From Slavery to Freedom

by N Fourbois

Chapter 7

At dinner that night the four discussed the day's events and when that topic had been exhausted, William piped up. "You all know how I met my Daddy and we all how Daddy and Mr Timm met. How did you meet Jamie, Mr Timm?" In his naïvety William asked it as a natural question. However, Jamie's face looked aghast. Mr Timm gave Jamie a kindly look and across the table put his hand on Jamie's, saying

"It's all right. I don't mind, if you don't. We are all family, after all." Jamie's face showed that he was instantly relieved. It was moments like this that William wondered what sort of relationship they had in private, but that was a topic for pillow talk. Noah noticed the puzzled look on William's face. He anticipated questions at some time in the future. "Do you want to tell them, Jamie, or shall I?"

"I'll do it, master. If William had asked me in private, I'd have been the one to give the answer."

Jamie took a sip of coffee and cleared his throat. "You already know, William, that my dad died of cancer ten years ago or so. He left us quite well off and that's why I was able to go to my present school. There are always gayboys in any school. Well, for me things started in the third form… Year 9. I was sitting on a bench outside the pavilion with my friend Julian when a prefect by the name of Hare came along. I'd seen him around, and I'd noticed him looking at me before, checking me out as it were. I had to admit, he was quite good looking and I suppose I was looking at his crotch when he came along. But I did that with most boys at school. If nothing else had happened, I wouldn't have thought much more about it, but he sent Julian away and said he wanted to talk to me in private. We did talk and he asked me all sorts of questions, personal ones. Nothing dirty or about sex, just about my family, what games I played, what I did in my spare time, that sort of thing, and he let me ask things about him. When I told him I had no dad, he really started taking an interest and asked if I had any brothers or sisters. The bell rang for the end of break. He went off to his lesson and I went off to mine.

"'What was that all about with Hare?' asked Julian when we met up again going to our lesson.

'I don't know really. He just talked to me, showed an interest.' 'Oh, he's after your body,' said Julian as a throw away remark. 'Bollocks,' I retorted. 'Those too.' I wouldn't have thought any more about it, but the following Wednesday he did the same thing. Caught up with us on the fields, sent Julian away and started chatting to me. That week he'd slip things into the conversation, such as 'What a lovely voice you have. So deep for someone your age,' or 'I like the colour of your eyes' or 'I like the way you always look so smart in your school uniform.' This went on and I found out why it was always a Wednesday. He was on duty and so long as he was out on the school fields, he was deemed to be carrying out his duty.

"This went on for a month or so. I grew to like him. I supposed it filled an emotional vacuum in my life. The questions got more personal. They were hidden, as usual, among innocent questions. He came out with 'Jamie, have you ever had a wank?' I replied 'What do you think, Ryan? I'm fourteen and in Year 9. Of course I've bloody well had a wank. I had one this morning in the shower.' The conversation went on and then he said 'Jamie, what do you think about when you're having a wank?' I blushed. 'Boys with big cocks,' I half whispered. 'Not girls with big tits?' 'Ryan, you know how to talk dirty, don't you?' Then the bell rang for the end of break. I forgot all about what Ryan Hare had been saying until I went to bed that night. Then as soon as I hit the hay, I got hard and started thinking of him. Well, you can guess what happened next and then I rolled over into my cold sticky spunk and went to sleep.

"Again I didn't think any more of it until we met the following week. By then I was beginning to look forward to Wednesdays. I thought of Ryan again when I was in the shower that morning. We met as usual and I decided to tell him what had happened. 'You know, Jamie, that's what happens to me.' What I did not tell you was, not only did I want to see if he had a big cock, but I wanted to touch it too. 'At certain times of the day,' he said 'I think of you and I have to go and do something about it.' I think he must have already read my mind because he said to me 'What are you doing after school on Friday?' 'I usually play tennis for an hour. Why?' 'I just thought we might get together and do stuff.' he replied diffidently. It was one of those moments in your life when your cock exchanges places in your body with your brain. 'Okay. Meet you outside the pavilion.'

