Chapter 14

Camp McFarlane 1952

by Michael Peterson

Be advised that in the following one will find graphic sexual depiction between minors and minors and adults. The story is fiction but based on real characters, events, places and situations. There is no relationship between the names used and that of any real person.

Monday morning, after an early breakfast, Mother drove me downtown to the Camp McFarlane bus. There were nine of us this time, one about my age. Name tags with our names and cabin assignments were pinned to our shirts.

The one my age was named Butch Stevenson. He lived in one of the large houses well into the well-to-do neighborhood across the boulevard from Edward's Supermarket and was in the sixth grade in the large private school up the hill past the public school. I was reticent to mention the names of anyone I knew. Anyhow, it was doubtful he would know anyone I knew except possibly the baggers at Edward's.

Butch was a pleasant looking boy, a bit stocky with blue eyes behind glasses and light blonde hair. He said he was twelve and a half but didn't look it. His father was a divorce lawyer, his mother a housewife with a maid.

'So how come,' I asked him, 'you're being sent to McFarlane?'

'My parents are going to Europe for six weeks and my father knows some other lawyer in New York who sends his kid there. His name's Bradford McMillan. He's supposed to meet me there and help me get to know the camp.'

'How old's he? We stay in cabin's by our age. Like I'm eleven and a half so I stay with the eleven and a half years olds to twelve year olds. We're gonna be in different cabins.'

'I don't know anything about Bradford, just that he's a teenager and goes there every year.'

I told him about the camp and the activities. 'You okay in school?'

'Uh huh. I suppose.'

'Then you can get in the sports program or the natural science program. I'm in sports.'

'I don't like sports a whole lot. I can't see that great.'

Herbert Morrison, who had grown taller and slimmer, got on a couple of hours later and nodded at me. We pulled into the camp two hours earlier than in nineteen fifty-one with only a few empty seats. The noise from the older boys had become fierce. It was good to get out into the tranquility of the forested camp. I was assigned to Squirrel Cabin and grabbed the same bunk location as the previous year, back in a corner. I took some clothes out of my suitcase and put them on the lower bunk to reserve it for Georgie. He arrived just before dinner.

We slapped each other's shoulders. I wanted to hug him but there were too many witnesses like mouthy Herbert Morrison. Other than slightly longer hair than I was used to seeing on him, Georgie looked about the same. His height compared to mine was about the same. I knew I'd grown so apparently he had too.

'Gees, Malcolm,' he exclaimed, 'you've got muscles. Your muscles have muscles. You lifting weights?'

'Just the same stuff we did last year and I run a lot.'

'Then I gotta do that too. I just do exercises in gym class. Wow, the kids aren't gonna know you.'

We went early to the dining hall to look for our friends Barney, Michael, Harry and Larry. Larry appeared and ran to us. He hugged us both. He'd checked at the cabins for the age groups of the cousins and Barney but they weren't there.

We ate, the last time we'd be able to eat with Larry. The next morning, everyone would be with their cabin mates and stay that way until we left just before Labor Day.

Georgie spotted Master Washburn, the one face we did not expect to see. I'd assumed he wouldn't dare show his face around that camp for fear of the bunch of us turning him into the police and camp personnel for raping Barney and Michael. He saw us looking at him and waved and smiled.

Georgie whispered, 'The minute the others get here, we gotta go to the director and tell him what Washburn did.'

I worried Washburn had arranged something to prevent that. He was facing serious criminal charges if we told the police what he did. Perhaps his United States senator father had done something to protect him.

After eating, we had Larry show us the cabin for thirteen and a half to fourteen year olds where we expected Michael and Harry would be staying. There was only one empty bed and they were expecting its occupant at any time.

Master Washburn was waiting outside when we left. He was smiling. I'm sure he meant it to be reassuring but his eyes told a different story.

'Look, I just wanna talk to you two a minute. Kid,' he said to Larry, 'You better get to your cabin. It's getting dark.' Larry walked off but stayed hidden behind the wall of the next cabin over.

Washburn, bent over with his hands on his knees, looked at our name tags then at us. I reached up to cover my tag but too late. I wished I'd taken it off. Washburn's phony smile was replaced by a leer. 'Harry and Michael aren't here. Neither is Barney. They never will be, here or at any other camp. They're gone, period. You try to cause me any problems and you'll be gone too. You understand what I mean?'

Threats didn't normally bother me but it sounded like Washburn had possibly killed our three friends. Georgie was more afraid than me.

He answered quietly, 'Yes.'

Washburn stood and left. We both took deep breaths. Larry rushed back. 'That's the one that hurt Barney, isn't he?'

'Yeah,' I answered, 'that's the son-of-a-bitch.' I was trying to figure how we could find out what happened to our friends. Both Georgie and I had been given their home addresses and phone numbers. Mine were back in my room at home somewhere.

'You got their phone numbers?' I asked Georgie.

Larry answered. 'I got 'em. They're in my stuff, in a pocket in one of my shirts.'

We went to his cabin and waited outside. Georgie said, 'I wanted to go down in those bushes by the church but I sure don't feel like it now. You think he killed them?'

'I don't know but the police would investigate something like that. They catch people who do stuff like that.'

'Maybe,' said Georgie, 'but how could they prove he did it. They wouldn't even know he knew them. If he got away from where he did it and didn't leave fingerprints or something like that, why would they think he did it? They wouldn't even know his name. We gotta tell somebody about all this or he could kill us too and nobody'd know either.'

'First thing we gotta do is not piss him off,' I suggested, 'just stay away from him. I'm gonna write a letter to my grandfather and tell him everything and show a copy to Washburn.'

'Don't forget who his father is. He can do anything he wants. I don't think you should even talk to him.'

Larry came out with two scraps of paper. One had the cousin's information, the other, Barney's. 'You gonna call 'em?' asked Larry.

I told him we'd try but was worried we'd have to wait two weeks for my grandparents to arrive.

We went to our cabin and copied the information Larry brought us. After putting our things away and stowing our trunks in the storage room, we lay as before on my bunk and read together out of a book on volcanoes that Georgie brought with him. Master Collins, a tall, big eyed man called lights out. Georgie dropped down to his bed.

I lay thinking about my previous tearful first nights at camp. But here I had Georgie who was really my closest friend next to Freddy. Martin and I were good friends but we didn't seem to fit so nicely together as Georgie and I. It was my great luck to have him.

Morning showers were a time of crotch watching. Fat Beasley had grown a bit of pubic hair but the dick he was masturbating seemed the same size as the year before. Herbert Morrison had grown. He was taller, had a small bush and definitely larger peter. One of the new boys, the tallest in the cabin, was developing but had no hair yet. Georgie looked exactly the same. I still enjoyed looking at his strong little body. He saw me watching and shook his head, and his cock.

Breakfast was great. The choice of food included just about all the breakfast items one could imagine. I had bacon and fried eggs, sticky buns, sliced fruit and orange juice. It would have tasted better if we weren't so terrified of Washburn sitting across the room from us.

We walked back to the cabin to prepare for the first day of sports activities. We talked about how whether we should sneak down to the director's office and tell him about Washburn but Georgie was wary.

Georgie asked, 'What if he's already told the director some story or his father contacted him or, gees, I don't know. I think we oughta call Harry and Michael or Barney first. They got telephones here.'

As we entered the dormitory, I noticed a young man with a clipboard beside our bunk. When we got to him, he asked, 'Which one of you is Lloyd?'

'I am,' I answered.

'Well, let's get you packed up. You're coming to my cabin.'

'No, I'm not. I'm eleven and a half. I'm staying here.'

'Sorry, pal. Here it is.' He showed me a form with my name on it.

'I don't care. I'm still not moving anywhere.'

'Look, Lloyd, you have to. The director said so.'

'Then I wanna talk to the director.'

We went to his office. Mr. Barth Walpole was an older man with a military haircut and bearing. He smiled when I entered. The master explained the situation. I added, 'I'm eleven and a half. That's my group, the same one as last year. They're my friends.'

Mr. Walpole took the clipboard and read it. 'Yes, right, Malcolm. You're moving to Hawk Cabin with Master Nichols here.'

'But I don't want to. I'm with the kids my age like I'm supposed to be.'

'Well, I'm sorry you're not happy right now but you'll do just fine with your new group so run along and get yourself moved so you can enjoy the morning activities.'

'That's wrong! I'm not moving. I'm staying where I am.'

The smile turned to a stern stare. Mr. Walpole said, 'Well, young man, you can obey orders or spend some time in detention.'

'This is stupid. I want to call my mother.'

'Malcolm, your mother put you in my charge and you are going to do what you are told or go to detention.'

'My father paid you and I'm supposed to be with kids my own age. I'm eleven and a half. I want to talk to my mother.'

'Master Nichols, will you please escort Mister Lloyd here down the hall to detention.'

The master put his hand on my shoulder. I jerked away.'

'I wanna talk to my mother!'

'Master Nichols!'

'Come on, pal, you're just getting yourself in a lot of trouble over nothing. There are great kids in my cabin.'

'But they're not my age.'

'They're twelve. What's the difference?'

'I don't care. I'm not moving.'

He put his hands on both my shoulders. I knocked them off and backed away ready to fight. The director picked up the telephone. 'Master Donnellan, would you mind coming here right now?'

'How come you're moving me?'

'Because we decided it was best for all concerned. Last chance, Mister Lloyd,' said the director.

'I want to talk to my mother. You've got a telephone right there on your desk. Call her. She's the one paying you.'

A large young man with rolled up sleeves displaying his powerful biceps came in the door. 'Master Donnellan, Would you please assist Master Nichols in taking young Mister Lloyd to detention.'

I was going to lose any fight I put up. 'I'll go myself. Don't touch me! Where is it.'

Master Donellan backed out the door and pointed to my right. He walked close beside me down the hall. When we got to a heavy wooden door, he said, 'In there.'

Detention was jail. There were two wooden double bunk beds, a toilet and hand sink and nothing more. There was no light fixture, just a single square window high up on the wall. It had a metal mesh screen on the inside. The door was closed and locked behind me. It was Tuesday, my first full day of camp. I'd expected to spend the day with Georgie, playing baseball and swimming then going up on the mountain for some lovemaking. 'Sons-of-bitches!' I screamed.

The bunks had no mattresses or pillows. I sat on one and tried to figure out what was happening and why. Either my father or Washburn had to be behind this unless someone had seen Georgie and I having sex. But why wouldn't they have done something right away the previous year? The more I thought, the angrier I became. When Master Donnellan brought me a sandwich and glass of water for lunch, I told him, 'Stick it up your ass!'

He backed out the door with the food.

That gave me an idea. I wouldn't eat anything while I was in there. They'd have to worry about that. Anyhow, it was my only weapon.

The idleness and boredom ate at me like a hundred unmolested mosquitoes. I wanted to scream. I lay on the bunk and tried to multiply fractions in my head then name American lakes and rivers. I slept for a while and was awakened by Master Donnellan with dinner, another sandwich and cup of water. My large breakfast was long gone, my stomach empty and wanting to be filled. I rejected my hunger.

'You hungry yet?'

'Fuck you.' I said calmly. 'I want to talk to my mother.'

He left me alone without another word. I drank water from the hand sink. It just made my stomach ache more.

The night was strangely silent. The thick walls kept out the sounds of human and animal alike. I shifted my mind back to geography, trying to picture mountain ranges. But that made me think of the Appalachians where we were, of the mountain I wanted to climb with Georgie. I had to fight off tears. I fantasized ways I could kill my father. That worked, pushing my hunger and boredom away.

Someone opened the door and tossed in an old Army blanket. I used it for a pillow until I was too cold and wrapped it around me.

Another master brought me another sandwich for breakfast. I shook my head.

Director Walpole came to visit. 'You are being very foolish, Malcolm. Why don't you just go to your new cabin. Your things are already there. There's another boy in your bed in Squirrel Cabin.'

'I want to talk to my mother.'

'I'll arrange a call after you go to your new cabin.'

'Go away.'

For a moment, I saw frustration and a touch of worry on his face. I was winning.

By the time Master Donnellan offered me a hot lunch from the dining hall, my stomach wasn't bothering as much. The change of food was another indication that I was on the right track. I went back to fantasy land and a torture chamber I was designing for my father. I imagined him chained naked to a stone wall like a medieval prisoner. I had hot pokers in a fireplace and was using them alternately on his genitals and face.

Sometime during late afternoon, Master Donnellan came to get me. I was taken to the director's office. He was holding the telephone out to me. 'Your father wants to speak to you.'

I turned around to go back to detention.

'I think you'll want to hear what he has to say.'

I stopped. Maybe he was actually taking my side for once. I walked to the director and took the phone.

'What?' I asked.

'Malcolm,' said my father, 'Listen to me carefully. I just hung up with a military camp in Ohio that takes discipline problems. They have a boarding school too. You either do what you are told right now or I'll have you picked up in the morning and taken to Ohio. Up to you boy. What's it gonna be?'

Throwing the telephone across the room was my first impulse. Instead, I whispered into the telephone, 'I'm going to kill you,' and dropped it to the floor. I walked toward the office door. Master Donnellan blocked my exit.

'Out of my way, jerk, I'm going where you want.'

The master looked at the director then moved out of my way. Master Nichols was waiting for me.

'Don't feel bad, Malcolm, you're going to like our group. We've got...'

'Shut the fuck up, sir.'

He turned in front of me and stopped. 'Hey pal, you want to go back to detention.'

'I don't really care.'

'Once more with the foul mouth and back you go. Understand?'

I put my hands on my hips and looked at his shirt.

'You are one hard head.'

He continued on to his cabin. I followed. It was just like the others with the two masters' rooms to the right and the bathroom to the left of the entry hallway then the dormitory with its polished wood floor, eight bunk beds, wagon wheel light fixtures and two wide bladed ceiling fans. Only two boys were inside when we arrived. One, a very fat boy who looked to be a head taller than me was stretched out on his bed reading a comic book. The other was sitting at his desk reading a book. As I got closer, I realized it was Butch Stevenson who rode up with me on the bus. I walked on by him to the lower bunk Master Nichols pointed to. My trunk was on the floor beside it.

'Your things are already in the drawers. Take a look to be sure everything's there then put your trunk in the storage room by the bathroom.'

'Where are my books?'

'Look for them, smart guy.' The master walked away.

Butch looked up at the sound of our voices and came quickly to me. 'How come you're here? I thought you were eleven.'

'I am.' I wasn't feeling very social.

'Then how come you're here?'

'I don't know. Ask asshole Nichols.'

Butch sensed my anger and went back to his desk. I sat at mine and looked in the drawers. My books were in the largest. Paper and pencils were in the widest. I considered writing my grandfather about Washburn. What I really wanted to do was throw something. Instead, I headed out to look for Georgie. Master Nichols stopped me at the door.

'Where do you think you're going?'


'No you're not. You just stick around here until I'm sure you're not going to do something really stupid.'

'Like what?'

'I have no idea but whatever it is you're not going to do it while I'm in charge of you.'

'What? Am a some kind of prisoner? I'm not the one who did anything wrong. You guys are. So why am I being punished?'

'Look pal, I don't want to argue with you. You just stick around here until dinner time. You only have twenty minutes anyway.'

I muttered 'asshole' under my breath as I walked back to my desk. I really needed to throw something at that point. But more than that, I needed something to eat. I asked Butch, 'You got anything to eat?'


'Sure, anything. I haven't eaten since breakfast yesterday.'

He looked at me with a puzzled expression then went to one of the drawers under his bottom bunk and handed me a package of Fig Newtons. I thanked him and ate half the box then went into the bathroom and drank water from a hand sink.

My stomach didn't like what I'd put in it. I didn't eat very much dinner. Georgie looked at me from his table. I glanced at Master Nichols beside whom I was seated and shook my head.

At the morning showers, Master Nichols stayed near me again. I contained the remarks that were trying to force their way out of my mouth and looked at naked boys. There were some fine bodies in my new group. About half had some pubic hair, a couple a lot. At least four attracted me enough to inflate my pecker but didn't. I was way too pissed off. After breakfast, I went with the twelve and thirteen year old sports group. Georgie was across the huge field from us on another baseball diamond. It infuriated me that I was here with boys a year older and couldn't even say hello to my friend. I decided not to cooperate in anything they did. The trainer called for everyone to take a lap. I walked. When he asked why, I said, ''Cause I only ate twice in the last two days.'

He told everyone to get on the ground for exercises. I sat with my arms around my knees while the rest struggled with sit ups. The trainer ignored me. I remained seated during the entire exercise session. When teams were chosen to play ball, I hung back and was chosen last. They put me in short left field. I sat down again. The trainer told me to get off the field.

When the Masters came to pick us up at ten thirty, the trainer spoke to Master Nichols while indicating me with his chin.

'You can sit all day in the cabin if you want or participate like the rest.'

'They're too big for me. I'm eleven. They're almost thirteen.'

'Fine. Sit in the cabin. Leave and you go back to detention.'

'Fuck you.'

He grabbed my shirt. I punched him hard as I could in the gut and stood there as he doubled over. The others gathered around. Someone started chanting, 'Fight, Fight!'

Another master came over to help.

I said, 'Don't touch me!' as he approached.

Master Nichols said, 'I'll handle him.'

I put my hands behind my back and didn't move. I wished I hadn't hit him but I didn't want any of these men touching me.

'Let's go, pal,' growled Master Nichols.

I said, 'I'll go. Just don't touch me.' I walked ahead of him in the direction of the main building. Master Nichols walked close behind me.

'You must be a friend of that faggot Washburn,' I said feeling the need to strike out at the person who was possibly responsible for my predicament.

Master Nichols didn't answer.

'Is he why I was moved?'

'Just shut up and keep walking.'

'He's afraid I'll snitch on him. Well, now I will. I want to see the director.'

Master Nichols grabbed my shoulder though gently. I whirled around with a fist cocked.

'What about Master Washburn?'

'I think you already know.'

'Know what?' He didn't look threatening.

'What he did to my friends last year.'

'What did he do to your friends last year?'

I worried I may have been telling the wrong person and got ready to run if he came toward me. 'I'll tell the director.'

'That's not a good idea.'

'I think it is.' I turned back toward the main offices.

Master Nichols rushed up in front of me. 'Malcolm, listen to me. Director Walpole is Master Washburn's relation, a distant uncle or something. Shit!'

I stopped and looked at him run his fingers through his hair, a look of great frustration growing on his face. Did he really know something?

'Malcolm, just don't do it. I'm sorry you got moved but you've got to just accept it. If, damn.' He paused. 'Why don't you just go back to the cabin and we'll talk later.'

He had me worried that I'd made a very big mistake. If I went into the cabin, he could lock me in there and call Washburn. 'Tell me what you wanna talk about now.'

'Malcolm, the easy thing for me to do is take you to the director. He'll call your dad and tomorrow you'll be in that military camp and I'll still have my job. Do you realize how many politicians have their kids working here? They can fire me if I don't do what they tell me to. I've gotta think about this before I say anything more. Just go back to the cabin. Please.'

'I'll sit outside but I'm not going inside.'

'Whatever. Now go. I've gotta take the rest to basketball.'

I sat outside then walked around the two cabins a few times trying to figure out how much I could trust Master Nichols. I wished I hadn't opened my mouth about Washburn. This could affect Georgie too. There was five dollars in my pocket. If I ran, it wouldn't take me very far. And a U.S. Senator could put the FBI on my trail. It was possible I was in serious trouble. My bravado diminished with each scary scenario my mind conjured up.

By the time the rest of the group came back to prepare for lunch, I was ready to deny even knowing Washburn. Master Nichols came to where I was standing at the corner of the cabin.

'Malcolm, I'm sorry pal but I'm not going to lose my job over you. You've got to do what you're told or I'm taking you to detention. I'll make it as easy on you as I can but you've gotta stay with the group at all times. No wandering off on your own. So, what's it gonna be?'

'I'll just stay in the cabin until September.'

'Your choice, pal.'

I'd always found a way to beat people like this. I'd bide my time and look for opportunities. What I wouldn't do was knuckle under. They were wrong and I was right. It was that simple.

Other than meals, I stayed in or around the cabin for the next several days. I took runs around the area while the rest were off studying, exploring and playing sports, did my exercises twice a day, read and wrote letters to my grandfather several times, tearing each up before they were finished. I expected him in less than two weeks. I'd tell him personally. They might read any letter I tried to send.

Butch tried to talk to me but I was too unpleasant. Most of the others looked on me as a pariah and avoided me. A few, including one whose appearance stiffened my cock each day during showers, feigned walking like a girl when I passed by. One, the fat boy I'd seen the first day reading a comic, called me 'queer homo' a couple of times.

Even more so than my ten year old group the previous year, there was a status hierarchy among these almost thirteen year olds. Top bunks went to the most popular or most feared, I wasn't sure which. The least popular like Butch were not only shunned but harassed with remarks and stolen from with impunity. While it seemed to help, size was not a status determining factor. The smallest kid in our group, who physically was still my age though with a tough body like Stewart from the railroad tracks, hung with the most popular boys. The next to tallest was the most picked on. Most of the food he brought back from the store was snatched off his desk or even out of his hand before he could eat it.

Sunday morning, while the others were in church, Georgie appeared in the door and called for me. I ran out. He led me to the side of the cabin where we sat on the ground between two benches.

'They don't let me go anywhere,' he said. 'You?'

'Yeah. It's Washburn. Did you know that Director Walpole's his uncle or something?'

'Shit! That's bad, real bad. We gotta get outta here. You got any money?'

'Five dollars. You?'

'Eight fifty. We need more than that, about forty for the two of us to get a bus. I asked a kid who lives in New York and he says his grandmother comes to see him and it costs her nineteen dollars.'

'You know where there's a bus?' I asked.

'Shit, no.'

'Why do you think Washburn's doing this?'

'He doesn't want us together so we can't plan anything against him. But that's stupid. If his uncle's the director, what're we going to do?'

I said, 'I think one of my Masters knows about Washburn. I got real pissed off Wednesday and said something maybe I shouldn't have.'

'Shit, Malcolm, what'd you say?'

I told him.

'Oh shit. What if he told Washburn?'

'I don't think he did. He's afraid if says or does anything, he'll get fired. He says most of the Masters are the sons of politicians.'

'We really gotta get outta here. I'll find out where we can get the bus and we can leave at night. I'll pass you a note in the dining hall.'

He went back to his cabin. I tried to figure out why Washburn was doing this to us. It was just making me want to tell on him. Then it occurred to me what was going on. We were being punished for his embarrassment the year before. Either he counted on the director and the rest to protect him or just didn't think there was anything we could do.

I wished I could tell Georgie what I thought.

Our other Master, a young man in his late teens last named Gorman with a haughty way about him, tried to convince me to participate.

'You are really an idiot sitting here all day while everyone else is out having a blast.'

I kept my eyes in a comic book I'd borrowed without asking.

