Another Point of View

by London Lampy

This is a ficlet written from Vin's point of view, chronologically it takes place a few weeks before the start of Second Exit. We join Vin as he's sitting in his office the morning after he has had sex with Exit for the first time.

Six thirty in the fucking morning, does he get here at that time every morning? I wouldn't be surprised, after all, what else do visks have to do other than work? They don't seem to do anything remotely enjoyable, they don't even fuck, a tidy balance sheet is an orgasm to Zale.

I loved the way he walked in here, put a pile of paperwork on my desk and walked out again without a single comment. As if it's perfectly normal to see me here at this unholy hour, rather than at home in bed with my wife.

Toni is used to me being out all night without any warning, sometimes it's because of my job, sometimes it isn't, but she rarely asks where I've been. Although I wouldn't be lying if I told her I'd been in my office all night this time, might be best to leave out the part about having spent most of it inside the delectable Exit though.

I knew I'd have him eventually, although I must admit I did screw up a bit with the timing, and I still can't believe that shit Jonas got there before me. You can only imagine how monumentally unimpressed I was when I found out about that. All the men in this city and he goes and gets himself fucked by my old "friend" Jonas. Not that it made any difference, not in the end, and Jonas is hardly the only other man he's been with. I know what Violet likes to call Exit, and I'm afraid that she's right. That bloody pirate captain was a much larger problem, the fucking trouble I had to go to get him back from there. Now I'm not saying I would have willingly left any of my staff in that situation, but I pushed a lot harder for the resources to get him back than I would have if it was any of the others. Even Violet, who I have a lot of time for but under no circumstances do I ever want to have sex with.

Waiting for so long made it all the sweeter though. Sometimes the fantasy of a thing is better in actual fact than the reality, but I'm very glad to say in this instance that wasn't the case, not by a long way. I've wanted him and fantasised about him almost since the first time I saw him, which must be at least a year ago by now. I remember that day clearly, I was expecting it to be a dull, frustrating waste of my time, an official visit to one of our power stations with Sampson. If the man wasn't such a walking liability I would have sent one of the others with him, but on this one single occasion I was grateful for his inability to open his mouth without causing offence, because if I hadn't have gone to the power station with him that day I would never have found Exit.

We were being shown a part of the generating mechanism, the manager was going into unnecessary detail about how it worked and my interest level was low as he demonstrated some sort of new fly wheel, when a movement from overhead caught my eye. I almost drew my gun, Clearwater are a very real threat to Sampson, and to assassinate him in one of his own power stations is exactly the sort of coup they're after. Fortunately I looked up before I pulled out my pistol, and I saw pretty much the last thing I was expecting to see. Illuminated by a shaft of sunlight from one of the power station's high windows an echoback boy sitting on a roof beams watching us. I wasn't sure that I was really seeing what I thought I was seeing, I looked away, then looked back to make sure my mind wasn't playing tricks; it wasn't, and he was still inexplicably there.

During my army days I spent a fair amount of time in the Rhea basin area, and I got used to the sight of echobacks. I saw barley dressed forest dwellers watch us with suspicion as we passed beneath their villages, I saw tailless, malnourished slave gangs working in the fields and I saw town living echobacks dressed in human clothes, many of them ex-slaves coexisting side by side with with humans and visk. All of them, even the poor slaves, were never anything less than pleasing to the eye, but perhaps because he was so unlikely, so out of context in the grimy industrial surroundings that at that moment the boy on the roof beam seemed to me to be the single most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

Standing a little way away from me was the power station's foreman, a putty-faced, dull-eyed man spruced up in clean overalls, his few remaining strands of hair slicked back, all in honour of his big boss' visit. "Who's he?" I asked him quietly, pointing up at the boy.

"Huh?" the man looked back at me blankly.

"Up there, the echoback, does he work here?"

"Oh, the monkey, yeah. Keeps the pigeons out, goes up the chimneys and unblocks them, that kinda thing."

"Where did he come from?"

"The nuns," the man replied obtusely.

"You mean the orphanage?" I asked, knowing that the place is a ready supply of cheap labour.

"Yeah, them nuns," he nodded.

"How did an echoback get there, did he grow up in the orphanage?"

"Dunno," the man shrugged. "They just give him to us, didn't say where he come from. Think they was glad to be rid of him, what I heard was they couldn't get him a job on account of him being a monkey."

"Did he used to be a slave, is he docked?"


"How old is he?"


"Does he speak our language?"

"Yeah, but he don't talk much." I didn't find that surprising, not if this man was a typical example of the level of conversation there.

"Can I talk to him?"

"If yer want." The man put his fingers in his mouth and let out a piercing whistle. Quicker than I would have thought possible the boy appeared by his side.

"Exit, this gentleman here wants to speak to you," the foreman pompously informed him, while I wondered if I had heard his name correctly. Close up the boy was just as beautiful, if a bit dirty from the smut of the plant.

"Exit, is that your name?" I asked him. He nodded, scrutinising me with those incredible golden eyes all of his kind have. "Mr..." I looked at the foreman, realising that I had no idea what the idiot's name was.

"Boggs," the man supplied.

