The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 35

Saturday, August 8TH, (Peter's POV)

Between laughs, tears of joy, and reminiscing the moments with my daughter, Nicole, we arrived home. Everybody was excited to have received Nicole's small pictures, and for us to be home.

Alice and Horace had heated up leftovers from my birthday party the previous day. They were freaking awesome. As we were stuffing ourselves, dad proposed a toast to all the celebrations our families had experienced. It was also the moment when dad proudly stated that Nicole was his official granddaughter. The rest of the meal was spent sharing our gratitude for each other, and for the things that have happened to each of us - good, bad or indifferent.

Alice accepted no help with kitchen cleanup, instead she sent us to the TV room with the assurances she'd be there soon, and that we weren't supposed to talk about anything important until she arrived... she's pretty kewl people, warm, friendly, and would definitely make good mother 'material'. Jason and William were very fortunate.

When I arrived in the TV room, David was proudly showing William the intricate workings of his Leg. William was fascinated. Horace was asking a bunch of questions... Jason was awed by its looks, how it looked almost identical to David's natural appendage.

I walked to David sitting on the floor then reached down and kissed him tenderly, meaningfully. I whispered in his ear, "I love you. I've got plans for you later on."

David smiled, kissed me tenderly then went back to William's questions.

When everybody was present, I uploaded Nicole's images to our family network's database then dad showed me how to display them on the big screen TV, one by one.

When all the pictures were displayed, dad took the console then inserted them into the family album folder. I broke down and cried when he photo chopped merging several pictures of me and Nicole together. She was so freaking beautiful. Our likeliness to each other was absolutely uncanny. Dad then snapped a picture of David then merged me, him and Nicole together into a single picture. He then transmitted it to his, David's and my phones. Before it was all said and done, everybody wanted a picture of us together.

Dad then announced that some family business needed to be conducted. Alice and Horace gathered their children up and went to the pool despite dad's assertions that they could stay.

Dad said, "Angel, CPS, me, our lawyers and their attorney have discussed your situation. If you'll have us we would like to bring you into our family all legal and binding. You're parents have chosen to sever their parental rights rather than to be criminally charged with child abandonment and abuse. The final word is yours. If you wish to remain family to them then you'll probably be put into foster care because your parents will be incarcerated for those charges."

Angel looked at Allen woefully. They whispered quietly in each others' ears for a couple of moments. They then left the room. I started to get up, as did David, but dad insisted that we sit down and wait for them to return, that they had to work it out on their own since that was a major deciding point in any decision Angel would make.

We talked about various things... the conversation was light-hearted although there was a subtle undercurrent of anxiety on everyone's mind.

Several moments later, they returned. When they had sat down and got comfortable, Angel said, "Jim, what about Allen? He can't go home... isn't his situation just about the same as mine?"

Dad replied easily, "That's very true, Angel. There is one difference though... Allen, you're parents are fighting. If they're found guilty then they'll be spending a very long time in prison. If everything goes as is predicted then you'll be in your mid 30's when they get out. There's not much more that can be done at this point in time, unfortunately. I've been given permanent custody, as a foster parent, until you attain the age of 18 years old."

"Allen, that's good news. We won't be separated."

"Okay Jim, that sounds perfect under the circumstances. I don't know how to ask this without being greedy..."

Dad looked at Allen, nodded for Allen to continue.

"Is it possible for you to adopt me too? Peter, I know I was a dickweed (Allen looked at dad for a moment... dad remained impassive) with you in the beginning but I think we got that worked out... didn't we?"

"Yeah, no problem bro. We're all good now." I said. Allen got up from his seat, walked over to me and then we hugged deeply.

When he sat back down dad said, "I'd be glad to adopt you too, Allen. Just say the word when you're ready to go forward. It's not going to be easy from a legal perspective but perseverance will pay off, you just wait and see."

Allen smiled, he said, "Word!"

Jeremy snickered then said, "Oh you're going to fit in here just fine. Just what we need - another smart ass in the bunch."

Everybody laughed, even dad, at that comment. Even Jeremy was laughing - then he got serious though his eyes betrayed his seriousness, he said, "Dad what about that GAAY organization, the one that helped Chad?"

Dad thought for about 12 seconds, no more, before replying, "Indeed I've thought about contacting them. Now that Allen has a wish to join our family then we'll proceed. Allen, how about you contact Chad. Perhaps he'll have a lot more information about how they operate... he also might have contact person information."

