The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 40

"Dad, The Boss is out of jail on bond. Brad told me last night. I guess everything came back in the dream I had. It was awful."

"What? Bo got out of jail? How did that happen? I didn't hear about that. Peter, I'll look into it. Trust me; I'll get to the bottom of it." Dad said assuredly.

"Dad, I think he works for Brad's dad or something. Brad said his dad's a lawyer."

"Okay, I'll look into it, promise."

By then my hair was dry. Dad said, "Okay, you dry now. Let's go find the other guys and see what they're doing."

"There's more. Wait." I said, getting up and heading for the door.

Dad replied, "I'll go with you. Where are you going?"

"To our room - my cell phone - I have to show you something."

Dad and I went to the bedroom that David and I share. David wasn't present. I retrieved my cell phone from the bedside table, pulled up the picture of Matt that Brad had sent via text message then showed it to dad.

Dad's expression changed from wonderment to genuine concern and caring. He carefully looked at me. His mind was spinning - I saw it in his eyes. He said, "This person, he looks so much like you. Where is he?"

"He's in the hospital dad. He got seriously hurt. He's in a coma. Brad doesn't know if Matt's going to make it. They won't tell him."

Dad looked at me with concern, "Hi name is Matt? What's his last name, do you know?"

"Yeah, it's Jamison. He's 15."

Dad's eyes about popped from of their sockets. "Do you know him?"

"No. Mom never told me anything about the family. I'd always thought it was her and me - and her freaking boyfriends. I never knew my dad only that he was in prison for murder. I think he's in Nevada."

Dad regarded me carefully then remembering the dickhead I added, "That's not entirely true... there's Harlan..."

"Who is Matt to Brad?" Dad said calmly.

"They're boyfriends. Anyway, Brad isn't allowed to see Matt."

"Uhm, that sounds about right. Hospitals have their rules about visitors under 16." Dad mused.

"No. Brad's father won't let him. Uhm, dad, I need to tell you something."

"Talk to me." Dad said putting his hand on my shoulder.

"Uhm, do you remember me freaking out at the restaurant - you know before we went on vacation?"


"That's Brad's father. I kinda know him from before... he's kind of who got me in the 'business'... I mean he tried to... anyway, when I kicked him in the nuts he beat the shit, sorry, out of me. He left me alone after that but, well, Bo took over from there, you know."

"Okay, well that explains a lot..."

David came ambling to the doorway, "Hi guys. Sorry if I bothered you."

Dad said, "You aren't bothering us. Come on in."

David entered. He looked at me, "Are you telling dad about last night?"

"Yeah, I told him about the dream. I showed him the picture too."

Dad added, "Peter, I'm going to do some checking around. Bo's getting out of jail... I didn't think that would happen."

"Uhm, I don't think Brad would want you to do that. He took a chance on telling me. He made me promise I wouldn't tell anyone."

"You did the right thing. I needed to know. It affects you too."

David looked at me then said to dad, "I'm not mad about the other stuff. Peter told me about it."

Dad looked at me, I said, "Uhm David, I didn't tell dad about that. <I looked at dad> Uhm, Brad and I, well we were both upset and stuff, anyway we kissed - a lot. But we didn't have sex or anything. I went to David right after it happened..."

David said, "Peter, Brad and I talked it out. We're okay. It happened. Under the same circumstances I might have done the same thing." David kissed me on my cheek then put his arm around my shoulders.


After talking to dad David and I went to the pool where we swam laps.

Dad came outside about an hour later. By then Jeremy, Allen and Angel had joined us. They hadn't got in the water yet though.

When dad arrived, he motioned for us to come to him. After arriving he said, "I've made phone calls about the situation we talked about this morning. Due to circumstances and situations, you guys will be escorted by security. This is just until we get things worked out. It will be much like it was when we were in Washington and Orlando. Peter go ahead and fill them in on what we've talked about. I've got to go into the office but I'll be home early this afternoon."

