The Light, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 21

*-* Angel's POV *-*

Right after dinner and before we could go swimming, Allen excused himself to the restroom. The rest of us started talking about this, that, and everything but nothing significant... we were simply enjoying some quiet alone time.

Antoine and Matt were cuddled up on one end of one of the three sofas in the main living area while Peter and David were curled up on the other corner of it. Jeremy and Jason were cuddled up on the floor, their favorite place. William, Andy, Harry and Benji were sitting at the table... poor Benji was being taught how to play Hearts by his three soul mates... the poor boy was so confused, but you'd never know it. Nothing ever seemed to bother him. Mom and dad were in their own conversation.

After observing everything, I wondered where my man was and what was taking him so long... so I headed upstairs to the bedroom area. Ours was the 4th on the right. Our room was dark save for the light entering the bathroom from the skylights and the open air windows at the top over the shower.

I entered the bathroom and turned toward the bed. I saw Allen lying on his side facing away. I wondered why he was in bed so early. I walked to where he was lying, leaned down to see if he was asleep. From his deep rhythmical breathing it was easy to tell that he was indeed sound asleep. I reached over and brushed his hair away from his long blond eyelashes. I got harder than a missile. He does that to me... even when he's asleep.

But... I straightened out and went into the bathroom, dumped a load of torpedoes, wiped up sufficiently, washed my hands and then went back into the bedroom where I knelt down on the floor, took his free hand in mine and squeezed. I laid my head down on the bed and began realizing, once again, how much I loved him. I started thinking about how we got together, and how our love grew from there.

*** Flashback

I vividly remembered the very first time I saw his penis. We were probably 12 years old, had just finished a competition and were using an outdoor shower to rinse the salt and sand off our bodies.

There were 4 open air shower spigots. I took the first one, Barry took the second, Allen took the third, and Sanders took the last one.

I don't know what it was... but I was fascinated by Allen, ever since we began surf competing with other teams 3 years previously. He was nice and he talked to me every time we were together or passed by each other. He largely kept to himself though. He was easy to talk to even though you generally had to begin a conversation.

I grabbed the shampoo bottle from my satchel bag and washed my hair. I used the suds to wash the rest of my body until I got to the last section. I had gotten down a system... I'd suds my hands up good and then reach into my crotch area, wash good then lift them up and out to rinse.

It's an unspoken guy thing, a rule of sorts, to not pay any attention to the other guys. I had never really thought about it... after all I was only 12.

In any event, I noticed, and paid very close attention to the fact that Allen's boardies were riding so low on his hips that his butt cheeks were fully exposed to the world, and anybody who happened to be walking by on the sidewalk. I smirked, thinking that he must be a exhibitionist, or something. I looked in front... his swim suit was being held up only by his half-hard penis. He had a small smattering of pubes, and his dark tanned skin was … all over. There was no tan line. Hmm, he must skinny dip...

Then the most amazing thing happened... he reached down to the ground to retrieve his bottle of shampoo... in the process, his boardies fell to mid-thigh level thus exposing everything he had to the entire frigging world.

By that time I was boned up, and when I paid attention, my hand was inside of my swim suit grasping my hard cock.

Quickly, I removed my hand and stuck my head under the water to rinse off... though I kept looking over at Allen. Barry looked at me... like I was looking at him or something... actually I was looking past him...

Sanders started laughing and then smacked Allen on his bare ass. They exchanged some expletives, playfully of course, and then Allen began rinsing off after giving his dick a couple of tugs to wash it off. He then reached back and ran his soapy hand up and down his ass crack a couple of times.

The most amazing thing happened... my cock twitched violently. It wasn't an orgasm because I had just discovered the joys of boy-self-sex only a few weeks before. If I were home on my bed right then I would have jacked to my hearts' content... but I wasn't at home. I already knew I was massively boned down so there was no need to... look.

I couldn't believe what happened next... he looked around really quickly then without any sense of shame whatsoever... he dropped off his boardies, kicked them aside and then retrieved his towel and dried off. He looked at me... shrugged his shoulders, smiled quickly then got dressed in Cargo shorts and an Adidas t-shirt.

He walked over to me and wearing a smile said, "I'll see you at practice tomorrow morning, you're coming aren't you?"

"Oh yeah, our meet this weekend is going to be tough. The other team is killer. They won the competition semi-finals last summer... they're really good."

"Ahhhh, but we're ten times better than they ever thought about being. See ya tomorrow, okay?"

"Count on it. See ya later, dude... hey, can I ask you a question first?"

"Sure, what's on your mind?"

"Do you always take a shower in the buff here in the public area?"

"Oh no, it just fell down when I reached for the shampoo. I just figured what the hell; I'm already exposed so I might as well wash up all over. No big deal really. I've got the same stuff and I'm not ashamed of it. Gotta go Angel. The 'rents are waiting and they don't like to wait."

After that one time, he never, much to my dismay, stripped down like that to rinse off though he would drop his suit down while having a towel around his midsection. We did however start to shower under the same head and talked about surfing and other stuff. I was drawn to him and soon we were hanging outside of competition and practices and our friendship grew over the summer.

