The Light, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 4

*-* Back in Honolulu *-*

After Jim left for the office, Peggy got busy performing little house cleaning odds and ends even though the cleaning ladies were scheduled to arrive at around 10:30am. The ladies came two times a week. They did a wonderful job with cleaning up after a bunch of teenage boys… although each of the boys were fastidiously 'clean' freaks, their efforts never really seemed to be taken into account by the 'clean squad' as they were so fondly called and referred to.

Because of Peter's previous experiences with filthy living environments, he was the epitome of 'clean'… understandable.

Nevertheless, Peggy seemed to have taken after him… not to mention that Antoine too was pretty anal retentive with cleanliness… everything had to be just right and its rightful place.

That morning was different though. Peggy didn't have the drive and stamina to prepare for their arrival as she normally did. She took several breaks then when it came to Matt and Antoine's room she lost all zeal to continue so she lied down in their queen sized bed, looked up at the vaulted ceiling and smiled warmly thinking of the love those two boys shared… she was almost jealous yet her and dad had found a supreme level of love with each other that she'd never before experienced in all her life. During her musings, she fell asleep and did not hear the cleaning ladies enter the house to begin their painstaking desires to please their customers until they reached Matt and Antoine's room early that afternoon.

"What should we do, Maria? Should we go in? We could clean the bathroom very quietly…?"

"Yes, yes. We must be very quiet though. Miss Peggy needs her sleep. She's with child, I just know she is."

"Oh that's not possible… she'd have told us, no?"

"Si. I know she's with child, trust me."

Rested, Peggy woke up after hearing the toilet flushing in very close proximity. She then saw shadows portrayed on the bathroom walls then heard the shower door open and a squirt bottle being squeezed. "Maria, is that you?" Peggy asked as she slowly got up from Matt and Antoine's bed.

"Si. I'm sorry to have woken you, Miss Peggy." Maria replied as she walked through the bathroom door into the boys' bedroom.

"That's okay, Maria. I needed to get up anyway. Oh my, it's almost 1:30… there's so much left for me to do…"

"Miss Peggy, you rest. Let us do the work. Please." Maria said firmly yet she had a warm infectious smile on her face. Her eyes were sparkling. She meant business. 

Feeling unwelcome… or rather not needed, or not to be in Maria's way, Peggy headed down to Dad's office and began working on her project to bring health care back to the beach.

At a little after 3 pm Maria announced they were finished and would Peggy check out their work. Although unnecessary, Peggy had quit saying that she didn't need to follow behind them… of course, their work was spotless – as usual.

While Peggy was paying Maria and her partner, Jeremy, David, Peter, Allen, Andy and Angel walked through the kitchen door from the garage after their school day had ended at their next door neighbor's home. As usual, the boys raided the refrigerator for afternoon snacks to satiate them until dinner time.

Just as Maria and her partner were leaving, Jeremy walked in the door. Maria regarded Jeremy carefully, then as if she made a decision, she asked Jeremy to step outside with her, that she had a problem that he might be able to find a solution for what was going on at her home with Jesus.

Maria told Jeremy that Jesus was having a hard time with Antoine and Matt, especially Antoine, being away for so long. She said that Jesus was moping around, somewhat angry at little things, and would not do his training. He's been having nightmares, bad ones that he would not tell his mother about, but she heard him at night. He was nearly inconsolable.

Without a moments' hesitation, Jeremy replied, "I'll drive down and take him for a drive. He always enjoys doing that, and it'll give us some time to just chill out. I'll be back after while, mom."

"Okay, I hope you can help him. I have no doubt that you'll say the right things."

"Thanks mom. Is it okay if I bring Jesus back here… he could hang out with us?" Jeremy replied then kissed Peggy on her cheek then took off for the garage.

"That's fine. We'll be going to dinner at about 7pm, as usual."

"Okay, kewl. Well, I'll see you later."

Upon arriving at Maria, Jesus and AZ's house, Jesus would not come out of his room. Maria motioned for Jeremy to go on to Jesus' room. He did.

(I need to make mention that Antoine had been teaching Jesus and AC some of the English language, and in her spare time Alice had also been working with them… they were making great progress.)

