Brownsville Tales, Robin

by Kiwi

Part 5

Darren hauled his pants up and they went back, off the concrete foundations and on to the leaf-covered hillside under the densely-packed trees.

The ground in there was wet, small patches still had white frost on them and there were icicles around where water was trickling down the hill.

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea," Robin looked around. "I'm not sitting my bare bum down on any of that!"

"You don't have to sit down." Darren dropped his pants again, displaying his now fully-erect dick. "We're just checking-out the equipment here and we can stand up to do that. Come on then, are you going to show me or are you going to get all shy?"

"I'm not shy." Robin unzipped his jean and pushed them down to his knees, exposing his own throbbing erection.

"Oh, wow. Now that's nice," Darren grinned. "That's very nice. Big too. I knew you would be."

"Yeah, well. I don't think it's bigger than yours though. Maybe a bit longer?"

"You think so? Let's measure them." Darren shuffled forward and pressed his dick against Robin's.

Darren shuffled forward and pushed his dick up against Robin's. Robin was taller, but by spreading his legs well apart, they stood at the same level and both could feel the pulsing in the warm flesh pressed against them

"Oh, yeah!" Darren looked down. "They're just about the same, I think."

"Looks like it, yes." Robin pulled back, looked into Darren's eyes, and then he reached out and wrapped his fingers around his dick. "You're big and you've got a great dick."

He ran his hand up and down, softly and gently, grinning at the quivering. "Do you wank yet?"

"Doesn't everyone? I don't do it all of the time."

"No? When do you then?"

"Only on days ending with a 'y'," Darren grinned.

"Yeah? Me too!" Robin grinned back. "So, are you up for doing it together?"

Darren ran his fingertips from under Robin's balls, up to the top of the shaft, then down again, wrapping his hand around him and pumping a couple of times. "I think we're both very up for it. Don't you?"

"Sure looks like it!"

They stood facing each other, each with one hand roaming around the other's body and pumping on his shaft until they both came together, squirting semen on each other's bellies.

"Hot damm! That was so good. I think maybe I can live out here after all."

"You do? That's good, I guess."

"I guess so too. You said that we might be sharing a room. I think I'd like that if we can do more of this."

"More wanking? I'd like to do much more of that!"

"Yeah, and much more than that too."

"More?" Robin frowned. "Oh. You mean all the way sex?"

"Yep. All the way, fucking and everything. If I've got to live all of the way out here, I want something good to make up for it."

"We can find lots of good stuff to do!"

"Great. We will then, and it'll be better in a bed. We should be getting back to the house now."

"Yeah, suppose so. We don't want them coming out and finding us here like this."

"We surely don't! Let's get moving then."

They cleaned-up, as best as they could, put their clothes back together and started walking back to the house, both walking along quietly and thinking their own thoughts.

Darren said, "Have you done it before? Sex, I mean."

"I've felt-up a couple of people – one girl, one boy. That's all. How much have you done?"

"Less than you. I've never even seen anyone naked before, not really. I've read a lot, on the internet, but I've never done anything. Now I want to try it out."

"And you want to try it with me. I thought you didn't like me?"

"I thought I didn't, but I didn't know you. Now, maybe I could learn to like you."

"Yeah? Maybe I could learn to too."

"Okay. If it doesn't work out, I'm still going to see if my grandparents will let me live with them."

"Where do they live?"

"At Paraparaumu – north of Wellington."

"No way!"

"Yes, they do."

"But my grandparents live there too!"


"Yes. They're by the beach, where do yours live?"

"Not by the beach, they're not that rich. They live further back, near the railway station. It's a big town."

"It's a small country! But, yeah, it is a big town."

"It is. Bigger than ours anyway. Tell you what, if you do decide to run away, let me know and I'll come with you. Shooting through to the grandparents' was my plan too."

"It was?" Darren grinned. "Okay. If we run away from each other, we'll run away together."

"That's a plan," Robin laughed. "I think we're a lot more alike than we thought we were."

"Yeah, we are. Plus – I like your dick."

"I like yours too, a lot. We can be friends and help each other."

"Possibly. As long as we get each other off, I'll be happy."

"Me too! Actually, you're a lot smarter than me. I'm thinking, maybe you can help me out with schoolwork and stuff."

"Could do. Maybe you can help me too. You're bigger, fitter and stronger than I am. I'd like to bulk-up a bit so the friggin' bullies will stop picking on me."

"I stopped them, the other day, and you told me off for it."

"That's different. I want to get so that I can look after myself. Are you going to help me?"

"I am. We'll help each other, that'll be a fair trade-off."

"Cool. And, what happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom."

"Of course it does. It'll be good exercise too."