Our team won the championship that summer for our age group. I was afraid that our friendship would suffer since we would not be together because we lived several blocks away from each other.

As if reading my thoughts (if only I would have known my thoughts were not all that far off base to his way of thinking) he said, "Angel, my family goes to our family resort almost every weekend, so if you would like to go, I'd like for you to join us."

"Sure, that sounds like fun, I've never been down there."

"One thing about it is that the beach is clothing optional, so if you don't like going natural then you can always wear something. I don't wear anything, but that's just me. I hate clothes - they should be banned." Allen said assuredly.

"Uhm, well, you know, I'm not used to being naked. We'll see okay?"

"That's fine. It is a clothing optional beach. Nobody will much care one way or another. Just be yourself. You've got nothing to hide, right?" Allen asked.

"Nope, I've got the same bits as other guys."

"Kewl, I'll call you Friday to see if you want to go this weekend. We usually go down on Friday afternoon and return late Sunday evening."

I asked my parents if I could go with them. Dad said to ask mom. Mom told me to ask dad. I wasn't sure if they were just fucking with me. You know the normal parent thing. Actually, I just don't think they had the balls to make a decision to say either Yes or No. But oh well. All said and done, I was given permission.

Allen's family picked me up around 1pm on Friday. The beach was only about 45 minutes away. When we arrived at their cabin, Allen and his family dropped their clothes off of their bodies and went on about their normal activities.

When Allen took his clothes off in our room, my dick grew to its longest length ever, and was so hard it hurt.

"Don't worry, Angel. I get hard too, sometimes out on the beach. I can't stop it. Getting a boner just seems to happen whether or not I want it to, so I just don't let it bother me. It eventually goes down." Allen said chuckling.

"Yeah, I guess. I'm going to just wait until it goes down on its own. You go ahead. I'll just read a book for a while, maybe take a nap."

"Go in the bathroom and try to take a piss. It may just be a pee-hard." Allen said as a matter of fact as he left our bedroom and walked into the kitchen. I noticed his penis had gotten hard and was acting like nothing was wrong as he started helping his dad raise the windows to let the place air out.

Anyway, I put my white brief Speedo on over my hard and made my way to the bathroom where I let a good strong boy piss exit my body. Finding that my Speedo no longer had an obscene tent in it, I went into their living space and helped Allen with his chores.

After dinner and everything, we went down to the surf and played around until the sun started heading down.

"Come on. Let's go sit on the wall and watch the sun go down. I love it when the sun sets over the water, there's nothing like it." Allen said.

Now I have seen many sunsets over the water and each have been kewl, but this one was spectacular.

When we got to the wall, the sun was quickly setting. Allen sat down right next to me. Our legs were touching as were our shoulders.

When the sun was half-way down, Allen put his arm across my back and his hand on my shoulder and said "This is the best part. Just watch the sun lower into the water; it's really, really kewl."

When the moment was over, Allen shuddered briefly. I put my arm and hand into similar positions as he was with me and asked "Are you cold?"

"Maybe. A little. The breeze is cool. Come on. Let's go up to the cabin. Mom will probably make up some Smores, plus we'll get out of the breeze. Race ya." Allen said then took off.

He got a few steps on me and I took in the look of his fine ass as he ran like a deer towards the cabin and immediately boned up hard as hard. Before he had left though, he was major boned up as well. His cock was hugging his abdomen tightly. Quickly, I caught up with him then surpassed winning the 'race'.

Allen's mom made some really good Smores. I had never had them before. Yummy, we ate 3 apiece. When we were done with them, our hands and mouths were really sticky with the melted marshmallows which made us look like we had white mustaches or something.

Allen's mom quickly shooed us in the direction of the shower by saying "Boys, time to go brush your teeth and take a shower. AND you're tracking sand all over the place. I just got finished sweeping the floors. BOYS! You will be the death of me yet!"

Going into the bathroom, we quickly brushed our teeth (both of us are a dentists' dream come true). I started to take my swim suit off but Allen stopped by saying, "No, wait until you get in the shower to take it off so you can rinse it with water first. Mom gets pissed when sand is all over the floor in here. Boy does she ever. I guess she's right though. Getting sand in my bed is a real pisser."

When we got into the shower, Allen said "Go ahead and take it off now. Just let it fall on the shower floor. That way when the soap and water hits it your suit will get washed without any effort." Allen giggled.

After some tugging on the knot which got pretty tight with it being wet, I shucked my Speedo down and off allowing it to drop to the shower floor. Soaping up good, we washed our bodies but were unable to get our backs. Allen reached for a back wash brush then washed my back with it rubbing it all over. God that felt good, like a dream. Satisfied I was clean, he gave me the brush and I did the same for him.

After getting out and drying off I said, "I don't have anything to wear. I forgot to get my shorts out of the bag."

"Don't worry about it, just go natural." Allen said softly.

"Uhm, I don't know. I'm not used to this you know. We don't run around naked at home. In fact, I get scolded when I go from the bathroom to my bedroom that way."

"Well, Angel, you won't get scolded around here for being naked. Tell ya what, why don't you just try going from the bathroom to the bedroom. Ease into getting used to it. I'm not getting dressed. I always sleep naked even at home." Allen said.

