Second Exit

by London Lampy

Chapter 25

As it's after dark and as everyone else is at the feast Llando and me have the bathing pool to ourselves. Because I needed to make a quick trip to the hut to pick up the lube Llando suggested we make a stop here before we go back to his hut, at least I think that's what he meant. I did tell him I didn't want to attempt to have sex in the pool, I'm still not that much of a good swimmer, and I'd much rather do it on dry land.

As we remove our clothes Llano looks up at the waterfall. "Exit?" he asks pointing to the top and grinning.

"Na, no way," I shake my head. "Llando?"

"Hmm," he seems to be considering it. "Na," he shakes his head too.

We swim out into the middle of the pool together and it feels so different being in here at night, Llando slips under the water and swims along hidden from view except for a trail of silver bubbles that mark his progress until he comes up in the shallows on the other side. I paddle over to join him, getting sprayed as he shakes the water off his hair.

"Want," he says to me. Under the water he wraps his tail around mine.

I turn to face him, resting my hands on his waist. He does the same and we stand and look at one another, I take in his face, his eyes fully black in the darkness, his wet braid pulled over his shoulder. I want to fix this moment in my memory, I want to remember Llando like this when I get home. I know that in my memories of my time here I'll always see him in the centre of it, in a way Llando is the forest.

He lifts his hand and touches my face, trailing a finger across my cheek to my mouth, and when he reaches my lips I lick his finger tip and briefly suck it into my mouth before he removes it to give me soft slow kiss. I pull him closer, feeling him start to harden against me, and me starting to harden against him. His tongue enters my mouth as I run a hand down his back to the base of his tail, which he untangles from mine to give me better access, so I play with him there for a while, then move my fingers down between his ass cheeks to caress him there. Hearing him make a low noise in his throat at my touch I gently push against his entrance, sliding the tip of my finger inside. He reacts by kissing me harder and as he's not objecting to what I'm doing I ease my finger in a little deeper, getting another encouraging groan from him.

A sudden loud splashing noise from behind us makes stop, Llando jumping away from me. I look round to try to see what caused it, my heart thumping, I don't want us to get caught. I don't care what people know about me, I never have, but it would be different for Llando. With me going soon I'd be leaving him to deal with things alone.

"What the hell was that?" I ask, I can't see anybody else in or by the pool. Then it happens again and he starts to laugh.

"What?" I frown. In reply he points upward to where a large bat is swooping over the pool, hunting insects. I see it dip down again toward a fluttering moth, and its wings hit the pool with a splash as it pushes itself back up into the air.

"I think we should go up to your hut," I suggest, watching the bat. The thing is kind of spooky, and next time it could be another person.

"Exit hut...close."

"I know it's closer, but Vio will be back at some point." She would not be impressed if she returned and found us in the middle of things, I'd never hear the end of it.

"Sa," he agrees slightly reluctantly. I guess he doesn't want to make the journey all the way back to his. "Exit fuck?" he then asks.

"Yes, you can fuck me," I smile.

"Na," he shakes his head. "Exit fuck Llando."

"You want me inside you here?" I touch his ass again.

"Sa," he nods enthusiastically.

"Have you ever done that before?" I can't imagine he has, and I don't think he understands what I'm asking him because he gives me a puzzled look. "Do you really want me to fuck you?" I try, this he seems to get.

"Sa. Exit like...Exit like much."

"That's true," I agree.

"Exit like...Llando want...Llando like."

"Alright...I think you're saying that you think because I like it you'll like it."

He nods in reply. "Llando...want."

I don't need any more persuasion. "Let's go," I hold out my hand to him. This could be interesting, I've never taken anyone's ass virginity before.

I can hear the sound of singing coming from the big house as we make our way through the village, the party is still clearly in full swing. I wonder if anyone has noticed that we're missing?

I like that Llando's hut is high up on the edge of the village, it's good for privacy, but it also has a fantastic view of the forest and the sky. We stop on the platform and look out with me standing behind Llando. I untie the leather thongs until his tiny amount of clothing falls away, I seem to have got the hang of it now. I kiss the back of his neck, gently cupping him between the legs, loving the feeling of him growing and hardening in my hand. With my free hand I unbutton my shorts pushing them off over my tail until they land on the planks at our feet and I'm able to step out of them. I then lift Llando's tail and wrap it around his body so I can rub my own erection against his ass.

"Are you sure you want me inside you, that you want me to fuck you?" I ask again.

"Sa," he replies, pushing back against me. "Want Exit fuck."

I remember my first time, I was so scared that it was going to really hurt, and did, at first anyway. But then I lost it to Jack, who even nearly four years and quite a few men later still has the biggest cock I've ever seen. I've got nothing to be ashamed of, but in no way am I built like that.

Llando turns his head and kisses me on the mouth, then points over his shoulder at his hut. "We come hut?" he asks.

"Yeah, probably best not to do it out here." It'd be nice though, under the stars.

Retrieving my shorts I follow him inside, sitting down next to him as he lies on his sleeping mat. I give him another kiss then tell him to roll onto his front, and he does so without question, folding his arms under his head and resting his chin on them. Once again I manoeuvre his tail up and around his body, then spread his legs wide apart and kneel between them, running a finger across the crease of his tail.