When we were talked out Jeremy suggested we go swimming. Dad suggested we wear swimming suits since company was still present. We agreed.

David decided to not go swimming. He needed to make some adjustments to his Leg so he and Jason began working on that while I changed. I looked up and couldn't help but to notice Jason checking me out. I really knew nothing about him. I'd heard about Gaydar... hmmm, I wondered. Maybe. Maybe not.

I headed to Angel and Allen's room. They were just heading out so we all went downstairs together, tossed the towels on the concrete floor then went diving into the pool. After goofing off for a while we got out and dried off then sat in the lounge chairs and chatted about nothing in particular.

While we were setting out David and Jason arrived. They then jumped in, swam a few laps then got out and joined us.

"Where's Jeremy?" I asked.

"He and dad are working on something in dad's office. They looked really involved so we didn't interrupt them."

Jason looked at me then to Allen, David and Angel then said to his brother William, "Hey squirt, go get dressed. We'll be leaving pretty soon. I need to talk to these guys about something adult-like."

"Fuck you. I'm growing up. You always send me away. I'm telling mom on you."

Jason laughed, "And... dad will kick your ass into orbit. Go squirt, get lost. Oh, and by the way - I love you... now get lost."

That earned Jason a birdie in flight. When William held the bird in flight for an extended period of time, Jason grinned. Apparently William knew that look so he took off... but he was too slow. Jason caught him in record time, grabbed him up and then tossed him into the deep end of the pool. Jason then jumped in and 'rescued' William. William was calling Jason everything he could think of... even descriptive and words I'd never heard before. We were cracking up like crazy at their antics. When all was said and done, when William was out of the pool and dried off, he said to Jason, "Go talk to your friends. I'll see ya later." Just as he got to the door, then with a totally wicked grin plastered across his face William gave Jason a double birdie. Jason went to get up. That sent William scurrying into the house.

Allen said, "That's kewl. What did you need to talk about, Jason?"

"It's pretty personal. David, I already know you won't say anything to anybody..." Jason started off hesitatingly.

"You've nothing to worry about. Just spill your guts, okay?" I said assuredly.

Jason looked around if only to assure himself that we meant what we'd said and agreed to. He then said to David, "Do you remember Randy back home in Missouri? He was in our grade."

"Yeah, who could ever forget him? He was such a pain in the ass. Peter, he used to put superglue in the girls' hair, he would push Jason or me out of our desks, he cheated on tests, he stole lunch money from the other kids, etc ... and he was only like 7 or 8 years old at the time." David replied knowingly.

Jason stood up then began to walk away. I said, "David be quiet. Jason's got something on his mind." I admonished. There's a first time for everything. David looked at me then nodded through a smile. I walked over to Jason then took hold of his elbow. "Come on Jason, David's just being a butt head. He's good at it <I giggled>."

Jason looked at me then turned around. After sitting down on the lounger chair, David said, "Sorry dude, you know how I am. Spill it dude. What's up?"

"He's changed a lot, David. He's actually kewl to be around, and well we became best friends. Uhm, well, err I mean, ahhh well you know. I'm gay. So is he. And yeah, we've been shagging around together a lot prior to me coming here."

"Ahhh Jason, I'm sorry about what I said. Damn man. And welcome to the gay club here under our roof. Obviously you are safe here." David said chuckling on the last few words.

"S-okay, David. You didn't know."

"Do you love him?" I asked quietly.

"Uhm, well, no but I like what we do together. But no, I am not IN love with him. He doesn't love me 'that' way either. We just have fun, or did anyway. I might as well spill it... we never fucked because it hurt too badly."

"Do your parents know?" I asked.

"Yeah, they were great. Dad took some time but he's okay. There's a long story behind it, but there was a moment when dad and I really bonded." Jason said sincerely.

"What do you mean... you sounded like you were talking as if you guys broke up or cut your friendships off... what happened?" David asked genuinely caring.

"What? You don't know?" Jason asked incredulously.

"Know what?" David asked. I sat up in my seat... we were waiting for Jason to spill it.

After a 2 second hesitation, Jason said, "We lost the farm on August 1st. Your dad offered my dad a job in his company... here we are. Don't say anything, William doesn't know. They're going to make the announcement tomorrow. My dad and yours are working out some details."

