The Boy With the Golden Eyes

by London Lampy

Chapter 10

"I have it." Jack said quietly to Elodie as he plopped a spoonful of boiled turnip onto her plate.

"Meet me in the book cupboard as soon as you've finished here." She hissed at him, then glared at Ward who was staring at her.

Jack very much hoped that once Elodie had the money it would put an end to her torture of his sisters. He had several impressive bruises to show for his night's work, including one on his cheekbone and one on his temple, but the only nun who had seemed in the slightest bit concerned about this was Sister Mackintosh who had asked him if he needed to go to the infirmary.

Once all the seniors were served and his shift in the kitchen had ended Jack ate his own meal as fast as he could then hurried out of the dining room to meet Elodie, then realised that he had absolutely no idea where the book cupboard was. As he was looking around trying to decide which way to go he saw Fletcher approaching him from along the brown corridor.

"Hey, Shithouse, how you feeling?" He asked with a grin, then kept talking without waiting for a reply. "Now, are you sure you won't reconsider fighting again? That was some show you put on last night."

"I'm sure." Jack replied. "Fletch, where's the book cupboard?"

The blocky boy raised his eyebrows suggestively. "Got an assignation with monkey boy have you?"

"No." He shook his head. "And I'd kind of appreciate it if you didn't go spreading gossip around about that."

"Shithouse, I am many things, but I am not a gossip." He looked genuinely offended. "I told you, what you and him choose to do is your own business, but you'd better make sure you keep it your business too. The nuns don't take kindly to that sort of thing, I mean you'd get in the shit if he was a girl, but not nearly as much."

"Yeah, I kind of figured that." Jack nodded. "But I do need to find the book cupboard."

"It's down here, I'll show you."

When they got there Elodie was waiting outside, she looked at the pair of them scowling. "You need him to hold your hand?" She questioned Jack.

"No." He said tersely, while Fletcher gave him a shocked look.

"It's not what you're thinking." He addressed the boy.

"Does monkey boy know?"

"Fletch, really, it's nothing like that." He stressed.

"Hmm, I'll be off then, see you later, don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Once Fletcher was out of sight and the corridor was clear or passers by Elodie pushed open the door and Jack followed her inside. It was more of a small room than a cupboard, it even had its own hanging light bulb which she switched on, illuminating shelves full of worn looking books.

"You've got the money?" She asked quickly.

"Yes." He pulled the mixture or notes and coins out of his pocket and showed her.

"Give it to me then." She reached out for it.

"Hold on." He closed his hand and pulled it back. "This puts an end to everything right? You leave my sisters alone, and you don't ask for more money."

"Yes, I said so didn't I? Just give it to me." She pleaded. He passed it to her and she all but snatched it, then stood and counted it.

"Will you tell me what you need it for now?" Jack wondered at her desperation, it seemed out of character with everything else he knew about her.

"No." She didn't stop counting.

"Fine." He shrugged.

Once Elodie had finished she looked up at him. "Thank you." She said, and for a tiny moment she seemed very young and very vulnerable, and Jack realised that whatever problem she had that the money was going to solve was a serious one.

"Just keep your end of the deal." He said softly, then let himself out back into the corridor. A small group of girls saw him emerge and started whispering and giggling among themselves, and he was pretty sure that he was going to end up as the object of their gossip. Not that he really cared as when they saw Elodie coming out after him their assumptions were going to be very wide of the true mark.

Jack was meant to be meeting up with Dana and Jane in the yard and he now headed in that direction, but he wanted to make their meeting quick tonight as there was someone else he planned to spend time with before lights out.

It was cold and drizzling when he found Dana waiting for him under the leafless tree. "Where's Jane?" He asked, praying that she hadn't got herself into some kind of trouble.

"One guess." Dana replied, frowning in the direction of the chapel.

"She's not gone to talk to him about Elodie again has she?" Jack hoped not,not now he had solved the problem.

"No, just gone to see him because she likes him."

"And his butterscotch." Jack added.

"Yes, and that. By the way, what happened to your face? I wanted to ask at dinner but I know what that bitch Sister Oakley is like if the line stops moving"

He touched one of the bruises. "Got them working last night, they look worse than they are." He didn't want to elaborate.

"Oh." Dana stared at the chapel building as if she tried hard enough she would be able to see through its walls. "Jane's taking her time."

"Yeah, look, I need to go, I'll see you tomorrow. Say hi to Jane for me when she comes back would you?" He felt slightly wrong leaving his sister out in the rain by herself, but he figured it wouldn't make a difference if he was with her or not, she's still be there waiting for Jane.

"Where are you going?"

"Just arranged to meet someone, that's all."

"Is this the return of mysterious Jack?" Dana asked, smiling up at him slyly.

"What do you mean?"