Shortly before lights out, one of the bigger boys, a blonde athletic type whose voice was well on its way to adulthood, squatted beside my bunk. I was already in my pajamas under the covers. I'd heard him called Bert and Birdy. He was fairly popular but unkind to the less athletic like Butch whom I heard him call him pussy several times. I didn't think of him as anyone I'd want for a friend.

'My name's Bert Digby. What's yours?' He held out his hand. I pulled mine from under the covers and gave him a weak shake.


'How come you don't go out with the group?'

'This is isn't my group.'

'Whatta you mean?'

'I'm eleven.'

'So how come they put you in here?'

'I think I pissed off one of the masters.'

He asked a lot of questions but I didn't tell him much more than that. It figured Master Nichols sent him until the next morning in the shower when he managed to get beside me and showed me his hard on. His smile was a perfect example of a picture being worth a thousand words. He'd figured me out and wanted some action. His cock was about the size of Barney's the year before, no bigger than Stinky's. I could handle it. His manly body didn't do much for me. There were far better in the group. But he wanted me.

I considered the possibility that this was a set up to have me kicked out of McFarlane and sent to that military camp. But no one could fake the expression on his face. I'd seen it elsewhere, on Pat's face that first time he came up with Tommy for lunch in the classroom, on Simon's face when he saw me the Saturday that Bobby brought him for himself but lost him to me, even Victor's when I asked if he was interested in using my ass for what his girlfriend had refused him. It was, however, very risky. Since I couldn't leave the group or cabin, we'd have to do it in a bathroom toilet stall at night.

Bert didn't say anything, just leered. I checked to see where Master Gorman was looking. He had his eyes on the boys closer to him. My need for money and Bobby's example popped into my mind. Bert seemed well off. He always bought things at the store. I pressed my hand on the back wall with three fingers extended.

Bert's leer changed quickly into one of doubt. He looked to me for an explanation. I rubbed my ass and put three fingers into my mouth. Bert turned away. We all dried off and went to the cabin to dress. Bert didn't once look my way, not even at breakfast. He was part of the academic group so went off to school.

At lunch, he looked at me with a mixture of longing and frustration in his eyes. I shrugged my shoulders and scratched my head with three fingers. He stuck his finger in his mouth and pushed it in and out. I placed two fingers on the table.

During the morning while the others were away, I pushed my luck and wandered down by the main building to see if any of the offices had a map on their wall that I could see from outside. There was one of the Appalachian Mountains but nothing with roads. I went to the maintenance shed on the big boys' side of the camp where Washburn had is group. There were men inside but the office looked like a place where a map could be found. I'd have to come back again in hopes of finding it empty.

At lunch, Washburn walked by my table and smiled at me and shook his head. It was a stupid move. It convinced me this whole thing was what I'd thought. He was punishing us.

Back at the cabin, I asked Master Nichols, 'If I go to all the activities, can I have some free time to run and go where I want?'

'I'm sorry, Malcolm, I'm supposed to keep an eye on you whenever I'm on duty.'

'Then fuck you!' I walked to my bunk furious.

Some time after falling asleep, I was awakened by someone shaking my head. I smacked the hand away. Someone whispered, 'Shhh. It's me, Bert. Wake up.'

I looked around at the dark room. Everyone else seemed to be sleeping. 'What?'

'I've got three dollars and some oil from the kitchen.'

It took a moment to zero in on what he was proposing.

'We can take my blanket into the bathroom. C'mon,' he said.

I sat up and looked at his shadowy figure. The urge surged. I got up and followed him. I saw he was in pajamas as we passed areas dimly lit by windows on the side of the partial moon.

He picked up his folded blanket as he passed his top bunk.

The bathroom was on the side away from the moon and black as pitch. I heard him close the door. 'Over here,' came out of the dark from my right.

Two steps away, my bare foot stepped on the edge of a blanket. His hand guided my leg then reached up me and found my hand. 'Take off your pajama bottoms and lie down.'

Bobby always got his money first. I said, 'The three dollars.'

'Shit, Malcolm. You're all business and you know you're gonna love it.'

Paper was pressed into my hand. After determining it was money and there were three bills, I untied the cord and dropped my pajamas to the floor. He ran his hand up my leg and over my pudgy buns. I lay face down. He spread my legs and wiped some oil in my crack. I felt him crawl over me. His thick cock head pushed between my ass cheeks. He felt for my hole with his finger and guided the head to it.

'Go in slow,' I said.

I heard the sound of toilet paper being pulled off a roll. A few second later, he poked the head inside me. It had been a while. The brief pain didn't bother me. It was good to have someone back in there again.

Bert pushed forward. He was well greased and slid right in, exciting my prostate on the way. My dick grew. I lifted my ass up to get my sensitive part off the floor. He lay on top of me and grabbed my hips. His thrusts were slow and deep, the best kind. In the dark, my mind could focus just on the feeling of his big cock plowing its way through my rectum and up to my colon. He took a while, longer than most. It was fine by me. I'd made three dollars and was receiving a great fuck. Toward the end, he got a little rough, ramming into me with all his might. I could feel him grow inside as he closed in on his orgasm. His fingernails dug into my pelvis. He pumped his sperm into me for at least a minute then lay on top for a few minutes more.

'Malcolm, you suck for two bucks, right?'

'Mmm hmm.'

'If other kids wanna do this too, that okay?'

'How many?'

'Just a couple, three. Don't worry. They won't say anything.'

'They gotta pay too.'

'Shit. Why are you so hard? I'll tell them.'

He pulled out then pushed back in a few times before backing off completely. I cleaned up and went back to bed.

During morning showers, Bert smiled at me and ran his hand down his soft peter. I looked around to see if anyone else was looking my way. The fat boy winked at me. I hoped he wasn't one of the three. His cock was nearly as big as Bert's but he weighed at least fifty pounds more than Robert. I wouldn't want him lying on top of me.

At the breakfast line, Georgie handed me a piece of paper. I read it back in the cabin.

'Malcolm, the nearest bus stop is over forty miles away. The grandmother of the kid in my cabin has to pay fifty dollars to a taxi driver to bring her here and wait for her. We can't get a taxi because we can't call one. Anyhow, we have to leave at night and they would not come then. We can hitch hike but if we don't get a ride quickly they can spot us easy. If we take enough food and a couple blankets, we can walk at night when they can't see us. The bus leaves at around three in the afternoon. If we leave at about eleven at night and walk mostly all night going three miles an hour, we will be twenty-one miles away from camp when it gets light. Then we wait where we can hide and watch for cars like pick ups that are not cops or from the camp and try to get just them to pick us up, we maybe can be at the bus station before three. If we can't, we just hide somewhere and walk the rest of the way at night and hide until the bus comes in the afternoon. What do you think? Georgie'

I wrote a note for him saying, 'Georgie, I think all this is Washburn punishing us for what we did last year. I don't think he will do anything else unless he thinks we are going to tell on him. I am earning some money but it will be about a week before I have enough for the bus for both of us. I have eight dollars now plus your eight is sixteen. We need twenty-four more. Maybe I can make that much in a week. I'll try. You better burn or tear this note up real good after you read it. I am tearing up yours and flushing it in the toilet. Malcolm'

The note went into my pocket.

I started in with my exercises. Three boys came stealthily into the cabin. One stayed at the door. The first, named Jerry, was from our cabin. I didn't know the second. He was bigger, probably nearing fourteen. He was of average build, had dark brown hair and very light skin. Jerry was one of those developing but still without pubic hair. His body was slim up top with a bit of a protruding belly. I couldn't see more than the back of the boy at the door but he appeared older than Jerry.

'Hey, Malcolm. Birdy says you wanna see us.'

I shrugged my shoulders.

He pulled out three dollars. 'We got outta class for this. Let's go while nobody's around.'

'Master Nichols is in his room.'

'We can do it between the bunks where he can't see. Anyhow, he's sleeping same as he did last year, right John?'

The big boy nodded. His dick size concerned me.

'What's he wanna do?'

'Same as me.'

'I gotta see how big he is first.'

John opened his pants and pulled out his cock. It was bigger than Bert's.

'I gotta see what it's like hard.'

'Okay,' said Jerry, 'but let's you and me get started while he does that. C'mon. Put your blanket on the floor, and a pillow if you want.'

I put my hand out for the money. He paid. I pulled the blanket off my bed and lay it doubled up long way beside my bunk. Jerry was out of his shoes and opening his pants when I turned around.

'Hurry up,' he insisted.

He watched me undress as he stepped out of his pants. His cock was hard under his briefs. He didn't take them off until I was on the floor looking up at him. John, whose cock was hard by then, handed him a small jar with what looked like cooking oil inside it. John was going to be too big but I'd deal with that after Jerry whose four inches of cock would go in me fine with saliva.

'Don't use the oil. C'mere.'

He grinned at John and came to me. I took him into my mouth. It was a well formed cock, hard and full as opposed to his crummy body. I sucked a few minutes enjoying the feel of his peter in my mouth then, after leaving him well lubed, turned over.

'Why don't you put the pillow under you so your ass is higher.'

I complied. He pushed my legs apart and spread my buns, then crawled over me and poked his prong between my cheeks. I reached back and guided him in. It was a gentle fit. He pushed in as far as he could go. His cock head seemed to rest right along side my prostate. John sat on the bed across from mine massaging well over five thick inches. I concentrated on Jerry as he began slipping in and out quickly. It felt like he'd use up his three dollars in a few minutes. He breathed through his nose in time to his pumping. I felt his legs bounce up and down. He took longer than I expected but not by much. He kept pumping through his first few throbs then stopped tight inside.

When his orgasm subsided, he pushed up on his arms and fucked a few more times before yielding to John who had taken his shoes and pants off while I was focused on Jerry.

'You're too big but I can suck you.'

'I'm not that big.'

'I know what'll fit and you're too big. It would hurt too much. Just let me blow you. It's only two dollars.'

'I'll give you five and go in real slow.'

That was too tempting. 'I'll try but you gotta lay down and I'll sit on it.'

He shrugged his shoulders and sat down to spread on some oil.

'Lemme have the five. I'll give it back if I can't do it.'

John asked Jerry, who was back into his pants, to get the money because he had oil on his fingers. Jerry found and handed me a five dollar bill from among the many bills in John's pocket.

'Put some in my ass,' I requested.

'Here,' he handed me the jar, 'you do it.'

'We need toilet paper,' I said.

Jerry went off to get some. I sat gingerly on John's cock facing his chest. His head was up, watching the action. If I got it in, it would be the biggest ever. I put it at my pucker and sat down slowly; pausing each time it began to feel uncomfortable. There finally came a point at which the discomfort could be reduced but didn't go away. I felt to see how much more needed to go inside me. It felt like the circumcised head was already past my pucker. I sat some more. It didn't get any worse so I continued down. John's eyes closed. I felt his cock spread my rectum then pass my prostate. Then it seemed to hit some kind of barrier. I wiggled side to side and it popped past whatever it was. I suspected the beginning of my colon. I felt his pubic hairs touching my buns then pressed beneath them as I settled on top of him.

John took a breath and opened his eyes. After looking at me flush with him, he smiled up at me.

I slid my feet back one at a time until my knees were on the blanket then leaned forward and lifted up until most of his cock was again outside me. John touched my thighs almost nervously as I slid back down his pole. I'd thought of this move before but never tried it. As expected, his cock pressed against my prostate as it pushed its way back inside. I continued this maneuver. My dick was possibly harder than his. He closed his eyes again. His hands stayed every so lightly on my thighs.

Jerry, who had been watching silently and intently, walked off and was replaced by the boy from the door who sounded as though he was barefoot. He stood behind us for a while, almost certainly watching John's big cock sliding and out of me as I rose and fell on it. I heard him unbuckle his belt.

John nudged me higher with his finger tips. I went as high as I felt I could without his cock coming out of me, sat back down and leaned back to move him around inside me.

'Yeah, like that,' he whispered.

The third boy stayed behind me as I increased the tempo a little in response to a series of gentle prods from John's fingertips. John by that time was breathing through pursed lips. His abdominal muscles hardened. He prodded again for more speed. I gave it to him though worried it might get me off too. My whole middle was on the very edge of climax.

John's cock grew slowly, stretching my anus uncomfortably. His mouth opened. The throbbing started. I sat full on him as he fired his mature sperm into me.

The third boy walked beside us and dropped his pants to the floor. He wore no underwear. I saw his cock before his face. It was between John and Jerry in size but had a full bush of very light brown pubic hair, not much different from the color of his tanned skin above and below the lines caused by a tight bathing suit. I looked up at his face. He wasn't from my cabin though I remembered his handsome face from the year before.

John's cock deflated a bit, taking the strain off my sphincter. He opened his eyes and smiled again. I lifted slowly off him.

He lay still on the blanket until the waiting boy kicked him gently with his foot.

'Where's the oil?' asked my third customer.

John reached over to my desk and handed it to him along with a wad of toilet paper. I could see this boy was impatient so lay on the blanket with my legs spread and the pillow under my crotch. I hoped the pillow would help me reach my orgasm. Suddenly, I remembered I hadn't been paid yet.

I rolled over. 'Three dollars?'

'Shit, they're in my pocket. Wait 'til we're done.'

John said with a grin, 'Christ, Steve, you gotta pay the man.' He picked up his friend's pants, found his money and put three dollars on my desk with the rest.

Steve frowned at him and said 'Thanks, John'.

I rolled back over and presented a target. Steve got between my legs and aimed by sight. He jerked forward, pushing halfway in. It hurt.

'Hey, slow.'

He ignored me and shoved the rest of his cock inside. He'd have to pay more next time if he was going to do it like he was.

Steve lay on top of me and pushed his hands under my shoulders. After adjusting his body for maximum penetration, he began fucking fast and hard. It wasn't too bad for me. His angle of entry was just right to excite everything in his way. He felt really hard. I reached under and put my fingers on my penis allowing his thrusts to move it back and forth. His breath warmed my ear. He was making barely audible grunts. He had to be close. The feeling coming out of my prostate was intense. He punched in harder. I came, pulsing and squeezing his cock with my sphincter. He kept fucking. As my pulsing decreased, my ass entrance began to hurt. Steve was grunting more audibly, his breathing became stronger.

I looked at John. He was sitting on the floor beside us tying his shoes and watching Steve's ass go up and down like a pile driver. I hoped he'd come soon. My ass felt singed by his flying cock. Steve gripped me tighter and dug his chin into my shoulder. His bare feet flopped against mine. He went 'Mmmmm!' and held his cock deep inside, pulled out fast and rammed back in. I could feel him pumping liquid into me. He maintained his grip and kept his chin dug into my shoulder until his throbbing all but stopped. Then, with a sigh, he went limp and panted like he'd been deprived of air.

John said, 'Okay, let's get back to school. Period's almost over.'

Steve pulled out unceremoniously and slapped my ass.

John patted it too and said, 'See you again soon'.

I hoped so. It was a bit rough but I'd earned eleven dollars and gotten off.

Feeling energized instead of relaxed as sex usually left me; I started in on some exercises. Halfway though my sit ups, I felt a big fart working its way out. I pushed to get rid of it. It was a wet one, like I had diarrhea. I jumped up and headed for the bathroom. Something thick and damp was between my buns. In the toilet stall, I found brown goo in my briefs and all over my ass. There was no doubt it was John and Steve's sperm. After a lot of toilet paper, I still didn't feel clean and definitely didn't smell clean. Bare from the waist to my socks, I washed my briefs out in the hand sink. Laundry went out in the afternoon but they'd be wet still. My name was sewn into them so the women would know whose they were. What if they could smell it and know that sperm was there?

I sat on the sink and washed my ass off with soap and water then dried it with toilet paper, all the while trying to decide what to do with my soiled briefs. They had to be gotten rid of. I ran back to my bunk and put on a clean pair but had left my pants and shoes in the toilet stall. I ran back for them, worrying Master Nichols or Master Gorman would appear at any minute and ask what I was doing. I smelled my pants before putting them on. There was something, the slight odor of shit. I rushed back to my bunk. This was more serious. I had extra briefs but not that many pants.

My scissors wouldn't cut the name tag off my briefs. I dressed and took them back into the bathroom and squeezed out every drop of water I could, then took a roll of toilet paper and laid out a pad of it in the bottom of one of my drawers, laid the briefs on top and then put another pad of toilet paper on top. I put my pants on top and pressed the whole thing together.

The dividends from my between beds encounter with John and Steve grew when my cabin mates came in at three fifteen. Bert, or Birdie, asked me to join him and his friends under his bunk. I was hesitant.

'C'mon, Malcolm. Make some friends.'

I followed him and sat at the end of the bunk opposite his. Jerry was there and swatted my knee. 'How's it hanging, Malcolm?'

'Okay,' I answered.

They were changing into their bathing suits, slowly, probably trying to excite me. One of the other good looking boys and a skinny kid with intense eyes and light blond hair were with us. The best looking of them, with a body like a slightly older Tommy Atkins, fondled his growing cock, making mine do the same. The skinny kid had a cock to match his body, long and slim with a tuft of hair over the top and grape size balls that hung well below.

Bert asked, 'So Malcolm, the truth, how come you stay here all day and aren't allowed to go anywhere during free time?'

'I don't wanna talk about that.' I got up to leave.

Bert grabbed my arm but gently. 'Wait, take it easy. We're your friends. You gotta problem, maybe we can help, right guys?'

The other three agreed. Jerry patted me on the knee again.

Bert continued. 'I'll be honest, Malcolm. We don't want to do our thing at night. There's some better places we can go after school. So we wanna get you outta whatever shit you're in so we can go places in the afternoons and Saturday. So, c'mon and tell what the problem is.'

What he said made sense. He and his friends, probably including the two with us who hadn't done anything with me yet, wanted the use of my rear end. But what if Washburn did too and was using these boys to set me up?

'I don't know. I don't really wanna talk about it.'

'Malcolm, our fathers could buy this place. Nobody's gonna fuck with us. We've been coming here since we were like seven and eight. They gotta listen to us.'

I shook my head. It was just too much of a risk and I didn't really trust these boys after watching how they mistreated the less popular.

'All right, you think about it. Right now, Pinky, here needs a blowjob real bad. Why don't you take him into one of the toilets and do him there. We'll watch out for you.'

Pinky was the boy with the intense eyes. He pulled two dollars out of his shirt pocket and held them out to me. I accepted them quickly hoping no one else had seen me doing it. There were a few others lounging about including Butch at his desk. He had his back to us.

I was told to go first and enter the last stall. Pinky would come in with the others and join me. They would make covering noise if anyone else came in.

I sat on the toilet seat and waited. Pinky was there two minutes later, taking off his tight bathing suit as he closed the door behind him. His cock was hard and flipped up when released. He pulled my legs together and stood on the sides of the toilet seat and held on to the top of the stall, his four plus inch cock in my face. I opened up. He pushed in. I closed and he immediately began fucking my mouth. I took hold of his hips to slow him and sucked and moved around his shaft. He stopped moving. I moved my hands to his ass. His skin had a rough feel to it, almost like it had hair all over though it didn't. I ran my hands up and down his legs. There was some fine hair on his calves but none on his thighs or behind. I moved back and forth on his cock, enjoying the hardness and perfect length of it. The circumcised head was small and round. He'd feel nice fucking me.

I could hear the others talking and occasionally giggling in near whispers. Were they talking about us? I didn't care as long as the money kept coming in.

Pinky dropped one of his hands to the back of my head and prodded me to go faster. I complied, sucking hard as I went. He started moving his hips again in short strokes timed with my movements, coordinated with his hand. His hard dick hardened even more and seemed to thicken underneath. He took hold of my hair and came. His legs wobbled. His body shuddered. He held my head tight to his crotch. His young sperm had a nice taste to it. Rather than swallow, I tried to force it forward in my mouth so I could savor it afterward. He let go of my head and reached back up to the stall wall. He swung his body forward and back a few times, milking his orgasm for all he could. Finally finished, he dropped to the floor, put on his suit and left without a word or a look. It was as though I was some machine into which he'd dropped a quarter.

I heard them all leave. When I left the bathroom and looked, they were gone. I enjoyed Pinky's cum for a few moments. Butch was at his desk looking at me sadly. I swallowed and asked, 'What's wrong?'

'Why do you go with those creeps? All they do is bother people.'

He was right. They weren't nice kids. It was why I couldn't trust them. 'We were just talking.'

'Be careful, you're already in trouble for something and they might get you mixed up in something else.'

I felt the twenty-one dollars in my pocket knowing he was potentially right.

I thought about Bert's group and his offer to get me out of the cabin. They didn't seem the type to be intimidated or even be interested in someone like Washburn. They were into being serviced, not allowing themselves to be used under any condition. They were much too arrogant for that. Bert's reason for wanting me out was sound. He probably had some safe places like last year's gang, maybe some of the same. And, there was always the mountain. Anyway, what I needed most were allies to free me from Washburn's manipulations.

After dinner, I pulled Bert aside. 'So, how can you get me out of here during free times?'

'Ah, coming around. Good. Just leave that to me.'

I used Nichols sleeping habits the next morning to go for a run after he went into his room. Gorman was off. I hadn't seen him since breakfast. I went around the entire camp twice. Forest abutted the maintenance area making for a lot of jumping and dodging. By the small clock on the wall between the masters' rooms, I'd been out for fifty-five minutes, a good run. Still sweating, I did my exercise routine.

To piss off Nichols and point to the absurdity of my restrictions, I stripped naked and took a cup into the bathroom to bathe at one of the hand sinks. The cold shower was refreshing but Nichols didn't appear until I'd been dressed for a while.

After school, Bert called me to join his little group then told me to wait while he spoke to Nichols. They had an animated discussion in the hall outside Nichol's room. Bert came back frustrated.

'Jesus H. Christ, he is difficult!'

'He said no?'

'More or less. He said he'd ask the director. What an asshole. I'm gonna talk to somebody else. You guys wait here.'

Bert left the cabin. His friends, including a good looking Tommy Atkins type, were talking about the different kinds of nose snot. I went back to my bunk to read. Two kids in our group were readers, Butch from near Martin's house and the third to smallest boy in our group who brought over thirty books in his trunk. He was obviously used to not being included in the play and conversations of others. He had a great collection including Jules Verne's 'Mysterious Island', which I had borrowed and was reading at the time.

Bert came back with another master. I'd seen him with the smallest kids, the seven to eight year olds and remembered him from the year before. He was older than most other masters, at least twenty-five. He left Bert and went into Master Nichols room. Bert came to my bunk.

'This guy's the supervisor of the junior side masters. He wouldn't promise anything but, well, let's just say he owes me.'


'Just some favors.'

I suspected sex based on how horny this boy seemed. 'Like what?'

'Don't worry about it.' He left me for his friends.

