A Kind of Alchemy

by London Lampy

Chapter 14

"How do you make money?" Sam asked Victor as he posed in the sheet covered chair again.

"I take commissions, like the backcloth for Fran, or I paint portraits for people with more money than sense."

"No." Sam shook his head, making Victor frown at him for moving too much. "Sorry...I mean how does someone make money if they want a lot of money quickly, how would they get it?"

"If I knew that I wouldn't be living in my studio would I? I suppose a person could always rob a bank or something, that would make them rich quickly, until the police caught up with them anyway. Why, is Fran not paying you enough?"

"I..." He considered telling Victor what he'd learned from Mother a couple of day previously, but quickly decided against it. He was ashamed that his naivety had cost Fran so much, and there was no reason for the painter to know. "I just wondered how people got rich, that's all."

"Not by painting, or working in theatres, that's for sure." Victor replied with a laugh.

They didn't speak again for some time after that and Sam tried to blank his troubles from his mind, at least for today. Despite everything he'd been very much looking forward to sitting for Victor again and he doubted that Fran would give him another day off in a hurry so he had to make the most of this one.

When he'd first arrived Victor had got him to strip off and had given him a long deep kiss before telling him to take up his pose again. Sam's body had been quick to respond to Victor, he very much wanted Victor again, but even he hadn't realised how much. The things that Victor had done to him last time were quite unlike any of his previous sexual encounters, and it had been utterly wonderful. Sam was assuming that things would happen very much like last time, sitting first then sex, and he was trying to be as patient as he could.

After what felt to Sam like half a day, but was in reality a couple of hours, Victor walked over to the long ribbon of windows and looked out and up at the sky. "The light is starting to go, I think that's going to have to be all for today." Sam stretched to get the kinks out of his back, and to show his body off to its best advantage. "What would you like to do now?" Victor asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Um..." Sam blushed, knowing exactly what he wanted to do, but finding it hard to put into words.

"Well I'm hungry and I'd like some food. What about you, are you hungry?" Victor grinned as he said this, confusing Sam.

"A bit." He replied sulkily, he didn't want food, he wanted sex.

"All right, I'll take you out for a meal then."

Sam stood up and began to reluctantly gather his clothes. "Did I say you could put them back on?" Victor asked when he saw what he was doing.

"I can't go out naked." Sam protested.

"I'm not suggesting that you do." Victor looked him up and down slowly. "Not that it's not a very appealing sight, but before we go there's something of mine that I'd like you to wear." He then gestured for Sam to follow him over to the bed.

"You want me to wear your clothes?" Sam frowned.

"Did I say clothes? Lie over the side of the bed with your ass in the air and your legs spread." Sam did as he was asked, puzzled but aroused. "Oh yes." Victor breathed when he was satisfied with Sam's position.

Using one hand Victor spread Sam's ass cheeks apart and Sam suddenly felt something warm and wet touching his hole, and he realised that the painter was licking him there.

"Mmmm." He groaned as one of Victor's hands snaked around his body to massage his now hard cock. Sam had never experienced the sensation of a tongue there before and it made his toes curl with pleasure, to the extent that when Victor stopped he made a small noise of disappointment. The tongue was however swiftly replaced by fingers slicked with lube pushing inside him, and Sam was beginning to think that the painter had forgotten all about going out and was going to fuck him here and now instead. Victor was using his fingers to stretch him and he wriggled with the anticipation of a cock entering him at any moment, but when the fingers were removed they were replaced by something hard and cold.

"What...what's that?" Sam turned his head to try and see.

"Never had a plug in you before then?" Victor asked, his very blue eyes narrowed in amusement as he stood and looked down at Sam.

Sam put his hand between his ass cheeks and found something that felt as if it was made from solid rubber there. He pulled on it experimentally, it only moved a little.

"Don't remove it." Victor scolded. "You're to wear it while we're out."

"But what if it falls out?" Sam asked as he too got to his feet.

"It won't, you're nice and tight around this bit." Victor ran a finger around his entrance.

"Are you sure?"

"Totally. It'll keep you open and ready for me when we get back."

Sam took a few steps, it felt strange to be walking around with something inside him like that, but it wasn't at all unpleasant and he suspected that his biggest problem wasn't going to be the thing falling out, but trying to hide his arousal.

As it was still early evening the small café was quite. It was only a few streets away from Victor's studio and Sam had walked the whole way there wondering if anyone suspected what was going on under his clothes.