"Okay. I guess I can do it." I said with hesitation.

"If you'd rather, I'll go get you a pair of shorts so you don't have to be naked." Allen said giving me an option.

"I'll try. I mean you have the same junk I do and your parents don't mind. They don't even worry about you having a hard, why is that?"

"You said it already, Angel. We have the same junk. Not to worry. Seriously."

"Okay. I'll do it. But, I'll take a towel and cover my front if that's okay."

"No problem, dude. Just work into it. Nobody's going to say a word bad either way." Allen said sincerely.

"Okay, I'll do it." I said then hung my towel on the towel rack.

"Kewl. You have a good looking body there's no reason to hide it." Allen said faithfully and then patted me on my back.

He said I have a good looking body? Who me? Why would he say something like that? I mean I like seeing his body. I just think it's being friends. What else could it be?

Allen opened the door to the bathroom and stepped out shaking his head to dry it more. I stood there for a couple of minutes to gather my courage then stepped out into the hallway. I debated on going back to our room to get some shorts, but then thought what the fuck; Allen's naked and has been since we arrived… so what the fuck already.

Going out to their living room, I walked in front of Allen's parents who were watching TV and nothing was said except that Allen's dad smiled and motioned for me to sit next to him which I did. He put his arm around my shoulder and asked if I was having a good time. I assured him I was, and relaxed.

"Your back and shoulders are really hot, Angel. You probably got quite a bit of sun today. Did you wear any suntan lotion?" John asked.

"No, I forgot it..."

Allen, hand me the body lotion would you please?" John said.

"Sure dad." Allen said, but he looked at me funny like.

John squeezed some out in his hand and began rubbing my face, neck, shoulders and back down with the soothing lotion. I didn't realize that I'd gotten sunburned.

John then stood up, squeezed out another dollop and began rubbing the stuff in on my lower back, stopping about midway on my butt cheeks... and then he descended on down my leg, and then back up again, touching the side of my nuts with the back of his hand. He did the same for the other side.

When he began squeezing another dollop I said, "I can get the rest, thanks."

John started to say something however Allen quickly walked over to where I was standing and said to his dad, "I've got some sunburn on my shoulders too, would you?" He then moved between me and his dad, and then with his naked butt caused me to take a step backward.

Allen turned around to face me, looked into my eyes. He was trying to tell me something but I didn't know him well enough to read him. John began rubbing the lotion into Allen's neck, shoulders, upper back, and then... Allen's eyes opened wide... I looked around and I was shocked at what I saw. John was rubbing Allen's ass cheeks, and then I about came unglued when he pulled his hand up through Allen's crack.

At the same time, I couldn't help but notice that Allen's cock was pulsing to a full out erection... I thought, "What the fuck!" I started to say something but the look on his face told me to be quiet. Allen was also blushing furiously. Then his blushing turned to fury and his face scrunched up... like he was in pain or something. I looked around him. His dad was removing his hand from deep within Allen's backside.

There was something very wrong with that picture... I vowed to find out why that happened, though I didn't know exactly what happened.

Allen jerked away and hissed to his dad, "I'll get the rest but thanks." John lunged at Allen and gave his back a hard smack between the shoulder blades causing Allen to wince incredibly.

I stood there looking at his dad, incredulously... like "Why the fuck did you do that? He didn't do a fucking thing to you..." But I kept my mouth shut.

Allen said to me, "Angel, I'm going to bed. <he turned to his dad then back to me> I suggest you do the same thing, come on." With that he took my hand and half dragged me toward the hallway leading back to the bedrooms.

His dad replied, "Good night boys... pleasant dreams, ya hear?"

Allen replied sarcastically, "Yeah, you TOO, DADDY."

"You, Mr. Smart Ass Son, just wait one goddamned minute... Marilyn, get me a beer."

Before I could do or say anything, John reared back and slapped the shit out of Allen's back again, and said, "Kids with their fucking attitudes these days. They don't know how to respect their parents... well, here's another..." Then without warning he jerked Allen around and open hand slapped his face, hard, knocking Allen off balance. Allen landed in my arms, and then quickly recovered and stood up on his own.

I'd never seen anything like that before in my life, and I wasn't going to watch it happen again. I said, "What the hell are you doing? You can't just hit him like that for any fucking reason!"

John turned to me. I knew I was in deep shit. Allen did too.

Allen jerked my arm and pushed me toward the bedroom. I never took my eyes off John though. I'd never before seen such terror emanating from one human being in my entire life.

Marilyn handed John his beer and said, "You boys go to bed. Here's your beer, asshole."

"What the fuck is going on around here? Those boys disrespect me and now you are too... what the fuck. I work my fucking ass off to give you this <he dramatically extended his arms out in an arc to signify the little cabin they lived in while vacationing>, you have nice clothes, a nice house to live in, nice cars... and this is how you treat me... we'll I'll be goddamned."

John wasn't finished yet.

