The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 20

One moment, no more, before my seed spilled between my belly and his back he jumped off, turned around, sat back down, grabbed the bottle of sun tan lotion, applied it liberally to that which I could no longer see, and then he sat down on my member despite my weak and feeble protests that went along the lines of anyone could find us coupled should they come out of the house... Peter reminded me that nobody was home. When I protested that they could arrive momentarily, he effectively shut me up by sucking in my tongue into his hot and moist oral cavern... that which I could not resist.

Feeling myself traveling rapidly toward Nirvana I took hold of Peter's throbbing organ... and squeezed, took hold, squeezed, took hold and rode him out all at the same time. All of a sudden, his mouth came off mine then he loudly whined, groaned and moaned as his sperms began splattering our chests and bellies. As soon as his anal muscles clamped down... together we rode those totally encompassing spasms that took our bodies to the heights of sheer ecstasy, and beyond.

Once the moment, though it seemed like an hour at the time, passed us by, my once fully erect and pounding rod of steel began its descent and then found its resting place on my thigh... I felt the wetness of it as it lied down. At the same time, I felt gooey liquid exuding from Peter's love canal and onto the chaise lounge. Quickly, I reached for the towel lying on the table. Quickly, I pushed it against Peter's wide open and leaking love sex receptacle. Peter reached around and pushed in a corner of the towel. I gave him a quick kiss then he was off to the bathroom where he'd take care of urgent matters.

When he got off me, I got up then went to the pool room where I retrieved a bottle of all-purpose (don't know if they designed it for boy-boy sex fluids), applied it liberally then went and cleaned off the chaise lounge. Satisfied with its cleanliness, I grabbed my crutches then headed in the house. Peter was just coming out of the restroom by the TV room... sans towel. He said that was a close call then we headed upstairs and took a leisurely shower together.

We then went to our room where we put on matching brilliant red thongs then went downstairs and prepared our lunch consisting of cold cuts, Pumpernickel bread, all the trimmings, and freshly squeezed papaya juice.


Friday morning, I awoke right at 7:30am with noticeable pressure pushing at my back door. It was definitely making every attempt at gaining entry too, an attempt that I was not about to block or even protest in any way. Peter knew it too.

I reached over for the body lotion bottle lying on the bedside table but Peter pushed my hand away. I then felt a cold substance being rubbed on my butt and then one, then two, then three fingers made their way inside of my love chute. Because I had just been woken up my butt muscles were relaxed and limber. He then positioned himself properly then pushed. Immediately, without any resistance, his turgid spear entered then he pushed one more time. In one swift motion, his penis slid all the way in causing his pubes to brush my butt cheeks... he was in... all the way. He held it there for a moment then slowly, teasingly, he withdrew all the way.

As I began to protest, he inserted that which I longed for completely to the hilt where he held then began the process of removing it. It was driving me absolutely fuckin bat shit because he kept doing that - push it in to the hilt then withdraw completely...

I thought I was going to die from the intense intimacy and pleasure with which he moved his young 14 year old, 5 inch cock in and out of me with such precision, such passion, all the while moving me to a heightened level which I never ever thought possible or real.

Then it happened.

The end of my cock blew off its moorings. Surely, the end of my penis ascended with rocket speed through each and every wood and granite wall of our home, soaring through the lower stretches of our atmosphere and on into the next one and the next one, and the next one until it landed softly on the moon and rested easy on its surface. When it landed and was calming down to a soft level, Peter then lightly grasped my totally satiated cock and squeezed lightly, lightly as a feather.

As I turned over to face Peter, I felt his penis leave my pleasure hole followed by a gush of fluid which I knew from experience to be his molten hot essence which had been shot into my guts by his geyser sprayer during his trip to and back from Nirvana.

As I lifted his leg off to finish the move to my other side, he just lay there not moving, his face slack-jawed, a drool string draping from the corner of his mouth to the bed, eyes closed but moving underneath his eyelids and yet he had a weak smile on his face. I took an edge of the pillow case to carefully and gently wipe his mouth and cheek, and once satisfied I leaned down and kissed his lips gently which opened his eyes and brought a beautiful smile fully to his face.

