Jordan in Okarito

by Kiwi

Chapter 18 - Lorne and Tyler - 2

The boy really did have a fine body -young and fresh, smooth, hairless, long and lightly muscled. Looked like he worked at it and he looked good.

Shame they didn't have time to get better acquainted, but a boy like this would never be interested in him anyway. He usually got his sex from boy-whores, but didn't always pay them, of course. He didn't often get the chance but sometimes he did and he just took what he wanted and to hell with what they thought about it. Now was one of those times!

This luscious boy was all his to do with whatever he wanted and he did enjoy showing these sexy little tarts who was the man. The power was what it was about – the power that he had over them. He was older, stronger and better than any kid anyday and he liked showing them that.

Should he grease him up? There'd be some KY in his bag, somewhere. The lube made it easier to get it in and without it the little tarts got torn sometimes. Nah. Not his problem. He liked the challenge of a dry-run and if it hurt them, well it hurt them. Too bad, how sad, nevermind.

He'd better stop mucking around. He didn't know how much time he had here. He dropped his trou, and the undies, to his feet and got down on the ground between the lovely boy's legs.

Best to keep the knife handy in case he needed to use it, so he stabbed it into the ground, next to the kid's chest. He lifted the boy's hips on top of his own bent legs and wriggled forward.

"All right, Me Darlin' You heard of hillbilly foreplay? 'Brace yourself, I'm coming in.'"

He bent over him, used his hand to position his dick, took a deep breath and – Yeow! Some bastard kicked him in the head!

He was spinning and seeing stars but he didn't give in that easily – he was no sissy wimp.He grabbed his knife and came up snarling.

There was just one, another blond kid. He'd make short work of him, and then get back to what he was doing.

Tyler started towards downtown, then changed his mind and turned around. Something about that smoke was worrying him, it wasn't normal. He went back to the track and went in there. It'd only take a couple of minutes to check it out, and then he could go eat.

He up the hill, on to a terrace and – Whoah!

Lorne, it had to be Lorne, was lying stretched out on the ground, tied to some tree-trunks. He was nude from the waist down and that greasy long-haired creep, also half naked, was between his legs and bending over him!

Tyler didn't know much about Lorne, but he did know that he was in a relationship with Logan Greene and he sure-as-hell wasn't a willing partner here. This was rape, pure and simple and he was putting a stop to it!

If he was wrong, well, too bad. But he didn't think he was.

He ran forward and booted the guy in the head, knocking him off Lorne. That was not the most intelligent thing to do – he was barefoot and that probably hurt him as much as it hurt the other guy. Just as well he didn't use his toes!

The guy came up snarling and with a wicked-looking knife in his hand. Things were getting seriously serious now.

"Get the fuck away from him," Tyler snarled back. "Lorne, is this creep a friend of yours? I'll go away and leave you if you want me to."

Lorne couldn't talk with the duct tape over his mouth. (It was over his eyes too!) But he had no trouble getting his message across. He struggled and fought against his bonds and shook his head emphatically. He was definitely not a willing participant here.

"Like I thought. You're in big trouble, Mister!"

"Not half as much as you are, Kid!" He shuffled forward, slashing with his knife, but he was hobbled by the pants around his ankles and Tyler easily dodged him.

"Is that the best you've got?" He kicked him again – in the face this time and using his heel.

The guy was harder than he looked and even that didn't stop him. The knife whipped around and slashed across Tyler's thigh. Bad move on the creep's part. That hurt, but not enough to slow him down and he was mad now – really mad.

As quick as a snake, he grabbed the wrist holding the knife and twisted until the knife dropped, and then twisted some more. Then he went to town on him.Fists and feet, knees and elbows – in the face, in the guts, in the nuts and everywhere he could land a furious blow.

The guy fell backwards across the fire, rolled away and didn't get up again. He lay there, hurting, bleeding and whimpering. The fight was gone out of him and he was finished. He had no show – he'd never run into anyone like Tyler before.

"All right then." Tyler looked around, found the knife and used it to cut Lorne's hands and feet free. He looked at the battered creep lying there and didn't feel even a little bit guilty.

He stood up and threw the knife, as hard and as far as he could, into the bush. Next move was to get that tape off Lorne's face.

He knelt in front of him, put his hands on his shoulders and said, "It's okay, Lorne – it's over and it's going to be all right. I'm going to peel this tape off your eyes, okay?"

Lorne nodded quietly and sat still while Tyler did that. When he could see, he looked at the wreck lying there, looked at Tyler, nodded and hugged him hard.

Tyler hugged him back, then sat back and looked. "You can breathe all right? C'mon, let's get out of here."

He helped him to his feet, looked down at Charlie and said, "As for you, you should be locked up for a long, long time, you Bastard! That's not going to happen, this time. We're not putting Lorne through all the trauma of a court case and I can't be bothered with all the drama.

I'm only going to say this once – listen carefully. Get up. Get out of our town and if I ever see your face around here again, I will kill you. Understood? Come on, Lorne – we're gone."

He put his arm around him to lead him away. He saw Charlie's old bag lying there and scooped it up as they walked past it. There might be something in it they could use to cover the boy's bare butt before they went out onto the road.

At the bottom of the hill, before they left the bush-cover, he stopped, opened the bag and looked inside. "Holy . . Whoah! Damm, Lorne, this thing's full of cash. Look at it all! There must be a fortune in here.

Well, he's not getting it back. It's yours, I think. This'll be a bit of compensation for what he did to you. There's not much else in here – no clothes we can use anyway."

He took his sweatshirt off and tied it around Lorne's waist. "Wear this until we get over to the shed on the wharf, okay?"

Lorne nodded and they crossed over the road.

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