"Mr Boggs tells me you've come here from the orphanage, would that be the Bryce orphanage?" In reply he nodded again. "Do you have a tail?" I asked, the ghost of an idea starting to form in my mind.

"Yes," he said so quietly that I could barely hear him over the clatter of the machinery, "it's here." He patted his thigh, it was stuffed down his trouser leg.

"Why do you keep it hidden?" I quizzed him.

"Because people stare at me when I have it out, but if I have to climb really high like up the chimneys I get it out, it makes it easier."

"GOVINDER!" Sampson's voice cut through our conversation. "Where are you man? I've seen enough of this damn machine."

The foreman sent the lovely Exit back up into the roof, and I watched him nimbly jumping around as Sampson was taken off to meet some of the more presentable members of staff.

It wasn't hard to convince Sampson that employing the boy was a good idea. Much of what we do is covert work and I simply put it to him that an investigator who could climb the highest building without the need for ropes and harnesses was too good a thing to pass up. Zale, unsurprisingly wasn't so keen, but Sampson owns the company and therefore overrules him. I was able to shoot down the lizard's not unreasonable protests that giving an investigators job to a barely educated, inexperienced and completely untrained eighteen year old was a ridiculous idea. Sometimes Sampson's stupidity works in my favour.

I partnered him with Violet from the start, trusting her to look after him and teach him what the job was all about. For the first few months I left him alone to settle in and simply admired him from afar, I didn't want to rush him or to scare him, although on one occasion I took him for a swimming lesson and that tested my resolve to it's breaking point. It was only the presence of a pair of noisy cleaning women in the changing room after the lesson that stopped me from attempting to give him a lesson of a very different kind, although if I'd know then what I know now of course I wouldn't have been teaching him anything new.

I got him wrong at first, took him for a complete innocent, it's the huge golden eyes and his quiet, sweet nature that confused me. Who would think that behind all that is someone with quite such a dirty mind? His sexual preference escaped me for a long time too, in fact I hate to admit to this but it was something that Violet pointed out to me, not something I spotted myself. The pair of us were out together one night, drinking in the pub owned by our receptionist Caddy's father. I like to go there because it's a place that I'm guaranteed to never run into anyone who knows my wife, my mother or my in-laws. Violet likes drinking there because she wants to get into Caddy's knickers, and good luck to her. While Caddy isn't the type of girl I would ever go for she's not without her charms, brassy though they may be.

As we drank our beers our conversation turned to how Exit's training was progressing. "He's a fucking good shot, his vision is excellent," Violet sounded proud of him. Hell, she is proud of him, not that she'd ever tell him that.

"I'm glad he picked something up easily," I replied. He hadn't turned out to be an unqualified success at everything, or even at most things. Zale was starting to make noises again about why I had employed him, so I was pleased to have something positive to report back.

"Yeah, he picked up shooting and his instructor," she laughed. "Back when I was a police cadet I don't recall my instructor needing to stand quite so fucking close behind me to show me how to aim a gun."

"I didn't know they had any female instructors," I frowned, wondering if he now had a girlfriend, and if so what that would do to my plans for him.

"They don't." Violet fixed me with her ice blue stare, the one that she uses to break suspects. "You didn't know that about him? I'm surprised."

"No, I didn't." I wasn't pleased, not about him liking men, that was good news, one large obstacle to getting him into bed removed. No, I was annoyed that it hadn't occurred to me. I pride myself on knowing as much about my staff as I can, so how the hell did that rather fundamental piece of information slip past me? I can only put it down to a can't see the wood for the trees effect, or in other words I was trying so hard to work out how to seduce him I hadn't noticed that a large part of the battle was already out of the way.

After my conversation with Violet I became increasingly aware of the way he behaved around me, as opposed to the way he was with her, or the others. He was different, and I gradually came to the conclusion that he was as interested in me as I was in him. I decided to wait a while longer, I know that sounds strange, I had pretty much employed him on the basis that I wanted to bed him, but deferred pleasure is often the best kind. There is something about desperately wanting a thing, and knowing that if you really wanted you could have it, but denying yourself it and keeping that going until every last shred of your resistance is gone that appeals to me. So I waited, and I teased him to see if he would make the first move. I would call him into my office for every small reason I could think of, smile at him and talk to him, maybe touch him on the arm or the shoulder and watch his response. He's not someone who gives a lot away, he's often very hard to read but in this case his interest was nakedly clear.

I was so close to making my move, so close to the point where I simply had to have him when fucking Jonas came along and took him from right under my nose. Rylance Jonas, I've know him my whole life and this was just one more thing to add all the other reasons I deeply dislike and distrust him. We have a lot of history, some of that sort of history, I took his virginity, a fact I like to remind him of from time to time, but other kinds of history too. I have to be somewhat careful I don't annoy him too much though, he's one of the very few people who knows that I have a half-brother, a half-brother who just happens to be the visible head of Clearwater, and I neither want or need the rest of the world to know about my connection to Knox. Knox is the reason I do the job I do, I don't really give a crap about the company I work for, but working there puts me in the best place to destroy my slippery bastard of a brother, which I will succeed in doing one day. However all that means is that from my point of view Exit could hardly have made a worse choice in men to pick up and start dating.

