Westpoint Tales

by Kiwi

Lindsay & Tony Bloody Southon - Pt 8

It took about twenty seconds for Lindsay to pop a boner. Actually he'd been hard for most of the morning. All the way out there he'd been erect and as stiff as a bone as he cycled along thinking of the possibilities that this day might bring. They'd been cruelly interrupted yesterday, but Leigh had promised him a massage when he biked out here. Now he had, and it was happening, at last.

He was there and Leigh was touching him and somebody wanted to have sex with him. Didn't he? Yeah, sure he did. Yesterday, Leigh had told him to "go for it". He would have too, if his mum hadn't walked in on them.

The hands hadn't even finished kneading his butt muscles when he tried to turn over so that Leigh could do his front, but he wouldn't let him. Leigh leant his weight onto his hands and held him down where he was.

"Don't move," he whispered. "Relax, Lindsay. Relax and enjoy."

He enjoyed it all right, but found it very hard to relax, impossible in fact. Especially when Leigh lifted his loose t-shirt up and over his head, and began to massage his bare back and shoulders.

He lay there enjoying Leigh's ministrations. He flinched at first at the hands on his bare skin, but forced himself to relax, sort of. When Leigh took his hands away, he just laid waiting for him to resume. Leigh said something, he didn't hear what.

"Eh? What did you say?"

"Cold," Leigh replied.

"Cold? I'm not cold."

"No, not you. That was a warning. This is cold." And he poured a generous dollop of something cold and wet on to Lindsay's back.

"Whoah. What was that? What are you doing?" He raised his head and tried to look back.

"Hush. Lie still. It's just a bit of massage oil. It'll soon warm up."

It did warm up as Leigh's now oily hands worked their way up and around his shoulders. He raised up and removed his shirt completely, then flopped back down again, enjoying the massage. Leigh's hands were wonderful. This boy really knew what he was doing. He felt a bit embarrassed now, about his feeble efforts yesterday, but this just felt so good.

"You've, ah, you've done this before haven't you? You're too good for a beginner. You should be getting money, you're a pro."

"Are you saying that I should be a hooker?"

"No. Just a massager, or masseuse or whatever it's called."

"All right then. Yeah, I've done it before, Harry and I give each other massages all the time."

"You do? Really?" ('What else do they do?')

"Yes really. It's something to do and it feels good doesn't it?"

"Yeah. It feels really good. Great. You can do this anytime."

"Oh, I plan on lots of this. Relax, I'm not gong to hurt you. I'd never hurt you, Lindsay."

"That's cool, Leigh. Very cool."

Now he rolled over on to his back and Leigh's eyes went straight down to his crotch.

"You've got some stiffness there too," he grinned.

"I have. Do you think you can fix it?"

"I'm sure I can, if you want me to."

For an answer, Lindsay just reached down, popped the button and unzipped his fly. "Go for it," he said.

Leigh's hand slid inside the gaping open fly and he gently stroked along the length of Lindsay's boxer-clad boner. He cupped his hand around the mushroom-shaped head and squeezed gently. Lindsay gasped and arched his back. It felt so good, a hundred times better than having his own hand down there.

He couldn't believe that this was happening at last, after waiting so long for someone to have sex with. He was going to protest when the hand withdrew, but he hadn't finished yet.

"Let's get naked," Leigh's husky voice whispered. He got up and quickly removed his own pants to reveal his stiff dick standing up from the small bush of bright-orange pubic hair which looked fiery against his smooth, milky white skin.


Lindsay followed his example and they stood admiring each other's naked glory in the dimly lit caravan.

"You should change your name, Lindsay." Leigh reached out, wrapped his hand around Lindsay's rigid dick and started stroking him. It was like he was jerking him off backwards, the hot palm of his right hand on the back of his dick and stroking base-to-tip, base-to-tip. Lindsay had never stood up and wanked like this, and he had never felt soooo good.

He reached out and did the same back to Leigh, and they stood grinning at each other. They wanked each other, faster and faster, until their knees buckled and they sank down to the floor together, kneeling facing each other and finishing each other off.

"Wow, oh wow. Yes!" Leigh exulted as they came together and ropes of pearly-white boy-cum splashed across their bare thighs and genitals.

"Now, that's what I call a massage," Lindsay grinned as he lay back against the side of the bed, panting slightly and proudly displaying his still-erect and no longer virgin, dick. "That was great, Leigh. Just great."

"Yeah. Lotsa fun. I've wanted to do this with you forever." Leigh lay on his back on the floor, totally comfortable in his nakedness, and his dick showed no signs of deflating either.

"You have? I wish you'd told me." Lindsay crawled forward and stretched out on top of him. Their legs, their chest, bellies and hard dicks all pressed together, smooth skin on smooth, warm skin.

His hands slid around and under Leigh's bony shoulders. Leigh wrapped his arms around him and opened his legs wide as they flowed into humping against each other.

Cocks ground against each other and slid up and down on their greasy, cum-coated bellies. Wanking was good, but this was ten times better. Their bodies slapped together as Lindsay pushed and slid and thrust and humped and Leigh pushed up and answered him with grunting thrusts of his own.

He could feel his balls tightening up as he worked his way to his second orgasm. As soon as he began, Leigh shot back and they came together for the second time.

"Fan-fucking-tastic. I knew you'd be good, Lindsay, I just knew it.' Leigh gasped.

Lindsay rolled off him and they lay side by side, breathing deeply, panting, as they slowly came down from the peaks and recovered. "What did you mean - I should change my name?"