Jesus was lying on his race-car bed, a gift to him from GAAY. His eyes were closed but they quickly opened at seeing Jeremy's smiling face. When their eyes met, Jesus turned on his side facing away from Jeremy.

Jeremy walked over to Jesus' bed and sat down then put his hand on his shoulder. With some resistance, Jesus turned over onto his back but kept his eyes shut and crossed his arms on his chest.

"Let's go for a drive. You can sit by my side and help me drive the truck… you know how it is… when you are in the truck I can't seem to get it straight so I really need you to help me. When we get done with our ride then you're coming to my house to spend the night, but only if you want to." Jeremy said trailing off however his eyes never left Jesus'.

Jesus looked up into Jeremy's face, searching for any trace of insincerity or untruth even though Jeremy had always been straight up with him in every way. Finding nothing out of the ordinary, Jesus put his hand in Jeremy's then used Jeremy's size and strength to lift him up and off the bed to a standing position.

"AZ goes?" Jesus said softly.

"Nah, not this time, you and I need to spend some time alone."

That said, Jesus smiled then went to his dresser where he stripped down naked then with his 4.5 maleness leading the way he headed into his bathroom. Soon Jeremy heard the shower turn on, the door shut, and then a few minutes later he was greeted by a still very naked 12 year old boy who quickly went to his dresser, pulled out a pair of bright green briefs, put them on, and then put on a black t-shirt and a black pair of knee-length shorts.

Jeremy went in the bathroom, peed then grabbed Jesus' hairbrush and went back into Jesus' bedroom and brushed out his long hair for him. Jesus was definitely lapping up the attention. Jesus then went to the full length mirror hanging on the back of the door to his room, looked at Jeremy for approvals then after receiving them they went to the kitchen where Maria was preparing their meal. Jesus kissed her on the cheek then headed for the entryway to the living area but before he got very far Maria said, "Clothes?"

Jesus looked at Jeremy then he said with an impish smile, "No mama. They wear no clothes to play."

Jesus then grabbed hold of Jeremy's hand and together they headed out to the truck after Jeremy gave Maria assurances that he'd have Jesus back home in time for church on Sunday morning.

Jeremy's POV

(Because Jesus' English was very broken, I'm going to translate everything into English.)

After getting the console set back so Jesus could sit right up next to me in the seat, I hooked his seat belt securely and then put the keys in the ignition and then sat back. As usual, Jesus expertly started my truck and then shifted the lever into reverse so we could back out of the driveway. The only real rule we had was that I would turn and maneuver us until we got safely and securely to the street.

"Can we go to the rocks today?" Jesus asked.

"Sure thing."

Jesus' eyes lit up brightly then he looked deeply into mine… I knew he had something serious to talk about. He's given me that same look before and every time he's had something on his mind that he needed to share.

I put my truck in 4 wheel drive then we took off down the beach, driving through sand, and every once in a while I'd turn the wheel just right so that it appeared we'd drive into the ocean then at the very last minute would bring the truck back up on the sand. Jesus loved for me to do that, he'd squeal, laugh and giggle – okay, truth be known, I got into it too – if nothing else but to see him laugh and his face light up with delight.

After about half an hour so, we arrived, got out of the vehicle then Jesus went to the waters' edge and just looked out taking in the mighty strength and power of the ocean. He put his hand in mine, squeezed firmly and then leaned into my side as we started walking down the beach to the rocks jutting out high from the ocean floor. By the time we arrived, his arm was around my waist, leaned into me, all the while jabbering up a storm about this and that and everything.

When we began our ascent, he got really quiet. He was concentrating on the sharp jagged edges, crevices and outcroppings. So was I for that matter. As we've found out before those rocks are very unforgiving, slippery from the ocean spray, and if a wrong step were taken then the results would be disastrous, possibly even fatal.

In short order we arrived up on the summit then we both stood there quietly and took in the sights. The experience was totally relaxing. We jumped over a small crevice, landed on the other side safe and sound then went to 'our' rock where we'd sat, sometimes for hours just talking, looking out over the clear blue water and reminiscing, and just hanging out together.

Antoine and I had simply figured that Jesus needed a big brother, or two, since his birth brother was in prison, and was going to be there for a very long time – until he was a very old man – if he lived that long anyway. I've heard that prison is not all that friendly toward child killers.

