Westpoint Tales

by Kiwi

Flight of The Toucan - Pt 5

Next morning, late in the morning, Robbie was woken up by a gentle kiss on the lips. He flicked his eyes open and looked into Bryce's eyes looking down at him.

Bryce smiled. "Good morning, Sleeping Beauty."

"Ah. Yeah. Did I die?"

"Die? No. Why do you ask that?"

"Cause I just got kissed by an angel." A huge grin spread across his face. "Good morning, Gorgeous. Do that again."

"Kiss you again?"

"Yeah. I dare you to."

"Don't dare me, Little Boy, or I will."

"Dare, dare, dare and double-dare." Robbie sat up, closed his eyes and puckered his lips.

Bryce smiled at him, how could he resist? He didn't, he kissed him again. "There. Happy now?"

"Oh, yes! I love you, you know."

"Yeah, I know. I love you too."

"So, what are you doing here? Not that I'm complaining, I want to wake up like this every day from now on."

"That would be cool, but I don't know if we can arrange that. It's Saturday. I know you were up late last night, but I was getting tired of waiting. Your sister said I could come up and wake you. That's all right isn't it?"

"It's better than all right. It's great. Thanks Bryce. Now get off, I've gotta go pee."

"You're just all class, aren't you?" Bryce stood up and Robbie climbed out of the bed, stood, and stretched.

"Wow." Bryce's eyes opened wide. "Nice. You want me to help you with that?"

"Help me with what?" Robbie looked down at his boxer-clad boner. "Oh. The morning woodie. You can come and hold it while I pee if you like."

"Umm. No thanks. I don't know you that well."

"Spoilsport. Hang around long enough and you will know me that well, I promise."

"We'll see. I'll be here, Robbie, but I don't know if I'll ever want to hold it while you pee."

"I'll hold yours."

"Yeah, you will. But not for peeing."


"Perv., yourself."

"Oh yes. But now, I've gotta go or I'll wet my knickers. Don't go away, I'll be right back."

He dashed off to the bathroom and Bryce settled down again to wait. Two boys came into the room. One, Michael, he already knew. He'd never seen the younger one before, but he looked at lot like Robbie.

"Whoa. Who are you? And what are you doing in our bedroom?" The little boy asked.

"Hello Michael. And you must be Bruce." Bryce smiled.

"Yeah, I must be. Who are you?"

"Shut up, Bruce," Michael replied. "This is Bryce; he's a friend of Robbie's."

"Robbie hasn't got any friends. Not around here."

"He has now," said Bryce. "He's got me anyway."

"And what more could he want?" Robbie came back into the room. "You guys be nice to Bryce, or else."

"Or else what?" Bruce defied him. "I'm not scared of you, Robbie Keenan."

"Or else I'll kiss you," Robbie grinned.

"Eww. Shut up. I'm not having no gayboys kissing me." Bruce left the room in a hurry.

Michael followed him, "Later Bryce, later Robbie."

Robbie pulled some clothes out and started getting dressed. "Sorry about that, he's just a big-mouth kid."

"That's okay; this is his room I was sitting in. Umm, does your family know that you're gay?"

"Yes, of course they do. Don't yours?"

"God no! I wasn't even sure myself until a couple of days ago."

"What happened a couple of days ago?"

"You smiled at me. You were sitting outside the library with Rebecca Bangs all over you, and you smiled at me and I knew I loved you."

"Really? I wish I'd smiled at you weeks ago."

"Yeah, so do I. Robbie, are you a virgin?"

"No. Sorry. Are you?"

"Yes and no. I've done it with a couple of girls but never with a boy. That is, apart from big boys fiddling with my weenie when I was too young to know what was going on."

"That really happened to you? That's disgusting."

"Yes it was, but it was a long time ago, and nothing really serious happened. It was just touching and they soon lost interest because I was too little and far too young to be turned on or anything."

"It's still serious, doing that to a little kid."

"Yeah, I guess. It's like I've been trying to tell you, it's not all good having a pretty face. Sometimes I think that I should go on a diet of straight ice-cream and get all fat and covered in zits and everything. Then maybe people would leave me alone."

"I wouldn't."

"You wouldn't leave me alone?"

"No, never. Well, as long as the zits weren't too disgusting."

They grinned at each other and Bryce sighed, "You're bloody amazing. You know that?"

"You're full of it, Bryce. You are the amazing one, beautiful boy."

"See? There you go. What does it matter what I look like?" The grin had died.

"Stop it, Bryce. You are beautiful, you can't deny that, but I'm not talking about what you look like."

"What then? I don't get this."

