Life on the Farm

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 25

Previously: A little later, at 3:17 I looked at the clock, memorized its facing as I went to sleep in the operating room, lying on the table, ready to face the next challenge.

On Saturday morning, 7 weeks after surgery we were headed to Adam's lake-house to spend the weekend away from home.

A short update is that my hip was fixed 'right' this time. The operation went perfectly, and, yes, I've been a good boy... mostly. I've found, and so has everybody else, that I do not do well with being bored – I can be quite crabby, so much so that Dad had to lay the law down. You see, I did everything that I was supposed to do for the first 4 weeks. You see, Dr. D., gave me clearance to do things that caused no pain – like walking... in fact, he urged me to get around as much as possible. Dad, though, had different ideas. He wanted me to get healed up completely before tackling any of the chores, going out into the pasture to see Coltrane (for fear that I'd trip and fall), and... during the first 5 weeks he forbade me to go down to the creek with the other guys... this was the hardest part of all. They'd come back all happy and shit from dunking and playing around.

One especially hot Tuesday afternoon, I called Rocky and told him that I 'was' going down to the creek, if, for nothing else, to at least watch them. I didn't have to crawl up on the rock overlooking the creek and them goofing around and having fun.

So we went. Rocky told me that I probably shouldn't go... but I was quite insistent, so he came over to my house, and we took off from there. Using a pair of crutches to walk across a field and down to the creek is challenging, but thankfully I didn't fall, or suffer any ill effects.

Hey, I'd done the physical therapy 'thing'. It had included aquatics so that my muscles would get built back up... I found that I could do anything in the water without any discomfort whatsoever. The therapists had repeatedly told me that I was doing well, much better than expected, so they released me after 2 weeks... which meant I couldn't go swimming any more. (I can't really say that I actually went 'swimming' in the conventional meaning of the word, but I had fun even in the early part when I was still very sore from the operation.

Back to the creek... within 5 minutes of arriving, I was stripped to the skin enjoying the all-over sunshine on my body. Rocky cleared away an small outcropping of rock for me to sit on. It was low enough so that I could dangle my legs in the water, and then he got me plenty wet by diving into the creek from the rock above... sometimes he did cannon balls which soaked me completely... that was definitely way kewl.

Stuff started going downhill real fast when I heard the tractor coming closer and closer to the clearing about a hundred feet from the rock. It continued to go and was soon out of earshot. I relaxed, but still had that gnawing sensation in the back of my mind. Rocky dove off a couple more times before getting out and sitting next to me. The rock was pretty narrow in that we could both sit there so long as one butt cheek was hanging off. He took the left side so that I could use my good leg to support myself. Of course, we had our arms around each other to stay perched, which left one arm free to do as it pleased. Boys will be boys, as the saying goes. I didn't quite realize how much one's body tenses up during that carnal moment of pleasure, but I sure found out mighty damn quick... ever had a rock abrasion on your most sensitive sitting 'region'?

Yup... that's what got me busted. Underwear with rocks and small traces of blood on them tend to get your mother's attention... well, not the gravel so much, but the blood did tend to get her attention.

At first she was concerned that my butt was once again in the arrears (how's that for a word used in context? Heh). After assuring her I was just fine, she thought differently... you should have seen the 'knowing' look passing through her eyes and into mine... sheesh. That night, after my bath, she 'just happened' to 'drop' into my room for a 'friendly' chat at which time she more or less (more, actually) talked me into dropping the back of my underwear. Mother's are like that. When she saw a scrape, one that I hadn't notice, on my left cheek, very close to the Promised Land... the truth came out.

I was grounded to the house for 1 solid week. And I mean 'the house'. No going outside except for helping to unload the groceries. They didn't ground me from Rocky, though, thankfully, I'm very grateful. We hung out and talked a whole bunch about a variety of things... mainly, we just got to know one another really good. We talked easily and readily. As each day went along my feelings for him grew... we were so easy and comfortable with each other. I was also learning that you don't have to be sexual in order to love someone, or to have them love you. We managed quite well without doing the carnal thing all of the time. Sure, we jacked off a couple of times. One afternoon, when Mom, Stacy and Kevin went to Kay's house, I taught Rocky the finer attributes of oral sex... he's a natural... those luscious lips of his, oh my.

Yesterday, was my routine appointment with Dr. Anne to get blood work done, and another damn vitamin shot in my ass... son of a bitch those things hurt, and they made a big ole 'lump' on whatever cheek they drove the Godzilla needle into. The last two weeks, Nurse Ratchet had to beg, borrow, threaten, steal and give the 'stern' look before I dared drop my jeans and shorts... and even then, I'd turn around to hide my butt away from her... until neither of us could stand it anymore. I should be canonized as a saint. In the end, though, I was the one walking out with a sore butt, not her. Nevertheless, my blood work was on the brink of being at the lower end of normal. I'm sorry to admit, but those shots are helping... I'm feeling better than I ever have... which makes me even more ancy to do things, anything.

The really good news is that Dr. D. said I could start weaning off the crutches. Yay! This simply means that I can go about in the house without dragging them around, unless I was going up or down the stairs, at which time I had to use them... mainly for support. No, I wasn't back to normal in the orthopedic arena, but I was getting there.

Oh yeah, big news: Thomas and Sandy announced their engagement this past weekend. They were planning a Thanksgiving time wedding. And, Thomas announced the procurement of the farm that Rocky's grandparents and great-grandparents had long ago homesteaded. Rocky was so happy to know the place wasn't going to go to shit as so many abandoned farm properties were all well known to have happen to them. Just last night, Rocky had confided that he had only been back to the farm only once, and that was primarily to get the carton of cigarettes hidden in the loft between two bales of hay. In his right front shorts pocket I noted the outline of a pack.

Dad sure drove a lot slower than Adam, or even Tony for that matter. It took us nearly 4 hours to get to the place.

When we did arrive, and after things were put in their rightful places, I, designated as 'spokesperson' asked for and received permission for us to go swimming in the lake. Mom reminded me the precautions, and if she or Dad found me to be in violation, then my swimming privileges, for the entire rest of the weekend, would be revoked.

Stacy and Sandy had brought swimsuits. They would be bunking together, their differences seemingly worked through, probably Stacy relented at finding out that Sandy was going to be her sister-in-law. The rest of us guys, Thomas included, walked down the lake. We stood around, wondering and waiting for someone to be first 'stripping' to the skin since we had no bathing suits.

As you may have guessed, one 4 year old made the decision for us: without any compunction whatsoever, he took off his clothes, promptly peed in full view of us all, and then stood sat the waters' edge waiting for someone to take him in so that he could play.

Much to our surprise, Rocky soon had his clothes lying next to Kevin's, leaving him as naked as the day he'd been born with his turgid penis waving proudly (at least to me it was proudly waving... nobody else even appeared to notice), at which time he picked up Kevin and together they waded out into the water. Rocky whispered something into Kevin's ear. Together they turned around, faced us and screamed, "Chickens!"

I like a good challenge, as does Thomas, Eric and Luke.

Because I was the delegated 'watch for Kevin' person, with him in my arms, we watched the other guys having fun jumping and diving into the lake from the fantail of the boat.

Later this afternoon, Tony, Seth and another guy arrived. Tony waved, then went into the house. Seth and the other guy came to the waters' edge and watched us goofing off. They looked at each other, said something, then they, too, stripped to the skin and dove in from a dead run.

Seth goofed off with Kevin for a moment before introducing his boyfriend, Jim.

