Kaimoana Tales

by Kiwi


Part 56

The BMW pulled up in the street outside and Ashton got out of it. He climbed over the gate and started up the path to the house. Mrs. de Groot stood and barred the way, glaring at him.

"Hey, Mrs. de Groot. Is Peter here?"

"Whether he is or not is no concern of yours. You are no longer welcome in our house. Go away and don't come back here again."

"Whoah! I'm sorry?"

"You heard me. Get your sorry butt off our property. Go back to your laughing friends."

"They're not laughing now and they're not my friends."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean they probably hate me now and I don't care. I took them all out to a back-road behind Hapuku, told them all exactly what I thought of them and I left them there. There's no cell-phone coverage out there, so they've got a long, long, walk home."

"Why would you do that?"

"Because of the way they were treating Peter. They all think they're so cool and they're not. The whole lot of them together is not worth 1/10th of what Peter is. He's a very special boy and I love him. I'm sorry, but I do."

The fierce old lady stood, still barring the way, arms folded and studying the anxious boy.

"You love him?" She demanded.

Ashton blushed. "I do love Peter. I probably shouldn't say that to you, his mother, but it's the truth, I love him."

"Yes, you should say that. There is nothing else you could say that would get you into this house. Peter is in there and he has been crying because he thought you were laughing at him."

"I wasn't. I'd never laugh at Peter. I was angry - bloody angry, at all those other idiots, but never at Peter. He's the only decent friend I've ever had. I love him."

She stood there looking at him, and then she nodded and she smiled, at last. "Yes," she said. "Peter chose well. He loves you, you know. Go inside and talk to him." She stepped aside.

"I can? Oh, thank you, Mrs. de Groot! Peter's right, he's got the greatest mother."

"Go and make my sad boy happy," she smiled.

"I will. I hope. I'll try." Ashton hurried inside.

"Yes, you are a good boy." Mrs. de Groot carried on working in her garden.

Ashton rushed into the house. Peter looked around, and then turned back to his book. Ashton stood looking at his back and suddenly all he felt was dread.

"Peter?" he ventured quietly.

He stood waiting. There was no reply for a long time, and then Peter sighed. "I'm sorry, Ashton. I can't do this anymore. Go back to your world and leave me with mine."

"Peter, no! Please. Don't shut me out."

"Please go. I'm simply not good enough."

"What do you mean? You're plenty good enough for anyone."

"You were there, with all of your cool friends, laughing at me."

"I wasn't laughing at you."

"You weren't? It doesn't matter anyway. Everyone else was. You are the coolest kid in town, I'm just a dork and a laughing stock. You need a friend but you can do so much better than me."

"No way! There is no-one better than you. I love you, Peter."


"I love you."

Peter stood up and looked bewildered. "You don't. You can't!"

"I do." Ashton closed in on him and put his hands on his shoulders. "I can." He kissed him on the lips.

Peter was dumbfounded! "But . . but . . you, I. You're not gay!"

"Want a bet?" Ashton smiled and he kissed him again. "Peter Perfect, I love you. I don't know if I'm gay or not, I never thought that I was, but then, I've never loved anyone - not like I love you.

If you tell me to leave, I'll go, but I really hope that you don't."

"Oh, Ashton! Please don't go." Peter kissed him.

He kissed him back, and on, and on. They broke apart and stood clinging together and both thinking the exact same thing - their lives had just got a whole lot better.

Peter sighed, "I've dreamed about this, but I never thought that it would happen. Where do we go from here?"

"I don't know where we'll go, but wherever it is, we'll go together."

"Together. Oh, yes! Thank you, Ashton. It's going to cost you, you know. Your friends won't want you being around me."

"It won't cost me anything and they're not my friends. I dumped them."


"Yes, really. I drove them out to the back of Hapuku, told them that they're a pack of stuck-up wankers and I left them there. They've got a long walk home. There's no cell-phone coverage out there."

"Oh, you're mean."

"They bloody asked for it. When Deidre leaned across and sounded the horn at you, I was so wild I felt like punching her."

"I guess that they're not your friends now."

