Second Exit

by London Lampy

Chapter 7

"Ssh!" Vin hisses at me.

"Sorry, it tickles if you touch me there." I can't stop giggling, the more I try to be quite the funnier it seems to get. While Vin might be attempting to get me to shut up he's almost as bad, he's using my shoulder to stifle his own giggles.

He puts his hand between my legs again and strokes me just behind my balls, which is what started me giggling in the first place, although the real problem is Sampson being in the next room. It's knowing he's in there with nothing more than a door between us that's caused this.

"Stop it," I squirm away from his touch. "That's not helping."

"Maybe this will keep you quite," he kisses me hard on the mouth, and suddenly I'm far more interested in stroking his tongue with mine than giggling. He rolls until he's fully on top of me and I can feel the delicious sensation of his arousal pressed right up against mine, so I wriggle, creating friction that sends little sparks of pleasure shooting through my body. A thud from somewhere makes me freeze, it's followed by muted voices, none of which sounds like Sampson's, I can't imagine he can actually speak quietly.

"Relax, that's in the corridor," Vin whispers, his hand between my legs again, this time not tickling but stroking. "Sadly I think fucking you would be a bad idea, it's going to be too noisy," he says between kisses.

"I can probably keep quiet," I reply, my hand joining his between us. I wrap it around his erection and he makes a very quiet groan.

"I'm not sure you can, and if I'm honest I'm not sure I can either. Not to mention that the bed is right by the wall, he'll think someone is trying to batter their way into his room."

The image of this makes me giggle again. "You want me to give you a blow job?" I suggest, hoping that if I do he'll return the favour.

He thinks about this for a moment. "Yes, but first I want to watch you make yourself come."

We rearrange ourselves, me on top straddling his waist, looking down at him, his cock behind me rubbing against my tail. He takes my left hand and puts my first two fingers in his mouth, sucking on them and making them wet, then pulling them out again. "Put them in your ass," he orders. "Stroke yourself with your other hand, show me what you do when you're by yourself." I normally rub the crease of my tail rather than put my fingers inside myself, but I don't mind doing that either. "Come over me," he says huskily.

I start to stroke myself, it feels good. I look at his face, he alternating between watching my hand on my cock and looking into my eyes; his own green eyes are darkened with lust.

Neither of us speak, the giggles are forgotten, the only sound is that of my hand on my stiffened flesh, my fingers moving inside me and our breathing, I'm almost panting. Him watching me like this is incredibly hot and it's not going to be much longer. "I'm close," I whisper, breaking the silence.

"Let it happen," comes the reply, so I do, clenching my jaw to try and stop myself from making any noise I give myself a few final strokes before my orgasm takes over. I arch my back, pushing my fingers as far inside as I can as the tension in my body breaks in an arc of liquid that splashes over Vin's chest.

"Fuck," he breaths, his eyes half closed, looking close to coming himself. He pulls me down so I'm lying on top of him, I can feel my warm spunk between us, and he kisses me as I'm still trying to get my breathing under control.

"That was beautiful," he says quietly into me ear. "You're beautiful. Now suck me."

He pushes on my shoulders and I wriggle down his body to give him what he wants.

The next morning I shower after breakfast. Vin showered first and is talking to Sampson downstairs, who when I left was annoying the whole dining room by complaining loudly about how you can't get decent bacon outside of the Twin Islands. I'm almost dressed when someone knocks on the door, then opens it straight away. It's Vio, I don't know why she even bothers knocking, she never waits for me to tell her she can come in.

"Vin wants you to hurry up, Sampson's getting worried about missing the train," she says as she enters the room, then stops and looks around. "There's only one bed in here," she frowns at me.

"Yes," I mumble, sitting on it and pushing a feet into my boots. She shuts the door and comes and sits beside me.

"He's married," she says quietly. "I'm no big fan of Toni, she's far too much of a fucking posh bint for my liking, but that doesn't change the fact that she's his wife."

I don't want to be having this conversation with Vio right now, or ever really. "I know, but isn't he the one in the wrong, not me?" I say, tying my laces.

"I've know Vin a lot longer than you have and he's always had the sexual morals of a fucking alley-cat. I know I call you a slut, but I actually thought you were better than this."

"I guess I'm not," I've finished with my boots, but I still don't look up.

"You need to stop thinking with the contents of your trousers monkey boy," she squeezes my shoulder. "One day it's going to get you into serious trouble. How the fuck would you feel if Toni turned up at your flat in floods of tears because she'd found out her husband had been giving you one on the sly?"

"Horrible," I reply. "But that's not going to happen, she's not going to find out."

"That doesn't make it right," Vio sighs. "He never should have married her, it's not even like you're the first person he's cheated with. There have been four others that I know about, and most likely more too, boys and girls. He's not fussy, just long as they're young and pretty."