I was, in no way, attracted to his boyfriend. In fact, I didn't even like him even though he hadn't said much. And then he really got under my skin when he'd order Seth around like he was a little puppy dog, and then he'd ease up and treat Seth like a person. Seth, meanwhile, acted like he really liked, even loved Jim... so... what could I say? Nothing. Seth reveled in the attention shown to him by Jim. He appeared happy and contented. I was glad he was, even though I couldn't live in a situation like that. I didn't have to worry about their relationship. Rocky swam over to me. I introduced Seth then Jim to Rocky, my mate... yes, Rocky is my mate... for some reason, I made my final decision to let him into me, for keeps, completely, with no reservations.

A boat came racing into Adam's cave, did a sharp U, then sped out, leaving massive waves in its wake. Rocky quickly put his arms around me and held me tight as we wildly bobbed in the water. Let's just say the boat screaming out of the cove received a number of full-fledged-double-winged-birdies. Although we were not paying much attention to the adults, Tony was hollering to make sure we were okay. Kevin got a face full of water, but he was laughing and flailing his arms all over the place, and asking for more.

Not funny. Although I was not all that versed in lake life, I know that what that boat did was totally and completely illegal. Tony pulled out his phone, surely to call Water Patrol.

Dad ordered Luke, Eric, Kevin and me out of the water, saying that if someone that freaking stupid was on the lake, then we had no business being it at the same time. We walked up to the deck and joined the adults, Sandy and Stacy sitting leisurely, talking to one another.

I was surprised at seeing both Mom and Dad totally comfortable with the casual nudity of their male children. One thing I did notice: Sandy looked at Thomas approvingly. I had to giggle inside, because I felt, and probably looked exactly the same way with Rocky casually, though carefully walking around without his clothes. That's one thing I had noticed about Rocky... he was very shy and reserved, however I felt he was comfortable, and even, almost in his element. Though he sat in a chair next to me, I noted that his arms were placed strategically to cover his genitals. When he reached for his glass of iced tea, with only one hand covering himself, I noted that he was pudged up quite a bit. That observation made me think and feel my own male gland. It, too, was about halfway erect. As was Rocky, I casually, strategically placed my hand over my tool to keep it out of full view. Kevin, was as hard as a missile... he wasn't, in the least bit, conscious nor concerned about it.

Then I noticed Dad observing Seth and Jim's interactions. He was none too happy. In fact, he was getting quite irritated. Mom was observing Dad's reaction. She would occasionally look past Dad to see Jim whispering animatedly into Seth's ear. Tony was nervous, too.

When Jim and Seth got up and headed inside the house, Tony followed them in.

While Dad didn't say anything, a look of relief passed across his face when they exited. Stacy, too, appeared irritated. She did say, "That's sick. You should have heard them. Jim was telling Seth that he needed to use the restroom. If any guy told me that crap, I'd... well, he wouldn't be walking very well, or at all."

Mom, irritated, now, looked to Stacy, her jaw was set, and she said, "We're guests here. You'll mind your manners."

Sandy, observing the whole thing offered, "The lifestyle, while troubling to those of us who are not used to it, is not all that unusual. Many relationships have quirks that do not seem 'right', or even 'normal'. I can be a bit mouthy with Thomas, but the important thing <giggling> is that somebody has to keep him in line."

For about 3 seconds Mom looked at Sandy... her face had intent, and she was a bit troubled, I could tell... but then she snorted and nodded assuredly. Thomas, of course, gave his most innocent expression toward Sandy, then to Mom. The rest of us laughed. The tension was broken, even Dad was smiling.

Eric, mostly quiet for most of the afternoon, from out of the blue said to me, "That's just sick. Did Seth submit to you like that?"

"Nuh uh. He's happy, though. I know what to look for in Seth... he's happy, trust me."

Rocky took my hand in his, under the table, squeezed lightly, then excused himself, saying he needed to use the can. As soon as he got up and walked into the house, with his nice, lean, yet strong butt following him, that little bit of pudginess down south of the border turned into a full-out strain against the air and the side of my hand.

Eric elbowed my left arm, clearly seeing my little problem as I was hiding that which designates me male from the family sitting on my right side. I elbowed him back, feeling a sudden rush of blood washing over my body. I grabbed a towel, wadded it up, covered my genitals, then quickly made my way inside the house and headed back to the room where I'd stayed before, the same room where us guys had chosen to sleep that night. When I entered, I headed to the restroom and saw Rocky sitting on the throne, obviously taking care of business of the backside variety. He looked up when I entered and closed the door. I also uncovered my fully erect dick, reached into the cabinet, grabbed the floss and got a piece of food out from between two of my teeth. I said, "Seth's happy, Rocky. I can tell it. I've seen him happy before. This is all that matters to me. He's changed. I hardly know him anymore, but I can see that he's happy."

Rocky, straining down, said, "I'm not jealous. I'm happy, too. Saying what you said takes balls, James. I have to admit, though, that I was a little nervous about him being around... but, really, I'm not concerned now." Obviously looking to my front side, he snickered, "Impressive."

"Huh? Oh, that? Heh heh." I said, somewhat caught off-guard... we hadn't talked about sex (I know – weird) for about a week, so it took me a minute to realize what he was talking about.

I tossed the floss into the trash basket, reached down, scratched my pubes (they didn't shave them off this operation – yeah!), took my left testicle in my hand, looked at it to see it squirm around in my tightened up sack, then grabbed my staff and jacked it a couple of times. I said, "I need to jack off... this bad boy isn't going to go down on its own."

Rocky sat up straight... his penis popped up in full view. He said, "I haven't jacked off for a couple of days... wanna?"

Ask me twice? Never.

He wiped, flushed, stood up, washed his hands then urged me to sit on the toilet. He grasped his fully erect rod, stroked it a couple of times, then looked real strange, then he smiled. "James, Eric told me that he, Thomas, Luke and Kevin are going to sleep together in the last bedroom... that, uhm, leaves us... do you think... sorry..."

Taking my hand off that which separates me from female, I stood up, closed the distance between us, reached out my arms, took him into mine when he reached out, and then we brought our maleness together, kissed, then devoured our lips, tongues and tonsils... soon sending us into orbit, spraying our liquids into our pubes. As we 'came down', we continued kissing softly, though not passionately, as in wantonly. Rocky asked, softly, almost whispering, "Are you okay with us coming together... I mean, well, I'd like to, but only if you want to... we've talked about it... we decided we would, but only when the time was right..."

I sucked in a deep breath, shuddered violently, had a chill go up and down my spine, felt a welling of tears come to my eyes... shakily replying, "I'm ready, anytime. Rocky?"

"Uhm hmm."

"I... I love you." I then broke down; looking into his eyes, I continued, my heart flying, my mind struggling, "Rocky, I don't want us to fuck... we need to make love. I want to feel you inside of me, but only if you want to, okay, please?"

"I was wondering how you felt about us coming together. Heh, we may not last very long... heh, I want you inside me, too... how can we do that... you know, together, at the same time?"

I snickered as a thought passed into my mind... and stuck in there, too.

"What?" Rocky asked, seriously.

"Where there's a will, there's a way. I've got an idea. Don't ask what." I replied, snickering.

"You're a mess, Dude. So, don't keep me in suspense."

I pulled both my hands off his butt cheeks, placed them on his upper cheeks, kissed him softly, then said, "How many fingers do I have on your face?"

"Ten. What do you mean?" Rocky asked innocently, then realization struck. His eyes opened wide like saucers, then he did something I didn't expect: he took my hand, pushed away two fingers on each side, then pulled my long finger into his mouth and began sucking it, earnestly.