"Holy fuck, David. Holy, holy fuck." Peter whispered brokenly. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I'm good. Better than good, dude. Whow is all I can say, except that I love you so very much." I replied then kissed him on the lips passionately but not urgently.

I guess we fell back to sleep holding each other in our arms because the next thing I knew Dad was waking us up, hurrying us along since we needed to get to the airport to pick up Allen and Angel who were flying in from Oahu to spend the weekend with us.

"Yuck." Peter exclaimed as he pulled away, pulling our skin taut with stickiness.

Peter and I simultaneously looked at the clock then began laughing hysterically. A nearly dried up string of cum crossed the LED display, I said, "Shee-it, Peter. I shot the bed stand all to hell, dude."

Peter, in his infinite wisdom and moments of sheer genius said, "And to think I didn't even touch you. You likey?"

"Oh, hella yeah, but come on, I'm leaking like crazy."

I grabbed my crutches and together we made our way to the bathroom, took a nice hot shower, dried each other off then came back to our room to clean it up after the wild monkey sex-ride we had experienced that morning. I got dressed in white socks, dark gray FTL briefs, and a pair of Dockers pants, a Dockers pullover polo shirt and black tennis shoes. Peter, meanwhile, was getting dressed in his baby blue bikini briefs, black jeans and a black button up dress shirt, and his pair of black tennis shoes over black socks. My man was totally sexed, uhm, I mean sexy. My cock twitched. My mind took a photograph of him, never to be forgotten.

He said, "What?"

My throat tightened up with emotion. I swallowed hard, shook my head no, took him in my arms then kissed him quickly but hugged him deeply, "I love you. And don't you ever forget it."

By the time we got downstairs, dad had prepared a quick breakfast of cereal, warmed over muffins, fruit and orange juice. When we sat down to eat, and after we had moment of silence, dad said, "Eat up boys, we need to get on the road."

While we were cleaning up, dad said softly, "Boys, you really need to close your door... not because what you're doing is wrong, but to give yourselves privacy while sharing your most intimate moments. Personally, I thought a cats' tail had got caught underneath a rocking chair..."

I looked at Peter. He really looks cute when his face lights up in brilliant hues of red and purple. He said, "Breathe David."

"Okay dad, sorry." I replied.


Allen and Angel were waiting for us in the airport's curbside parking area. Each had his suitcase standing next to them. I reached my arm out the window and waived at them. They returned the wave, grabbed the handles of their suitcases and headed to the edge of the curb where they impatiently waited for us to arrive and park.

Allen was wearing a red Polo shirt, cargo shorts and sandals without socks. He was looking fine as usual. His steel blue eyes were sparkling against the bright sunshine on this warm and windy day, his medium length dirty blond hair was in disarray blown about his forehead and ears while his 5' 5", 115 pound frame stood sturdy.

Angel's slight of build at 5' 1", weighed no more than 90 pounds soaking wet, his dishwater blond hair standing up in a spike at the top of his head framing his dark blue-hazel eyes and fine delicate facial features. His body was clad in a black button up wind-breaker type shirt, his hips and legs adorned in the newly trended black snug jeans, his feet wearing white half-sox and Reebok tennis shoes. Angel was a fine looking guy as well. If I were not already taken by my beautiful Peter, and if Angel were not taken by his lover Allen then Angel was someone who could stand by my side.

"Hey, Allen, how's it a hanging?" I asked excitedly.

"Oh you know how it goes, David. I'm still about five inches and growing." Allen said in his normally seductive and gentle voice. Then his whole demeanor changed... "David!!! You're walking!"

"Oh that? It's no big deal." I deadpanned.

"Dude, you're WALKING!!!!" Allen said as he grabbed me in a tighthold hug.

"No shit?" I chuckled.

"Dude, that's so fucking awesome? When? You'll have to show me dude." Allen said.

"What? Right here?" I said while swaggering my butt a little bit taking off and walking a few steps then stopped and turned around and came back, and knocked on my leg which gave off an audible thump as my knuckles made contact with it.