Robin felt that he should be showing the Kid that he wasn't totally ignorant. He was supposed to be showing him around the Ranch. "That creek across the valley there, coming down from the hills, that's Lanky's Creek."

"Yea," Darren nodded. "Lanky's Creek, named after a tall, skinny, gold-fossicker. I've been up there, searching for fossils."

"So have I! There's heaps of them up there – Devonian Era, limestone fossils."

"That's them. They prove that this whole area was under the sea once."

"Really? The sea is bloody miles away! A couple of hours, almost."

"It is now, but it wasn't away back then. New Zealand is the youngest country in the world and it's still rising up out of the sea. The Southern Alps are growing at about 10 millimeters a year – that's why we have earthquakes."

"Bloody earthquakes! But, if it's growing, we might be bigger than Aussie one day."

"Maybe. It'd take one hell of a long time though; you and I won't be around to see it."

"Probably not. You hungry?"

"Do fish crap in the water? Of course I'm hungry, it's been a couple of hours!"

"Yeah. Let's go eat."

There was no-one there when they got back to the house, so they micro-waved a couple of frozen pies and made a sandwich each while they were waiting. They were sitting by the fire, eating, when the parents came back in.

Debbie said, Well! Don't you two look cosy, sitting there?"

"Yeah, it's all good, Mum," Darren replied. "Where've you been?"

"Just walking around. Bryan was showing me the sheds and garages. I'll need somewhere to keep my car out of the weather. How do you think you'll like living out here, Son?"

"Oh," Darren glanced at Robin and they exchanged a smile. "I think I'll like it fine."

Bryan said, "That's good. You think you'll be able to get along with this big lug here, do you?"

They smiled again and Darren said, "I do. I think I'll be able to knock him into shape."

"Hey!" Robin protested. "I'll knock you into shape."

"That's the plan, innit?"

"Well, I'm really pleased," Debbie said. "It's good that you're getting along. You're going to be step-brothers."

"We're going to be brothers," Robin nodded.

"And you're happy to share a room?"

"We are," Darren replied.

Robin said, "Yeah, Dad. We can do it. The only other choice is for me to share with you and Darren with Debbie, and we're not doing that."

"We are not!" Bryan and Debbie agreed.

The parents were married a couple of weeks later, on a Thursday afternoon, in a small and intimate ceremony in the Anglican church. Robin, looking very cute in a suit, was his father's Best Man and Darren 'gave his mother away'.

The boys were too young to sign the marriage register, so adult friends had to do that for them. The whole party ate at the town's flashest restaurant, in the Hotel Riverston, and then the bride and groom went away for a long-weekend honeymoon in Hanmer.

On the way out, they dropped Robin and Darren off at the Ranch. They really should not have been left alone with no adult supervision, but – whatever. They promised not to burn the house down, and they didn't.

No-one said anything, but they all knew that nobody would be going to school on Friday.

The parents went off and left them, and the boys stayed home and had a honeymoon of their own. It was grouse! Also, choice, Also, very busy. They were both sore and exhausted by Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Hedges returned on Sunday evening and they all went off to school and work next morning. Debbie took Darren in her car and Robin went on the bus, as usual. She offered to take him in to town as well, but Robin said no, he'd go on the bus. He liked the bus and wanted to keep riding it.

Darren would have to travel with him soon, when Debbie's pregnancy got so far advanced that she had to stop work for a year or two. ("'Stop work' Oh, yes? Stopping work to carry bricks, I think.")

Bryan was already at home when they all returned after school. "Robin, what is Debbie's bed doing in your room?"

"We moved it in there. That's okay, isn't it? It was only sitting out in the barn where the rats will eat into it. It's safer in the house."

"I suppose it will be," Debbie shuddered. "We're not using it, but it's a Queen-size bed. Are you sure that there's enough space for it in your room?"

"There's plenty of room now," Darren said. "We threw the other beds out and they're in the barn."

"So you're both going to sleep in the same bed. How's that going to work?"

"It'll work fine, Dad. We like it like that. One bed means more free floor space and we can keep each other warm. You won't let me have a heater and it's friggin' freezing in there sometimes."

"Well . . okay then. We'll see how it goes. You can always swap around again if it doesn't work. Boys, next time, ask before you help yourselves. Okay?"

"Yeah, okay, Dad."

"Okay, Bryan," Darren said. "Can I call you 'Dad' too?"

"Yes, of course you can, Son."

"Thanks. I've never had a dad before. And Robin can call mum, 'Mum'."

"Only if he wants to," Debbie smiled.

"Oh yes, I want to. Thanks, Debbie – I mean, thanks, Mum."

"Welcome, Son."

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