The Redemption, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 15

*-* Joey's POV *-*

I went looking for Skeeter... the best ever news was just heard from Dan, "I thought you might like it. Go tell Stephen. He's down at the stables helping James feed the horses."

Skeeter and James were just past the gate in the horses' field, southeast of the house. They both looked up as I clanked the gate.

James hollered, seeing that I was in a hurry, "Lock the gate!"

I knew I had locked it but I ran back just to double check. It was locked securely. I took off, running like hell when I stumbled and fell ass-over-tea-kettle and from side to side. No biggie. No damage, except for a momentary break in pride at my stupidity. I think Skeeter called me "Dufus" and probably James called me "Klutz"... both were laughing... I must admit that while I was making every effort to regain a modicum of life sustaining breathing I ended up laughing too, no doubt, yes I was laughing at my own mistake. Tom said I would do just that 'one of these days'.

Breathlessly, I stuttered, "Spring... break... my house... your... dad... said... so!"

Skeeter first looked to James then immediately to me. His face lit up like a Christmas tree. We hugged deeply and then finished brushing down Coltrane, James' horse, and Gerta, Skeeter's horse. Skeeter announced that they had found Coltrane and Gerta mating earlier so they left them alone. The horses seemed calm to me though, being a city boy, I was wary.

Just then Stacy rode up on Rin Tin Tin. She pulled up next to James' horse and tied it to the fence post, gave it several pats on its muzzle, and whispered several things to it, things I couldn't hear. Then she walked around, grabbed my butt cheek, pinched hard, and said, "Cute ass, Joey."

James glared at her but didn't say anything; instead he went back to his brushing his horse with care and concern. Mischievously, Skeeter said in retort, "Better than your old fat fuckin cow ass." He then took off running with Stacy chasing cussing, proclaiming threats to get even, and other brotherly-sisterly terms of endearment. James laughed and said that Skeeter was going to get his ass kicked from then until Sunday when she got a hold of him. Skeeter's fast, really fast, and faster than I thought he would be. Guess that's true when your older big sister is chasing your butt, full steam ahead.

I grabbed up the brush Skeeter was using to brush Gerta and proceeded to brush the lower sections of her mane, and both front quarters. I started to do her back legs but James warned me away with a caution about standing behind a horse... it could startle her and cause her to start bucking. He showed me how to pet her all the way from her face back to her tail and then begin brushing. She seemed to like that. He was careful to tell me to stay away from her ass and cunt as they were super sensitive because she was in season and had been jack hammered by his horse in mating season. Made sense to me so I stayed away, not that I was at all interested in a horses' ass, much less its pussy.

Skeeter and Stacy were out of sight, supposedly down by the cow pond, which was out of sight from our vantage point. Since it was quiet we both assumed and snickered that Skeeter was likely getting his ass pounded, in a brotherly-sisterly way, of course.

Sure enough, about 10 minutes they returned. Skeeter's hair was like totally and completely disheveled, his face dirty – probably from being rubbed into the ground, but thankfully he had no evidence of cow-pies, or other dung, hanging or stained in anywhere. His clothes were filthy dirty. James snickered, "She got him again... he may or may not learn... heh heh heh, I had to learn too."

James tossed his brush to the ground. When Stacy and Skeeter arrived he looked at Stacy and said, "Sheesh, you look like your horse's ass, all dirty brown and bloody."

"Why you little motherfucker..." Stacy screamed... needless to say they tore out repeating the brotherly-sisterly love that she and Skeeter had endeared, or endured, whichever came first.

I pulled straggler pieces of hay, dead grass, and dirt from Skeeter's hair, and seeing that his lips were perfectly untouched I pulled him in to give them a workout of the pleasant variety leaving us hot and horny, and ready for some serious action since I'd be going home to Chicago later in the day.

Skeeter took my hand in his, or I took his in mine, we were reaching at the same time... I say my hand took his but he said he took mine... in any event we bantered back and forth to the creek. We'd ran in to James and Stacy... they both looked pretty bad, worse than Skeeter had after his little bout with her some while ago.

She touted me. Both James and Skeeter encouraged me on so I said something about her looking like the north end of a south bound cow... the trouble with that whole scenario was that Skeeter and James 'turned' on me by holding me down and letting Stacy have her way which consisted of her wrestling my pants down, saying I had a nice ass then kissing a cheek. I'd already been boned so she made a big deal of saying 'that' would never satisfy her. All in fun, of course, though she took it real serious when I said that Skeeter would have first dibs on being skewed, and that she would come last, or none at all since I would be entirely spent.

I thought it was funny... but they all felt differently, especially Stacy, but I didn't realize it until later. James and Stacy mounted their horses and took off for the barn.