When dad left Jeremy looked at me, "What's up? I have a party to go to tonight."

Allen said, "What about surfing. We have a meet this afternoon."

Peter then told them what was up. They were much more understanding after being informed of the situation. Although I wasn't sure I told them that more than likely something would get worked out.

I added, "Go get your cell phone. Let's show them the picture..."

Peter smiled, heaved himself up and out of the water then grabbed a towel and half-assed dried off then disappeared in the house.

Jeremy looked at me questioningly, "What's that all about?"

"Just wait. He'll be right back."

True enough Peter did arrive back then retrieved the picture of Matt and then showed it to Jeremy, Allen and Angel.

Jeremy exclaimed, "Holy shit. He looks so much like you. Why didn't we know about him? What's his name?"

I said, "Hold on. Give Peter a chance to explain.

Peter then told them everything he knew. He then added, "I've got to talk to that bitch mom of mine. She fucking should have told me about him. She's a fucking cunt."

I looked at Peter, he was pissed. Jeremy said, "I don't think that would be a good idea. I think it would hurt you rather than help. I don't know though... it's your decision. You just need to think it out. We love ya and don't want to see you hurt anymore than you already have." They then hugged.

Allen said, "I really don't want to talk to my old dad. He did what he did. I haven't forgiven him but I'm not angry at him."

Angel said, "I'm pretty much the same way. Like Jeremy said, think about it. I'd hate to see you hurt by her again."

"I'll think about it. Maybe you're right."

Angel asked, "So when are you going to go see Matt? You are aren't you?"

"I want to. Dad needs to work some things out first."

The conversation seemed to die out. I put my phone on the table then we goofed off in the pool until we were hungry then went inside and fixed some cold cut sandwiches for lunch.

Angel cleaned up as per his restitution and making things right after stealing the money from dad. Of course, we joined in. Soon the chores were finished.

We were just headed outside to go swimming again when dad got home from work. I grabbed the extra sandwich we'd made up and gave it to him. Angel poured dad a Coke then sat down at the bar while dad ate.

When he was finished eating he told us to go on outside that he had something to talk to Angel about.

*** Angel's POV

When dad finished eating I gathered everything up, took it to the kitchen where I disposed of the wrapper and the Coke can. I rinsed the plate then put it into the dishwasher.

Dad was still sitting on the barstool watching me do the chores. He motioned for me to sit next to him. I did. He put his arm around my shoulders then said, "Angel, you've been diligent with your responsibilities and restitution. As far as I'm concerned you're debt is paid. I'm proud of you for stepping up to the plate. I'll talk to Richard tomorrow so the can let the court know. I'm sure you'll still have the probation to finish out but the way you're going it is nothing to worry about."

"Thanks dad. I'm really sorry. I just got afraid that me and Allen would end up on the streets. I was wrong. I love you."

"I love you too. Go on outside and have fun. I've got some things to do. I'll talk to you all later on."

After a deep, deep hug and kisses on the cheeks I took off for the pool then told the guys the news about being released from restitution. Whoops and hollers were exchanged then an all out splash fest took off... it was ruthless but we had loads of fun.

*** Back to Peter's POV

Allen then went to Angel. They shared their own excitement.

Jeremy said, "You guys go get a room will ya?"

Angel said to Allen, "After you my dear."

They got out of the pool. Their prongs, as hard as they tried to not show them, were at the ready for some serious attention.

David then came to me with an evil grin across his face. I played into it. We got into a serious tongue battle. Jeremy told us to get our own room. We grinned at him then we indeed get out of the pool, dry off and head upstairs to our room where we closed and locked the door.

David got into bed and when I turned around to join him, he was lazily playing with his beautiful cock that was quickly arising to the occasion.

"I've got an itch David way up here <I dramatically pointed to my nipples>. Only you can scratch it properly." I said smiling hopefully as I laid down on top of him, front to front, dick to dick, mouth to mouth, nipple to nipple - mainly mouth to mouth and dick to dick.