Allen pushed me forward. I heard loud foot thumps and then a loud smack on bare flesh. I turned around just in time to see Allen falling... together we fell to the floor, him on top of me. His dad then smacked the holy shit out of Allen's back and would not stop – he was a fucking mad man. Allen's body fell into my nuts which pissed me off. I kicked up and out and caught John on his jaw... that gave us time to crawl, crab-legged, into Allen's bedroom with John trying to figure out exactly what the fuck just happened.

Allen dove for his bed. I looked toward the hallway that we had just walked down. John was standing in the middle of it trying to figure out just what the fuck had happened. I slammed the door shut and then locked it.

Allen was crying. Immediately, I got pissed, hunched up my muscles ready to kick some serious ass. But then logic took over – I was a 12 year old kid taking on a drunken madman out of his fucking mind. I satisfied my revenge tactics by raising both my hands and flipping the door off to the bird.

With the heat of the moment passed, at least temporarily, permanently I hoped, I walked around to the side of the bed, knelt down and began rubbing Allen's shoulder where it wasn't beet red. I whispered, "I'm sorry. What the fuck is wrong with him?"

Just as quickly as it started, Allen turned off his crying, snorted up a big ole lugie then grabbed a Kleenex and spat in it. He grabbed another one and wiped his eyes dry.

"Don't be sorry, Angel. He'll be okay in the morning."

"Dude, that's just wrong... and what did he do to you... you know, before he started hitting you?"

"He didn't do anything. He'll be okay in the morning... let's just go to sleep, okay?" Allen said then got up and went to the dresser where he retrieved two pairs of underwear. He threw one to me and then kept one for himself. He then had second thoughts and put his pair back. I got up and placed the pair he gave me back into the drawer.

Allen bowed his head for a moment then looked into my eyes. Without saying a word he walked to the bed, laid down and then curled up into a fetal position and put his hands over his face. The way his stomach was heaving I knew he was trying to not cry.

While I felt a slight need to pee there was no way I was going back into that hallway. That would have surely meant disaster. I was still trying to make sense of the whole thing... I mean 'what the fuck!'.

I walked to Allen's side of the bed and put my hand on his shoulder and then looked his back over and saw a bunch of splotch marks from where he'd been slapped, hard.

Something came over me. Something within me... changed. I felt a sense that I needed to be strong so I shoved the melancholy from my pores. I crawled over Allen and laid down and cuddled into his back and put my arms around him. Even weirder yet... I reached down and tenderly kissed his shoulder and whispered little reassuring things into his ear.

Something drove me to continue kissing down his back until I arrived at those twin globes, at that place where God, evolution some other aberration split us in half. Without any aforethought I kissed his butt cheek where a heavy blotch was present.

I then noticed that his crevice was shiny. With one finger I swiped his crevice just out from his little pucker butt hole. It was slick. I thought surely his dad didn't do THAT. No, he couldn't have, yet, it not only looked slick but it WAS slick.

"Did he put his finger up your butthole? Why? What the fuck?" I asked incredulously.

I received no answer. After a few minutes of silence while I was softly rubbing his back he lifted his head off the pillow and said, "Did you just kiss my ass?"

"Oh... well... kinda, I guess. It's so red, Allen... sorry... maybe I should just... I don't know why I did that... but yeah, I guess I did."

Allen turned over on his back. The first thing I noticed, and I shouldn't have noticed, really, was, well, his... dick... was fully extended... I'd seen it fully extended that one day... while... taking... a shower... down on the... beach.

I looked up. Allen was looking at me looking at him and then he looked down and saw his erection, and then he moved his hand to cover it.

Quickly, he got out of bed and walked to the door, "I've gotta use it. Do you? We need to go together."

I got up from his bed... I was fully erect and I needed to do more than just pee... in a couple of different ways... but that was beside the point... Allen needed to use the can.

"Yeah, I'll go with ya."

With that decided, Allen cracked open the door and looked out into the hallway, looking for any sign of his dad.

The coast was clear so we stealthily padded down the hall to the bathroom, entered and then quickly closed and locked the door.

Allen quickly made his way to the toilet, sat down, whispered, "Sorry" and then tore the sewer system off its moorings, surely. While he was taking care of 'that' business I brushed my teeth again... I had a bad taste in my mouth from the events that had had happened that evening.

When he finished his business and flushed, we changed places.

Once that business was taken care of we stole back to his room and got into bed and pulled the sheets up to cover our naked bodies.

Slumber overtook us. Other than for a couple of interruptions that I could not explain, I slept fine.

By morning, I awoke and found Allen spooned into me, and while at first I was surprised, my conclusion that it felt okay though his hard cock was poking into my lower back right above my crack. I reached around and pushed it aside but it poked back so I just left it there. I was hard as a rock but did not want to get up and go pee yet so I went back into a deep sleep waking up an hour later knowing that the pee could not be put off any longer.

Rolling away from Allen, I got out of bed and let my hard dick lead the way into the bathroom where I took a much needed piss. Satisfied my bladder was empty, I put down the lid, flushed then turned around and there was Allen's dad, John, which startled me to pieces.

"I'm on my way out. Sorry." I said.

"No problem there, Sport. A good healthy piss in the morning is a good thing." John chuckled as I felt very nervous and on the spot.

