Exit Wounds

by London Lampy

Chapter 34

"What time did he say he was coming back?" Topher asks from the chair on the other side of the room, looking up from his book.

"Before six," I yawn, stretching out on Jack's bed trying to wake up fully from an afternoon doze.

Even though we're visiting Jack he still has to go to work during the day, a fact which Topher has been grumbling about since we got here. It's gone five o'clock now so at least Jack will be home soon.

"I think I might have a bath before he gets home," Topher says.

"You can't, remember? It uses too much hot water, Jack's landlady will shout at him if you empty the tank again like you did yesterday."

Jack lives in a rented room in a shared house. His landlady, Mrs Myra, lives downstairs and rules over all her tenants like a wicked queen. Hot water, or lack of it, seems to be one of the most contentious issues and all the tenants are restricted to short showers only. Apparently the woman has been known to stand outside the bathroom and time them, banging on the door when she judges that they've been in there for too long. Yesterday Topher filled the tub which emptied the hot water tank completely, and it was only Jack turning on the charm that stopped me and Topher from being thrown out.

I asked Jack why he lives here and he told me it was because it's cheap and near to the army base, and is better than living in the barracks. However I get the feeling that he doesn't really want to make a home in this town, it's not where he wants to be and this job isn't what he wants to be doing so he's avoiding putting down any kind of roots.

"Huh," Topher scowls. "Then I shall have a shower instead."

"It'll have to be a very quick one because I want one too."

"If you want to shower and I want to shower let's share a shower," he suggests.

"That's not a bad idea, so long as Mrs Myra doesn't catch us in there together." She really doesn't like the three of us all sleeping in Jack's room, finding Topher and me in the shower together might be a bit much for her.

"She should be glad, if we shower together we will be saving her precious hot water."

The shared bathroom is at the end of Jack's floor and the two us creep along the landing wearing towels and carrying wash stuff while looking out for Mrs Myra's head poking over the bannisters from downstairs, both of us trying to suppress fits of the giggles.

"We made it," Topher laughs as I lock the bathroom door behind us.

"Yeah, this is like being fifteen again and sneaking around in the orphanage with Jack after lights out." Except it's not really, because there if we got caught we would have been in impossible amounts of trouble. Here the worst that'll happen is that Mrs Myra will throw us out and our last night with Jack before we leave for the Northern Continent, and eventually Surosa, will be spent in a hotel.

I look at Topher, the whole feeling of being naughty and of the two of us not being meant to be in here together has left me feeling pretty turned on and I realise that I'm rapidly getting hard. I undress quickly while Topher gets the shower going then fiddles with the taps to correct the temperature. While he complains about lack of water pressure I remove my towel and touch myself. When he's finally got the thing running to his satisfaction he turns round and sees what I'm doing.

"Hello monkey," he says with a grin as his eyes travel to between my legs.

"Take your towel off," I tell him. "We need to get into the shower quickly."

I step into the tub with a bar of soap and wash myself a bit, mostly concentrating on my chest, enjoying running soapy fingers over my nipples. Topher soon joins me and I begin to wash him too. I play with his dark nipples, making them harden under my fingertips as the stream of water runs over them. He locks his eyes onto mine as I move my hand lower to carefully soap up his cock, and I know that he's enjoying what I'm doing from the way his white teeth bite into his full lower lip. Putting the soap down I stroke his erection softly with one hand and with the other I massage his balls and rub the area behind them where I know he likes to be touched.

"I want to come..." he groans. "Make me come."

"No," I reply. "Not yet, not until Jack comes back."

"Sometimes I hate you." He tries to scowl at me, but he's much too tuned on to look seriously cross.

I take my hands off him and kiss him, and he wraps his arms around me pulling me as close to him as he can. One hand goes behind my back and with two fingers Topher begins to massage my tail crease, so I lift my tail to give him better access and let the stream of warm water run over it. His tongue is deep in my mouth, his erection is pressed up against mine and I can't resist squeezing his firm ass with my hands even though I know it's only going to make him more insistent that I bring him off in here.

The sudden sound of someone banging on the bathroom door makes us stop what we're doing. "Hey! Who's in there?" A rather shrill voice calls out.

"Hello Mrs Myra, it's Exit, one of Jack's visitors," I call back, placing a hand over Topher's mouth to prevent him from saying anything.

"Stop running that water at once, I know how long you've been in there, and it's too long. I shall be charging Jack extra this month for all the hot water his visitors have used."

