The Boy With the Golden Eyes

by London Lampy

Chapter 19

Jack's heart was thumping loudly in his ears and he felt jumpy enough to punch whoever it was that had followed them up here. "Who's there?" He called out quietly, he could just about see a figure standing a few yards away, but couldn't make out any features in the darkness.

"It's Ward." Exit said. He was still standing on the window sill but he had turned around and was facing into the hallway, one hand resting on Jack's shoulder.

"Ward, what the fuck are doing?" Jack growled. The figure walked toward them, until he too could make out the large eared boy.

"I could ask you the same question, but without the swear." Ward replied primly. "Why are you climbing out of the window, are you running away?"

Breathing deeply to try and still the anger that was growing inside him Jack answered. "What we are doing is none of your fucking business." He felt Exit jump down from the window and come and stand beside him.

"Go away Ward." Exit said quietly. "Please."

"Not until you tell me what you're up to."

"No, fuck off and leave us alone." Jack clenched his fists, digging his fingernails into his palms, Ward was a good bit smaller than him and hitting him would be a very bad idea.

"Not until you tell me what you're doing." Ward seemed oblivious of how much he was irritating the much larger boy.

"Why do want to know?" Exit queried, sounding more curious than annoyed now.

"Because I do, I bet you're doing something bad."

"We're not doing anything bad." Jack muttered, his patience was almost gone.

"If I tell you, will you go back to bed?" Exit asked, seemingly trying to calm the situation.

"Depends." Ward peered through the darkness at the echoback boy. "If you're running away I might have to go and tell Mother Hardigan, and if it's something interesting I might want to come with you."

Jack snorted. "Trust me, that's not going to happen."

As the three boys stood arguing in the corridor, four floors below them Jane crossed the yard unseen on her way to visit Father Frederick. The rain was quickly soaking through her sweater and she was already shivering as she moved as fast as she dared across the slippery cobbles, praying to all the gods she could remember that none of the sisters were looking out of the window right now.

"I don't believe you." Ward retorted, peering at the pair of them through the darkness. "Why would you want to do that with each other? That's disgusting."

Exit, having grown fed up of the stand off had resorted to telling Ward the truth. Jack wasn't at all sure it was a good idea, Ward liked to curry favour with the nuns and would most likely blab everything given half a chance. He took a step toward the boy and placed one large hand on his much smaller shoulder. "You're not going to tell anyone, are you." It wasn't a question. Jack didn't much like using his size to threaten people, but right now he wasn't sure he had a choice either.

"What you're doing is wrong." Ward squeaked while trying to move away, but Jack held him in place.

"I don't care what you think, we're going out there." Jack pointed to the window with his free hand. "And you're going back to the dorm, and keeping your mouth shut too." He turned to Exit. "Let's go."

They climbed out of the window, Exit leading and Jack following behind, both of them ignoring the watching boy in the hallway. As Jack picked his way across the rooftop, the precarious journey made all the more difficult by the rain, he thought to himself that he should have simply left Exit sleeping and turned in as well. Between the weather and Ward's unwanted and unexpected interest in their activities he felt unsettled, and he hoped that things were about to take a turn for the better.

Two sets of damp clothes were draped around the attic in the hopes that they would dry before their owners needed to put them back on again, the pair of them had stripped off as soon as Exit had lit the candles, neither of them liking the feeling of damp fabric against their skin now that they were inside.

"You cold?" Jack asked, noticing that Exit was shivering.

"Yes, freezing." Came the reply.

Jack wrapped his arms around the other boy in an attempt to warm both of them up. He ran a hand down his back until he found the place where his tail began and began to stroke it.

"I'm sorry I told Ward the truth about where we were going, I couldn't think what else to do to get rid of him. I thought if we just climbed out of the window he might try to follow and he'd probably fall off, and that would have been even worse. Do you think he's going to tell the nuns about us?" Exit said against Jack's chest.

"I bloody well hope not." He replied.

"If he does they'll make sure that we can never get anywhere near each other again."

"And if that happens we run away together and fuck the consequences." Jack knew that he couldn't live in the same building as Exit and never be able to speak to him, let alone touch him. He continued to caress his tail, his fingers finding their way underneath to the secret, sensitive place there, his other hand running up and down the length of his back.

"Do you remember what I said I'd do the next time we came up here?" Jack asked, wanting to change the subject to something more pleasurable. The time they got to spend alone together wasn't nearly enough, and he didn't want to waste it talking about what Ward might or might not do.

"You said you'd make me come in your mouth."

"Mmm." Jack kissed the top of his head. "Still want me to?"

"Gods yes." Exit moved his body, rubbing himself against Jack's thigh, showing him how hard he'd got from Jack's fingers on his sweet spot and the feeling of their naked bodies pressed together.

"Lie down." Jack said huskily into his ear.

They settled on the blankets, Exit on his back and Jack lying beside him propped up on one elbow, stroking the smaller boy's body with his other hand.

"No one's ever done this to you before, have they?" He asked.


"It feels amazing, you don't need to do anything except enjoy it." He lent over and kissed Exit on the mouth, meaning to only make a short stop there on route to his goal but got distracted when the smaller boy traced his tongue over Jack's lips and they ended up in a long, deep kiss, which only finished when Exit began touching him between the legs.

