Daniel & Cody - Beyond Limits

by (and ©) Matthew Oswald

The Daniel and Cody "series" is as collection of short sexual encounters, pretty much always involving sexual situations while in water and breath holding, as that's my fetish. Don't know why, but then again, who really knows why certain things really turn them on? Regardless of your own personal tastes, hope you enjoy!

It was my birthday and despite an evening that promised a showering of gifts from friends and family, there was only one thing I was looking forward to: seeing Cody.

I was pedaling my bike toward Cambus Hole, one of Florida's secret treasures. My dirt-bike lurched and shook as roots, ditches and rocks tried to flip me over. Roads didn't exactly lead up to this place, just a series of trails. It was a salt-water swimming hole, both beautiful and secluded. Heading up as early as we were, we were probably going to have the place to ourselves. I had set out while it was still dark.

We often met here to swim, either by ourselves or with a group of our friends. Today, Cody told me he had a surprise planned for me. I love Cody's surprises. He just has a talent for always meeting my expectations, no matter how high I set them.

My bike coasted down the rest of the way, ending on the beach. To my delight, no one was there. No one except Cody. Cody lay on a towel by the side of the waterhole, his mousy brown hair a bit disheveled. His face sported his never fading smile, which only got brighter when he saw me. His emerald green eyes twinkled with both delight and mischief. He gently pushed himself off the towel and rose on his bare feet, his light bronze tan giving him a look that reminded me of an Egyptian prince.

To my surprise and delight, he wasn't wearing his usual swim trunks. He was wearing only a red speedo that left very little to my imagination. Where his hips met the muscles of his abdomen made a well defined V, pointing straight to his ample, supple package, outlined in almost perfect clarity.

"Jesus Christ," I said, stopping my bike.

Cody smiled and put a hand to his waist, gently pushing his hips forward. It gave me a much better view of his bulge. "You like it?"

"Hell yes."

Cody turned to the side slightly, giving me a great view of his butt, the firm little muscle nearly bursting out of the tight speedo. "See, that's what I love about you." He gently ran a finger down one his left butt-cheek. "I get to buy myself stuff on yourbirthday to make you happy."

I dismounted my bike and gently placed my hands on his hips. My mouth had gone dry. "What can I say? I'm low maintenance."

Cody wrapped his hands around mine. I'd recently hit a growth spurt, so he was now a few inches shorter than me. He tilted his head up so I could see his sparkling verdant eyes and his pale, smooth lips. Unable to resist, I closed the distance, gently pressing my lips to his. His eyes never closed as he smiled and giggled into my mouth.

"What's so funny?" I asked, gently moving my hand to his lower back.

"I'm just picturing the look on your face when I show you what I have planned."

"When do I get to find out?" I asked.

Cody bit his lower lip with his top teeth. Combined with his smile, it was the adorable look of a trouble-maker. "Once I get you out of these clothes."

Cody gently slipped his hands under my t-shirt and lifted it off me. He then slid his hands down the outside of my bathing suit, making sure to give my half-erect cock a gentle squeeze as he helped me out of my sneakers and socks.

"Someone might see," I cautioned him, as he grasped the band of my bathing suit.

Cody smirked and pulled the band just far enough to release my rock-hard cock into the air. It slapped my belly button.

"Don't worry," he said. He fingered the tip of my cock gently. I shivered in pleasure. "Just wanted to see my little man." He smiled and bent down, giving my mushroom head a quick kiss before pulling the band back and slipping my soldier back into the barracks.

"Was he everything you remembered?" I asked, arching my brow. Nonetheless, I couldn't help but smile at Cody's quirkiness.

Cody giggled and leaned forward, licking my lips with a pass of his tongue. "Oh yeah." He then released me and turned back to the water. "C'mon." He ran into the water, sloshing through the teal waterhole until he was up to his chest, then dove under and disappeared.

I smiled and ran after him. He surfaced about thirty seconds later, about halfway to the middle of the waterhole, where a swimming dock was anchored. As we swam closer to it, I noticed Cody's backpack was on the deck. I couldn't help but wonder what he had in store.

Cody pulled himself up on the dock and held out his hand for me. While I hardly needed help, I never turned down an opportunity to touch Cody. I took his soft hand and he helped me up.

Cody unzipped his bag, which was surprisingly full. I wondered how he swam out here with such a heavy load, but Cody was so good in the water, I was convinced one of his relatives must have been a tuna.

"First, I'm going to give you your toys," Cody said, putting the flare of a game-show host onto his voice.

He removed a mask from the bag and tossed it over to me. It was part of his SCUBA set. He then produced a small silver canister about the size of a coffee thermos. I recognized it as an emergency air canister. It typically stored enough for five minutes of breathing.