"I'm turning the tap off now!" I shout, trying to do just that while still gagging Topher with my hand. He's starting to make protesting noises and I shush him, but instead of being quiet he tickles my ribs, making me yelp.

"What was that, did you say something? Is something going on in there?" The woman quizzes me sharply.

"No Mrs Myra, I didn't say anything, and nothing is going on." I'm now attempting to fight off a naked and wet Topher in a slippery bath tub while assuring Jack's landlady that all is well.

"Just you get out of there and stop using all the hot water," the woman orders. With the shower now off I hear her stomp away to her bit of the house, her slippers slapping on the lino as she goes.

"Stop it!" I say to Topher, who's still attempting to tickle me. "Come on, we'd better do as she says."

I climb out of the bath and dry myself, then wrap the towel around my middle and open the bathroom door a crack, peering out to make sure she's really gone. When I'm sure she has I open it all the way and step into the hall. Topher follows me, but he hasn't bothered wearing a towel, he's just slung his over his shoulder. "What if Mrs Myra comes back up here and sees you like that?" I say as he walks into the hallway naked and semi-erect.

"Then she will get a treat," he laughs, then takes hold of my towel and pulls so it comes off, and suddenly I'm naked in the hall too.

"Hey!" I say, trying to grab it back off him, but runs a couple of paces then throws it to the far end of the hall where it sails over the bannisters and out of sight.

"Topher!" I protest as he starts to giggle. I attempt to snatch his towel off him to replace my own but he holds onto it with determination. I end up wrestling him to the floor, with him lying on the lino on his front, still clutching the towel and me sitting on top of him, straddling his legs.

"Want to do me like this monkey?" he suggests, grinding his ass against my crotch.

"Yeah," I admit, leaning down to bite him on the shoulder. "But we should probably go back into Jack's room before someone comes." This makes him snigger in a very dirty way. "You know what I mean," I say, biting him again.

"Keep doing that and I am going to come," Toper replies.

Someone does come. The sound of footsteps at the top of the stairs makes me jump, but I'm not sure that right now getting off Topher would be any better than staying where I am. At least lying on him my cock is covered, and there is no way we can get back into Jack's room before whoever it is makes it to the hallway either so I stay put.

I breath a sigh of relief when a familiar tall figure comes into view, fortunately it's neither Mrs Myra nor one of her other tenants. Jack is carrying the towel Topher threw over the bannisters in one hand, and as soon as he sets eyes on us he stops and stares. "What the...? Are you two trying to get me evicted?" he asks, but he also kind of sounds amused.

"Thank the gods it's you," I mutter, climbing off Topher and standing up. "We were having a shower," I explain.

"And somehow that led to your towel ending up in the downstairs hallway and the pair of you being naked in a heap in the upstairs hallway?"

"Yes," Topher says with a grin as he too gets to his feet.

"Fine." Jack shakes his head. "Come on, get in my room before anyone sees you." He opens the door and we follow him in.

"Sorry," I say, trying to sound it.

"I am not sorry," Topher adds.

"You would be if Jack got evicted."

"But he has not been so it does not matter."

Once we're back in Jack's room I know that there's no point in putting my clothes back on, even if I wanted to. Topher climbs onto the bed and I follow him. Telling him to turn over I retake my position from the hallway, lying on top of him kissing and biting his neck and shoulders while rubbing my cock over his ass crack. I know how much Jack likes to watch us together so I make sure I put on a show for him. I sit up, suck my index finger then push it inside Topher, giving him a good internal massage that makes him gasp and squirm underneath me.

I glance over at Jack, he's standing on the floor and was clearly in the middle of taking off his clothes but has stopped to look at us. His shirt is off, his trousers are unbuttoned and I can see the top third of his erection sticking out the top of them.

"Are you going to join us or do you just want to watch?" I ask, looking from his cock to his face then back again, running my tongue over my lips.

He doesn't say anything in reply, instead he very quickly removes the rest of his clothes, throws them across the room then climbs onto the bed beside me. I take my finger out of Topher and kiss Jack. Jack's large, calloused hands wrap themselves around my waist to pull me close into him.

"Love you," I say against his mouth before his tongue ends up inside it. I'm really going to miss him while we're away.

"Hey, I am still here," I Topher objects indignantly from underneath me.

"Sorry," Jack says with a laugh, pulling Topher out and up so he can kiss him too.

I love seeing the two of them together, partly in the way Jack likes to watch me and Topher together, just because it's hot, but also because it makes me happy.