After a little while, can't tell you how long cuz time got away from us, Jesus stood up then reached down, unzipped, pulled his maleness out, aimed it downwind then let loose with a stream to be proud of. He looked at me for my approvals… instead of saying 'WOW you did a good one" I just smiled then razzed his head like crazy when he got it all put away. That sent him into a massive giggle fit. Since he'd just peed, I took him in my arms and began tickling him without abandon. His old argument of peeing himself simply did not fly at that time, and he knew it but he was having fun with it anyway, so was I.

I looked at my watch, it was 6:15, "Come on bud, we gotta go get some food in our bellies otherwise we're just going to shrivel up and blow away."

He made a big deal of blowing away. He outstretched his arms then ran around in circles acting like a drunken bird. At the same time he was pursing his lips and blowing from the depths of his lungs. He was acting like quite a character. It was refreshing to watch… he was just being a happy-go-lucky kid.

In short order, we arrived back home. He received plenty of attention, hugs, and tickling! We were ruthless (all in play, of course!)

Dinner was steaks and lobster tails, cheesy potatoes (Angel had plain potatoes with a light dollop of butter and sour cream), crisp green salad, and pie… they had sugar-free apple pie for Angel. When we were finished everybody had a very difficult time walking because we were so full from the scrumptious food.

Instead of taking us directly home, dad took off up the coast so we could watch the sun set over the water. The evening was crystal clear with only a few stray cirrus clouds way off in the distance. According to estimation, sunset was only 30 to 45 minutes away so by the time we arrived at our destination the sun was already appearing to 'touch' the water.

As soon as we arrived at a barren spot in the road where we'd always stopped before, Andy, David and Peter made their way up the incline to the top of a small mountain, a hill actually. Just as mom got out of the car those guys lowered their hands in front of them… does not need a rocket science degree to figure out what they were doing. Andy finished first. He liked to go to the top… it made him feel powerful and like somebody. He was laughing and gigging as David threatened to get him… of course, David was no threat… they were just interacting in their own way… it was really good to see. Andy had come so far with his journey of fitting in, joining us, and having fun. He was really trying to please his new family. What he didn't know or realize was that he had grown on us, that he was one of us… just by being himself.

Nonetheless they were having a great time. When mom got out of the Escalade, her and dad made their way to the water line, stood there holding hands, talking between their selves. I went to the back of the vehicle, out of sight, unzipped and let loose with my own torrent of pent up water works. My concentration was broken though when Andy came down the hill as fast as he could… he ran into me… being much bigger and heavier than him I didn't fall over. He looked at me with haunting in his eyes, "Jeremy, come with me, I saw something up there. It looks like a body.

"Get dad, I'll be right there." I replied while shaking any remnants of urine from its passageway then zipped up and raced up the hill. David and Peter were standing there wondering what the hell was going on. Peter pointed to an object appearing like a human being, a small one, lying probably 30 feet from us.

Without waiting for dad, I made my way over to the … oh my God, it was a little boy. He was lying in a fetal position, not moving… he didn't even look up when I crouched down beside him. I put on hand on his chest and one on his forehead. He was warm, and he was breathing, "DADDDDDDDDDDDD! MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! UP HERE!!!!"

Dad doubled his speed. Peter came over. Andy came over. David was making his way however he slipped on the loose rocks, fell landing on his elbow and butt. Quickly, he got back up on his feet and continued making his way, albeit much slower and more careful.

Quickly, I sat down on the ground with the little boy. He opened his eyes when I touched his shoulder. He was filthy dirty with sand and ground in rocks all over his little body. He was only wearing a pair of filthy dirty, thin as paper underwear. He made absolutely no effort to get up, roll over, and get away from me. He was breathing, that's about all he was doing, or was able to do.

"I'm Jeremy. This is Peter. The other kid is Andy. We're here… you aren't alone. Our dad is on his way up… he'll know what to do."

The boy rolled his head so that his face was back on the rocky, dusty ground. He closed his eyes. As I said, he was just breathing.

"Peter, go get the flashlight NOW!" I ordered. Peter took off down the hill. Andy took Peter's place however dad arrived… Andy stepped back.

"Dad, we just found him lying here. I haven't moved him or anything. He's alive."

Dad said to the boy, "Son, my name is Jim. These guys are my sons. We're not going to hurt you. Are you alright?"