"Does no good to give you your present if you can't see it," Cody said, his game-show drawl becoming a sexy purr. "And you still are lagging behind in your downtime."

I smirked. "Sorry. Some of us don't have gills."

Cody laughed. "You just need to keep practicing. You'll be up to two minutes before you know it."

"By then, you'll probably have outgrown this whole 'dependency on oxygen' thing and just live underwater," I muttered, snatching the spare air.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, I present to my little helper... the most vital toy of them all-" Cody began.

"-It's just me here, you know right?"

"Dude, it totally ruins it for me when you say that."

"Oh right, sorry."

Cody smiled again. "That's right, ladies and gentleman." He then removed a key from the backpack and placed it on the deck between us. "A key. A simple piece of metal. All but useless without a lock. So what, dare I ask, is it meant to unlock?"

My breath began to get colder in my lungs as my arousal nearly doubled in anticipation.

He removed a pair of handcuffs and dangled them before my eyes. "Now, I know what you're thinking - big deal, Cody. Since you're the most elite, awesome person in the world, you could easily swim with your hands or legs cuffed together. There's no risk at all."

"Actually, I was wondering where you got those," I informed him. "Did you steal them from a police station or something?"

"Just stop talking, buzzkill."

"That's me. Daniel, slayer of a thousand buzzes."

Cody gently pecked my lips, and then pulled back.

"Anyway, lucky for us, I've thought ahead," Cody rolled onto his back playfully. His hand went to the side of the deck, into the water. He hoisted up a metal chain attached to the dock. "Though my swimming skills are borderline Jedi-like, binding myself to the anchor on the end of this chain will insure I have but one means to escape a watery grave." Cody's face became red and he seemed to shiver in delight at the prospect. "Just this..."

He reached into the pouch of his backpack and removed a paper clip.

"Uh. Do you have any idea how to pick a lock using that?"

"Not a clue," Cody said, still smiling. He blinked his long lashes at me. "But once I'm down there, I can't think of anywhere else I'd be more inspired to learn."

"You're insane, dude."

Cody removed a weighted diving belt from his bag and slipped it over his bronze waist. He then secured one of the handcuffs to his left ankle.

"I'm going to ask you to do the honors when we get down, of course," Cody purred, eyes twinkling. "It is, after all, your birthday surprise."

I grinned. "This is so your fetish, not mine."

"Oh you love it," Cody said, gently rubbing my chest with his finger. "Don't even start."

I did. I truly, truly did. Not so much the suffocation, life-or-death breath holding part but I will say it was fast becoming a turn on. It was more seeing him underwater, in his element. So confident, so comfortable. The way the water made his hair move. No mask, no fins, no anything - it gave him an unearthly beauty. And Cody knew I loved having the spare air or the key: his life in my hands.

Belt securely fastened to his waist, he slid to the side of the dock and began a series of deep breaths. I watched him, spellbound. His swimmer's chest swelled so large, then collapsed as he inhaled and exhaled. His lung capacity looked incredible. It was one of the rare times his smile faded, lost in a steely concentration. His thin eyebrows were slanted toward the bridge of his nose, his focus so deep.

I'd read somewhere that David Blaine had been able to hold his breath around three and a half minutes when he was around our age. Cody's goal was to get to three minutes someday.

I lowered my eyes and saw the bulge in his speedo had doubled in size, tenting out. I barely resisted the urge to gently touch his chest and slid my hands down, feeling his tender meat and giving it a good luck squeeze.

Instead, I just watched him in silent awe as he prepared himself. At last, he opened his eyes. It was over and his sweet smile returned.

"Ready?" he asked, softly.

I was so horny that I found it hard to keep myself from shaking. If I tried to speak, my throat probably would just click. I slipped the mask on over my eyes and nose, made sure it was comfortable. I picked up the reserve air. I was about to nod, then I remembered something.

I turned my wrist over to see the face of my digital clock and set the stopwatch to zero. "If we're going to do this, might as well make it official."

Cody smirked and gently kissed my hand. "Don't you dare let me breathe before I break my record."

He took a few rapid breaths and pushed himself off the dock. He hit the surface of the water with a big splash. Weighed down with about thirty pounds of metal between the cuffs and the diving belt, he sank like a brick. I stood and jumped off the dock, narrowing my body into a pencil.

The crystal clear water covered me, my momentum carrying me about six feet down. The teal water was like a warm bath, the absolute perfect temperature. I looked down to see Cody sinking beneath me. His eyes were wide open, unbothered in the slightest by the salt water. Seeing me check him out, he faced the surface and gave me a wider smile and a wink. As he did, bubbles drifted from his nose, air displaced by water.