"Yeah. You should," Leigh grinned.

"But why? What to?"


"Ivor? Ivor what?"

"Ivor Biggun of course."

"Ivor Biggun. You're not so bad yourself," he grinned back.

"Yeah, just as big as you. We're a good match, Lindsay Reilly."

"We certainly are, Leigh Stevens."

Lindsay was feeling great, satisfied and fulfilled. He was no longer a horny virgin, he had a boyfriend now. Then Leigh ruined it. When Lindsay, full of gratitude and affection for his friend, turned over and tried to kiss him, Leigh pushed him away.

"Phaw! None of that. We're not going there."

"We're not? Why not then?"

"Well, it's gay isn't it? I like you, Lindsay, but I'm not kissing you. I'm not gay."

"You're not? What the hell have we just been doing then?"

"Fucking," Leigh grinned. "Practicing fucking for when we get girls of course. We'll get Harry in here later. He'll let you kiss him - if you fuck him he will."

"You do that with your brother?"

"Yeah, of course. Fucking that is, not kissing. Harry loves getting fucked up the butt. He'll do it for anyone."

"Really? Actually fucked up the butt? I thought you said that Harry's got a boyfriend."

"He has. They've been going at it for ages, but Paul's not always around, he lives in town, and Harry does love getting fucked. He's like a nympho or something."

"And you do it to him. Does he fuck you as well?"

"Not likely. I told you, I'm not gay, I just like fucking. Come on, get your clothes on and we'll go and get something to eat. I'm starving now."

"Umm. Yeah, okay. Food sounds good."

"Great. We'll come back later. Maybe I'll fuck you up the butt if that's what you want."

"Fuck me? No. No, I don't think so."

"Okay, whatever. We'll get Harry in here in have some fun with him then."

"Fun with Harry? I dunno. I don't know if I want to do that with him. I'll think about it."

"Think about it then. He'll do it if you want him to. Harry will do it with anyone, anytime."

"And you do it with him. But he's your brother."

"So? Nothing like a bit of incest. "Keeping it in the family," they call it. Don't you do it with your brother? Don't tell me you've never thought about it."

"Eww. No, of course I haven't." Lindsay pulled his shirt over his head and turned away to hide his guiltily blushing face. He'd never done that with Alvin, he wouldn't, but he had thought about it.

They dressed and went into the house where Mrs.Stevens greeted them and served up two big helpings of shepherd's pie for lunch. It was good but there was an awful lot of it. It was a wonder that Leigh and Harry weren't as big as houses if this was how they normally ate. Or, maybe they just worked it off?

Lindsay sat and looked at Leigh as they ate. This was the boy who was his faithful sidekick at school, always content to stand behind him? He was seeing a whole new side to his friend today and he was not sure if he liked it. Not sure at all.

Harry soon joined them, with an equally large serving of pie, and after lunch the three of them wandered around as they showed him their home territory and the great little beach below it. Several suggestive comments were made, but Lindsay ignored them. He wasn't interested now. Maybe some other time? Maybe.

They didn't go back to Leigh's caravan again. As soon as he decently could, Lindsay made his excuses and left, (fled), for home. He had stuff to think about. As he was leaving, the brothers said goodbye and Leigh suggested that he stay he night next time he came out.. Harry agreed enthusiastically, saying that they could "have a lot of fun."


He worked his way along, cycling, backtracking into town, and his mind was a mess. Again. Today was - well? Today was great. No, not great but it was good. Yeah, it was good. He'd done it - he'd had sex, and he wasn't a virgin anymore, and that was good. He could have all the sex he wanted to now, and that was good too. Wasn't it?

He didn't even know if he wanted to do it again. What the hell was wrong with him?

Or, was it him? Maybe it was Leigh? and Harry? The two nice, quiet, little country boys had turned out to be a couple of sex-maniacs. Why didn't Leigh want to kiss him anyway? Because it was gay? Wasn't what they'd done gay? Yes, sure it was. Of course it was.

He would go back, sometime, yes, of course he would. The sex was good, it was fun - but, there was something missing.

He felt unsatisfied, unfulfilled. They'd had sex, but there was no affection involved. No love. They were just wanking really, getting off together. Lindsay wanted love. He wanted to love and be loved in return. He wanted someone to love him. He wanted Tony Southon.

"Whoa!" No! He did not. Where did that come from? He did not want Tony Southon. He hated Tony Bloody Southon.

Didn't he?

That night, watching TV, Lindsay was looking at Alvin and he was seeing him in a new light now as well. Alvin was nice to look at. He was hot - really attractive. But a sex partner? Brothers could do it together, like Leigh and Harry did, but - no. He didn't want to, not really, not with his little brother. Alvin wouldn't want to anyway, he was getting all he wanted from Janie.

Lindsay could get all he wanted now as well, with Leigh. And with Harry? "Harry loves getting fucked up the butt and he'll do it with anyone."

Leigh was not gay, but Harry? Yeah, Harry must be gay. He'd kiss him too - if he fucked him. Could Harry be a boyfriend for him? No, he already had a boyfriend and Lindsay didn't really want him anyway. He wanted. . . No! No way. He did not.

'Screw you, Tony Bloody Southon.' And, for the hundredth time, Lindsay's brain re-ran the tape of Tony Southon feeling up Dave Monopoly. Why did he do that?

He'd go back sometime, of course he would. The sex was good, it was fun and it felt great. But, there was something missing.

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