Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 40

My cell phone alarm goes off, way too soon. However, I wake up in Luke's arms, with his hands still holding mine. I'm immediately reminded of last night, and I smile. I quickly unhinge Luke's fingers around mine and try to find my cell phone to turn it off before it accidentally wakes up the other tent. I switch it off and try to listen to the outside world. Everything seems completely still.

I flip over to face Luke. I can tell that he hasn't fallen back asleep. His eyes are closed, but he has this goofy, satisfied grin on his face.

"Hey," I whisper. Without opening his eyes, he wraps his arms back around me and brings me in for kiss. I'm just expecting a good morning peck, but his tongue finds its way into my mouth. We're quickly thrust into a passionate wake-up kiss. I remember where I am and pull my head back. "Dude, I'm sure my breath stinks right now."

"Let me tell you something," Luke sighs, exasperated and continues whispering. "I have known you for almost eight years now. In all that time, there is nothing about you that has ever turned me off. When you wake up in the morning, you look so sleepy and cute. Your hair is always sticking up right here where you sleep on it..." He runs his fingers over my cowlick ridge, "and there's always this moment when you realize I'm there with you. I love to be awake and watching you during that instant. You get this unbelievably cute smile, sometimes just a tiny one, but it's always there. It's the perfect way to start my day, and I can't help but kiss you."

"Mmmmm," I whisper as I scoot in closer to him. "Tell me some more wonderful things about me."

"And it's not like you have morning breath, either," he continues, between quick kisses. "Your breath is warm and inviting. Your lips always taste sweet like sugar, no matter what you've been eating... and your mouth tastes like... hmmm…." He smacks his tongue around on his lips, trying to figure out the taste. "Kinda like my cock."

"Not often enough!" I poke his ribs and we bust up, momentarily forgetting where we are. He holds onto my poking finger with one hand while I keep his other hand away from my ribs, so we're at an impasse. We lay there staring at each other for a minute, not wanting to get up.

He scoots in close and I feel his hard dick trying to find its way to mine, so I try to weasel my way out of his sleeping bag.

"What?" He asks, sarcastic and disappointed.

"I really have to piss, and I don't wanna piss through a boner," I say.

"Oh, all right." He makes a dramatic sigh and we wriggle our way out of the sleeping bag. We sleepily pull on some clothes and shoes. I quietly unlock and unzip the tent and poke my head out to see what's going on across the campground. My dad and brother's tent is totally silent. I point to a wooded area where we could walk and take care of some business. After we get a nice distance away, we're safe to start whispering again.

"Dude, seriously, you were SO amazing last night," Luke whispers to me and pinches my butt.

"Really? I just thought I was laying there and letting you do all the work."

"Are you kidding? It was SO hot. You were kissing me... like... like you needed my kiss to live."

I'll replay those words in my mind a million times.

"I do," I whisper. He looks around, just in case, and leans over for a quick peck.

"It was like on that game 'The Sims', when someone has those cartoon hearts rising out of them. That's how I was feeling," he says. I try to stifle my chuckling, but I end up spitting and snorting. "I know... totally corny."

"No, no," I control my hysterics, finally. "That's totally how it felt for me, too. There are probably hundreds of those hearts stuck inside the roof of our tent."

"Well, I have a new inspiration for jerking off on those lonely nights when you're not in my bed with me." He ponders for a moment. "Maybe some night when the weather's cooler, we can get in my sleeping bag in my room and have a pretend camping night."

"Well, now I've officially got to piss out of a boner." I say, trying to sound disgusted.

"You know what really feels good? Pissing right after a good blowjob. Lean up against that tree over there."

"We're too close to the campsite. They could get up at any minute."

"I can make you cum in five seconds. Just look down at your dick sliding in and out of my lips and see how long you can last." He knows exactly how to get me, every time.

"All right, just hurry." We run over behind the tree, making sure there's no way we could be spotted if someone wandered in our direction.

"You won't even have to do me. Just a quickie, then we can piss," he says as he kneels down and starts undoing my shorts. "Oh yeah!" he whispers as my boner pops out and taps him on the nose. He takes it in his mouth and goes to town.

