Westpoint Tales

by Kiwi

Going Back - 3

Cameron couldn't believe his ears. He hung his head and he blushed - it felt like to the tips of his toes. Did he want to? Hell yes! He didn't think it was possible. But if it was - he had to answer. He had to say something or he'd miss the opportunity of a lifetime, and he'd regret it forever.

He gulped several times, took a deep breath and raised his head.

"I. . . I'd love to make love to you," he whispered. "If you want to."

"Love? We're not talking about love. I don't love you; I don't even know you and you don't know me either.

'That's how much you know,' Cameron thought. 'I've loved you for years - loved your face anyway.'

"Right then," The boy stood up. "We've got no time for mucking around with long courtships. I've got a room in the hotel over there. Let's just go and get it on. You coming?"

He did the blushing-all-over thing again, but grinned as well. "Yes, I'm coming for sure. Maybe I could get some naked pics of you?"

"Maybe. We'll see. It depends on how nice you are to me. You've got to earn it first."

"I can do that. What's your name anyway?"

They started walking, out of the grandstand, out of the park and across the road to the hotel.

"My name? What does it matter? Oh, okay - it's Nathan."

('Oh. Not Danny then. .No, of course it isn't')

"I'm Cameron. Cameron Peters.'

"Okay. Come on then, Cameron Peters. Up the stairs here."

'Stairway to Heaven?'

It was not - not at all. Cameron followed the trim-figured boy bounding up the stairs and into his small room.

Finally! For the first time ever, he was going to have sex with a willing boy. Even better - unbelievably! - it was the boy that he dreamt about, the beautiful boy of his dreams. He was really nervous, but he so wanted to do this. To do Him.

Nathan didn't seem like he was nervous at all. He was full of business. He shut the door, flicked the light on and closed the drapes on the window. Next, he toed his sneakers off and dived onto the bed to lie there, stretched out, with his hands behind his head and grinning at Cameron.

"Come on then, sexy Legs,. What are you waiting for? Get your gear off."

Just like that? This didn't seem right. It was so clinical and cold-blooded. But, he did want to do this. Definitely! The boy stretched out on the bed was such a beautiful picture, he couldn't resist. He raised the camera and took some more pictures.

Nathan posed for him. He grinned seductively, licked his lips and grabbed his crotch with both hands as he arched his back.

"Okay, enough with the bloody camera. Put it down and take your clothes off - all of them I want to look at you."

"At me? Okay. I guess."

Blushing, yet again, Cameron took his shoes off , and then slowly stripped off until he stood in only his boxer briefs, his erection straining against the tight material. His fine, blond hair was all disheveled and his face as red as a traffic light.

"The undies. Get them off,' Nathan ordered.

Cameron was not enjoying this. Who did this guy think he was? Still, he'd come this far. He slid his undies down, stepped out of them, and stood, naked and embarrassed before the still fully-clothed Nathan.

"Turn around. Slowly."

Cameron did as he was commanded. Grinning evilly, Nathan picked up the camera and took some pics of his naked body.

Cameron stood wide-eyed as Nathan dropped the camera and undid his belt. He dropped his baggy jeans and boxers around his ankles and his boner pointed at Cameron's eyes.

"Okay. You'll do. A bit skinny, but you'll do. Get on your knees and suck me off and then I'll fuck you. And no teeth or I'll smack you."

Cameron had had enough. "You'll fuck me? Fuck you! I don't need this."

He stepped back into his briefs, then into his jeans, and pulled them up.

Nathan stepped forward and grabbed his arm. "What're you doing? I told you, I want you naked."

"Fuck off!" Cameron pulled away from him. "Don't touch me. Go to hell."

"If I do, I'll probably see you there," Nathan grinned. He grabbed his own boner and waved it at him. "Come on, Pretty Boy. You know you want it - a nice big juicy dick for you."

"Want it? I don't think so. You're nothing but a pig. Go fuck yourself."

He grabbed the rest of his clothes, his shoes and the camera and got the hell out of there. On the landing, halfway down the stairs, he stopped and put his t-shirt on and, with the camera and shoes wrapped in his sweat-shirt, he rushed out of the hotel, across Brigham Street and along the 100-odd meters to his home.

He rushed up the stairs to his attic sanctuary and flopped in the old armchair. Damm! That did not go well. Fuck'im anyway. The kid might have a beautiful face, but he was a really, really, horrible person. That could've been so great, but it wasn't, it was gross. It was the most horrible, embarrassing experience of his life. Fuck him! Who did he think he was?

Frustrated now, Nathan stretched out on the bed again and lay there, naked from the waist down, fingering himself. Stuff'im anyway. The kid might look cute and all, but he was just a baby - a frightened little baby.

Maybe he could have handled that better. Probably he could have. But, whatever. He'd been on the receiving end of a dominant relationship and he wasn't going back there again. From now on, if he wasn't calling the shots then he didn't want to know..

Shame though. The boy was cute. Oh well.

He pushed any regrets aside and got down to the business of pleasuring himself. There was no-one else around to do it and he needed to get off.

Cameron stirred himself, up in the attic, and he got the photograph out to look at it again. The boy - Danny - was still smiling at him, but he didn't look so good now. It was a superior, sneering sort of a smile really. Why had he not noticed that before?

It couldn't have changed, could it? No, of course it hadn't. Maybe he'd changed. He'd learnt something today - just because a person looks good, doesn't make them a nice person. Obviously.

He was tempted to smash the glass and rip the photograph to shreds. But, no, he couldn't do that. It wasn't even his - it was his granddad's photo really. But he wanted to. He definitely didn't love it anymore, not now he'd seen the boy - the horrible boy - behind the smile. He put it away.

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