"That's fucking awesome, Jason." David said. We all then traded high fives, brief 'guy like' hugs (I kissed David instead of high-fiving him... he liked that so did I!

I said, "I'm sorry to have taken so much of dad's time today."

Jason wouldn't have anything of it, he said, "It's totally okay, really it is. We loaded up the vehicle and went house hunting. We're going to be staying here for a few days until we find one that we like."

"That's kewl. I'm glad you're here." David said then leaned to Jason, hugged deeply, and then kissed cheeks together.

Angel said, "Come on Allen, let's go to bed. I have plans for you."

Allen looked at Angel. They shared some unspoken words, he replied, "See you guys in the morning, pleasant dreams."

Hugs went around the table then they took off for the house.

Jason mused, "They look good together. How long have they been a couple?"

"About 3 years." David replied factually then added, "Yeah, they're good for each other, definitely."

Jason sat back in his chair. He was deep in thought. David asked Jason, "Sup? Spill it."

"Can I ask you guys for a favor?" Jason said slowly, sheepishly.

"Ask and ye shall receive, shoot." David replied jovially.

Jason hesitated. He was looking at me, asking a question that I had no idea what it was about. David responded, "Jason. Peter and I are together. We're a team. Don't worry. Whatever you tell me I'll tell Peter anyway, and he's the same way with me. We're good to our word."

Jason nodded. His face softened. He fidgeted in his chair. Clearly he rearranged himself. I looked down - just a natural occurrence for teenaged guys to check out other guys... not to mention that we're gay and find each other inherently attractive in its most basic form. I wasn't particularly charged up with Jason's sex - and saw that he had a bit of a problem with his extending cock. I quickly looked to David - he too was checking out Jason's burgeoning maleness... at the same time Jason was checking us out. We looked up at each other and began giggling.

Jason noticeably relaxed. He took a sip of his drink, swished it around in his mouth then after swallowing said, "Can you guys teach me how to relax? I mean I really wanted Randy to 'do' me that way but I couldn't relax. We were always in a hurry, worried that somebody might catch us. We had a couple of close calls..."

David calmly said, "Sorry Jason, we don't have sex with anyone other than ourselves."

I added, "I don't think he's asking us to have sex with him, right Jason?"

"Uhm no. I mean you guys are major hot. Peter, your body is to die for. David, your tan's awesome... but no, I'm not for sex... I have my standards." Jason said cracking up. His laughter was contagious.

When we recovered, David said, "We learned on our own. It was hella fun trying this and that. When we were ready, nature took over, and yes while it did hurt quite a bit the first time we've since got it down to where anal sex is pleasurable for the both of us. Trust me, it's good."

I added, "You've got that right lover boy. Your main man has to be patient, calm, caring, controlled, sensitive, and he's got to think of your pleasures too. Hey David, maybe Jeremy will take us to the mall to that sex toy place. Jason could get a dildo to practice with."

"Oh that sounds like fun." David said with mischief clearly in his voice.

I chattered, bantering back, "Hey babe, you've got more than you can handle inside this swim suit. Who needs a dildo?"

David said giggling, "Touché."

I whispered into David's ear, "I don't have a problem with us showing Jason how to relax. Maybe finger him or something... maybe even a circle jerk, whatcha think?"

David wiggled his eyebrows like he does whenever he's interested, smiling, he nodded then said to Jason, "Go shit then we'll meet in our room. No sex, we'll just show you how to relax."

"Kewl, thanks guys."

That said Jason took off as did we.

When we arrived upstairs Jeremy was just exiting the bathroom. Jason exited to the bathroom then closed the door behind him.

Both David and I were decently pronged up in anticipation... Jason had been very nearly fully pronged. I knocked on the door. When Jason acknowledged <giggling> I said, "Don't beat your meat."

Jeremy looked at me funny like, inquisitively.

I looked at David. David said to Jeremy, "Uhm, well, Jason's like us. We're going to teach him a few things."

"He's gay too? I'd never have guessed." Jeremy said musingly.

"Sorry, bro, you're outnumbered." David said chuckling.

I jokingly added, "You're welcome to join us."

David giggled.

Jeremy looked amused then, taking a more serious approach, he asked, "Really? You'd ... are you sure?"