"Mmmmmmm," I try to moan as quietly as I can, but it's tough. I look down at Luke, and the visual does the trick, just like he said. Even when I used to watch porn, there's something about watching a guy suck a dick who really knows what he's doing and also really enjoys doing it. Luke is exhibiting both right now.

"I changed my mind," he says as he momentarily takes my dick in his hand and gently jerks it. "You have to do me too," he takes me back in his mouth and I continue to build me towards a big orgasm. The fear of getting caught is such a huge turn-on, but I would never admit it. I pump my hips and thrust my dick into his mouth as a surge of pleasure comes over me. I bite my lip as hard as I can to keep from moaning out. I look down at Luke, who has a big glob of cum that escaped from his mouth that is dangling off his chin. I delicately wipe it off with my finger, and he licks it off in one quick motion.

We survey the area again, just to make sure, and I get down on my knees and pull down his shorts. It's not like I needed him to tell me to do this... I was gonna do it anyway. I try to give him the most intense pleasure I can, and it doesn't take long before I see his knees start to go limp. Then, I get my creamy breakfast as well. I know we should be heading back, but I indulge in a nice cummy kiss for a minute or two.

As we walk back, I realize I'm going to have to look at him again all day and won't be able to touch him.... but fuck, what a payoff we'll have at the end of the day. I can't wait to repeat what happened last night.

We head back to the campsite and there are still no signs of life from Dad and David's tent. I start to build a fire while Luke tidies up our tent and tries to air it out.

Finally, I hear some stirring inside and Dad and David eventually emerge. I try not to smile, but they both look absolutely dead to the world, and it's clear they've both just opened their eyes. There's no way they heard anything from our tent.

"Mornin," I call to them. Neither of them acknowledges me, but as I pass around the heated thermos of coffee, they come back to life.

Today is the day of our big hike. We finish our coffee and breakfast and clean up the campsite. We decide to lock the tents and leave the rest of the area set up. If someone really wants to steal our tents, they can. We have to drive up a curvy road for a few miles to get to the start of our hiking trail. We park, and Luke and I bolt out of the car and head up the trail, leaving David and Dad in the dust. Luke comes up beside me and starts to whisper into my ear.

"Dude, let's keep ahead of them so they're constantly trying to catch up. That way, we'll wear them out and they'll have to go to bed early." He licks me around the ear before he uncups his hand from the whisper. That sounds like a perfect plan, and I give him a little nod.

After about fifteen minutes, we get far enough ahead so that we don't see them at all. Luke grabs my hand and interlocks our fingers. I try to shake it free as I look back for Dad or David.

"Just for a minute," he says and I squeeze his hand with acceptance.

"All right." I'm floating along like someone who has just been laid for the first time in six months. I feel so incredible, I feel like I could do backflips all the way up this hiking trail.

"So, G... when we get married one day... are you going to take my last name?" he jokingly asks.

"Yeah, probably."

"REALLY?" He seems genuinely surprised. "I thought changing your name would make you the woman, and you hate that stuff."

"It's not really that. It's just that I've scribbled Garrett Olson all over my notebooks and keep practicing my signature."

"Yeah right."

"Okay, I was actually just writing, 'I heart Luke'." I look behind us and kiss him on the shoulder and squeeze his hand again.

"I know you don't do that." He wants me to be serious.

"Okay, okay..." I look around once more. "It's just that my last name... Connor..." I scrunch up my face when I say it, "It just reminds me of my folks and my brother, more than myself even. But your name, Olson," I sigh dreamily as I say it. "It just reminds me of you, not to mention your mom and how cool she is. I feel like you two are my real family."

He looks around again, and with silence all around, he grabs my face with both hands and gives me a passionate kiss. I enjoy it for a few seconds, but the paranoia quickly causes me to break away.

"We have to celebrate this." He leans his head towards my ear for a whisper. "Tonight... we're FUCKIN'."