"Bryce, you've got a great face, terrific hair and a fantastic body, but that's not what makes you beautiful. You're you, on the inside. You are a truly beautiful person and it just shines out of you. Does that make sense?"

"No, but thanks anyway. Can I have a hug?"

Robbie grinned and put his arms around him. "You can have a million hugs, but you've got to give them back to me."

"Oh, I plan on that, don't worry." Bryce hugged him back.

Eventually Robbie pushed him off. "Okay, that's one 999,999 to go."

"Right. What happens when we run out?"

"Then we'll start on the second million of course. But, not now, I'm starving. Let's go and see what Granny's got to eat."

"A second breakfast? Yeah, I can handle that."

On the way down the stairs, they met Robbie's father coming up He was carrying a cycle helmet, wearing high-visibility clothes, and had obviously been out cycling.

Good morning Robbie. Up early for a Saturday I see. Who have you got here?"

"'Morning Dad. This is my friend, my really good friend, Bryce Hartigan."

"Good morning Sir."

"Sir? No, you don't call me 'sir.' Just call me Rob, okay? Good to meet you, Bryce Hartigan, you're very welcome here. Good to see you making a friend at last, Robbie."

"Yeah, it is." Robbie's grin threatened to split his face in two. "Good things are worth waiting for and Bryce is the best there is - the absolute best friend ever."

"Good for you then Good for both of you. Bryce Hartigan eh? Is that the Hartigans of Romney Street, Paradise Road or Derby Street?"

"Umm. Derby Street, Sir - I mean Rob, ah, Mr.Keenan."

"Rob, Lad, just Rob. So you live in lower Derby Street? That'd be out by the beach."

"Yes, we're at number two. The Beach Road is just across the road. But, how do you know that?"

"My dad's weird," said Robbie. "He's memorising the phone book."

"Really?" Bryce asked, wide-eyed. "That's impressive. You must have a great memory, umm, Rob."

"Nah," Robbie said. "He's just weird."

"Enough cheek out of you, Young Man. Thank you Bryce. It's just an exercise in keeping my brain active. Besides, as the new bank manager in town, it helps to impress the clients."

"Worked on me. I'm impressed and I'm not even a client. My parents are though; they've got an account here."

"Yes, I thought so. Are your family church-goers?"

"Yes Sir. We go to First Baptist. My dad's an elder there."

"That's good. We're still looking around and haven't decided on a church yet. It's about time we did. Perhaps we should come and have a look at First Baptist."

"You should. You'd all be very welcome there."

"Perhaps we will then."

"Church, Schmurch," Robbie grumbled. "See you later, Dad. Come on Bryce, I'm hungry enough to eat a horse."

"You won't find many horses around here, but I think Granny has left you something in the kitchen."

"Left me something? Isn't she here? Where is Granny then?"

"Would you believe that she's out on a date? No? Well she is."

"Granny doesn't go on dates, she's too old."

"Apparently she doesn't think so. Ask your sister. Liz is down in the kitchen and she knows more about it than I do."

"Right. I will then. See you later Dad."

"Right. Goodbye then, Boys."

"Goodbye, Mr. Keenan. Nice to meet you, Sir, I mean, Rob."

"Nice to meet you too, Bryce Hartigan. Have a good day, Boys."

Robbie beamed his biggest grin. "Don't worry, we will. Thanks Dad."

Rob stood and smiled as he watched them hurry down the stairs. It was good to see his number-one son looking so happy. He hadn't looked that happy since, well, ever really.

'This Bryce seems like a nice kid. Robbie obviously likes him, a lot. Good looking boy too. Is this the 'gay' thing rearing its head again? Ah. So what if it is? They're not hurting anybody.'

Liz was busy ironing clothes in the kitchen and she told them to feed themselves. She was not Granny.

"'Kay, we will then." Robbie opened and inspected the fridge. "Where is Granny anyway? Dad said she's out on a date. That can't be right. Granny's too old for dating."

"You can think that, but you'd better not let Granny hear you saying it. And she is on a date, sort of. She met this old boy at the Senior Citizens Club and he's driving her around to show her the town and then they're going to have lunch at the Westpoint Motor Hotel. I think it's quite sweet actually."

"Well it's not. It's disgusting. What if they have sex? Eww!"

"Yeah, that'd be gross, but it's none of your business anyway. What about you, Robbie? Are you on a date or what?"

"I dunno. Maybe. I hope so." He grinned at Bryce who blushed and smiled back at him.

"Yeah. Me too, Robbie, If you like,"

"Oh, I like. I like very much. Are you going to show me around the town and buy me lunch at the Motor Hotel?"