"After school that Friday I changed into my tennis kit and tennis racquet in hand went and sat outside the pavilion. Ryan turned up within a minute and his jaw visibly dropped when he saw me in my white kit. 'My god, Jamie, you look perfect. But why did you bother to change?' 'To avoid the inquisition when I get home. My mother would immediately seize on the fact I hadn't worn it and start the interrogation.'

"Ryan led me back towards the school buildings, to an area that was used for storage. We came to a door. He took a credit type card out of this pocket. It was cut diagonally in two. He inserted it where the door latch was and opened it. We went in, he closed the door behind us and pushed down the snick so that the Yale lock couldn't be opened. He removed a dustsheet and there was an old mattress still sealed in its plastic cover. 'Jamie, have you ever kissed a boy before?' 'Boys don't do that.' 'They do and it is absolutely heavenly.' 'But that's gay.' 'That's right, but no more gay than lusting over another boys tackle when you're jerking off in the shower.'

"I'm not going into detail about what happened, but he introduced me to kissing a boy and he was right; we both spilt our seed and yes, he did have a big cock. We met regularly until his exams, irregularly during his exams and, sadly, no more because he left school and we never met again. He did say goodbye. Said he was going abroad."

"Did you fall in love with him, Jamie?" asked William.

"No, but I did fall in lust with him and after our affair I knew what I'd always suspected. I was gay and what's more, I enjoyed the experience. I came out to Mother. She took it well, put it down to my having no male role model after my father's death. I didn't shout it from the roof tops, but I never denied it and would slip it into the conversation with my friends until it became the biggest non-news event ever. Julian knew anyway 'because I'm gay, too,' as he said."

Jamie's audience was enthralled with his story, but William wasn't going to let him get away with that. "But you still haven't answered the original question."

"Which was?"

"How did you and Mr Timm meet?"

"Sorry, I had to tell you that because it is relevant. Just I didn't mean to go into such detail. Make another brew of coffee and I'll tell you."

"But that will keep us awake in bed."

"That's exactly what I want it to do. Hee, hee."

William put the kettle on, ground some more coffee and put it into the cafetière.

"Okay, this is how it happened," said Jamie. "Mother and I were staying in this five star hotel, private beach and all that, in the Canaries. On the table next to ours in the dining room was this young man staying in the hotel by himself. He asked if he could join us, and Mother, I later found out, said yes because she would have a companion, if not a toy boy as she called him, for the duration. However, she had misjudged the situation for although he did have lust in his eyes, it was lust for me, not her, which later became clear. Remember, I was still underage even for the Canaries. It was all very decent and above board until… Have any of you read Graham Greene's short story May We Borrow Your Husband? ? I did after the event. It was that sort of day. He asked my mother's permission to take me out for the day. She said yes and he gave me a thoroughly enjoyable time, including teaching me to lose, and then taking my front cherry." William remembered that Jamie had told him Mr Timm was a confirmed bottom. He also wondered if Noah had converted him or whether that was the basis of their engagement. "He wasn't interested in my back cherry, which surprised me, but he gave me such a fantastic day out. Then it came out in conversation that his job was in 'training' of some sort and would my mother sign me over to an apprenticeship? I was very keen. I was by then in Year 11, coming up to my sixteenth birthday and had my GSCEs that year. I could combine the apprenticeship with my school work and Mother firmly believed I needed more male influence in my life. So the deal was done and, as you all know, my apprentice master turned out to be Mr Timm."

After that it was decided that they would tidy up the kitchen and have an early night. When Mr Timm had said good night to the bondsmen and gone to his room, William said "Daddy, you won't let Mr Timm touch me, will you?" The anxiety in his voice was easy to hear.

"What makes you think I would? It's a strict rule in the bondage world that you do not touch another master's slave. Well, not without permission. It's viewed as such a big no-no that the question should never be asked in the first place. What makes you ask?"

"It's the way he looks at me sometimes, and also the way Jamie seems almost scared of him."

"Are you scared of me, Will?"

"No, Daddy, of course not. I love you."

"Even when I punish you?"

"Even when you punish me 'cos I know it's because I have done something wrong and a slave has to learn obedience and how to behave correctly, and I can tell that you don't like doing it, but it's to help me to become a better slave. And finally because you love me." Noah blushed when he heard all that because he knew it was true. "Does Mr Timm hurt Jamie?"