"As great as that sounds," I chuckle, "the logistics and the clean-up will be a big problem."

"I got it covered! I packed some just-in-case items. I have a tube of lube... I brought a bunch of packs of those travel Kleenex to catch any fluids... I brought a big zip-lock storage bag to put our dirty Kleenex in, so the tent won't smell like buttsex... oh yeah, and I brought this huge boner." He squeezes it through his shorts. "It's great for fucking!"

Just then I start to hear running footsteps from down the path. They sound clumsy, so they have to be my brother.

"I guess tonight, we're fuckin'," I whisper before David can get close enough to hear.

"Fuck, yeah!" Luke mouths at me.

"You assholes gotta wait up!" David yells at us as he approaches, trying to catch his breath. "Dad is pissed. He doesn't want you to get that far ahead."

"Oops. Sorry, we didn't realize, dude." Luke grabs David by the neck and messes his hair. Dad catches up in a few more minutes, all red-faced. We apologize and allow him to rest a while before we continue. I realize that the trail alone will be plenty enough to wear them out. We won't have to run ahead to exhaust them. Plus, Dad already looks like he's about to have a heart attack. I let Luke in on the change of strategy and we all continue the hike.

As we head on, I think about my future with Luke. This is the third time he's mentioned marriage, but we've never really talked about how that could come about. Being found out is still Luke's number one fear, as it is mine, too. I don't know if he expects us to be out at some point, or just have a secret marriage where I will have to make up some stupid excuse about why I have his last name. Oh well, everything is perfect right now. I'm not going to bring it up.

It takes us the rest of the morning to reach the scenic lookout, which will be our turn-around point and a spot to eat lunch. We spread out a blanket, and I resist the urge to curl up in Luke's arms and lay down with him. I can't keep my eyes off of him as we eat, daydreaming about him holding me and making love in the tent tonight. I can tell he's thinking the same, and we have to try not to stare at each other as we try to sound interested in the conversations with the others.

David looks absolutely exhausted. After he finishes eating, he lays down flat on the blanket and closes his eyes. When I realize that he actually is about to fall asleep, I start tossing pebbles at him. I don't want him to nap now; he'll be up all night if he does. He starts throwing rocks back at me, and Dad quickly puts a stop to it. Now, David's angry, but at least he's not in danger of falling asleep again.

We eventually get ready to head back down, and we clean up our mess. I put the blanket and the food containers in my backpack. David already starts whining about how tired he is and how his feet hurt. I thought he had gotten in great shape exercising with us and running at track practice and meets, but it looks like even my dad is doing better than he is.

"Come on, buddy. Piggy back for a while," Luke says to him, and David jumps on Luke's back. I watch in disbelief for a second, but trying not to let it bother me, I pretend to climb on my dad's back. He laughs harder than I've heard him laugh for years, so I take a little comfort in that. However, I'm quickly fixated back on Luke and David. I've never been so jealous and turned on at the same time.

I'm not turned on from anything to do with my brother. He's such a dork, and he's not cute, even for a brother. Even the way he's holding on to Luke... there's nothing sexual about it. If it were me, I'd have my legs wrapped around his waist. He'd hold onto the backs of my knees with his hands, occasionally caressing them with his thumbs. My arms would be wrapped around muscular shoulders, and my hands would be rubbing his pecs. I would lean my face up against the back of his neck, occasionally kissing his neck, back and shoulders. I stop myself from staring at them every few minutes, but can't help myself as my daydreaming takes over.

The aspect that is such a huge turn-on is what a stud Luke is. It really strikes me from time to time. He's carrying my brother around like he's as light as a feather, and he's not exhausted at all from the hike so far. He keeps running around, pretending like he's going to drop him off the side of a cliff, then coming back to my dad and me, and having a conversation like there wasn't a snotty 13-year-old hanging on his body. He's so strong and manly. Sometimes, I still can't believe he's gay.... but then he reminds me in the best possible ways.

I catch his eye from time to time, and he gives me a wicked smile because he knows how jealous I am. He carries David all the way down the trail, with just a few breaks here and there. He has to be tapping into some of his sexual mojo. No one has that much energy.