I entertained several very dark fantasies about things I would like to do to the cowardly Jonas. But before I could even consider making any of them a reality Exit went and got himself kidnapped by pirates, and my problem was rapidly replaced by another, much larger one. I got him back in the end, or course I did, it could never have ended any other way. I'd have got him back even if it meant doing it alone and without the money, or the blessing of, the company.

Annoyingly he was far from grateful about being brought home, and his anger was directed principally at me. I went to visit him at his home soon after he returned to the city, and deciding that I'd had enough of playing games I made it very clear how I felt about him; he'd come so close to death that I had vowed to myself if he survived I wouldn't wait any longer. This turned out to be a mistake, it was too soon after everything, but I knew that if I waited any longer he would just end up in someone else's bed again. As it was he landed back in Jonas' bed, the conniving shit lost no time in taking full advantage of the situation by whisking Exit off to his beach house to "recuperate" from all his trauma, including that self-inflicted gunshot to his thigh. I refuse to take the responsibility for that, he grabbed my arm. While it was my bullet that went into his leg it was his rash action that caused the injury, and it almost spelled the end of his short life.

Exit spent the next few weeks avoiding me, limping around the building and frowning at me whenever our paths crossed. I found this hard to take, I'd missed him the whole time he was with the pirates, but this was worse, he was here but he virtually refused to acknowledge me and I wanted the old Exit back. Once again I knew that patience was the key, I'm nothing if not a patient man. Then the Clearwater situation heated up again, we became busy and this seemed to shake him out of his prolonged sulk, even his leg suddenly got much better. By the end of our investigation it had recovered to the extent that he chased down a suspect across the city's rooftops one freezing cold moonlit night. The capture of that suspect led to the breaking apart of a whole nest of the trouble making bastards, although unfortunately as always the one I really want to catch was nowhere to be found. Even so Sampson was delighted at our achievement, and to give the old sod credit he always rewards us when we have that kind of success. This occasion was no exception, and so last night he threw a party for all of us who had been a part of that particular case, in a small bar a few streets away from our building.

I arrived very late because I had been called away to my mother's house that afternoon. It was the usual problem, despite my father having died many years ago he left debts of such magnitude that various creditors are still pursuing my mother for repayment. Regardless of the fact that the relatively small amount of money she now has to live on now is purely hers, inherited from her own father.

This time they had turned up at her apartment and demanded entry, telling her that if the money was not forthcoming they'd come in and take her possessions instead. Terrified of the thugs ransacking her home she had refused to let them in, bolting the door and sending her maid out of the window and down the fire escape to go and fetch me. Once I heard what was happening I gathered up some of our hired muscle and was easily able to see off the debt collectors. However I did give them the name of Knox's mother's, my late father's mistress', bank. That's where my father squirrelled away the last of his fortune as far as any of us can tell. Good luck to them getting any of it out of the bitch though, from what I've discovered most of it was used to found, and fund Clearwater.

It then took me several hours and the best part of a bottle of gin to calm my mother, Vesta, down. She was shaking so badly that the fragrant liquid sloshed out of her glass and over her hands. Night had long fallen before I was able to safely leave her in the care of her maid, and then only because she had fallen asleep on her sofa and was snoring gently, her small yappy dog dozing on her feet.

I arrived at the bar very badly in need of a drink myself, finding that the majority of my staff had been hitting the Sampson provided booze hard and were in various states of inebriation. Sampson himself cornered me almost immediately then proceeded to talk at me loudly. His usual open mouth and let words dribble out nonsense washed over me as I scanned the the room for the one person I actually wanted to see, and the only reason I had bothered with the party at all after the incident with my mother. I spotted Exit in the back corner talking to Caddy, who I can only imagine was there because Violet had invited her as she's not an investigator. After about twenty minutes I managed to extricate myself from Sampson by telling him I wanted to go and congratulate my staff personally, something I had done in actuality several days ago. However I had to make some sort of excuse or I would have been stuck listening to his drivel all night.

"Hello sir," Caddy greeted me as I approached them, her mouth a slash of carmine lipstick a shade brighter even than her normal, everyday look. "Good to see you."

"Thanks," I replied, looking past her at Exit who was leaning against the wall smiling at me, finally looking pleased to see me again. He also looked a little drunk, but I was glad to observe that he had what looked like a glass of lemonade in his hand now. He has absolutely no tolerance for hard liquor, a little drunk is good, removes inhibitions, a lot drunk is bad, especially in his case as he has a tendency to vomit.

"Hey," he greeted me, locking his golden eyes onto mine.

"Hello," I replied. "Enjoying the party?"

"It's alright," he shrugged. "Think I might go soon."

"That's a shame, couldn't I persuade you to stay for a while longer? I don't feel like I've really seen you in a very long time." I knew that Exit knew exactly what I was getting at. He lowered his eyelids, fringing the gold with his long sweep of blue-black lashes, weighing the idea up.

"Maybe I'll stay," his reply was quiet, and a very long way from no.