"You'll have to ask Jamie that and if he's a good bondsman, he won't tell you. Good night, Will… and I do love you, as a good Daddy should."

"Daddy, will you give me a good night kiss?" Noah kissed William chastely on the lips.

"Try and get some sleep tonight, Will. We've got a busy day tomorrow and you never know what might happen. So you need all your energy."

Noah went down to the guest room. William disappeared to his own room where he found Jamie lying naked on the bed, toying with a dildo shaped bottle of lube. He stood for a moment in the doorway, absorbing his boyfriend's godlike beauty. He thought of Adonis. Jamie was the closest one got to an earthly Adonis. Goodness, how he loved that boy, but in a different way from the way he loved Noah. He felt so fortunate to have those two men in his life. He never gave a moment's thought to his real father.

The next day was Friday, the day before the official opening of the parlour. Delivery of a couple of pieces of 'furniture' was taken,. They were unpacked and assembled in the gym. For lunch Mr Timm prepared a nice salad, a light meal because the work had continue during the afternoon. The four were sitting over a cup of tea when Noah's mobile rang. He looked at the screen. "E-mail from The Gay Door. They've got a client for us in an hour's time." He scrolled down and read the rest to himself. "This is interesting."

"But we don't open until tomorrow."

"Slaves and ex-slaves, we're here to serve. We don't turn down a chance to earn money. As I said, this is interesting and it involves you two apprentices. We haven't done much in the way of role play, have we, boys? So we'll have to learn as we go along." Noah sent the e-mail to the printer. "Guy in his mid-twenties wants Superman and a French maid. They're sending the uniforms across. Should be here in five minutes. You're Superman, Jamie."

"What am I?" William asked facetiously.

"We'll let you work that one out for yourself."

There was a ring at the front door. Noah answered and took in two boxes. "They're here. Eddy, you get the gym ready. I'll sort these two out. Have you ever worn tights before?" Jamie blushed and said yes, William blushed and said no, but he'd always wanted to. "Well, these are special bondage tights." They went down to the gym. "Okay, Will, we'll start with you. Get your kit off." William eased on the thick black tights, smoothing out the wrinkles as he pulled them up his legs. Then he found out what was different. They were crotchless and so his tackle hung freely out of the front. No, not true. His balls were hanging freely out of the front. There was also a slit up the back. They were kept together by stretchy material reinforced across the perineum. "You can get rid of that for a start, Will," said Noah, giving his now hard cock a slap. Jamie stood by grinning. Finally it went semi-limp and Noah took a black thong out of the cardboard box. "Get this on." Once that was achieved, Noah took the black mini dress out of the carton and helped William to pull it over his head, fit it and tie on the white apron.

"Your turn, Superman. This is what they call a cat suit. Again it has an open crotch and a similar opening over the butt." Otherwise it covered the whole body apart from the head and the hands. "Now put the red slip on, et voilà , we have Superman. Keep still while I pin the cape on." William mussed up his hair. Noah applied some lipstick and put a white maid's cap on his head. "Okay, guys, we need a snap of this."

The hour was nearly up. "Will, Jamie, this is over to you. We'll be up in the sitting room watching the scene on the big screen. If you need help, just say so. You know the safeword." Noah picked out the essentials from the e-mail. "His name is Doug. He's a regular customer at The Gay Door, so he's known. He likes a bit of rough treatment, but not as far as S&M. He expects to get cock in his mouth and butt. Don't forget the condoms. Over to you." At that Noah and Mr Timm disappeared upstairs.

The basement buzzer sounded. The boys looked at the CCTV screen and compared it with the expected client. Yes, it was the right person. The maid, feather duster in hand, opened the door and let him in. He introduced himself as Doug. This was where William started wondering. He had seen Doug somewhere before. Where? He didn't know anyone by the name of Douglas. What made him even more curious was that he recognised the voice too. However, there was work to be done. Jamie went through the health details and the contract with its disclaimer, which he signed. He took him to one of the changing cabins. "Doug, you either start off naked or you wear these. It's up to you." He handed him the standard pack, that is ex-army shorts sans support athlétique . A couple of minutes later Doug returned just in shorts.

"What are you going to do with me?"

