Westpoint Tales

by Kiwi

Entangled Tales - 67 - Daniel

(Rewind : Daniel's side of the story).

"Fine then! Fuck off with your new boyfriend. See if I care".

The computer screen went blank.

'Dammit! What a time to get cut off. Or, did he do it? Did Tones hang up on me? He wouldn't do that, would he?' Daniel tried to reconnect but there was no response.

'He did; he hung up on me! No, he wouldn't. Maybe his computer crashed'. He disconnected, picked up the phone and speed-dialed Tony's number.


'Oh good'. "Tones, it's me - Daniel. We got cut off".

"We didn't get cut off, O'Brien. I hung up on you".

'Oh oh. I'm in trouble when he calls me O'Brien. Think, dammit.'

"What did you do that for? We weren't finished."

"Well we are now. As a matter of fact, Daniel, I think we're finished for good, you and me."

"Tones! Don't say that, Tones. Don't ever say that. I love you."

"Well, maybe I don't love you. We're over Daniel. You've got your life and it's about time I got one of my own. There's someone I haven't told you about, a new kid in school."

'There's what?? There can't be!'

"His name's Jesse - Jesse Taylor, he's 14 blond and gorgeous. He's gay and looking for a friend, I know that he's interested in me too. You're not here anymore, Daniel, and you never will be. Go play with your new friends, I'm going to play with mine. Goodbye Daniel. It was nice knowing you."

"Tones, Tony don't. Don't do this to me, please! Don't hang up. I love you, Tony. I need you. Please Tony!"

"Goodbye Daniel." He hung up.

"Tones, you can't do this to me. You can't!"

He tried, and tried again, to ring back, but the number was engaged. He sat back and looked in shocked disbelief at the telephone.

'He did it again. He hung up on me - twice! Well, fuck you, Duncan. I don't need this shit, I've got a life and I'm going to live it. Bastard. Fuck you! I love you. I love you, Tones, you can't finish with me. Can't be done. You love me too, don't you? Who the hell is Jesse Taylor? How come you haven't mentioned him before?

You must've been planning this all along - well, fuck you! I'll - I'll call you back tomorrow, you'll cool down. We've got to sort this crap out, but I'm not begging Fuck you, Duncan.'

He hung up himself, shut down the computer and went to bed, pissed. He lay there uncomfortably tossing and turning and trying not to wake his cousin and he was thinking over their long-term and now long-distance relationship. He'd tried, he'd really tried to make it work, but it wasn't happening.

In the end, he decided that Tony was probably right - his life was here now and Tony's was back there. Tony was going after this new kid? Well, fine. He had his own friends to play with. Cody was hot - as hot as Toddy even.

"Fuck you, Tones. I don't need you."

And then, he cried himself to sleep.

All next day at school he wandered around, pretty much in a daze, alternating between "Fuck you!' and "I love you" as his mood shifted. How could he face life without his soul-mate?

'Other people do, I suppose. I'll just get on with it. Life can be sweet, can't it? Yes, of course it can.'

Toddy was a pain all day, but Daniel tried not to let it get to him. Toddy was just hyper - really, like really, excited. He'd spent the night, last night, all night, with Cody, in his tent down at the North Beach.

"You don't know what you're in for, Guitar-man. Cody's like a sex-machine! He's great."

Toddy was coming too now, on their trip down along the West Coast beaches, and he was so excited he was a pain.

"Never mind the surfing, I just want to put the tent up and play in there, all weekend long."

They hurried home together as soon as school was over. Toddy raced over the road to get his gear and Daniel went inside to get his. He'd borrowed John's sleeping bag, which was nice of him - John was pretty cool really - but it didn't sound like he was going to be using it much or getting much sleep either.

Cody pulled up outside in his noisy old car, which he insisted on calling his "Woody", for some reason. Daniel took a minute to dash-off an email to Tony, but it wouldn't send it. What was that about?

'Oh well. No time now, I'll try again when we get back.'

He ran out and jumped into the car and they pulled away, some more excited than others. It was pretty crowded with the three of them in the front seat, but by the time they were out of town, Toddy was pretty much off the seat - down on his knees and his head bobbing up and down on Cody's crotch. Did Daniel really want to be here with these two sex-maniacs?

Cody drove along smoothly, one arm out the window and a smug smile on his face as Toddy went down on him, noisily slurping and giggling all the way. Daniel sat glumly watching them. Was this what he wanted?

'Oh, Tones.'

He sat watching the blond curls bobbing up and down and picturing his Tony with this blond Jesse Taylor going down on him. Tony always did like blonds. Suddenly it struck him. Jesse Taylor - 14, blond and gorgeous. Jesse Taylor? There was no such person!

'Bullshit, Tony Duncan! There is no Jesse Taylor, except on the internet. I've read that story too. I showed you where to find it. You're full of crap, Tones. You're just trying to let me down easily - trying to let me go. Well that's not going to work!'

"Stop the car, Cody!"

"You what? We're not stopping now, we've just got started."