Jack has placed Topher on his lap facing him, and Topher has wrapped his legs around Jack's middle, which gives me perfect access to his ass. I quickly lube my fingers up and push three of them into his entrance knowing that Topher can relax his body faster than anyone I've ever known. The sweet sound he makes as I do this tells me it's what he wants, but I'm careful not to stimulate him too much because it often doesn't take a lot to make him come.

"Are you fucking him?" Jack asks me over Topher's shoulder.

"Only with my fingers," I reply. "I'm getting him ready for you."

We move ourselves so that Jack can enter Topher from behind with Topher on all fours. I help Jack, first of all I give his big cock a generous coating if lube, then I use my hands to guide him into Topher.

Jack makes a satisfied growling noise once he's entirely buried in Topher's ass, while Topher orders Jack to fuck him hard. I sit back on my heels and watch, entranced by seeing the two of them like this. Jack's tanned flesh against Topher's almost black skin looks utterly beautiful and my eyes are drawn to the point where the two bodies meet and merge. Jack thrust into Topher over and over and I'm mesmerised by the sight of Jack's thick cock disappearing into his body. Jack also has one hand on Topher's erection and is stroking him in time with his thrusts.

"Ah...fuck...yes Jack, like that!" Topher groans. I can tell from his tone of voice that he's getting very close to coming. I consider using my hand to try to make myself come at the same time as Topher. I wrap my fingers around my hard flesh, feeling a trickle of pre-come run onto them, but I keep my hand still as I'm too entranced by the sight of the two people I love together like this to want to distract myself from the sight.

I see Topher's muscles tighten under his skin and I know it's about to happen for him. Jack looks at me with a kind of desperate expression on his face. "Quick..." he pants. "Stop me from coming."

I reach over and grab the base of his cock, circling it with my finger and thumb as much as I can as Jack is too big for them to meet up, and I squeeze fairly hard. I don't know if it's working or not but I know for sure that Topher is orgasming right now from the noise he's making and the way his body is bucking.

When Topher's body goes slack and he has gone from groaning to merely breathing hard Jack pulls out of him and I let go.

"Did it work?" I ask Jack.

"Uh," Jack nods. His eyes have a glazed quality about them and there is a sheen of sweat across his face. I know how he feels, having your body ready to explode then it not happening kind of fries your brain a bit. He lets go of Topher, who flops onto his front then rolls over and gives Jack a sloppy post sex smile, then reaches up and pats Jack on the arm.

Jack has a handful of Topher's cream, and it is a handful, Topher must have shot a serious load. I watch as Jack does what Jack always does and licks his hand clean. I'm always halfway between being aroused and disgusted by him doing that, I know I let him and Topher come in my mouth sometimes but that's not quite the same thing. For some reason Jack really likes to swallow it though, according to him he even does it when he's on his own.

Topher is looking up at Jack through half closed lids, or to be exact he's looking at Jack's very upright erection.

"You are still hard, did you not come?" he asks with a frown.

"I didn't come," Jack replies, slightly muffled because he has his tongue between his middle and index fingers.

"Why not?" Topher sounds very affronted by this.

"He asked me to stop him from coming," I say, making a circle with my thumb and forefinger to explain what I mean. "You were too busy to notice."

"Oh, why?"

"Because I want to fuck Exit too," Jack replies, inspecting his now clean and slightly damp hand.

We waste no time in making this happen and I end up sitting in Jack's lap facing away from him with him fully encased in me. I'm moving on top of him, but not too much, because I don't want to cause too many problems for Topher, who has positioned himself in front of me and is in the process of swallowing my cock.

"Oh gods.." I mutter when he's taken all of me in. I curl my tail around Jack's hip and he strokes it with one hand while supporting me with the other. With Jack filling me and Topher sucking me my whole body is one delicious sensation. Jack is also being mindful of Topher and he doesn't move too much, just enough to rub over my sensitive internal spot.

I turn my head to kiss Jack on the mouth. I try to put all my feelings for him in that single kiss, try to pass onto him that he means more to me than anything, except Topher, and that from now on I'll do my best to put him before me in the same way he puts me before him. I don't think he gets my meaning, and unless he's a mind reader I don't know how he could, but he does move his hand off my tail and up onto my chest where he pinches my nipples to hardness, and that's almost as good.

I wish that this could last forever, but at the same time I want to come very badly, although not as badly it seems as Jack does. "Exit, I can't keep going for much longer," he says, his voice husky with want.