"You'll find out soon enough," said Jamie brusquely. William noticed he already had a hard-on and was dying to see it in the flesh. The most difficult thing for both boys was to remain professional, though it did help to be dealing with a stranger.

The boys took him across to the wall where they shackled his wrists and ankles. They felt safer now. William took a blindfold and put it on the sub. The boys started exploring, feeling his body and pinching his nipples, which made him shout out. "Time for the gag," said Jamie and they realised the sub could still hear and so they rapidly applied the headphones. William set up a short piece of Vivaldi's The Four Seasons on a loop, good old telephone call centre music. The sub winced as he waited for the gag. But the gag didn't come. Instead his balls were squeezed rather hard, hard enough to make him shout again. He really did expect the gag this time, but instead the French maid forced a French kiss on him which he tried to resist in vain. It was time to get serious with the front end.

Division of labour. Before the scene had begun, they had decided that the French maid would be in charge of the front end, Superman in charge of the back. William put his hand up the sub's shorts. He liked what he felt. He dropped the shorts to his ankles. "We don't like all that hair, do we, Jamie?" said William. Jamie fetched the electric trimmer and it ploughed through the fuzz round his cluster and on his lower abdomen.

"Hey, William, look at this." As the hair fell away, a tattoo of two intertwined male symbols became visible, but the doms had no time to think or speculate. They had a sub to attend to.

There was no need to harden him up. He was already there. Between them they edged him three times and succeeded in stopping him from coming off. Now Jamie took over. They unshackled him and moved him across to the new sets of stocks that had arrived that morning. Head and hands safely immobilised in the stocks, Jamie took a two foot spacer bar and clipped it between his ankles. That would ensure his legs remained wide apart and gave easy access to his butt and genitals. Both boys put on surgical gloves. Jamie took the grease gun, gentled it through the sub's sphincter and injected the gel. It made him jump and squirm. Meanwhile William had rolled a rubber over a six inch butt plug. He pulled Doug's arse cheeks apart ready for Jamie to insert the plug when he stopped and said "Look at this, Jamie. Is that a rosebud or is that a rosebud I see before me?"

"Two rosebuds, methinks."

"Male symbols entwined, rosebud tattoo, sent by The Gay Door and someone I think I've seen before, first client dealt with by the apprentices instead of experienced staff. This is a try-on," concluded William.

"We've been rumbled," said Noah, sitting on the sofa with his arm round Eddy's shoulders as they watched and listened to the goings-on in the gym.

"They're bright boys, Noah."

"Never underestimate them. Still, let's see how they deal with the situation."

"What are we going to do now?" asked Jamie.

"Well, since we're dealing with a professional and Daddy said he likes a bit of rough handling, let's give him some rough treatment."

William held Doug's butt cheeks open and Jamie pushed in the plug. He yelled. "Okay, third time. Let's gag him," said Jamie.

"Ball gag. That'll show him he's getting no oral and it will make him dribble all the time. You get on with what you have to do. I'm going to wank him off. Then after he's come off, I'll keep wanking him until it hurts."

Jamie moved the plug around inside the sub, until he was ready. He took off his red Superman slip, rolled a jonnie over his tool, pulled the plug out and immediately replaced it with his own weapon. Doug tried to shout again because as Jamie pushed in, William simultaneously made him come off. It didn't take Jamie long before he pumped his load. "Okay, William, change places." Indignant at the idea that their masters had tried to fool them, William was none too gentle with his sub. He was already well worked up and so it did not take long for him to ejaculate, but he kept going until he lost his erection.

"Whoops, I shouldn't have done that, Jamie. I've got a client to service later."

"You'll manage, you're so horny, and if you can't, I'll help out. Hey, I don't remember Mr Fourbois telling us about that."

"Course not. It's you, silly," and William licked his lips at the prospect.

Noah's voice came over the speaker system. «Okay, William, Jamie, you've run out of time. Release the sub.» They'd just finished the release procedure and were checking that Doug was okay, when Noah and Mr Timm came into the gym.

"You two doms know how to turn it on, when you want to. I thought at first I was going to sleepwalk through that. Do you mind if I look at your dicks?"

"Please yourself," said William, feeling rather flattered, and he lifted his French maid's minidress. Superman hadn't yet put his red slip back on again.

