Westpoint Tales

by Kiwi

The Last Time

Chapter 6

The last time? No. Over the next week or so, there were lots more times, but everytime it was agreed that it would be the last time.

They were not going to make a habit of having sex together. They couldn't! But, it was just so easy and it was so good. This time, every time, would be the last time - definitely.

Andy had a problem - a big, fat problem. Well, it wasn't fat really; it was just about perfect actually, but it was a big problem. His problem's name was Marty.

Martin Andrew Reynolds, 14, almost 15, years old. Blond-haired, blue eyed, tall, tanned, glowingly healthy and altogether gorgeous. And dammed sexy too! Marty was bright and intelligent and talented in so many ways, but not at all vain - he was a nice person. Too nice!

He drove him 'nucking futs', but, even when he hated him, he loved him. He always had.

But now? Well, he was in love with him, and that could not be. That was a big, fat problem.

Marty was his brother, his identical twin brother. Andy's being gay wouldn't be a problem, that was no big deal. But being in love with his own, twin, brother would be - their parents would totally freak!

He wasn't sure if even Uncle Justin could cope with that. Justin was gay, he had a twin brother and he loved him dearly, but he wasn't in love with him. That had never even entered into their relationship. And, Justin's brother, Andy's father, Jonathan, was not gay either.

Andy's brother, Marty was gay - obviously - and he loved him. Andy had a problem.

Marty had a problem. His problem's name was Andy.

Marty was the first to go on a date, and it was with a girl! That surprised even him, But she asked him if he wanted to go with her to the Seniors' Highschool Ball. He was very flattered; the Ball was for years 12 and 13 and year 10's only got to go if they were invited as partners.

Besides which, Crystal Boniface was one hot babe. She was a fellow member of the Westpoint Community Singers, which was a bit nerdy really, but she was still very popular and sought after. Her bubbly personality, her good looks and, especially, her nubile young body were more than enough to make up for being in the choir.

At first, he was shocked when she asked him. Well, he was gay, wasn't he? But, why not anyway? It could do wonders for his own popularity, and he was pleased to say that he'd go. His mother was delighted, she thought that it was wonderful.

Surely she wasn't having dreams of grandchildren already? She was only about 30.

Justin just looked at him wonderingly, but he said nothing. Jonathan was delighted as well. He said that he'd drive them anywhere they wanted to go and even offered to get a chauffeur's cap. Marty said thanks, but no thanks. He wasn't taking his dad along on his first date.

So, Marty went to the Ball and Andy sat at home, feeling like Cinderfella, but he had no fairy godfather and he didn't score a handsome prince. Not that night anyway.

Or, maybe he did, kind of. He was still awake when Marty arrived home, looking so good in his old-style formal clothes. He hadn't been drinking, though most of the kids were. Crystal had gone off with another boy at the after-ball party. He didn't care. He'd rather be with his brother anyway.

He shed his clothes, climbed into Andy's bed and, they did it. (For the last time).

Andy's time came later. Monday lunchtime, he was sitting woefully watching his twin, with a group of boys and girls, laughing and joking as they sat around re-living their experiences of the big night.

Phil Campbell came around the corner with a small group of seniors. Andy admired the sight. Phil was no awkward, gangly, teen, he was a mature young man in all his athletic glory.

If you didn't know who he was, and if he wasn't wearing a school uniform, he could easily pass for a young man. He moved with the grace of a lion at the height of his powers. Andy would definitely not throw him out of bed for dropping crumbs.

"Nice!" he sighed

Senior boys had the option of wearing long trousers with their school uniforms, so, of course, most of them did, but not Phil Campbell. Not always, but usually, he stuck with his old shorts. Good move too! He looked great in his tight shorts. It'd be a shame to cover up those legs.

Campbell saw Andy looking at him. He left his friends, came over and sat down next to him.

"Hey, Reynolds. How's it going?"

"I'm good. You?"

"I'm always good. Which one are you, Andy or Marty?

"I'm Andy. That's Marty over there."

"Right. It's bloody hard to tell you two apart you know. So Marty's the one who went to the Ball. Why weren't you there?"

"I wasn't asked, was I? Year 10's only get into the Seniors' Ball by invitation."

"And nobody asked you? That's a shame. If I was a girl, I would have asked you."

"You would? But you're not a girl, are you? Boys do ask boys, sometimes."

"Sometimes, yeah. If they don't care what anyone thinks. I don't know if I'm quite ready for that. Would you have come if I'd asked you?"

"Does a fish shit in the water? Of course I would have!" Andy blurted out, and then he blushed as his brain caught-up to what he was saying.

"Cool. Maybe I will ask you, next time, if I'm still here."

"Really? I hope you're still here then."

"Cool. What are you doing after school today? We're going for a surf, down at the Bay. Do you want to come?"

"With you? Oh yeah, I'd love to come with you!"

"Maybe we can do that too," Campbell said with an evil grin. "We'll pick you up from home, about 4 o'clock. Okay?"

"Yes, great! I'll be there and waiting."

"Very cool. Well, gotta go - the guys are waiting. See you then, Andy. Maybe we'll get a pizza out there too. Okay?"

"Yes, very okay. See you then, Phil. Thanks."

He ran off to join his mates and Andy sat grinning delightedly. He didn't just dream that, did he? No, of course not - it happened. Wicked!

"What're you grinning at, Doofus?" Marty flopped down beside him.

"Marty! I just got asked out."

"You did? By Phil Campbell? No!"

"Oh but yes! We're going for a surf and a pizza, down at the Bay, after school today."

"Today? Good for you, I guess. Make sure that you've got condoms, Campbell gets around you know."

"He does, doesn't he? And, he asked me out. That is way cool."