We head back to the camp, and everything is just as we left it. I run over to the campground showers, saying that I feel all sweaty and grimy, but I really just want to prepare myself for a good buttfucking.

"Don't use up all the hot water," Luke calls out as I head across the street. Shit, I don't want him to shower. He'll wash off all the nice smells that drive me crazy as his whole body seems to make love to me. It would be all the better in the tight confinement of the sleeping bag. As I head back to the campground, Luke and I cross paths.

"Don't wash your pits," I whisper as he gets close. He just smiles.

I head back to join Dad and David. We fix some dinner… soup this time, and slurp it down as the sun sets. Luke soon joins. My feet ache a little, but the anticipation of being with Luke tonight has me totally wired. He doesn't look tired, either. On the other side of the coin, Dad and David shut their eyes soon after dinner by the fire and fall quickly asleep. Luke is motioning me over to sit on his lap and trying to make me laugh. I turn my chair slightly away from him, but I can't help but look over. He keeps fluttering his tongue around and showing me the outline of his boner through his shorts. Those shorts were driving me crazy all day. They really show off his ass. I would love to plow him in the tent tonight, but there's no way he would be able to keep quiet.

After a couple of hours of trying to make each other laugh and trying to make each other horny, I can't stand it anymore. I get up and start putting out the fire. Luke quickly chips in, which wakes up the sleepyheads.

"I'm beat. I'm going on to bed, and you two look like you could use some sleep, too." I say, hoping to hurry them along.

"Man, I could sit out here under the stars all night," Dad yawns. "But I guess I'd better get some shut-eye in the tent. I've got a lot of driving tomorrow." My brother looks like a zombie as he heads for the tent. He doesn't say anything to anyone. He seemed fairly excited to come on the trip this year, as excited as he gets for anything. However, he's been the walking dead all weekend. Maybe, he's going through another growth spurt. When I went through them, I couldn't stay awake for anything. It's just as well, though. My brother and I get along best when he's asleep.

We say our good nights and head for our respective tents. I'm shivering with anticipation as I climb into my own sleeping bag. I hear my dad and brother arguing again, just like last night. I still can't hear what they're saying, but we'd better wait them out. Surely, they won't last long as tired as they both are.

"If you're not going to get in my sleeping bag yet, at least scoot over here," Luke whispers.

I scoot next to him so we can steal a few kisses while we're waiting for the other tent to quiet down.

"Aren't you exhausted?" I ask him after a little tongue-play.

"Hell, no. Are you?"

"No, I'm kinda horny."

"What a coincidence!"

"You were such a stud out there today... carrying my brother around like he weighed nothing. You're such a man," I whisper.

"I am pretty studly," he gives me his sexy smile.

"I can't believe you're gay sometimes."

"I'm not gay. I'm G-sexual."

"You're a huge 'mo!" I kick him through my sleeping bag.

"Seriously! You're it for me. I'm not attracted to other dudes."

"So let's say.... I have the flu and I won't let you see me. You're alone at your apartment and Harry from 1D shows up at your doorstep. He just wants to have some sex and get back on the road. I'd never find out about it. You're saying you wouldn't be interested?"

"Nope," he says without hesitation.

"How bout, just five minutes before Harry shows up, I call you and say something like, 'Luke, I won't be better for a while, so if you have a chance at casual sex with a member of a boyband, you should take it.' You still wouldn't do it?"

"No, I don't think I could get it up," he says matter-of-factly and I bust up.

"You huge liar!" I tickle him through his sleeping bag, and we stop when we realize we're being too loud. There's no sounds coming from their tent anymore, but that doesn't mean they're both asleep.

"So what about you? Would you bang little Harry?" He asks. I didn't even think about it when I was asking him. I ponder for a second.

"Nah, I have some pics and videos of you, and your white sweaty socks, so I'd be fine until you were better."

"GOOD answer!" He pulls me close and we make out for a few minutes. I'm soon annoyed with all of the sleeping bag material between us, and I break the kiss.