Going back to bed, Allen was awake and smiled at me warmly as I walked in. Weirded out by John, I didn't say anything, but I did return Allen's smile.

"My turn." Allen said as he got out of bed, his morning wood leading the way out of the room also.

"Your dad is in there, or was. You might want to wait a minute or two to let him clear out."

"He'll probably be in there for a while what with brushing his teeth and shaving. I gotta pee real bad it is no big deal with him being there." Allen said.

I nodded.

When Allen left, I felt kind of weird leaving the room naked, but decided to just go with it as his mom was calling for us to get ready for breakfast. Slowly, I made my way out of the bedroom and down the hallway. The bathroom door was closed, however, I heard the sound of an electric razor going so I passed by and on into the kitchen where Mrs. Morgan was just putting pancake batter onto the electric griddle.

"Good morning, Angel. How did you sleep?" Marilyn asked.

"Good morning to you too, Mrs. Morgan; I slept pretty darned good, thank you for asking."

"You just make yourself at home, Angel. Breakfast around here is self-service. Eat as much as you want. I cook but you boys clean up." Mrs. Morgan said.

"I'm going to wait for Allen, if that's okay?" I asked.

"That's fine, suit yourself." Mrs. Morgan added with a bit of a frown on her face.

I felt that I was under a microscope as I prepared a plate of pancakes, bacon and eggs for Allen and myself though I could not my finger on it so to speak so I dismissed the feeling.

Wondering where Allen was as I finished up the first stack of pancakes he walked into the kitchen from the hallway with a frown then smiled when he saw me. I know my face lit up too then pointed to his plate full of food which might by now be cold since he had been in there for so long, or so it seemed.

After eating breakfast and having performed the compulsory clean-up, we took off and caught some awesome waves following a generous treatment by each other of suntan lotion.

Since I had never been out in the sunshine with my naked boy stuff and butt, I covered them well with the liquid.

Following a couple of hours of wave jumping, we joined some younger kids making a sand castle that the beaches are so well known for and had an absolute blast.

Allen's dad and mom came down every once in a while to take pictures of our progress, oogling and ogling at the creations being laid out before them.

Even the beach lifeguards got into our creation by rating it one of the top 2 they had ever seen.

They then said that taking close-up pictures of beach goers was not to be done, and that in fact doing so was illegal. Allen's dad got quite irate saying those pictures will be used as part of the family album.

The guards argued back by saying the pictures of other beach goers did not have the necessary permissions and moreover was a public area. And so on and so forth, back and forth, back and forth.

After about 5 minutes of that shit Allen and I took off enjoying ourselves immensely in the water and not giving the ruckus on the beach much more thought. Adults – sheesh anyway, already.

The guards won as did the State Water Patrol (SWP). They forced John to delete the pictures that had any people in it including us but allowed him to keep the sand castle pictures where nobody was in them, which did not set for a very good mood for the entire family the rest of the afternoon and night.

Allen and I had been careful to keep our skin covered with suntan lotion so as to not repeat the anger and resentment from the previous night. We kept a very low profile and generally stayed out of trouble by being by ourselves or spending time with the other kids on the beach busy building and rebuilding our sand castle.

Around 2pm, Allen's mom came down and said it was lunch time and that we would be going out for it today, to get in, take our showers and to get dressed and to not cause a fuss so we did as we were instructed.

"Ah man, clothes, I hate 'em, Angel." Allen said walking into the bathroom to comply but not loud enough to gain any 'rental admonishment or punishment.

"Yeah, I'm getting that way, Allen." I said while chuckling.

"Close the door and lock it, Angel. I've got a problem and need you to help me with it.

"Okay." I said while closing and locking the bathroom door then turning around to see him reaching up into the medicine cabinet where he retrieved a green bottle of a plant liquid called Aloe Vera, a bag of cotton balls & q-tips then handed them to me.

"Dude, I have a really personal problem. Normally dad takes care of this for me but I don't want him to do it while you are here." Allen said looking hopeful.

"Sure. What's the problem dude?"

"One of the drawbacks of naturist life AND the building of sand castles is that a person can get a hell of a 'sand burn' from sitting, laying and twisting around, and well, uhm, I am rubbed raw and sore as hell back there. Will you check me out and get rid of any sand particles in my butt folds?" Allen asked.

"Yeah, I feel raw back there too … so … sure. I mean if you are okay with me being back there."

"If you don't feel comfortable – I can understand how you might be. I'll check you out too. Those things can get infected." Allen said.

"Do you have some cream for after we take our showers … to put on those burns?"

"I usually just use the body cream, it works pretty well." Allen said with certainty.

Allen leaned over the toilet bringing his cheeks up into the light. I found pockets of sand but each time I touched the tissues with the q-tip he winced in pain. Not wanting to hurt I said "I've got an idea. Let's get in the shower then you can get down on your hands and knees with your butt up. The running water will wash it away as I gently prod them out."

"That's a really good idea, Angel. Thanks. You're pretty smart you know." Allen said.

My idea worked splendidly. Using soap, running water and the q-tips sparingly all sand was removed including some just inside his pucker. Allen did the same for me, and while I did not have any sand pockets, I was really raw.

