Second Exit

by London Lampy

Chapter 23

Llando fixes back the curtain that covers the entrance to his hut so we can see the night sky through the branches of the trees. I sit down on his sleeping mat and he joins me so I move in to kiss him, but he stops me.

"Exit go city?" he asks, wrapping his tail around me.

"Yes, I'm going home."

"City Exit home, forest Llando home."

"Yeah," I nod. "But I won't forget you."

"For...get?" he frowns.

"In here," I tap my head. "The forest, Llando, it'll all stay in here."

Llando copies me, touching his head. "," he touches his chest, "Exit here," then he puts his hand between his legs, "Exit here," he laughs.

"Right now if you want." This time he lets me kiss him and I manoeuvre him until he's lying on his back and I'm sitting on top straddling him.

"Exit blow job?" he asks hopefully as I untie his leather thing, much more successfully than last time.

"Thought we could try something different," I say as I pull the tiny amount of clothing he's wearing off. Then I stroke his chest, playing with his nipples until they harden and he gasps.


"Mmm," I put my hand into my pocket and take out my tin of lube. "Know what this is for?"

He takes it off me, opening the lid and putting his finger in as I reach between his legs to fondle his hard cock. "Hu?" he questions, rubbing his fingers together and looking at the slipper stuff on them.

Remembering the gesture he used that day in the bathing pool I make a circle with the thumb and forefinger of one hand, then removing my other hand from his erection I take his lubed finger and push it into the hole my hand has made, thrusting his finger in and out. This doesn't seem to make things any clearer for him, he looks even more puzzled, so I'm just going to have to show him. Climbing off Llando I remove my shorts then take the tin back off him.

"I want you to fuck me, I want you inside me, and we need to use this," I indicate the lube. "To make it work."

"Fuck?" he repeats.

"Yeah, in here." I kneel beside him and take his hand again, this time putting it on my ass, moving his fingertip until it's resting on my entrance. He says something surprised sounding in his own language and his eyes open very wide, but he doesn't take his hand back, in fact he pushes gently and I feel the tip of his finger penetrate me.

"That's right," I encourage him. "But use the lube."

Handing him the tin again I get him to sit up while I kneel between his legs facing away from him, lifting my tail and wrapping it over my back.

"Use your fingers to begin with," I tell him, hoping he understands where I want his to go. At first I'm not sure he does when he simply runs his hand across the base of my tail, good though that feels. Then without warning I've suddenly got one of his fingers all the way inside me.

"Exit like?" he sounds a bit concerned, I made a surprised noise when he did that.

"Yeah, bit of a shock, that's all." He thrusts his finger in and out, he's clearly used the lube, so I make a encouraging noise. He speeds up and I start to enjoy what he's doing.

"Add another one."


"Another finger, put two fingers inside, with more lube." I hold up two of my fingers to show him what I mean and he does it.

Gods that feels good, it's been too long since I had anything in my ass and I'm keen to have something bigger. His chest is pressed against my tail and back, he kisses my shoulders and the back of my neck, gently biting me as he moves his fingers deep inside me, hitting my sweet spot, making me groan.

I turn my head to look at him and he kisses me on the side of my mouth. Taking his wrist I remove his fingers from me then turn and lie down on my back. From the expression on his face I can tell he knows what I want, and he positions himself between my legs facing me, while I draw my knees up to give him access and pass him the lube. "Put some on yourself," I tell him.

"Exit...Llando want...very want."

"Want you too," I reply.

I help him enter me, taking him in my hand and guiding him in until he's entirely sheathed in me and we both make satisfied sounds.

"Exit like?" Llando asks again, moving his hips a little.

"Mmm...yes." I push back against him, it feels wonderful.

This time it does occur to him to touch me, and he wraps one hand around my erection, holding onto my leg with the other one. He starts to move properly, thrusting his hips, stroking me with the same rhythm. He's very good and I'm kind of surprised, I don't think he's ever been with a member of his own sex before like this but I guess he's been with girls, he's certainly no virgin. The tip of his tail is beside my hand and I curl it around my fingers, I'm getting used to being with someone else with a tail, and I can see why men always want to play with mine now.

He moves faster, pushing into me as deeply as he can, talking to me in his own language, whispered words I don't understand. I'm aware I'm making a bit of noise too but he doesn't try to shut me up, and I hope it will simply get lost in the night sounds of the forest. I know I'm going to come soon if he keeps on like this, but then from the way Llando has his eyes half closed and is pounding into me so is he. He's hitting me in just the right place deep inside and every time Llando snaps his hips he pushes me a bit closer until he's saying my name over and over and it's clear he's reached his own orgasm. Knowing he's ejaculating deep inside me pushes me over the edge and the delicious tension that's been building in my in my cock and my ass ever since Llando started to fuck me breaks, and I come hard in an explosion of spunk over my own chest and stomach.