"Unzip your bag, I'm coming in," I whisper, and we manage to make the switch in just a few seconds. Suddenly, our bodies are pressed up against each other. The moon is even brighter tonight, and I can see his face very clearly now. He reaches over to stroke the side of my head as we take the time to just enjoy being close for a while.

"I want you to fuck me so bad, I can't stand it," he says suddenly, taking me by surprise. I've wanted to all day, too, but it's just not worth the risk. I give him a "Yeah, right!" look. "Seriously! I'll be completely quiet. I just need it soooo bad." It's going to be so hard to turn him down, as I want to give it to him as bad as he wants it.

"So what's your plan?" I ask. He's never been able to be anything remotely close to quiet when I fuck him.

"I can do it. I just have to control myself. I promise, if I make the slightest sound, you can pull out and we can wait till we get home. But I swear, I can do it."

Against my better judgment, I shrug my shoulders and give in. He starts dancing around, reveling in his victory as he gets ready. We open up his sleeping bag and lay it flat out like a blanket. There's no way we'd be comfortable in there because he likes to put his legs up in the air when I fuck him. He stares up at me with an excited, but silly look on his face. It's hard not to start laughing, just looking at him. I pause for a second, listening for any suspicious sounds, then press my cock into him.

He starts mouthing "Fuck yeah!" and "Holy fuck!" among other things, but in a sarcastic and goofy way, trying to make me laugh. I lean over to try to kiss him, but I just can't reach his mouth when my dick is up his ass. The kissing is so much easier when he's fucking me. The air mattress under me starts to squeak, and I stop. He looks at me with an innocent, "It wasn't me!" look and points at the areas where I'm thrusting. I try different positions, but the squeaking continues. His faces get goofier and goofier as I try to get the squeaking to stop. My eyes are watering, as I'm trying to hold back the laughter, and he's loving that.

I rotate him 90 degrees, but that doesn't help, either. I'm now making audible sounds, trying to hold back laughter, and Luke isn't helping. In fact, he's trying to make me bust up. I finally erupt, collapsing on top of him. I can't breathe, I'm laughing so hard, and I just bury my face in his chest. I can hear him, too. He's in an equal amount of hysterics. I pick my head up to look at him, but it just makes me laugh even harder. I can't help myself; I just have to be as quiet as I can until this whole thing passes. I'm suddenly struck by the knowledge that this will be one of those moments we'll always remember– me lying on top of him, both of us crying with laughter, trying to catch our breath and trying to stay as silent as possible. Even that doesn't help, and we go on for many more minutes, far more than I'd ever be able to estimate.

Finally, I'm able to stop, and so does he. I still lie on top of him, not wanting to pick up my head and look in his face, for fear I'd start up again. I feel our dicks, which are now pressed up against each other. We're both still rock-hard, even through that distraction. Finally Luke whispers to me.

"I've got an idea," he says, still trying not to laugh. "Let's stand up. I'll bend over and you can do me from behind."

"Oh, all right," I whisper. My knees are weak as I try to stand up, but I eventually make it up. I steady myself by grabbing his hips, as he's already bent over in an offensive lineman's position, ready for a good pounding. I stand up and almost rip a hole in the top of the tent with my head, forgetting where I am. After stifling another laugh, I eventually collect myself and reinsert my dick into Luke.

I can't see his face as he looks back at me, but he reaches back to rub my thigh with his hand as I give it to him. It's just the encouragement I need, and I'm quickly in a nice rhythm. He's doing just as he promised with not a sound to be heard. As I pick up speed, the spanking sound of my pelvis slapping against his ass starts to get louder, but I can't help myself. It's so hot, and it feels so good. I'm probably not going to be able to fuck the cum out of him this time, so I just go for broke. I want to finish up and just get back in the sleeping bag with him. I let out a soft moan as I pump a load into his ass, and he encourages me with a few whispers of "Oh, yeah." After my final pump, I collapse onto the floor of the tent, breathless. Luke soon joins me after he cleans up.