I looked at David. He had a very surprised look pass across his gorgeous (I'm biased) face, "Yeah, sure, no problem... but I'm surprised oh hopelessly straight brother."

Jeremy shrugged his shoulders, flashed a wry smile across his facial features then took off to his room but not before saying, "I'll be right back. Where?"

"Uhm, we hadn't gotten that far. Probably in our room. We'll meet here in the hallway."

David and I entered our bedroom, quickly changed our sheets, tidied up a bit, and opened the floor to ceiling windows so that the trade wind breezes could flow freely through our space. I reached into the bedside table to make sure we had enough lube. Finding it nearly empty, I went to our closet and retrieved a fresh bottle.

Jason, meanwhile, had entered our bedroom and was helping David finish our bed preparations. Jason was incredibly pronged up, poking out the front of his underwear to its full capacity. David was likewise pronged. Seeing my David in that way always gets to me - my prong immediately stood tall and pulsated a couple or three times just to let me know he was ready for some action. I reminded my dick that we wouldn't be having sex with Jason, and that David and I would not be having sex with an audience. That's just something we weren't ready to do, and may very well never be ready to do.

Allen's voice was heard in the hallway. Angel's voice then spoke up, "Hey Jeremy, where ya headed?"

"Peter, David, Jason and I are meeting in their room. David and Peter are going to show Jason something."

Angel's voice said to Jeremy, "And we're not invited?"

"Come on in you guys." I said loudly enough for everybody to hear.

Allen stuck his head inside our room. He asked, "What's up?"

I looked at David, not sure that we should be the ones to spill the beans, so to speak. Jason spoke up, "David and Peter were going to show me how to relax and stuff... you can join us if you want to, right guys?"

David nodded approvingly. Unconsciously, I'm sure, he also licked his lips. I found that quite odd but then noticed he was observing my body with his peripheral vision. A shudder passed through my body. David then smiled with appreciation. I smiled then communicated silently that I loved him so much. His eyes opened wide... somehow I felt that he knew my unspoken words.

Angel entered our room. He immediately said after seeing the 'crowd' nestled in our room, "We have a king size bed."

Everybody quickly agreed so we made the trek down the hall to their room. Jeremy met us in the hallway. When we were assembled, Allen closed and locked the door to their room.

Jason was obviously nervous with anticipation. He had anxiety written all about his body. I thought he was going to bow out, however, after shrugging his shoulders he reached into the waistband of his underwear then, in one fell swoop, pushed them down and then kicked them aside. He stood there with an anticipatory and sheepish grin plastered across his face.

Taking the queue that he was getting more comfortable and less nervous the rest of us unabashedly chucked ours. Within scant seconds, 5 very hard 'that which designates us as males' were standing up proudly.

David spoke up, "Here's the deal. Jason's agreed. We, David and I, agreed to help Jason learn how to relax his love tunnel so that he can have male-male sex. We've agreed - no sex other than for maybe a circle jerk. Are you guys okay with the rules?" Jeremy, Allen and Angel were agreeable... they nodded their approvals.

At that time, I needed to assure Jason that our sole intentions were to make the experience as pleasant one. I whispered in his ear, "Jason, there are a couple of things I want to say to you in private - I don't want to embarrass you."

Jason nodded.

"We'll be right back. We'll be in the closet." I said deadpan.

"Great. Closeted queers, two of them." Jeremy snickered.

I flipped him the bird, took Jason's arm then led him into Allen and Angel's large walk-in closet.

Jason snickered when we arrived and after closing the door, saving further comments from being heard. "What's up?"

I looked at Jason. His face registered 'all ears', as the saying goes.

"It's pretty personal - but were you able to take a shit? Things have to be clean back there. Accidents happen but if they can be prevented - well, that's a good thing."

"Uhm, no ... I understand what you're saying though... to tell the truth I haven't gone since when we were flying here from Missouri. I guess we'll just wait then."

"Not necessary Jason. If you are agreeable then I'll show you how to 'force' things to happen. It's totally up to you though."

"Yeah, my belly feels pretty plump come to think about it. I just haven't had the time because we've been having so much fun. That and trying to get rested up - as if getting rested up is an option. NOT!" Jason giggled.