"Um...I think I might go and find Vio," Caddy said, reminding me that she was there. She might give off the impression of being a dumb bottle blonde, but that's only fifty percent correct. Her hair colour may be far from natural but she's also far from stupid and she knew that she was rapidly becoming a spare part in our conversation.

"You went out this afternoon, I thought you weren't coming tonight," Exit said once Caddy had left us.

"I was called away to a family emergency." I moved as close to him as is possible in public without causing a scandal. I would've liked to have moved very much closer still.

"Toni?" he asked, the sound of my wife's name throwing me momentarily off balance.

"No, my mother." I rested my palm on the wall beside him, half a pace forward and I would have been close enough to kiss him. As the idea of kissing him formed in my head I found myself looking at his partially open mouth, I could see his elegantly elongated canines white against his lips, and I got the sudden desire to find out what they felt like against my tongue. "So do you have somewhere else to go to tonight, a date with Jonas perhaps?" If he was going to bring up Toni I could bring up that idiot.

"No," he shook his head. "He's away this week."

"Leaving you all alone?" If he were mine I wouldn't go away without him, come to that I'd be reluctant to ever let him out of bed, or wear clothes.

"I guess." He took a sip of his drink, drawing my attention back to his mouth again. I don't know if he's aware of it or not but something about the way he moves, about the way he does even the most mundane things like drinking lemonade makes each tiny gesture gracefully erotic. Possibly it's because he isn't human and that's why he's so much more fluid in his movements than anyone else I've ever known, or perhaps it's simply something peculiar to him. A sudden noise from the other end of the room made us both turn and look, Sampson had clearly persuaded the bar's owner to let him play their antiquated piano, and he was accompanying himself while singing the Twin Islands' national anthem in a very loud and very tuneless voice.

"Gods," I muttered as he called for us all to come and join him. "Anything but that."

Exit laughed. "You don't want to sing with Sampson?"

"I'd rather have my eyes gouged out." Some of the others had now drifted over to the piano, looking more than a little awkward as they sang the chorus with him. As I watched the awful spectacle of a man with absolutely no embarrassment or shame bullying his employees into a sing along with him I felt Exit come and stand behind me. He rested one hand on my shoulder and spoke softly into my ear, asking me if I wanted to leave.

"With you?" I questioned, my ear tingling from his warm breath. I wanted to be absolutely certain of what he was suggesting.

"If you want." I was tempted to tell him of course I fucking wanted, that it's what I've wanted ever since I first saw him up on that roof beam in the power station, but I settled for a simple yes.

Being the middle of winter there were coats and scarves and hats to be put on before we could go out into the night. As I wound my scarf around my neck I noticed that Violet, who was standing with Caddy at the edge of Sampson's impromptu choir, was watching us. She caught my eye and I was left in no doubt that she knew exactly why the pair of us were getting ready to leave together. Nothing much gets past Violet, it's what made her such a good cop, and the reason why I poached her from the force in the first place to come and work for me, but there are times when I would perhaps like her to be a little less observant. With everyone except her distracted by Sampson's antics we easily slipped out of the bar and into the chill night outside.

"Do you want to come home with me?" he asked, his breath condensing into white clouds as he spoke.

I looked at him, in his oversized army surplus grey overcoat, with his hat pulled down almost to his eyes and his scarf pulled up to his chin he looked very young and very small. I had to resist the urge to kiss him right there on the street. He lives in some gods forsaken corner of the city in a tiny flat over a funny little haberdashery shop and I can only imagine his reasons for staying there are financial, it's not a convenient location for anything. I had no desire whatsoever to wait for a tram in the freezing cold, or to try to find a cabbie who would be willing to take the pair of us out there at that time of night. I only live a short walk from the offices, and therefore the bar, but obviously taking him home with me was out of the question. I briefly considered taking him to a hotel, but then I had a much better idea. I've frequently fantasised about having him over my desk, we were only a few streets away from the office, why not make fantasy into reality?

"Let's go to my office," I said, watching a puzzled look cross his face.

"Your office?" he frowned.

"It's near, it's warm, and I think that it would be appropriate."

"Ah, you want to see me in your office...sir." He replied with a small smile, letting me know he understood, his words sending a jolt of electricity through my body that grounded itself between my legs.

We had to make a brief stop at the open-all-night-but-sells-everything-at-three-times-the-normal-price shop on the way. Despite my fantasy there are some things I've never thought to keep in my desk draw, although I certainly will from now on.

No one questioned our presence in the Municipal Works building at that time of night, investigators often work strange hours and the security guards waved us straight through. As we waited for the elevator I studied Exit's profile, he noticed me looking. "What?" he asked.

"You're beautiful." I said, just as the elevator creaked to halt in front of us. He didn't reply, just threw me a look over his shoulder as he stepped inside, a look that sent another jolt to my groin.

I considered pouncing on him in the elevator, but then thought better of it, this was going to be our first time together and call me sappy but I wanted to get it right. This wasn't just some piece of ass I'd picked up for a quick fumble, this was Exit. This was the beautiful boy I'd moved mountains for, waited for and grieved for when I thought he might die. I'm not a man much given to express sentiment, it's not in either my nature or my upbringing to do so, I was always told that emotions were for the weak. However when we were bringing Exit back home from the pirates and his skin was grey from loss of blood and his breathing was shallow and even the doctor couldn't tell us if he was going to make it I cried for the first time since I was a tiny child. In private, of course.