My dick, still hard, twitched. A direct line must run between 'that' finger and my dick. I shuddered with anticipation. A wicked thought ran through my head. I parted, but only for a second, while I reached into the medicine cabinet, retrieved a left-over tube of medicine, squeezed some out on his long finger (that I sucked on before releasing it), then squeezed a bit out on mine. I put the tube on the counter, then reached my hands and arms around his back and trailed my hands down and into his crevice. He did the same thing. We were both smiling like Cheshire cats, kittens actually. Into his ear, I said, "Relax. Just relax. It feels wonderful, believe me."

With that said, I spread the cream deep, deep between his cheeks, until feeling his winky organ. I rubbed my finger from side to side, up and down, and then pushed in after feeling that he'd his relaxed back door. Easily, unobstructed, I fully inserted my finger, then rested. Rocky took in a deep breath, said, "Oh God... oh God... I thought it would hurt... oh God, you feel so good... here... wait... stay there... don't move..."

Rocky rubbed my hole... he didn't mess around by rubbing those inner cheeks, and then his finger pushed, pushed, and pushed until he was fully inserted... I felt his hand resting against my cheek... he was still rhythmically pulsating... he was actually finger copulating my most sensitive place. "Does this hurt any?"

"Oh hell no." With that said, my toes curled upward as another racking orgasm took hold, dominating my body, entirely. Without any reservation, I gave myself to him... he could do anything he wanted to... stars shot through my eyes... and no, we're not talking about pain... we're talking about complete and total pleasure. Somewhere during the cataclysmal event experience, I felt my finger slipped out... there wasn't anything I could do about it... as my orgasm waned, as I came back from a rocket fueled travel, I put my finger back into his warm slick orifice, pushed upward and inward to the hilt. Hopefully I wiggled sufficiently... my only goal was to bring him to the same height level of pleasure as he'd brought to me. His pleasure was my only concern. When he didn't respond as I expected (I was in a hurry, what else can I say?), I pulled him in, reached down and ran my hand through his soft downy pubes, grasped his testicle, and trapped his penis between his thigh and mine, squeezed it lightly, then paid particular attention to his hole... he tensed up... then smashed his body into me, nearly knocking us off our feet as he continued spasming, very nearly out of control.

I was a bitch in heat... despite experiencing one of the strongest orgasms I'd ever experienced... I needed MORE... unable to stop myself, I pulled my finger from his hole, then I turned away and backed my butt toward his still hard tool, then pushed, pushed, and pushed some more. His tool brushed my hole, but it was rapidly wilting before it would go inside. Rocky, perceptive as he is, pushed first one finger, then another, deep into my bowels... although my penis was descending, my orifice was just getting ready for entry... I had to have him... I groaned and whined as he continued opening me up... but his penis was nowhere as big as Seth's, but he was getting to me like Seth never did, or could... then something came over me, engulfed all of my senses... he was making love to me. He knew that my bottom was extremely sensitive, so I gave in, only feeling total and complete pleasures emanating to, through and back through my body.

Sudden, urgent, a sensation that I could not deny struck inside my belly. I pulled away from his fingers, jerked out of his arm, took the two steps to the toilet, then exploded while in the process of sitting down, spraying junk and gunk on the rim of the lid. I looked up into Rocky's eyes... he was terrified. He screeched, "Are you hurt? Are you hurt? GOD, I'm sorry..."

"No, I'm not hurt. You used the potty... I didn't. First rule: ya gotta be empty, or else. Would you please go out into the kitchen... in the bottom drawer in the cabinet next to the sink, grab a big freezer bag and paper towels... I'm going to get into the shower... I'll clean things up... I don't want you doing it. Okay?"

Rocky kissed my lips. He was still worried that I'd been hurt, but then relaxed when a torrent passed from me into the sewer system, thus proving my point.

Feeling empty, I flushed, like that made any difference, but, still... got into the shower, let the water run over my body, then Rocky entered... he was bending over the toilet... he was doing what I told him I would do. Feeling halfassed (pun intended), somewhat clean, I soaped up, but good, then rinsed. The shower door opened, Rocky stepped in, closed the door, apologetically looked into my eyes... I didn't say anything. I realized he felt that he needed to be needed. I said, seriously, "It's not your fault. I've had accidents before... I know better than to receive without emptying out. Sometimes accidents happen anyway, no matter what we do to prepare. Rocky, you'll have accidents, too... the important thing is to just move on. Sure, it's embarrassing... but it's not the end of the world. I love you. And, God, you made me feel so good! Thank you for doing what I needed to have happen. Even though I've had accidents in the past, it's still embarrassing."

Rocky took hold of my very wet dripping hair, pulled our mouths together, snuck his tongue inside my oral orifice, and searched for tonsils, all before I could react... but react I did... within 10 minutes, no more, we experienced yet another orgasm, our third, in a very short period of time.

Rocky grabbed us each a pair of underwear.

When we walked into the kitchen, Adam was sitting at the kitchen table, talking with Dad. My first reaction, and Adam knew it would be, was to quickly walk to him, and allow his arms to go around me, hugging tightly. Quickly, I parted, took hold of Rocky's hand and introduced him to Adam, and visa versa.

While Adam and I were getting 'caught up', a strong hand grabbed my wrist... and lifted it up... I didn't know what that was for, but soon realized, after feeling Rocky's moons, that my hand had been down and inside his underwear. Dad gave me his 'we will talk about this. I am not going to embarrass you' look. I mouthed, "Sorry." Very slightly, it would be missed if you went looking for it, he nodded, then turned his attention back to Adam who was talking with Rocky.

Rocky asked, "Where's Tony, Seth and that guy, Jim?"

"Oh, they went home. We're all going out to dinner. James, Tony, Seth and I have been there several times... it's really good food. The service is good, too. They have all kinds of food, if seafood is not your preference."

"Oh, I like seafood. James told me that you can only get there by boat..."

"That's right. We're going to put my vessel into action. After dinner, we'll toodle around the lake for a couple of hours, before sunset. We'll watch the sun set over the lake. It's kewl." Adam said fondly.

I nodded, "Definitely. It's really kewl."

Rocky warmed up to and was talking with Adam, like he'd known him all his life. Seeing that all was well, I turned to Dad and motioned for us to go outside. He put his arm around my shoulder, making me realize I was not in any serious trouble... if I would have been in deep shit, he would have taken care of the matter when it first happened. On our way outside, the rest were heading inside. I told Eric and Luke to use my restroom... well, I didn't actually 'tell' them, okay, okay, a trick on words, yes, I told them to use my room. Eric rolled his eyes up, then Mom smacked his bare butt, sending him across the house. Luke thwarted Mom's attempt at smacking his butt, but only barely.

Kevin, missing his nap again, was cranky as all hell, crying and whining about this and that, and everything. I told Mom that I'd take care of him as soon as Dad and I talked. Against doctor's orders, I reached out and picked up, and took him outside where Dad and I sat down. Kevin reached for Dad who took him into his arms, patted his back, and consoled him. Within 2 minutes, Kevin was sleeping soundly... which was not a good thing, because if he's awakened before his nap was up... he'd be a total terror.

"Dad, I'm going to stay here with Kevin. We'll be just fine. Maybe you can bring us something home?"

"Thank you, James. But I am his father, and yours, too. I've already told your Mother that I'd be staying here."

"Dad, I am not arguing, okay?" I said. Dad looked into my eyes. His softened, nodded, and waited for me to continue, knowing that I wasn't arguing as in 'arguing'. Feeling assured, I continued, "I've eaten there before. The food's wonderful. Can't you guys go and just enjoy yourselves, please?"