Skeeter mounted then pulled me up. We took off for the creek, his special place. Eric and Luke were just leaving. Both were happy and contented, laughing, carrying on, and they blushed when we met up together. Mischievously, Eric said a jar of Vaseline was hidden in a hollow place in the tree closest to the rock.

They took off. I made my way to a little clearing in the trees next to the creek as it was my time of the day. Skeeter did likewise. That left us in a bit of quandary. I looked for leaves and started to bend down after some when Skeeter smiled then before I knew what was happening he grabbed my hand, yanked hard which catapulted us into the creek. Talk about fast-frozen nuts. Once we got out of the water... well... suffice it to say that warming up was very, very pleasant.

As we were lying there basking in the warmth of the early afternoon sun against the rocks and our fully exposed bodies I said, "Babe, since we're being open with each other about everything I just wanted to tell you that Mark and I kissed today. It just happened. It wasn't planned or anything."

"Thanks Joey. I saw you guys. Thanks for telling me. I seriously don't have any problem about it. Joey, me and James have messed around too. When you, me and him did it earlier today... that was the first time we'd fucked.. just so you know.'

"That was pretty radical..." I turned onto my side so that I could look Skeeter in his eyes. We kissed gently then I added seriously, "Skeeter, it is you that I love. It is you that I will always love. It is you that I want to spend the rest of my life with. Nobody else has taken my heart like you have. I don't know how to explain it..."

"You don't have to figure it out, Joey. I feel the same for you." Skeeter said then reached over and ran his hand through my very damp hair, pushing away a lock of hair that had fallen across my forehead. I reached up and kissed his luscious lips, savoring each and every second that we were joined.

We enjoyed a few moments of quiet solitude... you know those times of just being okay, and I mean really okay, like there was nothing in the world that would or could throw it off kilter.

Even when Skeeter said, "Joey, what would happen if we had sex... with someone else? Would you fall in love with that person? Do you think you might?"

I sat up, pulled Skeeter into my arms, leaned down to kiss his succulent lips, and gave him some seriously deserved sensuous tongue, "I don't see myself ever falling 'in love' with anybody else. Now, as you know, I've had sex with many people -but- you are the one, the only one who Really took me as yours. Sure, Wayne and I had some wild monkey sex. Yes, I loved him in my own way. I really didn't know anything about what it really means to love someone. You, only you taught me about real love -because- you gave of yourself, and I'm not talking about your body, although your body IS hot! It is you who I fell in love with."

Quickly, effortlessly, Skeeter changed places so that it was me that was resting my head in his lap, with my cheek resting right next to his fairly interested male intelligence. I turned just enough to kiss it. He smiled radiantly, "Yeah, me too. I feel the same way about you. I mean, well, would it be wrong with you if we DID have sex with someone else?"

"Skeeter, I don't own you. You are NOT a possession. You can't possess hearts. You can't possess a person's brain. I've learned this. Wayne and I – okay... we pretty much possessed each other. We turned a lot of tricks together. Another thing you need to know – when you saw me and Wayne fucking our brains out – well, we were totally drunk and absolutely fucked up out of our brains."

Skeeter contemplated for a moment before speaking, "Yeah, I know. That's the only time I really did drugs... I mean really did them. Sure, I'd snorted some coke a few times. I really didn't like them but I did them... mainly just to fit in. Buzz gave me some shit that night... that night... that... you know... the day my dad did me... and then again that night... you know."

Suddenly concerned, I asked, "Skeeter, do you have a problem... you know with drugs and alcohol?"

"Fuck no, no way!" Skeeter said, almost yelling then added, "I'm sorry Joey... I didn't mean to raise my voice. I've just seen what it does to people. I liked them so much they scared me..."

We changed places again as I saw and felt a tear drop fall from Skeeter's eyes. "I don't want to be like that, Joey..."

"Ah baby, you could never be like that. Your dad was fucking nuts." I turned his head so that I could look directly into his eyes, "Skeeter, I swear to God... if I knew... I would have..."

"Stop Joey. I know you would have... but I didn't want you to... to do... that. Just hold me... okay... please... just hold me."

Hold him I did. I pulled him deeply into my arms... and I held him with every single ounce of love, kindness, passion, and stamina that I could muster. He wrapped his arms around my neck and held on as if his life depended on it. I had no doubt that his life did depend on our embrace, our hearts beating as one, our respirations breathing as one set of lungs, our skin being attached to and a part of as one. My eyes began leaking. Skeeter snickered bitterly. He moved my head such that I could see down into my lap, right next to where his butt was resting on my thigh... our tears were pooling in my groin, just to the right of my tightly upheld testicle. He looked into my eyes... they were dancing; the light from the sun was shining through them... I could see that space between his cornea and eyeball... the effect was like a prism... it was like he was an angel.