The boy did not respond but he did bring his arm over his face protectively. I swallowed deeply.

Peter arrived with the flashlight. I took it from him then sat down with dad. I shone the light on the boy. I gasped at seeing him scraped up and all the dirt and filth all over his body. I felt my anger coming up… I just knew this kid was in some sort of trouble… and he was hurt, barely clinging to life.

Mom arrived. Immediately, she got down on the rocky terrain then began looking the boy over, all the while whispering in his ear.

"Jeremy, call 911, we need EMS and Fire for a pediatric evacuation. Tell them to get here as fast as possible."

I did as she said. The 911 operator said the ETA was 20-25 minutes. I relayed this information to Mom and dad. Dad said, "Let's get him down the mountain and into the Escalade. We're going to head out… when we meet EMS we'll turn him over to them. Easy does it. He's got abrasions, bumps and cuts all over his body." Mom said, "He doesn't appear to have any broken bones but he's dehydrated and emaciated… he's been here for a while."

With great care, concern and agility, dad and I carried the boy down the mountain side. David was already at the Escalade. He opened the back hatch door. Gently, we laid the boy down on the soft carpet and David took over while dad and I caught our breath. Mom, meanwhile, retrieved bottles of water from the front seat, the box of Kleenex then began wiping the boys' face so that rocks and debris would not get in his eyes and mouth.

We still heard no sirens, dad said, "Jeremy get in and hold onto the boy. We're going to head on into town."That said, David and Peter got in the vehicle, dad closed the hatch door after I got in and positioned the boys' head in my lap.

Dad didn't waste any time. As we entered the city, Fire and EMS were in route going the other way, away from us. I got back on the phone to EMS and told them we were already in route to hospital and that our ETA was about 10 minutes. At about the same time, a patrol car came screaming up behind us, I told the dispatcher that a HPD vehicle was following us and asked her to please tell them to give us an escort to University Hospital because we didn't have time to stop and make the exchange. She relayed the information, I heard her. Soon, the HPD vehicle did, in fact, scream around us then pulled right in front of dad then blinked his lights twice then they tore out.

Soon, we arrived at the hospital's ER receiving area. The boy was quickly extricated from our vehicle by hospital staff. They whisked him off on a stretcher. Mom was walking beside them then said something to dad. They disappeared down a long hallway. David, Peter, Andy and I were then nearly mowed down by hospital staff wanting to go down that same hallway with two more patients. We got out of the way as they rushed an elderly man and an elderly lady on hospital beds past us.

"Come on guys; let's go to the waiting room. We'll wait for them there." I said authoritatively. Nobody argued. We made our way to the waiting room where we all huddled together wondering how that little boy was, what happened to him, what would happen to him, if he even survived.

About 30 minutes later, Dad entered the waiting room. He looked weary. Worry lines were etched in his eyes and forehead.

Andy spoke up, "Is he dead?"

"No son, he's not dead. He's severely dehydrated. He's got a lot of bruises and road rash all over his body. He's talking with mom. Mom knows him from her days as an outreach nurse on the beach. His name is Micah. He's 12 years old. He's homeless though mom didn't know it when she was working. She said that he'd been adopted into a loving and caring family with brothers and sisters then she lost touch with him… which isn't unusual. She never gave him another thought, figuring he was okay."

"What happened, why was he up there all alone… and why was he hurt… and where's mom?" David asked.

"Mom's helping the staff to clean him up. They began however the process was severely hurting him so they had an anesthesiologist come down to the ER. He put Micah to sleep so they could clean him up without hurting him. Mom's back there helping out. Dr. Miller's on his way… he'll be taking care of him while he's in the hospital."

Collected sighs of relief flooded our family huddled there together while dad explained what was happening… I said, "Dad, uhm… we're going to have 4 extra bedrooms… how long is Micah going to be here in the hospital?"

"It's not that easy Jeremy. Okay you guys, stop looking at me like that." Dad snickered… yet he was serious, deep in thought, contemplative… then he got up, looked at me and then took off down the hall toward offices and conference rooms.

Meanwhile back in Singapore

The alarm clock went off at 5:30. We'd only been asleep for three and a half hours, having stayed up late, making mad passionate love, briefly recovering and then doing it all over again. I was quite sore still from Matt's pummeling… and I knew he had to be raw also from being porked by that which makes me male.