"All those times at Nanny's you when used to disappear off in the evenings without telling us where you were going. Nanny always said that you were a young man now and that you were entitled to do things without us. Jane and I planned to follow you one day to find out what you were up to."

"Did you ever do that?" He asked concerned.

"No, Nanny caught us and stopped us, but we kind of knew what you were doing anyway."

"Oh yes?" He wasn't sure they did.

"You were sneaking off to kiss Marni, she told us that you'd kissed her."

"Hmm." He decided not to put her right, it wasn't the moment. "I've got to go, I hope Jane's not too much longer."

"If she is I'm going back inside, it's bloody freezing out here."

Jane reached over, took another sweet out of the glass bowl and put her tea cup down on the desk. Father Frederick had made a pot of tea for them on a small hot plate at the back of his office, and he hadn't objected at all when she had heaped three spoonfuls of sugar into it. He was telling her tales of the time he spent as a missionary on the Northern Continent, and she thought that he was terribly noble and brave to put up with so many hardships in order to spread the words of the gods.

"Goodness me." He exclaimed, glancing at the brass clock on his mantle piece. "Look at how late its got. I'm sorry I kept you so long, you must be bored stupid listening to my silly old stories."

"No, I'm not, your stories aren't silly and I love hearing about all the things you did." She couldn't believe anyone would find him boring.

"Ah, Jane you're too kind. You are welcome back to listen to me ramble on any time you like, but you had better get going now, I don't want to get you into hot water with the sisters."

"Thank you." She said standing and letting him show her to the door.

"You're welcome, you and your sun goddess hair brighten up my study on a grey day like this." He smiled at her and she felt herself blush. "Goodbye Jane." He rested a hand on her shoulder and squeezed. "I'll look forward to another visit from you very soon."

Jack found Exit coming out of the bathroom dressed in grey pyjamas that unlike Jack's were a little too big, his bare feet almost completely hidden by their bottoms. Exit's hair was damp and sticking up in tufts and Jack had an overwhelming urge to ruffle it, but he didn't.

"Hey." Jack called out softly to get his attention.

"Hello." The echoback boy smiled at him, and Jack felt his stomach flip. Smitty had hustled them back to the orphanage early that morning and they had barely spoken to each other since then. Jack had been looking forward to seeing him all day, but now he couldn't quite work out what he wanted to say, fortunately the other boy spoke first.

"How are you feeling?" He asked.

"Fine, my knuckles are still a bit sore." He rubbed them. "And my ribs ache, but not too much."

"You really laid into that second man." Golden eyes seemed to be weighing him up.

"Yeah...I...I did." It hadn't occurred to him that Exit might have been disturbed by seeing him fight. "I'm not normally like that though, I needed to beat him to get the money." He said this quietly as a group of boys walked past.

"You kept hitting him even after you had knocked him out." Exit looked up at him.

"I know." He sighed. "Please believe me, I'm never going to box again." Jack longed to reach out and touch him to reassure him, and he might have done if Mother Hardigan hadn't appeared at that moment.

"Don't linger in the corridors, if you can't think of anything productive to do why don't you go to the chapel and give thanks to the gods?" She snapped as she marched past. Once she was out of earshot Jack turned to Exit again. "So, do you fancy going to give thanks to the gods?" He grinned.

"For what?" The other boy replied darkly.

"So you don't want to visit the chapel then?"

"No." Exit shook his head. "But I do know a place we can go."

Jack's heart was still thumping as he watched Exit lighting a candle to illuminate the attic. He had never thought of himself as a person who was afraid of highs, but making his way across the orphanage roof in the dark and the rain had left him somewhat shaken, he decided that his mistake was looking down. Exit had hopped across the roof as if it were the cobbled yard far below, and did it in his bare feet carrying his towel and wash stuff.

The attic was fairly small, about eight foot by ten, it had an old rug on the floor and a small dusty desk and chair pushed up against one wall, other than that, them and the candle it was empty.

"I think it used to be someone's office once." Exit said, noticing Jack looking around. "The hatch up to it is stuck shut now."

"Why would anyone want an office in an attic?" Jack asked.

"Because of the skylight it gets the sun most of the day." He pointed to the window they had scrambled through. "And feel the floor."

Jack squatted down and put his hand on the rug, he was surprised to find that it felt pleasantly warm.

"The hot water pipes run under there." Exit explained, sitting down and touching the floor himself. "That's what makes it such a good place to hide in."

Jack watched him and his heart sped up again, this time it had nothing to do with heights. "Can I kiss you?" He asked quietly.

Instead of replying Exit moved across to where Jack was sitting and knelt between his legs, reaching up and pulling Jack's face down until their lips met.

Jack's tongue explored the inside of the other boys mouth, he let the tip pass slowly over Exit's teeth feeling the sharp points of his canines. His hand went to the curve that was the top of Exit's tail and Jack rubbed it through his pyjama trousers, marvelling at how he could find something so unfamiliar so arousing.