"Nice job, G," he whispers, rubbing my chest. I still can't form words, and just look back at him with a smile. After a few minutes, my breath returns.

"You wanna show me how it's done?" I whisper, grabbing his hand on my chest. He is so nice, waiting for me to be ready. He probably has blue balls by now.

"That depends. You ready to love me more than you've ever loved me before?" he asks with total seriousness.

"I don't know if that's possible, but I'd love to give it a shot."

He pats the unfolded sleeping bag, and I scramble over and lie down on it. He gets on top of me and manages to zip up the sleeping bag around us. Just that action and the closeness bringing back memories of last night makes my dick stand right back up and throb. He pauses and holds his head up so our lips are just an inch away. He loves to tease me this way. I reach up to run my fingers through his hair.

"I've been waiting for this all day," he whispers. I can see him so clearly now. My eyes have adjusted and the moonlight illuminates the inside of the tent. He's got that sexy expression on his face... the perfect combination of horny and sweet.

"It seems like it's been forever." I run my other hand down his back and cup a butt cheek, giving it a little squeeze.

"I'm gonna make the hottest, sweetest, slowest love to you. You're gonna–" His words seem to overcome him and he can't finish his sentence before he starts to kiss me. We start out, just making out like last night. His kisses are so sweet and tender, and I can't help but grope his body all over. I try to get myself under control, and really take it all in. I'll be thinking about this night for a long time. It's not long before I'm on the edge of another orgasm, just from his kissing and his touching. I start to get impatient for his dick, too. I push him up slightly, and he looks at me with a wry smile. He knows what I'm going to say.

"If you want me to love you more than ever, you're going to have to fuck me," I whisper.

"I can't yet. If I stick it in now, I'm gonna cum," he says and tries to keep kissing me.

"And you think that making out is going to help that problem?" We chuckle.

"G, you and I are in a sleeping bag together, our bodies all wrapped up in a warm, sweaty, teenage, horny package. What am I gonna do, NOT kiss you?"

"Good point," I say as we quickly get back to tonguing. We slow the pace way down, which is good for me. I was about to squirt all over our tummies, like I'm prone to do. Eventually, he moves his head over to whisper in my ear.

"I think I'm ready," he slurs as we get into position.

"I'll issue a flash-flood warning inside my asshole."

"That might be a good idea," he smiles. He pauses again as I feel his dick pressing up against my hole. I rub his ribs and let my hands drift down to the sides of his butt, coaxing him to enter me, which he finally does with one great thrust. We both let out a huge sigh of relief and pleasure as he instantly slides it all the way in.

"Ahhh, that's it," I whisper into his ear.

"Fuck, G," he starts to shudder. "Why'd ya have to... make it... feel … that… fuckin'… good?" He hugs me as hard as he can, trying to resist the urge to thrust his hips. I'm sure his little soldiers are trying their best to march up his dick, but he's trying to stop them in their tracks. I lie there hugging him, enjoying it either way.

"Go ahead and cum. Then just keep fucking."

"Not this time. I just want to keep myself on the edge and make love to you as long as I can." he whispers, still trying to stay in control.

"You're the boss." I rub my hands up and down his sides, hoping that he'll go ahead and cum. I'm about to again, anyway. After a couple of minutes, he relaxes his muscles and starts a very slow fucking motion. He made it.

"Ohhhh, yes. This is it. This is perfect," he whispers. I can't stand it anymore and I manage to get my legs up and over him and wrap them around his back inside the sleeping bag, like I love to do. He knows I'm ready to cum again, and makes sure his abs start grinding against my dick as he fucks me. It doesn't take long, and I have to tilt my head to the side and bite into a mouthful of sleeping bag to keep from screaming out. Luke enjoys the sight of my writhing and really gives it to me good during my orgasm. He slows it way down after I'm finished. He still doesn't want to cum. Man, he's really going for a record tonight.

I run my fingers through his hair again, and bring him in for a kiss. I pull out all the stops and really try to turn him on and make him squirt. I try to kiss him like I need his kiss to live, as he put it. However, he pulls back and continues fucking at his own pace. I try a different tactic. I start whispering sexy things to him, seeing if that will get him over the edge.

