Mason in the Center, Part 1

by Joe L

Chapter 5

I can't believe that it's already been forty minutes, and I can't believe I forgot to even glance at the clock. I scramble to my feet, and Tyler makes a mad dash for the bathroom. I just hope he gets there before Parker sees anything.

I hear the bathroom door slam, and Parker bumbles into the bedroom just like any other day. I let out a big sigh of relief, and casually get some textbooks out. I try not to smile, still tasting Tyler's cum in my mouth. I want more… and we didn't even get to make out at all! Shit. It's going to be a long time before dinner. Tyler eventually reappears, and he motions for me to come with him. I shake my head, knowing Parker will follow us no matter where we go. I continue to try to do my homework, and to my surprise, Tyler sits down to work on his. He never does homework! I've tried to help him with it before, but it always ends with him hitting me or throwing books or crying.

The three of us sit in silence, as Tyler and I work on homework and Parker plays with his toys. I wish he'd just go watch TV, but he can never leave us alone. He thinks that we're always doing something fun and not including him when he's not around. That's going to be the truth from now on.

Finally, I hear my mom's car pull into the garage. I realize how hungry I am for the first time; Tyler's cum didn't quite do it for me, but I plan on getting lots more of that.

"PIZZAAAAAA!" she screams as she comes through the door. This always signals a stampede to the kitchen, and our new relationship does nothing to change that. Tyler beats me down the hall, and I throw an elbow to Parker as he tries to get around me. We scramble to the kitchen, and I head for the fridge so I can have a soda ready when the pizza hits the dinner table. I stop in my tracks as Tyler tosses me a soda with a smile. I could melt right on the spot. It's the first nice thing he's ever done for me. Man, I have it bad for him.

I sit down at the table, and Tyler sits down directly across from me. I can't look at him in front of everyone. It's got to look like a normal dinner. I turn my attention alternately to my mom and teasing Parker as we eat. Suddenly, I feel Tyler's foot on mine. I glance over at him, trying not to leer. He has a sultry smile on his face that he's trying to hide by biting his lip. I could jump across the table and kiss him passionately; he's so fucking adorable. His touch drives me wild and sends tingles shooting all over my body, even though it's through both of our socks. I let him caress my foot with his a little too long before I finally give him the shake-off. I frown and shake my head quickly when I'm sure no one's looking. I'm going to have to have the talk with him after dinner. This can't happen or someone is going to notice.

We regroup in our bedroom after dinner, and unfortunately, Parker is present yet again.

"We need to talk." I whisper to Tyler as Parker picks up where he left off before dinner with his toys. I don't know why he can't play alone with his toys, but he always manages to find me or Tyler.

"I hope you mean—" he starts, but I shake my head angrily. Panic flashes on his face.

"No, no. It's nothing bad. I just… need to talk to you."

We look over at Parker, who obliviously continues to play with some robot toy.

"Can he hear us?" Tyler asks.

"I dunno." I turn away from Parker and whisper, "Parker is a dirty cunt licker."

"I am NOT!" he squeals across the room, while Tyler and I erupt in laughter. "I'm telling!"

"No, no, you're not!" I run over to him and tickle his ribs. "Just, stop listening to our conversations!" I appease Parker enough that he returns his attention to his toys, and I return my attention to Tyler.

"Where can we talk?" he asks.

"Go out back and bounce your tennis ball. I'll be out in a minute." I resist the urge to kiss him good-bye, and he bounds out of the room.

"Okay buddy, I need a favor." I head over to sit next to Parker. "Can you give me a few minutes to talk to Tyler?"

"What are you gonna talk about?"

"We need to talk about what we're getting you for your birthday."

"My birthday was two months ago!"

"Okay, we need to talk about what to get you for Christmas! Just… we need a few minutes, then Ty and I will play whatever you want to play, okay?"

"Kay," he smiles, and swooshes his robot in the air. Man, getting a little privacy in this house is tough. I head on out to the backyard, hearing the familiar thump of the tennis ball against the back of the house. I reach my destination without anyone trailing behind me, and I breathe another sigh of relief. My life is going to be full of these sighs from now on; maybe I need to work on not making them quite as audible.

"No one's looking," he smiles as he continues to bounce the ball. "How 'bout a little kiss?"

"We can't. I don't know where mom is and dad could come any minute."

"Behind the shed?"

"Race ya there." We sprint behind the shed and I lose, as usual, when competing with him at anything physical. He holds out his arms to me, inviting me to get wrapped up in them. He's even sexier in the moonlight than the sunset. I forget what I'm doing for a moment as I just stare into his eyes.