Purposely, wantonly, willfully, passionately and greedily our lips touched then began greedily searching for tonsil tissues. All thoughts of intercourse ceased to exist because at the moment of orgasmic impact I gave up the notion that David would be filling me deeply with his seed and instead rode out of the cataclysmic ride of ecstasy as we thrust our hips into each other for the very last moments sending torrents of hot molten cum all over our bellies, and up to and onto our lower chests. Spasm after spasm gripped our souls as we celebrated our sexuality in its most complete form.

Totally, utterly and completely spent, we collapsed together savoring our precious moments of very intimate intimacy, kissing lightly like butterflies dancing.

"Ahhh David, I love you so much." I said as tears burst from my eyes and landed on David's cheeks. He pulled me in closer, as if that were possible - it was - then silently held me firmly until my tears stopped. When they did stop I realized they were tears of happiness and contentment.

"David?" I whispered very softly.

"Uhm hmm. "

"Do you think I made the right decision to not see mom?" I asked carefully.

"Uhm ... what really matters the most is what is in your heart. I would really hate to see you hurt because I would want to hurt whoever hurt you. Does this make sense to you?"

"Nice evasion <chuckle>, perfect. God, I'm glad you're with me. I'm glad you're my boyfriend and my husband, and my confidante? Ooh, I like the thought of being your husband forever and ever, and even longer than that." I said greedily.

"You've got me babe. I'm not going anywhere. Leaving is not in the plans nor is it an option."

With that said, David and I got into yet another gentle tongue wrestling match, once again making every attempt to locate and devour each others' tonsilar tissue and other such things.

"Stay right where you are David. Don't move."

"Can I at least scratch my nut?"

"No." I said naughtily.

"Fine then, I'll just suffer." With that David scrunched up his face and acted like he was in mortal pain.

After kissing his luscious lips one more time, I reached for the cum rag, wiped up our offerings then retrieved the bottle of body lotion, squeezed out a gob, applied some to my regions being careful to make sure it was fully and completely dilated. I then thoroughly greased up his prong. While I was at it I scratched his nuts. He purred like a kitten. While he was busy meowing I positioned over his steel rod then lowered my boy twat, and then in one fluid motion impaled myself fully and completely to the root on that which makes him male. Oh God, I just about shot my load but managed to suppress that urge but not for long.

"Ohh, this is what I want, this what I need, ahhh ... hmph..." as David began rapidly undulating his hips. Almost instantly, but not quite, we settled into our rhythm - me sit, David thrust up and into. Over and over and over again he went until his thrusts up became much more urgent, which I loved beyond description. He was definitely scratching that place with pruitis way, way, way up there deep within my bowels.

Soon, his face scrunched up as if he were in pain, but no he was not in pain at all instead his need to pass his moment was close, so close, yet so far away. In a last ditch effort he reached for my appendage then squeezed hard which in turn tightened my butt muscles tight which in turn catapulted him into that moment of ecstasy we both love so much. Pulse after loving pulse went his essence deep inside of my cavern... which in turn rocketed me into the 4th dimension as spurt after spurt whitewashed his chest, belly and pubes.

Once recovered, our cocks hung loosely from of their origins, wrinkled and absolutely satiated. At the moment when David's cock fell out of me, I felt empty ... and yes, even drafty.

"Did we take care of your little itch deep up inside of you?" David said softly.

"Oh yeah ... It is for now, until next time of course <giggle>. It will definitely itch again so just be prepared oh loved one whom I love with all of my heart and ..."

Just then, David's cell phone began ringing. Lazily I reached up on the bedside table, retrieved it then after seeing it was Chad handed it to David saying "It's Chad, kewl."

"Put it on speaker." I said. David did just that.

David: Hello there Chad and how are you this fine day?

Chad: Hey David. I'm wonderful. How are you?

Me: Hey Chad. I'm here with David.

Chad: Oh, hey Peter. How is it hanging?

Me: Well, it is ...

