Westpoint Tales

by Kiwi

Entangled Tales - 5 - Peter & Jay

Friday evening, 7.00pm. Jay's bedroom door pushed open and a large yellow sports bag came in, closely followed by a small red-faced boy. Peter dropped the bag in the middle of the room, put his hands on his hips and stretched.

"Whoa! Thank goodness for that. I thought I was never going to get here. Next time Mum asks if I want a ride, I'll say Yes! A hundred times, Yes. What's the matter, Big Guy? Are you okay?"

Jay sat up and swung his long legs around and off his jumbled bed. "Hey, Peter. I'm okay."

"No you're not. Where's my big puppy grin greetings. And you've been crying haven't you? You have too, you've been crying. What's wrong?"

"No, I... Yes... Look, Peter, I wasn't going to say this. I was going to keep it until Sunday, I can't. Might as well get it over and done with now."

"Get what over and done with? What's wrong? Is it me - Have I done something wrong?"

"It's not you. You haven't done anything. It's me. Peter, look.....Oh, This is so bloody hard! I think that we should finish it, Peter. Break it off, the music thing. We should finish it and not see each other - not spend any more time together. There, I said it. Okay?"

"Okay? OKAY?? No, it's fucking not okay! Why? Why do you want to finish it? I thought that we had something good going here. I thought that we were having fun."

"We were, Peter - I was - but ..."

"It is me. I knew it. You just can't handle it, the gayboy coming around here and spending time in your room. I knew it was too good to be true. It always comes back to that - Peter Lewis the fucking Faggot! It might as well be branded on my face, that's all anyone ever sees - Faggot! Queer! Cock-sucker!" His face was red again, with anger now as he spat the words. Tears streamed down his face as he picked up his bag and turned to leave.

"There's more to me than that. There is, Jay. I thought you were bigger than that. What are you doing? Get your hands off me, you fucking big lummox!"

He struggled to get free but Jay held him tightly, both arms wrapped around him. When he stopped the struggling, Jay put a fist under Peter's chin, and pushed his head up. He looked at him from tear-filled eyes, then leant in and kissed Peter's lips.

Peter stood staring as Jay sat down again on his bed and hung his head. "That's an ugly word. If you're a faggot, well so am I. I'm a faggot, Peter, and I love you. I do. And that's why I can't stand it any longer, being here with you....mmph!"

His words were cut off by Peter's mouth covering his as he launched himself at him. This time the kiss went on and on until Peter pulled away, grinning. His lips brushed the tears on Jay's cheeks.

"You bloody great lump! Why didn't you say something? I love you, Jacob Francis Kynnersley. I've always loved you - even before Dee dragged me around here, I couldn't believe my luck! But, I never dreamed that you could - I thought you were so straight."

"I am, I am straight - straight into love with you. But I never thought. I knew you were gay but I didn't think that you'd ever be interested in me."

"Why wouldn't I be interested in you? Why wouldn't anyone? You're big and strong, (kiss), and gentle, (kiss), and kind, (kiss), and talented, and hot! You're gorgeous (kiss). You don't even know it, but you are just beautiful all the way down to your big, beautiful heart. Kiss me, you bloody idiot - I love you."

"Peter. Oh, Peter, you are all that and more. So much more and I just love you so much."

They slid into another long passionate kiss. When they broke apart, Jay grinned and asked, "So, Little Elf, are you going to..to be my...boyfriend?"

"Try and stop me, you big Lummox. You're never getting rid of me now."

"I never want to – never, (kiss), never, (kiss), ever!"

They rolled back on the bed together, Jay hauled Peter over on top of him and they lay there kissing, crying, laughing, loving.

"So that's how it goes is it?" A voice came from the open doorway. The two on the bed broke apart and sat up blushing guiltily, embarrassed. "Dee....ummm...we were...."

"I know what you were doing. I thought it was quiet over here. Just going to practice on the skin flutes, were you?"

Jay, red-faced, stood up, "Dee, look - oh, I don't care - we're together. I love him, and..."

"Aah, I'm just pulling your tit, Jay. Of course you love him, I've known that for weeks. It's about time you two stopped pussy-footing around and got honest with each other."

"I love him too", Peter got up and hugged Jay. "And, you're okay with that are you?"

"Course I'm okay with that. It's nobody's business but yours. Anyway," she grinned. "You make a beautiful couple - made for each other. But you just be good to my boy, Peter Lewis. He's big, but he's fragile. You hurt him and I'll break your scrawny little neck."

"I wouldn't hurt him, Dee. I couldn't (kiss). He's twice as big as me anyway."

"Only on the outside, Peter. Only on the outside. Anyway, enough of the kissy-kissy stuff. I've got someone coming around to see you - a bass guitarist, no less."

"A bass guitarist, cool. But who? Where did you find a bass guitar around here?"

"Actually I was walking up Paddington Street and I heard her playing, so I just went in and knocked on the door. Yeah, that's right, I said her. Would you believe, Sandie Evans on a bass guitar? She's good too."

"Sandie Evans? No! Little Sandie Evans plays a guitar?"