Sensing that we were to make love, and I mean make love, he turned so that his legs were straddling my waist. He made a few adjustments so that we, once again, were joined in the most intimate way possible... physically speaking. Gently, he rocked. Gently, he lifted. Gently, he relaxed. And gently did we experience the deepest, the most meaningful coupling – ever.

And so it was.

Our hearts were joined.

Nothing else mattered. Not then. Not now. Not in the future. We were totally and completely and forever bonded.

As I emptied my essence, and then as he emptied – our bond was cemented with the very substance, the very essence of life itself.

It was when Skeeter was deeply embedded into my most sanctimonious sanctum that James and Luke poked their heads over the top of the rock, only to observe our 'moment'. That's okay because our seedlings were firmly planted, our love was cemented, and our heats joined as one, forever.

Both Luke and James put their arms around us, held us together, and they urged Skeeter and I to couple once again, all the while whispering encouragements, their love, their companionship, their commitment to make our lives as happy as possible.

And so it was us with them. Our togetherness was so absolutely okay that I helped to make sure that Skeeter was firmly embedded upon that which designates James as male, and he, in turn, made possible my coupling with Luke.

And so it was.

Luke and James left us to be with ourselves, just Skeeter and I. They knew of our commitment with each other because they experienced it – as outsiders yet at the same time... insiders.

I was, while still amply full of Skeeter's maleness, collapsed against him when Eric arrived some time later. At that point, neither I nor Skeeter cared about who might have stopped by, who might have observed, so long as we were together and connected.

Almost reverently, almost fearful for our safety, Eric gently approached us and checked to make sure that we were still alive.

Skeeter was the first to respond intelligently, "What's up squirt? We're a bit tied up right now." I giggled knowing exactly the truth of his words.

Very softly, Eric responded, "I've never seen anything quite as beautiful. Uhm, dad sent me down here. Joey, we've got to leave in an hour, okay?"

I nodded my appreciation and said, "Okay, we'll be up in just a few minutes. Thanks Eric."

"Yeah, thanks Eric. You're a good brother, did you know that?" Skeeter said sincerely.

Eric nodded then bounded off the rock and took off through the woods.

Skeeter said, "Joey, I'm not going to fuck the world... I'm just going to keep it close to home, if you know what I mean.

I wrapped my arms around Skeeter's neck. He rose up then stood and gave me his hand to use to stand erect (no, not that... no chance... I swore I would never be of 'maleness' again). I was dripping copiously as was Skeeter.

Without further adieu, we took the plunge into the icy, frigid water below. Disregarding the frozen states of our bodies, we played, splashed, romped, and then came together mashing our lips together as one.

And that is how Dan found us. He said nothing other than to make an offer to take us to the house. We wrapped ourselves in horse blankets after gathering our clothes. Even though it was like 80 degrees in the sun, Dan turned on, full bore, the heater in the old truck. He probably felt mercy, more likely though, he wanted to avoid dentist bills!

Get a load of this!

The flight home connected in Dallas-Fort Worth. There was a one hour layover there, and then I connected with a non-stop flight to Chicago's Midway airport, not O'Hare. Poor dad. When I didn't arrive on the flight I was supposed to come into Chicago on, he got on the phone and found out that my flight from Wichita to Kansas City had been canceled and re-booked. Then he tore out for Midway, arriving about 30 minutes after I arrived. It was no big deal because I had to retrieve my luggage. We met in the drive through area.

We hugged deeply, deeper, and longer than I ever recalled. My tears sprang from my eyes. I buried myself into his jacket and wrapped it around my head. I didn't want him to see that I was silently crying, for some reason. He never let go... until I quickly turned my head away and got into the car where I got myself together. I didn't even realize that he had to lug my heavy travel bag into the trunk... I was so self-absorbed.

When dad got into the car he turned to me. Questions ran across his forehead. I said, "Dad, I had a wonderful time... I'm just... I don't know... can you drop me off at my meeting, please? We've got time, it starts at 8."

"Sure thing. Are you really okay?" Dad asked while driving through the exit traffic from the airport.

"Yeah, dad. I'm fine! I'm not screwed up if that's what you mean!" I said much, much harsher than I mean to. I regretted the words the second they escaped my big fat fucking mouth.

"Dad, I'm sorry... I'm just confused." I admitted humbly. It was the truth... I was confused. I was confused with the physical relationship that Skeeter and I experienced, yet we gave our verbal approvals to each other saying we could stray physically so long as our emotional attachments were exclusive to one another.

"Is there anything I can maybe help you with?" Dad asked softly as he dodged a fucking idiot who pulled out in front of us from a stop light – we had the fucking right-a-way.