"They never were. You are the only friend I've got and the only one I want."

"Oh, Ashton. Never in my wildest dreams . . ." He kissed him.

They broke apart when there was a cough behind them. Mrs. de Groot was standing, smiling at them. "Is everybody happy? That is much better. I'll make us some tea, shall I?"

"Mother, you don't have to do that. I'll get the tea."

"Nonsense, Peter. Getting tea is what I do. You boys sit down and talk."

Mrs. de Groot busied herself in the kitchen area. The boys sat together in front of the fire.

"What are your parents going to think about this?"

"They'll blow a fuse. Know what? I don't care what they think. They don't care about me anyway, they never have."

"That's sad."

"Yeah, I suppose. That's just the way it is. Stuff 'em anyway."

"I would hate to lose my parents."

"I doubt if you ever will. Anyway, you can't lose what you never had. You're lucky, Peter. You've got a brilliant mother."

"I have. I'm very lucky."

"You deserve it. Is your father going to be the same?"

"Father will be fine. He's like me, he does what he's told around here."

"That's probably wise."

"Oh, it is!"

The tea-trolley arrived.

"Eat up, Boys. The tea is almost ready. Is Ashton going to stay here tonight?"

Ashton and Peter looked at each other and smiled. "Yes, I'd really like to, if I may."

"Of course you may - any time at all. In that case, I've got a job for you when we've finished here."

"What is that, Mother?"

"You can make up one of the beds in the bus. Please yourselves which one. The sleeping-loft in the front has more room than the one in the back, but it gets the sun earlier and there are no drapes in there yet."

"I, umm, I don't need a lot of room."

"Maybe not, but the two of you together will need some space."

"Really? You don't mind if we sleep together again?"

"I don't mind. Why else why you want to stay here?"

"I could think of a hundred reasons why I'd want to. But, thanks, I'd love to be with Peter."

"Then you shall. We don't have to ask Peter, he would love to be with you too."

"I would. Thank you, Mother."

"Be happy, My Son." She went back for the tea.

"Wow, Peter. Your mum's amazing!"

"She is a good person," Peter smiled, "and I am happy - very happy. Thanks, Ashton."

"Thank you and I'm very happy too. Your coming and finding me up on the cliffs was the best thing that's ever happened to me."

"We can thank Father for that."

"Your father? Did he tell you to do that?"

"Well, kind-of. Father says that if you really want something, you should decide what you can do, and then do it."

"Like he is doing?"

"Apparently, yes."

Later, they were out in the house-bus. Peter was getting the fire ready for lighting and Ashton was getting the bed set-up in the sleeping-loft. They'd decided on the loft at the back because it was going to be Peter's full-time bed after his cousins arrived. The boys were all going to be sleeping in the bus.

There was a knock on the door and Riley and Jacob came in.

"Hey, Peter. Your mum said that you were out here."

"Riley! Jacob! Come in, my friends."

"We already did. What is Ashton Woods' Beamer doing in the street out there?"

"Why don't you ask him?"

"Is he here?"

"Look up, Riley," Peter beamed.

They all looked up at Ashton grinning down at them from the loft.

"Wow. Ashton, what are you doing in Peter's bus?"

"Getting the bed ready." Ashton swung down and stood next to Peter.

"Your bed? Are you sleeping here, Ashton?"

"No." He put an arm around Peter. "We are sleeping here."

"Together? Really? Peter, what happened?"

"My dreams came true, Riley," Peter beamed and Ashton kissed him.

"Our dreams came true."

Riley stood with his mouth hanging open, Jacob nudged him. "Shut your mouth, Rye. You'll catch a fly. Congrats, Guys. We're really pleased for you."

"Thanks, Jacob. We're really pleased too." Peter kissed Ashton, just so they all knew what was what. (And because he wanted to.)

"Wow! Great." Riley recovered his wits. "Sorry, Guys. I'm a bit slow sometimes."

"Just sometimes?"

"Shut up, Jake. It is just sometimes - just the important times by the look of it. Ashton, this boy loves you. He always has and I've always told him that it was never going to happen."