Dad regarded me carefully, before saying, "Son, my children are my business, it's my responsibility... I take it very seriously, more serious than anything else..."

"I know that's true, for certain. Dad, can't I do something for you and Mom, for a change? I mean, you are always there for us... okay, I won't say anything more. The decision is totally yours. I'll go in and get dressed." With that said, without waiting for permission to leave, I got up and headed in the house, but stopped on a dime when Dad said, "Okay. Okay. We'll come back and pick you up before the boat ride. I expect Rocky will want to stay. Come here, James. You are in no trouble, but we need to talk."

Dad stood up. Immediately he reached out his arms. We hugged, then he urged me onto his knee. He said, "I trust that you boys will watch Kevin and TV, right?"

"Yes, Sir. Kevin's my responsibility... I'll take it seriously, Sir."

"Oh, I have no doubt that he's in good hands. He'll be fine. So will you. So will Rocky. Here's the deal, though. In case you didn't realize it, and I'm not saying this to embarrass you... you were totally unaware of what was happening... but... I want you to be more aware of what you are doing and where you are doing it..."


"Yes. Oh. Like I said, you are in no trouble. Just be more aware. That's all I'm going to say about it. And, James..."


"Thank you. I'll talk to Mom."


"Yup." Was his reply, while grabbing me up and throwing me up and over his shoulder, sending me into a fit of giggles.

"Thanks. I love Rocky."

"I know."

"You do?"

"I do."

"You're okay with us?"

"I am. Be careful. I don't want to see you hurt. That goes for Rocky, too... I don't want to see him hurt either. If I see you guys heading for trouble... we'll give you some time to work it out for yourselves, but if I see warning signs, we'll all three talk. Maybe your Mom and I have a way to help you boys work out your problems."

"Thanks, Dad."

Mom took me into the room her and Dad were staying in for the night. She closed the door. "Son, thank you. I'm proud to be your Mother. Because I am proud of you, and always will be, given your responsibility level... please act responsibly. I'm not going to say anything more, except, please be discreet. Love you."

"Love ya, too. Thanks. Thanks for everything."

As soon as the family left, I went in to check on Kevin sleeping in our bedroom... 'our' bedroom? I smiled... then I remembered that this same room was where... A shiver passed up and down my spine... another thought came to mind... Seth hadn't even said goodbye before they took off, which is so unlike him. All of a sudden, I didn't like this Jim guy that he was 'dating'...

Rocky entered, put his arm around my back and kissed my neck. Immediately, he sensed my change in demeanor, "What's up? Is something amiss?"

"I don't like that Jim."

"Neither do I... he's creepy."

"Did you see how he bosses Seth around?"

"Yeah. For being your friend... he didn't say anything when they left... nothing... it's like they just disappeared.

"That's so unlike him.

We kissed then I walked over, kissed Kevin's cheek, told him I loved him, to sleep tight and that we'd be in the next room. Rocky drew down and arranged the covers so that Kevin's naked form was covered, lest he catch a chill. He woke up just enough to reach up to touch Rocky's nose with his little fingers, then rolled his had back into the pillow and fell back to sleep. Rocky, too, leaned down and kissed the small form who was bonding to him. I smiled, feeling all warm and cozy inside of my skin.

In the living room, we sat side by side, turned on whatever was on TV. I certainly wasn't paying any attention to the boob tube, instead I was thinking about how life had changed over the past year – from being almost dead to living, and wanting to live, not wanting to run, from being hated to being loved by so many people in so many ways... I guess tears were flowing down my cheeks... Rocky pulled me into his strong arms, held me, let me cry as much as I needed to. I felt safe, protected, loved, and, oh, my, God, loving someone else felt so damned good... of course I loved my family, but, somehow our sitting here is so much different... it's like our arms are made for each other. No doubt they are.

Somewhere along the way we must have fallen asleep. The next thing I realized was a jiggle on my shoulder, being told to wake up, that they were here. Sleepily, heavily, we parted, stood to see what was going on, since we were still very, very out of it. Mom was smiling. She said, "Tired boys. You need your sleep. I'll tell Adam that we're not going..."

"No, I'm fine. We just fell asleep... we've got to go on that boat ride... you've got to see the sunset... it's so beautiful. Come on, Mom, please."

The sunset was, indeed, beautiful. Way up high, curvy and thin cirrus-stratus clouds were catching the rays of the waning sunlight as it made its way over the horizon. Rocky nudged my arm, used his finger to point toward Mom and Dad. Mom was in Dad's big arms, being held safely, protectively. I looked around. The little bit of light left was illuminating Stacy's eyes. Thomas and Sandy were sitting in the same way that Mom and Dad were. Eric and Luke were sitting up front. Eric's arm was around Luke's shoulders... they were talking quietly. Kevin was asleep, resting his little head on my lap... he had refused to go to Dad, instead he wanted Rocky. I found that really kewl... I couldn't believe that Kevin had been not fond of men at all... he seems to be normal in every way.

Eager to be helpful, when we docked, I told Rocky what the normal procedure is once the boat arrives... he needed to go to the restroom, so I got busy wiping off tables, the console, emptying the trash bins and whathaveyou. Adam came topside, saw what I was doing, thanked me, then motioned for a chair. I sat down at the table. He sat across from me, thought for a second before saying, "What do you think of Jim?"

The question of the century. Adam and I had always been open and honest and forthright with each other, so I didn't hee haw around, "I don't like him. What the fuck does he think he's doing by ordering Seth around like he's a bad puppy dog... shit... you should have heard them..."

"Seth doesn't come down here very often anymore... Jim and him pretty much live at their lake house... I haven't been here very much either... business is booming."

"Isn't Tony saying anything? I mean, this is so unusual..., right?"

"Yip. I've tried talking to Seth... anyway, this isn't your concern... I'm simply feeling you out... by the way, James, I really like Rocky... he's very well mannered, open, honest and forthcoming. For what it's worth, I see a big difference between you and Rocky, and you and Seth... in a good way, of course. It's all good. I do not normally tell people 'I told you so', but, in this case, and in this case only, I told you so, you rascal. Oh shit... I forgot... let me heat up your and Rocky's dinner. I'm going to leave you two alone. If you want to sleep on the boat, I've cleared it with your parents... I know how you like it. Do you think Rocky will be okay with it, too... I really don't know him all that well... but, he seems like a fine person."

"Yup, he's super, alright.

"And, James, I see you growing up. And I see that you are loved, and that you love, too. I have to admit, I invited your family to come down so that I could see for myself. I love you, James... I want only the best for you. Tony's happy with your family, too... though he doesn't see what I see... I happen to know you better."

"I'm all good, Adam. You know, I didn't believe you... about getting me a family... and you know why..."

Just then, Rocky came topside, observed us quietly talking. He said, "I'll just go below... I don't want to interrupt you, sorry."

I got up, went to him. Adam said, "I'm going to heat up your dinner, then I'm going to take off. I need to be in Wichita for a shoot early tomorrow morning. Rocky, if it is okay with you and James, James likes to sleep below down in the crew's quarters... you boys are more than welcome to enjoy yourselves. It's up to you, though."

"It's great. The water lulls you to sleep. You sleep like a baby, I guarantee it." I said, happily.

Rocky's face, even in the low light afforded by the cabin lights, turned a brilliant red... when he realized the full implication of what this all meant. Even his skin felt a few degrees warmer... I know because I ran my hand up and down his back, settling on the area just beneath the hem of his underwear.

