The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 15

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After arriving downstairs, we made a complete feast of scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, papaya, and cantaloupe, chocolate milk for us and coffee for dad. As we sat down to eat, Jeremy arrived home earlier than planned to join us. The meal was very pleasant and conversation was light hearted.

After completing the cleanup process, dad said, "Guys, to celebrate Peter being in our family, and in light of all the events we have experienced the past several weeks, in addition to a busy schedule next week, I've booked a two week trip to Anaheim to visit your grandparents and then go on to Disneyland ..."

Peter's eyes exploded with excitement, he yelled unbelievingly "DISNEYLAND!!!!! Really????????? Oh my God!"

"Yep, but only if you want to that is of course." Dad said while slowly dragging his words.

Jeremy and I groaned at dad's feeble attempt to dispel the excitement that took over the room. Peter looked at Jeremy and I real strangely... still the excitement in his eyes never wavered, not one bit, then seeing that we were holding back, he shouted "AWESOME!" He jumped with joy and hoopla then slowed down dramatically when Jeremy and I groaned. At the same time, as if rehearsed we yelled "GOTCHA!!" to Peter. He grinned in response and said "This is soo awesome! Woo hoo! I can't wait."

After a brief pause, he continued exuberantly, "I've never been off the islands... God, I can't believe we're going, oh my God!"

"Dad, can we all go to the mall? I'm thinking we need to get some stuff." Jeremy offered.

I thought Peter was going to faint from all the excitement, and I must say that I was excited too... mainly because he was so excited, but I like going to the mall, don't get me wrong. Dad handed Jeremy his credit card and said to get Peter a bunch of clothes, shoes and whatever else he needed or wanted.

After stopping off at the bathroom to drain the can, I met Peter in our room where he was hastily throwing clothes on. He was funny to watch, I couldn't help but to giggle wildly as he was trying to put on a pair of my bikini underwear backwards. When he tripped over them and fell onto the bed, I could not help but to laugh wildly. In return, Peter playfully flipped me the bird. I replied, "Right now? Come on baby let's do it."

"Is that all you think about?" Peter asked smiling while making jacking off motions with his hand. Like his, my pecker was at parade rest. I nodded.

Nevertheless, the trip to the mall was first on our minds so we got down to getting dressed and put together.

I was a bit nervous with wearing my Leg and doing all the walking I knew we'd do, yet I wanted to be 'normal' so I decided to wear it. My stump was not really sore. I just get tired after a while. It would probably be better if I wore it more at home Peter said.

In any event we agreed that I would wear Leg, but that I would also take my crutches and leave them in the car should I get tired along the way at some point in time. We also talked about our trip to Disneyland and the possible challenges the trip may bring up with all of the walking that is required, but quickly dismissed the thoughts for now as they were replaced with our trip to the mall.


Jeremy and I had fun outfitting Peter in new clothes and shoes at the various stores throughout the mall. It was fun for me as well since I had not really shopped that much since my leg amputation.

At our last stop, an underwear novelty place, Jeremy separated from Peter and I so we got brave and started checking out the varieties of both men's and women's. Who would have ever thought there were so many varieties of under garments people could wear. Mind boggling.

"Hey David?" Peter said.


"Let's pick out each others' underwear. That would be hot." Peter whispered in my ear.

"I like that. Let's do it." I replied.

"Meet ya at the registers in one hour."

"K. Deal. See ya in an hour."

Off we went our separate ways. The store had many mannequins to display various and sundry styles, none of them were what I wanted on Peter so I went rummaging around the piles and piles of underwear on well organized display shelves.

Finally, I found several pair that I really liked and felt would look HOT HOT HOT on my boyfriend, my lover, my Peter. My dick twitched seriously as my mind mentally wandered over his hot body and anticipation of what he would look like wearing each pair I picked up and selected to purchase. By the time I made my selections, my glands were clearly in overdrive, primed and ready. But I controlled myself and was able to get back on task with some difficulty.