"Oh, that's it. Piercings. You've got rings through your foreskins."

"Frenulums," corrected Jamie.

"And perineums. You're saying you've never seen a ballock before?"

"I've heard of them. Never seen one, let alone been fucked by one. How do you get on with them?"

"Fine now we've got used to them," answered Jamie, speaking for William as well.

"I don't think I'm having mine taken out when I've finished my apprenticeship. I've grown quite attached to it."

"Ho ho ho," said Jamie.

"Come on, you two," said Noah. "Get this place cleaned up. We won't have time tomorrow. Doug, the shower's in the corner."

Half an hour later the five of them were sitting round the kitchen table over a cup of tea watching the replay of the scene. William and Jamie were still in their fancy dress. Normally they would have changed after a scene, but Noah and Mr Timm liked seeing their bondsmen dressed like that and boys really enjoyed the feeling of the tights and the catsuit.

"Oh, so that's what happened," exclaimed Doug. "I was not at all impressed before that point and then you suddenly got a grip."

"Yeah," said Jamie. The double symbols made us think…"

"… and the rosebud made us certain. We were being taken for a ride."

"Not exactly," protested Noah. "But you were being tested." William got up, lifted his maid's skirt and showed his male symbols, then turned round, bent over and pulled his arse cheeks apart.

"Jamie's got the same."

"Can I see?" Doug asked facetiously, but his wish was granted as Jamie dropped the red slip and displayed his front and back. So those are the rings through your perineums. Wow, that must be uncomfortable when the padlock's on."

"You get used to it," said Jamie.

"Except when you want to pop a boner."

"Or when you pop a boner," added Jamie.

"So, Doug, you work at The Gay Door?"

"Only at weekend normally. This is overtime."

"What do you do for the rest of the week?" asked Jamie.

"I work in the admin department at the local sixth form college." Ping! The penny dropped. 'That's where I must have seen him,' thought William. 'But the only time I had anything to do with the admin department was when I enrolled and that was a woman. Curiouser and curiouser.'

"I go there," said William. "You know I thought we'd met before."

"Funny. Now you come to mention, I've seen you before." Doug went silent for a few moments. "And your name is William, you say?"

"I didn't, but it is." Doug went silent again.

"Got it." He changed his voice. "'Come 'ere a minute, mate. Wassya name?' 'William.' 'Come 'ere, Willy,' and you made a face."

"That's it! You were one of the maintenance men that drilled that glory hole."

"Except that we weren't maintenance men. I was on a day off, helping out a few chums as you might say, and Kev is a carpenter mate of mine who owed me one."

"So you're Darren… Darra."

"That's right. We even thought of asking you to come back and test our work, but thought that might be pushing our luck too far. But I've tested it since and it does work."

"So it wasn't altruistic, but self-interest?" interjected Jamie.

"You could say that," answered Doug, aka Darren, aka Darra.

Tea drunk and post mortem over, Doug said "Noah, do you want me to take those uniforms back with me?"

"Good idea, and it's done then. Go and get changed quickly, you two, and Will, put something sexy and masculine on for me. I can't say that maid's uniform does much, either for you or me."

"Don't you believe it," said Doug.

"He's right," added Jamie.

Supper that night ended up as a business meeting. "Tomorrow, as you know," said Noah "is the grand opening of our bondage parlour and it just has to be the day we have staffing difficulties. We have six bookings, four of those expect a buttfuck and the regular staff can't start till Sunday, while the whole of next week is fully staffed with room for new bookings. Next week has to be fully staffed, since you, Eddy and Jamie, won't be here and William will be back at college." William raised an eyebrow because his Daddy had called him William, but quickly realised that 'Will will' was not going to be good English style. "It's my job to manage the company, not cover for our employees. However, needs must when the devil drives.

"I am therefore asking, not ordering you as slaves, Will and Jamie, to help out." They both thought it a good idea. "That's settled. Good. We'll put you on early because we realise it will be your last night together for a few weeks. Back to business. Each session officially lasts an hour including time for debriefing – not to be encouraged – and extra for cleaning, disinfecting, tidying and setting up the gym – highly encouraged. By the way, if a client does overstay his welcome, reception at The Gay Door have his credit or debit card and will charge an extra £30 and remember someone there will be monitoring the scene. I suggest you do the scenes together and the one not doing the buttfuck wears his ballock. Also, I want to protect your identities. Tomorrow your uniform will consist of black leather chaps, black thong, bare top and a special kind of mask which covers most of your head, not your mouth and leaving you free to see and breathe, sort of Batman without the ears. The clients' notes are already on the computer and so I suggest you read them after we've finished here and make out a programme. It can be the same programme for each. Any questions?"