Ready now to take our shower and wash the rest of our bodies, I got this weird idea as I was squeezing a dollop of shampoo on my hands … I wanted to wash his hair and asked "Allen? Can I wash your hair?"

"Sure. It sounds nice. Thanks." Allen replied with a growing smile.

Toward the end of washing his hair, I started washing Allen's face for him. No objection. Taking a chance, I washed his neck, chest and back down to the top of his ass crack then went down and washed his legs & feet. We were both into this, a lot. Slowly, I ran the bar of soap up his leg nearest to me and washed his hips, then went inward to wash his fine ass. Stopping, not knowing if I should do his front and sensing my hesitation, Allen took hold of my hand and gently placed it on his penis then squeezed lightly. Needing no further encouragement, I thoroughly washed his beautiful 4.5 inch hard circumcised penis then when I was satisfied it was clean I moved on to his balls gently kneading them with my soapy fingers.

"Don't stop, Angel. Please. I don't know what you're doing, but gawd it feels so good." Allen said quietly.

Apparently, as I shifted positions so he could lean against the wall I inadvertently squeezed his dick harder which sent his body into a near epileptic seizure as his body shuddered and shook uncontrollably, pushing his body into mine where my dick got caught between me and his butt, and I too exploded in tremendous and spasmodic fits of ecstasy.

Allen, coming down from his cataclysmic natural high spoke first saying "Oh my God, that was so wonderful, geezus, whoa, that was awesome. Oh dude, that was absolutely rad, off of the top!"

"I know. I exploded too. I've never had anything like that happen before. But I want to do it again sometime! Meanwhile, right now the fucking water is ice cold!! Hurry!!! Rinse off. Let's get out of here!!!!" I said with chattering teeth, a now wilted penis and crinkled up balls.

Quickly we rinsed off then got out and dried off, effectively warming us up. When our teeth stopped chattering, Allen took the bottle of Aloe Vera and gently applied it to our butt cracks bringing immediate relief from the irritation caused from the soap. Using toilet paper to dry our butt cheeks, he then deftly applied body lotion to our butt holes, which just added to the good feelings we were feeling down there already.

Smiling at each other we put everything in its rightful place and exited the bathroom going to the kitchen to eat some of the homemade ice cream his dad had prepared earlier that evening, savoring each delicious bite to the point of brain freeze every now and again.

"What took you guys so long in the shower? How the hell am I supposed to wash your damn dishes with cold water?" Mrs. Morgan asked sounding pissed.

"Sorry mom. We had a lot of sand to wash off. But, we cleaned up the bathroom real good." Allen said meekly.

"We'll wash the dishes, Mrs. Morgan, when the water heats back up." I offered.

"Okay. Hey, I think I am going to like you hanging around here more. You can come here any time." She replied slurring her words.

Going over to the counter top, she filled her glass with whiskey and took it and herself out to the deck setting down with her husband who was also nursing a drink.

Going out on the deck ourselves, pulling up chairs and watching what they were seeing on their TV, I was quite shocked to see the pictures and video that was being displayed. They were Allen and I, and the other kids while we were building the sand castle. The video included the argument with the life guards, us coming back up to them, the guards leaving and our return to sand castle building which included the little kids.

"Go to bed, Allen." John said quickly as he stopped the video player - but not before I saw a picture of Allen and me as we first walked through the door to the bathroom to take our showers.

"Dad?" Allen asked as he walked over to his mother's chair.

"GO TO BED, ALLEN. NOW!!" John bellowed.

Quickly, Allen reached down, kissed his mom on her cheek then retreated, grabbed my hand and quickly we went to our bedroom without saying another word until we passed the bathroom.

"I got to stop here first, Allen." I said.

"Okay. I do too. But we've got to hurry." Allen replied.

Entering the bathroom, I turned on the light then headed over to the toilet where I sat down, blew their sewer system apart and followed up with a torpedo battle. Meanwhile when Allen came in he closed the door and turned off the light.

"What the fuck dude … I can't see anything."

"Never mind, just clean up the best you can, haven't you ever done it in the dark?" Allen giggled nervously.

"Yeah, it's no problem."

"Hurry up. I gotta go too. Hurry!" Allen whispered urgently.

"Okay. Okay. Give me a second." I replied while I was quickly cleaning up.

Allen made similar battle sounds, cleaned up and flushed. Knowing his bathroom as he does, he pulled the bottle of body lotion out of the cabinet, we washed our hands then we left and went to our bedroom where we closed the door but did not lock it.

"Why? What's going on around here, Allen? I'm not too sure I am feeling real comfortable. Did you see that last piece of the video where we were going into the bathroom to take our showers?" I asked.

"Angel, dad's into photography, big time. It's all outside though. About the bathroom, well he got an ear full tonight." Allen said laughing uncontrollably.

Laughter is infectious you know, soon I was cracking up too. When we regained control over ourselves and took some deep breaths, the laughter took over again. We did that a couple of times until our sides hurt and then we just snickered.

Lying down, Allen took my arm in his hand and scooted over next to me where we talked about a lot of things, but nothing in particular, nothing notable anyway.