Totally not paying any attention to anything around me, I was looking through a pile of socks for Peter when I felt a hand on my ass on squeeze. Instinctively, I opened my cheeks and pushed back all the while thinking it was Peter just being as randy and playful as I was feeling. Then I felt another hand go around my hips into my front area, that which housed a very excited and quite erect with lust for his hot body member. My ardor was increasing and I was becoming aware of a quickly upcoming need to release that which makes babies. Also, something was just not right. First off, Peter would not be that aggressive in a public place. Next, when I looked down... those hands fondling my privates were not those that belonged to Peter, then all at the same time, a putrid smell of stale beer engulfed my olfactory glands, and I noticed that whoever it was - gads, that's not Peter at all I thought... he wouldn't stop... before I could react or do or say anything substantial I shot my load into my pants. While I was shooting, my body began reacting to and because it was not Peter... I screamed, "JEREMY!! PETER!!!!!!!!! GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!"

Just as my head and upper body was being slammed into the underwear filled display case, I screamed "HELP, JEREMY!!!!! POLICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed again as loud as I could, but not much of my voice got out. All of a sudden that body attached to that nasty smell was pounding into my ass crack with a vengeance. He was pulling my hips into his nasty self, slamming his body into mine, all the while moaning and groaning as his orgasm overtook his body. "Fuck, son of a bitch." I thought bitterly all the while attempting to catch a breath of air.

The next thing I knew was being thrown to the floor, landing in a heap, my head hitting the hard floor... then I was thrown clear by momentum. My stump felt like it had been smashed to smithereens, I yelped in pain as Leg tried to separate from my body but wouldn't or couldn't leaving it and me all twisted like a pretzel. At the same time, Jeremy landed next to me. His eyes were bugging out in rage then he jerked with everything he had. The sound of crunching bones was unmistakable; there is no other sound like it. Quickly, I looked over Jeremy then saw a person in Jeremy's clutches... he was quiet and subdued.

"Jeremy STOP!" I said calmly and deliberately. When that did not have the desired result, I elbowed Jeremy hard in his ribs and repeated, "Jeremy STOP it! Let him go!"

He did let go. The next sound was the persons' head hitting the hard tiled floor.

Then the overpowering feelings of pain entrapped my body. Every little move, every little movement sent shards of pain throughout the lower half of my body. Quickly, I looked around and saw my Leg and thigh bent at most unnatural angles.

I struggled to get free but the more I wiggled, squirmed and fought the greater the pain became. I gave in to it however I was able to get my hand down my pants, hopefully to release the straps that were cutting off all blood circulation to my balls and male appendage. Finally, in a last desperate attempt, I was able to squirm just enough so that I could rearrange one strap that was very nearly cutting my cock in half and squeezing my left nut to death. My underwear briefs were very, very wet. So were my jeans and my backside.

Somewhere in the melee, I realized that Peter was sitting down next to me... he cradled my head in his lap, looked into my eyes... he was terrorized... I looked over at Jeremy, he was pounding that persons' head on the floor with sickening thuds. I joined with Peter telling him to stop!

I could not tell you how much longer it was, it could have been 2 minutes, it could have been 2 hours... but a police officer was dragging Jeremy off and away from the immediate threat leaving Peter and I alone for only a brief moment as the place began swarming with police... they were coming out from nowhere, it seemed.

I was at that juncture where I could take no further pain, so, with Peter's help I was able to turn over onto my back. Peter quietly screamed, "David your leg is busted all to hell! Where's your phone?"

I looked down. The Leg was twisted unnaturally at its knee. "Calm down Peter. That's my Leg, not MY leg. Help me straighten out."

When we began moving me to a more natural position, I screamed out with pain... not from my leg but because my genitals, once again, got bound up with those damned straps. "Leave it be for now. Don't move me."

I lied back down and began working on relaxation techniques I've learned over time... that seemed to work.

Meanwhile, Peter was telling an officer that the man they were detaining was our brother, "No, that's our brother. David was being attacked."