Llando is lying with his head on my shoulder and his arm and tail draped around my body, I caress his tail with my fingertips, looking out of his hut's doorway and up at the night sky.

"It's looks the same as it did on Nightport," I say, pointing at the sky. "Hundreds and hundreds of stars. You can't see that many of them in Parnell, only the brightest ones, but it's the same sky, everyone I've ever met is out there under the same sky as we are right now."

"Hu?" Llando asks softly against my cheek.

"Never mind," he kisses my jaw. "If Vio could hear me she would say I was talking poetic bullshit anyway."

"Vio funny. Vio na like Sora."

"No, they don't like each other one bit," I agree.

"Tula na like Sora. Sora...boss."

"Sora's bossy? Yeah, but then so is Vio, which is most likely why they don't like each other."

"Exit like Vio?" Llando strokes my stomach, touching my piercing.

"Yes, she's my friend."

"Exit fuck Vio?" his hand moves lower.


He laughs, his fingers rubbing my cock, which is starting to swell. "Llando fuck Exit again?"

"Mmm..." At least I've taught him some new words in my language, not sure how impressed Barney's going to be that Llando can now say "fuck", "blow job" and "lube" though. Perhaps before I go I can teach him "rim job" too?

We kiss, I can feel him hardening against my thigh as I let my hands run down his back to the base of his tail where I rub him, making him squirm against me. There's not the urgency we had before and we stay like that for quite some time, kissing and touching one another, enjoying the feeling of our mouths and bodies pressed together in the quiet of his hut until eventually we reach the point where we need more. I roll onto my side facing away from him, lift my tail and place my leg over his so he can enter me again. We don't really need any more lube and he slides easily inside me with a satisfied sigh.

"Exit good fuck," he murmurs. I have to resist the temptation to say "so I've been told", I think I'd confuse him.

I reach my arm around behind my head and stroke his face, turning my head to briefly press my mouth against his. He rolls his hips, caressing me both inside and outside, making me gasp. "Llando's a good fuck too," I say when he does it again. "We're good together."

We take it much slower this time, moving unhurriedly together with him alternating between touching my erection and running his hand over my torso, playing with my nipples, then dipping back down to give my cock a few strokes. I'm not even aware of how close I am to coming until he gently squeezes my balls as he pushes into me and I feel a spike of pleasure from my tail to my stomach and every place in-between.

"I want to come," I whisper, pushing my hips a little faster against him.

"Llando come," he agrees quietly. Not a new word that one, but a new meaning for it.

He wraps his hand firmly around my shaft and we move together. I hear him gasping just as I can't hold back any longer and my orgasm engulfs me as Llando fills me again, and we both reach our peaks together, our cries joining with the sounds of the night animals.

I go to leave Llando's hut in the early hours of the morning, before the sun is even fully up. He stirs smiling sleepily at me, so I give him a soft kiss on his mouth and tell him that I'll see him later, then I make my way to the bathing pool. Washing quickly because of the morning chill I then head back to the clearing, where I'm surprised to see Tippit already up, sitting outside his hut eating a banana. He gives me a small wave when he sees me.

"Want one?" he calls across to me quietly, holding out a banana from a small pile beside him. "I just picked them, can't get any fresher."

"Thanks," I walk over to him and take the fruit, I am quite hungry. "You're up early," I say, sitting down beside him to eat.

"Couldn't sleep, I've been trying to work out how to break it to Sora that I might be leaving for good. Anyway, I could say the same for you."

"Yeah," I mutter, taking a bite.

"What you and Llando are doing, it's not exactly approved of out here," Tippit looks at me.

"How do you know about that?" Did Vio tell him?

"It's obvious, if you know what you're looking at."

"It's obvious? Does everyone know?" Llando won't be happy if that's the case.

"No," he laughs. "I doubt it would even occur to any of the others, even my sister and Barney, who would I suppose be the most likely to work it out, are far too wrapped up in their own concerns right now. In case you hadn't noticed I don't have much to do around here, I just sit around waiting for Barney to give me my next set of orders so I have the time to pay attention to what everyone else is up to. I was a servant for many years, no better place to learn how to see what people want to keep hidden, and you and Llando aren't hiding it very well."

"Oh," I put my banana skin beside his. "Are you shocked?"