"I'll show you around and I'll buy you lunch, but not at the hotel though. They're too bloody expensive for me. I can afford fish and chips and we'll sit on the wharf to eat them."

"Thanks. That'll be great, but I'll pay for lunch, I can afford it. I've got a really good paying job and I've had nothing to spend my money on until now."

"You will not, Robbie. I offered and I'm paying. You can buy lunch next time."

"You. . . I. . Oh, all right then. Great. I will, next time. Liz, is it okay if I hug my boy while you're here?"

"Of course it is, I'll just look the other way."

They hugged briefly, and then Liz asked. "So, I take it that Westpoint's number-one chick magnet is out of circulation then? I didn't think that you'd be gay, Bryce."

"Well I am - when it comes to Robbie anyway, I am very much gay. I never was in circulation anyway, not really. And now I'm definitely not. I am very much in love with your brother, Liz, and I don't care who knows it."

"Aren't you sweet?" Liz hugged him now and whispered in his ear. "I'll tell you a secret, Robbie's in love with you too."

"Well that's an open secret." Robbie pushed in between them. "I know it's hard for you, but you keep your hands off this beautiful boy. Bryce is mine, all mine.

"All yours, Little Boy." Bryce hugged him again.

"I'm pleased for you, Guys. But don't be too open about it. There are people who wouldn't understand."

"Yes, there are," Bryce sighed. "Like my parents for a start. You're really lucky with your family, Robbie."

"No, Bryce. We are lucky. We'll sort your parents, don't worry. They love you, they'll come on board."

"I dunno, Little Boy. I dunno, but I hope so."

They ate and then they walked around the town. Bryce had a bicycle but Robbie didn't, he'd have to get one. Anyway for now, they walked. Walked and talked. Everything was new and fresh and exciting, but, in a way they felt like they'd known each other forever. Some things are just meant to be.

They walked up to the river bridge, through the Domain, and then back down the Esplanade, along the river bank. They crossed the quiet railway yard, climbing through a couple of rakes of wagons, and across to the main street. Up Brigham Street to the Square, across the Square, out the other side and back to the main street. They slowly walked all the way to the end of the street.

All the way, everywhere they went, Bryce was exchanging greetings with people, he really was popular, but he just kept walking. Robbie just had to comment.

"You're a popular guy, Bryce. Everyone knows you."

"They think they do, but they don't. Anyway, Toucan, I only want to be with you."

"You only want to be with Toucan?"

"No, I shouldn't have said that. Sorry. I only want to be with you - Robbie. I love Toucan but I'm IN love with Robbie Keenan.

Robbie laughed. "You great Twit. I am Toucan. Robbie Keenan and Toucan are the same person."

"I know that. You know what I mean. Shut up Little Boy."

"Yeah. I love you too."

Bryce bought fish and chips, and cokes, from the shop at number one, Main Street, and they went over to sit on the wharf by the fishing boats to eat them, comfortably sharing the one package. Afterwards, they went back to the bank, collected Bryce's backpack and went back to the Square. Bryce was playing in a game of rugby football.

Robbie didn't play, wasn't interested, but he didn't mind sitting in the grandstand watching Bryce run around on his long legs in his tight and brief shorts. Didn't mind at all.

After the game, the two mud-covered teams disappeared into the changing rooms and showers underneath the grandstand. Robbie stood outside waiting until Bryce came out all fresh and clean from the showers. "Hey," he grinned.

"Hey Robbie. What are you grinning at?"

"You of course. You do scrub up nicely."

"Shut up Robbie," Bryce blushed. "You look pretty damn good yourself you know."

"Not as good as you but. C'mon Kid. Let's go home and tease Granny."

They walked back to Robbie's home, but, as it turned out, they didn't tease Granny about her date. They didn't dare, the date was still there with her. Bryce knew him actually. John Read from the Hospital Store in Derby Street, the nearest shop to his home. It was a small town. Mr. Read was a nice old guy, it was just funny seeing him outside his shop.

When Robert came down for his meal, he looked around and shook his head. There was quite a crowd there. Granny's new friend was eating with them, as was Robbie's. Liz's new boyfriend was there and even Michael had a girl with him. It seemed that everyone was pairing off with new friends, except himself. He needed to find someone as well.

After eating and helping to clean up, Bryce went with Robbie, out to his "secret" studio in the garden shed. He sat and enjoyed the first couple of hours of Toucan's show, then, during the nine o'clock newsbreak, he hurried home to listen to the rest in his own room.

Robbie hugged him, kissed him, cuddled him and told him to bugger off. They'd see each other tomorrow. They didn't forget to thank each other for a great day, and many more to come.

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