"Yeah, right here!" Allen said.

I put my hands on my belt and started loosening it the buckle, then Peter brought me back to life by softly and concernedly saying "Uhm, you might wait until we get home, David."

"I'm just kidding. Seriously seeing the hunk and his bionic body can wait. You must be Peter?" Allen said.

"I'm sorry, Peter, meet Allen. He's been my best friend since I don't know when. Allen, meet Peter my best friend and the person I love the most in the whole wide universe."

"Pleased to meetcha, Peter." Allen said warmly.

"I'm pleased to meet you too, Allen." Peter said sincerely.

"David, you already know Angel. Peter, this is my Angel whom is my best friend and the person I love more than life itself." Allen said proudly.

"Nice to meet you too, Peter. Any friend of David's is my friend too." Angel responded.

"Jim, it's really good to see you and thanks for putting us up this weekend, we really appreciate it." Allen said to dad.

"The pleasure's all mine. How are you guys doing? It's been so long since we've seen you, and really having you guys around is always my pleasure. I hope this visit finds you well." Dad said then added, "Well, guys, the Escalade is in the parking lot with the meter running, so how about we take off and leave this place for the birds behind until Sunday."

"Sounds like a plan." Angel said.

"So let's go and not just talk about it." Allen said happily.

Arriving home a little after noon, Dad asked "Anybody hungry?"

All three of us chorused "Yes!"

So we went about creating a cold-cut feast trimmed with breads of choice, a fresh green salad, fruit and soda pops all around.

After we had eaten and cleaned up, I said "Come on guys, I'll show you your room and help get you settled in."

Thinking nothing of it, just doing it as I'd been doing for a few weeks, I made my way up the stairs and about halfway up, Angel said "God man, it's sure awesome to see you walking again. I worried that it would never happen."

Perhaps a little more intensely than I meant to say, I replied curtly, "I wasn't ready. That's all."

"I meant nothing by it, just chill, David." Angel half-ass snarled at me.

"I still want to see it, David, I can't wait." Allen said.

"You guys chill down. David getting to where he is today took a lot of hard work. And a positive mind set too. He wasn't ready until he was ready. It also took a FAMILY support system." Peter snarled back looking intently at Allen.

"Whoa, talk about some fucking attitude." Allen hurled.

"Hey guys, knock it the fuck off." I said looking at Allen and Angel, at the same time taking Peter into my arm and foraging forward.

Peter stepped away from me as we passed our room where he went in and shut the door heatedly.

"Okay, here's your room. Go ahead and get settled in, I'll be back in a few." I said then went back to our room, opened the door, went in and found Peter laying face down on our bed.

I went over to Peter, sat down and began rubbing his shoulder blades softly in gentle circular motions. At first, he tensed up and acted like he didn't want me to touch him but then reluctantly relaxed allowing me to massage the tense muscles in his upper back.

"He's acting like a fuckin asshole, David. I don't really think I like him... like he's superior or something." Peter said angrily.

"He can definitely be an asshole at times. I don't know what's up with him today. I'll show him my damn leg, maybe he'll chill out." I said calmly reaching for him then pulled him into a kiss lightly but assuredly on his lips and smiled.

"David, I'm not going to stand by and let anyone treat you like an asshole. I'm not." Peter said, not angrily, but rather firmly.

"Same here, dude. Just let him grow on you. It might take some time though." I said assuredly knowing that Allen has been known to be difficult. I've tried to talk to him, to get him to open up so that he doesn't react with anger -but- every time I've brought it up he puts stalls to the conversation.

Peter turned around completely then snuggled in my arms where I kissed him on the top of his head and said "Come on let's go help them get settled in."

"Okay." Peter said softly. "I love you. I just don't want anyone treating you bad." Peter added.

"Same here, dude. If you feel uncomfortable, just say so, okay?" I asked.

"Okay. I feel uncomfortable then." Peter said looking me in the eyes.

"Okay buddy, just give him another chance and try to relax, I'm here with you every step of the way." I said.

We both got up and went to their room and found them putting away into the dresser a few garments they brought with them.