That said, we took off for the bathroom, got the process started then left him to his privacy, returned to Allen and Angel's room where I gave the rest a brief explanation of what was happening. I noticed that Jeremy was taking it all in but he didn't say anything. I wondered what that was all about but dismissed what I was thinking for fear that I was completely off center.

When Jason returned, we decided to take a group shower. Let me tell ya what - the testosterone was running amok... before all was said and done everyone was washing one another ad lib. We were primed and ready to go, so to speak.

Finished, we used all available towels to dry of with. Jeremy, duly elected, was sent to the linen closet where he fetched up dry towels and brought them to replenish. Allen and Angel, meanwhile, changed the sheets on their bed while I went to Peter's and my room to fetch the body lotion since Allen and Angel, also, were running low on the supplies needed for 'indoctrination'.

After the chores were finished, we all gathered on Angel and Allen's bed, talked for a few minutes - mainly to get Jason to relax since he was still somewhat nervous - understandable really because he didn't know us all that well - except David, of course, and even with his comfort level high when it came to David they hadn't had any sexual encounters other than fiddling around innocently when they were very little boys.

Nevertheless, Jason's nervousness soon abated, as did ours, it had been somewhat contagious since none of us had any experience, really, with anyone other than our partners.

To lay evidence of his increased comfort, Jason lay face down on the bed, and then spread his legs open widely. I found it touching that he'd make himself that vulnerable... moreover his gesture, I took, to represent his complete trust in us, and what we were about to do. David looked at me - he was thinking the very same thing. Allen and Angel were aloof to the whole situation. Jeremy, to my surprise, was taking in the sight of Jason lying there with his back fully displayed. I wondered about him, and his apparent interests. I shook it off then said to Jason, "Hey dude, you've got an audience ogling and odeling your fine cheeks."

"Great... I should have charged admission." Jason replied deadpan.

That cracked us all up. Even Jason chuckled at the irony of his statement.

When the laughter calmed down, I said to Jason, "You just concentrate on relaxing your muscles."

That said, I squeezed out several dollops of the body lotion to Jason's upper, middle, lower back and then squeezed a line of it between his ass cheeks. Thankfully it was at room temperature so it didn't tense Jason all that much. David sat opposite to me. Together we very gently yet firmly rubbed the lotion in until his skin and muscles were supple to the touch.

David then said, "We're going to massage your butt, and you'll feel our fingers next to and on your rosebud but we'll tell you before we do anything else, okay?"

Jason mumbled, "That's kewl... go ahead, do anything you want, I'm so relaxed..."

David and I then straddled Jason. David slowly spread the lotion all over Jason's globes while I took the liberty to send my fingers down the middle of Jason's crack, all the while teasing his pucker every now and again. When the lotion was all rubbed in, I took my hands then spread his cheeks open wide. I said, after seeing a small smattering of softly growing pubic hairs adorning his rosebud, "You're growing up... you're getting some little black hairs down here. Just relax... we'll go slow and easy... don't tense up or fight anything, nobody's going to hurt you, promise."

Gently, very gently, after lubing up my fingers, I went directly to his pucker then began teasing it with the tip of my index finger. His relaxation was adequate, and after a few attempts at entering, he relaxed even more allowing me complete entry to his most private places. In turn, he pouted up his butt, which I correctly interpreted to be permission to continue my ministrations.

David took over at that point. After applying yet more lubrication he easily entered Jason's canal then began teasing with two fingers, and then once two were accepted he added a third. This caused Jason to squeal loudly.

"Sorry." David said apologetically.

Jason immediately replied, "No. No, don't stop... that feels so DAMN GOOD!"

Encouraged, I took David's place then ran my index finger down to its hilt then twisted and turned it around and around causing Jason to pant and rock his hips in anticipation. I slathered my finger in and out, left to right then zeroed back in and went to the hilt of his dark never before invaded cavern. Jason, by then was clearly telling anybody and everybody within close proximity just how damn good it felt by the guttural groans emanating from his inner most self. At the same time Jeremy put his hand next to mine and rubbed Jason's petals with his finger then looked at me with question written all across his face.

David looked at me, I looked at him then together we looked at Jeremy. Jeremy's face was beseeching us to allow him entry.

At the same time, Jason exclaimed that he was just about at the jumping off place. His hips were wildly bucking; his pucker was squeezing my finger tightly even though I was no longer manipulating his most private place in the entire world.