Coming up from the fog of sleep, I immediately noticed that Matt was not in my arms… Instead, I felt his head lying in the crook space between my jewels and thigh. I was fully erect. My dick felt very warm, and it was fully elongated then I heard a little, faint muffled giggle, and then my maleness went into full throttle as an orgasm overtook my entire body causing me to loudly moan and other noises expressing my full out trip to and from Nirvana.

When I came down and returned to earth, Matt made his way up my torso until his mouth was on mine. We interlocked tongues, teeth, and went in search for tonsilar tissue. As we were writhing on the bed, Matt look in a long shuddering breath then his body began convulsing all the while moaning and groaning his delights as his spermies ejected from his fully elongated prong deeply embedded into my belly. While on his return path to earth, he collapsed, nestled his face into the side of my cheek, and slowly returned to normal breathing.

"I like waking up this way." I said as I put my arms around him and squeezed tightly.

Matt said, "And, I like waking you up this way… I'm hungry!"

"Yeah, me too."

That said, we got up, went into the shower where we washed the remnants of a long nights' love making from our bodies. When we were finished, we towel dried each other off loving and caringly. Soon we were dressed and headed down to the restaurant where we chowed down like two normal, healthy teenage boys.

We then hailed the limousine driver. He arrived within minutes, and then we were off to Sensei's place.

Sensei was waiting for our arrival. After pleasant greetings, he took us to the mat room. After undressing completely, we went through our normal routine, and then Sensei taught us, mainly Matt, certain meditative practices. Matt was so cute… Sensei had him fully meditative within 5 minutes. Matt looked so peaceful… he wasn't asleep yet he appeared to be because he was so relaxed.

Until that time, I was unaware that Sensei was a master acupuncturist. He had been taught old ancient Chinese methods. While Matt was deep under meditation, Sensei removed the needles that the kind lady doctor back at the hospital had inserted replacing them with manipulations of his fingers. Matt flinched once or twice when Sensei gave him a 'treatment' on that tendon connecting the inner thigh muscle to the pelvis and then Matt immediately returned to his deep meditative state.

Sensei then silently applied his technique to 7 additional various key nerve root origin points. When he finished, he looked into my eyes then said, "Master Matt should be pain free now. His body… the child has been hurt severely in his life. His young body has so many western medicine markings. He was treated appropriately for the most part… the trouble is that they leave a human body so mangled… he should not have to walk around with those unsightly tears of human flesh."

That said, Sensei resumed a standing position then took off for the kitchen. After I ascertained that Matt remained in the meditative state and that his body was in a most comfortable position, I took off for the kitchen to see what Sensei was doing.

There, Sensei was pulling this and that from his shelves and placing them neatly in a bundle on the old granite kitchen counter. Satisfied with their quantity, he then placed them in a pan filled with a cooking wine I could not read the label on, together with other herbs and concoctions. He turned the stove on for approximately 15 minutes, tested the temperature then gestured for me to do likewise. It was warm to the touch but it wasn't hot.

"What is this for, Sensei?"

Without hesitation, Sensei replied with a wry grin, "America has plastic surgeons… come child, your chosen one awaits."

Emphatically, I trust my Sensei. He has never steered me wrong. He was the man who taught me that trust is earned, and once earned it is to be respected at all cost. He earned my trust. I had no doubt as to his authenticity, honor, truthfulness, valor, and dependability.

When we arrived to the place where we had left Matt, he was sitting calmly in the bamboo, cushion backed chair. He smiled calmly, broadly, from ear to ear when he saw us return to him. He arose from his seat, walked over, stood before me and opened his arms out wide.

"I love you, Antoine. Have I told you that lately?"

"I love you too, Matt. You're the blood that runs through my arteries. Without you running through me, I'm dead, and would dry up like a leaf lying on the ground in the sand on a hot summer day. How do you feel?"

"I feel fine." Matt replied then reached his face up to my ear and whispered, "Antoine, I want to make love with you." He then kissed my cheek. When our eyes met, the look in his confirmed those few words he said to me privately, I had no doubt. While my penis twitched, the strongest sensation was that which flowed, raced through my heart. Tears began flowing down my facial cheeks. Both Matt and I watched them drip onto my right pectoral muscle then they rolled down my flat tummy, and on down my thighs where they dropped from my knees to the floor.