I watched the hallway. Both masters came out a few minutes later. The supervisor motioned for Bert to come to him. They spoke. Bert stuffed his hands in his pockets and shook his head. The supervisor said something to Nichols. Nichols held his hands out as though to say, 'What am I supposed to do?' The supervisor spoke to Bert again and left. Bert came back my way with frustration on his face.

'Somebody is very pissed off at you or something. The director says that you aren't ever to be away from the master in charge of you. What the fuck did you do?'

I shook my head in disgust. 'If I say, it'll just get worse.'

Bert stared at me for a moment. 'You rat on somebody?'


'You know something about somebody?'

I didn't answer figuring that was answer enough.

'Then rat on the fuck! Shit, Malcolm. Why let somebody do something like this to you? If somebody did something to you or you just know something, fuck 'em. What's he gonna do?'

'It's not that easy. I'm not the only one involved. He could really hurt us and my father would take his side. He always believes anything anybody says bad about me. I'd end up in military camp and a boarding school, probably a military one.'

Bert stared at me again but this time just shook his head and went back to his group. For a while, he avoided their obvious attempts to get him to tell them what was going on. Then, without a word, he got up and went out again. I hoped what he did wouldn't come back on me.

I noticed Butch watching me and shrugged my shoulders.

Bert got back as we were leaving for dinner. I was directly in front of Master Nichols. As usual, I was required to sit beside the master. Bert sat tight beside me but must have realized Nichols would be trying to listen to anything he said. He made a couple of comments about how stupid it was for me to be so restricted and spent the rest of the time eating.

Nichols stayed close to me on the way back. I began to worry Bert was putting me into a worse situation. As soon as Nichols went into his room, Bert came to my bunk.

'You got a problem with Washburn?'

That made my stomach jump. 'Why?'

'That's what somebody told me. Washburn's a real prick. Likes to fuck boys like you. He fuck you?'


'Then why's he after you?'

Answering that would confirm what he thought. Did I dare? It was my time to stare at him and think. I took a breath and said, 'I know something about him.'

'Then tell!'


He looked as frustrated as I. 'I suppose you know the director's his father's cousin.'

'I knew he was related. So who do I tell?'

'Why won't your father listen to you?'

'He hates Negroes and my best friend is one.'

'And 'cause you're a homo?'

I nodded.

'That's probably what he's pissed about. Forget niggers. He's pissed 'cause his kid's a fag.'

'Fine, so who do I tell about Washburn?' Was my father more upset about me being a homosexual than about Freddy?

'I don't know. Let me think.' He stood and went to his bunk. I could tell he was playing with his prick as he lay up there. For some reason, I felt horny. I wanted it as much as he did. I went in to the bathroom to jerk off in a toilet stall. Most of the others did the same thing so it wouldn't be noticed. This group just didn't have anyone quite as open about it as Beasley from my other group.

Back on my bunk, I considered the possibility that my homosexuality was more of a problem to my father than Freddy's race. He had called me a faggot twice and those sessions with Father Simon were strictly about my sex interest. Still, most of our battles, no, all of our battles were linked to my relationship with Freddy and my attempts to be with him. I wasn't allowed at my grandparents' house any more because Freddy was going there for help with his studies. But what if Bert was right? If so, there would never be a solution or any peace between my father and me. I was what I was, just like Freddy said.

Sleep came amidst thoughts of getting away from my father for good.

Steve and John got away from class mid morning and came to my cabin to access my rear portal. It was six dollars so I opened up and took them in.

Steve felt great but I was really beginning to revel in John's large presence inside me. He liked pumping up into me and didn't request I lie down. He did get a little rough toward the end and my anus stung a bit when he expanded to cum but I was able to get off with just three up and down motions with my hand. His eyes were closed so he didn't see me do it though he should have felt the constrictions. Steve had pulled up his pants and was watching from behind.

Bert came to my bed after lights out and fucked me again on the bathroom floor. I'd taken a nap in the afternoon so was wide awake to enjoy it.

'Tell me just before you cum,' I requested.

'You should be doing this for free. You like it as much as me,' he said with a strained voice. A moment later he said with even more strain, 'Now'.

I lifted up for room to jerk off. He pushed deeper and rocked as he shot his load inside my plumbing. 'Ooooh,' he groaned. I came by merely gripping myself. He went, 'mmmmph' when I did and throbbed inside for nearly half a minute.

He lay on top of me for so long I was afraid he was going to sleep. I touched his rear end. He pushed into me but only his cock's head was inside, held there by my sphincter under the flange. He got up unsteadily, pulled loose and stumbled back to his bed leaving his pajama bottoms on the bathroom floor. I picked them up and stuffed them beside him under his covers. He said, 'Thanks.'

Friday afternoon, Bert called me to be with him and his friends. Jerry, Pinky and the good looker I hadn't had yet. All wanted some action. Half the kids in the group were in the dormitory. Blowing all three in the bathroom would take too long especially since I could sense Bert was ready for another go too.

Nichols had the day off. Bert tried to get into his room using a penknife blade. Failing that, he went outside to try the window. It was broad daylight. He got the screen out but the window was locked from inside. Pinky had me feel him up using the others as a shield. His long cock felt good in my hand. I started jerking him off. That, apparently, made his horns grow. He pushed two dollars into my hand and demanded a blowjob in the bathroom. Bert was coming back in after replacing the screen as we entered the hall. He shook his head and continued toward the others.

We went into the end stall even though two others were at the urinal talking as they peed. Pinky took off his shoes and pants. With his pants over his shoulder and one shoe in each hand, he stood as before with his feet to each side of me on the toilet seat. I sucked as he swung his body back and forth. That wasn't working. I grabbed his skinny buns and held him still as I worked over his cock. That did work, on me too. I was hard as a door knob. As before, he almost lost his footing when he came. He did drop one shoe as he put one hand to the back of my head to press me into his crotch. Also as before, when he finally let go and pulled out, he dressed quickly, slipped on but didn't tie his shoes, and walked out without a word or a glance. I'd held his cum in my mouth and went to the cabin entrance to sit on the step and savor it for a while.

Gorman saw me there and called me back inside.

I swallowed and said, 'I'm just sitting here. I'm not going anywhere.'

'Don't,' he said and went into the dormitory.

Butch came and sat with me. 'What were you doing with Pinky in the bathroom?'

I hoped he hadn't followed us. 'Just talking.'

'Uh uh. I was watching. I saw him take off his pants and get up on the seat with you sitting there. You were sucking him, weren't you? Don't worry. I'm not gonna tell.'

There was no condemnation in his tone. Still words weren't there for a moment. 'Thanks.'

'How come you do it with those guys. They're thugs.'

'They pay me and I need the money.'

'Well, I suppose that's okay. How much?'

'Two when I suck them.' It felt good being able to discuss it. Butch had me nailed any way.

'You do other stuff too?'

'Mmm hmm.'

'Do you let them put it in you?'

'Mmm hmm.'

'Doesn't that hurt?'

'Not really.'

'What's it feel like?' Was Butch a homo too?

'Good. Sometimes I can cum without touching myelf.'

'How much do you get for that?'


'I've got three dollars. Can I try it once?'


'I dunno. At night?'

'You gotta stay awake and get me up.'

'Where can we do it? Your bed?'

'No, in the bathroom. We take a blanket and close the door.'

'What if somebody wants to use it?'

'Everybody's asleep then.'

'Sometimes I use it late. Can't we do it in my bed? Mark sleeps like a log. We'll never wake him up.' Mark was the good looking friend of Bert I hadn't had yet. I hoped he would wake up and want some too.

Butch was as horny as Bert. He woke me up at eleven on the button by his alarm pocket watch. He'd kept it under his pillow almost like I had done with my alarm clock under my covers to go see Freddy late at night.

Hard, his cock was about the size of Martin's, perhaps a bit thicker. We got under his covers. I sucked him for a few moments. He stiffened like I'd terrified him. Even his soft belly felt like there was steel underneath. His cock got so hard I though he was about to cum. I let go, leaving him well lubricated, reversed direction and lay beside him. He rolled on top of me and tried to find my hole. I raised my rear and pulled his cock to my pucker. He wiggled up on me and trembled as he prepared to shove his dick inside. I had to nudge his butt downward for him to take the plunge.

Again, he stiffened head to toe as he slid inside my hot tunnel. He held his breath. I patted his rear end to begin fucking. He moved ever so slightly back and forth. His arms were at my side, hands pressed firmly against my thighs. He increased his stroke length a little then really got into it, pumping away like he needed to cum in three seconds. It took him about a hundred and twenty. He was poking my prostate so I wished he'd go longer. He whispered, 'Oh, my God!' as his first pulse hit then 'huuuu, huuu,' as they continued. Gradually, his body relaxed and flowed over me. He wasn't as fat as Robert but softer, with looser flesh.

He whispered, 'Oh Malcolm, that was incredible. Is it like this in a girl?'

'Depends on the girl, I suppose. This was your first time, wasn't it?'

'Uh huh. Can we keep doing it?'


'Uh huh.'

'Sure, if you can, I can. This time, tell me before you cum so I can get mine too.'


He began pumping. His cock didn't feel any smaller. He banged harder and harder, faster and faster. The bed was bobbing around like Freddy's uncle's old pickup at a red light. I worried we might awaken Mark, then hoped we would. After perhaps four or five minutes, he slowed, then stopped. 'I don't think I can do it again.'

'Do it a little more so I can.'

He fucked hard but slow. I masturbated, coming in half a minute.

'Oh,' he said, 'I can feel you.'

We went into the bathroom to clean up. He handed me three dollars. I stuck them back in his pajama shirt pocket. He looked at me for an explanation. I just put my fingers to my lips. He smiled and patted me on the side of my shoulder.

Gorman was in charge Saturday morning and checked occasionally to see if I was there. I asked to be allowed to do some running outside the cabin. He refused so I ran inside end to end for well over half an hour. It was driving him crazy. Then, I did all my floor exercises in front of his door, counting loudly.

He came out. 'Very funny Lloyd. Move it inside, at the far end.'

I sat and stared at him.

'You want detention?'

'What for, sir?'


'Go ahead.' I lay back and started four count leg raises.

He watched me for a few seconds before breaking into a grin. 'All right, Lloyd. Take your run but stay in this area and go past the door every five minutes. And be back inside in thirty minutes. And stay away from the admin building.' He looked at his watch and went back into his room. I trotted out the door.

Bert and his buddies, including Mark the beautiful untried, had a plan for Saturday afternoon. They paid the next to smallest boy in the group, whose hair was roughly the color of mine, to lie under the covers in my bed like he was sleeping. Gorman was off somewhere. The moment Master Nichols went into his room, we walked out the door, with me in a baseball cap

We went straight to the school, inside and down the hall to the nurse's clinic. Bert had keys to both doors. When I asked how he had gotten them, he answered, 'I stole them from the supervisor's office a couple years ago when I was being punished. The dumb fuck never said anything, probably though he lost them himself.' Four boys debated who would go first. Bert said, 'Let Malcolm decide. It's his ass.'

I said, 'I don't care as long as John is last.' I really wanted Mark then decided better to have him second so I could see him up close naked instead of long distance in the shower. I was already in love with his hair and face. He was one of those wonderful cases where his hair was lighter than his skin. He wasn't exactly blonde but close and had dark brown eyes. The shades of near blonde and brown drove me crazy.

Jerry, already half naked, said, 'First one undressed goes first.'

I sucked him for a moment then lay on my tummy.

Mark had been right behind him. I ogled his body as Jerry fucked me. Wet in the shower, it had appeared he hadn't any pubic hair. He did have a little but it was brown like his skin. His cock was larger than I expected it could grow, easily four and a half inches, fat enough to need oil rather than spit. His balls were big enough to provide a little protein soup, probably as delicious as what Bobby prepared on his stove. I'd have liked to suck him this first time to try it out but that wasn't what was on his pretty mind.

Mark was up behind me almost as Jerry was sliding off the table. He was experienced. He used his index finger to find and line his cock up with my hole, pushing in slowly but deliberately until his wispy pubic hairs were pressed against my fat buns. His hands slipped under my shoulders. After getting a good grip, he got right into full length fucking, pulling out to the very tip then pushing slowly back in past my sweet spot to the entrance of my colon. I reached back and felt his muscular buttocks flex as he thrust deep into me time and time again. I'd have to convince him to do it from the front next time so I could watch his tummy muscles roll.

To my delight, he took a while, humping away, only very gradually increasing his tempo, keeping my anus, rectum and prostate happy to have him. I had to raise my rear to keep my peter from firing off against the examination table. I forgot everyone else around me, closing my eyes to enjoy only the movement inside my backside. When he got close, he expanded nicely and thrust harder, driving me nearly as close to climax as he. His orgasm was not as powerful as I'd hoped but I clearly felt the throbbing even though he continued thrusting.

Steve did it with me on my hands and knees for a while then flattened us out to finish.

John let me know just before he came. I jerked off surreptitiously then, just as I came, saw that Bert was watching. But John had called it early. Halfway through my orgasm, with my sphincter squeezing him, John expanded. I felt like I was being torn apart. I groaned loudly. Everyone looked up. John pumped sperm.

There were tears in my eyes when he finished.

Bert asked, 'What happened?'

I was angry, sure John had done it on purpose. 'Nothing!' He was going back to five bucks or he wasn't going.

I left with my money and walked briskly ahead of the others back to the cabin, right past Master Nichols who grabbed me by the shoulder. I snatched my arm away.

'Don't touch me.!'

'Where were you?'

'Sitting by the door. You blind?'

Before he could say anything I walked to my bunk where the boy was still under my covers, asleep. I woke him up. 'That's all.'

With thoughts of Freddy coming the next day with my grandfather, I couldn't stay angry for long. When Bert asked me again what had happened in the clinic, I was willing to admit John possibly hadn't done it on purpose.

Sunday morning, with a long breakfast time, I slept as long as I could, tying to kill time before Freddy would be with me. Master Nichols finally dragged me out of bed. I half expected to be taken to Mass but he was just hungry and couldn't go eat without me.

My expectation was that my grandparents and Freddy would arrive between ten and eleven. Ten came and went, then eleven. I worried, concerned suddenly the director wouldn't allow me visitors. I insisted I be allowed to go to the administration building. The master said no. I waited for him to turn his back and ran out, straight to the huge cabin at the entrance, past great numbers of parents with their sons and families, almost tripping over a baby crawling across the walk.

Master Donnellan was inside the door speaking to a man, probably someone's father. I walked to the director's office. Donnellan called after me.

'Lloyd! What are you doing here?'

I called back. 'I wanna see the director.'

'He's not here. Get back to you cabin right now!'

'My grandfather's coming.'

'You don't get visitors.'

'Who says?'

'The director. Now get back to your cabin or I'll just put you in detention and call your father.' He started toward me.

'He was, is here, isn't he?'

'You've got no visitors, Lloyd. Last chance, your cabin or detention.'

I ran around him growling, 'You fucking bastard!'

Back in the cabin, I kicked the bed, then my desk.

Minutes later, Donnellan and another big master came for me. I grabbed my chair and threw it at them but they batted it down and grabbed me. With one on each arm, they dragged me out the door. I cried and screamed for all I was worth, 'Bastards, fucking bastards!' Then I just cried.

They apparently didn't call my father or he wasn't home. But they did leave me without a blanket or food. The director came to see me in the morning.

'My grandparents came to see me yesterday and they wouldn't let me see them,' I shouted at him.

'Don't get angry at us about that. Your father said absolutely no visitors. We were only following his instructions as we must by law.'

'You son-of-a-bitch!' I screamed.

'You must like detention, Mister Lloyd,' he said as he left.

Once again, I refused to eat even though I was terrified of being sent to that military camp. They just couldn't treat me this way. It was time to fight them, and my father if necessary.

What I needed was an ally who could help. None of the kids could do that. But I hadn't yet met a master who was willing to take the risk involved in even looking into my situation.

Monday night, lying curled up against the cold, I remembered Butch Stevenson's comment on the bus about a contact among the older boys, the son of a friend of his father, the son of a lawyer.

By Tuesday morning, I was too cold and weak to make much of a fuss. They escorted me back to my cabin. Bert and his group and Butch, who had just come back from breakfast, rushed to meet me as I jerked away from Donnellan inside the dormitory.

'Jesus, Malcolm, you look terrible,' said Bert. 'What'd they do to you?'

'You got any food?' I asked.

Butch brought me the rest of the Fig Newtons it turned out he didn't like. Bert sent Jerry to the store.

I told them what happened. Jerry rushed back in with potato chips, a Hershey Bar and a Coke. They all went off to school and their programs leaving me alone.

I ate the Fig Newtons, the candy and drank the coke then knocked on Nichols door.


'I need a shower.' I wanted the hot water on my still cold body.

'Too late. We already did that,' came from behind the closed door.

Master Gorman opened his door and waved me into his room. 'Shut up and use mine. You still hungry?' I knew kids weren't allowed in masters' rooms. Master Gorman was taking a chance.

'A little.'

'Hurry up and take your shower. I'll see what I can get.'

The hot water felt like salvation, especially with the knowledge that one of the masters possibly understood the unfairness of my plight. His shower was much hotter than ours. After I'd been in there for a while, he pulled back the curtain and said, 'Hurry up before someone calls the gendarmes.' He eyed me up and down as he spoke. I didn't realize until later I didn't know what a gendarme was. Master Gorman handed me a paper bag and a two small cartons of cold milk.

There were two egg sandwiches in the bag. I would have to watch Master Gorman next time he took us to the showers.

At lunch, Bert pushed me in from the end of the bench away from Nichols then Jerry pushed him in. Nichols frowned but allowed it to pass. Gorman smiled from the other end of the table.

That afternoon when most of the boys had left, I sat on Butch's bunk and asked, 'Remember that bigger kid who was supposed to show you around?'

'You mean Bradford? Yeah, he's a nice guy. He introduced me to a bunch of the masters and showed me where everything was.'

'You meet one named Washburn?'

'Washburn, I think that's one of the masters for his cabin. Why?'

'Your friend like him?'

'I don't know. He doesn't like any of them very much.'

'Can I tell you something just between us? You can't even tell your friend unless I say.'

'Sure, but why?'

'Washburn's the one who has me stuck in here.'


'I know something about him.'


'I can't say now. Can I talk to your friend?'

'I suppose so. He's not going to get in trouble too, is he?'

'No, I just wanna ask him a couple things.'

'You wanna talk to him now?'

'You know where he is?'

'I suppose. I can look.'

Butch went off to find Bradford McMillan. I sat at his desk and tried to read his book on trees while my mind was planning what to say and ask if Butch found his friend. After a while, anxious to see if Washburn had a weak spot I could exploit, I went and sat in the doorway.

Almost as I sat, Butch walked around the corner of the next cabin beside a tall teen with his hands in his pockets. He was easily sixteen or seventeen years old.

He introduced us very formally. 'Bradford McMillan, this is Malcolm Lloyd. Malcolm Lloyd, this is Bradford McMillan.'

I stood and we shook hands. I walked us to the bathroom side of the cabin. Butch said, 'I told him about how you weren't allowed to go anywhere. I hope that was okay.'

Bradford said, 'They can't do that. Why don't you see the director?'

'He's the one that makes me stay here but I think someone else told him to.'

'No one can tell him. He's in charge.'

'What about Master Washburn's father?' I knew I was sticking my neck out but I liked Bradford's first remark.

'Washburn? He's a bastard. What's he got to do with you?'

That put me in a difficult position. To answer that I'd have to tell things that could put me in great danger if Washburn was as powerful as Georgie thought. We still didn't know what happened to my three friends from the previous year. I looked at the teenager, trying to calculate his trustworthiness.

'Did he do something to you?' asked Bradford.

It sounded like he knew something. 'Not me, others, friends of mine.'


'What do you think?' I asked.

'I think you better say first.'

I took a breath and touched my rear end. Bradford sat down against the wall. Butch and I sat to either side.


'They're not here this year. Washburn said he did something to them, like maybe he killed them. We've got telephone numbers and addresses but can't use them. My grandfather was supposed to visit me Sunday but they didn't let me see him. I was gonna ask him to call them and see if they're okay.'

'I don't think he's killed anybody. He's too chicken shit for that. What happened?'

I told him everything Washburn had done and what he'd said to Georgie and me.

Bradford sat thinking. I waited, hoping he'd have a solution. He asked, 'Let me have those phone numbers and their names. My father's a lawyer. Let's see what he says. I'll call him right now.'

'You can do that?'

'Of course. Anybody can make a collect call, didn't you know that?'

'They won't let me.'

'Don't worry. I'll come back as soon as I know something.'

That boosted my spirits higher than they'd been since before learning I was definitely going to camp. After Bradford left with a copy of the cousins' and Barney's information, I asked Butch to tell Georgie what we'd talked about and give him my note.

Butch came back glumly a few minutes afterwards. 'The master wouldn't let me talk to him.'

I could only wait until Bradford got back to me. He did that night just before lights out. Master Nichols didn't want to let him in. He said something to him angrily and waved for me to come to him outside.

'My father spoke to the boys and their parents. He told them he'd represent them for free if there was any problem. They are going to go to the police tomorrow. Just take it easy and we'll get that bastard and his fucking father.'

I went to bed both elated and scared to death. This might go very well or very bad for me, and Georgie. I wished I'd asked Bradford to tell him too. I slept very little that night and was distracted all morning. I didn't look at a single cock in the shower.

Butch was finally able to get to Georgie on the way back from lunch. Georgie swung his fist in the air and smiled back at me.

Bert told me another boy from the thirteen year olds' cabin where Steven and John stayed would be coming to the cabin at about one thirty. I told him I couldn't that day.

'It's three dollars, Malcolm.'

'I can't. Somebody might be coming to see me today and I don't know what time.'

'C'mon, it'll only take ten minutes.'

I refused. He went away with a shrug.

It wasn't police who came the next afternoon, the day before the three day July Fourth weekend, but, as with my father, lawyers, three of them. Georgie and I were called to the director's office shortly before dinner time. The three middle aged men, dressed nearly the same, had New York addresses on their business cards.

Their paper thin smiles didn't give any confidence. I was terrified. Georgie trembled.

'Look, boys, we think there has been a terrible misunderstanding here and we want to straighten it out.'

As they spoke of working things out, my fear evaporated like dew off a cabin roof. It became apparent they were there to negotiate with us. I slowly relaxed and patted Georgie's arm to reassure him.

The director smiled too but looked as nervous as I'd been.

They offered to get us drinks and something to eat. Feeling my position stronger each second, I refused. Georgie said nothing. I tried to figure how far I should push this.

'What about Barney and Michael?' I asked.

'We've already spoken to them and their parents. I'm sure something will be worked out.'

That didn't sound like Washburn going to jail.

The director spoke, 'We're moving your things back to Squirrel cabin right now so you two can be together as much as you want.'

That was an admission that we had deliberately been kept apart. Two of the lawyers gave the director exasperated looks.