"Well, Riley, you were wrong and I'm glad you were. Peter and I are together now, and that's cool. I hope that we'll all be friends."

"Sure we will," Jacob said. "You be nice to Peter and we'll be nice to you."

"Do we get orgies?" Riley grinned.

"Eww! Shut up, Riley," came from all directions.

"Sheesh, Spoilsports! Seriously though, that's great Peter, really great. At last! We're delighted for you and you're a lucky guy, Ashton. This is one special boy."

"He is," Ashton grinned. "Peter's very special."

"Let's stop embarrassing me," Peter blushed. "Have you finished up there, Ashton? I'll light the fire and we can sit and talk. Do you guys want tea?"

"No way!"

"Not today, thanks, Mate."

They sat around the pot-belly stove, Peter and Ashton in chairs on either side and facing each other, Riley in a chair in front of it with Jacob sitting on him.

"You two are very comfortable together," Ashton commented.

"Sure we are," Riley said. "There's no point in hiding it from you two. This is the boy I love."

"Yeah, good for you, Riley."

"Good for me too," Jacob said. "How on earth did you two get together?"

They shared their story.

Riley said, "And Peter's mum is okay with it? Good! How are your parents going to take it, Ashton?"

"They'll freak. They will probably throw me out and I don't care."

"What are you going to do then?"

"I haven't a clue."

Peter said, "You can come and live here with us."

"I'd love to, Peter, but I can't. I can't ask your parents to support me."

"You may not have to," Riley said. "Come and see my mum, she'll sort things out for you."

"Do you think she would?"

"Sure she would," Jacob said. "Dianne's great. She sorted our lives out."

"That's what Dylan said too. I don't know what she could do though"

"Dylan James? He's a good guy. You might not know, but Mum will. Come and talk to her."

"Okay, I will if I have to. Thanks."

"Welcome. Stick with us at school too. If anyone gives you stick, Jake'll take his leg off and whack them with it."

"Jake will do no such thing!" Jacob frowned. "I'm not getting dirt on my new leg. You're making huge changes in your life, Ashton, and I'm glad you dumped the beautiful people out in the wop-wops, it'll do them good."

"They probably don't think so," Ashton shrugged. "But tough. They asked for it. Any changes in my life have got to be a change for the better. I'm not falling into the trap that Damian did."

"Damian, yeah. Poor little bugger. His mate, William, is taking it really hard."

"William will be all right. He's got Dylan to look after him."

"Dylan again. Do you think that Dylan and William are a couple?"

"None of your business, Riley. But if you've got to know, go and ask them."

"Fair enough. I guess that you know what the de Groots are doing with this old bus now?"

"Yeah, I do. They're filling it up with Peter's cousins."

Peter said, "There's still room for you, Ashton, as long as you sleep in my bed."

"Well I'm not sleeping in anyone else's!"

Mrs. de Groot came knocking at the door. Peter opened it.

"Dinner is almost ready, Son. Do Riley and Jacob want to stay and eat with us?"

"No thanks, Mrs. de Groot," Jacob sung out. "It's time we were getting home, Dianne is expecting us."

"All right then, as long as you are sure. You're always very welcome here, Boys."

Riley stood up, tipping Jacob off. "Thanks, Mrs. de Groot, but we've really got to go home."

"Yeah," Jacob said. "Plus we've still got to work on Coll."

"What do you have to work on Colin for?"

"He's got a new girlfriend and he won't tell us who it is."

She smiled. "You two could do with a good dose of 'mind your own business'."

"It is our business! If we're going to be uncles, then we have to know who with."

"Give the boy a chance, Jacob," Ashton said. "Good looking kid like him might have a hundred girls before he settles down."

"You calling my brother a slut, Ashton Woods? (But you might be right)."

"Shut up, Jake."

"Okay, we're outta here. Good luck, Guys, and be nice to each other."

"Thanks," Ashton grinned. "And we will."

Jacob and Riley left, Peter and Ashton went inside for their meal. They ate, and then helped clean up. Peter washed the dishes, Ashton dried, and Mrs. de Groot put them away as well as sorting the scraps for her worm farm, the compost and the chooks.