Hearing that Jason was about to pop Allen grabbed a towel then shoved it under Jason's front side just in the nick of time. But Jeremy had other plans.

Quickly he raised Jason's midsection then positioned his face under Jason's wand, took it fully and completely in his mouth just as Jason lost his steamy hot seed into Jeremy rapidly gulping mouth and throat. Jason is not a quiet sex fiend. His whines, guttural groans, flailing the bed as a mad man would, and then when the peak of his orgasm took completely over his body - he screamed his utter accomplishment.

With the hot visuals, the hot auditory assaults, the fact that my cock was jettisoning its head seemingly into orbit, I grabbed the bottle of body lotion, squeezed out an ample supply then coated and then inserted as much as I could into David's orifice.

Allen then grabbed the bottle from my hands. The last vision was that he was prepping Angel in the same manner as I did to David.

Both he and I mounted our respective lover and then in one swift motion drove our cocks to the limits.

When David and I recovered from our trips to and from Nirvana, we readily noted that Jeremy was lying atop Jason's back, panting, writhering and gyrating within his moments of release.

At the same time, Allen began pounding Angel for all he was worth as his orgasm overtook his senses. Angel likewise shouted his cataclysmic release of sweet nectars into the pillow underneath his cock that was wildly spasming out of control, seemingly.

David and I then got up, went into the bathroom... David released my seed and other things into the sewer system while I got the shower ready.

The other guys had fallen asleep so David and I took off to our room. Upon arriving, William scared the living shit out of us by jumping at us from around the corner. While we were getting our hearts back in our chests and into a normal rhythm, William announced, "Okay, see ya later." He then walked by and then slapped our still somewhat wet butts. Just as I reached to grab his skinny underwear clad butt he scooted away and then tore off down the hall. I hollered loudly, "I'll get you!"

Since we knew company was around, we each put on a pair of underwear and running shorts then headed downstairs. Alice had made up huge breakfast that was waiting for our consumption. William was extremely careful to avoid both David and I. We played our time knowing all too well that he'd get his own when he'd likely expect it.

After breakfast we made our way to the pool area where after sitting on towels we sat and talked until the perfunctory one-hour-waiting-period was over then we jumped in and lazily spent the next several hours. William stayed away as best as he could - we largely ignored him, and he too ignored us (he thought - we knew differently of course, ha haa).

When William got out and headed inside the house we clued Jason into what happened and what we planned to do, God willing!

"Dude. Seriously. Messing around with Jason tonight was radical in a bad way. What were you doing? What were you thinking?" David asked seriously.

"Didn't you guys ever read the Kinsey studies?" Jeremy retorted. Not waiting for an answer Jeremy added "Read it some time. I read it this morning to answer some of my own questions, about same-sex sex, and well it says that something like 85% of boys have had at least one homosexual experience, and then at least 50% of the 85% have even had sexual intercourse with another guy. I had my experience with Jason ... and well ... I don't plan on stopping anytime soon because it was hella fun."

"Are you gay Jeremy?" David asked seriously.

"If tonight was anything like gay is then, uhm, well I'll just put it down being bi because I like shagging girls too, if you know what I mean?"

"That's soo not fair to Jason. You know the story behind my one and only pussy adventure. I'm not going to dignify you with answer for that one." I snarled.

"Easy does it, man. I didn't mean anything bad. I just said that you know what it's like to be with a girl." Jeremy said.

"Yeah I know what a girls' twat feels like but it ain't my stuff, not at all. If it weren't for my daughter, I'd gag thinking about fucking again, in fact if a twat was the only thing available then I'd be celibate." I said assuredly.

"Jeremy?" David said determinedly.


"Don't hurt Jason. And I don't mean his ass. Just don't hurt Jason as a person. He deserves someone who will be with him for the duration. He deserves to have someone love him for who he is and not for what he does or can do." David said carefully yet firmly.

Just then Jason walked in. He had very wet hair and he smelled good from the distance obviously freshly showered. He said "Hey guys, whazzup?"

"We were just talking about some family stuff but we're done now. It's no big deal." I replied looking intently at Jeremy.

Without a word, Jason came over to our bed then sat down in front of Jeremy and scooted back until they were touching. Jason pulled Jeremy's arms around him and held them tightly. Jason reached back until he felt Jeremy's face then turned around some more and they kissed, passionately. Those skimpy underwear threads covering his amply endowed maleness utterly failed to hide his excitement.

