The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 8

Midmorning on Saturday, Peter and I were setting at the edge of the pool enjoying a wonderful and glorious day, a nice cool refreshing pineapple drink while talking a lot about nothing in particular when Peter said smiling "This is so cool, David. I never thought I would see the day when I was so happy around so many people in all of my life who love me for being who I am without restrictions."

"I know what you mean, Peter. Back in Missouri, I had no friends really, well except for Jason. I really had no life outside of the farm other than a few acquaintances from church or school. Don't get me wrong though, I really enjoyed the wide open spaces, the cool mornings, hot afternoons and even the hard work it took to keep the farm going. I would not trade those experiences for anything, not really. They taught me a lot." I replied.

"Back about 3 or 4 years ago, before my mom took on being a whore and drug dealer as occupations life was pretty good here too. But her paranoid schizoid bullshit took over and life has been a fucking mess, until just now." Peter mused.

"Maybe her change was to protect you. I mean drug addicts go to unsavory places to get their shit, so maybe her restrictions put on you were her way, maybe even a sick way to protect you. I don't know, I'm just talking shit because I've never been there. I've not been in that situation." I said.

"One of the social workers who saw me in the hospital said something similar. She also said that drug addiction and alcohol dependence, and all the rest of that shit causes paranoia and other sick behavior shit. I don't know what all that really means, I just know life was hell." Peter said as tears started leaking from his eyes, falling down his cheeks, and then rolling down onto his burgeoning six-pack.

Getting up, I sat down on his chair then pulled him into my arms holding him tightly, "Just let it out, Peter. Let it all out, don't hold back." I said softly with tears running down my own face.

He cried and cried heaving sobs of pent up pain out into the open, probably for the very first time ever. Slowly, the spasms let go of him and then his breathing became deep, regular and widely spaced apart. I looked and saw his eyes were closed, his eyelids were fluttering a little, and then his mouth slightly opened. After a few minutes, his eyes stopped their motions and he began very lightly snoring.

As I sat in that lounge chair feeling his rhythmical breathing and occasional little light snores, I became entranced, almost like hypnosis. My mind wandered into a realm that I had never been to before... I guessed that if having this guy in my arms sleeping soundly made me gay then I had no problem with it... in fact the thought of having shared sperms with him made me actually comfortable with the idea. I'd never been excited with a girl, and although I had kissed one, my body did not respond, not that it should have because I was only 11 years old at the time. Somewhere, deep in my thoughts I fell asleep with Peter in my arms.

About an hour later, I awoke peacefully with contentment deep within my bones. Here I am with whom I love and cherish. I realized I love this dude who is lying beside me and decided that if I am gay then I am just gay. I acknowledged it by saying softly out loud to anybody who might have been listening "I'm gay and love Peter. If that makes me a bad person then that is your problem, not mine."

I raised my head up and looked down into Peter's face. He had this oh so very peaceful look on his face and traces of a smile. Seemingly, as if my hands were acting on their own, they dropped down to the top of his underwear and then lingered when I felt the top of the elastic waistband being stretched thinly. By that time, my prong was at full alert and poking him in his back with some urgency.

Being a bit, no not a bit in any sense of the word, randy, I looked around, and seeing nobody, I allowed my fingers to trail the protrusion his cock down to its root. Unable to stop myself, I gently wrapped my fingers around his spear of pleasure and began little but deliberate jacking motions. He brought his leg up so that his foot was resting on the surface of the lounge chair, and then he dropped his leg to the side. Meanwhile, I had released my grip on him and raised my hand back up to about the level of his belly button.

When he fell fully back to sleep, my hand, once again, as if it were obsessed not even thinking it was my mind that was guiding it, lowered until it rested firmly on his now fully elongated tool of love. When his breathing did not change, I once again started jacking him very softly yet intently at the same time.

I let my hand rest where it was when he sniffled and smacked his lips, still fully asleep.

Brazen beyond reason, on my next up stroke, I lifted the edge of his very soft underwear and snaked my fingers down into that scalding hot space emanating from his non-existent pubes.

Without so much as any warning, Peter lifted his legs up and then used his thumbs to lower his underwear and then he put his hand over mine and put pressure and made jacking motions. He turned his face around so that he could look directly into my eyes... he was smiling and then nodded affirmatively.

Needing no further encouragement, I began jacking his rigid pole of pleasure fervently. He then went hard as a rock and his cock expanded and then he tightened up jutting his hips up into my hand as if they were looking for more... they were looking for more, they were looking for maximum ... not to disappoint his body's desires, I gripped him firmly and then slowed down my jacking motions as first one, then two, then three and finally four jets of his hot prostate and seminal vesicle release took him over completely.