'We'd like to know what we can do for you to make up for this misunderstanding?' asked another of the lawyers. 'Perhaps a trip somewhere or something you really want?'

This was all too fast. I needed time to think. What I really wanted to do was speak with my grandfather.

'I need to make a telephone call.'

The first lawyer grimaced and said, 'Malcolm, we'd like to keep others out of this. We want to work it out with you two boys. Whatta you say? You tell us what you want.'

'I want to talk to my grandfather.'

The lawyers whispered to each other. 'Do you mind if we talk to him too?'

'After me. And I talk to him alone with just me and Georgie in here.'

'And you'll call us before you hang up.'

'If he wants to talk to you.'

I gave the number and the director called the long distance operator. I hoped my grandfather was home. They handed me the phone when it rang and left the room. My grandmother answered. Granpa was out but would be home in an hour. I told her the basics of what was going on.

She took the camp phone number I got off the dial. 'Don't do or say anything until your grandfather calls back. I'll try to find him.'

I told the lawyers. They asked me to go back to my cabin and discuss what we'd like them to do for us.

'I'm gonna wait here for my grandfather to call.'

They agreed and were leaving. I told Georgie, 'You better call your father too.'

They reluctantly agreed again. A woman answered and said his father was out but would call the minute he got home. Georgie asked for his office telephone number. He got it and called. We sent the lawyers out when his secretary put Georgie's father on the line. Georgie told him more than I had my grandmother. He wanted to speak to the lawyers. They said, 'Yes', 'yes', and 'yes' and hung up.

'Your father will be here by lunch tomorrow.' The lawyers were obviously not happy, probably because 'tomorrow' was July Fourth, a legal holiday.

My grandfather called minutes later. After listening to me tell him everything, he said, 'Don't say another word to them. I'll be there in the morning.'

'They want to talk to you.'

'I don't want to talk to them until tomorrow. Remember what I said. Don't say a word to them or anyone else about this.'

I went with Georgie. My trunk was beside Georgie's bunk. Georgie was still nervous.

'Don't worry, Georgie, we've got 'em. Our families know. They can't do anything to us.'

Dinner was over but we were taken into the empty dining hall where the entire staff was there to serve us whatever we wanted.

'What'd I tell you, Georgie,' I said to my good friend, 'we've got 'em!'

Several of the kids from the group wanted to know what happened, why I was moved and now was back, why we hadn't been allowed to leave during free time.

We told them, 'We can't talk about it now, we'll tell you later.'

Georgie and I fell asleep beside each other on the bottom bunk but were not disturbed until the bugle was sounded in the morning.

Master Nichols found me in the showers. 'Look, I was just doing what the director told me. Please don't drag me into this.'

I stared at him with disdain and said nothing. He went away with a very worried expression. I looked over my cabin mates bodies.

The place was filling up with visiting families when my grandfather and another older man arrived minutes before Georgie's father and his lawyer. My grandfather's friend was a retired FBI lawyer. They listened to our stories then asked questions. Some had to be answered evasively or with out and out lies to avoid admitting the sex we'd all been having. That done, they went into the director's office with the three lawyers and the director.

Georgie asked, 'Do you think they know what you were doing with the others last year?'

'I don't know. I'd sure like to know what the others said.'

The talking seemed to go on for hours. They were still at it when we got back from lunch. Two masters, including Master Donnellan who avoided looking at us, took trays of food into the office. Georgie and I went for a walk down by the church.

Georgie asked, 'You think we have time?'

I smiled and, after making sure no one was watching us, we went into the bushes behind the church grounds grotto. Once inside, we both had second thoughts and decided to put off our physical reunion until later. There were hundreds of people walking all over the place. So, instead of pulling down our pants, we leaned against the grotto and talked about what might happen to Washburn and all the things we could now do together.

I heard my grandfather calling me. We rushed out and to the road where he was looking for us among departing visitors and their sons. Georgie's father joined us on a park bench.

My grandfather said, 'I think what they want to do is wrong but Georgie's father and I agree that we can't agree to do anything without consulting with the families of the other boys. And, Malcolm, I can't make any final decisions regarding you. Only your mother and father can do that. They won't be back until Labor Day Weekend.'

So he was going to be involved after all. I was sure he'd go against me if it was possible.

My grandfather continued, 'We are meeting with everybody tomorrow at one of the boys' homes. After that, we'll see what is decided but we want both of you to know that you will be involved in any decision. Is that okay with you two?'

Georgie looked at his father who shrugged his shoulders. We agreed. Georgie's father asked his son if he wanted to go home.

Georgie grabbed my arm and said, 'Uh uh. I wanna stay here with Malcolm.' I felt warm all over.

My grandfather walked me out the road leaving Georgie and his father alone. 'I know you'd like to come home but it might not be a good idea. Your father has prohibited us from visiting you here so taking you home with us will probably be a big mistake. You do know that we were here with Freddy last Sunday?'

I nodded rather than tell him what happened.

'Your father might decide this was your fault and, well, you know. Let's do things in a way to avoid any problems.

'I'm also trying to avoid these vultures realizing we have a problem with your father. I want to see this Washburn character in jail where he belongs and his father out of the Congress. The ones who were hurt the most by this were the two boys he assaulted. They need to determine more than us what we'll do. I know you've had a hard time but you'll be fine now.'

We walked and talked until dinner time. The six of us including our two lawyers were served dinner in a small dining room in the main building after which they drove off. We were to be called sometime the next afternoon or evening.

Georgie and I went cautiously back to the grotto and did what we hadn't done since the previous fall. It was getting dark so I wouldn't be able to watch but, then, no one else could either. I lay on our pants after sucking his penis for a few minutes and he slipped inside me. After John's great cock a few days before, he felt quite small. But I enjoyed it more because of who it was and how we felt about each other. I hugged his head to mine as he pumped away. I worried that I was too loose for him and squeezed my sphincter. He pushed his arms under my chest and held on tight as he thrust almost violently. When he got close, he rolled us into the leaves on our side and masturbated me. I closed my eyes and held his head even tighter. I came ahead of him. The feeling went smoothly through my entire body. When he came a minute later, I felt like I was doing it again too.

'I really missed you, Georgie.'

'Me too.'

He had taken the top bunk after I was moved so I took the bottom. Nevertheless, we fell asleep reading and talking on the top bunk and again went undisturbed until morning.

Bert caught up with me as we went to breakfast. 'You still gonna be able to take care of us?'

I certainly didn't need the money any more. Forty-one dollars bought a lot of chips, sodas and candy. However, I had enjoyed what we'd done and wasn't one to turn down cash earned so easily. I had a better understanding of Bobby's attitude.

'I'll let you know Sunday or Monday.'

Saturday morning, I finally got the chance to show off my physical abilities and did so with my T shirt off to make the point more clearly. The trainer cut off my pushups at one hundred.

'We get your point, Lloyd. You've been working out. We've got a lot more to do.'

I smiled at him and flexed my biceps knowing he couldn't do nearly as many as me. As at school, my skills actually playing baseball fell far below my ability to do push ups. The trainer smiled back at me when I dropped a fly ball hit my way. My batting was worse though I did get a solid hit that scored two runs. I tried to steal second but was way too slow and was chased down for an out. I recognized my overconfidence and apologized to Georgie but not the others. I had way too much pride for that.

On the obstacle course, I was better climbing but a disaster when agility was required, falling repeatedly in the tires and rope web and taking longer than many others crawling through the concrete pipe and dodging obstacles.

All Saturday afternoon was free time. I bought a bottle of Sea and Ski and, with Georgie's help, covered myself with the suntan lotion. My arm strength did help me in the pool though the better athletes had a smoother stroke and were faster. I sat on the side under the lifeguard stand and flexed my pecs. Georgie was embarrassed and told me to 'Cut it out!'

Georgie did my exercises, or some of them, and showered with me. I was feeling pretty good.

Bradford McMillan came to us as we left the dining hall after dinner. He'd looked for me the night before but I was nowhere to be found. He thought perhaps we'd gone home.

'Washburn left Wednesday afternoon with all his stuff. I asked the bastard where he was going but he wouldn't answer. They gonna put him in jail?'

'I dunno. My grandfather's supposed to call us today but he hasn't yet.'

He did at close to eight o'clock. Georgie and I were called to the director's office. I was handed the telephone.

'Nothing's been decided yet. We're meeting with Washburn's attorneys Monday afternoon. I'll call you.'

'Is anything wrong?'

'Nothing that will affect you.'

'What about Freddy. Does this mean he can't come tomorrow?'

'I'm sorry, Malcolm, but I promise he'll be there next Sunday.'

Sunday, Georgie and I with a knapsack full of sandwiches, candy and sodas, returned to the rocks on the side of the mountain. There was a new duffle bag but with the same items all of which we took as ours. The blanket was one of the good ones from the cabins. There were two rolls of toilet paper and a larger jar of Vaseline. Inside was the image of the head of a man's cock. Washburn had almost certainly been up there again. We wondered with whom and if they'd come up without him.

I was naked first and twirled around with my arms out, luxuriating in the refreshing feeling of the mountain air against my bare skin and the sense of complete freedom it gave me. Georgie said from on top of the blanket, 'Come on, Malcolm, blow me.'

I fell on top of him and kissed his cheek, forehead, shoulder and nipple. He giggled, 'You're crazy.'

I was exhilarated by our nudity, the fresh air, the peaceful and beautiful surroundings and memories of the great sex the two of us had had in that same place the year before.

I licked my way down to his tight little tummy and its belly button, down his wonderful pelvic groove to the top of his crotch and back up the other. After wetting his middle well, I spread his legs and washed the insides of his thighs with my tongue before moving to his perineum, still tiny balls and up his shaft to the helmet head of his three inch peter.

When I took him completely in, he held my head down. 'Wait a minute. Just a minute.' He was ready to pop.

I waited but sucked gently to keep him on edge. I slid my crotch over his leg and humped it gently. He came with those same hard throbs, popping up his shaft like he was firing off little jelly beans.

I sucked in his balls and lay there. He loosened his grip on my head and caressed my hair.

'Are you better at this or am I just horny?' he asked.

Unwilling to let go of the wonderful morsels in my mouth, I held up two fingers.

He batted me softly on the head. I turned around, keeping him in my mouth, so he could jerk me off. He reached across himself and massaged my penis.

His cock never softened but stayed sensitive at the tip for a while. I fondled his balls with my upper lip and wrapped my tongue around the base of his shaft. He pumped into my mouth. I rolled us on our sides so he could do more of that. I kept his peter under my tongue so he never came out as he fucked my mouth. He fit in there perfectly, sliding back and forth in the soft mushy tissue. After a while, he began working my cock with his fingers. He was getting close. I moved my mouth forward so more of his perineum went inside with each thrust. I could smell his pucker less than an inch away each time he went full in. His face was so close to me I could feel his breath on my balls.

Orgasm grew just inside, above my perineum then roared out it and into my dick. Georgie felt the throbbing and stopped his hand. He thrust harder into my mouth, following me into orgiastic heaven seconds later. Hard as his cock pumped, he'd be able to fire sperm across a room once he had some to shoot.

We swam after lunch again covered with massive amounts of Sea and Ski then went back to the cabin to grab a couple of books to read back to back on a park bench near the maintenance shed.

My grandfather's call came Monday evening. A deal had been made. It did not include any charges against Washburn. My grandfather said he was not happy about it but the boys' parents didn't want them having to testify in court, something Washburn's lawyers promised would happen if their client was charged. Basically, it was a huge payoff. He wouldn't say how much money was involved but indicated it was substantial. He couldn't refuse or accept cash. It was a decision only my father could make.

'We don't need the money and I think it would be wrong to accept it. All I was able to get was a guarantee that Washburn would not be around any boys, certainly never again anywhere near McFarlane and that you will be given anything you want while you're there at camp and can, if you want, go back every year for free until you're eighteen. There will be a new director appointed this week. Mister Walpole resigned as we asked him to do.'

'What did Georgie's father get?'


'A lot?'

'A lot.'

'And you're coming Sunday?'

'Yes, with Freddy. Oh, you and Georgie have unlimited credit in the camp store.'

'What's that mean?'

'You can buy anything you want without paying for it. But, Malcolm, take it easy. We shouldn't be looking for material gain from this. Two boys were badly hurt and may never get over it.'

'Can I talk to them?'

'Sure. Just go the office and ask to use the phone. I don't think they'll object.'

Georgie's father told him he had his education paid for through graduate school if he wanted along with a trust fund that would be his when he turned twenty-one. He wouldn't tell him how much.

I rushed back to the cabin for the boys' telephone numbers. Master Donnellan, begrudgingly, called them one at a time.

Michael said, after happy greetings and asking how I was, 'I didn't want the damn money either. That bastard's just gonna hurt some other kid, maybe one who can't handle it like us.' His voice had changed since we last spoke. I wondered how big his cock had grown, if I could still take it where it counted.

I asked the other question burning a hole in my brain, 'You two still, you know?'

'Of course but you couldn't handle it now, or maybe you could if you're still doing it.' That answered my other question.

'Are you alone?'

'I couldn't talk like this if I wasn't, except Harry. Wanna talk to him?'

We went back and forth for an hour, costing the camp a fortune on their telephone bill. Then I called Barney and spent nearly half an hour with him. His voice was almost a man's. I didn't bother to speculate on whether he'd fit inside me. He asked about Larry.

'Larry's fine. He wants to see you.'

The line was silent for a moment. 'Get his address. I lost it. I'll find a way.'

I could hear the emotion in his voice; imagine the tears falling on the telephone.

I sought out Bradford McMillan and told him the news. He was as unhappy as my grandfather about Washburn walking away with no punishment. 'They should've locked the bastard up for a few years to think about what he's done.'

He turned down my invitation to use my store credit.

Butch Stevenson was more pragmatic. 'They might even have lost in court. Remember, my father's a lawyer. I've watched him in a divorce case. He made the poor guy look like a rapist and child beater even though all he was was horny and once told his daughter to leave him alone when he was doing taxes. I hated my father for a long time after that. But it was his job. That's what lawyers do, make people against their clients look worse than their client no matter how much of a bastard their client is, if you understand what I'm saying.'

'So you'd take the money.'

'Of course. It's a win instead of a loss.'

'I wanna hurt the son-of-a-bitch.'

'But if you can't?'

'My father'll probly take the money then he'll say it was all my fault and I did something bad that caused it all even though he'll get rich from it. He is a real prick.'

'You're lucky he isn't a lawyer.'

Before leaving, I promised Butch the greatest fuck of his life, which didn't mean much as it just needed to be better than the first one.

In bed alone for a change because Georgie fell asleep before I got back, I thought about my grandfather's attitude toward the money and his concern that Barney and Michael would never get over what happened.

I agreed about the money. The idea of Washburn being able to buy his way out of trouble really pissed me off. It was wrong. He raped both Barney and Michael. Washburn needed to go to jail for that.

However, I got the definite impression both boys were over it before the end of camp. If there was any residual anguish, it was Barney's concern that he had been hurting Larry even though the then eight year old insisted he wasn't. Actually, Larry effectively admitted it hurt some when he told me he did it for the money and to please Barney. But pain had been an occasional part of sex for me too. I wasn't worried about it. I doubted Larry was either.

Sex for me was something to be enjoyed. Overall, it felt good. Even John's monster pole the previous week had, in the end, been quite pleasant. I looked forward to sitting on it again, and again and again. During the morning shower, I looked around to see if any of my new cabin mates were interesting. There were two but none so nice as Bert's bunch. And another one wanted me, well, wanted my hole. To them, that's all I was, a fun orifice. But, to me, they were eye candy and sex pie.

Lying on my lower bunk the next evening, Georgie got around to asking me how I'd been earning money.

'Don't get mad.'

'I never get mad.'

'That's not what I remember.'

'At you.'

'I charge three for back and two for front.'

'What's that..., shit!' He got close and whispered, 'You let boys fuck you for money?'

'And suck.' I enjoyed his discomfort.

'Shit, Malcolm. What if the camp people hear about it? What if too many kids hear about it? Some of these guys are really nasty, especially the bigger ones. They'd rape you.'

I frowned. 'I think it's just this one group from my old cabin and the next one up. Just five kids. Like last year.' Then I remembered Butch but felt it best not to add another.

'Yeah, well that included me and Larry so it's gonna be seven. Shit, you gotta be careful. But maybe, now that you're living here, you won't have to see them any more.'

Guilt, maybe even embarrassment, coated my mind with sludge. I bowed my head and said, 'But I want to see them again, Georgie. I really liked what we did. Back home I was doing it with a bunch of kids too but it was just for fun. I still just loved Freddy and here I want to be mostly with you.'

'And five other guys and Larry.'

'You're mad.'

'No, yes, no. Shit! I don't know. I'm just afraid you're gonna get in trouble and then what am I gonna do for a friend.'

The sludge stayed in my mind. I wanted to turn over and hug him but there were fourteen other pairs of eyes in the room so I just took hold of his arm.

Bert walked with us to the dining hall for breakfast. He mentioned a boy who hadn't been with me yet. I told him to bring the new boy to the trees near the basketball courts at three thirty. We'd go wherever he wanted as long as it was safe.

Georgie poked me in the back as Bert left to re-join his friends. That group apparently included the mentioned because he smiled my way when Bert whispered something in his ear. He was nice looking, another blonde.

Georgie said, 'You are crazy, Malcolm.'

On the sports field that morning, I complied with Georgie's request and did just the number of each exercise requested by the trainer, but still did them with my T shirt off. I really liked my body.

I managed to get the rest of my exercises in during breaks and tried to do so in hidden or out of the way places to avoid embarrassing Georgie. He joined me on some.

At lunch, my apparent three thirty customer again smiled at me. He was a beauty. It appeared even at a distance he had blue eyes. He was even prettier than Mark. His body was a mystery but his expression spoke of sexual fun. I hoped we could do it completely naked.

Bert, as Barney the year before, produced his key to the school and let us in.

The new boy, Charley, handed me three dollars as we entered the nurse's clinic. His eyes were blue with eyebrows slightly darker than his longish blond hair. I could hardly take my eyes off his.

I suggested, 'Let's do it naked.'

Charley shrugged and took off his T shirt. He wasn't a muscle boy but had a nice flat, smooth tummy and smooth flesh that invited touch. He wore his pants low enough that I could see his delightful pelvic grooves that so turned me on. I undressed watching his hands work on his belt then pants button and fly. He pushed them down slowly along with his briefs. His semi-erect cock bounced out. He had no pubic hair, none. His peter grew before my eyes to a four and a half inch pole, straight as an arrow and smooth. The veins that most penises had seemed retracted, barely visible. Even the flange of the head was reduced, barely sticking out at all. It looked like a peg one would hang a towel on.

Bert had the jar of oil and asked as Charley greased up, 'Wanna do it with me after? Don't worry, I've got the money.'

'Sure,' I answered from the cushioned examination table while admiring Charley's fine body. His balls were the size of pin balls. He probably had some of that nice, sweet boy juice to give. I had to suck him soon.

Charley said, 'Get on your hands and knees. I like to do it that way.'

I obliged. He climbed up behind me and spread my cheeks. He put his cock head at my portal and pushed slowly in, not stopping until he was pressed against me. I would very much have liked to watch him fucking me. He did it slow and hard, occasionally moving side to side. Bert got out of his clothes until naked like us. He even took off his socks, which we hadn't before. His cock was hard when it came out of his briefs.

Charley was a good fuck. His consistency kept my prostate on fire and my anus sending tingles up my spine. Bert came to us and checked my cock.

'Charley's not the only one enjoying this.'

Charley held my hips in his hands and pulled back hard as he thrust inside. He was another who made no change in stride as he approached orgasm. He just stopped inside when it struck. I felt him pulsing. He pushed in and out twice more, slid out, hopped off the table backward.

The moment Bert saw that Charley was cumming, he broke out the oil and prepared himself. No sooner had Mark dropped off the end of the table, he was up and poking my anus.

Bert was bigger than Charley but slid right in where he'd been.

'Let's lie down,' he said.

He did it as he'd done it in the dark of the bathroom a week earlier, slow and deep, a truly great fuck. I came ahead of him and set him off. He was breathing hard when he finished. I was feeling very good. He pulled slowly out and slid off the table. A moment later, as I was putting on my T shirt, he handed me three dollars.

'Almost forgot this, didn't ya.'

I had but wasn't about to admit it. 'Never.'

We walked back toward the cabins together. Georgie joined us.

'Your sidekick, huh?'

'His friend,' countered Georgie, 'and business manager.' He lost the control he thought he had and laughed a bit.

Bert asked, 'How about the others for tomorrow? Meet us at the school at three thirty, same place we went in.'

'The others?' asked Georgie. 'How many others?'

'Four or five.'

By the time Bert arrived the next afternoon with Mark and the key, there were six of them. I knew Georgie, sitting on a bench about thirty feet away, was wondering the same thing as I. Did all six expect to screw me? The most I'd ever taken up my rear in one session was three and none were as big as either Bert or John.

I laughed nervously as I asked the group, 'All of you?'

Bert, ever the spokesman, answered, 'As many as you want. There's eighteen bucks here if you can take it.'

'Can Georgie come in to handle the money?'

Bert laughed. 'Sure. He can fuck you too if he wants.' He laughed again and said to the others as well as to me, 'But he better go first or he won't feel anything.'

'Very funny,' I remarked as I waved Georgie to come join us.

In the clinic, I undressed and asked, 'Who's first?'

They looked at each other. Pinky and Jerry unbuckled their pants and raced to see who could be ready first. Jerry won again and presented his cock for oral lubrication. Georgie presented his hand for the money, got paid and backed off to watch.

Jerry took a while. At one point as he was banging hard into me he whispered into my ear, 'Too damn many people watching.' I touched his cheek. I didn't mind. He felt pretty good in there.

As Jerry climbed off, Pinky asked with the jar of oil in his hand, 'Which do you wanna use with me, you or this?'

He was slim enough and I really liked the feel of his long hard cock in my mouth. Orally lubricating him was yummy but he felt even better up my ass. He reached well past my prostate and was one who didn't just go in and out but up and down, poking all around inside me, exciting every imaginable point. I nearly came before he did.

Mark's fat four and a half incher was next. Once again, he got in a rhythm and stayed with it right to the end.

Steve was naked and ready when Mark pulled out. I said, 'Let me rest for a while.' Steve fucked hard.

Bert was down to his briefs and John out of his shoes. They, as I at that point, expected all would get their turn.

Bert asked, 'Where'd you learn to do this? I know you've done it before.'

'You guys too,' I returned. 'I did it with some kids where I live. What about you?'

'How many kids? How many times?'

'About five or six,' I lied. 'Lots of times.'

'You charge them too?'

'Sure,' a bigger lie. 'Where'd you guys do it?'

'We all go to this boarding school and there's always a couple kids like you.'

'And some teachers,' added Mark grinning.