Once I'd entered my office I turned on the desk lamp with the green glass shade, it cast a welcoming pool of light through the room without being unnecessarily bright. Exit followed me in, removing his outer clothes and throwing them onto one of the chairs in front of my desk.

The office felt warm and snug after the raw cold of the street. I shut the door and took off my coat and scarf, hung them on my coat rack then went and stood in front of Exit. I touched his face, his skin was smooth under my fingertips, echobacks don't seem to have the same tendency toward hairiness that humans do and I can't imagine that he's ever had occasion to use a razor. My heart was hammering in my chest and I couldn't even remember the last time I had felt that way. I've been with so many people, even since my marriage, I've never had any problem finding a pretty face for a bit of fun but I had to conceded that for once this was more than a simple carnal need. Pressing my lips to his I felt them part without resistance, the tip of his tongue touched mine then delved deeper, and as I did the same to him I made sure to feel the smooth scrape of his canines against my tongue. Wrapping my arms around him I stroked his back, I found the dip of muscle that marked his spine and followed it with my fingers until I came to the place where his tail started. It doesn't jut from his body but is simply a continuation of his spine, flowing over his buttocks and down the length of his legs until it stops in a delicate taper just above his ankles.

The first time I ever saw his tail properly was shortly after we had employed him. Sampson had wanted a display of his climbing prowess so I accompanied Exit and the old fool to a wooded area just outside of the city. I had become used to the sight of echobacks and their tails during my time on the Northern Continent, but I had never before appreciated the erotic appeal of the tail. However seeing him with it exposed that day I had to work hard not to reach out and caress it, it just seemed like the damn sexiest thing I had ever laid eyes on. But now I could touch it and I stroked the start of it through the fabric of his trousers, tracing its path until I found the place where it was strapped to his leg.

"I want to see your tail," I told him. "But leave the leg strap on, I'll take that off." He removed his shoes, socks and trousers, he wasn't wearing any underwear but his white shirt fell to his mid thigh, covering everything between his legs but entirely unable to conceal how hard he already was. The fabric tented appealingly just asking for me to slide my hand in there and explore, but that was going to have to wait.

The strap Exit uses to keep his tail attached to his leg looks a little like a part of a horse's bridle. It's made of smooth, brown leather with a single silver buckle, and as I was to discover, a soft, padded inside. I knelt down in front of him and ran my fingers up his tail until I reached the binding, he made a small gasping sound as I unbuckled it and once it was removed he flexed his tail, then wrapped the end of it around my wrist. The control he has over it is astounding, it's not a basic appendage like the tail of a cat or a dog but a fully flexible fifth limb, one with the finesse to encircle my wrist, but also the strength to support his entire body weight.

Since meeting him I've chosen to read up on the subject of his species, and in one book I discovered a fact that I knew would come in useful eventually, so with my free hand I found the underside of the base of his tail and ran my finger slowly back and forth across the crease there. My actions earned me a long groan of pleasure, the book had been correct, clearly that area is very susceptible to sexual stimulation.

"You know about that?" he asked, sounding surprised.

"Yes," I replied. "You like being touched there?"

"Mmm...yeah." He clearly did, I just wanted to make him say it.

As I stood he detached his tail from my wrist and let it hang down naturally behind him. Wanting very much to see him naked now I unbuttoned his shirt, pushing it off his shoulders until it fell to the floor and settled in a puddle around his feet. I took a step back and looked at him; nude he was every bit as exquisite as I had imagined him to be, but this was no fantasy dreamt up to amuse myself on a dull afternoon, this was happening. His body was warm under my touch, I ran my hands over his chest and stomach then down to his cock and balls, stroking and fondling him there while my eyes never left his face. He bit his lip, the corners of his mouth turned up into an expression of pleasure, but we maintained eye contact.

"I'm going to fuck you over over my desk," I told Exit. "But I don't want you to come there, so if you think you're about to unload tell me. Then I want to fuck you on my chair, I want you on top, that's where you can come."

"Yes...sir," he replied softly.

He helped me to undress, sliding his hands inside my shirt as he opened each button, then when he was done with the buttons kissing my chest and shoulders. Exit knelt in front of me to undo my trousers and as soon as my fly was open he snaked his hand inside to wrap it around my erection and free it from the fabric of my underwear. Without saying a word he licked my shaft all over, curling his tongue around the head and even pushing the his tongue tip into the small opening. I struggled not to vocalise my enjoyment of what he was doing, I didn't want him to think that a bit of clever tongue action could turn me into a whimpering mess, but frankly that was precisely what he was achieving. When he took in my length and began to suck it used every last ounce of my self control not to just fuck his mouth, but I didn't. I wanted a lot more than oral, and as Exit knew this too he didn't take his sucking too far, ceasing well before I was in any real danger of ejaculating into his mouth.