"We won't be left alone in the house, will we?" asked Jamie.

"Goodness, no. One or both of us will be monitoring all the time. Tomorrow evening we shall be dining out at a hotel to celebrate."

"What are we celebrating?" asked William.

"The launch of Rosebud Discipline, the end of a week of hard work, and I hope a successful one, and a successful half term to come at school."

"College," said William.

"School," contradicted Jamie.

"I have taken the liberty of booking you both into a hairdresser the company uses. Your choice of style, but before getting any ideas about being outrageous, think of how the style might go with sackcloth underclothes, white overalls and a white ball cap. Suits and ties for the evening."

Advance the clock twenty-four hours and the scene had changed little apart from location, it was a round table in a five star hotel which was seating four gentlemen of a certain disposition, all dressed in dark lounge suits, shirts and immaculately knotted silk ties.

"Is this one of your hotels?" asked Jamie.

"No," replied Mr Timm.

"Are you thinking of buying it?" said William.

"No," said Noah, " but we would be enfranchising it, not buying it."

"On the other hand," said Mr Timm "we are always on the look out and if we thought it had potential, we'd add it to our little list."

Noah pinged his wine glass with his coffee spoon. Silence fell immediately. "Gentlemen, forgive me, but we have come to the time for a little formality. We have completed a very successful week businesswise and I wish to propose a toast to Rosebud Enterprises, and in particular to Rosebud Discipline. Long may they prosper.

"I want to express our gratitude to our bondsmen, Jamie and William…" William as a reflex action raised an eyebrow, but then suddenly comprehended the meaning of 'formality'. "… for their unstinting work, not forgetting that they had little financial interest in the project, but immense personal… and may I stretch the meaning of 'academic'… immense personal and academic interest in it. Tomorrow morning, boys, you are going to have a personal guided tour of The Gay Door. Something I would like to make clear, before the Sun or the Daily Mail get to hear about it, Rosebud Enterprises does not use slave labour, and to stress that, I should like to present each of you as a token of our gratitude with a voucher for £100 which you will be able to redeem in store during your visit tomorrow or at any time in the future." The boys received their vouchers with great pleasure and expressed their thanks. Before he sat down, Noah had one more thing to announce. "I'm also pleased to be able to tell you that with Mr Timm's approval, we shall be spending the Christmas holidays in the Canary Islands." Noah sat down to applause from the other three.

The evening continued with general chitchat. When they were ready, Noah settled the bill, and it was only William who noticed it was with his personal debit card. Michelin style, before leaving, Noah slipped a Rosebud Enterprises business card under his side plate.

William and Jamie did not sleep very well that night. However, they did have some fantastic sex. Noah had to rouse them or they would have been late for their guided tour. While they were showering, William said "What's going to happen to our sex life now?"

"Back to the old routine, I suppose."

"I think not."

"Oh?" said Jamie.

"Well, the dynamics have changed for a start."


"Daddy and your master are engaged, and it's been announced."


"So, thickie, they are promised to one another, they're not free to put it about, they have to be faithful to one another."

"Can you see that happening, William?"

"With Daddy certainly. Only you can answer the question as far as your master is concerned."

"He's very strict in his ways, not only with me, but with himself as well. How are we going to manage?"

"I'll be okay, I think. How about you?"

"I'll cope. I'll have to since I'm his slave. But what makes you so certain you'll get through?"

'When I've slept with Daddy, it's always been what he wants to do. I've put up with it because that's part of being a slave. I don't deny I've enjoyed it usually, except he does seem to want it most times at three o'clock in the morning. But that's it. On the other hand when I've had sex with you, it's entirely different."

"The water's running cold. We'd better get out of this shower." Jamie turned the water off and they dried each other off.