Meanwhile, to give Rocky 'space' Adam got busy heating up our dinner in the convection oven, taking care to not overheat or burn it. I led Rocky to the fantail where we just looked up at the half-crescent shaped moon, enjoying our quiet solitude.

A few minutes later, Adam called for us to come eat while it was still hot. In our absence, he had lit candles and put them on the table. As soon as he dished our meals on plates, he wished us well, to sleep good, and to just enjoy ourselves. After hugging him deeply, I said, "Thanks, Adam. I love you. I always will even if we don't see each other very often. Thank you for everything you've done for me." With tears freely flowing, I reached up, kissed his cheek, and gave a him a big hug.

Rocky, seeing Adam's and my interactions, stood up, and said to Adam, "Thank you for everything you've done for James. I do not believe too much in coincidence... I think everything happens for a reason... so thank you." With that, Rocky reached for Adam to give him a hug; a hug that Adam returned readily.

Cajun blackened salmon on a bed of Penna pasta awaited our taste buds. Steamed broccoli, a crisp green salad, and their world famous (to me anyway) apple fritters and a jug of Coke was quickly devoured, Rocky saying that was the best food he'd ever eaten. A very loud spontaneous belch finished the meal... ahhhh.

Rocky quickly cleaned up the used utensils while I gathered up the cartons and put them in the trash receptacle. He wiped off the table, checked and double checked everything to make sure it was tip top clean, while I went forward to close the drapes.

Finished with those chores, we met in the middle, hugged, cuddled while standing up, and our lips found each other, and we began making the journey without even really thinking about it... though I was keenly aware that my maleness was quickly making headway on that road to bliss. I pulled apart, and breathlessly said, "We need to check in with Mom and Dad... I need to make sure, for myself, that it's okay that we sleep out here. I also need to get something from the bedroom I slept in all of those nights... I'm going to use the restroom, but we can use this one, too... we'll just clean the system out in the morning after we get up."

Arm in arm, we made our way up to the house. Rocky has a serious case of 'doting' on me, almost to a fault (Rocky said 'that's right, and don't forget it')... to be doted on feels mighty fine. I found myself doting on him, making sure he was comfortable, straightening his shirt every now and again, touching his skin whenever the opportunity arose (plus some 'made for' opportunities... and I'm not talking about sex... sheesh! There's a lot to be said about touching and being touched, period!).

Stacy, Sandy, Thomas, Mom and Dad were sitting in the living room watching Shogun on Adam's hella good entertainment system... actually, Stacy, Sandy and Mom were watching the movie... Dad and Thomas were out like logs, and snoring, and very loudly, too.

Mom, upon seeing us, got up and led us into the kitchen. She urged us to sit down at the bar, saying that she had some things to say to us.

Knowing that Rocky likes orange juice, I walked to the fridge, poured us two glasses, offered to get Mom a glass of whatever she wanted. She declined the offer, but went into the living area and retrieved her glass.

We sat down, got comfortably seated... other than our shoulders and knees touching... Mom began, "You have our permission to sleep on the boat tonight. Now, I am not going into any details, but I am going to ask you, James, if you are okay... you've had an operation in one certain area."

"I'm fine... in all areas, including my heart. I wouldn't lie to you... I'm seriously fine."

Mom nodded, then to me, then to Rocky, "I expect you to be respectful of each other. Mind you, I have spoken with Dr. Blair about certain safety precautions..."

"Mom, don't please..."

"Shush, Boy, I'm speaking. Do I have your attention? This goes for the both of you... Rocky, your Mother and I have already talked about this... we're on the same page..."

Rocky groaned. I followed suit. I felt that traveling chill once again, and then the cold was replaced by a warm glowing sensation, beginning at my toes, and ran to the tips of my hair.

To add insult to injury, Mom snickered lightly. She was enjoying this way too much. To add further heat to the furnace, she reached down into the below-the-bar cabinets, retrieved a crinkly sounding paper wrapped 'something'... a sack of something... when she brought it up and sat it on the counter, I stared at it like it was Kryptonite, or something equally sinister. Somehow, I just knew what was in there... thankfully, she pushed it across the counter toward me. I grabbed it and sat it on my lap... out of sight, out of mind, right? "Dr. Blair convinced me that if I were to forbid, and this goes for your Mother and you, too, Rocky, you to have sex, then you would anyway, and would just have to hide it... possibly putting yourself in risky situations. You father and I, we're from a different school. We did not join until we'd made our vows in front of our God. Kids today, though are different. I know this to be true. I'm not going to embarrass you two by meddling in your affairs... unless you force me to meddle. Your safety is my primary purpose for bring this conversation up. Do we understand each other?"

"Yes, Ma'am." I responded.


"Yes, Ma'am. I'd never hurt James in a million years... trust me."


"Absolutely... I will never knowingly or intentionally hurt Rocky." I turned to him, "I will not intentionally or knowingly hurt you... I promise."

"Okay, I believe you boys. Grab a shower. Don't forget the sack."

"Okay, Mom, thanks. The boat has a shower down below... don't worry, we'll clean everything up. Can we be excused, now?"

Permission was granted. After exchanging hugs and kisses, we joined arms and headed down to the boat where we would spend the night together, for the first time, ever. Like I've said before, I love sleeping down there. There was a stout breeze blowing, which means the boat would be moving like a rocking chair.

Although locking the cabin wasn't needed, we nevertheless did so anyway. I pulled down all the shades while Rocky stowed the kitchenette table and snapped the chairs securely in place.

Finished with those chores, we stood in the middle of the room... I looked into Rocky's eyes, and he looked deeply into mine. Suddenly, a wave of emotion crept in and through my brain, ran down my back, into my loins, and on down south, way down, clear to my toes. With my voice wavering, I said, "I'm so scared. I promised to not hurt you... it hurts to start out, if you aren't relaxed enough. I don't want to hurt you."

He walked over, took me into his arms, held on tight, and allowed me time to get myself back together... I was about ready to cry when he came to me. "Then teach me how to relax. Show me how to relax you. I don't want to hurt you either... God, that's the last thing I'd ever want to do to you." Rocky suddenly chuckled, and added, "Uhm... I'd say you were really relaxed earlier today... I think I have an idea or two."

"Yeah, you weren't too tense either..." I said, remembering precisely how we'd 'relaxed' each other...

Rocky ran his hands down my back, cupped my butt, pulled me in deeply, and then our lips touched, searching, searching, and searching some more... until there was nothing left to search... then it happened... once again... lost in the moment, feeling, feeling, and feeling some more... lost... totally lost.

Returning, I was disappointed... I so much wanted to... but Rocky shushed me by saying, "I was going to lose it before we ever got started... this way... we can make it last... whatever it is that we decide to do... maybe... we're worrying about nothing... ya think?"

He had a point there.

I was definitely making some 'stuff'. The front of my shorts felt damp and sticky. Before I could do or say anything else, Rocky ran his hands around my front side... he said, "Please... allow me..."

Oh my God... I've never had my clothes removed with such tender loving care... of past… nevermind... that's the past... let it go, me.

I hope that I gave Rocky as many pleasures as he'd given me, while taking off his clothes. His breathing... gave him away... he was definitely enjoying the sensations of being touched. I then surprised him... when I was pulling down his underwear, just as his fully erect penis broke the plane of the waistband of his underwear, I licked up and down and from side to side, then stopped just as fast as I'd started. His penis tastes wonderful... and, oh, my, God... the aroma emanating from his every pore... Sheesh, we weren't even down below yet... he was in great danger of being taken to that faraway planet, and beyond, right then and there... the itch... while different, was nevertheless just as strong... as it had ever been.