"They don't have an extensive menu, but what they do have is good, and cheap." Victor said, passing Sam a menu. "I'd recommend the chicken stew."

"That sounds fine." He replied, he wasn't used to eating out and was quite happy to let Victor choose for him.

When the waitress arrived the painter ordered two chicken stews and a bottle of red wine. No one drank wine where Sam came from, it was all cider, beer and apple brandy and he wasn't that sure he liked the taste of it, but he drank some to be polite. As they waited for the food to arrive Sam discovered that if he wriggled in his chair it felt very good. He knew Victor was watching him and even though this made him blush he didn't stop, and the expression on the man's face told him that he was enjoying the sight.

"It's a good job it's not busy in here." Victor glanced around the almost empty café. "You look like you're about to come."

In truth Sam wasn't far off, it wasn't just the sensation of the plug deep inside him but also the knowledge that he was in public place with it there. He bit his lip to stop himself from making any noise as the waitress placed a basket of bread and a dish of butter onto the table, she looked at Sam and asked if he was feeling all right.

"He's absolutely fine." Victor replied, stifling a laugh as she left. "Gorgeous as you look like that I think you ought to stop or you'll have to walk back with wet pants." He said quietly.

Reluctantly Sam agreed, and he did his best to stay still, although it wasn't easy.

"Gods Sam, you've got me hard too, if I wasn't so damn hungry I'd take you home and fuck you right now." Victor locked his blue eyes onto Sam.

"I want you to fuck me right now." Sam replied, just at the moment waitress appeared with their food. She put portions of chicken stew down on the table in front of a now scarlet faced Sam and an amused looking Victor, rolled her eyes at the pair of them then walked off without a word as Victor started to laugh.

"Oh gods!" Sam exclaimed once she was gone.

"Don't worry, I'm sure she's heard worse. Maybe." The painter replied, still laughing.

"What must she think?" Sam stared wide eyed after her retreating back as Victor picked up a hunk of bread and dipped it into his stew.

"That you want me to fuck you, you made it pretty clear. The question is why do you care what she thinks? You don't know her." Sam watched as she showed a couple of customers to a table, she wasn't paying any attention to him now.

"Look." Victor said once he'd eaten a few mouthfuls of his food. "This isn't some little village in the ass end of nowhere where everybody pokes their noses into everyone else's business, this is the largest city on the West Island. No one cares, you can do what you want, and be what you want, or even do who you want. You're not going to suddenly find yourself an outcast in Parnell for wanting to have sex with me, or any other man for that matter."

In Dovedale your reputation was everything, becoming an object of gossip was one of the worst things that could happen to a person and to avoid this happening you did your best to behave just like everyone else. He mulled over what Victor had just told him as he ate, he knew that the painter was right but it was hard to change the way you'd been raised to think your whole life in the matter of a few months. Victor wasn't lying about the food, the stew was very good, Fran's cooking rarely extended beyond heating up tins of soup, baking potatoes or toasting cheese sandwiches and Sam hadn't eaten a meal like that for a very long time. Despite the distraction of having something in his ass he soon found himself mopping up the last of the juices with the bread, although he did studiously avoid looking at the waitress as he ate. Once they had finished and were on their way out of the café as if to make his earlier point Victor very deliberately put his hand on Sam's bottom and squeezed it slowly, which made Sam blush, and start to harden again.

Back in the studio Victor insisted on undressing Sam, slowly removing his clothing piece by piece as Sam stood by the bed, running his fingertips over every inch of his skin as he went until Sam was left wearing nothing but his underpants, which were pulling away from his body with the force of his erection.

Victor pinched Sam's nipples between his fingers and Sam gasped and shivered with anticipation, he desperately needed the painter inside him, the plug had done its job and he knew that Victor could simply remove it and enter him any time he wanted.

"I'd like you to help me undress now." Victor instructed, and Sam was only to happy to do this. The one regret he had about their last encounter was that as he had spent most of it tied up he had barely got to touch Victor's body. He unbuttoned Victor's shirt, sliding his hands inside as he went until he could push it off the man's shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Victor's skin was very pale and Sam was able to trace the path of his veins across his chest with his fingers and then continue down to his stomach, the dip of his navel and finally to the spreading patch of dark hair just above the waist of his trousers. Sam made short work of a worn belt then eased Victor's fly buttons open and slipped his hand into the painters underwear. Victor made a small noise of encouragement so Sam carried on, he gave the man's cock a quick squeeze then pulled his trousers and underwear down. Victor stepped out of them and Sam knelt in front of him and kissed his penis, all the way up the shaft and across the smooth head then he opened his mouth and took it inside. He loved doing this, and he prided himself on being good at it as well, or at least that's what he had been told. Victor's groan as he took him all the way to the back of his mouth was a clear indicator that he was enjoying Sam's ministrations. Sam alternated between sucking and licking, sliding him in and out of his mouth while using one hand to massage his balls and the flat area behind.