"Stop that, please." Jack moved the hand away. "I'm going to fuck you later, but I want to make you come in my mouth first and I want to concentrate on you right now."

"Sorry, couldn't resist." Exit replied with a grin.

Jack moved down Exit's slender body, trailing his mouth across his torso as he went, licking one nipple then the other until they were hard nubs, kissing his stomach then finally flicking the tip of his tongue over the head of his cock, lapping up a bead of moisture that had formed there.

Nudging the other boy's thighs apart with one hand he cupped his balls, gently squeezing them in his palm while extending one finger to massage the area behind them.

The noises Exit was making went straight to his own stiffened flesh and he briefly struggled to push aside his own desire. Jack took as much of the other boys hard cock as he could into his mouth without it becoming uncomfortable, then he formed a seal with his lips and massaged it with his tongue, causing a loud moan.

"Ah...Jack, that feels so good."

If Jack hadn't had his mouth full he would have been very tempted to say "told you so". He started to move, trying to use his tongue to stimulate while sliding him in and out of his mouth, doing to Exit what he liked to have done to himself, his hand still playing with the soft package that was his balls. It wasn't long before Jack felt them beginning to tighten, telling him that his lover was getting close. He kept going, picking up the pace until Exit suddenly blurted out. "'s going to happen."

He moved faster still, the body under him growing taut until he felt Exit's hips bucking and the back of his mouth filled with warm fluid. He swallowed, slowing his movements until Exit's body stopped jerking. He let the softening cock drop out of his mouth, giving it a small kiss, then manoeuvred himself back up Exit's body and kissed him deeply again.

"See, you don't taste bad." Jack said, pulling back from the kiss.

"That was fantastic." The smaller boy looked up at him. "Would you like me to do that to you?"

"One day, but not tonight." There was something else he'd been fantasizing about for a while. "I want to be inside you again, but this time with you on top." He kissed him again, then put his arms around the smaller boy and rolled until their positions were reversed, with Exit lying fully along the length of his body.

Jack was always careful never to put his full weight onto a partner. Sam had been several inches shorter than him, Exit was more than a foot shorter and he didn't want to squash anyone ever, but he was more than happy to take Exit's weight, although he did note that he was heavier than he looked like he ought to be. Jack threaded his fingers into Exit's soft hair with one hand and caressed his tail with the other, all the while enjoying the sensation of the warm body pressed against his erection.

"Let's stay here forever." Jack said, feeling at that moment as if he never wanted to be anywhere else, or be with anyone else, ever again.

"You'd get hungry." Exit pointed out.

"There are pigeons on the roof, you could catch them and we could build a fire and roast them."

"What would we use for fuel?"

"Um...the desk and chair are wooden, we could burn them." Jack said after a moments thought.

"They wouldn't last forever, and I don't fancy raw pigeon." Exit sounded amused.

"All right, maybe it's not such a good idea." He picked up the tin of lube he'd placed by the blankets earlier. "But this is."

"How are doing that?" Jack groaned. Exit had his knees either side of Jack's torso and was holding himself up in a kneeling position while very very slowly lowering his body down onto Jack's cock, using his hands to help guide him in.

"Got strong legs." Came the reply.

"Gods, you must." Jack was having to hold back his desire to simply grab Exit and push him down, knowing that he'd need time to let his body adjust to his girth. He reached forward and took Exit's cock in his hand, he was starting to harden again and Jack wanted to give him another orgasm before they were done, he didn't just want to take his own pleasure without giving anything in return.

"Are you all right?" Jack asked with the smaller boy made a gasping noise.

"Yeah." He nodded. "You just rubbed over that bit inside that feels good."

"I'm not hurting you?"

"No, it's easier this time."

"Do you like being on top?" Jack asked.

"I think so." Exit sat down on Jack, the last inch sliding in. "Yes, I do." He wriggled a bit as Jack started to jerk his fresh erection in earnest. "Like that too."

Jack looked up, admiring the form of his lover in the candlelight. His body was small but not childlike, he had and attractive roundness of muscle to his shoulders, arms and chest. Despite the diet he'd grown up on he wasn't nearly as scrawny as most of the orphanage's long term charges, although his stomach was perhaps a little too concave, and his hip bones too sharp. When we get out of here he'll put on weight, Jack thought to himself, he can eat all the sugar he wants then.

"What?" Exit asked, and Jack realised that he had been staring at him.

"You're beautiful."

In response to this Exit moved, lifting his body up and pushing back down again several times, all the while tensing and relaxing his internal muscles, leaving Jack able to do little more than groan his name.

"Am I doing it right?" Exit quizzed him.

"Ah..." Jack's thoughts weren't very coherent. "More than right." He managed. Exit was lifting himself until Jack was only just still inside of him then lowering himself back down under perfect control, his hands resting on his thighs.

"Do you want me to go faster?"

"Can you?" Jack could already feel the tension growing in his body, he was going to orgasm very soon.


In return Jack stroked him faster too, and they moved together in rhythm until Exit groaned. "Oh...yes...I'm, going to come again." Just as Jack's body reached a point of unbearable tension.