"Fucking jack ass." I growled.

Dad didn't say anything but he did look in my direction and frown. His frown was deeply troubling. I put my head down on my chest, "I'm sorry dad... I just need to talk to my friends. The closest meeting was in Wichita... two hours and fifteen minutes away from Skeeter's... I couldn't ask... them..."

"Joey, were you ever in any danger of..." Dad asked gently.

"No... that's not the answer... I'm just dealing with some shit in my head. I've been putting off doing one of the things I need to do... I'll start on it tonight." I said contritely.

Dad replied parentally, "Tonight's a school night, remember?"

"Ugh... that's right... okay I'll start on it tomorrow. I'll get up early. Dad, can I get a safe or something... it's not that I don't trust you guys... can I?"

"I've got one in my office. I never use it. I'll have our locksmith change the combination and put the new one in a sealed envelope, will that work?"

"Are you sure, dad? I could save up and buy one."

"I'm sure. I have never used it... I've been meaning to give it away... I'll put in a requisition first thing in the morning. It should be all cleared by the time I go home. That work?"

"Yup... thanks... I'm sorry for dropping the f-bomb... I'll watch it more careful. Dad, I'm a street kid who's fighting his way back up, okay."

"Keep going son, you're making it. Don't quit." Dad said softly, seriously.

"It's hard sometimes. I'll be okay. I'm always okay. Thanks dad." I said then exited the vehicle, shut the door, and ran into the building... it was 7:55pm.

The topic was relationships and acceptance.

I realized I had no fucking clue, about either one of them so I listened carefully. Tom and Rick had had disastrous relationships in their stories. Their relationships had ended because of selfishness... and ignorance. Neither were currently in relationships.

An older guy, 21 or so, shared that the relationship he was in with his girlfriend was 'give and take', 'compromising', at times 'strained', at times 'accepting', but that most of the time they grew together as time went on.

Hmm... okay.

Tom and I went to the park, the one up close to home, not THAT park as I've written about extensively. He parked. I shot the shit about the overall trip, and that I had had an excellent time, and that consensually and together we'd fucked with two of his brothers.

Since we were all close in age, that it was consensual, that nobody got hurt physically, that nobody ran away screaming like wild meemies that it was probably okay. I shared with him my confusion about what I thought we 'should' have and what we 'had'. Ha, he gave me an 11th commandment to follow, to wit: "Thou shall not should thyself or others!"

That answered a lot of my questions, all in 7 words. How simple.

Tom dropped me off at home after we'd stopped to get a Coke.

Nathan answered the door, even though I had not knocked (nor do I knock on MY front door!), then within 3 seconds he had me on the floor in a pin.

He was laughing and shit thinking it was all funny. I chalked it all up by thinking of that one Bible verse... I modified it by saying, "Revenge is mine sayeth -Joey-!"

He had me good. There was nowhere to go. Since I needed to pee like a racehorse... and that was the ONLY reason, I said, "Uncle." then ran to the bathroom and took care of business before greeting mom, dad or that kid who looked on from the dining room. I hardly recognized him. Gone was his pallor. And gone was his rage. I must admit that I had been a bit concerned after having heard about the 'kitchen' episode.

I took care of my business, jumped into the shower, took a quick one then brushed my teeth and did my hair... at least I dried it but didn't fix it because I always took showers in the morning. After living in a place that had almost nothing but cold water I reveled in a shower with plenty of hot water.

I wrapped a towel around my midsection then headed to the garage to get my travel bags but found them just inside the kitchen door.

When I turned around, Timmy was standing behind me. When our eyes met, I dropped the bag because he offered his hand. We shook hands. I would have hugged him had it not been for holding the towel around my waist... it was too small... I should have gotten a larger one.

I said, "You look better, Timmy. I'm glad to see you're getting better."

He said nothing. He took his hand back and headed into the back of the house where the bedrooms were located. I heard his bedroom door close. "What's that all about?" I asked casually.

Dad spoke up, "He's having adjustment issues. He's slowly coming around though.

I nodded.

Mom wouldn't let me dodge her again. In my hurry to the bathroom I'd not even acknowledged her, other than for a nod as I raced to take care of business. She walked to me and reached out her arms. She also had a shit-eating grin on her face knowing 'what' would happen if I were to hug her 'back'. I started laughing.

Fuck the towel.

I allowed her to bring me in close. I rested my face in her bosom as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders then my waist. She kissed my cheek.

I had to lower my head lest she see tears steamrolling down my face.

She said, "You've gained some weight. Vera says you worked hard, played hard and ate them out of house and home! It's good to see some meat on your bones."

I savored her 'mom' smell, arms around me holding on firmly, and her contented breathing.