How he could stand getting water ups his nose like that, I'd never know.

I swam down after him, entering a world filled with color. The swimming hole had its own mini-reef, exotic coral and sea-life all but enveloped us. Fish reflecting the light above swam near us as though curious about this intrusion into their lair. The only thing out of place was the chain leading up to the deck above, which Cody grasped every few feet, angling his descent.

He hit the swimming hole floor, a poof of white sand billowing upward. He gently squeezed his nose and popped his ears, a few bubbles escaping from his nostrils. I swam down pushed upward, keeping myself from floating up.

Cody grasped the barnacle-covered anchor. His other hand reached for his left leg, picking up the empty handcuff. He smiled, blinked, and waved it in my direction.

I swam over to him and took the empty cuff. I slipped the cuff around the thick metal ring linking the anchor to the chain going up. I gave him one last look. Cody nodded in approval.

I clicked the handcuff closed, securing him to the anchor.

Cody opened his hand, revealing the paper clip. He began to bend it a bit. Every motion of his was slow, deliberate and economical. Once he had straightened it out, he sat up straight and began to poke at the lock of the handcuffs with his improvised pick. I couldn't help but notice how contracted the pupils of his eyes were underwater.

A few orphan bubbles leaked from his mouth. I glanced at the watch. We'd just past forty-five seconds. My lungs were starting to ache, but Cody looked just as comfortable now as when he had first entered. I raised the air canister to my mouth and took a breath. Cody looked up from his work, grinned, shook his head, and resumed trying to pick the lock.

I pouted and decided to not let that razz go 'unpunished'. I swam up and over him. Cody stopped his work and rolled onto his back, looking up at me with curiosity. I reached down and tucked my fingers into his speedo.

Cody feigned a look of shock and surprise, but then blinked his beautifully long lashes and took my hands in his. Together, we pulled down his speedo, allowing his hard, six inch cock to slap up toward his belly button. I pulled the speedo down past his ankle, free of his right leg, and down the chain, leaving him completely nude underwater.

Smirking, he raised a finger and scolded me, gently swaying it back and forth. I wasn't playing fair, his smile and eyes said.

I was so giddy with power and arousal, I thought my own cock was about to tear out of my swimming trunks. I gently ran my hands up along his sides, beneath his lightly-haired armpits, and out along his arms. My hands interlocked with his, and his makeshift lockpick fell away. I took it and held it close to him.

He tried to grab it, but I snatched it back.

He pouted and blinked, still looking so comfortable.

Feeling particularly vicious, I waved the canister of emergency air in front of him, and took a deep, satisfying breath even though I had only begun to feel dull pain again in my chest.

His answer was a one-sided grin, a mischievous gleam in his eye and a middle finger.

A mini-school of several small, tropical fish passed before us. Cody watched them, his mouth opening slightly, a rogue bubble blooping out. He held out a hand toward them. They swam up and gave him a fishy peck.

That was when I noticed his chest contract for the first time. His look of comfort faltered slightly and he looked toward me. I turned to see the watch. One minute fifty.

Again, I held out the lockpick toward him. He reached for it. This time, I didn't take it from him. His chest heaved again, a small stream of bubbles leaked from his nose. He resumed working on it, though his movements had become a bit more jerky, a bit less efficient. He blinked his waterlogged eyes a bit more, as though trying to clear them.

His fumbling with the lockpick was no more effective now than it had ever been. Grinning, I held out the canister to him once more. He gave me an annoyed look and continued stubbornly picking. I waved it around him; he ignored it.

He was giving me the cold shoulder now. That was something we'd just have to punish.

I swam over him once more, taking a breath from the canister. This time, he was focused too much on his work to pay attention to me. I swam up behind him and gently caressed his pale ass which seemed to glow in contrast to his tanline.

I gently pushed my finger up against his sphincter. Cody let out a watery groan of pleasure, bubbles leaking from his mouth, but he didn't stop working. I pushed up until his tight ass accepted my finger, and worked in a second, then a third.

Cody released his lockpick and leaned back into me. I looked down on his eyes. Focused, intense and extremely uncomfortable, his chest was contracting and bouncing like no tomorrow. I turned to see the watch. Just past the two-twenty.

I reached around and grasped his his fleshy rock of a cock and began to jerk furiously. I released my fingers from his ass and began to drift in front of him, working his cock. His eyes widened and a large silver bubble left his lips.

He eyed my air canister hungrily, but I smirked, raised my finger and scolded him. Feeling particularly cruel, I stopped my work on his cock to gently give his balls a little squeeze. Cody released a bubble of very stale air in protest, grasped my hand, and shoved it back onto his cock.