We left our clothes lying all helter skelter, then headed down to the bedroom that ran the widest part of the vessel... it was small, yet there was plenty enough room to walk around without worrying about knocking your noggin... Adam had been a different story, though. Obviously.

We walked into the very small bathroom, playfully tried to get the both of us into the shower, but there was no way it would work out. We had fun trying anyway. One thing led to another... he ended up sitting catawampassed on the toilet... I spread apart his legs and took care of his not-so-little penis problem using my tongue and lips. Just before he lost it, I made a silent vow that this boy was going to be pleasured in every way, and more than once. The way I figured it... he should be good for a nice long love-making experience. The itch deep down inside of me was driving me over the edge.

His body was just beginning to get that tension that orgasm was just around the corner when he lifted my face up and off of his beautiful organ. Surprised and shocked that he would stop the exquisite pleasure, I looked deeply into his eyes. He said, "James, I don't want to have it right now... maybe we could wait... uhm, James... I need to do this with you... I've never been with anybody so I don't know how... or what... I don't know what I'm trying to say... can we wait a little bit... I want you to enjoy... I've always dreamed of what it might be like..."

"I'm just trying to make you feel good..."

"I do feel good. We're here together, just you and me. I'm a little nervous... I don't know what I'm trying to say... okay, let me just be honest... I'm very nervous."

I sat back on my haunches, leaned over, kissed his left knee, gave him a few rose petal kisses along his thigh, then just before I reached his golden triangle, I looked into his eyes again and said, "I'm a little nervous, too. Uhm, why are you nervous? I just want your first time to be wonderful."

"That's just it... James... uhm, well, this is our first time... you and me. Just you and me. I asked Mom what I'm supposed to do if it got to this point. Do you know what she said, and don't worry, I asked her this some time ago?"

I shrugged my shoulders, sat down on the floor, took his hand in mine. Thinking about what he just said made me wonder... Rocky continued, "She said to just be with the one I love, and to just let things unfold as they unfold. She said each couple has to find their own rhythm. She said learning that rhythm is or can be fun. This had always her dream... though, in her life the philosophy hasn't been tested for truth..."

Rocky went quiet for a moment... he was thinking. If I haven't learned anything else, I've learned that is best for me to be quiet when someone is thinking. I can relate. Sometimes I just have to think things out before I can say anything.

"James, can we make love together? I love you. I want to make you happy so that you won't ever feel like you have to get something somewhere else... that would break my heart."

I started to say something, that I would never do that in a million gazillion years, but he very gently put his hand over my mouth, and continued, "I know what you're thinking... you're thinking that's crazy... my Dad doing that shit, and taking me with him when I was little – was sickening. I didn't know what to think then, only that it was terrible... I swore to God I'd never ever do that, and I would do everything I could do to not get in a relationship like that... so, I'm winging it. What I'm trying to say is that I trust you. I do not trust many people, and you know why. I know that you do not trust many people, too."

I couldn't stay quiet any longer. I kissed his palm, took it into my hand and said, "I trust you, Rocky. Damn, this is hard... I don't have this stuff all figured out... I'm going to listen to you... I mean really listen... I know what makes a guy feel good... God knows I do..."

"Wait... stop and think for a minute... when you were talking, what you just said... when we were in the barn loft, you know when the sheriff... and stuff... when we kissed for the first time... and what happened? We squirted together... and we weren't even touching to make ourselves cum... it just happened..."

I chuckled, then lamely offered, "I only have another pair of underwear... so we've gotta be careful about that..."

Rocky giggled, too, "I'm already on my last pair, Bud. And they have evidence in them. Okay, here's what I think... make note that my thinking can change on a dime, especially when my dick gets involved..."

"Yeah, me, too." I said, smiling, reaching up for a quick lip smack. That lip smack turned into a tongue sucking, and then we went looking for tonsils, and then we broke apart, and we both said, in unison, "I don't want to make love on a toilet!"

That broke away any tension and seriousness. While we were laughing, Rocky was also trying very hard to keep from 'squeaking' through his butt-cheeks... that broke us up even more... the more he tried to hold it in the more we laughed... and with the laughter... the squeaks came more often and a little louder. Finally, we were both hysterical... and he lost all control. I got up, kissed his cheek, and took off for the bedroom where I sat down, laughing hysterically as he played the musical instruments.

To give him privacy, I got up and turned on the TV – that's right... Seinfeld.

"I'm going to take a shower." He said still sitting on the commode.

"Please do. I might be doing some naughty things to you."

"OH... and just what might that be?"

"I'll never tell..."

"Secrets, eh?"


"See how you are."


The toilet flushed, then the shower started.

I reached into the sack and opened it up, grabbed the contents and laid them out on the bed:

Condoms. Small size... I looked down to my half-hard dick, thought about putting one of those things on to see if it fit, then tossed it aside, not even wanting to think about it. I'd never worn a condom before. If Rocky wanted me to wear one of those things then he'd just have to put it one me. That could be fun...

AstroGlide – large family economy size tube. Flavorless. Non-spermicidal. Biodegradable. Hmm...

Cotton balls, a small sack of them – huh? Why?

Oh my God... a small package of baby wipes... alcohol free.

A tube of my medicine... huh? Why? I'm fine... been fine since right after the little operation. I tossed it back into the sack.

Then there were two identical cards in envelopes. One was addressed to 'James', the other to 'Ricky'.

Ricky? That must be a pet name given to him by his mother. Would I try it out on him? Or is that something personal and private?

Except for the cards and lube, I put the rest of the stuff on the desk. The cards I sat on our pillow. I opened the tube, squeezed just enough to smell it... no flavor... then I squeezed out some on my finger, closed the tube, then inserted my finger through my hole just to see if anything hurt... it didn't... immediately I got hard. Immediately I withdrew.

"James?" He said loud enough to be heard over the fucking show.

I got up and turned it off, "Yup."

"Would you wash my back, please?"

"Be right there." I replied, then dropped the lube on the desk and went to take care of my dude. I washed his back, alright. I also washed his golden globes... because I had plans for my favorite place, I also very gently, carefully, yet cleansingly washed his valley of darkness, paying a little special attention to the special place right in the middle and down just a bit. Man, he was relaxed. I could have easily... but didn't. Meanwhile, Rocky was very much enjoying the ministrations being paid to him. I noticed that he hadn't washed his hair.

Where there's a will, there is a way. Spontaneity, eh? Okay, we're going to do this.

I grabbed the bottle of body soap, slathered it all over my chest, legs, belly and arms, and then slid my way into the shower. He was already soapy... even with all of the soap, our bodies were smashing together... oops, wrong way, so I got out, then came in facing him. We were laughing all the way, almost hysterically so. And then, while adjusting so that we could breathe, our appendages came together, and, well, one thing led to another, and let's just say that whatever we planned to do outside the shower – would be prolonged. I'm glad we were mashed up against the other, cuz otherwise we'd both fallen to the floor and probably banged our heads but good.

We really had nowhere else for our heads to go, so as we washed each other, a good part of the time our lips were kissing, too. I mean where is person supposed to go, and with the lips of your loved one directly in front of yours, what hell are you supposed to do, huh?

Then we managed to rinse off... which... caused a bit of an issue, because we were no longer soapy-slick. That created a fit of giggles. If only we had one of those cameras that Adam had and used often.

With the water getting ice cold... our options were very limited, and they were closing in fast.

