Seed Brothers

by Michael Stevens

Chapter 3

Jonathan knew there might be a few awkward moments after his second Showing. Not everyone in his high school was part of the congregation, but there were a few. The boys, especially the younger ones, looked at him with awe and envy. The girls his age got all flirty, and he was ok with that. But it was the reaction of the older women that he found so disconcerting. They would hug him and sometimes stroked his butt, and one even found a way to squeeze his crotch.

Early in the week he had made it a point to get down to the gym to see Coach. Jonathan had felt a level of intimacy with him that went beyond the Brotherhood, and he wanted to make sure of it. Jonathan found him in the locker room just at the end of class when the boys were showering. Coach greeted him warmly "Jonathan! It's good to see you. I've been thinking about you all week. Have you recovered from your Showing?" Jonathan had, in fact stayed home from school on Monday. He slept all day, but was ready to go on Tuesday.

"I was exhausted, but I'm ok now. I want to thank you for the extra, um, attention you showed me. You were very helpful to my donation."

"Jonathan, the pleasure was almost all mine." he said, winking. He pulled Jonathan into an empty locker bay and pressed him against the cold metal. With his body heavy against him he took a handful of Jonathan's crotch while pressing his own against Jonathan's thigh. "I think we will need to have a counseling session soon, don't you?" Coach said quietly, but he didn't wait for an answer. He gave Jonathan one more squeeze and went towards the source of some locker room noise. Such sessions were not unusual between older and younger Brothers. Some of them were actual counseling but Jonathan didn't think there would be a lot of conversation with Coach. He had felt Coach's hard penis against his leg.

On his way to study hall, Jonathan finally met up with Mrs Weston. She seemed genuinely happy to see him, and not in the flirty way other women had greeted him. She just hugged him and smiled, "Jonathan, if I hear your name mentioned in my house one more time I'm just going to go crazy! Andy has talked of nothing else all week. You have become a god to him. WWJD now means 'What would Jonathan do.'"

"He's quite a little guy" Jonathan replied. "I've seen him around the congregation.

"Why don't you stop over after school? He'll probably drop dead!" and she gave him the address. Jonathan realized that it was almost on his way home from school, and he had the car today, so he said he would. When he pulled up to the curb, Andy was sitting at the top of the front steps. Jonathan got out of the car and gave him a wave. Andy stood up, but was shyly quiet. Even when his mom came to the door and invited Jonathan in, he just stood around, unable to speak. After some chit-chat with Mrs Weston, Jonathan had an idea. He had seen a basketball hoop in the driveway. "Wanna shoot a few?"he asked, and Andy actually managed to nod yes, so they went out the backdoor and started bouncing the ball to each other, which led to a little one-on-one and finally some conversation.

Eventually they got around to Sunday's Showing. "I was there" said Andy. "You were awesome. Was it hard to do that, naked, I mean, in front of everybody?"

"Pastor helped me prepare. We practiced and it just went like I expected, well almost." Jonathan had not practiced the erection, of course.

"I've already started to practice!" said Andy proudly, and just as Jonathan was going to ask what he meant, Mrs Weston came out the back door.

"Jonathan, I hate to do this, but I have got to run a quick errand downtown. Could you just hang out with Andy 'til I get back. If he's a pest, just put him in front of the tv." Andy rolled his eyes at that remark, but at the same time gave Jonathan a pleading look to that just begged for him to say yes.

"No problem, Mrs Weston." and as Andy ran in circles whooping with excitement she replied quietly

"Please call me Ellen. I've seen you naked."

The boys both waved as she pulled out of the driveway. When she was gone, Andy asked Jonathan if he would like to see his room. "Sure" he replied and they headed inside and upstairs. It was a perfect fifth grade boy's room, all Star Wars posters and sports heroes. It was very tidy and Jonathan tried not to mess up the bed when he sat down. Andy stood in front of the big mirror on the closet door. "Here's where I practice." Jonathan did not notice that Andy was standing exactly as he had at his Showing.

"Practice what?" he asked.

"Being you, silly. Only not quite like this. Wanna see?" Jonathan was still not fully comprehending what Andy was getting at, but he said ok, and with Jedi speed, Andy had closed the bedroom door, stripped off his clothes, and stood back in his Jonathan naked pose. "How am I doing?" Jonathan was speechless, and he was probably gaping at Andy just the way Andy had gaped at him at the Showing.

"Almost perfect" Jonathan came over to the boy and gently adjusted the placement of his hand, moving it over about an inch, and in the process, lightly touching his smooth pink buttock. "For the Seed" intoned Jonathan and Andy looked at him quizzically until he felt Jonathan's firm hold on his nuts, as he called them. Jonathan knew this was a violation of the rules, that Andy was not even a novice, but he was being guided by something else right now. "And there's this." he added, lightly pulling Andy's penis out straight. "This needs to be bigger."