"C'mere," he says, biting his lip. There's no one in the world that could resist him the way he looks right now. I walk over to him and put my arms up around his shoulders. I shiver as I feel his hands run up my back. I lick my lips, looking up into his eyes.

"Hi," I smile.

"Hey." He slides his hands all the way up my back inside my shirt and I press my body into his. It feels like our first kiss all over again. It's so slow and sweet, and we both immediately start moaning. I hug him as tight as I can, feeling his boner pressed up against mine. I work his lips and tongue carefully, pressing in just as he yields slightly. We're getting good at this. Suddenly, I realize that I have no idea how long we've been kissing, and I break away in panic. I quickly look around, and everything is just as it was.

"Ahhhhhh…." Tyler crumples to the ground and flops over on his back, laughing. "Dude, I could kiss you forever!"

"Me too." I try to regain my composure. "Go bounce the ball again before anyone notices!"

"Oh yeah." He jumps up, dusts himself off and runs back over to where he dropped the ball. I sit down in one of our old patio chairs while he begins bouncing the ball. I see no one inside, and it doesn't appear we've been caught… this time. I sit and watch Tyler bounce the ball and admire his physique. Those arms and shoulders…. They're so ripply, and I get to be wrapped up in them… and those legs… they're so perfect. I can rub them after he's been running… and while I'm sucking his dick.

"You're such a good kisser," I say after a while. I just want to run over and pick up where we left off.

"Thanks. I dunno… I'm just trying to do what you do," he says, smiling over at me between throws. I continue to stare at him dreamily as he bounces the ball. "Sooo?"

"What?" I ask, a little annoyed that he snapped me out of my bliss.

"You wanted to… talk about something?"

"Oh yeah!" That was the whole point of coming out here. I'd better get to the point because Parker may start looking for us soon. "Do you… know the word 'incest'?"

"You mean like bugs 'n spiders 'n stuff?"

"No, not insects. In-cest," I say a little too loud. I resist the urge to tell him that spiders aren't insects. He shrugs his shoulders as he continues to bounce the ball, which never deviates from its path from his hand to the wall and back to his hand. It's very hypnotic. "Incest is when you have sex with someone in your family."

"It has a name?" he asks, unfazed.

"Yeah… and it's a bad name."

"What do you mean?"

"Incest… it's considered…" I have to try to use words that will get across my meaning and hopefully won't freak him out. This won't be easy. "It's like… people say… it's like a mental disorder. It's like you're sexually crazy if you do it… sexually crazy in a bad way."


"That's just it! If we ever get caught… it'll be like… really, REALLY bad. First of all, imagine what it would be like to be outed at school. If people knew you were having sex with your brother, it would be a million times worse than that. Mom will lose her fucking mind. She would send me to boarding school or maybe she'd send you to Catholic school."

"No way! They can't afford to send another one of us away to school!"

"She'd bring Car home and send one of us there. Trust me, keeping us apart would be her number one priority. She wouldn't give a shit about what Car has done or will ever do again. It might even destroy the family."

"What are you talking about?" He stops bouncing for the first time and looks at me with fear and confusion.

"Mom would blame dad. Dad would blame mom. They would blame themselves. They might get a divorce. We might end up living with different relatives, and we might not ever see each other or Carson or mom or dad ever again."

"Shit." He begins to bounce the ball again. "Do you think… what we're doing is sick… and wrong?"

"Fuck, no," I say without hesitation. "The real reason why incest is wrong is that if a brother and sister have a baby together, it will come out all fucked-up and have birth defects. There's no harm in two brothers doing it… and I bet it's more common than people think. I think gay guys fool around with and practice on their brothers all the time. They just don't talk about it. Actually, I think it would've been a lot crazier to turn you down when you asked me to be your boyfriend."

"Thanks." The smile returns to his face. "You looked like… you weren't sure when I asked you."

"I was just a little shocked. I was expecting you'd ask me… ya know… to mess around with you. You know, start with sucking some dick."

"Starting with that? Why wouldn't I ask you to be my boyfriend first? Isn't that something that you'd do with your boyfriend?"

"Well… some people… a lot of people… like to have sex without… the relationship stuff. They just wanna get laid… like Carson!"

"I guess I just don't get that. I don't know why you would want to kiss and do sex stuff with someone who's not your boyfriend. It would just be… nothing. It wouldn't feel good at all."

"Lemme put it this way. Tell me a celebrity that you have a crush on."

"No way!" I see him blush in the moonlight.

"Just tell me."

"I dunno.... Austin Mahone, I guess."