The sensation of the snug passage tightening around Jack's cock as the boy on top of him climaxed was more than Jack could take. He was dimly aware of his back arching off the floor and his fingers digging into smooth thighs as he came in a series of pleasure filled spasms that went on and on. His blood was pounding in his ears and his vision fuzzy when Exit rolled off of him, kissing him on the mouth then letting Jack slide out of his body.

"Do you think Ward's told anyone yet?" Exit asked as they lay together a few moments later, both still breathing a little harder than normal.

"If he has I'll fucking kill him." Jack grumbled.

"Don't. I know he's an idiot but then they'll take you gaol and I'll never see you again."

Jack laughed. "All right I won't kill him, I'll do something else." He tried to think of the worst thing he could do to the boy without actually hurting him. "I know, I'll make him drink a cup of bathwater after everyone has used it, how about that?"

"Yuck, that'll do."

They lay in silence for a while, until Exit started yawning. "I think we need to go back." He said, unwrapping himself from around Jack and sitting up.

"Gods." Jack muttered, instantly missing the feeling of the warm body next to his. "I hate this, lets do it, lets just run away, now, tonight." He sat up, running a hand through his curls.

"What about Dana and Jane and the younger boys?" Exit had gone off to find the roll of tissue he'd brought up after last time. He pulled some off for himself and threw the rest to Jack.

"Thanks." Jack caught it. "I'll be out of here in a few months anyway, what difference would it make if we went now?"

"A lot." Came the reply. "If you run they'll never let you visit them, and won't pass any of your letters on either. The girls will be sent away to work when they reach sixteen and you may never find out where they've gone."

"Fuck." Jack said loudly, slamming his fist down on the floor hard enough to hurt. "What did we do to deserve this?"

"We're orphans." Exit shrugged. "That's just how it is."

"It shouldn't be." He scowled.

Exit walked over and wrapped his arms around Jack's neck. "It's only a few months, and then we'll be free."

The climb down was worse than ever for Jack, he was tired and irritable, and he felt nothing but resentment over having to hang off damp masonry in the middle of the night just so he could spend a little bit of time alone with his boyfriend. He was ahead of Exit and therefore reached the window first, opening it he lowered himself through, landed awkwardly on the other side and fell over something at his feet. That something turned out to be Ward who was sitting dozing on the floor by the window, propped up against the wall.

"What the fuck are you still doing here?" Jack said in an angry whisper when he realised what he had tripped him.

"Waiting for you." Ward replied sleepily, standing up as Exit jumped neatly through behind them.

"Why?" Jack was only just holding onto his temper.

"I haven't told the sisters..." Ward started.

"And you're not fucking well going to." Jack growled, interrupting him.

"...and I won't tell them if you do something for me."

"For fuck's sake Ward, what?" He had really had enough now.

"I want to be a chef, but I know I'll be sent to work in a factory or something horrible like that. You'll be getting out of here before me and I want you to find me a job, I don't care how low down, or where, just so long as it's in a kitchen. Please, it's all I've ever wanted to do."

Jack blinked, he hadn't been expecting that. "You want me to find you a job?"

"Yes." Ward replied. "Please."

"And if I agree to do that you'll keep your mouth shut?"

"Yes." Even in the gloom Jack could see him nodding. "But you have to promise, you have to swear to the gods that you'll do it."

Jack hadn't any real idea how to find himself a job, let alone Ward, but that was a problem for the future. "I promise, I'll do my best to find you a job in a kitchen." He said quickly, wanting very much to go to bed.

"Swear, you have to swear it." Ward insisted.

Jack sighed. "I swear by all the gods and goddesses and everything that's holy that I'll find you a job in a kitchen."

"And if you break your promise may you be struck down." Ward added.

"And if I break my promise may I be struck down." Jack intoned. "And you have to swear you won't tell anyone about us." He didn't believe for one moment that if he broke his promise the gods would exact their revenge on him, but Ward clearly did so it made sense getting him to swear too.

"I swear by all the gods and goddesses and everything that's holy that I won't tell anyone about the pair of you doing disgusting stuff together in the middle of the night, and if I break my promise may I be struck down." Ward said solemnly.

Jack decided it was good enough and that he couldn't be bothered to take him to task over the "disgusting" part.

They started back to the dorm, Exit held Jack's hand again but Ward had to find his own way using the wall to guide him until they descended the stairs to the dimly lit hallway below. They were almost to the second set of stairs that led down to their dorm corridor when they all heard the sound of hurrying feet coming up behind them. Jack's heart sank, just when he thought they'd got away with it having struck a bargain with Ward someone else was about to discover them out of their beds and roaming around the orphanage long after lights out. He turned with a sigh of "not again" to find out who the newcomer was. He was expecting to see one of the nuns, and for a split second he couldn't quite comprehend what he saw. It was Jane, her hair hanging loose, tears streaming down her face, her nightdress torn at the neck and her feet bare. He didn't even have time to question her presence before she threw herself into him with a great, gulping sob, and when he put his arms around her to comfort her he could feel that her whole body was trembling violently.

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