This really makes him laugh. "When I was working for my master I saw things that would make your hair curl. A couple of boys having a tumble together? Not nearly enough to shock me, however I doubt the tribe would see it that way. Gui is very clear about this, it's fine to enjoy sex, as long as you and your partner are both of age, but you are not to forget that it's intended for procreation. What the two of you are doing is never going to produce any babies."

"Does Llando know that?" I ask.

"I don't know him that well, but I can't imagine he doesn't, we learn the teachings of Gui from birth."

"What would happen if the villagers found out?" I hope it's nothing bad.

"I'm not sure." He scratches his head, the black dye is starting to grow out and his roots flash blue in the morning sun. "In the normal course of things one of you would be sent off to another village, and both of you would be married off fast, but with you being an outsider, and Llando being the chief's eldest son I can't see how that would work. I think Mathi would simply have a quiet word, tell you to stop. As everyone knows you're going soon I reckon that would be the extent of it."

"Llando wouldn't be punished?"

"I doubt it, the whole thing would most likely be written off as a youthful transgression, Mathi isn't a cruel man, and he loves his children." Tippit picks up another banana from the pile and unpeels it. "It doesn't surprise me really, according to village gossip Llando's had every available girl for miles around, they all want to catch his eye, marry a chief's son, he clearly needed a new challenge."

I'm not sure what to make of that. "I came onto him, not the other way around," I put in defensively.

"Sorry," Tippit chuckles. "I didn't mean to imply anything. Can't blame you though, not that I find him attractive you understand, but his twin Tula, she's just beautiful. Not that she'd ever look at me."

"She tried to seduce me," I say, because I'm a bit annoyed at him.

"You lucky thing...hold on, tried? Don't tell me you turned her down."

"I did," I admit.

"Why? Are you insane?"

"No, I just don't like girls in that way."

"Even so...Tula." He shakes his head, biting into his fruit.

"Have you told her how you feel?"

"Now I know you're insane, she'd laugh me out of the village. I'm shorter than her, I'm a lot older than her, she's the chief's daughter and I'm a nobody, not even a proper adult member of this tribe, and of course I don't have a tail." Once he runs out of reasons why Tula would never be interested in him he stares into the distance eating.

"Sorry." I shouldn't have told him what happened.

"It's alright. Perhaps it's a good thing Vin got left behind, he might have been jealous of Llando and you."

"I doubt he'd care, and he'd have no right to be jealous." Something occurs to me. "How the hell do you know about that?"

"I told you, I'm good at seeing what's hidden. Although his hand on your leg under the table at dinner on the train was a bit of a give away."

"Oh, yes." I'd forgotten all about that, the train feels like months ago. I unpeel another banana, thinking about what's coming next, the raid, and then home. "Tippit, what's it like going on one of Barney's raids?"

"Are you nervous?"

"Yeah," I nod. "Will there be a lot of fighting?"

"Depends. Hopefully with these guards lured away the place will be more or less undefended, although Ev is leading the fighters, and he'll take any opportunity to let his gun off. I've always been with Barney and my sister, helping to free the slaves and explaining to them what's happening, I'm no fighter," I nod in agreement with that. "If you stick with us you should be clear of the worst of it, and avoid Ev, if he had his way he'd kill every human he saw on sight, with the exception of Barney."

"He does give that impression."

"I think he sometimes does it, you know, shoots humans who pose us no threat. In the confusion of a raid he gets away with it, and Barney turns a blind eye, he only ever sees what he wants to see."

I recall Vio calling him a "psycho with a gun", I guess she was right. "What happens to the slaves after?" I ask.

"A lot of them run as soon as they're freed, we don't go looking for them, where would we start?" he gestures at the dense forest around us. "The rest we offer to return back where they came from, but most don't want to and many leave the forest altogether, they're ashamed of being tailless."

"They shouldn't be, it's not their fault."

"I know, but it's hard not to feel that way. Think about it, how would you feel?"

Would I be ashamed? I'm not sure, but what I would feel is incomplete, and I can't imagine that feeling would ever go away. "You're not ashamed though, are you? You said you didn't mind showing it to Vio and me."

"I try not to be ashamed," he replies, "and I don't mind people seeing the stump. A few months ago Barney sent me off to some of the nearest cities to try to get the echobacks who live there to donate money to his cause. He had me drop my trousers to try to shock them into paying up."

Something tickles the back of my memory. "I've got a friend in Kipp, a girl called Senis, she said she'd seen a tailless one who was trying to raise money, was that you?"

"Must have been," I decide not to tell him Senis said it made her feel sick. "Look, don't worry too much about the raid, stick close to Barney and me, and stay away from Ev and you'll be fine."

"I will," I reply, hoping that he's right.

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