"Ooh yeah, he's cute. Okay, say you went to an Austin Mahone concert, and he saw you in the crowd. He asked to meet you backstage after the show, and he just wanted a blow job and then to blow you. Would you do it?"

"No way."

"Why not?"

"Cuz I'd be cheating on YOU, stupid!"

"Okay, okay… say this whole thing happened a week ago… before the spin-the-bottle game, and I'm not even in the picture. Would you do it?"

"I guess… but when I would get backstage with him, I'd ask him to be my boyfriend before we did anything."

"What if he said 'no'? Maybe he just wanted a quick blowjob and he'd be leaving later that night to the next stop on his tour. "

"I guess I'd just leave… or maybe I'd just try to kiss him until he said 'yes'."

"Okay, it's official! You are the sweetest, most amazing-est guy in the world!" I slump out of my chair and roll over on my back, laughing. Tyler misses the ball for the first time, and he scrambles into the yard after it, trying to control his own laughter. It all makes sense now. The guy just wants to be loved! Every problem in his life can be traced back to not feeling loved. I'm going to make sure he gets that love from now on.

"So… if I had asked you just to mess around at first, what would you have said?" he asks, getting his tossing rhythm back.

"Yes, of course… you're hot! But as soon as you touched me for the first time, I would have wanted to be your boyfriend."

"You're just saying that."

"No way! It was inevitable that we were gonna end up boyfriends. You just let us skip the awkward phase of making out and sucking each other's dicks while pretending we're not totally into each other."

"Cool," he smiles, continuing to bounce his ball. "Anything else?"

"Yeah. I just want us to be more careful. We have to pretend like everything is like it used to be. You can't smile at me at the dinner table and play footsie… as much as I loved it. You can't even get me a soda! We have to be normal teenage jerks…. We have to give each other shit, and we have to get in fights sometimes."

"That'll be hard. I kinda like… being nice to you."

"I know, I like it, too! But it leads to more kissing, and that's something we gotta be more careful about, too!"


"We can't kiss behind the shed like that. It's just too risky. We can't kiss unless we know exactly where everyone is in the house at that moment."

"That's the cool thing about being in a big family. We won't be noticed if we sneak off sometimes. Trust me, I know."

"Maybe… but… yeah, you're right. Okay, some kissing," we both chuckle.

"Parker's not coming… you wanna stay out here a little while longer?" he asks.

"Yeah, this is nice." I take a deep breath of the cool evening air.

"Your cum… tasted really good." He whispers, continuing to bounce the ball.

"You ate it?"

"Yeah… when I ran to the bathroom, I scraped it up with my finger and tried it."

"Maybe tomorrow, you can have some more."

"Did you like mine?"

"Uhh… it was the best thing I've ever tasted!" I chuckle, feeling my face turn red again. I see the kitchen light up, as my mom and dad embrace.

"Dad's home." Tyler tosses his ball in the potted plant where it stays while he's not bouncing it.

"Wait," I call, as he heads towards the door. "After you brush your teeth, hang around the bathroom for a little while."

"That's right!" His eyes light up. "You usually come in there when I'm brushing, and that's always the time when mom is trying to get Parker in his pajamas."

"Yeah, I think we'd be safe for a good-night kiss, don't you?"

"Yeah! It's nice to have something to look forward to. I don't think I can wait until after school tomorrow," he smiles with that twinkle in his eye.

"Ahhhhh… I want you right now!" I roll off my chair again onto the ground again, and we giggle.

"C'mon," he says, and we head inside the house, trying to put on our normal act for everyone to see.

We sit down as a family to watch some TV. I have to sit next to Tyler because it's the only seat left. It's torture sitting so close to him and not being able to touch him. I keep squirming and trying not to think about him. I don't want a boner during Modern Family.

"Don't sit SO CLOSE, fag!" Tyler erupts out of the blue and shoves me. This is perfect; it's just like the stupid fights we always used to get into.

"I'm not, dick!" I shove him back and we continue to tussle until someone notices.

"Boys!" Mom scolds us half-heartedly, yawns and closes her eyes.

We glance at each other with muted smiles. That was pretty good acting, as far as I'm concerned. We return our attention to the TV, and I let out a huge sigh. The Thursday night line-up has never seemed so long and boring.

Finally, mom wakes up after her third doze, and she announces that she's going to bed.

"I'm gonna… brush my teeth," Tyler announces, trying not to widen his smile.

"I gotta get ready for bed, too." I stay behind to pick up the mess we've made, so I don't get asked to do it later when I'm in a more delicate situation.