None of this surprises me, I never thought I was the only one. "Why did he marry Toni then?" I ask.

"Because him mother wanted him to get married, and Toni was the perfect choice. Her father is fucking loaded, she looks good on his arm and she restores a bit of respectability to his family. You know about his father don't you?"

"No, why would I know anything about Vin's father?" I look up at her, interested now.

"Vin's family used to be rich, proper fucking rich like Ry, not just well off. His father Maxwell lost it all, bad investments, gambling, mistresses, drinking, that sort of thing, he died about ten years ago leaving them almost broke and in social disgrace. I don't think Vin cared that much, he was in the army then and he might have his bad points but he's never been a snob, or a lazy rich boy who doesn't want to work, and I don't think he really gives a fuck about what people think of him, but he does care about his mother and it damn near destroyed her. She was wiped off the social circuit, no more invites to fancy functions with the good and great of Parnell."

"That doesn't sound so bad," the only fancy function I've ever been to is when Ry took me to the opera once, it was one of the most boring nights of my life.

"For you or me it wouldn't be, we're not fucking stupid enough to think that kind of thing matters, but for Vin's mother it was a fate worse than death. She's clawed her way back to a certain extent, and Vin marrying Toni had a lot to do with that, her family are pretty much on the top of the Parnell social heap."

"Do you think Toni knows that's why he married her?" I ask.

"Don't know," she shrugs. "What I do know is that her father can't fucking stand Vin, doesn't think he's good enough for his little girl, and to be honest he's probably got a point. Doesn't help that Vin refused a job offer from him either, I guess he didn't want his father in law breathing down his neck all day long, it would kind of interfere with him screwing around somewhat."

The sound of the door opening makes us both look up, Vin is standing in the doorway. I feel like what we were just talking about must be obvious, almost as if the words are still hanging in the air above our heads, but if they are he doesn't seem to see them.

"Violet, what in the god's names are you doing? I sent you up here to fetch him, not sit down and start having a deep and meaningful conversation. Come on, Sampson is getting twitchy about missing the train, he's saying that someone is going to get fired if we have to, as he puts it, spend another night in "this cesspit of a city". If he does fire someone it's sure as hell not going to be me."

"Damn it all Govinder, I don't see why we have to wait for this bloody chap from the Cartel, let's just board the damn train and have done with it. He can catch us up, he's no more than spy for those sodding shiftless foreigners anyway."

Sampson is not in a good mood, apparently he slept badly due to the heat, although thankfully he didn't mention any strange noises coming from the room next door to his. He is also suffering from, in his words, "the trots", which he is blaming on the hotel food, although we all ate there together and the rest of us are fine. I suspect it has a lot more to with the amount he drank last night, but I'm not going to say that out loud in front of him.

"We need to wait for him because that's the arrangement," Vin says, barley disguising his annoyance, I know how he's feeling. He's holding a letter in his hand and he consults it. "We're due to meet...Kremmen here at the entrance to platform six at nine thirty, it's only," he looks up at the large clock mounted high on the station wall for all to see. "Nine twenty now, and the train isn't due to leave for another thirty minutes." I can tell his patience is running out, his jaw muscles are clenching.

"Kremmen? What is that, some kind of damned lizard name? Are we going to be stuck with a bloody lizard all the way to Shelly?" Sampson grumbles, pulling out his pocket watch and checking the time for himself.

"I don't know Sir, I've never met him before, he may be a visk," Vin replies tightly.

"Fucking great," Vio mutters to me. I still haven't managed to persuade her that all visk aren't that bad, I'd love for her to meet Zizi one day, but I don't suppose that's going to ever happen.

Sampson tucks his watch away and starts making a strange clicking sound with his tongue. "You know Govinder, I'm bloody thirsty."

"Yes, it's the climate," Vin replies. More like all the wine and brandy he drunk last night. "You can get a drink when we board the train."

The two of them stand and look at one another, Vin's clearly had enough of being treated like a servant and isn't about offer to go and get Sampson a drink right now.

"Don't suppose you'd be so good as to fetch me something from one of those shops over there old chap," Sampson says eventually. His words are polite, but his tone of voice says it's an order, not a question.

Vin turns to me. "Exit, go and buy Sir a drink," he says sharply, pulling a couple of Kipp dollars out of his pocket and handing them to me.

"What would you like Sir?" I ask Sampson.

"Um...let me see," he looks deep in thought. "A dandelion and burdock would be just the ticket I think."

"Sir," Vin puts in. "I don't think they drink that over here."

"Really?" Sampson raises his bushy eyebrows. "Why ever not?"

"I don't know," I'm pretty sure Vin is going to punch him soon. "But they do have lemonade, will that suffice?"

"I suppose it'll have to," Sampson sighs, peering around the station as if he's hoping to spot a passing dandelion and burdock seller.