We released normally, not in any hurry or anything – our parting was just right. I reached down, retrieved the towel and scrunched it against my moderately erect male gland but didn't worry about my ass... an ass is an ass. I grabbed the travel bag and headed for my room.

Mom asked, "Let me have your dirty clothes. I'll wash them up for you tomorrow morning.

With one hand I reached down, fumbled with the zipper then reached in to retrieve the clothes that I'd worn before Skeeter and my bonding 'ceremony'. I said, "Mrs. Richardson washed them up... these are from today... I'm going to go get something on, be right back." I said happily.

As I walked past mom she whistled and commented, "Nice ass."

"Ahhhh mom... not you too!"

That cracked her up. She said to Dad, Nathan and Derrick, "Vera told me of the streakers!"

"Ahhhh mom! Stop it willya!" I whined entering my bedroom. Quickly, I put on a pair of gold brief underwear with a black waistband and leg openings.

I was putting away the clothes and stuff that mom had washed while I was gone into my dresser when a 'second time of the day' attacked my belly. Quickly, I headed into the bathroom and blew the toilet to smithereens, likely caused from the junk I ate on the way home, and the Coke. Sometimes Coke will do that to me too. Oh well. No problem. Situation handled.

After exiting the bathroom, Nathan was lugging my suitcase down the hall.

"Hey thanks little brother, I'll take it from here." I said then took the suitcase and entered my room where Derrick was sitting in my computer chair surfing the net. He turned around. There was a longing deep in his eyes but then got up when Nathan came walking into the room – because behind Nathan, unbeknownst to me, mom and dad were following.

I quickly glanced at computer. The nerd had USA Today on the dang thing... he acted like a dork, like he was hiding something. I grinned pure evil at him. The look in his eyes was better than a birdie flying the one way path.

Mom and dad just wanted to know how the trip went. Dad also asked, in a roundabout way, if my issue had been worked out... it had for the most part. Satisfied, they took off leaving Nathan, Derrick and I alone to our own devices. Smirking, I went to the computer, flipped a tab, and found this most luscious dude with a humongous cock banging some chick with a saucer size clit. I clucked my tongue but didn't say anything... instead I X'ed out of IE then I smirked again. To add insult to injury I patted the front of his pants and immediately changed the subject before he could retort, "Where's Timmy? He's part of this family..."

"He's antisocial." Derrick said.

Nathan was a bit more intelligent and diplomatic, "He's dealing... we had some shit a few days ago when you were gone. He's just dealing with some shit." Nathan lamented.

"He's dealing with it alone? Tisk. Tisk." I said then tossed on a pair of sweatpants, exited my room (leaving them standing there all alone, or together, whatever), walked to Timmy's room and knocked on the door. He replied, "Enter."

I opened the door to a dark room, "Are you still awake, dude?" I asked lightheartedly, curiously.

"Yeah, I'm awake." A click was heard and his bedside table lamp illuminated that showed he was lying fully dressed in bed, all alone in the darkness.

"Can I come in?"

"Sure, it's your house."

"Ahhh, but this is YOUR room kimmosabbe."

Timmy looked into my eyes. He said, "It's your house."

To loosen the tension I said, "Nah, it's mom and dad's house... we just live here. Ha ha." Looking around his room, I found it awesome, "Kewl crib, dude. So Dale Earnhardt is your idol eh?"

"Oh yahhhhhhh..." That animated him into showing me each and every little item on his shelves, not to mention his bed, dresser and desk. That and he had those sticker like things all around the screen for his computer.

"Looks like you're all decked out. Hey Timmy, I just came in to say hi. We haven't had the opportunity to just chill out yet. Maybe after school we could walk to the park and just goof around. Whatcha say?"

"Kewl, okay. Uhmmm..." Timmy started to say then went to the door and closed it. "Sorry... uhm, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure." I replied readily then went and sat down in the computer desk chair. "Shoot."

"Why didn't you just leave me alone... I was okay... or I would have been okay... maybe..."

I looked at Timmy and thought of a heart-to-heart answer, "Just because. When I realized it was you I couldn't just leave you there... you were sick, dude, really sick. If I had it to do again then I would have done it again... I guess I owe you an apology for not being around this week... sorry. I was with my... boyfriend. He lives in Kansas."

"Oh. So you're a faggot like me?"

Thoughtfully, thinking before I replied, "Timmy, I am not one of those and neither are you. Do you even know what a faggot is?"

I received a blank stare. His wheels were turning.

"I didn't think so. I think of a faggot as being a maggot... stinky, nasty stuff, infection, garbage, that kind of shit. Trust me dude, you're no maggot and neither am I. Do you like dudes like I like dudes?"