"Yes I play a guitar." Sandy Evans appeared behind Dee - a small teenage girl with long, mousy-blond hair. She looked really thin in her skin-tight black leather pants and jacket. The jacket hung open showing her multi-coloured, tie-dyed, T-shirt and the ensemble was completed by her long black leather boots - high heeled. She had a red bass guitar in one hand and a small amp., in the other.

"You got a problem with that?"

"No - no problem, Sandie. If you can really play that thing, you're welcome here. Very welcome."

"Yes! Come on in Sandie," agreed Peter. "We want you. We need you, we love you. That is, Jay, if we're still going to do the music?"

"Of course we are, Elf. You can plug your amp in there, Sandie. Peter will patch you through the speakers."

"And, I'm not that little either. I might not be in your league, Kynnersley, but I'm taller than Lewis here - in these boots I am anyway."

"That's no big deal, Sandie. Everybody's taller than Peter - little kids are taller than Peter."

"Shut up, Big Guy, or I'll set Dee on you. What's with the leathers, Sandie?"

"The leathers? Don't you like them? I think they're cool - well, hot actually. It makes for an image and they give me attitude too."

"Yeah, well it's working. The attitude, I mean. You're never this stroppy at school. There, all set on the speakers, try that."

"We're not at school now." She strummed a couple of chords. "That's fine. This is not an audition you know. Either we all like each other's playing, or we don't - okay? So, do you know 'I Love Rock and Roll'?"

"Do you really? We quite like it too."

"Don't be a smart-arse, Lewis. C'mon, try this."

She launched into the song. Jay and Peter picked it up as well as they could. By the time Sandie finished they were all playing along competently together. Sandie sung:

"Saw him standing there by the record machine, knew he must have been about 17,
The beat was going strong - Playing my favourite song
And I could tell it wouldn't be long - Til he was with me, yeah me"
I could tell it wouldn't be long til he was with me - yeah me.
Singing, I love Rock and Roll -So put another dime in the jukebox, baby
I love Rock and Roll - come and take the time and dance with me."

They finished, looked at each other and big grins broke out all around. "Oh, yes," said Sandie. "We're going to have fun with this. And I love the drums, Jay. Really different."

"Yes!" Jay beamed. "Suzie Quatro lives! Great Sandie."

Peter grinned. "Sandie we love you - will you marry us? Please?"

"Marry you? Marry us? Both of you?"

Jay said, "Yeah, that's something you should know before we go any further." He grabbed Peter, hands on both sides of his head, and kissed him on the lips. "I don't know if we're going to marry anyone - but we are a couple now, okay?"

Peter pulled back. "What are you doing? Some things you don't do in public Jay."

"This is not in public, Elf. Dee is family, more or less, and if Sandie is going to be with us, then she should know. I'm not going to hide in a corner. This is who I am, and I love you Peter."

"I love you too. But please don't embarrass me, Big Guy. You never cease to amaze me, Jay. So? Sandie?"

"So what? If you're a couple, that's cool - as long as you're discreet about it. Thanks for telling me, Jay. It's cool. At least I know that I'm safe here in your room (Bugger it.)"

"Great. So we're a group then? And where have you been all my life?"

"Yeah, we'll make a group. You know where I've been all your life - I've been right around the corner."

"Well," said Dee. "My work is done here. I'll leave you to it - see you later, Guys."

"Bye Dee. Thanks. I'll love you forever."

"You'd better, Jay. Or I'll kick your arse Have fun." Dee went home and left the three of them playing together.

When Jay's mother brought out some supper at 10pm., she had a third glass on the tray.

"Ah, yes. I knew I could hear a guitar out here, so I brought an extra glass. It'll be three glasses needed from now on will it Sandie?"

"Yes. Thanks Mrs. Kynnersley, I'll be out here from now on."

"Good. Good. You kids had better start thinking of a name for your group. Peter, you're here for the weekend aren't you? I've made up a bed in the spare room, or would you rather sleep out here with Jay?"

Peter blushed and said, "I'd rather stay here with Jay, Mrs. K. If that's all right."

"Of course it is, Peter. I wouldn't have asked if it wasn't all right. So, I'll see you in the morning boys. Goodnight Sandie, welcome to - whatever the group's called."

"Goodnight Mrs. Kynnersley, thanks."

As soon as she had left, Sandie turned to Peter's still blushing face. "What colour's red then? From the look of you, I'd take it that she doesn't know about you two yet?"

Jay replied, "No, she doesn't know. We only found out ourselves a couple of hours ago."

"What? I'm sitting in on your honeymoon am I? I'd better go home and leave you alone then - but I'm taking some of these cookies with me. See you tomorrow, Guys. Have fun."

Sandie left, and they immediately fell together hugging and kissing. As they sat there, Peter could feel that Jay was nervous now. He ran his tongue along Jay's jawbone up to his ear, and kissed him there. "Bedtime, Big Guy," he whispered.

Peter stood up and kicked his shoes off, then quickly shed his clothes. Socks, trousers and shirt were whipped off and he stood there in his boxers looking down at Jay, smiling unsurely - embarrassed, but trying not to show it. "Well, this is it. This is all I've got - nothing like as big and spectacular as you, I know."