Without even realizing it until it was too late, my body tensed up and the old familiar feeling of a sudden catastrophic and all encompassing, mind and soul draining orgasm overtook my sense of being and totality.

When the feelings passed, and it took them awhile to dissipate, I collapsed; Peter collapsed leaving us very sticky but very well satiated.

He turned around and then took me into his arms where we kissed deeply, as if there was no tomorrow. As if once again on autopilot, our tongues found the others'. At first, Peter opened his eyes, removed his tongue from mine, and once we decided it was okay, we then got into sucking each others' tongues, and then dove in for all we were worth, searching, searching, and searching for tonsilar tissues. Although we found none, that did not mean we stopped trying. The sensory overload won out; he found my prong snaking its way between us, and then the man of my dreams took hold of it and jacked it to a joyful and thunderous conclusion.

"I need to take a shower, I feel all gunked up. It has been enough days since the operation, and Dr. Miller said I could take one on Saturday." Peter said softly.

"Okay. Go ahead and I will follow yours. Unless you want to take a shower together that is."

"Let's take one together then." Peter said.

So off we went. We took a good shower, playing a little, however still satiated from our earlier mind blowing orgasms did not get into a major case of hanky panky.

"Oops, I forgot to get a clean pair of shorts or something to wear, David. Can you get me something to wear and bring it to me, dude?" Peter asked.

"Ah, come on. Let's dry our hair and then streak down to my room. I don't think anybody is here. Besides, I really like seeing your naked body, and even more when it is next to mine."

"Okay, I guess, I am just not used to parading around naked, David. I mean I got into a lot of trouble when I was naked around the house, even in the bathroom. One time my mom caught me touching my hard erection. She got all spaz and shit and then told me that my mind was full of Satan; that Satan resided in my mind, body and spirit."

"Peter, you have already paraded naked through the house. Remember when we were at the pool a few days ago. You were asleep then woke up with an urgent need to empty your bladder so you just got up and did it. Dad was standing right there and together we watched you go into the house ... nekkid, and you were not thinking anything about it."

Peter is really cute when he blushes but then he smiled, opened the door to the bathroom, peered around the corner and then took off for my, our, room. When I arrived, he was looking in my underwear drawer for something to put on. He pulled out a bright yellow bikini short pair and then tossed it to me, "Wear those David." I sat down on the bed and put them on then stood up and he helped me to bring them up and over my cock and ass, yet at the same time, he made an exaggeratedly slow ascent over my cock causing it to rise to his touch.

Not to be left out, I got up and went rummaging through my drawer for my 'special' pair. Finding them, I held them up for him to see. As I said before, Peter looks hella cute when he blushes... quickly he grabbed them and slinked them up and over his own equipment, "I can't wear these; they don't cover anything."

"Yes they do. Your maleness is covered."

"My butt is hanging out..."

"So, everybody has one..."

"Not everybody has seen MINE..." Peter whined.

"Oh okay, stop your whining. Here, put these on." I said then sat down and removed my underwear and tossed them to him. I then got up and exited the bedroom heading downstairs, sans clothing.

A few minutes later, Peter came down the stairs and sat down at the bar next to me, sans clothing but he had a towel in his hand.


At breakfast the next Monday morning, dad said 'David, I'll be home for lunch today. This afternoon you have an appointment at the prosthetics company. Your Leg is ready for you to try on. If it fits properly, they will then begin teaching you how to use it. Peter, you have your follow up appointment with Dr. Miller to get your stitches out. Because you both are graduating from surmountable challenges, we'll eat out and celebrate at any restaurant of your choice. My treat."

"Kewl. Sounds like a plan, dad." I said enthusiastically. Peter nodded his approvals vigorously.

Dad messed up the times for the appointments, so Peter's was first and mine was later on.

Arriving at Dr. Miller's office, dad asked Peter, "Do you want me to go in with you?"

"Uhm, yeah, I guess, if you want to Sir, I mean Jim." Peter answered reluctantly.

"I don't have to, Peter. To make you feel more comfortable, I'll just stay out here in the waiting room." Dad replied after seeing Peter's facial expressions that said he would rather be alone.

"I'll wait with dad." I said.

"I'll be okay, David. But if you want to come, you can. Jim, you can come in too if you want to. I really don't mind. I really do not have anything different than you guys, so come on with me." Peter said.

After waiting only a few minutes, the receptionist called us into the examining room where she measured Peter's height and weight.

"You weigh 108 pounds and are 5' 4" tall. Is that pretty normal for you?"

"Uhm hmm. That's about right."

"The doctor will be right in. Normally, we only allow one person, an adult, in the exam room with the patient..."

"No, it's okay, I mean I'm okay with them being here but only you and Dr. Miller are okay with it." Peter said.