I said, "Go get a room. We're busy."

David looked at Jeremy. They reached an unspoken understanding.

I got up off the bed saying to David, "I want some of THAT (pointing to his fully erect rod) RIGHT HERE." I exclaimed while pointing to my posterior side.

Needless to say, David fully and completely, and then some, met and exceeded my demands. David then performed adequate (ha haa) oral ministrations on that which designates (thankfully) as a male.

Thoroughly satisfied, we took yet another shower then went downstairs to see what everybody was up to.

Ella had left with promises of returning with the paperwork for Allen's official placement with us.


Saturday, August 10th

As usual, I awoke before David. Needing to pee, I got up, wandered to the bathroom. I unloaded a gallon then returned to our room. I put on a bright red bikini then took off for downstairs after seeing that David was still asleep - he was so cute, I couldn't help but to kiss his lips softly.

Nobody else appeared to be awake throughout the house so I poured a tall glass of orange juice, took me and it to the pool then paid attention to Mother Nature. She was definitely present in all her splendor that particular morning.

Watching the sun come around the hill in the still of the morning is awesomely relaxing and provides a wonderful opportunity to quietly reflect on all of the good things going on in my life. It is a time when I can also help to put away, not deny mind you, bad things by putting them into different perspectives including my fears of, hurts from the past, insecurities of the present and uncertainties for the future. It is also during these times that I let my heart sing with joy up and out of my vocal cords.

With my mind clear, I downed the rest of the orange juice then took a long sleek dive and began swimming my laps, so many laps in fact the muscles of my neck, arms, chest, belly, back and butt were aching with needs for oxygen and release of carbon dioxide (I learned about these chemical changes in a biology class).

Apparently my cock had an ample oxygen supply because it was standing way up in order to be counted. I felt it as I sliced through the water... good thing I was swimming breast strokes cuz if I hadn't then I'm sure it would have been mistaken for a missile. (I'm exaggerating ha haa).

I swam to the far end of the pool, checked to make sure the coast was clear (it was) then I slinked down and began masturbating furiously.

When the moment arrived, I lost my balance, falling face forward into the water, not giving one shit because I was in the midst of a mind altering, mind shattering, dick blowing, and sperm spewing, colossal orgasm. Why I didn't drown is anybody's guess. When I regained consciousness I quickly made my way back to the surface because my lungs were screaming for air.

When I popped up and cleared my eyes from the water... William was standing there in his too tight underwear. His boyhood was tenting out those thin fabrics ... mind you, I'm not into little boys - but that boy was definitely 'hung' as the saying goes. His presence had startled the hell out of me. Forcefully, I exclaimed, "William! What are you doing? Oh my God, you scared the shit living right out me. I wasn't expecting you."

A pained look passed across William's face. He turned to leave but stopped when I said in a much calmer voice, "You're up early. What up?"

William replied with hesitation, "We're always up early back home. We live on a farm."

With that, William started walking away. I shouted, "Come on in, the waters' perfect. I'm sorry for yelling. You just scared me, is all. I wasn't expecting you. Anyway, come on in. I'm not mad or anything."

With hesitation, he put his thumbs into the waistband of his underwear but then thought differently and jumped in with them on. When he came up I took hold of his arm and led him to the side of the pool where I was standing.

After shaking the water from his eyes, he looked at me carefully and said, "What were you doing? I was about ready to jump in. You looked like you were about to drown or something."

Dismissively I replied, "Oh hey, dude, I was just down there goofing off and trying to see how long I could hold my breath under water."

"That's not what it looked like." William said sadly then pushed himself free from my hold on him. With that he went underwater and swam to the ladder and then hastily hoisted himself up and out of the water and began walking toward the chaise lounge chair where he sat down and put his head in his hands.

Ahhh shit, I thought knowing that William had been largely ignored by us, by me in particular, since he had arrived. I also didn't like telling half-truths, but then again what does he know about older guys' needs? Thinking of his need to be included, I hunched down then pushed off and swam to the other end of the pool, and then got out, sat down next to him and put my arm around his shoulders - which he promptly batted away urgently and decisively.


"I'm sorry."

"Why did you lie to me, I know what you were doing? Never mind, I'm just a fucking kid always in the way."