Once Exit had stopped blowing me I stripped off the last of my clothes, taking a lot of enjoyment from the way he was looking at me. Just because I spend half my life behind a desk is no reason to go to seed, I keep myself fit and I know how good I look naked. Wanting to feel his skin against mine I took him in my arms and kissed him. Once again I massaged the crease of his tail, which made him push his body hard up against mine and I could feel rather than hear his moans as vibrations in my mouth. When I broke the kiss and stepped away from him to retrieve the tin of lube that I had tucked into my coat pocket I noticed a shining trail of pre-come leaking from his cock, he certainly seemed to be very touch sensitive and I hoped he'd be able to keep his body under control until I was ready for him to orgasm.

I cleared a few things from my desk to make room for him to lie forward over it, then I positioned him with his torso flat against the polished wood and his feet planted on the floor. He spread his legs and lifted his tail up over his back to give me the access I needed and I stopped for a moment to admire the view, wishing I could take a photograph of him spread out like that for me, his ass looking deliciously inviting. I love anal, even with girls I prefer to do it that way, it's not simply about the sensation, although I will admit that the tightness and heat is a sensation like no other, it's more the sheer utter wrongness of it that makes it so damn appealing. With a man of course you also have the added fun of knowing that if you can get in deep enough and find the right angle you can hit his prostate. Why we men should have been designed like that I don't know, if, as the gods would have it, being screwed in the ass by another man is a sin then they shouldn't have made it so damn pleasurable. Not that I actually believe any of that religious bullshit but I did once ask a priest about it, he turned a very interesting colour, made his excuses and left the room.

I touched Exit's asshole with my finger, stroking him there without applying any pressure. I even coated my finger in lube but still didn't penetrate him, just teased that whole area. I could tell he wanted more, he kept pushing back against me until eventually he said, "Please sir, put something in there." Seeing as he asked so nicely I did, sliding two fingers into him.

He accommodated me easily. "Is that better?" I asked, pushing in all the way up to my knuckles.

"Oh gods...yes," he groaned.

I love a sex partner who knows what they want and isn't ashamed to say it. I fucked him with my fingers, going in as far as I could, sometimes touching his prostate but being careful not to overstimulate him. From the amount of noise he was making I could tell he was thoroughly enjoying what I was doing to him. I knew that he would be vocally expressive during sex, in my experience it's always the ones who are the quietest in everyday life that make the most noise in the bedroom, or wherever else I suppose, and he was no exception. I realised that I could never try doing that to him in my office during working hours.

He was ready for more and so was I. I entered him slowly, not wanting to hurt him and also wanting to savour the moment that I finally claimed him after all that time. When I was totally encased in his tight flesh I stopped still to let him adjust, this was it, this was my fantasy made real, the beautiful, exotic echoback boy was now my lover. However I couldn't stay static for long, I had that familiar feeling as if every sensation in my body was focused between my legs and all I wanted to do was fuck.

Wrapping one arm around his waist I took hold of his erection, I didn't intend to play with it too much, it would have been tempting fate, but I did want to feel him hard and heavy in my hand. My reasons for not wanting him to come while we were in that position were twofold. Firstly I didn't want to have to clean his spunk up off my desk, or forget to clean it and have a potentially embarrassing situation when someone else noticed it later on, but secondly, and very much more importantly, I wanted him to do it over me. I wanted to feel his warm, wet liquid splashing onto my skin. Yes, I like that, I like that a lot. During what was pretty much my first sexual experience with another person I was jerking off with a slightly older boy in the bathroom off my school dorm. He came first and he came hard, fountaining spunk across my stomach, hand and even my young cock. Perhaps another boy might have been disgusted by this, but I wasn't, far from it, I loved the sensation and it almost instantly gave me the most powerful orgasm I'd had up to that point.

As I moved inside Exit he let out a long sigh then whispered my name, which to me seemed to be the confirmation that he too saw this as a moment we had both been anticipating for a very long time. I kept my thrusts even and steady, I had no need to hurry and I wanted him to feel every inch of me as I moved inside of his ass.

Across the other side of my office there is a large mirror hanging on the wall. I don't know why it's there, it was there when I moved in, but at that moment I discovered if you happen to be fucking one of your staff over your desk it affords a perfect view of the act. Maybe my predecessor had hung it there for that very purpose, but since he'd been killed by a Clearwater bomb I'll never know. What I did know was that the visual was stunning and even by the desk lamp's dim light I could see everything, right down to my shaft sliding in and out of Exit's ass.

"Look in the mirror," I said to him, squeezing him between the legs. He lifted his head and I saw him grin when he too took in the reflection of our coupling. "We look good together, don't we?" I asked.

"Yeah," he breathed in reply, briefly meeting my eyes in the mirror.

Soon after that I found it was becoming more difficult to control my thrusts. I had let go of Exit's cock, from the noises he had been making he was surely getting close to orgasm and as I didn't want to risk taking things any further in that position I told him that it was time we moved to my chair.