After the nurse looked at me, dad and then back to Peter, "It's fine. We just want to protect your privacy and to make you comfortable. The doctor will be right in. He is actually running on schedule today!" She said chuckling and then added "You'll need to undress completely and then put this gown on, with the opening to the back."

Dr. Miller came in shortly after the nurse left.

"It's good to see you in good spirits and to not be in pain as you were when we initially saw you in the Emergency Room. How are you doing?" Dr. Miller asked Peter warmly.

"I'm good, and getting better each day." Peter replied.

"Any problems?"

"No, not really. Like I said, I'm getting better day by day."

"Are your bowels moving okay?"

"Yeah, I'm back to normal. The first one, though, about killed me. I thought I was going to split wide open. Sheesh."

"That's pretty normal. You've had surgery inside of your abdomen, and along with the pain medication you received, that first one is usually a bear. Have you had any fevers?"


"Good. Okay, great, let's take a look see."

Dr. Miller thoroughly examined Peter from head to toe. Satisfied with his progress he removed the stitches from the little incisions on his belly, "The stitches on your testicle will dissolve on their own. Give them a couple of weeks. You'll probably find them in your underwear."

"I'm glad to see that your bruises are also healing up nicely, Peter. Your ribs are also much, much less tender which means they are healing up nicely. The x-rays showed you had two cracked ribs, but neither were complete fractures, which is good. Do you have any questions for me at this time?"

"Just one, sir."

Dr. Miller nodded.

"Can I get a <pointing to his absent testicle>?"

"Sure. We can schedule that. We simply make a very small incision under local anesthesia at the base of your sack and then under local anesthesia insert the prosthesis. Other than some slight discomfort postoperatively, you would be just fine. The prosthetic will be a little bit larger than your left one to allow for your normal growth and development. Within a year or two they will be equal in size." Dr. Miller explained succinctly.

"Okay, doctor. I'll probably have one of those put in. I'll save my money up, I'll get a job or something. Thank you."

Dad looked seriously at Peter but didn't say anything. Peter caught dad's eyes in his and then shrugged it off.

Because of the time mix-ups and the fact that we had not had lunch, we stopped at a deli and got a small sandwich and drink to tide us over until dinner time.

We arrived at the prosthetic place on time, and were not kept waiting more than 10 minutes before a man approximately 35 years old came out from a back room. He called me to come follow him.

As Dad got up to follow me in, the man said "Mr. Blake, please, I'd prefer to meet with David for the initial fitting if that is acceptable to you. For many of my clients, their initial fitting is a very private and personal moment. When one has lost a limb, particularly one that affects their mobility that you, I and the rest of the world take for granted, well, that moment is a monumental one."

Continuing, "As I recall, David once thought of himself as a Freak. This perception is not at all uncommon for amputees. David your decision to be fitted shows that you are indeed courageous. We will do everything in our power to allow you to help you change your self perception."

"Very well. Thank you for your explanations. Could we have a moment or two to discuss this privately?" Dad said.

"Sure. Just advise the receptionist when you are ready."

"Dad, Madeline, the last physical therapist at the hospital told me this time would arrive if I decided to get and wear a prosthetic. She explains that it happens only once in a lifetime, and that feeling whole once again, happens only once. Daddy?"

"Uhm hmm." Dad replied.

"Daddy, you have been with me throughout this challenge in my life. You kept me going when I wanted to die after they cut off my leg. You there holding my hand when I came out of the anesthesia and I reached down to touch my leg only to find that it was no longer there. But, I have never felt whole. No matter what, I did feel like a Freak, as Alex correctly said. I'd like to do this myself; I need to do this for myself; I want to walk back here into this waiting room where you and Peter are, and will be."

Dad looked me deeply in the eyes. His were moist. He nodded but could not speak. I felt my eyes well up. A tear rolled down my cheek. When our gaze broke, I looked to Peter. He was smiling and then he too nodded. He reached over and whiped off the tear that came to rest on my upper lip.

Peter pulled me into a hug and then looked over his shoulder at dad. Dad nodded, Peter said, "I'll be right here waiting for you." Without another word, Peter kissed me, and I returned that kiss.

I turned to dad. He smiled and nodded warmly. He walked over where we hugged deeply.

After taking a deep breath I went to the receptionist's cube, and told her I was ready, that my decision was made.

A few short moments later, Alex returned. He looked at me expectantly, "Have you reached your decision, David?"

"Yeah. My family will wait here."

"Okay, are you ready then?"

I nodded, got up and started walking through the door that opened to the fitting rooms back through the labyrinth to where my Leg rested. Just as were through the threshold but before the door closed, I heard the outer door open. I looked back ... it was Jeremy.

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