"Do you want to fuck? I have a good ass."

"Nope, not tonight, but thanks. I'll pass. Anyway, I just wanted to come in and say hey. Come on over to my room if you're not doing anything. We're just hanging out." I said then opened the door and readied myself to leave.

Timmy looked into my eyes. They told me that he wanted to but instead he sat down on his bed and said, "Not tonight."

"Okay but if you change your mind..."

"I won't."

"Night bro."


I returned to my room. Derrick had left. His door was closed. Nathan was lying on top of the covers thumbing through the book I use to guide my life after drugs and alcohol.

"You're one of these people?" Nathan asked almost reverently.

"Yeah, I'm a dope head and an alcoholic. I haven't done anything for several weeks now. I'm totally clean, Nathan." I said reverently, gratefully.

Nathan looked into my eyes. They became 'extra' moist. I knew right then that he seriously needed a hug so I sat then laid down on my bed and pulled him in tight. I kissed his cheek, "I love you bro. I always have. And I always will. You saw me at my worst little brother. I feel like everything's changing." I smiled and pulled him in tighter, "How about we hang out tonight, wanna?"

Nathan's answer was to smile, pull his shirt off, undo and unzip his jeans and then in one fell sloop lie before me totally and completely naked. "That answers my question." I snickered.

I know that it's probably not right... but I get hard with any naked boy-eating-flesh within two feet of my eyes and nostrils. Nathan has an aroma about him. It's not necessarily sexual... but it's intriguing all the same. "Wanna?"

"Wanna what?" I played him.

"I'll bet you one hundred bucks that you're hard." Nathan challenged.

Not yet... quickly I lowered my jeans and underwear and lifted my shirt to show him that I wasn't quite thirty percent erect. "Where's my hundred bucks?"

Nathan smirked then lifted his legs up high then separated his cheeks to show all that he had.

"Whore." I said then finished getting undressed to my skin. There would be no sex with my brother.

He reached for my wand but I batted him away, and then got busy.

There is a lot to say about a bed whose springs do not squeak.

After relieving the tensions typically 'suffered' by teenage dudes, on occasion, Nathan said, "Joey, I've got a girlfriend. Her name's Linda."

"That's kewl, way to go. Do I know her?"

"Nah, I don't think so. She lives down the street. She's really nice. We get along really, really good. And… uhm, Joey, she makes me tingle all over."


"Yeah definitely. She made me cream my jeans. We kissed a bunch and felt each other up. That was embarrassing."

"Don't worry about it. It happens to the best of us. Have you guys screwed?" I asked inquiringly.

"Nah, not yet, but I want to. I think she wants to too." Nathan said quietly, intently.

"It's good. Just wear a rubber… can't have any little Nathans running amok. One's enough right now." I said, snickering.

Very quietly Nathan added, "I like messing around with guys too. I'm kind of confused about it. Err, never mind."

"I hear that's not too unusual lil brother. I'm definitely gay though. I have absolutely no interest in girls."

"But you've fucked 'em, you told me so." Nathan inquired.

"Yeah, but that was for money. We didn't kiss or anything. Besides those 'girls' were old women who did it for companionship or some such shit. Yuck. I never did cum with one though they thought I had."

"Whatever… that's in your old life. Did you and Skeeter really rumble?"

"Oh yeah definitely, no doubt, more than once, and more than 5 times I'll say!" I chuckled remembering the times in Skeeter's bedroom and the barn.

"So, he's a trophy? Sorry, I didn't mean it the way it sounded. I mean, is he a keeper? Are you going to spend the rest of your life with him?"

Skeeter asked me a question that I could not answer in a simple way. Yes, I love him –but- we also like dick. When Luke, Skeeter and I, and then James, Skeeter and I made it… well… I couldn't ever remember having a better time or a harder orgasm in my 13 years on the planet. Yet, with Skeeter we did it slow and let it sink in – well, other than a couple times when we were exceptionally, and I mean exceptionally horny. Generally, our orgasms were more of the rolling thunder variety.

"That's a big question coming from a squirt you know. I love him. He loves me. We love each other. The sex is great. The sex is different than any I've ever had… it's just different, I don't know how else to explain it." I said ponderingly, still deep in thought thinking hard, too hard, about trying to explain my love for Skeeter. I just decided I didn't have to know right then.

On my way up to my nose to scratch it my hand brushed across Nathan's belly. He was hard as a pillar of steel. I snickered then squeezed it a good one then went ahead and scratched my nose. Likewise, Nathan made a big deal out of scratching his pubes. He reached over brushing his hand across mine then scratched my pubes. He snickered then took hold of my wand, squeezed it firmly twice then let go and put his hand across my chest.