Finally, Rocky grabbed the bottle of body soap, slicked us up again, and then I was able to get out while he rinsed. I tossed him a towel, he got out, I got in while he dried off, then I got out, he dried me off (love it) making sure that all the creases, crevices, pores, and other anatomical portions were likewise dry. I then dried his hair, and he dried mine. I then got fascinated by his walnuts. They were crinkled tight, like an old man (I guess), and tight; they were hugging his body up close and personal. I was crinkled and tight, too. Rocky, expertly grabbed hold of a little fold of skin, pulled it down, and then started moving my balls around like they were marbles in a bag. Soon, my sack was loose and normal. I did the same for him, and paid a little special attention to that area behind his balls and in front of his valley. His valley is deep, even seen from the front side. His area there is so silky soft... I made set-in-granite plans for my Rocky... he would be driven nuts (pun intended)... or would I drive him nuts... nah.

I was going totally nuts with the TV on... we played with the remote... apparently the show was in a good place that he wanted to see... I smiled, gave him the remote, then while he was standing there so beautiful, I sat down on the bed, took hold of both of hips and drew him closer so that I could admire his beauty, and admire his beauty I did. Seduction begins: I kissed the small of his back... immediately he shivered involuntarily, but he didn't move away. I wouldn't have given him an opportunity to move away even if he tried. Immediately, I had to rearrange my bits as my dick was arising to the occasion and getting squished between the bed and my thigh... which offered me a better view and access to that which I wanted to view and access. And access I did. Starting at the top of the cleft, I trailed my tongue along that beautiful half-moon that he normally uses to sit on. He shivered again, violently so. He turned around and looked down to see what I was up (down) to, I looked up, he smiled, I smiled, he clicked off the TV, I grinned, while he leaned over to set down the remote, I took a long deep swipe through that valley I so loved. He stood there for a moment, reached down in front, grabbed 'something', then turned around, grabbed hold of the covers, pulled them down, bobbed his fully erect and pulsing penis in my face, which was a naughty thing to do, because I licked it with abandon. I was just about to engulf it, but he pushed me aside so that he could finish taking the bed covers down. He folded them neatly, and while he was bent over, once again, I dove in deeply but he stopped me when my tongue touched his back door... oh God, I was driven... he smelled so clean, and I got a first-hand, up close and personal whiff of his core aroma.

Finished with that task, he stood up straight, then wheeled around and smacked me in the face with his hard tool. Then he started smacking me... first one side then another... giggling all the while.

Then he turned serious. His eyes narrowed. He trembled. I stood up, leaned in so that we could hug and just feel our togetherness, and skin, too. "I don't know what to do now." Rocky said, putting his face into the area between my neck and shoulder. Spontaneously, my body shivered, violently, then he pulled me in close and held on like his life depended on our embrace. I kissed the side of his forehead, slowly ran my hand up his back, and then down slowly until I reached his globes, which I took and squeezed lightly, leaving my fingers away from his valley of darkness. Staying away seemed to be the right thing to do. I then went back up, rubbed his neck, which had gotten somewhat tight, "Let's just take it easy. I'm nervous, too. I think we're trying too hard. Uhm, let's just forget about the sex. Maybe now, we just need to pay attention to each other, relax, and just let nature take its course, and leave whatever will be, be."

Rocky nodded. He looked into my eyes... his were wet, then he nodded and motioned for me to get into bed first. I did so, then scooted to the wall so that he would have plenty of room to spread out and get comfortable. I reached up and turned off the bedside table light. I moved my legs just so, so, so that I could rest them on his... that didn't quite work out... until he crisscrossed his legs so that we were intertwined.... much more comfortable. Still, we weren't all that comfortable. He retracted his legs... I thought he was going to move away, but, instead, he rolled onto his side and pulled us together so that we were face to face. He wrapped his left leg over my waist then used his calf to hold me to him... heh... like I was going anywhere – not!

We kissed, though not hungrily. Something was on his mind, I sensed that he wasn't entirely there even though he was intimately present. "What's going on in your mind, Rocky? We're here; everything's fine.. are you comfortable?"

"Uhm, just my arm... I don't know where to put it." He said, half serious, half giggling as he tried moving it around, "I wish I could just take it off for a while, but knowing me, I'd just lose the screws."

That earned us a really good laugh, then we settled down, relaxed, and thought our own thoughts for a little while. Still, he had something on his mind, something that he was afraid of saying.

"I never thought I'd be lying in bed with a guy, James. You know our town pretty well. The guys at school are pretty fun... but they'd have a shit fit if they knew I was in bed with anyone other than a girl. Sure, they talk about fucking and doing all sorts of things. I don't participate in those conquests, so I get a bit of ribbing cuz I don't have a story to top theirs. They give Larry a bunch of shit, but I really don't think they are serious about making him feel like a turd... he's just different."

"I've not been to much school over the last couple of years. I didn't exactly carry an alarm clock around with me to tell the time when I was supposed to be in class. I have to admit that I really didn't think about school very much."

"You were too busy surviving..."

"Yeah, pretty much..."

We laid there for hours, just talking about this and that. We'd change positions, even go use the can, grab some munchies from Adam's stash up in the galley, return and continue our discussions. Late night TV sucks... we even tried that. Sex was the last thing on our minds, though every once in a while, I'd scratch his pubes, toy with his soft penis, and he'd do the same for me, sometimes we'd even get hard... this is weird, but you can get hard without being or getting overwhelmingly horny.

We even fell asleep a few times... sometimes he was in my arms, sometimes me in his, sometimes on our sides, sometimes we'd hug, most of the time, no matter what position we'd assumed, we'd kiss, settle in very comfortably, and the fall into a light twilight sleep.

The 3:30 to 4:00am wake ups had trained us well... at 3:15 my eyes opened. I was looking straight up at the ceiling, or where it would be since I couldn't really see it since it was dark in the hold of the boat. And, my bladder is trained for that time, too. Though the need wasn't overwhelming, I knew it would soon be just that, so I untangled our legs and started the process of crawling over Rocky... but then I was surprised... out of my skin... as soon as I hovered over him, he wrapped his legs around my lower back, pulled me in, I fell and landed right on top of his fine form, sending my lips directly onto his. Then, much to my surprise, he raised his legs way up and rested them on my shoulders, whispering, "Do it. Just do it. Show me what it's like to be made love to."

"Let me go pee. I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere." I said while kissing his neck, just below his earlobe. I gave him some rose petal like kisses up the side of his face, planted a nice on on his nose, then arranged my legs so that they would not land in the middle of his belly, and took care to not land in the promised land.

On the way back from the bathroom, I grabbed for the tube of lube, but found that it was not where I'd left it. I ran my hand all around... I then felt his arms wrap around my waist, pull me in protectively, and then it happened... no, he didn't grab my dong, rather his raging hard pleasure pole pushed through my butt cheeks and planted itself right up at my back door. Frantically, I reached everywhere for the tube of stuff... he was in perfect position to spear me... then I felt a cool object lay against my belly, and then his hands, oh, my, God... he was slathering my maleness with the stuff, rubbing up and down very lightly, then he stopped, "I don't want you to cum just yet... I want you in me... now."

"It hurts."

"You won't hurt me. I trust you, James. If I didn't – we wouldn't be here tonight."

Worry then crossed into my mind... Although Seth had said that I did okay, I knew my thing wasn't fat enough, long enough for him... he said that I was enough... but I knew I wasn't, not really... his butt cheeks were so full and luscious, no matter what position we'd tried, I gave it all I could... usually Seth put a long narrow finger against my dick, then put them both inside...

"James, are you here?" Rocky asked, putting his hand on my back and rubbed it gently in little circles.