"Neither can I," I murmur against his shoulder as Topher does something with his mouth that makes me shiver all over. I reach both my arms up behind me and wrap them around the back of Jack's head, feeling the suede like texture of his shaved hair under my fingers. "Let's try and do it at the same time," I suggest to him, Jack's reply is to bite my ear, I think it's a yes.

I push my body down on his and flex my hips rhythmically. Topher picks up my movements and sucks me in time to this. I feel my whole body tighten and tense. "Now," I gasp, and I swear that I can feel Jack gushing into me at the very instant I do the same thing inside Topher's mouth.

My orgasm sweeps me away completely, I loose all sense of time and place and when it's over it's almost a shock to find that I'm still in Jack's room and that several days and nights haven't passed.

Jack is panting in my ear and he carefully moves, lying down on the bed while pulling his cock out of me. He takes me with him, Topher comes up the bed to join us and I end up sandwiched between them. I wriggle until I'm comfortable then I close my eyes and enjoy the sensation of both of their naked bodies against mine.

I love the pair of them so much, I don't want anything else. I don't want to go back to being a sailor on the Firebrat, I don't want to go back to spending my time with Tallis amongst the rigging, feeling the wind in my hair and the sun on my back and watching the endless ocean spread out around me. I don't want that at all. And if I keep telling myself I don't want all that again then maybe it'll become true.

"I wish Jack could have come with us to the station," Topher says morosely as we wait for the train to take us back to Parnell from where we're catching the boat to the northern continent this evening.

At nine o'clock in the morning the weak sun is hardly making any difference to the temperature. It's cold enough out here for our breath to form small clouds and where the morning's shadows linger frost is still in evidence. Once again Topher is wearing my overcoat and all I've got for warmth is a sweater, he really needs to get a coat of his own.

"He'd have been late for work," I remind him. "Of course we could have caught an earlier train and then he could have come with us, but that would have meant we wouldn't have had time to have sex this morning, and I know which one I prefer."

"Hmm," Topher knows I'm right, but he doesn't like admitting it. "My hands are fucking frozen," he says, rubbing them together rapidly. "The sooner we get out of this cold the better."

"Yeah, but it'll be the rainy season in Kipp when we get there," I remind him.

"At least that is warm rain, I think it might be about to snow here." He squints up at the sky as if a blizzard is about to start and prove him right.

"No it's not, it's not nearly cold enough for that...look, the train's coming, it'll be warmer on there," I point down the track to where I can see a dark shape in the middle of a cloud of steam and smoke approaching us.

The train pulls into the station with a clatter and a screech of brakes, we get on and find a seat together toward the back of an almost empty carriage. I sit down and look at Topher, giving him a small smile. I know how much he's going to miss Jack while we're away because I feel exactly the same, and he sighs and rests his head on my shoulder.

Out on the platform I hear the guard blow his whistle, I feel the juddering of the train's brakes coming off and we slowly start to move. There's a commotion of some sort going on outside, someone on the station is shouting "STAND AWAY!" repeatedly at the top of their voice, growing more and more frantic each time they shout it.

Suddenly the carriage door next to us bangs open, making Topher jump and letting in a cloud of smoke with it. As the train begins to pick up speed a large kitbag is flung through it into the carriage, coming to a stop by my feet. The bag is rapidly followed by a person, a familiar person who slams the door behind him, picks up the bag then looks at the two of us with a wide grin.

"Didn't think I was going to make that," Jack pants, sounding like he's been running.

"You're not meant to be here!" I say as he sits himself down on the seat opposite Topher and me. "You'll get in trouble at work."

"Shut up!" Topher frowns at me. "Or he might go away."

"Don't worry, I'm staying here. Fuck work, I'm bored, I want to go to Surosa with you two."

"But...isn't that called going AWOL? I'm sure that's some kind of crime the army can hunt you down and have you arrested for." I really don't want Jack to get arrested.

"Exit!" Topher snaps. "He wants to come with us, do not tell him to go back."

"Yeah, it is a crime, and you're right, they can hunt me down and arrest me for it." Jack looks remarkably unconcerned for a wanted man. "So we'd better get out of the country fast."

"Are you sure?" I ask, ignoring Topher kicking me in the ankle.

"Yeah, very sure. I want a new adventure, and I want to be with you two, and fuck the consequences."

"So we're all going to Surosa?" I question, a smile starting to turn up the corners of my mouth.

"Yep." Jack grins back. "All three of us are going to have an adventure together."

The End

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