He made no motion to stop them; nor did I make any attempt to cease their existence. I did, however, bring his hands to my face where he cupped my cheeks then our lips came together tenderly, briefly, meaningfully, and yes, hopefully, but not expectantly.

After kissing one more time, we parted yet maintained hand contact then, together, we turned around as one. Sensei bowed respectfully then when he regained his upright posture, he was smiling broadly.

Sensei walked over and stood in front of us. He said firmly to the both of us, "You are joined of flesh. You are joined of emotions. You are blessed of The Spirit. The Light shines upon both of you. I had a vision. It showed each of your attributes as one flesh, one Spirit, and it was beautiful. Sit, I will begin."

"What are you going to do, Sensei?" Matt asked softly.

"You are holding back, Matthew. You view yourself as ugly, broken. Your belief is based on false facts. Antoine loves you; he cherishes you; he adores your deepest essence, your soul, your spirit, and your flesh. Sit child. Let us begin."

I reached to Matt in order to help him sit on the fine ancient rug that Sensei motioned for us to be seated on but he carefully looked in my eyes then slowly, deliberately, effortlessly, and painlessly knelt then assumed his place sitting on those fine cheeks I knew so well and loved so much.

"I feel absolutely no pain, Antoine. This is a miracle. I don't believe it yet it's true."

Sensei spoke up, "You see child? This is not an illusion. Lie back. Antoine let his head rest comfortably on your thighs. Matt, I will not hurt you, trust me."

"I don't know why but I do, but I do emphatically trust you. You have earned Antoine's respect and display of honor. You have helped him greatly. You have treated me well. And, somehow you have removed my physical pain… I trust you… I know you have my best interests at heart. Do with me as you will."

With difficulty, Sensei postured himself so that he was sitting on the floor at Matt's side, opposite me.

Sensei then took the fine piece of white linen he had retrieved from the bureau drawer prior to sitting then reverently dipped it in the solution and laid it across Matt's stomach where a very red but shiny elongated strap of very hard fibrous tissue began just below his rib cage and ended in his smattering of downy soft tendril evidences of puberty.

Next, Sensei performed the same ritual to the same marks representing healed surgical scars on his thigh, his shin bone, his hands, and then he laid one across the scar across Matt's chest.

Once Sensei had all skin markings covered, we joined hands then mediated while Sensei chanted calls to the Spirit of The Universe, The Spirit of Totality.

Six hours later, Matt and I awoke, or became conscious within a beautiful, Lily pure white sea of satin all around us, enveloping us like a cocoon. I was totally at peace. Matt had a look on his face that I'd never seen before in all our time together as lovers and soul mates. He was so peaceful. His eyes were brilliant brown orbs emanating great streaks of light… however those streaks of bright light did not hurt my eyes, not at all, instead I was enraptured by them, totally taken in.

As we became more and more aware of our surroundings, we knew, from experience, that we had made love and joined souls, and flesh. Matt's prong hung limply between my upper thighs at the level of that which made me male. My posterior felt exactly like it always did when Matt had entered and spilled his nectar essences deep within me.

Curiously, I ran my hands down his back and over his mounds of flesh then entered into his crack area and found it to be slick. Matt looked down, smiled, and simply said, "WOW!"

We then kissed tenderly, but not wantonly… neither of us felt one single shard of desire to be coupled as we love to be, any time we can be.

Matt wrapped his arms around mine, laid his head down on my chest, kissed it tenderly with his lips then trailed over to first one nipple then the other. Neither of us was interested in any kind of sexual foray, not in the least, yet we were simply being passionate, basking in our love for each other, feeling as one flesh, not two. No longer would we ever be two, we'd always be one in our Spirit, though our Flesh, and our Emotions might not be together each and every moment… that has not changed to this very day.

The open air room we were lying in had a natural spring in its center. The area surrounding it had been marbled with fine, expensive hand crafting. It was all within a dream, or so it seemed, yet, when Matt got off of me and walked over to the open water fall in all of his naked splendor, and entered the bath, and then looked at me longingly to join him, I got up and sat down beside him. Finding the water temperature just perfect, we then scooted down to the bottom level where the water was at our neck level, and then began rubbing our hands over all traces of our skin.