'Mister Wimpy,' giggled Steve.

'Shit, he can't blow for shit,' remarked Bert. 'Neddy's a lot better than him and how long's be been doing it? A few months?'

I asked, 'How old's Neddy?'

Bert looked at the others. 'Ten?'

'Yeah ten, but he'll be eleven in July,' answered Jerry.

'You gonna give him a birthday present when you get back, Jerr?' asked Mark with a smirk. 'You're fucking him. I know.'

'All right, but you guys are too big. He's still a little kid.'

'Malcolm's not that much bigger and he can take John all the way,' said Bert.

'Okay,' said Jerry, 'but Neddy's just starting. His hole's still little. Wait'll he gets bigger.'

'How many teachers do it?' I asked.

They all laughed. ''Bout half?' tossed out Mark.

'Nah,' said Bert, not that many. Maybe half want to but only about ten, maybe twelve are really doing it.'

'Out of how many?' asked Georgie.

'Sixty, sixty-one.'

'So twelve out of sixty teachers are having sex with boys?' asked Georgie with a grin.

'Easy,' answered Mark. 'They like different things. I'm fucking one and getting sucked off by two others and I think Mr. Wurmser wants me.' He grinned at Pinky.

'Wurmser has too much class to want you. You're fucking that slob Fitz. Christ, does he ever take a bath?'

'You're stupid, Pink He's got a skin condition. Shit, I've showered with him.'

Everyone laughed. Steve remarked, 'Yeah, once a month.' He was massaging his greased cock.

Bert asked me, 'You ready yet?'


Steve climbed up the back of the examination table, pushed my legs apart and moved to my ass. I pulled my cheeks apart forgetting how fast he pushed in. My ass must have been looser this time. He thrust immediately all the way inside but there was no pain this time. Even his hard and fast fucking was more comfortable. After a few strokes, I got used to it and raised my butt to give him more depth and take my stiff prick off the sheet under me before I came.

Steve took a while, punching in, moving me and the sheet toward the end of the table. It was beginning to hurt. He took long enough that Bert came over and rubbed his perineum. I assume he'd done it before because it worked. Steve grunted a few times then groaned once and fired up into me.

Bert plugged me with his mature five inches, going in slow and fucking gently for a while before building up speed and force. His cock was making me go whirlybird inside. I had to breathe hard to keep from cumming. I turned my head to see how Georgie was taking all this and saw John naked and oiling up. Georgie was looking at that big dong and probably wondering how in the world it was going to fit inside my little ass.

Bert gripped my shoulders and rammed in hard about ten times then shot his load up my colon. There was a lot of boy cum up there.

John wanted to get on top of me but I shook my head to that. 'Same way as last time,' I insisted.

He climbed up on the table and lay on his back. Everyone including Georgie crowded around.

'Christ, you guys, how am I supposed to get off with all a you standing around like that?'

'We just wanna watch it go in then we'll go away,' said Bert.

With the head at my pucker, it was again just a matter of going slowly. It took at least a minute to get the head in then I slipped down his post until it hit something. A wiggle of my ass popped it loose. I sat on John's pubic hairs.

'Okay,' he said, 'show's over.'

Everyone but Bert who had to dress went to sit on chairs or the floor. I rose and fell on his shaft then let him fuck up into me.

I leaned over and said in a whisper, 'Squeeze my hand or arm or something just before you cum, not too much before like last time, right before.'

We got into a rhythm, the two of us going in opposite directions. After a while, he gripped my arm. I leaned over and took hold of my cock. We came almost simultaneously.

Even before I pulled on my briefs, I felt the need for a toilet. It was fortunate we were in a medical clinic. I rushed into the bathroom, pulling the door closed behind me as I sat on the toilet. I'd had a sperm enema. It fired out of me along with a gigantic, long wet sounding fart. Laughter came from the other side of the door. Twice after cleaning myself with toilet paper, I had to sit back down to get rid of more.

Georgie asked from outside, 'You okay?'

'Yeah, just a minute,' I answered back.

I turned on the light to see what had come out of me. There was a half sized turd in three pieces and a whole lot of goo. As I flushed it away, I smiled to myself thinking of what effect that would have had on my stomach had I blown them all instead.

'Bet that was the easiest shit you ever had in your life,' remarked Bert as I came out.

Georgie handed me the eighteen dollars as we left the six boys by the basketball court and walked to our favorite bench. I offered him three but he refused. 'You did all the work. Anyhow, I'd have paid to see that. That was incredible. Six kids in less than an hour. You must've shit out a gallon of sperm, and your hole's gotta be big enough for my arm. Shit, if I fucked you now, I wouldn't know whether I was in or out.'

Right after dinner, I took a very horny Georgie down to the grotto and gave him a double blow job.

Friday morning, Larry found us in the breakfast line.

'Hi!' he greeted ebulliently, making me feel guilty he'd been left out all week.

Georgie and I took him with us to the rocks up on the mountain that afternoon. On the way up, I thought over what I would, could tell Larry that wouldn't make him feel any worse than he probably did. There was no doubt the previous year of his love for Barney.

For the first time I could remember, I was sexed out. Georgie didn't show any inclinations in that direction either. Larry was another matter

The three of us sat side by side on top of the rocks looking out over the trees and the roofs of the cabins in the distance below. Larry cuddled up to me and pulled my hand into his crotch. I fondled his hard on.

We went down and pulled out the duffle bag and made love on the soft blanket. Larry's mouth was all over mine as he ran his hands up and down and all over my body and between my legs. The sixty-nine that grew out of that was as gradual and natural as going from a bite of meat to a drink of milk. Larry's high emotion poured into me. I forgot Georgie's presence until, moments after we'd reached orgasm, he touched me on the shoulder and pointed to his hard on. He'd stripped naked unnoticed and was in need of attention.

Later, lying naked side by side on the blanket, in the middle of one of Georgie's discourses on clouds, Larry, gently playing with my soft cock and balls, asked. 'How come Barney didn't come back this year?'

'Washburn. His father's a big deal and made the director refuse to let him and Michael and Harry come back so Washburn could come back and be a master again. But we got rid of him and the director for good. Barney's going to try and contact you when you get home from camp. He really likes you.'

During another pause in Georgie's discourse, I asked Larry, 'Did you find someone back home to do this with too?'

He turned onto his side. 'I can do it better, can't I?'

'Mmm hmm.'

'This guy lives near me. He's in college. I go to his house a lot and we do this with him and another kid. He's eleven like you. They taught me a bunch of stuff.'

Larry was looking into my eyes seductively. He slid up tight against me and put his nearest leg over mine. I raised the arm at my side so he could get closer. Larry kept coming, moving on top of me, his body warming mine which had been cooled by the mountain air, his eyes dropping to my lips. He kissed me gently twice then sucked in my lower lip. I put my arms around him. He put his behind my head and cupped it in his hands. He opened his mouth and sucked on both my lips. I opened mine and pushed my tongue between his teeth. He sucked on it while pulling my face tight to his. We exchanged juices, passing tongues back and forth, sucking each others lips. My cock hardened and slipped between his legs. He closed them tight on it. His erection was pressed against me just above my crotch.

Georgie leaned in and asked Larry, 'Want me to get on top of you?'

Larry pulled one hand from under my head and tugged on Georgie who immediately climbed on top of us, squirming around then pushing his hands under my shoulders. Shortly, I felt the rhythmic movement of him fucking Larry and Larry's stiff cock slipping back and forth against me. Mine was being massaged lightly between his legs.

Larry moved his mouth to my ear then my neck and over to the other ear then back to my neck and up my chin and back to my mouth. I'd never been made love to like that. Larry had had an excellent instructor.

Georgie stopped fucking. Larry patted his butt to keep going. Moments later He sucked hard on my tongue, stretching it until it hurt. He was cumming. He released me and breathed hard into my ear. 'You cum yet?'


He slowly rolled Georgie off then slipped down my body and gave me a short blow job.

I was burning to ask Larry the question but was concerned about doing so with Georgie beside us. I pressed my lips to Larry's ear and whispered, 'Are you like me?'

He turned his head, kissed my lips and shrugged his shoulders.

I laughed quietly. There hadn't been any certainty in my mind at nine either.

Saturday afternoon, I convinced Butch to join us. Georgie emptied the Sea and Ski over me and Butch, then the four of us swam and played together in the pool off and on until nearly four o'clock.

My grandfather arrived at ten thirty Sunday morning. Freddy and I hugged unabashedly and long in front of all those white people. He was dressed in new clothes and shoes and looked like he came from the richest black family in the city. He spoke his white English. I shocked some of my cabin mates and one of the masters when I took him with us to see my cabin. The four of us walked all over. Bert, Pinky and Jerry saw us and laughed.

Georgie and his mother joined us for a picnic lunch on the church lawn. I asked if I could take Freddy up to the mountain. We were told to go ahead. I showed him the rocks place and the duffle bag. 'Wanna?' I asked.

'Nobody's gonna come up here?'

'I don't think so but we could hear them if they did.'

We made love on top of the blanket just as we'd done by our stream then lay against each other naked while we talked. I told him all that had happened. Then he asked in his native tongue, 'How many boys fuckin' you heah?'

'A hundred.'

'C'mon, Maacum. Tell me the truth.'

'Um, Georgie, of course, Bert, Steve, Charley, Pinky, Mark, Jerry, John, uh, Butch and Larry but he's not fucking me. We just suck. How many's that?'

'Ten, Maacum! An' you just almost got yo'self kilt?'

'Nah, he didn't kill anybody. He just wanted us to think he might.'

'How big's those boys fucking you? You felt kinda open back theah.'

'One of 'em's almost like a man. He's like this,' I held my hands a bit less than six inches apart, 'and this.' I made an unclosed circle with my hand.

He shook his head. 'Mines gonna have to grow fasta 'n it's growin' o' I'm not gonna feel anything when you get back.'

I lifted his penis. 'It's growing. Let me see.' I masturbated him to full erection and put my finger against it. 'See, you're bigger. It's past that line on my hand where it was just a couple of months ago.'

Freddy checked it and agreed. 'How about yo's?

'Nah, not yet.'

He sat up and took my balls in his hand and felt them. 'I dunno. I still think these are growin'.'

At three o'clock by his watch, the same one I'd given him for his birthday, we went back down to my grandparents and Georgie and his mother.

My grandfather walked me out the road away from everyone. 'I know you're upset that I don't want the money they offered...'

'That's okay grandpa. You're right. They should have locked him up.'

'And made his father resign from the Senate. He's a disgrace defending a brat like that.'

We talked about my father and what he might ultimately do.

My grandfather said, 'He'll probably accept their money and get on you about being around that sort of thing but if you use your head with him and don't get all excited and lose your temper again, you should be able to work next year instead of coming back here.'

They had to get going at five. Freddy and I hugged again. 'See you in two weeks,' I called out as they left.


July was very hot. Georgie and I swam a lot and showered twice a day. He did it to refresh himself. I did it for the view. I continued interspersing my exercises with the day's activities, though sometimes did them afterwards leaving enough time before dinner for a leisurely shower. I got to calling those afternoon showers beauty shows since naked boy beauty was a main reason for my being there. Georgie often left me alone when he felt I was being too obvious.

Larry and Butch were with us a lot. One afternoon on the mountain, Larry had Butch fuck him. They both loved it. We saw less of them from that day on though Larry did come occasionally for the necking he couldn't get elsewhere.

Bert's group got to me at least once a week and added two more boys, one, Horace, nearly John's size, the other, Carl, thin as a fence rail with a cock not much longer than mine even though he was thirteen and had quite a bush of pubic hair. I felt the hair more than his cock when he fucked me. Horace, the bigger boy seemed cognizant of his size and was very gentle, so gentle that I let him lie on top of me from the second time on.

Bert managed to sneak into my cabin late one night. He pushed his three dollars under my pillow and said, 'I don't know why I'm so damn horny but I just had to come see you.'

It woke up Georgie who looked down then went back to sleep.

Sated, Bert fell asleep on top of me. I enjoyed it for a while then awakened him and sent him on his way. He'd only pulled his pajama bottoms down this time.

Freddy came back with my grandparents on the twenty-seventh of July full of stories about Bobby. The health department had come down on him and shut his operation. However, one of the inspectors was so impressed with the quality of his food that he helped Bobby make the improvements in his kitchen and procedure and arranged for his mother to get the required licenses.

'How'd you know about Bobby?' I asked, sure he'd never seen us together.

'Martin told me when I was at his house.'

'You go to Martin's house?'

'Yeah. I integrated the whole place. Just me.'

'You better be careful around there.'

'Nah, I'm just kidding. I just go to Martin's for lunch a lot. His father's crazy, you know.'

'Just when he drinks.'

'So, is Bobby back in business?'

'I think so. Martin and this kid Steven work for him and I haven't seen them since Thursday.'

We went up to the rocks and did what we always did. Georgie came along but didn't participate, just watched and then listened to us talking about part of the ceiling in our hideout coming down and Douglas' uncle beating on him when he found about what was going on with Brenda.

The next Sunday morning, Master Gorman said hi as we were returning from an early breakfast. Would I stop by his cabin?

I told Georgie I'd see him shortly. We were planning a trip all the way to the Appalachian trail.

At my former cabin, Master Gorman was waiting in the door. He hustled me quickly into his room.

'Thanks for coming. Sit down.' He motioned toward the chair at his desk and sat on his bed. 'Look, Malcolm, I, uh, well, first, I'm not looking to cause you any problems. I'm not going to do anything. The other night, I heard someone go out after lights out and, well, followed him to your cabin. I suppose I shouldn't have but I followed him from outside through the windows and saw him get in bed with somebody and, well, you know. It was you, wasn't it?'

Master Gorman had been the easiest of my two masters, even letting me use his shower once. I'd noticed how he looked at me that day and was guessing what he wanted.

'You're too big for me. It would hurt too much.'

'Oh, no, no, that's not what I want. No, I'd never do anything to hurt you, never. I just wanted to get to know you better and maybe we could do some things together.'

'Like what?' I tried not to sound combative.

'Well, there are other things that just feel good like masturbation.'

'You want me to jerk you off?'

'If you want, or I could do you or we could just talk. Whatever you like.'

He sounded less aggressive than even that counselor at the YMCA who'd sucked me and Louis and stuck his dick between my legs. And, I liked him a little.

'We can do each other if you want.' I'd never done that before and was curious.


'We gotta be quick. My friend and I are going for a hike.'

'Okay. Want to do it over here?'

I went to the bed, opening my pants as I walked. He opened his and pushed them down. He wasn't a whole lot bigger than John but definitely hairier. I sat beside him. He moved close and put his arm around me and took hold of my soft cock with his thumb and three largest fingers. His pinky stuck out like my mother's when she drank tea with her friends.

I wrapped my hand around his hard cock. It was as warm as the inside of my ass. We both masturbated. Mine came up gradually. I was curious about his balls and reached across to feel them. They weighed a lot more than any I'd ever had in my hand. They probably contained a lot of sperm and would make a mess when he came. I wondered what it tasted like. I knew from experience that the more mature a boy was, the less flavorful his cum became. Gorman's probably wasn't very tasty but, then, I'd never tried any this mature. But sucking Gorman's cock would be a real mouth stretcher. I might not be able to get him off. I leaned over like I was adjusting myself and tried to smell him. Either he didn't have any smell there or I didn't get close enough.

What would he think if I asked to blow him, or just started doing it? That was stupid. I liked boys, not men. This guy was a man, a hairy man. I looked at his face. He had hair stubble all over it. I jerked him off.

It didn't take long but he was prepared with a T shirt and caught the cum as it fired out. I'd wanted to watch but he covered the head. I kept my hand on it to feel the strong pulses. He kept working on me but I knew it wouldn't work the way he was doing it. I leaned back to see if that helped. It did but not nearly enough.

'Why don't you suck it?' I suggested.

He was still breathing heavily from his orgasm but got to the floor between my knees and took me in. It was immediately obvious that he'd done this before. His mouth was all over me, sucking in my balls and making my entire cock feel his attention all at once. His beard scratched my thighs and held back my passion. Eventually, though, he got me there and I throbbed inside his mouth. He stopped and shuttled my balls back and forth with his tongue until I was done.

'I gotta go,' I said as I pulled up my pants.

'Where you guys going?'

'Up to the trail.'

'I'm off today, mind if I go with you?'

That could be awkward. Georgie and I would want to do what we always did when we were alone. 'I'll have to ask my friend but we usually just us go together.'

'I could go for a walk if you two wanted to be alone for a while.'

He certainly understood my reticence. 'I'll ask. If I don't come back, that means he didn't want to. Anyhow, we can do this again when you want.'

'Gorman?' asked Georgie when I broached the subject. 'He's one too? There's more sex than swimming here. And he'll leave us along for a while?'

'That's what he said.'

'You want him to come?'

'Whatever you want.'

'Well, whatta you want. He's your lover.'

'No, he's not. You're my lover.'

'Wrong, I'm your fucker. Larry's your lover. Where's Larry? I wanna watch you two go at it again.'

'Wherever Butch is, I suppose. I think he likes straight kids.'

'It's more fun fucking him than you. You're like fucking an old tomato.'

'Jesus, Georgie, do we take Master Gorman or no?'

'I don't care, long as we can do, I can fuck you. Shit! I'm already horny.'

Master Gorman explained masters weren't supposed to go anywhere with kids from another group so he'd meet us part of the way up. I told him how we went. He knew about where it was. 'It'll be my responsibility to find you,' he said.

He met us at the base of the mountain where it became a steep climb. Georgie noticed someone ahead of us.

'Shit, we've got company.'

'We'll just wait until they turn somewhere and go the other way,' I said.

We walked slowly, keeping the three in front of us barely in view. They headed straight for the rocks. The path we were on went well off to the left on a more gradual incline. A look at Georgie told me he was as curious as I. Master Gorman didn't say a word as we headed straight up instead of across.

There came a time when I had to tell him something or he'd make too much noise. There was hardly any wind so we'd be heard shortly.

'There's a place up ahead where kids do things. It's where the ones ahead of us went.'

'You mean between the big rocks?' asked the master. He knew.

'I went there when I was a kid. Mostly they just jerk off in there.'

'That's where Washburn was fucking those kids last year.' As I said it, I realized he may well not have known about that. I was very angry at myself. Georgie stepped on my toe.

We crawled to our observation point, the same one from which we'd watched Washburn fuck Michael. Pants were coming down. I guessed them to be thirteen or fourteen. We finally saw their faces when they sat with their backs to the rock that held up the overhang. I'd seen both around but didn't know either. The nearest one had black hair, light skin and a bush around his stiff five inch cock. The second, a well tanned blonde had his knees up and was playing with himself from below. The third boy appeared, naked. It was a kid from my current cabin named Stanley Wilshire, decent looking but no more than that, still a boy between his legs, not one I spent any time looking at in the showers.

Georgie elbowed my arm. Stanley sat beside them and fondled his hard three inches. The blond stretched out his legs. His cock was hidden inside his hand so it couldn't have been very big. The three of them jerked off slowly.

A few moments later, the biggest boy said something to Stanley. Stanley got up and walked to him. The big boy slid down to almost a prone position. Stanley sat on his crotch. It looked like he had just sat down taking that big cock in him as easily as Mary had taken me. But then he lay back. The big cock was sticking up between his legs. He sat back up again and dripped spit over the cock opening then closing his legs at the same time. He lay back again. The big boy fucked hard up and down. Stanley wet his hand and held the cock tight against his perineum. Minutes later, sperm shot into the air landing all over Stanley's belly. Stanley wiped up some with his hand and jerked off with it, arching his back up high enough we could see the bigger boy's cock from below disappearing between his legs. The blonde wiped up some too and did the same.

After reaching climax, all three stood and cleaned up with toilet paper off a roll. The blonde was a good looking boy with a cock the size of Butch's. I'd have sucked him in a minute.

We retreated and went on our way. Georgie's pants stuck out in front. Mine too. I grabbed Gorman's crotch. He was as hard as we were. But, there was no cover for some time. We just had to persevere.

Georgie didn't want to. 'We gotta find some place to stop.' He was looking all over frantically.

I spotted two large fallen trees lying side by side. We could get between them.

Georgie asked the master, 'Mind if we go away for a few minutes?'

'I suppose so but I'm hot too.'

'Let him come. He isn't gonna say anything. He can look the other way or something.'

Georgie acquiesced. We climbed over and between the huge trunks and found a place where no one could see underneath them. Georgie pulled the blanket from his backpack and we dropped our pants. Without concern for what Gorman saw, I went down on Georgie then lay face down on the blanket. Georgie hopped on and pushed himself inside.

'Ho, boy, I needed this,' said Georgie into my ear. 'I thought Stanley actually took that big thing in his ass. You know those guys?'

'Just Stanley. Go in more.'

'I am. Your hole has just gotten too big.'

He pumped hard. I tightened my sphincter. 'Yeah, like that,' said Georgie.

'Hurry, I can't hold it that way very long.'

Georgie laughed. 'See, that's why I like Larry better.'

'Fuck you.'

Georgie laughed some more.

'Get serious or you'll never cum.'

Georgie got serious, pulling us onto our side a few minutes later to do me then cumming from my orgasmic constrictions.

When I looked, Master Gorman was using dead leaves to clean sperm off his cock head.

It took another forty-five minutes to get to the Appalachian trail. We walked South until we found the same camp site we'd used before. Unfortunately, it was occupied by a Boy Scout troop that was already violating most of the rules regarding its use. Fires glowed in three locations. There was trash everywhere. The two adults with the group were downing warm beer. Georgie counted nine pup tents and two large ones. I saw two shirtless boys, one a real beauty about twelve with black hair and a body out of a muscle magazine.

Georgie saw me looking and pulled me down the path. Master Gorman spotted a grassy area on the left side of the path. It was wet and full of mosquitoes.

I wanted to go back with the Scouts. Georgie dragged me ahead. Fifty yards ahead we found a rock formation with signs of camp fires on top of it. We collected dry wood and had lunch in front of the fire. Georgie was unusually quiet.

As he fit a marshmallow to one of the green sticks the master had collected and sharpened, Georgie asked, 'Why are you guys the way you are?'

I answered, 'It's the way we were born.'

Georgie looked at Master Gorman. 'Nobody knows. Maybe Malcolm's right.'

'I've been this way as long as I can remember. My friend Bobby says the same thing. He's like me.'

Georgie said, 'My mother thinks it's 'cause of your father screwing up as a father.'

'Jesus, Georgie, you told your mother about me?'

'Well, shit, she's that way too.'

'Does she know what we do?'

'No. I don't think so. She just heard how you talked on the phone and, well, you know. I never actually said you were queer or anything, not actually.'

'Your mother's a lesbian?' Gorman asked Georgie.

Georgie nodded yes without looking at the Master.

'You father, uh, we're they married?'