Jay sat looking at him - looking up and down. He saw his skinny little hairless arms and legs, his boyish, muscleless, white chest and torso, his smooth, flat, soft stomach, his anxious smiling face - sprinkled with freckles. His snub little nose, the spiky short, blond hair and the big soft blue eyes.

His own eyes widened as they went back to Peter's boxer shorts - the front was tented out by his erection - his enormous erection. If that was not a cucumber stuffed in there, then his cock was every bit as big as - if not bigger than - Jay's own straining dick.

"Peter. Oh, Peter!" His big hand reached out and spread flat across Peter's chest. Then slowly, gently, his fingers stroked up and down. "Peter you're beautiful. You are so beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful, boy." He stood up and bent to kiss his smiling lips.

Peter hugged him, and then sat down looking up at him. "Come on then, Big Guy. Strip for me - show me what you've got."

Now it was Jay's turn to be embarrassed. Red faced he shed his clothes and stood there in his white satin boxers. His straight hair was black, his eyes were brown, and his face was red. His hairless, smooth, long young body was lightly muscled - pecs and abs well defined and all a golden colour - the remains of last year's suntan. Peter was also relieved at the apparent size of his partner's erection. Jay's was not as huge as he'd feared - it was no bigger than his own 6 ½".

"Oh Wow!" exclaimed Peter, standing up to embrace him. "You're gorgeous, Big Guy. Just beautiful." He slid Jay's boxers down, releasing them to pool at his feet.

Jay did the same to him, and they embraced tightly and kissed as they stood, skin pressed against skin. Peter could feel Jay's nervous shaking. He stepped back and stood slowly running his hands over Jay's body. "You haven't done this before, have you?"

"No," Jay whispered. "I never have."

"I wish I'd never too - but I have. Relax, I'll guide you." They kissed again, a soft and passionate but electric kiss. Jay stood immobile while Peter's hands - small but strong - slid around, stroking his upper body and down to his butt cheeks - everywhere except around his dick.

"I am going to show you. I'm going to teach you about sex. This is going to be good - so good." His voice faded as he kissed the base of his neck. Jay shivered and stroked his firm young back.

Peter pushed him back and they fell together onto the bed, Peter lying on top. Then he rolled off and they lay side-by-side, facing each other. His hands kept stroking, traveling around Jay's body, softly, gently. Jay tried to thrust his cock into those hands, but he wriggled away. "Lie still," Peter whispered as he rolled him on to his back.

He knelt beside him, hands moving around his broad chest, down his sides, down his legs. "You're gorgeous, Jay. Just gorgeous."

He bent forward and kissed Jay's cock. Then, slowly, gently, took it into his mouth. One hand slid the skin down the shaft to expose his head, the other gently cupped his balls. He ran the tip of his tongue around Jay's cockhead, then he began to move up and down on it. Slowly sucking, licking, nibbling with his lips. His hands massaged behind his balls and between the legs.

"Peter! Ohmi...Peter!" Jay gasped. "That's incredible."

"Shush. Lie still." Peter straddled him, kneeling above his thighs, their twin cocks almost, but not quite, touching. He leant over and pulled up his trousers and came back with a tube in his hand. Smiling down, he flipped the cap and smeared jelly over Jay's cock. Then he put a generous dollop on his fingertips and raised up and smeared it on himself.

"You had that ready in your pocket?" Jay whispered.

Peter bent forward and kissed his lips. "I've always carried it - always dreaming, but never hoping." He sat up straight, kneeling over him.

"Peter, we don't have to do this. It's too much, too fast." Jay whispered as he looked at his beautiful little elf-boy shining in the moonlight. He reached for his amazing big cock, but Peter, gently but firmly pushed his hands away.

"Lie still, Big Guy. This is for you. I love you and I want you in me. You are going to fuck me, Jay." He took Jay's cock in one hand, lifted himself up, and guided it between his spread legs.

"But, Peter."

"Shush!" He lowered his weight on to Jay's hard throbbing dick. Jay felt the head slip in to him. He looked up - concerned at the flash of pain on his beautiful, incredible, elf-boy's face. Then it was gone and he smiled again.

Ever so slowly, he lowered himself down and down. The skin on Jay's cock pulled tight and stretched - and then he was in. The whole of him concentrated on that feeling - inside Peter's hot, sweaty body - his dick held in a velvet grip, firm, soft, hot.

Peter lifted up, then lowered again and Jay slid out and in of him, deeper and deeper. Jay's hands clutched the bed as this beautiful, sexy boy moved up and down on him - faster and faster until he thought he was going to explode.

Tidal waves came crashing through him and he thrust his hips so hard, he lifted them both off the bed. He came, and came, and came. His pulsing cock shooting deep into Peter's body. He screamed, and whimpered, and screamed again. "Peterrrr!"

When he flopped, inert, drained, Peter slid off him and lay along his body. "Hold me, Jay. Hold me. Love me, Jay."

"Peter. Oh my beautiful Elf, I do - I love you, I love you, I love you."

They lay happily together, crying quietly, though they didn't quite know why, and hugging each other, drifted - slowly- down to sleep.

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