"Joey, I always get hard when I think or talk about sex. Is that wrong?"

Immediately I answered, "Hell no, at least I hope not. Dad said something about hormones raging out of control in boys our age, and to not worry about it. He says to be responsible with what I do with it; don't hurt anyone else or me just because I've got horns growing from my head and my pecker. When you get old, you can't have sex anymore – yuck."

"Oh contraire, contraire my older brother. I've heard mom and dad going at it like they were rabbits. <Snicker>. Mom can't keep her mouth quiet when she…"

"Shut up Nathan. It's not right to go spying on them, ohm. They do?"

Nathan snickered then he laughed, "God, you're a pervert. Hell yah they do!"

It was my time to snicker yet I saw how they loved each other, put each other first on their agenda, even before us kids. All they had to do was look at each other… their love was pure, respectable, deep, and long lasting – seemingly forever no doubt.

Spontaneously, I said, "No."

Nathan asked, "No what?"

"Your question." I replied then tears welled up in my eyes. I sniffled once. Nathan, hearing that quickly put his hand across my ear and the back of my head protectively. He then rolled over to face me then pulled my head into his chest. I then added once I felt control returning, "Since when did you get to be so smart?"

"I'm not smart. I just saw you when you walked in the door. All you've said is that you're glad to be home. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out." Nathan said breathily, just barely above a whisper.

When I recovered I turned over to where I was lying flat on my back. Absentmindedly, my hand made its way down into my pubes where I rolled my balls between my thumb and index finger. Nathan, ever the observant one, said through a snicker, "Is that all you think about? If it is then me too, it's all I think about." He then reached his hands under the covers and pushed them down past our thighs. He too rolled on his back and began jacking his dick. Not to be left out, I joined him jacking myself.

We were getting into it hard and heavy when someone, a woman's voice, mom's voice, said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I'll come back." The door closed. Nathan looked at me at the same time I looked at him.

"I'm too far…" Nathan said panting then without warning said, "Ahhhh… there it is, oh God Joey, I'm cumming, oh, oh, oh, oh."

The surprise of seeing mom, while my ardor wasn't gone, made me nervous as hell… Nathan sensed my distress because the next thing I knew he was scooting down my chest and belly. He kept going south until I felt his breath close to my hardness. He brushed my hand away then took my prong between his lips and began working tirelessly until I tensed up with imminent orgasm. Nathan released my prong then began expertly jacking as jolt after jolt after jolt of my jizz sprayed for the second time in rapid succession.

Nathan wiped up our offerings then jumped out of bed, tossed on his underwear and headed toward the door. He looked back… he was actually waiting for me. Quickly, I smiled then did the same thing.

The house was dark save for mom and dad's room. We entered then sat on the bed after dad patted it invitingly.

"Mom's in the shower. She's beat tired so just give her a hug and kiss then run on to your rooms and go to sleep. We'll talk in the morning."

The shower then turned off. Mom said to dad, "Baby I need some of your protein. Get it ready willya – and- get it ready NOW!"

Dad quickly turned crimson red, took a deep breath in and then said in the direction of the bathroom, "Honey, we have company."

"Oh my… I'm sorry. Dang. Be right out. Honey, hand me my robe! It's hanging on the closet door."

Dad said nothing. He didn't even look at us. I snickered then got up to leave pulling Nathan with me. Dad said, "I'll see you guys in the morning. Good night."

Nathan took off for his room, and I took off for mine.

Sleep came quickly and decisively.

I overslept by 15 minutes. When I looked at the clock I nearly panicked, actually I'd overslept by 30 minutes. Quickly, I jumped out of bed, took my underwear off then headed down to the bathroom. I peed (no accidents in 2 days – YEAH!) then jumped in the shower, quickly washed my hair and body not lingering in any one place for more than 30 seconds. Quickly, I jumped out of the shower, dried off, combed my hair, brushed my teeth then raced back toward my room. Just as I passed mom and dad's door, mom and I literally ran into each other.

Naked or not, my arms went around her waist, pulled her into a deep, deep hug, put my head in her chest, and held on for life. Her arms went around me in the same way. We didn't say anything… we didn't have to, not in that moment. When we decided to break apart, she looked me in my eyes then leaned in and softly kissed my lips… which I returned to her.

"What are you doing up honey? There's no school today… parent-teacher conferences."

"Oh shoot, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Uhm, I need to go get dressed." I said while feeling my fully erect prong brushing against her robe.

Mom looked down, snickered then released me. As I turned to leave she playfully slapped my bare butt to send me on my way.

I went to my room, put on a pair of underwear then trodded down the hall to the kitchen where we always talked about important stuff. Mom was reaching into the refrigerator for breakfast preparations. She said without turning around, "Honey, go get a t-shirt on."