'Don't worry. I'm legitimate,' muttered Georgie.

Gorman looked like he was going to say more then turned to me. 'Your friend Bobby here at camp?'

'Unh uh, back where I live. And, Georgie, Bobby hasn't got a father. So how could he make him a homosexual? And another kid I know,' I was thinking of Martin, 'he's got a really neat father. And I know another kid,' thinking of Victor Cibelli, 'whose father's as big a piece of shit as mine and he's definitely not a homo.'

'I just don't think anybody can be born anyway but normal. It's gotta be something else,' commented Georgie.

Master Gorman swallowed his first marshmallow and spoke. 'Well, Alfred Kinsey and a bunch of scientists are doing studies and they are finding that a certain percentage of men are homosexual no matter where they look, city, country, rich, poor, educated, uneducated. Not only that but it's about the same percentage in all those groups. That suggests maybe it is something you're born with. But Freud says it happens because of problems usually with the father being weak or not around or the mother being too strong and he thinks homosexuals are usually people so in love with themselves that they can't love others very well, or something like that.'

Georgie asked, 'Who's Fred whatever?'

'Freud. He was a psychologist a hundred years ago in Austria. Most psychology today is based at least in part on his work. I'm surprised you've never heard of him.'

'I go to a crappy school.'

'What's your father like, Malcolm.'

'He's a son-of-a-bitch.'


I told him about the war over Freddy and the beatings and restrictions.

'And your mother?'

'She mostly kisses his butt on everything he wants.'

'Does she love him?'

What a question. 'I think she does but I think she's afraid she'll lose him and then she won't have all the shit she has and do all the stuff she likes to do.'

'Does your father love her?'

'I think he loves himself more than anybody. He just wants everything to be his way. He's always going places with her. They're in Europe right now until Labor Day. He never takes me anyplace but church.'

'What religion?'


'You go to Catholic school?'

'Oh, yeah.'

The master blew the fire off his second marshmallow and stared at it for a moment.

Georgie said, 'I think your father fucked you up. I met him, Master Gorman. He really is a nasty son-of-a-bitch. He never said a word to me and I was there for, what, three days?'

'That's right,' I answered. 'Only time he talks to me is "Do this" or "Do that" or because he's pissed off about something. We have never talked about anything unless it was him saying what I gotta do or what I gotta think. He sent me to this priest so he could make me normal and the priest was queer. Anyway, my father's sure not normal except for sex.'

Master Gorman was silent.

'What about your father?' I asked him.

'Hmm. My father was, is, a businessman. He's not a bad guy. I just hardly ever see him. He was around more when I was young but we didn't really do anything together. He took me to a couple of baseball games when I was seven or eight but that was it. He's never hit me or even yelled at me.'

'He ever hug you?' I asked.

'Sort of, when I was little. I remember he used to pick me up when he came back from a trip but then he'd put right back down. He didn't really hug. That's a good question, Malcolm. Your father ever hug you?'

'Yeah,' I laughed. 'when he was trying to beat me or keep me from hitting him.'

'You hit your father?'

'Sure. I got him good in the face once, the balls and I kicked him. I even whacked him in the ribs with a baseball bat. He hurt for a couple weeks after that, the son-of-a-bitch.'

'Good grief! Why'd you do that?'

'He was beating on me. What was I supposed to do, let him?'

'Maybe that was why he was beating you.'

'Uh uh. He always started it. I was gonna kill him with a knife once but didn't.'

'My God, Malcolm. You two ought to go see someone about that before somebody gets seriously hurt.'

'You don't know him. Everything's my fault. If he had a car wreck and I wasn't even there, he'd still blame me somehow. I know he's gonna blame me for this shit with Washburn even though he's gonna get a bunch of money.'

Georgie lowered and shook his head.

The master looked at me for a moment. 'So Washburn's paying everybody off?'

'Please don't ever say I said that. I'll be in big trouble.'

'Don't worry. That explains what they told us. I'm going to tell you but you can't say anything about this to anybody, okay?'


'You're to get anything you want. Nobody's supposed to punish you for anything. If there's a problem, we're supposed to tell the new director but not do anything. You could burn down a cabin and we can't touch you. But, please don't.'

'I won't. I've got credit at the store. I can have anything I want and never have to pay for it. You want something, I can get it for you but my grandfather doesn't want me to take very much. He's angry everybody's taking money and not putting Washburn in jail. Me too.'

Georgie looked away.

'I'm sorry, Georgie, I...'

'Don't worry,' he said, 'I think he oughta go to jail too but my father told me that he might get off if they went to court. He's got some real smart lawyers and they were going to say we were the ones with the sex and Washburn was just trying to stop us. And the judge might be afraid of his father.'

We went on about that and the unfairness of it all until the marshmallows were gone. Then we heard some rustling in the leaves near us. Georgie whispered, 'Snake' and went off with two of the marshmallow sticks.

After a couple hours of chasing snakes and chipmunks and climbing trees, we headed back. The scouts were still there. The shirtless beauty had put on a shirt making it easier for me to pass them by.

We got back just in time for dinner and were the two grungiest boys at the table but, as Master Gorman had predicted, the masters didn't say a word. Herbert Morrison, however, called us pigs. We showered immediately afterwards.

In our pajamas on Georgie's top bunk, I asked him what his father was like.

'He's just a jerk, you know, with all those women.'

'He ever hit you?'

'Couple times, three times but a long time ago, at least a couple years.'

'What for?'

'Well, once, I called my mother something, a bitch I think for something. Yeah, and I beat the shit outta this kid tried to take my wallet right there in his building. Made him bleed. The kid said I started it and cried like a baby so my father believed him. I forget the other one.'

'He use a belt or his hand?'

'Nah, his hand, just a few times. Didn't take my pants off like your dad. Shit, nothing like your dad.'

'You think I'm the way I am 'cause a him beating me?'

'Maybe. He beat you before you started doing this stuff?'

I thought. 'No, I don't think so. No. So it couldn't be that. Actually, he wasn't so bad when I was little. It started with Freddy, I think. He really hates Freddy.'

I lay there thinking. Georgie drifted off to sleep.

I remembered how good it felt that time Carter fucked me when I was six. But I'd been sticking things in my ass as far back as I could remember. The first thing I could remember was a skinny candle I found somewhere and kept hidden in the bottom of my toy box. It smelled terrible. I was constantly worried mother would smell it, then find it, and figure out what I'd been doing with it because of that smell. I tried washing it with a steel wool pad. I must have stuck that candle up my rear a hundred times before it broke. I had to have been less than five when I started. What happened when I was three or four to make me like boys instead of girls? I fell asleep with that question on my mind, then woke up later feeling very cold. It was necessary to awaken Georgie to get us both under the blanket.

Monday afternoon, Georgie supervised me being fucked by five boys including a new one named Melvin. He was only ten but was Mark's little brother and wanted to give it a try. Apparently he had been screwing another ten year old at his boarding school. Bert tried to get me to reduce my price but Georgie felt that would be bad policy and little Melvin had a better than three inch long cock. Mark coached him as he fucked but the boy didn't listen to his brother's counsel to slow down. His frantic thrusting took him to orgasm in less than two minutes. But, he was cute.

Tuesday afternoon, Bert had me back for four including big dick John. Then Bert got horny again and made it five.

Pinky, who had missed both sessions due to being in detention for cussing a master, visited me with Bert late Tuesday night. Then Bert stuck another three dollars under my pillow with Pinky's and climbed in my bed. It really irritated Georgie. I had to go to the bathroom again and get rid of all that liquid and gas so it didn't shoot out into my pajamas. I couldn't understand where all that gas came from after a bunch of boys fucked me but there was always a lot.

In the morning, Georgie said, 'I thought the door was locked at night.'

'Bert's got a key to three cabins including this one.'

'And the school and the nurse's clinic. Why can't he do it over there?'

'He did.'

The so called baseball finals began Wednesday morning. It was the same absurdity as the previous year. We chose different teams each morning. The two trainers did the choosing instead of two kids. I suppose they figured they could put together more balanced teams. They didn't but I was on the winning team. The other group had no pitcher. Even I got a hit and eventually scored. The score was so lopsided everyone lost track.

In the afternoon, we went with Butch and Larry up to the rocks, but, other than a little kissing, we mostly talked and chased after salamanders or whatever those squiggly things were.

Thursday, after a more balanced baseball game we still won but only by two runs, the masters promised medals to the winners of Friday's game. It really depressed the kids on the other team as they saw no real chance of winning. A group of them went to the trainers to protest. It was agreed that new teams would be chosen. So much for playoffs.

Georgie and I went to the pool in the afternoon and to the school after dinner with Bert and two others, including Horace with his John sized cock. It was the second time he'd fucked me and he was gentle and rather enjoyable as before.

The baseball final game, with entirely different teams this time chosen by two of the boys, was fun. I struck out three times but walked once. Best of all, I caught a fly ball, putting a player out, the first time in my life. My team lost. Georgie was one of those who received a medal.

Friday afternoon, eight boys wanted my ass. Fortunately two of those were ten year old Melvin and hairy Carl with the three inch cock, but Charley, John and Bert were among the others. Georgie refused to come in stating that 'This is getting out of hand. You're gonna get hurt and I don't want to be part of it.' He wanted me to make four the limit. I wanted to be able to tell Bobby I took eight in one afternoon. It had to drive him crazy with jealousy.

There was Bert, Jerry, Carl, Melvin, Mark, Charley, John and Pinky, twenty-four dollars worth. They went from smallest, Melvin, to largest, John. We were to take a break whenever I requested one. I got a better look at Melvin. He was a small version of his brother but would one day have a longer cock. His body was better than Georgie's with a neat tummy with deep pelvic grooves and little pecs. His eyes were a dark brown like his brother's and contrasted beautifully with his light brown, almost blonde hair.

I sucked him for a while then lifted off for him to get behind me. 'Keep doing that,' he whispered. I slid back so he could lie down and got to it. His skin was like silk, his perineum slick like polished marble. His little balls were nice and round and fit nicely into my mouth allowing my tongue to run up and down the little mound between his legs. I tried to think how I could get this tyke away from his friends for a session where I could see how he liked a tongue up his ass. Too bad he wasn't in Larry's group.

He squirmed like a trapped salamander as he closed in on his climax and sat up like he'd been zapped with a cattle prod when he came. Jerry was beside us waiting for lubrication. I sensed Melvin could and might well want to go again so I held him in place and leaned over to wet Jerry's ready four inches. Melvin made no attempt to escape. I clamped back down on him as Jerry climbed on my back. I had to guide him in but he did fine on his own from there. Melvin guided my head up and down and came before Jerry.

I let him go so I could get my cock off that sheet and avoid an early orgasm. And I needed to slide forward or my knees were going to break off. There were six more to go. Pinky sat where Melvin had been. I rested on my elbows and sucked his long cock in. I enjoyed sucking him more than any other I'd done. His cock was hard and narrow and long and he had the best tasting cum. Then Jerry came and Pinky switched ends. Hairy Carl wanted to take Pinky's spot beneath my mouth but I couldn't handle digging through a mass of pubic hair to find his little dick.

'Wait a minute, my back hurts,' I told him. He waited. I relaxed and enjoyed Pinky's narrow, long cock poking around inside my rectum.

After Pinky came, I leaned over the side of the table and sucked Carl's dick just long enough to wet it well. His hairs went up my nose. Once on my back, he kept coming out, taking a long time to cum, irritating the remaining four, the bigger cocks, waiting their turn.

I took a break before Bert.

I asked them why they were all in that boarding school. Jerry and Steve, who wasn't there, were orphans unwanted by the rest of their well to do relatives. Each had at least one other sister or brother also in boarding school. Steve's older brother was sixteen and on the senior side of camp.

Mark explained, 'We're a pain in the ass, right, Melvin? And our father's a real asshole.'

My father hates me but I'm not in a boarding school,' I said.

'Then you're lucky,' said Mark glumly. I felt very sad for them both.

The rest were all inconveniences after divorces. They kidded about it but I could feel the sadness behind their remarks. They were worse off than orphans. They had someone who should have been providing them a home but wanted nothing to do with them. They were rejects. My mother cared about me and I had grandparents who would be there immediately if something happened. I wanted to embrace them all. The least I could do was give them good, warm sex.

I moved my ass around for Charley and Bert and hugged his hands. Mark did his own moving. I let John fuck me from behind. It wasn't as bad as it could have been. He was slow and gentle. When he came, he held still until his cock relaxed. I kissed him on the cheek.

After unloading loudly into the clinic toilet, I walked out proudly with twenty-three dollars in my pocket. I'd returned one of Melvin's. Georgie had been waiting nervously outside and seemed relieved when he saw me smiling.

That evening, I told him the sad stories I'd heard there in the clinic.

'People can be real bastards,' he said at the end.

I lay in bed that night thinking about the many boys I'd met at the camp who lived with sad home situations. Why, I wondered, would any loving parent send their child away for two and a half months? It seemed certain that few of the boys here came from the kind of homes that most of the kids in my class enjoyed. Freddy didn't have a father but there was more than enough love for all three children. I couldn't imagine Freddy or his mother wanting to be away from each other for more than a week much less two and a half months.

That led to thoughts about the cause of my homosexuality. If messed up family relations were responsible, how come half the kids at McFarlane weren't homosexual. I needed to discuss it with Master Gorman. He seemed to know a lot about the subject and was homosexual himself. And it would be helpful to learn more about Larry's family. I remembered a bit from discussions the year before but not very clearly.

I saw Butch during morning sports and asked him if he and Larry could join us after lunch for a walk up the mountain. Larry pushed in front of me in the lunch line and grabbed my crotch. 'What time?' he asked.

'One thirty.'

I caught Master Gorman's attention and nodded at him hoping he'd understand I wanted to communicate with him. More than that might have attracted too much attention. Apparently nothing could cause me any problems at that point but there was no sense making it difficult for him.

On the way back to the cabin, he literally bumped into me.

'Can you go with us this afternoon to the mountain? I wanna talk to you.'

'I'd love to. Right now?'

'One thirty at the bottom.'

Georgie and I left the cabin after brushing our teeth. Steve was waiting outside. I turned him down but promised we could do something after dinner.

Butch and Larry met us as we crossed the sports field.

'Master Gorman is up on the path.'

I explained. Butch wasn't too happy about the connection so I told him that we'd jerked off together so he wasn't about to say anything about anybody.

Master Gorman was waiting where he'd met us the last time. He appeared surprised by Butch's presence.

'I just want to talk,' I explained.

'Fine with me,' he answered.

Butch walked up behind the rest of us, apparently still concerned with Master Gorman's presence. Larry was curious about the master and came to gab with me.

'How come that guy is here?' he whispered loud enough for me to hear.

'I want to talk to him.'

'Does he know what we do?'

'Uh huh.'

'Do we have to do it with him?'

'No. Anyhow, we're just gonna talk.'

He was disappointed. 'Then can he leave?'

I hugged him. 'Uh huh.'

We sat on top of the rocks and talked about exactly how far we'd come.

'Point eight miles from the admin. cabin to here,' informed Master Gorman. 'So it's less about a hundred yards from the cabins, still about the same.'

'How do you know that?' asked Georgie.

'We measured it when I was a camper here, about ten years ago. It's one point six miles to the Appalachian Trail.'

I had other questions on my mind. 'Larry, what's your father like?'

'I don't know, normal, why?'

'I wanna see what all our fathers are like. So whatta you mean normal. Does he do things with you?'

'I hardly ever see him. No.'

'Whattabout when you were little?'

'Uh uh. He never did things with me. Said he would but never did.'

'He ever beat you?'

Larry smirked. 'Some.'

'Hard, like with a belt bareass?'

'A few times but mom won't let him anymore. Your father beat you like that? He did, din't he?'

'Uh huh. Why'd your father beat you?'

'Well, once 'cause I broke the television but all I did was turn it on and it didn't work. He wanted to watch some dumb program. And when I went out one day to play with this kid. They don't like me to go out. They say I get plenty of playtime at school but that's a bunch of crap.'

'And what else?

'When I didn't do what he said like eating something, some vegetable. I don't know what it's called.'

Master Gorman asked. 'Does he ever talk to you about anything?'

'No, he's always too busy,' answered Larry.

I asked, 'How old were you the first time he beat you?'

'I don't remember.'

Looking at Master Gorman, I said, 'I started doing stuff when I was about four, maybe three with my fingers. I didn't get beat until I was about seven so that's not it.'

He glanced at Larry then back at me. He asked, 'Do you want to discuss this here or...'

'We're all friends here,' I said. 'Everybody knows I'm a homo.'

Georgie grinned. Butch looked embarrassed.

'If messed up families are the reason people turn homo,' I asked the master, 'then why aren't half the kids in camp homos. Almost everybody here has bad family problems, except like Butch.'

Butch frowned.

I asked, 'Is yours bad too?'

'Not too bad, I suppose, but in a way it's like Larry's except I can go anywhere I want as long as I'm in by bedtime. I don't even have to come home for dinner. The maid leaves it out for me if I'm late. I get beat too but for really stupid stuff like when I dropped a bottle of milk near my father's car but mostly I just get yelled at. But we almost never talk except about being a lawyer or why didn't I get a hundred on a test. Nah, it's not so bad I suppose.'

Master Gorman raised his eyebrows at me and glanced quickly at Butch. I shook my head.

'Butch has a much better family than most of the kids here. You ever talk to Bert and that bunch? I really feel bad for them and none of them are like me so I don't think it's family stuff that makes a guy a homo. I think we're just born this way.'

'I don't think you understood what I said the other day or I didn't say it very clearly. What Freud and some others say is that it is certain aspects of the relationship with your father and mother that do it. If the way they act toward you makes you want to be more like your mother, that could make you homosexual. Which one of your parents do you relate to better? No, that's not putting it right. Which of your parents did you want to be like?'

Georgie said, 'That's right, Malcolm. You never liked your father very much, did you?'

I thought back, trying to remember how I felt about him when I was four and five. Larry's discussion of his father had reminded me of some hits my father had given me when I was very little. I had tried to avoided being near him for fear of them.

'Actually, he did hit me when I was little. I remember I used to try and stay far enough away so he couldn't reach me. I don't ever remember him picking me up or doing anything with me. Mother made him play ball with me once but he only did it for a few minutes then, I think, somebody called him on the telephone. I waited for him to come back outside but he didn't. He's always been a son-of-a-bitch.'

'So, if you wanted to be like somebody, it would have been your mother.'

I stared at the master for a few moments. Everyone else stared at me, waiting for my answer.

'Yeah, probly.' Larry was next to me. I slid my hand over to his and squeezed it. For some reason, I felt like crying. I pulled Larry and me together and hugged him with one arm. Heavy breathing kept the tears at bay. Our sons-of-bitches fathers had made us into faggots.

Georgie spoke of the others and possible differences between me and them. He, Butch and the master went back and forth on it. Larry tugged my arm.

I said, 'We gotta take a pee. We'll be right back.'

We walked silently in the direction Georgie and I had run away from Washburn about that same time the previous year. We found a bare spot beside a large tree and sat down, immediately cuddling each other. A few tears fell down my cheeks. I felt very close to him, like he was my brother or somehow closer. We didn't speak. Our embrace grew tighter until we were holding on as though something terrible would happen if we came apart. Did Larry understand this as well as I?

Finally, I asked him, 'Do you hate your father too?'

'Mmm hmm. But I don't like my mother much either. I wish we could live with somebody like Butch or Barney.'

'Me too.'

We were still there, though side by side, our arms around each other, when Master Gorman came looking some time later.

'We better be getting back or we'll be late for dinner.'

'What time is it?'

'Four fifteen.'

We'd been there under that tree for two hours.

'We can come back tomorrow if you'd like. I can ask Master Nichols to cover for me.'

'No, thanks, I've got visitors tomorrow.'

Lying side by side in our pajamas that evening on the top bunk, Georgie asked me, 'Do you like being what you are or wish you weren't?'

That was easy, 'I wish I was like you. Being queer is just problems. It's fun too but I'd rather be the one on top.' Tears formed and flowed. Georgie pushed his arm under my neck and gripped my far shoulder. I rolled to him and buried my head in his chest. I wasn't concerned about who might have been watching.

It was the topic of my conversation with Freddy as we lay naked on our blanket beneath the same tree that had sheltered Larry and me the day before. We hadn't yet made love.

'But it's the way you are and you ain't gonna change so don't worry about it,' said Freddy holding my arm with his hand. 'We love you. Martin does too and his mama. And you got good friends at school. And your granma and granpa, they really love you a lot. Nobody cares. An' in a few more years, you can tell your father to go fuck hisself and come live with me or your grandaddy or wherever you want.'

'But I don't ever want to look at him again. He treats me like shit because we're friends and I'm queer and he's the one who made me queer, the son-of-a-bitch.'

We lay in silence for a while then Freddy grinned and asked, 'You wanna fuck me instead?'

I kissed his cheek then his mouth. 'No, I...' I turned and embraced him. Most people hated people like me as much as they did Negroes, maybe more. 'I love you, Freddy.'

My best friend didn't say a word, just kissed my cheek and hugged back. There was no sex that afternoon.

Master Gorman and I managed a quiet talk in his room Wednesday evening. That and my subsequent discussion with Georgie only strengthened my belief that my father was responsible for the very homosexuality that he condemned in me. It made going home to him a very difficult matter. I tried to get it off my mind by having all the sex I could, even introducing Butch to the front seat of the old Army truck parked along side the maintenance shed.

Thursday morning, to Georgie's consternation, I virtually offered myself to the best looking boy in our cabin, who also happened to be a smart mouthed bully. He had never bothered us, perhaps due to Georgie's reputation as one who'd fight Goliath if he bothered him and my impressive muscles. Freddy was right about bullies. They tended to be cowards.

It went like this. We were in the shower. Saul, his name, had a partial hard on. I ogled it. He flipped it at me. I backed into him and bumped his crotch with my buns. Saul was also stupid. The idiot thought I was just kidding him. Georgie dragged me away still wet with a towel to my crotch and my ass bare all the way to the cabin. A couple of my former cabin mates went 'Ooooweee' as I passed by.

I did manage to get fucked fourteen times Monday through Thursday evening then Bert and Pinky sneaked in again late and made it sixteen. Carl and Melvin were among them so the actual mathematical value was probably more like fifteen.

Friday afternoon, before I could think about seeking more, Georgie took me up on the mountain and tried to talk sense to me.

'Georgie, you are going to get caught and those lawyers are going to learn about it and that will be the end of everything you did to get Washburn. Worse, they'll tell your father and he'll wanna kill you for being a fag and losing him all that money.'

I took his hands and pressed them in mine. He was right but the sex and the thoughts about it kept me from thinking about having to go home in fifteen days. I was also earning a lot of money. Running away was in the back of my mind and cash would help. I had no real plan on how to do it or where to go, just an overwhelming desire not to be near my father for even a minute.