"We didn't bring much. We figured we would all be in the pool the majority of the time." Allen said.

"No problem. We do spend a majority of our time there, huh Peter?"

"Yeah." Peter deadpanned. I squeezed his shoulder and pulled him into me for a quick side-armed hug.

"You guys ready?" Angel asked.

"Yeah, come on over when you are ready. We'll be in our room getting ready ourselves." I said.

Peter and I went back to our room. I pulled my shirt off, followed by my jeans, socks and tennis shoes and stood there only in my briefs. I sat down on the bed, worked my Leg off and then took my underwear off. I was a bit pudgy but not overly so... more or less normal for me.

Meanwhile, Peter quickly stripped down to skin then reached into the dresser drawers and retrieved two pair of boardies. He was handing me a pair just as Allen and Angel entered our room. He turned away from them and quickly put them on. Peter looked at me... I couldn't read what was on his face until he mouthed the word, 'shit'. He then handed me a pair. I sat there holding them while trying to figure out the situation. The moment was tense... I wasn't sure what to do so I did the first thing that came to mind... I grabbed my crutches then ambulated over to Peter, took his hand in mine then kissed his cheek.

Looking at Allen, I saw that he had not had much time in the sun, if any, all naturale' because he had well marked tan lines beginning just about his hips and ending just above his knees. He had grown some decent pubes whereas the last time I had seen him in all his glory he was hairless, however his balls were starting to drop and his penis enlarge. His cock was now pretty fat in circumference, and was at parade rest.

Angel had a nice little bush right above his penis root, which I estimated to be about 2.5 inches soft. His balls were descended nicely and were totally hairless other than having a light coating of peach fuzz. Catching me looking him over, he quickly flicked his dick and looked at me with an obvious interest in his eyes.

"Mr. Modest?" Allen asked Peter smugly.

"Yeah. David told me to give you another chance." Peter said pointedly.

"Whatever." Allen threw back.

"What's with you today, Allen? Just chill man. You know our house is 'clothing optional', no rules okay? Remember? If Peter feels like wearing his boardies then he'll wear them otherwise he won't and it's okay either way." I said annoyed with Allen's attitude. Angel was looking on with wonderment clearly deep in his eyes.

Changing tact, Allen said authoritatively, "Okay Mr. Bionics. Let's see it."

"Sorry, I've already taken it off. Let's go swimming. I'll show you later."

With that said I sat back down on the bed, grabbed the swimsuit Peter had given me then put it on. Peter handed me my crutches because they had fell to the floor. He appeared angry for some reason. I couldn't figure it out.

"Would you guys excuse us for a minute or two?"

Angel took Allen's hand in his. Allen stood there looking at Peter, trying to figure out what was going on. Finally, like a spoiled fucking brat he said dejectedly, "Come on Angel, I can tell we aren't wanted here."

"Thanks guys." I said warmly with appreciation.

After they left our room, Peter followed them then closed the door and looked at me with heat in his eyes, "This is fucking ridiculous, David. I don't even feel comfortable... in my own home."

"I think he's just jealous."

"Jealous???? What the fuck's with that? What is he jealous of? I mean he has that Angel." Peter said looking directly into my eyes with some sarcasm in his voice.

"And I have you, and you have me, and that's final." I said chuckling, hoping to break the iceberg. It worked.

Peter smiled. We drew together, kissed semi-passionately enough so that both our male organs began responding somewhat... we were still pretty much satiated from our earlier ministrations. Peter said warmly, meaningfully, "I love you. You're my main man. I'm sorry. I just don't feel right."

"They really are kewl people, Peter. Something's gotta be wrong for Allen to act this way... I've never seen him this way." I said knowingly.

We kissed again then headed downstairs after stopping in at the bathroom to drain the can. They were sitting on the edge of the pool speaking between their selves. When we went out onto the pool deck, they looked up, smiled and motioned us to join them.

Instead of joining them, I quickly gave Peter my crutches then he pushed me as I rolled into a ball and did a cannonball effectively getting them wet. For the next hour or so we just goofed off, splashing and dunking every now and again. The tension seemed to have run out. By the time dad came out and announced that he was going to get the grill ready, we had relaxed, and were speaking amicably between ourselves.