Grinning almost in apology, I continued working him. As I did, his hand explored my face, chest and squeezed the bulge in my bathing suit.

After a few more seconds, his chest thrust forward and Cody issued a short, bubbly scream of pain and pleasure. Thick strings of pearly white nectar shot up into the water around us. One thing I loved about Cody: he was quite the cum pig. The first stream of cum was almost like a warm-up, it drifted up out of his slit languidly. The second, third and forth rocketed upward, into the water between our faces.

At last, his juice began to tap dry, about five more miniblasts clouding the water around his thin pubic hair. His moment of ecstasy came to an end and now, each contraction shot a stream of bubbles from his mouth.

I looked at the time. 2:47. He'd broken his record by more than twenty seconds. I looked back at Cody. His wide eyes were losing focus, bubbles drifted from his lips. I flashed him ten fingers. At first, I wasn't sure he understood, but then, I folded one down... and began counting down. Cody grasped his mouth with both hands, keeping the rest of his near-useless air inside, all the while thrashing frantically.

It had been almost a minute since I'd had air. I was starting to feel it, and I'd breathed three times since we'd been down. I could only imagine the excruciating pain Cody was feeling. But I knew he would want this. Once I told him what his final time was, it would make him so happy.

Three... two... one...

At the 3 minute mark exactly, I handed him the canister. Desperate, he breathed a long, gasp of air, then another, then another. I was concerned he might very well use up the rest of the air before I'd had some - and I, myself, was approaching my own personal record by now.

After about the tenth gasp, he finally seemed to get himself under control. He handed it back to me, and I reached for it. He then pulled it back, smirking. Despite my discomfort, I grinned and lunged at him. I was able to pry it from his hands and take a deep breath.

I sensed he could have held it longer, fought a bit more, but he chose not to. Instead, as I took a breath - and noted we had about half the air left - he pulled my swim trunks down to my ankles, exposing my massive hard-on. He slid the trunks down to my ankles, and gently guided my cock and pubic patch to his face.

He literally pulled me into alignment and slipped my cock into his mouth. He worked it lovingly and slowly, one fist holding the shaft beneath where he was sucking. Each suck, he would jerk me, as though I were a fishing pole. My entire, buoyant body swayed from the motion. Cody, still chained to the anchor, wasn't going anywhere and held me good.

After the show he'd put on for me, I was already so close to cumming that I assumed a mere touch might have done it. I lasted maybe a half a minute before pleasure filled every part of me from my shadowed soul to my fingertips and toes. I cried out, bubbles flying from my mouth as Cody pulled his head back and pushed me away after my first rope of jizz landed in his mouth.

He watched my jizz fly from about a foot back. I didn't shoot nearly as much as him, but for me, it was fire-house level. Two more good-sized ropes floated out of my cock, sticking to my head. Cody took my shrinking penis into his mouth, all the way to my patch of public hair, and pulled back. When he did, all my cum was gone.

He gently pulled me down to his level and reached for my mask. I closed my eyes in anticipation as he slipped it off. I opened my eyes, squinting a bit from the salt-water sting. I couldn't keep mine open as wide as his without lots of pain. He closed the distance, kissing me passionately, bubbles flowing from our seal. I felt his tongue enter my mouth, still salty with my own cum.

After about a minute, both our chests began to contract. We took one last breath apiece from the emergency canister. I noticed his cock had already gotten hard again, though not quite in the same vivid detail I had with my mask on. I grabbed the blur of rocky flesh, looked to Cody, and shrugged, asking if he wanted another go.

Cody flicked my nose, and I just shook my head. I reached into my swim trunks down around my ankle, snatching the key from my pocket. I swam down close, forcing my eyes open a bit wider so I could actually make out the rough picture of the lock. It took me about twenty seconds of fiddling with the key before it slipped inside the cuffs and clicked them open.

Cody calmly pulled his speedos up over his erection and swam for the surface. It was slow going with his dive-belt still on, but he was such a powerful swimmer. He didn't so much as pull at the water before him as simply bend and flex his body in a butterfly kick, hands flat and over his head.

We both broke the surface at the same time. He threw his arm over the dock, breathing hard and heavy. He blinked the salt water from his eyes and removed the belt from his waist.

"Happy birthday, man," he said, smiling.

"You bet your ass it was," I replied, smiling back. "You made three minutes flat."

Cody's eyes widened in delight, but then he smiled and splashed me.

"Hey, what was that for?" I protested.

"I could have easily gone another five or ten seconds."

I ran my hands across his chest. "I will remember that next time. But if you drown, you better not give me any shit."

At this, Cody laughed, his bright grin reappearing full force.

"I promise."

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