"Sam...Sam, you need to stop doing that right now if you want to get fucked." Victor panted after a few minutes of this, putting one hand on his head to stop his movements. Sam did as he was asked, feeling a little pleased with himself for having had that effect on the normally very in charge Victor.

"On the bed." Victor's voice was husky, but he'd managed to regain his composure. "Kneel up by the head board."

Sam did as he was asked as Victor went to find something from his chest of draws, but when Sam saw him dangling a pair of handcuffs from his fingers he had a sudden unpleasant flash of memory back to being chained up in Mother's waiting room.

"Not them." He shook his head. "Please."

Victor shrugged but he didn't ask and instead he fetched the silk rope and tied Sam's hands to the headboard instead. He then came and knelt behind Sam, pressing his body up against Sam's and stroking one hand over Sam's chest while his other hand massaged him between the legs. Victor bit Sam at the juncture of his neck and shoulder, a sensation Sam found he liked very much and he made his enjoyment clear as Victor continued his actions across his shoulders and up his neck. As this was happening Sam became aware of the man's hand leaving his cock to stroke his ass then play with the plug, moving it inside him.

"You ready for me to take this out?" Victor said into his ear, pulling it out part of the way then letting it slide back in.

"Only if you put something else in there."

"What would you like, my hand maybe?"

"Your whole hand?" Sam questioned. "It wouldn't fit."

"Actually it would, you'd be surprised." Victor played with the plug some more. "But I'm not sure I have the patience for that right now, maybe another time."

Before Sam could inquire any further about this intriguing if slightly daunting idea Victor removed the plug completely and set about adding extra lube to Sam's now very open hole.

"Oh yes." Sam groaned as he felt his sweet spot being touched.

"I loved the way you nearly made yourself come while we were out." Victor said as he slowly added his cock. "It was very erotic."

"It just felt good." Sam replied. "So does that."

Sam was stretched out enough so that Victor could both finger him and fuck him at the same time, and very soon he was vocally expressing his enjoyment loudly, and without Victor even touching his shaft he could feel a climax approaching.

"I wish you could see this." The painter said, his voice thick with lust. "My fingers and my cock inside you at the same time."

"Mmm." Sam breathed his agreement.

The pressure inside his body built and built, he really did wish that he could see what was being done to him, it felt incredibly good. Victor was making quite of lot of his own noise too, and he was thrusting into Sam hard and fast and Sam guessed that he was also very close to orgasm.

"Ah...Victor." Sam panted, his whole body was taught and ready and all it took was one very deep thrust from Victor to send him over the edge. He might not have been able to see what was being done to him from behind, but he could see himself coming, ejaculating ribbons of white liquid over the headboard and the wall beyond in three long, ecstasy filled explosions, and by the time his lengthy orgasm had played out he could see sparkles floating in his vision.

"You came very hard that time didn't you?" Victor asked a few minutes later as he untied Sam's hands and surveyed the mess that he had made.

"Sorry." Sam apologised, amazed at quite how high up the wall he'd managed to hit.

"Never apologise for that." Victor slapped him playfully on the ass. "In fact I take it as a compliment, always good to see a boy enjoying my efforts."

They rearranged themselves, Victor lying on his back with Sam beside him, his head resting on Victor's shoulder and one of his legs thrown over the painters long legs. Victor lit a cigarette from a packet on his bedside table and as he smoked Sam looked across the studio at all the canvases in various states of being painted.

"Have you had sex with everyone you've painted?" He asked eventually.

"Not the commissions." Came the amused reply. "But the ones I do for myself, the nudes, yeah."

"And I'm just the latest one." Sam said this teasingly, letting Victor know that it didn't bother him.

"Sam, it's not a factory production line, I might not be the romantic type but I do care about all of my models very much. You're sexy as hell and a great fuck, but you're also my friend."

Sam found this surprisingly comforting, he wasn't in love with Victor, there were none of Fudge's "bells" when he saw him, but he did like him and care about him too, and he was glad to count Victor as a friend.

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