Dad said, "We're having steaks tonight. David and Peter, I know you like yours medium-rare, is that okay?" We both nodded with a smile as we knew dad would cook them to perfection, he always did, and still does.

Looking at Angel, dad asked, "How you do you want yours?"

"Medium please, thanks."

Dad then turned his attentions to Allen. Allen replied, "Me too. Medium is great. Thanks."

I don't know why I felt it... but I felt and saw the tension in Allen's eyes. Peter wasn't looking and I wasn't about to get Peter's attention with Allen looking at him that way... with a neutral voice, I said to whomever was listening, "Come on, let's get out and help dad get dinner ready."

Peter looked at me then nodded his approvals. With ease and grace he got out of the water then grabbed my crutches. With not so much poise and grace, I got out, kissed Peter on his lips telling him, in an action... thank you. My back was to Allen and Angel, but Peter's gaze left my eyes... it was focused on Allen as I found out after turning around.

Without any self consciousness, Allen got out of the pool, reached for his towel, tossed it to Angel who was just getting out then Allen grabbed one for himself. They sat down on one of the three chaise lounges and began drying their hair.

I grabbed a towel for Peter. He grabbed one for me then we sat down on a chaise lounge chair opposite Allen and Angel.

Out of the blue, Allen asked condescendingly, "So Peter, how long have you been off of the streets?"

Peter looked to me, then looked to Allen and said to Allen "Fuck you. I don't need this shit. I haven't done a god damned fucking thing to you."

Getting up from my seat on the chaise lounge, I stood up and held on to the table and said "What the fuck is wrong with you, Allen? You've changed, and I do not like it one damned bit. You've been on Peter ever since you laid eyes on him. You are talking to my boyfriend here, my life mate ... when you talk to him you are talking to me."

"Well David, did you know that your boyfriend is a celebrity all over the net? I must say, Peter, your goods are pretty impressive." Allen leered.

"Allen. Not now." Angel said.

"Be quiet, Angel. David needs to know the truth." Allen said standing up.

"Nevermind, I'm out of here." Peter growled.

"Allen you've about 3 seconds or less to explain what the fuck you're talking about before I kick you out of my house and out of my life. Peter is the love of my life and I'll not let you talk about or to him like you're doing. 3 seconds. No more." I said seriously.

Peter stood up from his chair and said to me with sadness "I'm outta here. You guys talk about what you need to talk about, but I'm not going to be talked about like I am not even here.

"You're right, Peter. I'm outta here too. See you guys another time, now it's time for you to leave. We'll call a limo to take you to the airport. Peter please hand me my crutches?" I said.

As Peter reached across Allen to retrieve my crutches, Allen got up decisively and effectively caused Peter to lose his balance sending him to the ground on his side and then on into the pool. When Peter did not immediately come to the surface, I went to my butt and scooted to the pool and slid in. Angel followed me and jumped in, and together we reached Peter down at the bottom and pulled him up into the air.

Peter was sputtering and choking, but his eyes opened and he looked at me with an odd incredulous look on his face and anger in his eyes. I held Peter into me and Angel had his hand on Peter's back to support him, then Angel said "Man, he's fucking crazy, I don't know what's got into him."

Frantically, I asked, "Are you okay, Peter?" Knowing he wasn't really because he was still sputtering and coughing from deep within his lungs. When he got his breath back, haltingly but meaningfully, he said,

"Not really. I'm outta here. You guys get it worked out, I'm not sticking around for this bullshit."

That said, Peter led me to the edge of the pool then got out of the water, brushed by Allen as if Allen didn't exist, grabbed his towel then started walking toward the door leading into the kitchen.

I said loudly, "Peter wait, I'm coming too."

Peter stopped, turned around, looked at me and walked back over. When he arrived, I said, "Then we're both out of here. I'm with ya all the way." Turning to Angel, I said "You guys have 3 seconds to get out of here and out of our lives. It's as simple as that. Peter owes you nothing."