David: Okay. Nevermind. We are hanging just fine. It is really good to hear your voice.

Chad: Same here. Hey, I actually called to invite you guys to Steve's and my wedding. It will be the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I would also like for you two to be my co-best men, would you do it please?

Me: Uhm, I don't know Chad. The trial is supposed to end that week, and well, I don't know if we would be able to come to it.

David: We'd love to, Chad. Peter is going to need a break by the time all of that is finished. Pending our dad's approval, we'll be there. Count on it.

Me: David, we do not know for sure what is going to happen. I'm sorry Chad but I cannot make the commitment. It is more important to get these bad guys in jail once and for all.

David: I'm sorry Chad. Peter and I are having a disagreement about this. Can we let you know later?

Chad: That would be fine. If you cannot do it, Peter, then we'll get together shortly after that, whenever the trial and stuff is done, okay?

Me: Okay. I just don't want to say we will be there when we may not be able to be. It is not fair to you.

Chad: Thank you for being honest with me. I really appreciate it.

David: I understand where Peter is at. Peter, you need a break, love. This stuff is just so hard on you.

Chad: What stuff is that?

Me: Nevermind. Don't worry about it. Dad is on top of everything. I try to be. David is my rock. We'll be okay. But thank you. I appreciate your concern. Really I do.


With that said I got up then went into the bathroom where I cleaned myself up. When I went back to our bedroom and found David still talking to Chad, I went downstairs, got me a Coke then went outside to the pool where everybody was playing and splashing around. I dove in after sitting my glass on the table and joined them.

David came outside a few minutes later and joined us.


Okay, David takes over the story from here for now.



Chad: You guys were there for me when I needed help but was too afraid to ask for it. Peter let people in to help you. You don't have to do it alone.

Me: Hey Chad, Peter has a lot of stuff going on. He just walked out of our bedroom. Quite a bit of the time, I'm feeling left out of his life. Anyway, this is not all about me. Maybe I could do more but I'm not sure what that would be ...

Chad: Hey bro, he just might need some time alone to work through those things that he is working on. Instead of doing it for him, another idea might be to let him come to you. He might be feeling pressured with his feelings. We have to do that with the kids around here all of the time. It's hard to watch them struggle but it is very kewl to see their wheels turning as they work things out. Many times the kids just need someone to listen so that they feel someone really cares.

Me: I do care. But I see what you're saying. Letting him work on this stuff is hard for me to do.

Chad: Never forget that you both are individuals. You have your very own joys, heartaches, challenges and ambitions. So does Peter. It's all kewl. Just be there for him when he asks. He may not say the words 'help me' but you will know it when he does if you are paying attention. Are you guys communicating in bed?

Me: Oh yeah. We are together there. We really connect, and I'm not just talking about our dicks connecting.

Chad: Steve and I communicate better out of bed actually. Don't get me wrong, we have some really wild monkey sex ... but ... many times we don't really connect with each other on an emotional and spiritual place in the heat of the moment. Our psychiatrist is working with us and we are getting better.

Me: Thanks Chad. You've given me a lot to think about. I'm going to try. Seeing him hurt though is very, very difficult to do without doing anything. But a good thing is that he and dad are very close.

Chad: That's good. He's going to be okay, David. So are you. So are you and he as a couple.

Me: Thanks guy. Okay, I need to get downstairs and see what's going on <giggles>. I'm glad you called. I'll let you know whether or not we can possibly be there. I'd really like to but Peter has to come first.

Chad: I understand totally. Can I ask what he is struggling with?

Me: I think that needs to come from him. I guess I can give you the titles but not the story. Is that okay?

Chad: That's fine. If you don't feel comfortable - then don't.

Me: Well, we think he has found a brother he did not know he had. Secondly, the motherfucker who hurt him bonded out of jail a few weeks ago, I don't really know how long ago, I don't think he knows either. The last one is that he had a really bad nightmare last night - old stuff.