"I'm burning again, Allen. Hand me the lotion, will ya?"

"Me too. Like crazy. Did you clean up good?" Allen asked.

"Yeah, I didn't feel anything slick down there anyway." I said, snickering.

"You're sick dude." Allen laughed.

"Sick. Right. Sick. Sick. Sick." I laughed hard.

We were laughing hard again. Once we regained our composure, now limited to intermittent giggles, I said "Hand me the stuff, dude."

"Okay. Okay. Hold on to your nuts dude." Allen replied as he reached down to the floor for the bottle.

Playfully, I grabbed my dick and my balls in one hand. When he came up Allen started our laughing fit again, major big time.

"You really are crazy, dude." Allen said.

"Yep. Damn straight. And I'm damned proud of it too." I said, starting another bout of laughter.

Once again, we got ourselves under control. Our laughter subsided to snickering only occasionally since we were getting tired.

"Roll over, Angel. I'll put the stuff on you." Allen said while pushing up on my hip to help me turn over.

Expertly, Allen performed the Aloe Vera and lotion trick after double checking that I was clean down there.

Finished with me, he turned over onto his stomach.

After assuring myself that he was clean, I cleaned the skin with the Aloe then gently applied the body lotion to his most private place. When my finger passed the inward dimple of his inner sanctum his body shuddered and he said, "Damn, dude, that feels awesome" then turned his ass upward even further. Eager to please, I wiggled my finger and placed some pressure against his boy dimple feeling it slide in up to the first knuckle.

Pulling my finger out, smelling it and finding it pleasant, I wiped the rest of the cream on a washrag we had kyped from the bathroom and put the bottle away back on the floor.

"I'll be right back, Angel. I gotta go put the lotion back in the bathroom."

"Okay. I'm not going anywhere." I snickered.

He took off, opened the door and quietly padded up the hallway. The bathroom light went on and then it turned off. The next sounds shocked the hell out of me. I jumped out of bed and ran to the doorway of our room...

"I TOLD YOU GO TO FUCKING BED!" John screamed angrily.

SMACK! Bare skin on bare skin.

SMACK! SMACK! Bare skin on bare skin.

"NOW GO TO FUCKING GOD DAMNED BED. NOW!!!!!!!" John screamed. His rants were non-stop.


"I think he is a goddamned faggot, Marilyn." John said condescendingly.

With one last smack on his bare butt, Allen quickly walked down the hall toward our room. He pushed past me and dove for his bed where he covered his head with the pillows.

That fucking pissed me off... but his house was not mine, and his father was not mine, and I was shaking with pissed off and fear. As I was closing the door his mother slurred, "Ah shut the fuck up, John. His dick's straighter than yours." She then broke up in drunken giggles.

John added, slurring his words, "I tell ya, Marilyn, I'll be my last dollar he's a fuckin faggot. Get in here, I'll show you how goddamned straight I am."

"Oh John, I love how you talk dirty to me." Marilyn slurred.

Their door closed. I closed our door then walked to the side of the bed that Allen was lying on. I sat down and put my hand on his upper back and began rubbing little circles hoping against all hope the gesture would calm him down. His back was hot. He would occasionally flinch when I passed over the bony prominences of his shoulder blades.

Seemingly on its own volition I leaned down and kissed the middle of his back, just above his waist and below his rib cage. Allen shuddered slightly. I nudged him toward the middle of the bed then got in beside his warm body, put my arms across his shoulder and urged him to put his face into my neck. I held him as he cried silently.

When he recovered he reached up and over my body to the night stand where the Kleenex was located. He grabbed two then returned to his station... but before he arrived, his dick touched mine. He was just as hard as I was, maybe even more so, doubtful though.

He sat up in bed, blew his nose, tossed the used tissues in the trash can on his side of the bed. He laid back down and pulled me into him. I put my arm around his back and pulled him in even firmer.

Then the most amazing thing in my whole life happened... seemingly, as one, we touched lips... tentatively at first, and then our unknown, instinctual desires began taking over. I turned my head just a little bit, just enough to fully engage in our first forage into the unfamiliar, yet somehow knowingly forbidden zone of kissing another guy, passionately. We couldn't stop, even if we'd tried, and we didn't even try to stop.

Finally, we had to come up for air to sustain life. On second thought, the idea passed through my mind that dying in that manner would not be hard to take, would it?


When our breathing returned to a somewhat normal pace (the definition of 'normal' eludes my mind, to this day), Allen said sheepishly, "I've wanted to kiss you so very bad ever since the very first moment I saw you Angel."

Before I could say anything he pulled my face into his and we kissed again... but that time was different... instead of kissing superficially, Allen's tongue began bathing my lips. Normally, naturally, instinctively and wantonly, my tongue began meeting his, and then, no hold bared we went for tonsils.

Unable to stop myself, my hand traveled down his torso until it found his pride and joy. I'd never felt a penis other than my own. His was hard like a rock yet the skin was soft and somewhat easily slid up and down, from one side to the other. At the same time, his hand found my member... within 2 seconds, maybe less, my body went tight and contracted to a height I'd never before known or experienced. Our tongues, wildly battling for dominance, exited, and then we experienced a blackout as our bodies went into total spasm mode.