"I'm getting here" Andy said quietly, and as he spoke, Jonathan could see his penis stiffening. When Jonathan reluctantly took his hand away, Andy's erection stood out proudly.

"Now you've got it." he said approvingly, but Jonathan was not sure what to do next. Was this just hero worship by Andy or was there something more? That something more could explain the pressure he was feeling in his jockeys, so when Andy said "Can I see you?" he knew what to do.

He slipped out of his tee shirt and dropped his shorts, revealing the jockstrap that Coach had personally fitted for him. There was no hiding the bulge! He paused for a long moment, recalling how carefully Coach had measured and fitted him. He had showed him how to arrange his penis and testicles for maximum protection. It was just now that Jonathan put that fitting experience together with Coach's comment in the locker room. When he finally slid the jock down too, there was no hiding the erection that pointed out in front of him.

Neither spoke. They hardly took a breath. Then it was Andy that broke the silence. He took a step closer and held Jonathan's gonads and intoned "For the Seed." Then it was Jonathan's turn to take action. The two boys were facing each other, so he took his penis and guided it towards Andy's. He pulled his foreskin back and touched his own head to Andy's. As they bumped together and then separated a little, Jonathan noticed a thin thread of liquid stretch between them. Jonathan stroked himself a little, squeezing out more moisture, which he spread out on the soft pink head of Andy's penis.

Jonathan had played with other boys before, but always within the confines of the brotherhood. In the tent with Alex, and numbers of other times, he had produced a donation that would always be "saved" by another boy. And he would do the same for them. But now, Andy presented an irresistible temptation to wander far away from the rules. As his penis circled the younger boy's, he made his decision. He sunk to his knees and prepared to take Andy's penis into his mouth.

Kneeling in front of Andy, Jonathan faced the most perfect penis he had ever seen. It was a delicate shade of pink and ringed with a feathery fringe of brown pubic hair. He could see it bounce a little with each heartbeat, and he could see the shine of the slippery liquid that he had shared a moment before. He kissed it just at the tip and gave it a little lick just underneath. Finally he took it in his mouth and gave it a sloppy swirl with his tongue.

He heard Andy gasp at the touch of his lips, and he feared the boy might fall over as he trembled with excitement. As he steadied Andy's erection with one hand, he reached around back to keep Andy from falling backwards. The boy responded by pushing his hips forward and the result was that all of the perfect penis disappeared into Jonathan's mouth. As he repeated that action over and over, Jonathan started stroking himself. He was reluctant to encourage Andy any further down this dangerous road, but he had not counted on Andy's eagerness.

Andy's hands were cradling Jonathan's head, moving with the rhythm that pleased them both. Sometimes he pulled Jonathan all the way down on him and then kept him there while he ground his hips into the eager mouth. When he saw that Jonathan had started stroking himself he pulled himself out and whispered in Jonathan's ear. "Lie down." And Jonathan did, right on the floor in front of the mirror.

Andy was on top of him in a flash and dangled his penis right over Jonathan's mouth. Then he just leaned forward and met Jonathan's erection with his own lips. He tried to do just what Jonathan had done with his penis. He gagged a few times when he tried to go all the way down. Jonathan was just too big for that. When Jonathan started stroking himself, Andy held on to the swollen head and when he felt the warm spurts of seed fill his mouth, he knew he was close too.

When Jonathan was spent, Andy pulled out of his mouth for a moment so he could turn around. He wanted to see his penis going in and out of Jonathan's mouth. He positioned himself so his knees were on either side of Jonathan's chest, and by leaning forward just a bit, the older boy could take him in again. And he did. Andy's hips were pushing him in, and he was close. Jonathan's exploring fingers had slid down the crack of Andy's ass. He was headed for the massage spot to push him over the edge, but instead, rimmed the edge of his hole with his middle finger It was clenching with excitement, and as Jonathan pushed in, Andy moaned with pleasure. Jonathan tasted the warm seed that Andy was giving him. It wasn't a lot, but it was good.

The two boys collapsed together in exhausted silence. The experience far exceeded any of the expectations of either boy. Andy had only wanted to see Jonathan naked again, and Jonathan had wanted to start the process that would give him access to Andy and his seed. "Well, I sure shot right past that goal" he thought. "I wonder what's next." And then he thought about what had happened when he pushed his finger into Andy's hole, and smiled. The sound of the garage door galvanized the two naked boys into action, and before Mrs W had gotten inside, they were dressed and downstairs as if they had been there all along.

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