'I can't go back to him, Georgie, ever. If he touches me, I'll kill him.'

'Shit, Malcolm. You can't even think things like that. Why don't you talk to your grandfather. Anyhow, Gorman could be wrong. Maybe it's like you said, you were just born this way. It's nobody's fault. You don't know.'

'I know and maybe it isn't his fault that I'm a queer but that's not the only thing. I can't do anything right for him. I get the best grades in my class. He doesn't say anything. I go see a friend who happens to be a Negro and he beats the shit outta me. From Friday after school to Monday before school, he locks me in my room except for fucking church, which is just his crap. I'm not supposed to even visit my own grandparents because they are helping Freddy with his schoolwork. He'll probably get all pissed because I called my grandfather about the Washburn thing. It won't matter that he wasn't even there. And then, he'll probly blame the whole thing on me, like I somehow got Washburn all excited and made him fuck those two. I can't stand it anymore.'

'When's school start?'

'Day after Labor day or the next.'

'Maybe you can come home with me until then. I'm going to my mother's so it'll be okay.'

'Thanks, but then what?'

Neither of us had an answer. I confided my thoughts about running away.

'So you have a few hundred dollars. You're eleven. Where are you going to go?'

'I dunno. Maybe with Bobby.'

'Anybody you go with will be in deep shit when they catch you.'

He said 'when' as though it was a foregone conclusion that they would catch me.

'And what're you going to do about school? You don't go to college, what kind of job are you going to get. I'll put up with a lot of shit for that. Anyhow, you're almost twelve. In a little more than four years you'll be sixteen. You can do anything you want, go live with your grandparents. They'll keep you in school. Please don't run away.'

I fell forward and put my arms around his waist. He laid his hands across my back and massaged me. My grandfather wouldn't be back for nine days. I needed to see him before that.

After dinner, I went to the administration cabin and requested to make a phone call. They wanted to make it free. I insisted collect.

'Granpa,' I asked, 'can you come Sunday. I need to talk to you.'

'Is something wrong?'

'Nothing here. I'm just real worried about going home. I don't, I can't...'

'Just take it easy, son. If you want, I'll come tomorrow.'

'No, Sunday's okay.'

'You want me to bring your grandmother and Freddy?'

I thought about that. I really wanted to talk to him but having them with us, like a family, would be good. 'Okay.'

When I got back, Bert was waiting up the walk from the cabin. I noticed him but pretended I didn't and went in to tell Georgie I'd have company Sunday. His parents hadn't come since his mother had in late July. He didn't expect any more visits.

Bert was persistent. He sent one of my cabin mates to ask me to come outside.

'Tell him I'm in bed.'

That didn't really work either. He and Mark came in at eleven and had their way with me. I didn't really mind. I loved Marks' body and his long strokes. And I made six bucks.

The money was hidden in the fabric lining inside my trunk under books I spread across the bottom. I had no idea how much there was but guessed it was approaching three hundred dollars.

Saturday afternoon, feeling better with my grandfather coming the next day, I went up to a spot one of Bert's bunch had found that offered good cover and was well off the path. We carried two blankets, a coke bottle full of cooking oil and stoppered with a wad of wax paper, two small bars of soap, five canteens of water, two rolls of toilet paper and a towel. There were nine boys including Melvin, Carl and one I didn't know plus Georgie who didn't believe my ass could handle it. I agreed to let him check me from the fifth boy on and stop if he insisted. Bert didn't like the interference but was too busy trying to negotiate a group rate to be very concerned about Georgie. I knew they'd all pay so ignored his pleas.

'You are a very hard person, Malcolm,' he said several times.

Business out of the way, he introduced me to the new boy, another thirteen year old named Martin. I grinned.

I had to shit after the sixth boy. I wanted to walk far enough away so they couldn't hear the noise that always came out but urgency prevented it. My ass ached a little from then on but still felt good inside too.

As John, who was number eight, pulled out, I felt victorious, anxious to brag the accomplishment to Bobby. The problem was proof. On the way back down, I asked Bert if he'd get each boy's signature on a note attesting to having fucked me that day.

'You're crazy. Nobody's gonna sign anything like that. Not me either.'

Bobby was going to have to believe the money and Georgie when he eventually came to visit.

Georgie and I took a quick shower, dressed and almost arrived late for dinner, jumping into line as the master in charge was closing the rope across the entryway.

Steve wanted what he didn't get with the others but my ass was too sore to take his rough action. He called me a faggot as he left.

After a quick session in the bushes at the grotto to relax him, Georgie and I went to our park bench where the five of us had sat together the previous year. I felt relaxed, content. The anger and worry over going home didn't press on me very much, even when we sat to discuss what to say to my grandfather the next day.

In bed, I wondered if, through my friends, I could get through whatever my father threw at me over the next year. It was true that in November I turned twelve. That seemed an age when the rules would, or at least should, change somewhat. There were certain kinds of work I would legally be allowed to perform as long as I went to school. It was the year when I expected to see my cock and pubic hair begin to grow, to feel and hear my voice begin to change, to do some serious overall growth. I was strong right then, but by keeping up my regimen of exercise I'd be a lot stronger as well as bigger by the following summer. My father would have to think carefully before trying any physical punishment. I'd already clipped him a few. I knew he'd been hurt by my blows. He knew I wasn't afraid of him and would fight back. Things would be changing.

My only real concern was an attempt to put me in a boarding school like where Bert and his friends were warehoused. That could not be allowed. I would not be taken away from direct contact with Freddy, or the rest of my friends.

By the time my grandfather arrived the next morning, I wasn't so upbeat. Reality had seeped through the euphoria of having had eight cocks up my rear. One of the boys from the ten year old group ran in at ten thirty to tell me I had a visitor. My grandparents had left their home at seven in the morning. Freddy had spent the night.

Freddy and I hugged. He whispered in my ear, 'How's your ass?' and laughed.

'Still dripping sperm from eight yesterday.'

He leaned back and looked me in the eye. I smiled and nodded. He shook his head and laughed some more then, 'I'm gonna be in seventh grade just like you.'

'Yeah, right,' I said facetiously.

'Ask Uncle George. I passed all the tests they gave me at the Department of Education. Aunt Clare set it up. I'm goin' to junior high in a couple weeks. Whatta you think of that?'

I'd brought Georgie along with me so he could be part of the discussion. We walked to a lightly forested area near the maintenance shed and spread the blanket my grandmother had brought.


As we sat, Freddy had my grandmother confirm his academic accomplishments. My grandfather guided the conversation to my reason for wanting the visit.

I explained my concerns and my unwillingness to be locked up on weekends and absolute rejection of a boarding school.

Everyone was silent for a while. Freddy spoke first. He was worried that boarding school was even a consideration. 'He can't do that, can he?' he asked my grandfather.

'He could, but I think Malcolm's mother might put her foot down on that. We talked about it briefly just before she left. She doesn't believe he'd do it but said she'd say no and not permit it.'

'You know about the new door to my bedroom, after my bathroom, right?' I asked.

'You told me.'

'Does he know about the Washburn thing yet?'

'No, all I have is a letter from your mother that they'll be coming in on the train the day after Labor Day and that you should go to your aunt's when you come back to the city. But you can stay with us, and Freddy. Or at Freddy's if you want. Aunt Martha misses you.'

Georgie said, 'Or he can stay with me for a couple days at my house.'

Much as I cared for Georgie, I wanted to be with Freddy, sleep with him by my side. 'I better go back home. I can come see you for Thanksgiving, maybe before, if there's a holiday on Friday or Monday. You can come see me whenever you want.'

Georgie shrugged his shoulders. I was effectively his only real friend. He didn't like anyone very much in his school and, when he was with his mother, lived in an area where there were few children. The monthly weekends with his father were worse. He had to stay in the apartment. I felt terrible for him, guilty that I couldn't be with him more.

'Malcolm, when you called me Friday night, I think you had more on your mind than what you've said.'

His implied question brought the devils out of hiding. Much as I'd tried to rationalize the effect my friends could have in lifting my spirits, giving me the strength to put up with my father's abuses, deep down inside of me, I knew that at the moment of one of his assaults on my life style, I'd rebel.

'I don't want to live with my father any more. He doesn't like me anyway so why can't I just live with you?'

'I was afraid that's what it was. Malcolm, you have got to face reality. For the next few years, Henry Lloyd is in charge of you. You can't run away from that. What you need to do is learn to adapt. Don't get angry every time he does something you don't like. Try to make him at least think you are cooperating with him. Do the chores. Come home on time. Maybe even try to be a little friendly toward him. There's the old saying and it's very true: you catch more bees with honey than vinegar.'

'But I hate him.'

'There's part of the problem. Stop saying that. Forget your hate. Throw it away. It only makes your life more difficult. When he comes home, smile at him, tell him you want to do better. If he asks about Freddy, just say you'll try. He's going to be getting a lot of money thanks to you. It's an opportunity for you to begin a different relationship with him. You've done the right thing by telling what happened to those boys even though you were afraid, very afraid what might happen to you for doing it. You were very brave.'

'I was mad at what they did to me. He'll know that. He helped them.'

'He didn't know what was going on when he did. He probably would have reacted very differently had he known.'

'I don't think so.'

My grandfather sighed. 'Malcolm, your father isn't all bad. He loves your mother. She sees good things in him.'

'Do you?'

'I don't really know him that well.'

'You see? You don't either.'

He frowned. 'Malcolm, you want to solve this problem? Improve your life? You have to change some too. I've got an idea. I challenge you to use your very good brain to tell me two good things about your father.'

I frowned.

'Do it. I'll give you a dollar for each good thing you can say about him.'

Georgie smiled but tried to hide it. He knew there were hundreds of dollars making lumps all over the bottom of my trunk.

'He works hard. He makes a lot of money. There. Gimme two dollars and tell me how that helps me.'

My grandfather grinned and pulled out his wallet. He pulled out three dollars. 'One more.'

I thought, 'He's a good carpenter.'

Three dollars passed into my hand. Georgie broke out laughing.

Freddy asked, 'What?'

Georgie answered, 'Nothing.'

Freddy insisted, 'What?'

Georgie waved him off and tried to straighten his face.

My grandfather asked, 'Did you ever tell your father what nice work he does in his shop?'

'Why? I've always got to clean up the mess he makes. He never does. Just me. And he never makes anything for me like you do, just for himself and mother.'

'You ever ask him to make something for you?'

I thought. 'No. What am I going to ask him for?'

Okay. There's another question. What could you use that he could make in his shop?'

'Hummph. A table for beside my bed but you already did a long time ago.'

'C'mon, Malcolm, something you don't have but would like, would be helpful.'

I thought some more. 'Maybe a bigger desk.'

'Something a bit easier.'

'Gees, granpa. I don't know. Another book shelf.'

'Perfect. Ask him to build you one.'

'He won't.'

'You don't know that. He's got to be happy, even if he doesn't say so, that you're the top student in your class and read a lot.'

'I don't think he cares. All he sees is that I have a nigger for a friend and I'm a faggot.'

'Maybe, but he's soon going to have to accept that your nigger friend is a top student too, right Freddy?' He put his arm around Freddy's shoulder and gave him a hug. 'Freddy got nineties in all those tests he took to get into junior high. He is now in the same grade as you after starting effectively three grades behind. So you better watch out.'

'But if you tell, that'll just make my father mad. He hates Freddy.'

'He hardly knows Freddy. He hates the idea of Freddy, that's all. We've been trying to think of a way for him to get to know him. Maybe then he'll realize his ideas about Negroes are all backward.'

That reminded me of Bert's statement that it wasn't really Freddy and Negroes that bothered my father but his son being a homosexual. It was my greatest fear because there was no solution. I was what I was. Freddy could be hidden but not me. My grandfather saw the increased worry on my face.

My grandfather said, 'You don't think he can, do you. Well, others have, others...'

'That's not it. Freddy's only one thing. What if he hates what I am more than he hates Freddy?'

My grandmother answered, 'Dear, you don't know for sure what you are so how can he?'

'But I do know, granma. I'm a homosexual and I always will be. People like me never change. The ones who said they did are liars. And it might be my father's fault I'm what I am.'

'Please don't ever say that to him, dear. Never. It would upset him terribly.'

'That's why I want to get away from him. He'll never like me even if I ask him to make me a shelf or smile at him or even never see Freddy again. I have to live someplace else. I can't be with him.'

I felt tears well up. 'Granpa, what if he tries to hurt me again and I hurt him, bad. I had a knife the last time. I got scared and put it back but I wanted to use it.'

He looked at the ground for a while. 'I know this is very hard for you, and I agree it isn't fair. Maybe you just have to be more mature than he is. The only suggestion I have is that when you feel yourself getting that angry, run away from him, outside. Get away until you can calm down. Call me if you have to. Go see Freddy or his mother. Talk to someone. Father Lindenhal at the church. You're bigger now. You've made yourself very strong. He knows you're not a little boy any more. But don't you start anything.

'Malcolm, you have to go home and find a way to live in the same house with him for a few years more. There really isn't anything else you can do now.'

'If I run away? Then what? If he tries to hurt me or make me stay in my room all the time like before camp. I know there's nothing you can do about him, Granpa, but I just can't take any more of what he does to me. I just hate him so much.' I had to breathe hard to keep from crying.

'But you've got to try. Just try, Malcolm. Remember, you're going to make him rich. The money is more than you think.'

'He's already rich.'

'No he's not. This camp is difficult for him along with his trips and all. His bank account is usually close to empty. He spends it as fast as he makes it.'

That was a surprise. My assumption had been just the opposite. 'Then why does he go away for two months instead of working all summer? He's always going away.'

'Well, according to your mother, it has something to do with the type of business he's in. Everybody he needs to work with is also away during the summer or so she says.'

'But if he hasn't got any money, why doesn't he save some and just go to Ocean City or Rehoboth Beach or somewhere like everybody else?'

'I have no answer for that.'

'Then why didn't he just let me stay home and work this summer instead of paying for me to come here? I could have made enough to buy all my own stuff for school.'

He just shook his head.

I knew the answer, or thought I did. 'You see? He did it just so I couldn't do what I wanted. I'll bet if I said I wanted to come here, he'd have made me stay there. That proves it. He just does things against me.'

'I doubt that, Malcolm. He bothers me too but I don't think he's that petty. I think he does things like this expensive camp and our expensive school because he believes they are good for you.' He saw me shaking my head. 'That's one of the good things about him you don't want to accept. If you remember, you were in parochial school back in first grade and the moment he had the resources to do it, he put you in a better school. He used to send you to YMCA camp but now he sends you here. This is a lot better than YMCA Camp, isn't it?'

I really didn't want to accept anything good about my father and looked for other reasons he might have had to do what he did, to spend more money on me.

Grandmother brought a lot of food, more than we could eat. After dessert, Freddy, Georgie and I went to the cabin to use the bathroom.

Georgie said, 'You know why I was laughing before?'

Freddie asked, 'Why?'

'Malcolm charges three dollars for a fuck. His grandfather could have fucked him for that.' They both laughed. The very idea bothered me.

'Shut up, Georgie, that's sick!'

Back with my grandparents, Freddy told me the latest news on Bobby. His business was re-opened and doing better than before. He was spending a lot more, according to Martin, to comply with health department regulations but doing okay. Martin and Steven were earning thirty dollars a week between them making deliveries and container pickups.

Had I not gone away, that could have been me making that money, almost as much as I was renting out my lips and behind.

We three boys headed up on the mountain and did what we wanted. Freddy's closeness soothed my frazzled nerves and injected a breath of confidence I'd be able to handle whatever might happen back home.

Late that night in bed with Georgie in my bottom bunk where we'd fallen asleep supposedly reading but really talking about why anal sex felt so good, I felt someone tugging on my shoulder. It wasn't Bert this time but Georgie.

'Lemme fuck you, Malcolm.'

Without a word, I rolled over and pushed off my pajama bottoms. Georgie's were already off. He wet himself and climbed on top of me. I was half asleep most of the time. It was a struggle to remind myself to squeeze my anus. Georgie fucked with spaced hard thrusts, pulling hard on my shoulders with each. My brain gradually focused on reality. By the time he came, I was fully awake and looking around to see if anyone was watching. I was sure there were rumors about us. Everyone seemed to recognize I was at least different and Georgie and I were near constant companions. Seeing the blanket over his buns bobbing up and down over me would only confirm things.

He lay on me long after his hard throbbing had stopped. I thought he had fallen asleep and nudged him.

'I'm awake,' he said in a whisper. 'I'm really gonna miss you.'

I knew he didn't mean my ass.

Monday morning, the footballs were stacked in the middle of the field. The smaller, weaker boys looked at them apprehensively. I was the strongest kid there but far from the most athletic. Little Georgie, who easily weighed twenty pounds less than my ninety-six, could run circles around me. We paired together and he worked on my throwing and receiving.

'Even with all those muscles, you still throw like a girl.'

I caught reasonably well as long as I wasn't moving but when he had me run a short route, the ball bounced off my back.

The trainer made me the center for my team. When everyone wanted to poke his crotch at my proffered rear end, I was moved to guard where I had a modicum of success though more defensively than offensively. I actually stopped a few plays by throwing my body in the way of the oncoming blockers and ball carrier. It was becoming fun. I looked forward to the next morning.

Bert and Steve wanted me at three thirty. In the school clinic, I told Steve he had to promise to fuck slower or I wouldn't do it with him.

'Then what am I paying you for?'

'The same as the others but they don't hurt me.'

'Fucking pansy!'

I said, 'Sorry, Bert, I gotta go.'

'Wait, Malcolm. Steve's kinda right. For three bucks it can hurt a little.'

'For a hundred bucks it can't hurt like he does. I'm not going to do this any more.'

Bert chased me down the hall. 'Look, Malcolm, you made a lot of money with us this summer. You can't just say no more. You got a problem with Steve, not the rest of us.'

I turned to face him. 'Then why'd you take Steve's side?'

'Because, in a way, he's right. So he's a little rough. He's not really hurting you that much and we're paying you a lot of money for something we get for free at school.'

'So you wait a couple weeks and you'll have it for free again.'

I walked out the door swinging it open, leaving Bert to close it. If I didn't have three hundred dollars, I was close. It was enough. And, I'd have more time to spend these last eleven days with Georgie. But Bert was a practical boy if nothing else.

He slipped me a note at dinner time. I read it on the way back to the cabin.

'I'm sorry for talking to you like some whore. We all know you have your problems and need the money. Steve won't come any more but we'd like to see you. We promise to behave like gentlemen. You were great on Friday. No one at our school ever could have done eight at once.'

It was signed by Bert, Jerry, Pinky, Carl, Mark, Horace, John and Charley. I'd only seen Horace once back in July.

The note alone was worth all they had paid for that Friday orgy. Although I expected eventually to have Georgie down, it was evidence of an act Bobby had never even approached.

I took it straight to my trunk and stowed it with the money.

That evening, however, belonged to Georgie. We wandered around where Bert was unlikely to interfere with our privacy and talked about religion and Georgie's theories regarding the various practices. He was still a fan of the Great Spirit.

Tuesday afternoon, Bert was outside his cabin watching for me when we completed a double run around the main camp area. Bert came to the shower with us.

'Is everything okay between us now?'

I nodded.

'Can some of us see you after dinner at the school?'

I nodded again.

'How many?'


'Me and Mark, maybe Melvin if he can get out, Pinky...'

'Just those. I can do the rest tomorrow.'

'If Jerry wants to come in place of Melvin, that okay?'


Jerry came with Melvin but he was small, about Butch's and Martin's size so I let it pass. When Mark was done, Bert had him take Melvin back to his cabin. Then after Pinky was done, he took him and Jerry, who screwed me first, to the door saying he needed to talk to me about something. We were alone when Bert finally fucked me. He was very passionate, very slow.

'You are really a great kid, Malcolm.' He kissed me on the cheek. 'You know how to do it on your back with your legs up?'

'Un huh. Just keep doing it slow.'

He pulled out and watched me turn over. Before I could put my legs up, he put his hand on my abdomen and ran it slowly down to my crotch. He looked very nervous. He lay beside me.

'Please never tell anybody about this, nobody, not Georgie, nobody.'

I immediately had no doubt what his secret was. He wasn't really my type at all. I liked the softer, smoother, less physically mature boys. Bert even had a few hairs sprouting inside his ass cheeks and under his arms. But we'd been together so much, and he seemed in such great need, and so vulnerable letting me in on his great secret he'd probably never told anyone in his life.

I rolled to him, put my arms around his neck and pressed my mouth to his. His arms went around me, tentatively at first, then gently embracing. He was nervous, cautious, apparently unsure of what the limits might be. I sucked in his lower then upper lip. His breathing became erratic. He pulled his mouth away and put his head on my shoulder. I felt wetness on my shoulder. At first I thought it was saliva but quickly realized he was crying. He began sobbing and holding me tightly.

'I'm sorry, Malcolm, sorry.'

My heart melted though I had no idea what he was crying about. I put my hand behind his head and held him. He kissed my cheek then returned to my mouth but couldn't control his sobbing and put his head back on my shoulder.

'Shit, this is so stupid, I'm sorry. I, I've just, just never done this before.' His words were disjointed, spaced between sobs. I didn't know whether he was talking about the lovemaking or the crying. I wanted to help but had no idea what to do or say so I just held him and waited.

He took a couple of deep breaths and tried to kiss again. His eyes were closed, his lashes and cheeks wet with tears. I pushed my tongue between his teeth. He opened up and ran his tongue about mine. Twice, he sobbed deeply, opening his mouth to gulp air each time. I wanted to pull him on top of me but the table was too narrow. His hand slipped from around my neck and worked its way hesitantly down my side to my hip, between us to my belly then down. I backed off so his hand could get to my erection. He touched it lightly, gradually wrapping his fingers around it then pushing further down to my testicles.

He moved his mouth to my ear. 'Malcolm, can I suck you?'

'Why don't you wash yours off and we can do it together.'

He kissed me softly twice, started to get up then leaned back and kissed me again.

I followed him into the bathroom and put my arms around his waist while he washed the oil and residue from inside my rectum off his stiff cock with soap and water. We walked back to the table hand in hand.

I told him to get up first then kissed him on the lips before climbing on top of him end to end, my crotch over his face, his hairy cock in front of mine. He sucked me in first and moved my cock around inside his mouth. I went down on him. I'd never sucked him before. I immediately liked the larger head and hard, thick shaft. I sucked up and down, softly since he seemed so close.

He let go of mine and asked, 'Can I get on top?'

It took some maneuvering on the narrow examination table. The sheet fell on the floor putting my back against the less slippery leather. He went down on me, right past my balls. I had to push his hips up to get his penis back in my mouth and hold them there so his cock wouldn't gag me. He was far too tied up mentally with my cock to realize how uncomfortable I was. Finally, I couldn't hold him any longer and pushed him on his side. I think he finally caught on to my problem. His initial clumsiness with my peter was little by little replaced with a more consistent sucking that brought me closer and closer to my climax. I sucked harder on him. He grunted, stiffened and came within a few seconds. The sperm that shot into my mouth was less tasty than that of Pinky but certainly wasn't unpleasant. The great volume forced me to swallow most of it. I came as he was eking out the last drops.