"He's not under arrest but he is being detained. Charlie, Alpha, Delta 202, on scene, we need EMS, move it! 10-4."

In the confusion, another officer arrived, or perhaps he was there all along ... it was hard to tell with so much happening in such a short period of time... immediately, Peter shouted, "Officer Ramirez, it's me, Peter. This is David. Help him!"

Immediately he came over then after surveying the immediate situation he said with grave concern "David, are you okay? What's wrong with your leg? Hey, call EMS. We have a man down!"

"No. No. No. I'm okay, I'm not hurt. I wear an artificial leg. Please have them release my brother. He saved my life, I'm sure of it. He's my brother." I cried.

Meanwhile, at the same time, those straps were really cutting into my nuts badly. Being in a semi-sitting position it was impossible to unstrap my nuts, they were just bound up too tightly.

"Peter, my nuts are getting squeezed to death. I'm all in a bind here and can't get loose. I gotta take my jeans off to get everything straightened out." I said frantically, not knowing what else to do.

"I'm gonna call dad, David." Peter said.

"Okay, but help me lay down first. Maybe I can wiggle into a better position to get the pressure off, this hurts, bud, and it hurts bad."

As we were getting me into a position so that I could lie down, Officer Ramirez said that EMS had been called and were on their way.

In exasperation, I said "Damn it. All I need to do is to lie down so I can get these fucking straps straightened out."

With officer Ramirez' assistance, I was able to lie down and then quickly unzipped my jeans, put my hand into my very wet underwear and quickly pulled the strap away. The results were not perfect but at least the intense pain was immediately relieved somewhat as long as I held it out of the way.

One of the four EMS workers came to me. The rest of them went to the motionless form laying a couple of feet away.

Without waiting for him to ask me a bunch of silly assed questions I said "Look, I have prosthetic leg, so my leg isn't broken. My problem is that a number of straps hold this contraption on my body. They have slipped and slid in all sorts of unnatural positions, and they are squeezing my nuts off. I have to get my jeans off so that I can get everything straightened out and then assess any damage. I'm wearing underwear." I said as the paramedic began straightening me out enough to fully lie down flat on the floor.

With my good leg, I was able to kick my jeans off and the paramedic put my leg in a more natural position. He carefully examined my stump then with his help I was able to get my Leg back on in the correct position. I was then sure that my Leg was not damaged, nor was I.

Officer Ramirez and the paramedic lifted me up and took me away from the mayhem that was taking place very close to us. Peter knelt down... he was crying and he looked terrified. I took his free hand in mine and squeezed assuringly. From the conversation, I realized he was talking to dad using his cell phone. The longer he was talking to dad the more he was calming down.

After a few minutes, he handed me the phone...

"David, are you okay? What happened?"

"Dad, please come down to the underwear shop in the mall. This is all messed up. Jeremy is in handcuffs. This guy... what he tried to do to me was terrible... he's not moving, dad. The paramedics are just standing around talking now. Cops are everywhere..."

Tears sprang from my eyes as the adrenalin rush was subsiding; I realized I was shaking. Peter took the phone and told dad, "Dad, get your ass down here!"

Then I heard the paramedic who had helped me say to all around, "Call the coroner. We have a DB."

My first thought was "Oh fuck me already." As I knew what had happened when they stopped doing anything for the guy.

Peter looked at me frantically and asked "What's that mean?"

"He's dead." I whispered in reply, and then Peter helped me up and we went over to Jeremy and sat down at his side after a cop quickly frisked us looking for weapons and other contraband.

Jeremy had tears freely flowing down his cheeks, he was hiccupping violently then turned his head away from us as a wave of nausea overtook him causing him to hurl. Quickly, I put my arms around him to keep him from falling over as his arms were handcuffed behind his back, and then began softly rubbing little circles on his back until he stopped retching.

When he regained his composure, I whispered in his ear, "Dad's on his way, he'll be here in a few minutes. I'm sorry this happened.

Jeremy looked into my eyes and steamed, "David, that guy was raping you. I had to do something!"