"I've changed my mind, I'm not going. Take me home, Cody. I've got to get in touch with Tones."

"Time you forgot about this bloody Tones, Guitar-man." Cody reached across Toddy's back to grope Daniel's crotch. "C'mon Dude, a bush in the hand is worth two that flew away. We're going to have some fun."

"No! Don't Cody - cut it out! I've got to go back home, I have to. You two go and have your fun, I've got to talk to Tones, he's hurting."

"I could be hurting you - you'll love it."

"Don't! Fuck off, Cody. Cut it out."

"Right then! We don't need you." He stopped the car. "Fuck off home, little boy. Find your own way there."

"I will. I don't need you either." Daniel grabbed his gear from the back of the car and got out on the side of the road.

Toddy leant out of the driver's door. "Guitar-man! Come back, Daniel, we're just getting started."

"No we're not, Toddy. We've finished. I'm going home."

"Fuck off then!" Toddy pulled the door shut. "Go find your little baby-boy. We don't need you."

"I don't need you either. Go fuck yourselves."

Daniel started walking and Cody drove away in the opposite direction. He'd only walked for a few minutes when a car stopped on the other side of the road and the door opened. He looked over at Jonathan's grinning face.

"Hey, Guitar-man. What are you doing?"

"Hey, Jonathan. I'm just walking - going home."

"Going home? Toddy said that you were all going away for the weekend. You and him and Cody."

"We were, but I changed my mind. I've got to go home and talk to Tones."

"And the others have gone and left you walking?"

"You've got it."

"Come on then. Jump in the back, we'll take you home."

"Thanks. But you were going the other way."

"Were going the other way. I can change my mind too. Hop in."

He got into the car. Lana and Claudette were both in the front with Jonathan. He drove down the road a bit until he found somewhere to turn around, then they headed back to Westpoint.

Claudette looked back at him. "Been walking long have you?"

"Since I was about 12 months old, yeah."

"Shut up, Dork. I meant, have you been walking long today, out here?

"Only a few minutes. This is really cool of you, Jonathan. Thanks."

"Not a problem. We weren't going anywhere special, just driving. So why did those clowns drop you out here anyway?"

"We were going away, but I changed my mind. I've just remembered something and I have to go back and talk to Tones."

"And it's that important that you were going to walk all the way back?"

"Claudette, Tones is the most important thing in my life. Always has been, always will be."

"That's cool. Had an argument and now you have to go back and fix it do you?"

"Dead right. I have to fix it. I have to!"

He arrived back home, to his family's surprise, and it took some time to get John off the computer.

"Why do you need the computer to talk to Grant anyway? He's just across the road you know."

"We've got no-one else to MSN to. Besides," (whispering), "It's easier to talk dirty on the computer."

Daniel whispered back, "It's more fun talking dirty if you're face to face."

John grinned. "Maybe you're right. Okay, you can have it. Bye Mum, back for tea."

Daniel got on and tried to contact Tones - he'd be home from school by now - but there was no response. Something wasn't working, so he disconnected and took the mobile phone to his bedroom to try that. The Duncan's phone wasn't working either. All he got was funny beeps that he didn't recognize.

"That's the problem then - their phone's out. Maybe there's been a storm or something, up north."

He tried again after dinner, with the same result. Then he went around to the Miner's Union Hall to kill some time with Whozzat. Peter and Jay were the only ones there and they were pleased, and surprised, to see him there.

At 9.30pm, he went home and tried once more. Still no change, so he watched TV for a while and then went to bed. It was after 11pm and John was still not at home.

'Talking dirty? Still?'

Saturday morning, he tried again first thing, and then several more times during the morning. In between times, he even did his homework - which he had had no intention of doing - just to kill time.

Later in the morning, he mowed the lawns, and then he went back in and emailed Kenny Graham in Warkworth. That worked, no problem at all. So the problem had to be at Tony's home. Damm.

After lunch, he got back on the computer and found the number for the Duncan's other phone - the one down in the café. He went to his room with the mobile phone and tried that number.

"Hello, Riverboat Queen Café, June Duncan speaking."

(Relief!) "Hello, Mrs. Duncan, this is Daniel. Can I speak to Tony please?"

"Daniel O'Brien! No, you can not speak to Tony, he is not here. Tony doesn't live here anymore, he's gone, thanks to you and the dirty little games that you've been playing."

"He's gone? Gone where, Mrs. Duncan?"

"I don't know and I don't care. He's gone and I'll thank you to not ring here again. You're not welcome here anymore, not after what you've done. Goodbye Daniel."

"Wait! No. Don't hang up. What have I done?"

"You know very well what you've done, you filthy little pervert. Good day."  She hung up.

"Damm! Busted! Tones, what've they done to you? Where are you, Tones? Where the hell are you? Oh Tones, what have I done to you?"

Stunned, he turned off the phone and sat looking at the wall. He waited all day and all night, hoping, praying, that Tony would contact him. Where else could he go?

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