I had only taken one pure mineral bath before in my whole life so I knew what we were doing. When we reached our male organs, we paid very special attention to their elongations, and soon experienced extremely powerful shudders, nearly convulsions actually, as our bodies emptied their love potions into the swirling waters below and all around us.

Immediately following our massive releases, Sensei arrived at pools edge carrying two snow white fluffy towels. He motioned for us to get out of the water, and when we did he handed us each a towel that we used to dry each other tenderly and lovingly.

Once we were sufficiently dry, Sensei took us into a mirrored alcove then he left us to ourselves. At first, the room messed with our equilibrium but then we relaxed, maintained our composure, and actually found the room to be quite delightful. We'd never before seen ourselves together in perfect 3D animation, and the experience was quite exhilarating to say the least.

Then I saw Matt in a whole new way as the overhead lights became brighter and brighter by the second. In the mirrors, the visions of Matt's pores were in vivid detail….

Matt said, "Wow, your skin is beautiful, Antoine. This room amplifies each and every square inch of your body, and depending on the angle I can see anything and everything in very fine detail. This is kewl. Your skin is so soft, yet your muscles are so strong, but your underlying qualities of softness and gentleness overwhelm everything."

When Matt became silent and after he had laid his face on my chest, I noticed a certain beauty about him that I'd never before seen or realized before… at least not since that afternoon anyway.

"Matt, look." I said pointing to the side of his chest. I drew an imaginary line from his breast bone to his spine.

"What the fuck?" Matt asked in pure unadulterated wonder… he wasn't angry… he was utterly amazed, and yes a bit shocked too. He added, "Where did it go? My kidney transplant scar… it's gone!"

Quickly, Matt pulled out of my arms then began running his fingers all over his flesh, especially in areas where he'd been surgically operated on… "Where did they go? What happened?" Matt said with complete awe and surprise in his voice, and written all over his face then he added in a child-like voice, "How do we get out of here?"

"Wait, Matt. Before we go…"

I turned around so that he was facing my back. I then reached for him and pulled his fully elongated flesh into my mounds of joy. Quickly, very quickly, he caught onto what I wanted him to do to me, he said, "That's just wicked dude. We're watching each other making love in vivid detail that we'd never be able to see otherwise… this is fuckin kewl…"

Matt then entered my rear passageway effortlessly. Slowly, very slowly Matt made his way inside of me as we watched each and every inch pass by in vivid 3D Technicolor detail. We watched how the muscles of my butt welcomed, invited him in, and then we watched his muscles ripple as he pulled out just enough and then how they did the opposite action when he pushed back in. It was like we were watching someone else… but we weren't, we were watching our very own lovemaking in every possible visual way… it was absolutely breathtaking, passionate, and HOT!

Before we got too far, I said, "Let's go back to bed and finish this right."

No more than the words escaped my lips his hips took over automatically as his rod of steel emptied its offerings into my more than willing anal orifice in a very soft and controlled manner. We watched our bodies react to the sudden and complete experience of orgasm in a whole different way… a way that we'd never forget, and a way that we still return to from time to time in our own minds and imagination, and remembrances.

After a fine dinner prepared by Sensei's chef, and served by the chef's assistant, tearfully Matt thanked Sensei from the bottom of his heart for making him whole again. Sensei explained to Matt that it was he who healed himself from the inside out.

After donning our Kimono's, we summoned the limousine driver who took us back to the hotel where we disrobed and took off for the pool on top of the hotel.

As we were getting ready to get out of the pool after an hours' swim, Benji arrived wearing a pair of ugly and boring boardies. He had looked oh so much better when he had borrowed Matt's attire. Nevertheless, we goofed off for a while then went down to our hotel room. Matt was anxious to show Benji his transformation.

Benji's reaction was one of total mystification. He'd never seen anything like that in all of his 13 years of age and his lifelong exposures to ancient Chinese customs. Nevertheless he was very happy and grateful that Matt was pleased with the results, and that he was totally free of all pain.

After Benji left our room, we decided to not tell the family about what had happened until we arrived home, then we showered, attended to our very sore anal orifices, and then went to bed where we slept harder than I could ever recall.

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