There are a few small shops on the other side of the station so I set off in search of a bottle of lemonade. The station is huge, it has twelve platforms in all, each one with a board displaying what time the next train leaves and where it's going by their entrances. As I walk past platform eight I briefly stop to watch a man on a small stepladder sliding out a thick piece of wood with one place name on it and changing it for another, it says "Delfont", I think that's the name of the city in Surosa that Topher lived in for a bit after the war.

The station is crowded with people hurrying to and from the trains, porters with carts full of luggage often following behind. Almost everyone seems to be in motion except for the ragged looking ones who are sitting on old newspapers or pieces of cardboard in the corners or against the walls. These figures, mostly human but with a few sad looking brown grey visk mixed in, are still, heads bowed they all have small bowls or hats set out in front of them, some with hand written signs. I read one as I walk past, it says "widowed crippled solider three children to support please help", I drop a few coins into his hat, he doesn't look up, just mutters "bless you sir" as I go. I'm almost to the shops when a large group of green visk come striding into my path, expensive looking robes in every colour flapping out behind them. I have to jump out of their way to stop myself from being mowed down, behind them trot a small army of uniformed human servants toting their luggage.

All of the shops seem to sell much the same thing, newspapers, cigarettes, snacks and drinks and I have no problem finding a small bottle of lemonade for Sampson. As I hurry back I notice that the others have been joined by a fourth person who I assume must be the man from the Cartel, Kremmen. Even from a fair distance away I can tell he's not a visk, which I guess is something of a relief for Sampson and Vio. I can only see him from behind but he's wearing a suit not robes, and he clearly has hair.

"About bloody time," Sampson mutters as I draw closer. I pass him the bottle, sympathising with Vin's irritation at him.

"And this is Exit," Vin says to the stranger. "Exit, meet Kremmen." The man turns around and I put out my hand for him to shake, but he simply stares at me, or at least I think he does, it's hard to tell because he's wearing glasses with smoked lenses so dark that his eyes are invisible behind them, and I find myself staring right back at him. He's one of the oddest looking humans I've ever seen. His skin is chalky white, or at least it is on his neck and face, nothing else is showing. Despite the heat he's chosen not to remove his dark grey suit jacket and when he does finally take my hand in his and give me a limp handshake I notice he's wearing thin black kid gloves. In contrast with his skin his hair is jet black and slicked back with so much hair cream it shines greasily, he also has a thick black moustache covering his upper lip that is twisted into curled points at the ends, and to add to all this he's very short, at least three inches shorter than me, and I have the unusual sensation of looking down at an adult human.

"Nice to meet you," I say, pulling my hand back quickly.

He says nothing to me, just nods quickly, then turns back to Vin. "Are we now ready to embark?" he questions, and something about his accent seems familiar, but I can't quite place it.

Him, Vin and Sampson lead the way down the platform, with Vio and me following behind carrying Sampson's bloody suitcases again. Even from behind Kremmen is odd, he walks in a strange sort of way, at first I think he's limping, but it's not quite that, if anything it reminds of a very small child who's not fully steady on their feet yet and he gives the worrying impression that at any moment he might topple over.

After my earlier conversation with Vio I was thinking about telling Vin that I wanted to share my cabin on the train with her instead, but all of us, including the strange Kremmen, are shown to our cabins together by the steward, and it's not a conversation I want to be having in public.

"I think my troops should flank me," Sampson states, making Vio exchange cabins with him so he's in the middle of us. I'm a bit surprised to find that inside our cabin there is only a sofa, a small table and a tiny sink. "I think they've given us the wrong one," I say, frowning at Vin who's standing in the doorway behind me. "There aren't any beds."

He steps into the room and shuts the door behind him, standing behind me and wrapping his arms around my middle. "Yes there are, the couch turns into a bed, and the other one's up there," he points to what looks like a door turned on its side mounted above the couch. "The stewards come and make them up during dinner."

"Let me guess, I get the top one," I say, trying not to enjoy the feeling of his body pressed up against mine.

"Hmm...I think we'd both fit into the bottom one together." His hand strokes my stomach through my shirt, two fingers wriggling inside between the buttons so I can feel his fingertips directly on my skin.

"I..." this would be so much easier if he wasn't so fucking sexy. "I think perhaps we shouldn't sleep together."

"Why?" he licks the top of my ear.

"Because you're married."

"For fuck's sake," he sighs. "Haven't we been through this already?"

"Yes, but..." I can't think of anything else to add, especially as his hand has now stopped stroking my stomach and moved a bit lower.

"Have you ever had sex on a train?" Vin says quietly into my ear, while I start to harden under his touch.

"No, I've never even been on a train before."

"You can kind of let the movement of the train do all the work, and just let it happen, sounds good?"

"Yeah, sounds good." I move against him, feeling his erection against my tail.

"Still don't want to sleep with me?" he asks, but instead of waiting for an answer he kisses me. I give in.

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