Westpoint Tales

by Kiwi

Christian & Roman's Tale - 6

Roman went home to his own chores - homework, study and training. He had to slap Bruce's groping hands away several times. He wasn't interested, not any more. He was bored with sex with Bruce, he wanted something better. He wanted Christian. He SO wanted to get it on with Christian Squires!

Christian was sexy, he was cute and what a great body! And he was such a great kid. Roman was seeing more and more to him all the time. Christian liked him too; didn't he? Yes, sure he did.

Nevermind the Christmas party, if he wouldn't come to that, well, he wouldn't. It didn't matter anyway. He didn't need to impress the kid with the Dallas' family wealth. That just seemed to put him off anyway.

What he wanted, what he needed, was Christian Squires and he was SO going to have him! He was, wasn't he? Yes, of course he was. He was Roman Dallas and he always got what he wanted. Didn't he? Actually, this time, he wasn't so sure.

Roman had always had anyone he wanted, but this kid was something different. He wasn't playing the game the way he was supposed to. Normally all he had to do was to signal his interest and they threw themselves at him, but, not this time. Not this boy. And he so wanted him - something bad.

It was almost 8.30 by the time he was finally free of his family and tutors. He hurried to the bedroom and his telephone. There was no reply from the Squires' number. The phone rang and rang, but no-one picked up.

He tried again at 9pm, and again, and again. Finally, at 11pm, he gave up and went to bed. He'd try again in the morning.

On the other side of town, Christian watched the flashing light on the silent telephone. He was tempted to answer it, but he forced himself not to. He'd known Roman, from a distance, for all of his life, and he knew how it worked.

Roman had everything. He'd been born with the proverbial silver-spoon in his mouth. All their lives, Roman had had anything and anyone that he wanted. All he had to do was ask.

Christian had fantasized and dreamed about Roman Dallas for years, but he'd never thought that he would have a chance to get close to him. His plan, of course, as soon as he realised that Roman was showing some interest in him, was to play hard to get.

If he got the message that Christian was, sort-of, interested but not going there, that would make him want him all the more, wouldn't it? Yes, of course it would. It seemed to have been working up until now.

But now, lying sleepless in the night, Christian was having second thoughts. He changed his mind.

Roman had surprised him in more ways than one. He realised two things - one was that Roman was actually a nice person. He was rich, (that didn't interest him), he was good-looking, bright and talented, but on top of all that, he had a good heart too. This boy was all-but perfect. It was not fair!

The other important thing that he realised was that this could not be just a hot sexual affair. He had fallen in love with Roman Dallas, really in love, and that was impossible.

If old Romeo and Juliet thought that they had it bad, they should have met the Dallas and Squires families. If he ever got involved in any sort of relationship with Roman, old man Dallas would kill them both. And, if he didn't, Trevor Squires would do it for him. He couldn't let that happen.

He'd been playing Roman along, like a hundred-pound tuna on a twenty-pound fishing line. It had been working too, but now it had o stop.

It wasn't just lust, he loved him, and he loved him to much to wreck his life. Roman had everything and he had the perfect life ahead of him. Christian Squires had no right to take that away from him. He couldn't and he wouldn't.

He didn't know how he was going to do it, but somehow he was going to have to tell him that there never could be anything between them. The stupid hard-to-get game he'd been playing didn't make it easy, but, somehow, he had to tell him that it could not happen. Ever.

At about three in the morning, he had an idea and he had a new plan. It would not be easy, it would be hard on him, but he had to do it for Roman, no matter what it cost him.

Next morning, Christian slept in. That was nothing unusual after a, largely, sleepless night, but today it really annoyed him. Dammit! He barely had time to get himself to school, his plan would have to wait until the following day. Would it have hurt for his mother to wake him up?

Tomorrow would be better anyway. Friday was the last school-day for the year and it was a 'mufti' day - uniforms were optional, which meant, of course, that nobody wore them. For a small donation to a local charity, students could wear whatever they pleased for the day. Yes, Friday would be better.

Roman arrived at school and he had a new plan as well. He'd been thinking, he'd decided and he had a new plan.

He still wanted Christian to come to the party, not to impress him, he just wanted him to come and spend the day with him and have some fun. Yes, he still wanted to bed him, but, more importantly, he just wanted to be with him.

Also, he wanted him to come and he wanted people to know that he was invited and that Roman wanted him there. Invitations were really sought after, everyone wanted one but only winners got one. People thought that Christian was a dork and a loser, he said himself that he was, but he wasn't. Christian was a really cool kid, he was a winner and Roman wanted everyone to know that he was. He deserved more than the crappy hand that life had dealt him.

Christian was at school, of course he was, he never missed a day, but he didn't get to talk to him all day. He seemed to be avoiding him again. Roman looked at lunchtime, but couldn't find him anywhere.

He wasn't there when they went in for the first class after lunch, but then he arrived, late. Roman grinned his relief. He stood up and the teacher looked at him. He knew that he was a favourite of old Mrs. McElwee's, so he didn't expect any trouble.

"Excuse me, Mrs. McElwee, but there's something that I have to do."

"Very well, Roman. What is it?"

"This," he replied, and, with all eyes on him, he walked up to the front of the class and laid the invitation on the desk in front of Christian.

"Christian, this is your invitation to the Dallas' Christmas party. Please don't give it back this time; I really want you to come. If you don't, I'm not going either. Thank you, Mrs. McElwee."

He went back and sat down again, at the back of the class. Shocked whispering broke out all around until the teacher pulled them into line and the class continued.

As soon as school was over and they were dismissed, Christian was up and gone. He was the first one out of there. Everyone there, including Roman, saw that the invitation was left lying on his desk.


A couple of girls stopped him on the way out and challenged him in front of everyone.

"Roman, what did you invite that loser to your party for? Is this a joke?"

"No, Kelly. It's not a joke. I asked him because I want him to come. Christian is actually a really great kid and, if you can't see that, then you're the losers."

"He is? Really?"

"Yes, really he is. Excuse me, I've got to go."

He hurried out, but he was too late, Christian had gone.

'Man! This kid can move when he wants to!'

He got in his car and drove down to the racecourse stables, but Christian was not there. Mr. Jenkins said that he didn't work on Thursdays. He thought about going back to his house, but decided against it. It didn't look like Christian wanted to talk. He'd see him tomorrow.

Next day, Mufti Friday, and the last day of the school-year, Roman arrived in his most stylish outfit, his best casual clothes. He wanted to look good today; it was important, somehow.

He did look good, he knew that, but nobody took any notice of him whatsoever. There was a sensation abroad in the school that day. Had he seen Christian Squires? Ohmigod! He had to see what he'd done to himself!

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