That said, he quickly got up and sat opposite me in another chaise lounge. I scooted my chair over closer to him then said, "Okay. I was doing something very personal and private. You won't understand, not for a few years anyway."

I reached across the chasm of space between us. He leaned back then shouted, "Don't fucking touch me. I hate when people fucking lie to me... why didn't you just fucking say so in the first fucking place?"

"Okay, I was jacking off, making sperms eject from my body, sending myself into spasms, making white stuff come out of my dick. That's what I was doing, honest."

"Then why didn't you just say so. It's no big deal. I hear my brother pounding his bed every night. He said you have to do it when you get older. Otherwise your pubes fall out."

I snickered then broke out in a wicked laugh, "He actually said your pubes fall out? You've gotta be shitting me." I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt.

William just looked at me like I'd lost my last brain cell. One I stopped laughing, he said with (mock) indignation, "Nobody knows it but I have some pubes, and I'm only 9. How old were you when you first started growing them, huh?"

I had to think for a moment... then I remembered that the photographers had 'touched' their razors to my area 'down there' when I was around 9 or 10 years old.

I replied, "I guess I was around 9 or 10." I said then lied a little bit, "I shaved them off though. They didn't look very good, and some people didn't want me growing up, I guess."

"You shaved them off? That's retarded." William said assuredly while shaking his head.

"Yeah, well then I guess I was retarded or something." I replied.

William, unannounced, stood up and dropped his underwear to his thighs. Although he was wet several fine downy platinum blond with dark ends pubic hairs on each side of his nice sized and plump ball sac. With an enthusiastic and confident voice I said, "Those are impressive. <I giggled> you're going to be hairy as an ape... way to go!"

"Nuh uh. I don't wanna be an ape. Will you shave them off for me?"

"No way dude. Those pubes look really nice on you, and you have nice big balls for your age... congratulations! You should be squirting, are you?" I asked sincerely.

William looked at me intently. When he saw that I was sincere, he said, "Uhm, that's pretty personal."

"Hey, I told you my deepest dark secret. Come on, spill it."

"HERE? RIGHT NOW? NO WAY!" William said then pulled his shorts back up over his distended member and bubble butt.

"No, not that goofball - I asked if you squirted yet but, no, you went all ballistic. That tells me you don't squirt."

William looked at me then smiled mischievously. "Wanna bet? Okay, I'll do it but you can't tell anybody... pinky promise."

I didn't really want him to show me his 'stuff' yet at the same time I felt I owed him something for lying to him. Well, I lied to him twice but he didn't need to know that much of my past, not yet anyway. Somewhat reluctantly, I said, "Pinky promise. Come on let's go to the Jacuzzi where you have some privacy, don't want the adults to see it."

William beamed his appreciation that I'd take the time to watch him express his manliness ... that's important for budding preteen kids, I suppose, whatever.

That accomplished, I led him to the Jacuzzi. I removed my swimming suit, sat it down on the bench then climbed the stairs leading to its deck. When I looked back, William was removing his underwear. His pecker was impressive I must say. It was probably 4 inches long and its girth was even more impressive. A burgeoning stud in progress, for sure.

Instead of sitting on the seat inside the Jacuzzi William sat down on my thigh, and then after making sure that I was watching he took his tool and began jacking it... I was surprised with the level of expertise he was displaying. He slunk his body back into my chest and belly, resting his head in the nape of my neck. I felt his body tensing and tensing up as though he were going through ascension of sorts.

After a few minutes he looked up to make sure that I was paying careful attention. His eyes rolled back into his head. His head began bobbing in time then he tensed up to maximal proportions. Just in time, I looked down to his lap and saw his penis shoot an impressive stream of his boycum up and onto his belly. I held onto him because he began to slip into the water.

When his moment passed, he totally and completely relaxed. The first two times he tried to say something, all that came out was a croak. He giggled. I giggled.

"Did you see it?" William asked excitedly.

"You're a stud, William. You'd better keep that on a leash otherwise you'll get 25 girls preggers by the time you're 15."

He found that incredibly funny. He dissolved in a fit of giggles, "No way dude. Girls are YUCK!!!"

My eyebrows arose, but I didn't say anything about that, instead I said, "Come on, let's go rinse you off. Last one to the pool is a loser." I said giggling.

I ended up being the loser...all in fun, of course.

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