Exit broke the kiss and looked up at Jack, his pupils dilated so much that his eyes were almost totally black in the candlelight.

"Sorry." Jack pulled his hand back, wondering if he had taken things too fast.

"Don't be sorry, I was going to ask you if you wanted to see it." He gave Jack a small smile.

"Oh...gods...yes." He breathed, not caring just how eager he sounded.

Exit stood and took his pyjama trousers off, his top fell to just above his knees and Jack was momentarily distracted by the way it tented out in the front, pleasingly revealing that he too was very aroused. Jack's attention was then caught by Exit reaching down and undoing something from around his thigh, and he realised with a shock that his tail was tied down.

"Does that hurt?" He asked as the strap was dropped to the floor beside where Jack was kneeling.

"No, I'm used to it." Came the reply. All thoughts then left Jack's head as Exit walked over and stood with his back to him. He slid Exit's pyjama top up and looked at his tail, it started out at the base of his spine and it was about the thickness of Jack's wrist there, and it ended at the bottom of his calves where it tapered down to an elegant point no bigger than the tip of his little finger.

"It's so smooth." Jack whispered as he stroked a hand along its length.

"Mmm...its sensitive too, especially here." Exit indicated the crease underneath the base of it, then surprised Jack by lifting his tail and curling it around his body to give Jack better access.

Jack let his fingers play over the crease area to murmurs of approval. "You really like that?" He asked.

"Yeah...mmm...I touch myself there when know."

That was just about all Jack could take and he decided he needed to distract himself before he came in his pants, so he stopped and began to take off his clothes. In his haste to get undressed he was attempting to remove a boot with one hand while he unbuttoning his shirt with the other.

"Do you want some help?" He was asked as he pulled a boot off.

Without waiting for a reply Exit knelt back down and and started on Jack's shirt from the bottom, stroking his stomach and chest as he went, making his nipples harden by passing his finger tips back and forth over them.

Somehow Jack managed to get his other boot and socks off, and once his shirt was fully open he shrugged it onto the floor. For a moment they simply sat and looked at one another, then Jack reached over and began to unbutton Exit's pyjama top, the only thing the other boy was still wearing. Once it too was removed Jack sat back and looked at him again, wishing that there was more light in the room, the single candle was only just enough for him to see by.

"You're..." He searched for the right words. "So fucking beautiful."

Jack then stroked his hand down the smaller boy's torso until he reached the area between his legs, letting his fingers play over the small patch of hair there. It felt softer then his own dark brown curls in the same place, but in the almost darkness he couldn't tell if it was the same unusual blue black colour as his head hair. He then began to eagerly explore the boy's erection, running his fingers up to the head of the shaft, using his thumb to smear some of the liquid that was leaking out across it, making Exit draw breath, then let it out with a small gasp.

"Jack." Exit whispered, pulling the larger boy in for another deep kiss, during which he started to unbutton Jack's trousers. Jack helped and he soon felt a hand burrowing into his underwear and touching him in the same way. He didn't want to stop the stroking hand but he very much wanted to be rid of the last of his own clothes and he couldn't get out of his trousers knelt on the floor.

"Let me get these off." He said, standing and stripping as fast as he could, watched by a pair of wide black eyes.

"You're big." Exit said quietly when he was done, clearly not meaning Jack's general physique.

"Hmm...just in proportion." He replied kneeling down again and pulling the other boy toward him, almost lifting him into his lap. They kissed once more, with Jack again fondling Exit's tail, now he knew where he liked being touched Jack was loving the noises he was causing his partner to make. He pulled Exit completely onto his lap, enjoying the full skin on skin contact, putting his hand between them to once again stroke the smaller boy's cock, who quickly copied him, wrapping both of his hands around Jack's shaft.

There was so much more Jack wanted to do with him than simply use his hand, but he was content with that for now, he was certain that this would not be the only time they were together and he was happy to take things slowly. He also knew that he didn't have any of what they would need if they were going to have full sex, it briefly occurred to him that getting hold of that may not be easy, and he would have to put his mind to acquiring it, but not while he was being stroked off.

"That's so good." He breathed against the skin of Exit's neck, which he had been licking as they both increased the speed and firmness of their strokes.

"'s about to happen." Exit panted into his ear, he let out a load sustained groan and Jack suddenly found his hand full of warm liquid. He could feel his own orgasm fast approaching, his muscles tensed and he arched his back as he came in one long thrust that made his whole body ache with pleasure and had so much force behind it his seed ended up splattered on Exit's face.

As his body returned to normal he looked at the other boy who was still breathing hard, just as he was. "Sorry." He said grinning at him, licking a splash of come off his cheek. "I didn't realise I was going to explode like that."

In reply Exit simply smiled back, then kissed him softly, while deep in the building below them the lights out bell rang, unheard by either of them.

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