"Just admit that you are a whore, Peter. That is all you have to do. I am here to protect my friend and he needs to know just where you have been and who you have been fucking around with." Allen said seriously.

I raised my crutch up, pointed it at Allen, "You..." but was interrupted.

"Allen, Peter owes you no explanation. If or when he wants to talk about it then he will. I won't have the third degree put on him. Under the circumstances perhaps I could put you up in a hotel, or you could catch the last interisland flight back home, there's still time." Dad said assuredly as he walked toward us carrying a platter full of huge steaks. He sat them down on the table then regarded Allen. Allen said, "David, do you know that Peter had unprotected sex with all of those men, boys and girls? His pictures are all over the net, Jim. I have proof." Allen asked after turning to dad and looking him in the eyes.

"Boys, I love you as if you were my own sons, but I won't have you denigrating Peter, not here, not now, not ever. Do you understand me perfectly clear?"

Allen wouldn't let it go... saying, "I saw what I saw. Angel saw it too. We've seen it with our own eyes."

Peter spoke up in a very quiet voice, he had a small smile on his face, "Yeah, we've seen 'everything'... I'm not the only one that got exploited, Allen."

Allen took a step closer to Peter. Peter took a step closer to Allen. I thought, "Oh fuck, here it comes... what now?"

"We already know, Allen. Now what? Are you sure you have all the facts? Probably not, so hold on to your insults until you have them. One last thing, Allen, I saw what happened out here, and how Peter got into the pool. I don't believe you purposefully intended on hurting my son... I was watching and listening."

Allen stared at dad for a couple of minutes then said, "Jim, I care about David... he should NOT be sexually involved with a person who has been around like Peter has. I recognized Peter the second we met at the airport. He's all over the next having sex with anything..."

"I'm going inside, David." Peter said then took off for the house. I got up then walked quickly to Allen, with all intentions to somehow kick his ever loving fuckin ass but dad stepped between us. To Allen, he said, "Allen, you don't have all the facts so stop your crap right now. Ignorance will get you nowhere in life, young man. Now, go in the house and get something on. No, David, you go first... get Peter and come down here so we can talk for a few minutes."

"It'd better be pretty good because I'm about to kick some serious ass if HE <pointing to Allen> ever talks to Peter like that again. As far as I'm concerned, he's no longer welcome here."

That said, I regarded Allen, challenging him to say one more word because if he did then I was going to do as I said - kick some serious ass. Dad got between us then gave me the 'look' to do as he said, and to do it right then and there.

Peter was sitting at the bar with his head bowed deeply in his hands. Startled, he looked up. Tears were freely flowing down his cheeks. I walked to him, sat down on a bar stool then said, "Peter, dad wants to talk to you and me alone. Are you okay here? Allen and Angel will be coming through here on their way to their room to get dressed."

"Yeah, I'm okay, I'm always okay. I'll just sit here and be invisible so long as they leave me alone."

"Go in the bathroom. I'll be right there. That way you won't have to see them, or hear them. I don't know what's up with Allen, I really don't."

That said, I turned Peter's face toward mine then kissed his luscious lips. He took off for the bathroom, closed and locked the door. I got up, went outside then said, "I think dad told you two to do something. Thanks to you, Peter's hiding out in the downstairs bathroom."

With that, I turned around, went into the house and joined Peter in the bathroom.

A few minutes later, dad knocked on the door. He said it was safe to come out. Peter jumped up, unlocked then opened the door and then jumped into dad's arms sobbing uncontrollably. Seeing my Peter broken up broke me up. I kept apologizing for that whole mess over and over again... then it struck me, "Dad, they don't know everything, now do they?"

"David, don't you dare. You don't fix problems by intentionally and willfully hurting people. So, just get that out of your head right now."

"David, they might be assholes, but dad's right. We have the facts, they don't." Peter said knowingly with no trace of malice in his voice.

"Peter. David. I think that Allen's attitude will change once he learns the full truth. But. But, I want all of us together when I tell you some results of our investigation that is actually secret. Indictments are being handed down as we speak, and arrests are being made right at this very moment. I think Allen will be extremely hurt by the news." Dad said.

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