"Yip, I'm here... your wish is my command. I love you, Rocky. But, you have to promise me something... that you'll tell me if I'm hurting you... I am warning you, now, that it hurts. Have you ever stuck anything inside your butt... you know, like your fingers... I've used a banana."

That cracked him up. He laughed. I said, "I'm serious." Then, I, too, cracked up, pulled him in, kissed his lips tenderly, and felt his arms go around me, and hold me tight. I added, "You have to tell me... even though I'm not very big <oh shit, I told him my fear... I shuddered>, but it still hurts..."

His hand reached down, took hold of my fully elongated prong, squeezed it a couple of times, ran his hand up and down its length... I pulled his hand away quickly to keep from cumming right then and there on the spot. I said, "I might not last very long..." I didn't last very long, at all... instead of releasing my prick, he continued to stroke my stoked up male gland and sent me over the edge, surely spraying the table with whatever volume of ejaculate I put out... he held me up through the spasms until they subsided. I reached for his, but he pushed my hand away, and said, "There, that'll let you last longer."

"That's true... you haven't promised me that you'll say something if it hurts too badly, so... I'll pay attention to your body... if I sense that you're hurting, then I'll stop. Uhm, you didn't answer me... have you put anything in your butt, you know... played with it?"

"Uhm, I stuck my finger in there when I was in the shower... and you played with me yesterday, remember?"

"Oh shit... okay... I remember... how could I forget?"


"That's me."

"I was just kidding!"


"That's me!"

"Okay, here's what we're going to do... I want you to lay face down... we'll put a pillow under your hips... I have a plan... if you don't like it then just say so. And, I 'm going to turn on the bathroom light... I want to be able to see you."

"Okay, I'm gonna go pee... be right back... don't go anywhere."

"That sounds like something I'd say. Leave the light on."

Momentarily, he returned and plopped down on the bed and put a pillow under his hips... I was going to do that for him... he wants us to make love... so make love we will do. No... wait... as I laid down on the bed, with my face facing his luscious buns, I knew that I wanted to make him happy in a way that he's never before experienced... I got to thinking about how his Dad just about got him... that thought brought tears to my eyes thinking that he could have been hurt that way... I vowed to bring him nothing but pleasure by kissing his right side, then his right side, then I ran my nose down between his golden globes... he smelled nice. A little musk, a little bath lotion, a big bunch of 'pleasant' overshadowed all else...

I could only see the outline of his cheeks. I couldn't see that little winker. I would admire it, checking it out very carefully. I'd watch it wink while putting my finger, or my tongue against it... which gave me a wonderful idea... I just hoped he wouldn't freak out. So... I used my nose to push aside his cheeks and went for it.

He tried to turn over, saying, "That's gross, James... don't do that to me..." I stuck my tongue down deeper, then with force I snaked out my tongue and used it like a spear to invade his most private of places... he stopped wiggling around... instead, he let out a rush of air from his lungs. I do not believe he meant to... but he pouted out against my lips and it was like he was willing his hole to accept my offerings... in other words, his responses were not congruent (whoa, a big word!) with what he was saying. Finally, he just gave in, knowing I wasn't going to stop anytime soon, and I didn't.

Then, as if a light switch turned on, his muscles relaxed totally and completely. No, I didn't fully invade his place, rather I ran my tongue around that muscle, interrupting only to kiss his cheeks, lower back, tail bone, upper thighs, and sides of his hips. Since he was so wide open, I grabbed the tube of stuff, pulled off the cap, and since I couldn't see anything, I first used my tongue then my fingers to push aside, just a little wider, his love muscle, and then carefully squeezed the tube and felt the liquid go directly next to my tongue and into his cavern. I was careful to not touch his muscle with it for fear of him slamming shut... not that I wouldn't relax him again, because I would in a heartbeat... a thought of me doing this for Seth hadn't even crossed my mind when we were together... this is something we just never did... why am I thinking this? I loved Seth, and I still do, but my love with Rocky is near, dear and complete... I feel good with him... I don't feel like I'm on stage... enough... I snaked my tongue back inside his hole, further than I went before... his breathing was deep, deep, and then he sighed restfully... my only goal was to bring him pleasure... my pleasure would come in last. He'd never forget this night...

With those thoughts fully and completely in the front of my mind, I pushed the tube away (it fell to the floor) causing him to startle... I put both my hands on either cheek and dove in once again... he'd tightened up but slightly... my tongue easily entered.

I got up on my hands and knees, straddling his legs and waist, then moved up, leaned down to kiss his neck. At the same time, I very gently rubbed my penis over his mounds... for two reasons: first, to get myself hard... I'd gone down while paying 100% attention to his pleasure, and secondly, to let him know I was there and would always be there for him, whether we were having, or about to have sex, or not.

Breathless, huskily, he turned to look into my eyes which were close to his, oh so close, and whispered, "I love you, James... I'm ready... I'm ready."

With his words, his solemn profession said, I told him, "I love you, Rocky. Someday, I'm going to marry you..." As I made the final preparations and positioning, I constantly talked with him about our love, my desire to be with him forever, then as my spear touched him for the very first time, readying itself for entry, I told him all about how his eyes won me over, how his words and sound of his voice, his touching me every now and again in just the right way... everything got to my heart... then before I realized it, and not feeling a single solitary flinch, I found myself fully embedded deeply within, with my pubic mound touching his cheeks... I was like totally inside of him... a flicker of worry crossed my mind... I thought I was too small for him... but then sensing my feelings, Rocky tightened his muscle, pushed up as I was slowly going back in after pulling up and almost out... I still had my wits about me... I wanted this to last forever... but I knew that wasn't to be. My penis was twitching... it felt like it was in orgasm... sure, I was tight, but I didn't think I was cumming like a heart attack, instead a feeling of total peace and contentment and warmth overspread my entire body, starting with that piece of flesh fully embedded the flesh of my love.

The jackhammer didn't happen. It just wasn't there. What did happen was bigger and better. Always before, the orgasm began and ended with my dick. The shattering conclusion had overshadowed all else. There was no moment for emotional feelings. I had never cried during sex... oh, I cried alright, but it was from pain... I'd told Rocky that sex hurts... but I hadn't equated that I'd hurt, that I'd been hurt.

This orgasm was also lasting. Why I was thinking these things beats me. I don't understand it... Rocky seemed to sense the intense moments... his hips were continuing to rock slowly but deeply. Aftershocks? They were continuous and constant... I thought I should reach down for his penis... but I couldn't, I was so totally enmeshed... not only was I enmeshed but Rocky was right there with me... that means we're together. We're on the save wavelength. We're making the wavelength. We have our own energy. We're making our own energy.

Then without breaking that energy cycle, we changed places... Rocky filled me completely. Not only was I filled with his physical attributes, but I was filled with his love and care... he kept asking me if he was hurting me... I had no idea what he was talking about so I asked. He replied while thrusting in deeply, "Cuz you're moaning... I'm not quitting James... the sounds you are making are nothing like you were making when your hip was messed up... so, take this..." though he was not jackhammering my innards, he started pushing in as deep as he could possibly go, retract, then go down deep again... very rapidly... very assuredly... very intensely... very completely... knowing he was on the brink, that he was holding back, I jackhammered my butt up to meet his last strides before going off into la la land, filling me to capacity with his sweet nectars, all of them. He experienced 6 aftershocks... why I know is because he whimpered loudly, filling the very small room with his sweet angelic voice. Finally, totally exhausted, he laid down on my back, butt and legs, wormed his face into my neck, and wept, saying over and over, "I didn't know love would be like this... is this real?"

"Oh yeah, it's real... I think <giggling>."

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