We stayed like that for several minutes. I let go first. It was dark outside. He sucked a few times then sat up.

He looked at me and said, 'Thanks, Malcolm. I'm sorry for the way I acted. I don't know why...' He shook his head.

'You've never done this before?' I asked.

He shook his head again.

'Why not?'

'You know how they talk about people like us. In my school, the queers are treated like shit. Most of them get fucked or have to suck anybody who wants it. You saw how Steve is. There are kids just like him who are a lot bigger and they do it to kids your size and there's nothing they can do about it. They're not like you. Shit, you're not afraid of anybody. This whole camp tried to screw you and you got the director fired. You are such a neat kid. I've always been afraid to trust anybody but I knew almost from the start that I could trust you. Then I saw you take eight kids up your ass last Friday and, I mean, that had to hurt some and you just smiled and did some more. And yesterday with Steve? Shit, I've never seen a queer ever stand up to him. They're all afraid of him. You are the toughest kid I've ever met. I knew I could trust you. Nobody could make you tell anything about anybody.'

'I told on Washburn.'

'Yeah, 'cause you were right. And you weren't afraid of his father. You gave 'em all the finger. Jesus, you are a neat kid.'

I could have listened to that all night. No one had ever used praise to come on to me. And I had no doubt he was being sincere. He was the leader of a group that included some pretty rough, mean kids all of whom deferred to him. Steve was almost certainly stronger than Bert but he obviously told him to step back and let the others have something he wanted as much as they and would certainly resent not having. Who would ever have thought Bert was a queer like me?

He wanted to talk but it was very close to eight. We had to get back. I suggested he go up on the mountain with Georgie and me tomorrow.

'Please don't say anything to Georgie.'

'Georgie's just like me for trust. You can trust him. He knows a lot of stuff and he never says anything. Meet us on the trail at the back of the baseball field at three thirty. I won't say anything.'

'Wait, you promised the others.'

'Tell them Thursday.'

Bert didn't show up.

Georgie enjoyed a great walk and discussion of what kind of government would be best for the U.S. Georgie was for making Harry Truman king and not bothering with the next election. He didn't trust anybody military.

Bert did show up as we came back from dinner. He apologized and asked if we could go some place private like the school, Georgie with us.

Inside, I waited for him to say or do something. He did something, kissed me long and deep then stood there looking at Georgie. Georgie was confused.


Bert kissed me again.

'Am I supposed to guess something like on that TV show?'

Bert sighed and put hand on my crotch and rubbed up and down.

'Shit. You too?'

'Mmm hmm,' answered Bert.

'So what now?'

Bert was disappointed Georgie wasn't more surprised.

'I told you,' I said to Bert. 'He doesn't care. And he won't say anything if you tell him not to.'

Georgie said, 'I wouldn't anyhow. Nobody would believe me. But I can see it now. I'll bet you don't fuck bigger kids.'

It was Bert's turn to be confused.

'Yeah. Some guys like bigger kids and men, some like 'em smaller. Malcolm likes boys bigger than him. You like them smaller, right?'

'I like Mark. He's kind of big.'

'Who do you like more, Mark or his little brother?'

Bert put his arms around me. 'Melvin.'

Georgie held his hands out and bowed. 'You two are different, not all the way, but different. And listen to how you talk and how you act. We know a man who likes boys, and Washburn. They act normal. Malcolm and kids who like 'em older, they act like girls. Different.'

I was thinking Georgie was a genius and wished Master Gorman was there to hear what he said. Martin and Bobby popped into my mind. Bobby liked older and acted like me. Martin liked Steven and acted like Bert and Master Gorman, normal. Georgie was a genius! But I liked Melvin and Steven too.

'I like Melvin too.'

'Who do you like more, Mark or Melvin?'


He bowed again.

'Hey,' I said, 'I like you.'

'Who do you like better for sex, me or Mark?'

'Okay but I still like you, I kinda love you.'

'Okay, now think about this before you answer. You love Freddy like a brother. Forget that and just think sex. Who would you rather have fuck you, Freddy, or Mark, or Charley?' He knew I thought Charley was gorgeous, which he was.

I thought. I couldn't separate my feelings for Freddy from sexual desire for anyone. 'Freddy.'

'Okay, so that doesn't work. But you get my point. You like bigger dicks than Bert.'

I felt Bert's dick hard against my backside. He may just have wanted to talk but the talk brought another desire. I reached back and squeezed him.

'Georgie said, 'Now I gotta watch you two?'

'You can have two blow jobs.'

Bert wanted to suck me then fuck me. It would have worked better in reverse but I appreciated his situation. After a week and a half, he'd be back to playing the straight guy. I sucked Georgie while Bert fucked me. I refused his money.

Thursday and Friday were orgy days. I went through all of them over the two afternoons

Saturday after lunch, Georgie, Butch, Larry, and I went up to the place where I'd done the eight. We roasted marshmallows until Larry became affectionate and captured my full attention. Butch and Georgie sat back and talked about who knows what while the two of us made love in front of them.

On the way down to camp, Georgie said, 'We used to talk more.' He was serious.

I spent the evening with him wandering out the entrance road and back in the dark. We discussed his theory about the differences among homosexuals. I suggested we see if we could talk it over with Master Gorman.

My grandparents and Freddy showed up at eleven fifteen. We invited Butch and Larry to eat with us but up on the mountain after my grandparents said they could make the trek. Georgie liked the idea probably because their presence would prevent any sex. We made it all the way to the top of the rocks and ate ourselves full of tuna salad, BLT and ham and cheese sandwiches, potato chips, apples, chocolate cake and no longer cold milk we bought from the camp store.

It was my last Sunday at camp. Friday, I was supposed to take the bus home but my grandfather informed me he'd be around to pick me up no later than ten thirty. Butch could come too. He wrote down his home phone number to call and arrange permission.

The talk of our imminent departure made Larry very sad. Butch noticed and sat beside him. I looked at Georgie. He didn't look very happy either. I expected to pull Butch into our group with Martin and Bobby. Georgie and Larry would have no one.

That night as I lay beside him, I reassessed my life compared to Georgie and Larry. I had a far worse father than they but friends to lean on. Maybe there was a way to survive with my father, using some of the strategies suggested by my grandfather. I hugged Georgie who had fallen asleep. He stirred and flopped his arm over me. I kissed his cheek and promised to myself to find ways for him to visit me as often as possible, even if I had to buy his train ticket. And he had to get most of my time during those final four days.

My football blocking skills were improving. The quicker boys had no trouble getting around me on the outside but in the middle of the line where the trainers had me, my strength and determination reaped results. We were playing two hand touch. I doubt I actually stopped more than a few runners during the entire three weeks of football but by ramming into the side of the line the other team was trying to run, I fouled up things sufficiently that we were able to stop many plays in the other team's backfield. I was quite proud of myself and looked forward to the games at school I'd generally watched from the sidelines.

Bert came to me at lunch and asked to make a schedule for those last four days. Everyone wanted at least one more crack at my crack, including big Horace. Georgie insisted it would be once each and no more.

We settled on four sessions, that and Wednesday afternoons and Tuesday and Thursday evenings, all in the school.

Steve was waiting at the school door when I arrived at three twenty.

'Look, Malcolm, if I promise what you want, can I come in?'

There was more self interest than apology in his words. Nonetheless, I hooked his arm and took him in with me. Bert had Horace and Carl with him. Little dick, hairy Carl wanted to be blown. Steve, well browned at the end of the summer except for that white swath in the middle of his body, wanted a little lip action before oiling up. I'd never tasted his cum and wanted to.

I pulled his head to me and whispered, 'Let me suck you all the way this time and you can fuck me tomorrow or Wednesday. I won't charge for this.'

'Okay but you gotta tell Bert.' Hardass Steve was being very correct for a change.

He leaned back on his arms. I went down on his four and a half inches. As I did with Carl, I put my hand over his bush and sucked and twirled and tongued. He tried to lie back but the table was too short. His stomach went in and out with his lungs. I slipped one hand to his balls and massaged them gently between my fingers. Remembering the effect of Bert's fingers between Steve's legs, I reached in to his perineum. It was still hairless and bulging. I let my fingers go to his pucker. He seemed to squeak. His thighs hardened. His cock bloated. He shot waves of semi-sweet cum into my mouth. I couldn't imagine John or Horace would have any more.

Horace was already behind me fingering my hole when Steve unloaded. He didn't wait for Steve to get down before moving in behind me. He felt thicker this time, perhaps because he was the first one in.

Bert got everyone out before his turn. He wanted to neck before sticking me and, rather than beating me off at the end, gave me a blow job while I ministered to Georgie. I took his money this time.

That evening, Georgie and I took another walk out the entry road. He talked about camp food but I could hear the sadness in his voice.

Tuesday afternoon, we went to the rocks with Butch and Larry.

Larry and I tried to suck Georgie at the same time while Butch plumbed Larry's backside but were trying to tongue each more than Georgie. It was a miserable failure. I finished him off and enjoyed those hard throbs of his orgasm.

That evening, I had Melvin and Mark along with Steve and John, or, more correctly, they had me. Beautiful little Melvin insisted on trying my rear and feigned an orgasm I know he didn't achieve. Mark, on the other hand, did get off after giving me his best fuck yet, making me cum. I had to take a fifteen minute break before the next big cock went into my briefly tight hole. John pushed his big prong inside me clear to my colon then waited a few moments.

'Since this is the last time and you can't raise your price, I just wanted to tell you you've got the nicest hole I've ever been in and there's been at least a dozen since I was eight.'

I pulled his ear down to my lips. 'The truth. Anybody ever fuck you?'

'Don't ever repeat this but another kid did when I was nine but just a few times. I did him too.'

'You like it?'

He laughed softly. 'Yeah, but I was just nine like I said.' I wasn't sure what that was supposed to mean.

His cock pulled out to the tip and slowly bulled its way back in. I pulled his ear back down.

'You feel the best of all of them but don't you say anything either.'

He made me feel great again.

Steve went last, fucking me slow and gentle as promised. I pushed my ass up at him so get as much cock inside as possible. He gripped my hips and moved his ass side to side and he pumped into me. I pushed my hand to my cock to be ready.

'Can I go in just a little harder?' he asked.

I nodded.

He kept to the same pace but put more muscle into the end of each thrust. It made me throb wonderfully inside. He shivered then a moment later stiffened and throbbed, squirting those great gobs of cum into me. I tweaked my dick and got off myself.

Bert made no try for me. When I asked why, he said three big ones were enough for one day. I pulled him back inside the clinic as we left and kissed him right to his tonsils.

Georgie hadn't gone to the school with me. He'd said he didn't want to watch it any more. I got back as quickly as possible. We had over an hour so went to our favorite park bench and talked about getting together over the next nine months.

'When's your first holiday?' I asked him.

'I've been thinking about that. We've got two three day weekends then Thanksgiving then Christmas. Columbus Day is October twelfth, which is a Sunday, but we'll be out on Monday the thirteenth for that. We're supposed to get Veteran's day, which will be the second weekend in November. So that's three times we can get together before Christmas.'

'Okay, let's promise we'll visit each other those times. I'll see what my father's like when he comes next week and I'll call you. You talk to your mother and make sure you won't have to see your father on any of those.'

'Don't worry. He doesn't really care if I come or not. He just does it to piss off mom. If I have to I can tell mom I'm visiting him. She won't know and he'll say okay.'

I hugged him.

'C'mon, Malcolm, don't go getting all mushy. We still got three days, two and a half, almost.'

Wednesday morning after football, I sneaked away from basketball with Georgie and went for a slow run. He was getting to where he could keep up with me the entire route. We went to the showers carrying fresh clothes and towels. There was no one else there. I convinced him to let me wash him. He was so small compared to me at that point. I felt brotherly toward him, responsible. I would have to do whatever was necessary to get him down to my city as often as possible even if it meant housing him with Martin or Bobby. Going to his place might be difficult if not impossible.

We spent the three hours after dinner outside the entry road in a tree we found climbable and comfortable. We talked more about our families, Bobby's business that Freddy had discussed, how crappy Georgie's school was and why I liked to get fucked so much.

'It just feels good and I like to feel and see all those neat bodies and all those neat bodies and dicks. Tomorrow, Charley's coming. He is so beautiful and fucks so great. I wish he lived near us.'

'I think,' said Georgie seriously, 'you're gonna mess up your rectum or get some disease. I'll bet if a doctor checked it he'd find scrapes and cuts and all kinds of broken things inside. But the kind of doctor you really need is a psychiatrist to see why you always want so many dicks in you.'

'What if you could have eight different girls in one day?'

'That'll never happen.'

'But what if you could?'

He frowned, but pensively. 'I don't know. It's not the same. Girls aren't like that.'

'Okay, but if they were?'

'It's still different. Girls can't fuck me, well, they can but I'd have to cum each time because I'm putting something in them instead of them putting something in me. With boys, they cum in you. You don't have to cum when they fuck you. It's all different.'

'You could stick your finger and your tongue inside them. The kids in my school say they do that. What if you could do that with eight girls.'

Georgie laughed. 'And they paid me?'

'Tsk, Georgie, be serious.'

'All right. Eight girls, pretty girls. I suppose so but they'd never do it. Girls aren't that way.'

'Hmmm. I'd like to watch eight boys fucking eight girls,' I said, 'That'd be neat.'

Wednesday afternoon, I finished off Bert's group with Jerry, Pinky and Charley. I insisted everyone do it naked and at least try it from the front. My goal was to watch beautiful Charley's cock sliding in and out of me and his magnificent torso while he did it.

Jerry was not only game, he really got into it, bouncing his skinny hips up and down, dripping sweat from his brow before he finally came.

Pinky, bless him, wanted a blow job, standing up as we'd done it that first time back in June with me sitting and him standing on the toilet seat in the cabin bathroom. I sat on a little short stool at the foot of the examination table and Pinky leaned over me with his hands on the leather padding. He pumped and I held onto his hips and sucked. He bounced up and down on his toes as he pumped his delicious juice into my mouth. It would have been nice to bottle that like Bobby did his soups.

Charley flashed his blue eyes at me and asked me to stay where I was for a few minutes and blow him. As he got close, I noticed a handful of soft, fluffy hairs growing out at the base of his cock, his first pubic hairs, fortunately at the end rather than the beginning of the summer. I ran my hand down those magnificent pelvic grooves and lifted his cock and balls. First, I sucked on those two plump cherries and massaged the insides of his thighs. I ran my tongue up and down the soft underside of his cock then closed my lips around the head of his cock. He leaned over as had Pinky, supporting himself with extended arms on the examination table. I ran my hands around to his muscular buns and pulled him back and forth, in and out of my mouth. He touched the back of my head with his hand but just held it there gently. I would have really loved to taste his sperm but wanted more to watch him fuck me. After a few moments, I let go and got on my back on the table.

He oiled up his cock. I pulled my legs up and presented my anus. With his tongue between his teeth and his blonde head near my face, he pressed his cockhead against my pucker and pushed forward. I watched it pop inside then the shaft disappear slowly behind it. He pushed against then past my prostate. His bare crotch lay against me. He dug his toes into the leather of the table and pulled out until the head pulled at the flesh around my hole. He dropped his hips down and slipped back in. His abdominal muscles flexed, his pelvic V stood out. The view was incredible. My hard little cock was pointed at my navel.

All I could see of his face was the tip of his nose and his tongue, still stuck out between his teeth. With each thrust, his cockhead nosed down inside me, not just hitting but massaging my sweet spot and pushing my rectum up and down. The feeling of movement spread the great feeling throughout my groin. When he pulled out, I could see his thigh muscles flexing. He looked up at me, smiling with his baby blues, and said, 'This is hard work.'

Just don't stop, I thought.

He adjusted forward forcing my hips higher. I pulled my legs tight against my sides. He fucked harder, banging me down into the table with each powerful thrust. His chest was heaving. I wanted to caress it but had to hold on to my legs. He went, 'mmmph, mmmph' time and again then made a short groan and rammed hard into me. The pulsing was strong. I could almost feel the sperm shooting into me. I grabbed my cock and went up and down three times. My head spun as I shook with my own orgasm. Charley fell to his knees, dragging my rear down with him. I let go of my legs and grabbed his ass, holding him inside.

We grinned at each other. Sweat matted some of his blond hair to his forehead. Even his neck was damp. He pulled out of me and slid down to the floor. For some unknown reason, something instinctual I suppose, I followed him off the end, lifted his left arm and licked the salt sweat from his underarm. He shrugged his shoulders at the others and offered the other. I obliged and hugged him. He hugged back briefly then washed up at the sink in the bathroom while I dropped his load into the john.

They left eight dollars on the instrument table. I took a last look at the room where I'd had so much wonderful sex and left to find Georgie. Bert came rushing in the school door as I walked down the hall.

'You got time for me?'

He wanted to do a sixty-nine. After some tongue to tongue, we lay side by side on the examination table and sucked each other to fruition. I had just come ten minutes before so he had to keep working a few minutes after filling my mouth with his ejaculation.

'Can I come tomorrow night after lights out?'

It seemed okay though I thought we'd do it on the floor so Georgie wouldn't know.

Thursday afternoon, Georgie and I skipped out of volleyball and went up to the rocks. We got naked and enjoyed the air on our skin while we discussed the value of school and changes that needed to be made. It wasn't really a discussion since Georgie did most of the talking. I was happy to listen and watch his tough little body as he walked back and forth.

At one point, he stopped and asked, 'We can get like this down by your stream, right?'

'Un huh but there's not much sun 'cause of all the trees.'

He nodded and went on about how even little kids should be taught about politics so they could talk to their parents and keep them from electing military presidents. I had no idea what he had against General Eisenhower.

We never took advantage of our nudity to unite bodies that afternoon. A couple of times we sat together and I hugged him to me, even kissed his cheek but it never got beyond that. Just before we left, fully clothed again, Georgie hugged me very tightly for at least a full minute. I noticed I could see across the top of his head.

That night, Butch came by and called me out front of the cabin to tell me his mother had called and given permission for him to come home with us in the morning. When he said, 'in the morning', I realized my time with Georgie was getting very short. We'd been reading to one another out of Stanley's books. I ran back in and got into my pajamas. He watched me and quickly did the same. Somewhere in the back of my head was a fear I'd never see him again.

We got under the covers in my bottom bunk, the last time we'd be doing that, and read to each other until lights out. Ignoring the eyes of others, I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him full on the mouth. He let me for maybe ten seconds then turned his head and embraced me too.

'Don't you dare forget to call me Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest, okay?'

'I will call you. I promise, cross my heart. I love you.'

'Me too.'

I can't imagine our master not getting the wrong idea about Georgie when he saw us like that as he must have. We were quickly asleep. When Bert awakened me at sometime after eleven, I was still wrapped around Georgie.

He pulled the blanket and pillow off my bunk and led me by the hand to the bathroom. He was in his pajamas and slippers. I wasn't entirely awake and nearly stumbled and fell halfway there, falling against a bunk, waking myself up.

Bert closed the door quietly putting us into pitch black.

'Take off your pajamas,' he whispered.

I did. When he pulled me down to him, he too was completely naked. We kissed for a while. I was still a bit groggy so probably wasn't the best of lovers. Bert slipped down me, licking as he went and sucked on my peter for a while though not taking me all the way. I heard a jar being opened. I was going to be fucked.

He rolled me over gently and got on top of me. I felt his oily finger seek out my hole and then his cock head press against it. There was the sound of toilet paper against fingers then he lay full on me, his hands over my shoulders, and nudged his cock head inside my anus. He took my head in his hands and turned me to the side. His lips found mine. His tongue went into my mouth as his dick slipped up inside me. I sucked on his tongue as he pushed past my prostate.

He kissed and caressed my hair and face as he pumped lazily into me.

The bathroom door opened and the light came on. I was blinded and frightened.

A small voice said, 'Christ!' The light went out. 'Sorry. I just gotta pee.'

There was the sound of pee going into the long urinal then bare feet going to the door and out. The door was closed. I had no idea who it was.

Bert continued fucking and kissing and caressing as though nothing had happened. It took him at least ten minutes to cum. He grunted into my mouth and shook a little then pulsed inside of me.

We lay like that for a while then he said, 'You're not coming back next year, are you?'

'I don't think so.'

'I'm gonna miss you a lot. You're the neatest kid I've ever met.'

I caressed his face.

'You've got the greatest ass, too,' he added with a short laugh. 'I'm gonna miss it too.'

'You've got plenty at your school.'

'They're a bunch of pansies. You're a real boy.'

He pumped into me a few times, sighed, and pulled slowly out.

'You see who it was?' he asked.

'Unh uh.'

'Didn't seem to be a big deal to him. Wasn't Georgie, was it?'

'Unh uh.'

He pulled me into his lap and hugged me. 'I'm really gonna miss you. I mean it.'

'Me too.'


'Yeah. You're kinda neat too. Got all those kids doing whatever you say.'

'It's because they're wimps, even Steve.'

'Maybe you'll be president one day.'


We hugged and kissed. I found my pajamas and dressed. We hugged and kissed again. He left. I went back to bed. Georgie put his arms around me when I got back in.

Friday morning, everyone packed, exchanged telephone numbers and addresses. I watched for someone to look at me with a knowing expression but no one did. One of those kids knew a lot more about me than most others but he was, at least then, keeping it to himself.

Larry came by and made sure I had his address and phone number in Cincinnati. I doubted I'd ever see him again but planned to call or write or both.

Master Gorman gave me a pat on the head and said goodbye.

I walked with Georgie to his bus, carrying two of his three suitcases. We hadn't said much to each other all morning. Two of the younger masters loaded the suitcases onto the bus. A few of the kids from our cabin and a couple from Bert's said goodbye. The next to smallest boy from our cabin, a skinny kid who'd been in the academic program and studied a lot, came up to us, smiled and winked.

'What?' asked Georgie.

'I'll never tell.'

I smiled back and said, 'Thanks.'

Georgie asked again, 'What?'

He got on Georgie's bus and sat by a window on our side. I pointed at Georgie and nodded affirmatively. I motioned he should save a seat for Georgie. He nodded understanding.

'Ask him when you get on.'

I hugged him and said, 'I promise I'll call you, no matter what.'

'You better.'

He left. He and the other boy waved from the window. They talked. Georgie looked out at me and shook his head. They both laughed.

Butch and I were two of only about a dozen boys when my grandfather arrived at eleven. Freddy helped me load my and Butch's trunks on the roof rack of my grandfather's Chrysler.

The three of us sat in the back and gabbed all the way home.

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