"Jeremy, we had our clothes on... hang in there dude, dad's on his way. He'll straighten this all out."

Officer Ramirez walked over to us, and said, "The perpetrator died. The watch commander is on his way. We're treating this as a homicide scene so nobody can come and nobody can leave until the preliminaries are completed. Right now, Jeremy, you're being detained but are not under arrest. We'll review the in-store surveillance tapes and just go from there. You guys just hang tight. Where's your father?"

"He's on his way. He'll be here in just a few minutes, Officer." Peter said assuringly.

Another officer came over to Ramirez and said "Sir, we're unable to review the footage. Something's wrong with the video recorder in the back room. The clerk is working on it."

"Shit, okay, call the forensics team. Meanwhile, nobody is to touch anything, do you understand?"

"Yes sir." The other officer replied dutifully and then quickly took off for the back of the store.

"Officer Ramirez, wait. My dad can probably fix it. Don't you remember, he owns a surveillance equipment company?"

Officer Ramirez thought for a moment then replied, "Okay. Hang tight."

Just then a commotion broke out toward the front of the store. Officer Ramirez quickly made his way past the paramedics and other officers standing around barking orders.

When he was out of sight, I hugged Jeremy and Peter put his arms around me. That is how dad found us.

With all of us telling what had happened, and that the video equipment was not working which would prove Jeremy did what he had to do to protect us, dad went looking for Officer Ramirez.

When they returned, Officer Ramirez said, "Okay, your dad thinks he can retrieve the information, you all hang tight. David you need to come with me though. We need your jeans and underwear for evidence... I'm sorry."

"I can't go walking through the mall in a skimpy pair of undies." I said incredulously, and then picked up a pair of bright yellow string bikini underwear to prove my point.

Peter said, "Wait. We've got a bunch of new clothes out in the car. Can I go get David something to wear?"

Officer Ramirez looked around the store then after finding no outer wear he said to Peter, "Let me get an officer to escort you, hold on."

Officer Ramirez walked over to a group of officers standing around and said something to the group of them, I could not hear 'what' he was saying, only 'how' he was saying it - he was upset. One of the other officers walked over and said he was going to escort Peter to the parking lot to retrieve a change of clothes for me.

When they left, Dad and Officer Ramirez lifted me up to a standing position by my underarms. Dad gave me a deep, deep hug then said, "I'm going to the backroom to check out their system." Turning to Jeremy he said, "It's going to be okay. Hang tough for a little while until we get this straightened out."

That said, dad and Officer Ramirez took off toward the rear of the store.

A few minutes later, dad returned and said to Jeremy, "The camera system was working. I was able to get the monitoring system to work. Officer Ramirez's viewing it right now but I can't be there while he is. Those are the rules of evidence since I have a personal interest, obviously."

Several minutes later Peter and the cop returned with a bag. Officer Ramirez approached Peter and me, "Okay, we're ready to collect the evidence. I have to ask that you come with me, alone. It's a rule of evidence, sorry Mr. Blake."

That said, Officer Ramirez looked through the bag that Peter had handed to him, and after seeing that everything was okay, he escorted me to the back of the store to a bathroom where I removed my jeans and underwear... and put on clean pairs. He took a buccal smear from the insides of my cheeks and then escorted me back to where my family was sitting and waiting.

One of the forensics cops and Officer Ramirez walked to us and said that he had enough information for the moment but that we would be required to go 'downtown' to make official statements. He thought that the DA would allow Jeremy to be released into dad's custody later on after he had reviewed the evidence, but he couldn't guarantee it.

As we were getting ready to load up and leave, the store manager walked over to us, apologized profusely for our bad experiences and gave all our selections in a bag and said that they were to be 'on the store'. She then gave us a five hundred dollar gift card that could be used at any time we chose to.

Because of legal formalities, Jeremy was taken downtown by the cops for formal questioning and statement production. We would be able to follow them in our vehicle then provide our written statements at the station house.