"Parker, time to get in your jammies!" Mom says, and he begins his groans and physical resistance. It looks like he's up for a real battle tonight. We should have plenty of time.

I head for the bedroom and put on my sleep clothes. I've graduated from jammies to one of Carson's old t-shirts, sleep pants and socks. Tyler always wears a loose tank top that shows his shoulders and ribs, and a pair of plaid sleep pants that makes his ass look great. I can't wait to see him in it, even though I see it every night.

The bathroom has doors into the hall and our bedroom, so it should work out perfectly. I just have to lock the door to the hall, and if we hear anyone come into the bedroom, Tyler can casually stroll out and I'll start brushing my teeth. I hurry to the bathroom, and see that Tyler has come up with the same plan. The door to the hall is closed and locked. Tyler is leaning up against the bathroom cabinet, smiling at me. He's taken care of everything; all that's left to do is kiss him.

"Hi," I say as I casually approach him.

"Hey." He manages to get one syllable out before my lips are locked on his. This is our most passionate kiss yet. It's like we're sharing a good-bye kiss at an airport when we won't be seeing each other for a long time. His hands are roaming all over my body, and I let mine run through his hair. I love his hair at night; his little spikes look like they're tired and starting to fall over. It's adorable.

I feel like I'm nearing the point of no return, so I break away. I'd find it hard to explain my cum on his sleep pants.

"Sorry, this isn't fair. You got to brush your teeth, and I didn't. I must taste terrible," I say, continuing to stroke his hair.

"Trust me, you don't."

"You sure?" I lean in to continue kissing, forgetting how close I am.

"Wait, just sec," he says, taking both of my hands in his. He smiles as he squeezes my hands. I don't think I can take any more sweetness or I'll explode.


"I just wanna tell you… ya know… I love you, Mace… and not as a brother. I love you as a boyfriend."

"Well, I just plain love you. I love you as everything… a brother, a boyfriend, a companion, a lover, a tennis-ball-bouncer…. Everything."

"Really?" His smile is full of bliss and relief, as if he didn't expect me to say it back.

"Big time." I slip my hands out of his and put my arms back over his shoulders. We resume our passionate kiss, really working our tongues together for the brief time we have left. Somehow, I hear Parker enter the bedroom, and I quickly slip out of Tyler's arms and head over to the sink. He leaves the room and I make sure my large t-shirt covers my hard-on. I pick up my toothbrush and carefully go through my routine while I listen to my mom trying to get Parker into his pajamas. I pass them in the doorway, as the battle for Parker's tooth-brushing is now beginning. Mom always has to watch Parker brush his teeth. He used to not brush well, and he actually got an abscess. This is going to make it a lot harder for Tyler and me to sneak another kiss, as mom spends a lot of time in our bathroom every night.

I climb into bed and smile at Tyler, who is all tucked in and watching my every move. I wish I could climb into bed with him.

"Was that really the first time we've told each other `I love you'?" I whisper.

"Yeah." He's sporting that same dreamy smile.

"Sorry, I shoulda told you earlier. I don't know what I was thinkin'!"

"Just tell me again."

"I love you," I whisper as seriously as I can.

"I love you, too." We stare at each other with goofy smiles for a while, as the tooth-brushing in the other room doesn't sound like it's going too well.

"You're SO brave!" I finally break the silence.


"Yeah… first you came out to me… then you told me you… ya know, you liked me…. Then, you asked me to be your boyfriend, and now you told me you love me. I'm so chicken, I don't think I'd have the nerve to do any of that…. Well, I woulda gotten around to the `I love you' part pretty soon."

"I don't think it's brave. I just… I dunno. I couldn't stand not knowing. I had to know if you felt the same way I do."

"I do," I whisper just as Mom busts back into the bedroom.

"You boys had better go right to sleep! I don't want to hear another peep out of this room!" She storms out without saying "Good-night." That must mean that Parker won the battle.

Parker triumphantly smiles as he turns on his nightlight and switches off the main light. I smile at Tyler one more time before I close my eyes. I'm so boned-up, I don't know how I'm going to fall asleep. I may have to sneak back into the bathroom and jerk one out in a little while. Suddenly, the activities of the day cause a wave of exhaustion to wash over me. I close my eyes, still smiling.

"EEEEEEEE!!!" I awaken with a jolt as Parker runs from the room. He's having another stupid nightmare, and I had actually gone to sleep! I look over at Tyler, as we usually commiserate when this happens and groan about what a baby Parker is. It doesn't dawn on me until I see the look in his eyes…. We're alone.

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