The boys showered, separately, and then dressed in pjamas and dressing gowns, (Ashton borrowed Mr. de Groot's one). The three of them sat by the fire, listened to the radio and played cards. Ashton had never done anything like that before, and he thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Also, he'd never played cards before, but he was a fast learner.

They had a light supper - melted cheese on bread toasted on forks held over the fire, potatoes and chestnuts roasted in the embers, and steaming mugs of hot chocolate. They finished, Mrs. de Groot took the mugs away and came back with a lighted candle for the boys to take out to the bus. She turned the radio off.

"Well, Boys, time for bed. Have a good night and please be careful with the candle. Don't burn the bus down."

Peter stood up and kissed her cheek. "Thanks, Mother. We'll be careful. Good night."

"Good night, My Son."

Ashton stood as well. He was really embarrassed, but he was grateful, so he forced himself, he kissed her cheek. "Goodnight, Mrs. de Groot. Thank you for everything. You're a fantastic mother and I've had a very nice evening. I've never done anything like this before."

"I hope we will again, many times. You're a good boy, Ashton, and you'll always be welcome here. Put the spark-guard up, Peter. Good night, Boys."

She went to her room. Peter put the guard in front of the fire. "Ready for bed, Ashton?"

"Oh yeah, very ready. You? Let's go then."

They turned the lights off and went out to the bus. Peter carried the candle and shielded it from the draughts with his other hand.

"Father is going to put the power on to the bus, next time he comes home."

"It's not a problem. I quite like the candle. Is your father an electrician?"

"No, just a handy-man. He can turn his hand to most things and he's good at what he does."

"Like father, like son?"

"I don't know about that."

"Well I do. You're great, Peter. Really great, and I love you."

"Oh Ashton! I love you very much. Today you've made all of my dreams come true. Thank you."

"Hey! Thank you." Ashton kissed him. "And, we haven't finished yet. This is like our honeymoon here."

"Sounds good to me!" Peter kissed him back.

They left the dressing gowns on the bottom bunk and climbed the ladder to the loft. Peter took the candle with him and put it on a ledge up there.

"You sure that's safe?"

"It'll be fine. I'm not snuffing it out yet, I want to look at you. I can't believe that you're here with me and I'm scared if I blow the candle out, you might disappear in a puff of smoke."

"I'm going nowhere, Silly Boy. This is where I want to be - here, with you."

"Oh, Ashton! I love you so much!"

"I love you more than that, Peter Perfect." They kissed and cuddled and kissed, getting hotter and hotter together.

"Want to get rid of these pjamas?"

"Oh, yes!"

They stripped rapidly, and Ashton froze. He stopped and sat looking at him, the seconds dragged on and on.

"Is something wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, Peter, absolutely nothing. You're so, so beautiful. I never knew that a boy could be as beautiful as you."

"Ashton!" Peter blushed, deepest red. "I'm not beautiful. You are."

"Wrong!" Ashton, gently, pushed him down to lie flat on his back. He sat, bent over him and running his eyes, his fingers and his lips all over the beautiful boy's body.

"Gorgeous, gorgeous, Boy!" He stretched out on top of him and Peter wrapped his arms and legs around him, like a baby possum clinging to its mother's belly.

"Ashton, Ashton. Please, make love to me."

"I'm trying to, you Dork!" Ashton grinned.

"No! I mean all the way. Make love to me please"

"Oh yes!" He kissed him. "All the way and always. I love you Peter."

"I love you. Umm, do we need protection? I don't have any condoms or anything."

"Condoms? I'm not going to get pregnant, are you?"

"Hardly! But you're supposed to use them, aren't you? I've never done this before."

"Never? Cool, neither have I. Well, apart from a couple of blow-jobs with girls, so we don't need condoms."

"What are blow-jobs? Is that like sucking off?"

"You don't know? You soon will. Gorgeous Boy, you've got a lot to learn. I'll show you what I know and we'll learn together."

He kissed him. He blew the candle out.

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