By the time we got to the parking lot, my stump was throbbing badly. My nuts were also very sore from being bound up like they had been. Peter understood all too well. He offered, in jest, to kiss them and make them all better. I just smiled and twitched my eyebrows up and down then mouthed "Later maybe."

The whole process downtown took about four hours after arriving at the police station. The only good news was that Jeremy was released, and no charges were expected to be filed against him.

Because it was after 7pm, we just decided to stop and get take-out food for dinner that night as nobody was in the mood to eat in the restaurant, or to prepare dinner at home.

When we arrived home, we were all pretty quiet not saying much. We even stayed clothed and picked at our food, letting it get cold and gross.

Finally, Peter got up and went into the bathroom off of the TV room. Coming back a couple of minutes later, he sat down next to Jeremy and just held him as Jeremy released the pain he was feeling over taking another man's life. Dad and I rearranged ourselves so that we could join in the family hug. We all cried with Jeremy and offered our support by touching and holding him.

My phone vibrated and emitted a sound signaling an incoming text message. Reluctantly, I got up, pulled it out of my pocket then answered, "Hello."

"Hey brother, what's going on?" Allen said.

I said to Dad, Peter and Jeremy, "It's Allen, I'll be right back."

Allen: WTF dude, you're on TV.

Me: No!

Allen: Yes!

Me: Fuck!

Allen: No shit. I'm sorry man.

Me: Yeah, thanks.

Allen: Jeremy's good, man.

Me: Yeah. He's hurting badly though.

Allen: He's hurt???

Me: No, not physically, he's mental, we all are.

Allen: Yeah, I can imagine. Look I know you need to get back, give me a holler later.

Me: I don't wanna talk about it anymore right now, gotta go bruddah.

Allen: You guys are all good. Give me a holler when you can. Peace.

Me: You 2.

Allen: Sorry.

Me: Me 2. Later.

Allen: Later.

Me: Thanks. Bye.

The guys were on their way out of the TV room when I returned. Dad said, "Sauna. It'll help you guys to relax then go swimming for a while."

I nodded. Peter nodded. Jeremy looked like he was lost in his own thoughts.

"Come on Jeremy. Dad has a good idea." I said assuringly while putting my arm in his and urging him to come along upstairs so we could get changed.

"Dad, you're going too." I asserted. Dad just looked at me incredulously then he smiled and replied, "You're pretty bossy you know." Then smiled and added, "Okay. I'll go outside and get it turned on. Hurry up."

After taking a good piss, and after doing some minor tongue wrestling, Peter and I undressed and I swapped my Leg for the crutches after looking over my stump carefully. It was fine; bruised but okay.

Going back downstairs, we spent about 30 minutes or so in the sauna. It was the best thing we could have done for ourselves as it took out the knots of tension and subsequently relaxed our minds.

Peter moved around to be in front of me and massaged my stump and the hip I had landed on. I was in a perfect position to massage his neck and shoulders. Occasionally we would 'slip' our hands onto our tumescent adolescent poles. Nothing arose to the occasion, the water was just too warm and we only did it to let the other know that we cared.

Dad massaged Jeremy's neck and shoulders then they switched positions and would do the others'.

Our moods lightened considerably. We were much more relaxed and talked about several different things that had nothing to do with the events that had happened earlier that day. We all jumped in the pool, swam a few laps and then when nobody was interested in any strenuous activities we got out, went upstairs, took showers then met downstairs for a bowl of ice cream.

As Peter and I cleaned up the kitchen, Peter suggested that we all sleep together. I liked the idea so we went to Jeremy's room, urged him out of bed and then walked into dad's room and announced, "Why don't we all sleep together? Jeremy's in the middle." Peter offered.

"I'll be fine. I want to be alone." Jeremy said but the way he said it left it clear that he really didn't want to be alone at the same time.

"Come on, bro. We'll just pile into dad's king sized bed, right?" I asked looking at dad for his answer.

"Jeremy, it's a good idea. Having bad dreams after all that has happened today would not be unusual. If we get afraid then we're close to those of us we love, and so that you are not alone, none of us are alone." Dad said.

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