Chad: Oh my. That is a lot of heavy duty stuff. Peter seems sensitive yet he is strong. David, if it gets too dangerous or anything then you or he can call us anytime. We have some resources here that would step in quickly.

Me: Yeah, you're right. He's very sensitive. And yes, he's strong. He's had to be. I just don't want him to hurt anymore - he's had enough of that shit. Sometimes he clams up and withdraws and doesn't say much of anything about whatever is eating at him.

Chad: I agree.

Me: Okay, I need to get on off of here for this time. I'm going to wander downstairs and see what the guys are up to. It was been really good to talk with you. Thanks.

Chad: Okay. Just remember the phone works both ways. If you need to talk guy to guy then I'm always here.

Me: Thanks bro. Talk to ya later.

Chad: Okay. Talk with ya later.


*** Okay, dad wants to write some stuff about some private calls he had with some people.



Dad's POV

Once we had finished breakfast, our guests left and the boys and I had briefly talked. I sat our home security system to Very High Alert then went to my office where an incoming call from my company was awaiting my answer, as I expected it would. I expected it to be our Chief Security Officer, Fugimoto, Fugi for short as he preferred to be called. It was.

"Hey Fugi."

"Did you just set your home alarm system to 'Very High Alert'? Is there a problem?"

"I did. There is. But the problem is not now. Not yet. Fugi, I have credible intelligence from a 'very interested party' that Fat Fuck Bo is out on the loose. The fuck was given and did actually make bail. We didn't know about it... I want to know why... I want to know why we didn't pick it up."

"I'll find out."

"Thanks. I want you to check out everything on a person named Donald Sandstone. He may very well be a king pin big fat fuck. Find everything about him, preferably with dirt attached, if you know what I mean."

"Actually, I do know of him. He's a high profile defense attorney here on the islands. Anybody with money, lots of money, hires him to represent them."

"Okay great. Try to see if he has any ties to Operation Freedom somehow. The same intelligence is linking him to potential severe physical and sexual abuses on minor children. One child in particular has been brought to our attention. His name is Matthew Jamison, DOB of August 1994. That is the first part. The second part is to find me everything you can about this child, particularly who his mother and father are. I have reason to believe that the mother just might be Tanya Jamison who is currently incarcerated in the HDOC (Hawaii Department of Corrections) system."

"Will do. When do you need this, Jim? It might take a while."


"Okay, we'll get right on it. I'll get Rick our Chief Investigator and Stan our Chief Op involved in this right away. Is there anything else, Jim?"

"Yes there is. My family needs armed escorts, full time, anywhere on the islands until the order is rescinded by me. We'll make every effort to provide any possible advanced notices as to our goings on. The same credible intelligence informs me that threats, credible threats, have been and still are being made by The Boss, Bo or whatever the fuck his name is, against my son Peter. Don't fuck with my kids. Fuck with me all you want, within reason, but do not fuck with my children. Lethal force is authorized if such force is deemed necessary. Coordinate with local law enforcement. Cooperate with the Feds. If any of them give you any grief whatsoever, contact me. I've made this personal. My son Peter is afraid for our safety over his own."

"Yes sir. Absolutely. May I ask who is providing the credible intelligence for corroboration purposes?"

"What I am about to tell you is absolutely top secret, Fugi. Classified. Do not ever contact him, contact me first. Do you clearly understand?"


"Brad Sandstone."

"Is he Donald Sandstone's son by any chance?"

"Affirmative. Keep Brad on the radar screen. He may very well be a possible target too. Find out what you can about him. Do it discretely."

"Okay Jim. I'll report to you daily, sooner as developments arise. Keep me informed from your end."

"Thanks Fugi. You're a good man. Out."


Fugi is indeed a good man. I met him in Japan about five years ago on a trip to bid a job. The company liked what we did and how we do it so well that they purchased our most expensive solutions then once it was installed and became fully operational they dumped their best man, Fugi. Picking him up in our company was a no-brainer. He is the best there is. If Fugi cannot find it then it didn't happen or does not exist, period.

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