"We really have made love and I've tried to do things to make you feel good and you've done things that make me feel good. And it works. And I don't want to go back to the old ways."

The boys got dressed in their corporate Rosebud one pieces. This was after all an official visit and any excuse to wear them would do. They wore things underneath, as much for personal hygiene as for appearance's sake.

"William, do you think we'll ever get engaged?"

"I expect so."

"To each other, I mean." William became thoughtful.

"I'd like to think so, but I'd also like to think we'll feel the same way about each other in five years' time after A-levels and university. Don't forget, Jamie, we are only sixteen, and Daddy and your master are how old?"

"I'd rather not think about it," said Jamie, "but my master must be four years younger than Mr Fourbois," Jamie went on, thinking about it.

"And I don't want it to be like with my own parents where my real father walked out on my mother and they're divorced now."

"Did you ever find out why he walked out?"

"No. Mother says she'll tell me when I'm eighteen and I'm legally an adult, but from when I used to spend weekends with my father, there were certain hints and clues and now I'm doing this apprenticeship, it's becoming clear that he had found himself a boyfriend and that's how I inherited my sexuality. I think too that's why Mother has never fought my sexuality, but accepted it. She used to say she would rather see me happy with a boy like Ben, my ex, than unhappy with a girl I couldn't love properly."

"Come on, you two lovebirds," shouted Noah's voice up the stairs, "or you won't get any breakfast."

"You must meet my mother some time, Jamie. I'm sure she'd like you. Pity she's been away with her new boyfriend this week."

Noah drove Mr Timm, William and Jamie to The Gay Door. He had no need to introduce William to Butch whom he remembered from his visit in the summer. "Butch is going to look after you this morning."

"Good morning, guys. Now, Master Noah, you just leave these young things with me. They won't come to any harm." The slave masters disappeared to the office. "I hear you two young gents are quite big in the bon-daage scene."

"Did my master say that?" asked William.

"No, man, it was my colleague Doug. Mean operators he called you. Okay, the first place we're going to is the tattoo and piercing studio."

William remembered only too well the door on the first floor marked 'Parlour'. Florian greeted William heartily and was pleased to be introduced to Jamie. He knew two good looking young men when he saw them. He showed the boys the various apparatus he used, but when it came onto piercings Jamie went a bit woozy and had to sit down while William was as keen as mustard to know how piercings and tattoos were done.

"Now as luck would have it I am expecting this morning a young man who's starting a hospitality apprenticeship in one of our hotels and is having his tattoos done and his bondage piercings. I can't let you stay in the parlour during the procedure, but you can watch it on the big screen. Butch will set that up for you. And Jamie, you can look away during actual piercings."

"But why does he need a ballock for hospitality?" asked William.

"Why does he need to be a slave for hospitality at all?" asked Jamie.

"You'll have to ask his master that. I just carry out the commission," replied Florian. "William, we've got five minutes. I'd just like to give your procedure a quick check over. Pull your one piece down. That's it… Yes, the symbols are fine and sharp. Bend over this chair. That's it." Florian belatedly put on some rubber gloves. "Legs astride." Florian took a torch and unceremoniously pulled William's butt cheeks apart which forced him to break wind. "Now, none of your backchat, young man." William apologised and said it wasn't on purpose. Jamie, obviously recovered from his wooziness, made unsuccessful attempts to stifle his giggles. Florian sprayed air freshener round the parlour and then got on with shining a torch up William's crevice. "Even if I say so myself, that's a tidy bit of work. Just look at the rings. Yes, that's good. Pleased to see you're keeping yourself clean and shaved." He gave William's butt cheek a friendly slap. "Pull your one piece up." Florian's eyes were out on stalks as he did. Jamie was noting all this.

The internal phone rang. "My client is here," said Florian. "Butch will take you back down when he delivers the client." As they passed in the doorway, Jamie drooled over the little QT that passed them and wondered what trade he would be learning.

"Dirty ol' man, that Florian," said William out of Butch's hearing. "If my work needed checking up, he'd've had me back in a week later, not after four months. He just wanted to touch up my arse and my bits. Serves him right me farting in his face."

"Can't say I blame him," replied Jamie, and gave his soul mate a friendly punch on the arm.