When all was said and done, I noticed we were wet down there... not too much but enough to know that I'd had my very first wet orgasm, and it felt nice, and I knew that we would have many, many more of those experiences... my eyes were heavy, oh so heavy... all the while knowing that a smile had overtaken my mouth and facial features. With one last kiss between us we fell off to sleep.

The following morning, we awoke refreshed and ready to take on the day no matter what it had in store.

With our morning hard cocks leading the way we went to the doorway, cracked it open slightly and listened for but did not hear his parents anywhere close by. No smell of coffee or food of any kind invaded our olfactory senses. I looked at Allen. He looked at me. With our combined strength we stealthily walked up the hallway to the kitchen. Allen's look of concern turned to peace and then worry. He walked to the door, looked out then exclaimed unbelieving, "The car is gone." We walked onto the porch and looked both ways... their vehicle was nowhere in sight.

He looked around for a note saying that they usually left one when they went into town for groceries or the outdoor market. There was no note. Moreover, when Allen went into their bedroom, there were no suitcases to be found, anywhere.

While his shoulders somewhat slumped, his demeanor said that he was okay with them being gone. He said, "They've done it before. It's no big deal." He walked to me, took my hand in his and then led us into the bathroom where we took care of morning business and brushed our teeth, got into the shower, and lathered up good with me washing him and him washing me, tenderly, and without abandon.

Without a word said between us, our physical love for each other took on a whole new level. When his penis touched my butt while he was washing my back, automatically, seemingly on an instinctual level, I urged his engorged member to trail up and down that hidden and largely dark place... I loved his touch... and urged him tighter, and tighter, and tighter until the head of his penis entered my slightly spasming inner cavern until I felt his youthful pubic mound against my butt cheeks. He went slow but I wanted him to go faster, and faster he went after realizing the invasion did not hurt, in any way.

His hand found my prong. As he jacked, I felt my butt muscles clenching, tightening, and wanting more and more and more... until finally I could take no more. As the spasms racked my young body, I clamped down even harder, if that was possible – it was possible. The pressure was too much for him. He let out a guttural moan from deep within his being and then began slamming his body against mine, in and out, in and out, and in and out one more time before we collapsed to the floor, totally spent from the exertions of our first forage into a deep and abiding love., that would see us through anything and everything.

(We had no idea that a voice was, at the same time, saying, "I told you he was a faggot didn't? Didn't I? Son of a bitch, you gave birth to a fucking queer! Did you see that shit? Do you fucking believe it? Get me a beer! Holy shit. Get Sandstone on the phone... this is fuckin big!!")

*** End of flashback.

Tears were streaming from my eyes. I thought my beloved was asleep... until his arms urged me up. Without a word said, he urged me onto his back. I knew what his gesture meant: I raised up and over to the beside table, retrieved the body lotion, applied it liberally to both his butt cheeks and hole, and to my raging hard tool used to pleasure him and I, and then with minimal effort entered and began the age old art of pounding he who I loved with all of my heart and soul, until that point of no return was reached and surpassed.

The last possible assault my lover boy could inflict was when he clamped down on my prong in a fit of spasms much like an epileptic seizure, of sorts. He was injecting his love potions into the pillow between his legs.

*-* Meanwhile in David & Peter's room *-*

After Peter and I consummated our love, once again, I got up from bed, went in to the bathroom, peed and brushed my teeth. I got on the computer, deleted a bunch of stuff promoting penis enlargements, get rich schemes, the two people from India who had long-lost relatives who needed their money held, and email showing cocks that no human being could ever possibly think of having (I had a brief flashback of the farm and seeing a huge bull cock fucking a cow).

There was an email from Chad reminding me that his marriage ceremony would be held in a month or so, that he really wanted our family to be present. He was gushing gratitude that our paths had met along the way that helped him tremendously.

Then there was an email from someone I didn't recognize.

Dear David,

You may not remember us. We'd met in Singapore at a hotel swimming pool. Our son Seth had a blood tumor and was not expected to live more than 2 weeks.

I'm pleased to tell you that he's doing just fine. He's healthy and wealthy, as the saying goes. It's all due to you and our God.

He recently had a checkup at the university hospital and he was given a clean bill of health. There is absolutely no trace of the disease. The doctors told us to come back another time because they were busy taking care of sick children. By the way, the doctors here are interested in knowing what exactly was done to cure Seth.

If you ever get to Pennsylvania, please look us up

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

Ben, Elisa and Seth.

Tears came to my eyes. I wrote back:

Dear Ben,

Thank you for writing. It means a lot to me.

I'm really, really glad to know that Seth's okay. Tell him hi for me. Our phone number is 999-888-1717. Hearing his voice would be really, really kewl.

By the way, my recent checkup revealed no cancer. Before leaving Singapore, Dr. Wong had told me that the likelihood of my getting cancer again was nil to none. I'm sure this is true for Seth too. Hopefully, we'll die of old age a long, long time from now.

You take care and please give Seth my hugs and love.


David Blake.

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