"And why wouldn't he? I'd ask you out, if you weren't my brother."

"You would? Thanks, Marty. I'd say yes too, if I wasn't your brother. We won't need condoms. I'm not doing that on a first date."

"I should hope not. Keep it for the one you love, Andy. You'll never regret it."

"So they say. Come on, time to move. School's calling."

Walking into class, Andy was still grinning from ear to ear, and they were both quiet and lost in thought. Andy had a date! With Phil Campbell - wow!

Marty was not quite sure what he thought about all of this. He should have been pleased for his brother. He knew that. They were totally agreed that they could not continue with what they'd been doing. Of course they couldn't! They both needed to find someone to love who was not their own twin brother.

Phil Campbell was hot, he was a total stud and he'd be a great catch for anyone. Andy was really lucky if he was in with a chance there. But still . . . He loved his stupid brother and he didn't see how anyone could take his place in his life.

If he loved him, then he should only want the best for him - the best of everything. But. What about Marty? He bloody loved him. He couldn't see himself loving anyone else - ever! Damm. What a mess.

Andy was a mess. He was going out on a date, a real date, with Phil Campbell! That was good, wasn't it? Yes, of course it was good - really good. He was thrilled to be asked out and really glad that Phil wanted to spend time with him.

He'd be the envy of many of the kids around town, both boys and girls, when they found out. Phil Campbell was quite a catch - good-looking, personable and popular. He was a damm nice guy. And, apart from all that, he was Preston Dallas' nephew and the 'heir apparent' of the wealthy Dallas family, since they'd thrown their son, Roman, out.

It was generally believed that the Dallas were the wealthiest family in Westpoint. Lana said that was a lot of rubbish; between them, the Reynolds had far more than the Dallas did. That couldn't be true, could it?

The Reynolds did have their business interests and all, but they didn't live like rich people. Their lives were quite ordinary, kind of. They lived in 2 old hotels, but the Adelphi was getting old and past it and the Beachhouse wasn't even an operating hotel anymore. It was just a tatty old ex-hotel and a big home for Jonathan's humungous family.

The Dallas lived in a mansion and they were rich - there was no doubt about that. They lived like rich people. The Reynolds did not.

That wouldn't be a problem, would it? The Dallas had kicked Roman out because he was gay and he had a boyfriend. Idiots! Roman was a nice guy. So was Christian, his lover.

Phil didn't live with them. His mother was a common old florist, but she was a Dallas and he spent a lot of time around there, with rich old Uncle Preston. Whatever. He didn't care. He was Andy Reynolds, and he was as good as anyone. Wasn't he? Yes, of course he was.

Anyway, even without his connections, Phil was a top guy. He had everything - almost everything. There was just one thing wrong with him really, he wasn't Marty. Andy couldn't be, but he was in love with his own brother, Dork that he was. Damm. What a mess.

He hurried home after school, to shower and change and get ready to go out. With his wetsuit and a towel in his bag and his body-board under his arm, he stood out on the sidewalk to wait for Phil. He didn't know where Marty was, he hadn't seen him since school got out.

Marty was sitting on the rocks down at the Shingle Beach. He didn't want to go home and watch his brother getting ready to go out with a boy. Andy was doing the right thing, he knew that. They both needed to get relationships with other people, but - dammit! It just didn't feel right. He wanted Andy all for himself. But, they couldn't. Dammit again. Life was just not fair.

Andy was a bit disappointed when Phil's car pulled up and there were four others in there, 2 boys and 2 girls, but, whatever. At least he got to sit next to the driver, sandwiched between him and John Collins. The other guy and the girls all squashed into the back seat.

It was getting late. Marty was already in bed, with his laptop, when Andy came in, slammed the door and threw himself on to his own bed.


"Oh?" Marty sat up and looked at him. "Was the 'hot date' not so hot then?"

"Shut the fuck up, Marty. I don't want to talk about it."

"Why not? What's that bloody Campbell done? If he's hurt you, he's dead!"

"No, he hasn't hurt me. Don't be ridiculous. He was the perfect gentleman, and even if he wasn't, I'm not scared of him. I could take him down any time I wanted, thanks to Justin and karate lessons."

"What then? Something's got you all worked up."

"If you must know, it's you and you're pissing me off!"

"Me? What have I done?"

"Nothing. That was the last time, Marty. The last time I'm ever going out with anyone - ever! I'm not interested."

"I don't get this. What's it got to do with me? And, what went wrong, Andy?"

"Nothing went wrong and nothing went right either. He kissed me and there was just nothing there. Nothing at all, I wasn't interested. One of the hottest guys in town and he wanted to get it on and I couldn't do it. There was no spark there at all."

"How is that my fault?"

"Because it is! I bloody love you, Marty. Just you and only you. You've ruined my life."

"Oh, I see. At last. Well, you've ruined my life too."


"Because I love you too. I love you, Andy. I'm hopelessly in love with you and no-one else."

"Oh, Marty! What are we going to do?"

"You know what we're going to do. Just lock the door and come here and love me. Forget the world, all that matters is us."

"Yeah, fuck the world. We'll make our own world in here."

"That's it. Have you got any lube?"

"Lube? What for? Butt-fucking? I thought you were only going to do that with the one you're going to spend your life with?"

"I am, and that's why we need it. Right here and right now. You're the one, Andy."

"Oh, Marty! You're the one too - the only one for me. Now and always."

"Yeah! Whatever anyone thinks doesn't matter and it never will."

"For once, you're right. My brother, my lover."

"Well, stop mucking around and come here and love me."

And, he did, and they both knew that it was right. Nothing that was wrong could feel so right. They were in love and that was that. End of argument.

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