William was enthralled as he watched the procedure that was going on upstairs, Jamie not so keen. After that Butch took them to parts of the building they didn't realise existed, including a large workshop that made 'furniture' and a smaller one that manufactured equipment, both clothing, leatherwork and implements. The boys were fascinated. They obviously still had a lot to learn in the eight remaining months of their apprenticeships.

Suddenly William spotted something. "Now they would make good Christmas presents."

"Bit expensive."

"Not really. Don't forget we have these vouchers to spend." Jamie looked at them and agreed with his friend. Butch took an order from each of them and then a technician made the necessary arrangements.

The boys didn't realise how quickly time was passing until a message came over the intercom that Butch was to report to the office. On the way they met Doug at the check out and settled their payments. Unfortunately the change was in the form of a credit note. The goods would be in the post in time for Christmas.

Back at Noah's house the four enjoyed a quick buffet lunch before Mr Timm and Jamie loaded their kit into Mr Timm's car and after a brief hug they were off. William put the date of their flight to the Canaries in his diary. In his mind that was all he had to look forward to… and the pictures he and Jamie had taken of themselves and were waiting for him on the computer.

After the interlude of half term the dynamics in the Fourbois household changed. Since Noah and Mr Timm had announced their engagement, William was expected to sleep in his own room. He was ambivalent about this. He had always enjoyed his sexual encounters with his Daddy, but they were, to say the least, restricted and since Noah was the slave master, they were always on his terms. Now William did get a good night's sleep. His sex life was limited to the pleasures of Madam Palm and her five sons. There is only so much that you can do with a butt plug. His half term had only served to strengthen his emotional bond with Jamie, and he was sure that was true for Jamie as well. His suspicion became stronger, not through any declaration of love between them, but because Mr Timm had rationed Jamie's communication with him to three skype calls a week. William always had the impression that Jamie's slave master was always hovering in the background just outside of the webcam's range and that Jamie was very guarded in what he said. Indeed there was one week when Jamie did not call once because, as William found out later, it was a 'white overall week' and he wouldn't discover why until they met after the end of term. Eight months until they won back their freedom.

Because of his feelings for Jamie, William did not look for a closer liaison with any of his fellow students at sixth form college. There were certainly plenty to choose from, and that was just from the ones that like him were out. His gaydar soon discovered the gay students who weren't out… yet. He was glad to be out for it saved him hassle, especially from the attention of the girl students who were not backward in coming forward and letting him know how desirable he was. Among the more vicious and outrageous of the college's gay community he had earned himself the nickname of The Duck, not because he had a big butt, quite the opposite, or because he waddled, but because his arse was, allegedly, as tight as a duck's arse, and that's watertight. William broke hearts, girls' and boys'.

One day he was feeling so desperate that he went and made use of the glory hole. He had no idea who sucked him off. It was a competent physical job, but there was no soul in it. After he'd come off, he felt little satisfaction and he sat in the cubicle for five minutes after the neighbouring one was vacated for fear of finding out who the perpetrator was. William was disgusted with himself. He felt uncomfortable for the rest of the day and when he arrived home, he had a shower and put on a complete set of clean clothes. He had to confess to his Daddy who simply said that he would enter it in his apprentice's record and dismissed the matter at that. How much better William would have felt, had he had a bollocking. How much more so if he'd been sentenced to spend time in white overalls, but his Daddy's application of psychology was superior to that. To punish himself William wore the padlock on his ballock to college and left the key at home. That lasted until the next games session, where he didn't want to draw attention to himself.

At weekends William was expected to help out in the Gym. At first this was confined to menial tasks, to washing the place down after a scene, tidying it up and preparing it for the next client. He could watch the scenes on a monitor, but soon came to realise that they were tedious and repetitive. He was not allowed to be in the studio unless his assistance was specifically required. He vowed that if ever he became a freelance dom, he would endeavour to make the scenes more exciting, or not do the job.

Finally term ended on the Friday before Christmas. On the Sunday William and Jamie were re-united at the airport for a fortnight of sun, fun, frolics, frivolities, festivities and sexual fulfilment. That night it was a little unsophisticated, or rough, with two premature ejaculations because of a combination of the need and the tiredness caused by the journey, but what did that matter with thirteen more nights and thirteen more siestas

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