The chair is another thing that I inherited from my late predecessor, he was a large man and needed a chair that could accommodate his girth. I'm not a large man and it could comfortably fit the pair of us, me sitting on its leather seat with Exit on top, straddling my lap. I used my fingers to push some more lube inside him, he was nicely stretched by now and I spent longer than was strictly necessary doing this. I like the feel of an ass that has opened itself up like that and in the process I gave his internal sweet spot another good rub, which made him squirm on my lap and pant that if I did that again he was going to come.

"You're very touch sensitive aren't you?" I said, looking into his eyes. In the dim room his pupils had dilated and it was like looking into endless blackness.

"I guess," he smiled slightly.

While I withdrew my fingers he used his hands to line my cock up with his entrance, and then very slowly sat on it. Once he had lowered himself down the whole way I pulled him toward me and kissed him, then told him that now he could come any time he wanted.

"Good," Exit replied. "Because I can't stop it from happening for much longer."

I masturbated him while he moved in my lap. He lifted himself up then pushed himself back down onto me all the while using his internal muscles to squeeze me as well. He was very, very good and it didn't take very long for my balls to tighten and my muscles to tense in preparation for orgasm. While my body was moving things along fast Exit's was already there, he was slamming himself down hard on me and his breath was coming in rapid pants, each one accompanied by a moan or a word. I heard his say "yes"and "fuck" but when he pushed himself down one final time, arched his back and ejaculated an arc of creamy liquid over my torso he said my name.

I'd already been so close that this was all I needed to put me over the edge. As soon as the first drops of his semen hit my skin I was completely lost in my own pleasure, my body rewarding me for finally having the long held object of my desire with a brain meltingly powerful orgasm.

It took a good few minutes for my heartbeat to return to normal and I didn't even attempt to move Exit off my lap and try to stand, that would have to wait until my legs had stopped shaking. He shifted in my lap, moving from from straddling me to curling up on me with his head resting on my shoulder and his knees drawn up to his chest, his arms and tail wrapped around them. I had slid out of his ass as he rearranged himself and I could feel a wet patch forming on my thigh where he was sitting, adding to the other one on my torso, but I was in no mood to complain or eject him from his seat.

Putting my arms around him I kissed his forehead, his soft, spiky hair ticking my face. "Why now?" I asked him.

"Huh?" he replied with a yawn. "Why now what?"

"Why now, why did you pick tonight to let this finally happen?"

"Don't know," he shrugged. He's not always the easiest person to get information out of. "You came into the bar and you looked good, and I was feeling kind of..." he tailed off.

"Deprived with Jonas being away?" I finished for him. Exit tensed slightly at the mention of the coward's name.

"Maybe," he shrugged again. "I just seemed like something I wanted to do."

Neither of us spoke after that, and soon I realised that his breathing was evening out and he was falling asleep sitting on me. I decided to let him doze for a while, but I kept my eyes firmly open. I doubted that I would be able to sleep for long in that position, but even the remotest chance that I would and that a cleaner, or gods forbid even Zale, might turn up in the early morning and find me naked, asleep and covered in spunk on my office chair with an equally naked Exit on my lap wasn't one I wanted to take.

While he slept I amused myself with a fantasy of telling Jonas that I'd had his sometime boyfriend. I would take a great deal of pleasure in doing that, but I know that the man would almost certainly run straight to my wife, or worst still my father-in-law and regale them with my misdeeds. I found myself wondering if that would really be such a terrible thing to have them find out, it would undoubtedly spell the end for my marriage, Toni wouldn't take that kind of news lightly, and her father would want my hide. Not that I give a flying fuck about him, he hates me and rarely misses an opportunity to demonstrate this fact, and to make my life as difficult as possible. He thinks that I wed his daughter for her money, but he's wrong. I have no desire for a fortune, I've been around the very wealthy my whole life and an excess of money does nothing but turn people into a bunch cunts, look at my father. So no, it's not the money, I married Toni for one much simpler reason, to make Vesta happy, because she deserved it after all she's been through. My father's behaviour didn't just rob her of her financial security but also of her social status, that's another thing I care nothing for but she does, much more so than wealth really. For her son to marry the daughter of one of the most powerful men in the city gave her status an enormous push upwards again.

I looked down at Exit and sighed, I wouldn't be letting Jonas, or anyone else know about this. I tried to imagine my mother's reaction if I told her that I'd left my highly respectable and socially connected wife for and orphaned echoback boy, the only conclusion I could come to was that she'd fall down dead of shock on the spot. It would be a nice thing though, not killing my mother with shock, but being with Exit properly. I'd like to wake up next to him every morning, but that's a thing that can't happen.

He stirred on my lap and I thought I'd better wake him, apart from anything else my legs were staring to go numb so I blew into his ear, making him start and suddenly open his eyes. "You can't spend the night here," I said, indicating my chair.

"Did I fall asleep?" he frowned.

"Yes, for a bit." Exit stretched and yawned, then climbed off my lap, padding across the carpet on his bare feet to look out of the window, while I used a handkerchief from my desk draw to clean up me and my chair.

"The city looks so different at night," he said, leaning against the window sill. "Like it goes on forever."

He was entirely unselfconscious about his lack of clothing and I stood and admired him framed in the window, his tail was hanging down behind him, the tapered tip bent upwards to form a U shape.