I looked down then saw that my prong was jutting the front of my underwear out and up. Doing as I was told, I went to my room, put on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Somewhat sheepishly I returned.

Mom said, "Oh honey, you didn't have to get dressed. I just wanted you to go out in the garage freezer to get me a bag of hash browns. You look mighty handsome. You've gained some weight and put some bulk in your muscles. Obviously, you got enough to eat when you were away." She then, on her way to the island in the middle of the kitchen, placed a quick kiss on my forehead with her lips.

I looked down at my biceps, flexed them tightly. I hadn't noticed any difference. Playfully I flexed my muscles up in a body builder's stance. Mom laughed then pointed toward the garage.

I made the biscuits, retrieved the butter, slathered them amply then sat down as mom brought to the table the bacon, eggs, hash browns, an orange a piece, and a banana.

We ate several bites quietly before mom said, "I'm glad you're home son. We've missed you."

"Yeah, I've missed you guys too. I was ready to come home. We mostly had a good time – but you already know about the little problems we had experienced. Anyway, things are much better. Mom?"

"Yes honey."

"What do you feel like when you're with dad?"

Readily she replied, "He's my best friend. He's also my husband. We love each other more than when we were dating, and when we got married. Why?"

"Just wondering… uhm, what do you feel like when you're apart?"

"Same thing. I can't wait to see him." Mom said knowingly. I had no doubt that she was telling me the absolute total truth without any sense of doubt.

"Uhm, mom, how long did it take?"

"How long did what take? Do you mean when you dad and I fell in love?"

I nodded through a large bite of hash browns. She replied, "We didn't have to work at it honey. It was already there without even thinking about it."

"Oh, okay. Mom, I don't feel that way with Skeeter. Is that wrong?"

"No honey, it's not wrong. Relationships are different. You're young. Can I ask you a very personal question?"

Once again, I nodded because I had just put a whole fried egg in my mouth and was unable to speak unless I broke the rule of talking with food in your mouth.

"Honey, are you and Skeeter okay?"

I finished chewing and then swallowed before replying, "Yeah, we're fine. He's my best friend in the whole world. But…"

Mom sat quietly waiting for me to continue that unfinished sentence. I didn't know what to say what I was confused about. She seemed to have read my mind. She asked, "But? Talk to me, Joseph."

Oh crap, she'd never used my given name when we've talked before. Thinking of nothing intelligent to say, I musingly said, "I don't think I love Skeeter the way that you and dad love each other. I like being with him. We, uhm, well, I mean, you know… err, our sex was good…"

Mom sat quietly looking and waiting for me to continue… I shrugged my shoulders because I couldn't think straight, nothing came clear to me.

Mom nodded. She said, carefully forming thoughts into words, "Honey, at your age, just about any sex is good. You're full of raging teenage hormones. You might be confused with love and what your hormones are doing to you. Give it some time."

"How long mom?"

"That depends. It all depends on your growth. You've probably got another 3 to 4 years ahead of you where things are confusing, and while your ardor outweighs your brain thoughts. Derrick's going to be 18 next month… he's not past it yet. But then, and he'd probably wish I hadn't said anything –but- this is between you and me… can you keep a confidence?"

"Mom, you don't even have to ask that question…" I said adding some 'put out' emotion into my statement. Mom snickered. She knew better.

"Sure. No problem."

"Honey, Derrick was what's called a 'late bloomer'. He wasn't aware of sex until he was about 13, about 13 and a half or so. So he's going a little later than a lot of boys his age."

"Oh okay, so that means I'll get past it sooner than him?" I asked softly.

"Honey, it just depends on the boy. Each child is a bit different. And besides that… there's no real time table on what's right or what's wrong. Honey, can I ask again if you and Skeeter are okay?"

"Yeah, we're fine. I'm trying to figure out how I feel because I don't know. He's a really great guy, he's good, and he's real. I know what went wrong with Wayne. I've tried not repeat it, trust me."

"I know you have…" Mom said then she looked down at the table. She was trying to find words… my insides tightened up a little bit… thinking I'd done something wrong, or said something…

After a minute to get her thoughts together she said, "Joey, Wayne was stabbed the other day. He was critically wounded… he's still not out of the woods. I feel that You need to know."

My heart landed in my stomach with a huge thud. My muscles tightened up; my vision became exceptionally narrow; my pulse increased tenfold, my breathing became shallow and rapid.

Mom put her hand on mine, squeezed it firmly then added, "He's young. He's strong. These are the best assets that are on his side. While we're throwing everything modern medicine has to offer… he's got to do the rest. He's got a very long tough battle to fight."

Without a second thought, the first words out of my mouth were: "When can I see him?"

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