"I bet no one has ever done this to you before," I say, then lean forward, and supporting myself with my elbows I do with my tongue what I was doing with my finger moments ago.

He makes a gasping sound, a mixture between pleasure and surprise. Hell, if that surprised him...I lick him lower down, my tongue tracing a path to his hole then teasing him there, and from the sounds he's making he's liking what I'm doing to him. "Ah...Exit," I hear him mutter, followed by something whispered in his own language.

When I've finished eating his ass I can't resist biting one of his smooth, golden skinned buttocks, which makes him yelp.

"Sorry," I say, but I don't think he really minded, because he grins back over his shoulder at me. Sitting up I retrieve my tin of lube from the pocket of my shorts. It's going to run out soon, and I don't suppose I can ask Barney if he can get me some more, but that's not going to stop me from using plenty on Llando tonight.

Lying on my side next to him I stroke his entrance, them scoop some lube out and gently start to push my index finger inside. My licking him there must have relaxed him because although he's tight I don't meet any resistance, and the only sounds he makes are ones of pleasure.

"Do you like that?" I ask him, slowly moving my finger in and out.

"Sa," he breathes.

As I fuck him with my finger I can feel him relaxing further, and when I think he's ready I add another finger, along with a generous amount more of lube. He closes his eyes and groans with pleasure at the addition so I decide to give him even more stimulation and ease my two fingers deep into him until I find his internal sweet spot, which I gently rub. The noise he makes when I do that makes me want to take my fingers out and replace them with my somewhat neglected feeling cock, but I'm not sure he's ready yet, and I don't want to rush his first time.

I play with him for a few minutes more, until he's starting to squirm and push back against me. I realise that he's possibly getting too excited and that there is a very real danger that he's going to come from me fingering him, and what I want is for him to come while we're fucking. I scissor my fingers, trying to gauge if Llando is there yet, he certainly feels a lot more open then when I started.

I decide to ask him if he's happy to move things on, and as he replies with groaned "sa, want fuck now," I assume he is. I don't want us to do it this way around though, if he's lying on his front I can't touch him to make him come, or see his face, and I want to do both.

"Would you like to go on top?" I suggest.

"Hu? Fuck now." Alright, he doesn't know what I'm asking so I'll try it and if he objects I'll know he doesn't want to.

I take my two fingers out of him and sit up, urging him to do the same. He looks at me with a puzzled frown as I spread lube over my erection, he was expecting me to have him from behind. Using my tail to support me I sit back, then holding my cock in my hand I gesture for him to come and sit on me. The grin that spreads across his face lets me know that he's finally understood, and that he likes the idea.

Llando straddles my lap, like me he has very strong legs and he's easily capable of comfortably holding himself up over me while I use my hands to line my shaft up with his entrance.

"Go slow," I advise him. "Don't try to take it all in at once."

He seems to get this, or at least works it out for himself as he carefully lowers himself down. When I first breech his tight ring of muscle he lets out a small gasp, I ask him if he's alright. Instead of replying he moves again and after a couple of minutes of this he's sitting on me, and I'm fully encased in him.

It feels good, really good, I haven't fucked anyone in a long time. I try to think back and I realise that the last person I was inside like this was Topher. I look at Llando, his head is tipped back and his eyes are half closed in pleasure, I wrap my arms around his back and pull him in for a kiss, his mouth opens and his tongue licks mine and when he moves his hips I can feel his hardness pushing against my stomach.

He passes his mouth across my jaw to my ear, biting my ear lobe as I ease my hand between us to stroke him. The tip of his cock is slick with pre-come, and I'm left in no doubt that he's enjoying having me inside him. As I start to move my hand in a steady rhythm he lifts himself and follows my movements with his body.

He feels hot and tight and wonderful. "Gods Llando," I breath as he rolls his hips, sending sparks of electricity through my body. I shift him in my lap slightly, pulling his legs toward me in an effort to stimulate him from the inside once more, and when he shouts my name I know it's worked.

He speeds up his movements, pushing himself down hard onto me, making the tension between my legs grow and my muscles tighten in preparation for an orgasm that's going to happen any moment now.

Llando comes first with a long, loud cry. My hand is suddenly covered in warm, slick liquid and his internal passage tightens and spasms around my cock until I can't fight against it any longer and I come hard, spurting deep in his body.

We stay together with him sitting on me for a while after, kissing softly until I feel my softened flesh slide out of him, followed by a trickle of liquid. We use a couple of linen napkins to clean ourselves up with, I can't imagine that when their original owners bought them they ever thought that their table linen would get used for this purpose. Once the two of us are as cleaned up as we're going to get without washing he pulls me down beside him until we're wrapped around one another.

"Exit sleep?" he asks, tugging a blanket over both of us.

"Mmm, if you want," I say, yawning as he spoons me from behind, his tail thrown around my middle. I have no desire to climb back down to my sleeping hut right now, and I'm sure Vio can work out where I am.

Llando kisses my shoulder as I close my eyes, and I fall deep asleep seconds later in his embrace.

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