"Can you see the river?" I asked, coming up behind him and wrapping my arms around his body. "It's that black streak over there."

"Yes, I can," he sounded happy that he'd spotted it. "And those lights going across it must be the bridge."

"They are," I kissed his shoulder, he snaked his tail around my legs as my fingers found one of his nipples and played with it until it pebbled into hardness.

"Mmm...want to do it again?" Exit asked.

"I think that's the general idea," I replied, running my other hand down his body until I came to his half hard cock. He turned his head enough to kiss me on the mouth, briefly touching his tongue to mine then turned back to once again look at the city spread out beneath us, all the while moving his hips to rub his ass against against me, making me rapidly stiffen.

As I stroked a path from his nipple to his stomach my fingers brushed against something metallic, it was the small, silver ring that he had been wearing in his navel ever since his encounter with the pirates. Apparently the pirate captain had put it in him as some kind of symbol of ownership. While it does very much suit him I can't understand why he wants to continue to wear something that amounts as little more than a cattle brand, but that wasn't the time to challenge him on it.

"I'm going to fetch the lube," I explained as I detached myself from him. "Then I'm going to fuck you again, stay there."

He did as he was told, spreading his legs, shifting his tail out of the way and leaning forward, his palms resting on the window pane. It was no effort slipping inside him this time, and once I was in I looked over his shoulder out of the window, briefly feeling like I was king of the city. I fucked him slowly, rubbing my hands over his body while kissing and biting his shoulders. Once again he was loudly letting me know just how much he was enjoying my efforts, being winter the window wasn't open, but if it had been he would have been letting half of Parnell know it too. It was sinfully enjoyable screwing Exit against the window like that and I was tempted to take it all the way to climax there. However I wanted another chance to have him ride me, he was so damn good at that therefore I moved things to the floor behind my desk.

I kissed him deeply as he lay on top of me then let him sit up. "You like it with me on top?" he asked as helped me to enter him.

"Yes, and I like it when you come on me too." He raised his eyebrows at me, but said nothing.

Another bonus of him being in that position was that I could watch him, he looked nothing short of stunning riding me like that. I must admit that his pirate kidnap has had one positive effect, he was a little on the scrawny side before, but months of being forced to work as a sailor on an old fashioned sailing ship developed his body and gave him the definition across his chest and shoulders that he had lacked before. I watched the muscles shift under his beautiful golden skin as he moved, he was lifting himself almost completely off me then lowering back down, and when he changed his angle I knew that I was touching him where he wanted to be touched deep inside because he suddenly said "fuck...yes, there". I played my part too, moving my hips to give him as much internal stimulation as I could while keeping pace with my hand on his erection.

Everything he was doing, from the noises he was making to the skilful way he was riding me was pushing me close to the edge, I could feel the tension growing and growing and the need to orgasm was rushing up on me fast.

"I'm going to come," I said in the hope that it would get him there too. It worked, or perhaps he was about to come anyway because with a loud shout he was once again showering me with his seed while I was pumping into him. Seconds after that my body was completely consumed by my own powerful climax as I filled him.

Afterwards Exit lay the full length of his body along mine and kissed me, then eased himself off, turned onto his side facing me and threw his arm, leg and tail across me.

"Don't fall asleep this time," I told him.

"Mmm...why not?" he muttered.

"Because other people come in here and if you fall asleep I might fall asleep too. Do you really want Zale to find us like this?"

"I guess not," he sighed, rolling onto his back and sitting up. "I'll go and sleep in my office."

I felt a sudden pang of regret that I hadn't gone for the hotel room after all. "Why don't you go and shower? By the time you've done that the trams will have started running again then you can go home."

"But I'd get home then have to come almost straight back," Exit frowned.

"No you won't, have you forgotten? Sampson gave you all the day off today, didn't want the lot of you coming in with stinking hangovers." Unfortunately his largess didn't extent to me, I was still expected to put in a full days work. I seriously doubted that we'd be seeing the old fool anywhere in the building though.

"Oh, yeah," Exit said, a grin spreading across his face. "I had forgotten."

We went to the showers together, but showered separately. Although I did take it as a final opportunity to admire his naked form, at least for the time being.

At the elevator we said goodbye, his hair was still wet from the shower and flattened against his head, making him look like a young boy neatened up for a special occasion.

"I'll see you tomorrow," I said, placing a last kiss on his mouth.

"Yeah, see you then." He turned and entered the elevator, pulling the cage like door shut behind him with a rattle.

I headed back to my office, sat behind my desk, rested my head on my hands and thought. I thought about Exit and everything that had happened since that first time I saw him, I though about what had just occurred between us, I thought about my wife and my mother and my late father and where my life was going until Zale appeared in my here with his pile of papers and disturbed me.

I'm going to go and make myself a very strong cup of tea now, then I'm going to find out what is actually in those documents that the bloody lizard felt needed to be deposited on my desk at six thirty in the morning, and hope that they contain some sort of new lead on Clearwater. Maybe today is going to be the day that I get the information I need to catch Knox, and I can finally bring down my half brother.

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