwards.' 'She says my dick's smaller than yours. I don't believe it.' 'Do you want to see mine, Jack?' 'Yeah, okay.' 'See you at playtime in the bogs. And the one with the smallest dick buys the other one a Mars bar.' 'Deal.'

"I met Bobby in the outside loos and we went into one of the cubicles and I had to admit his dick was bigger than mine, but my balls are bigger than his. Tiny little things tucked high up between his legs, but fair's fair, the bet was on dick size. I had a Mars bar in my lunchbox and I gave it to him later. Then he got told off at lunch for having unhealthy food in his packed lunch. But that's not the end of the story. When we were comparing dicks, he touched mine and it went stiff. Then he rubbed it and it was ever such a nice feeling. Then his went stiff, but was still bigger than mine.

"That night in bed I made my dick go stiff again and rubbed it like Bobby showed me and it felt nice, but not as nice as it did when he did it. I'll do it to you, George, if you like," said Jack.

"Yeah, okay, if you say it's that good. Mine's gone stiff already just thinking about it. What are you doing after school?"

"Not a lot."

"Your place or mine?"

"Mine, George. There won't be anybody at home."

"So nothing much happened at school while I was away and I didn't miss anything?"

"Nah, not really."

Just as George was leaving his house, Jack said "I'm never going to bother with girls again. They can't have as much fun as us if they've got nothing between their legs."

"Me, too," agreed George.

© N Fourbois 2013

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