I start with, "Ohh Luke" and "Ohh yeah", and then mix in a "You're the best". He just smiles and stares into my eyes with the same sexy, totally content expression. All that I've accomplished with my sexy whispers is that I have gotten hard, yet again. I can't believe it. He must be in some amazing shape, to be able to hike all day, carry my brother for as long as he did, and then fuck me with such amazing control and stamina. I thought I was in good shape, but I could never do what he's doing.

"G?" he whispers after a while.

"Yeah?" I look up at him with as much desire as I can muster.

"I love you so much," he whispers, and I melt. I instantly grab his head and kiss him as hard as I can. He drives me absolutely wild. I can feel him smiling through the kiss, and I soon feel his hand rub down my side, and then in between us to grab onto my dick. He starts jerking me off between our bodies and I finally realize what he's doing. He's using my own strategy against me! He's trying to turn me on with his words and make me cum again, and it's sure working. I reach in and pinch his nipple, to let him know that I'm onto his plan, but I let him go through with it. If he wants me to cum again, who am I to argue?

I can't help but moan a little as I erupt for the third time. My mouth half-way inside his does a little to muffle the sound, but I just have to hope that what's-his-name and the other guy are asleep in the other tent.

As my third orgasm subsides, I start to feed him the sweaty, cummy fluid that is boiling between our bodies. He licks it up with hunger, but just keeps going. I'm in total awe and amazement. I don't know how he does it. Suddenly a wave of exhaustion comes over me, and I feel my eyes roll back in my head. Three cumshots compared to his zero – no wonder. The fucking motion jolts me back into consciousness, and I try to just concentrate on Luke. A minute later, another wave comes over me. This time, my legs slip down and fall to his side.

I recover and lift them back up, locking my feet around the small of his back as tight as I can.

"Aww, is my little G all tuckered out?" he whispers, rubbing my cheek with his thumb.

"I'm here for you, Luke," I whisper. "I love you so much, just keep going." He stops for a second, and then looks down at me with a twisted smile.

"Shit," he says. "That got me."

"Yes!" I celebrate my victory for a second, and then pull him down for the final kiss. He really starts thrusting hard. This is going to be one amazing orgasm for him. I hope it doesn't kill him.

At the final second he grabs me as tight as he can with his entire body and thrusts his dick up as far as it will go. He erupts as he makes very small, very tight thrusts. A feeling of being in the water on a warm, tropical beach comes over me from the inside, and I close my eyes and let it completely envelop me. Luke continues to make short, desperate thrusts while clenching his teeth incredibly hard to try not to make a sound. I reach up to grab his head and notice his hair is drenched with sweat. Finally, he lets out the hugest, most exhausted, satisfied, depleted breath that I've ever heard as he goes limp on top of me.

Unfortunately, I can't lie like this for much longer. The heat in the tent is now making it tough to breathe. It needs some major airing out. Good thing that fresh air is just a couple steps away. I tap him, and he instantly knows what I need to do, and rolls off. First things first, I find his Kleenex stash, clean up my cummy parts, and wipe his down, too. With some newfound energy, I quietly unzip the tent and fan some cool air in. As my senses come back, I quickly sense a full bladder.

"I gotta pee," I say as quietly as I can.

"I'm coming with ya," he says as he tries to get up, but falls back down. I laugh silently, but love the fact that I get to help him to his feet. He grabs me by both hands and we poke our heads out of the tent. No noise or light from the other tent – perfect.

As we head over to a tree to pee on, Luke grabs my hand again and holds it tight. I look over at him with a loving smile. The moonlight is so bright. We take care of business and head back to the tent. As we climb in, he points to his sleeping bag.

"We have to sleep in yours. Mine is really wet."

"Wonder why," I whisper as I climb over to mine and set my cell phone alarm. By this time, the air in the tent has completely cooled off, so much so that it's nice to finally feel Luke's body heat again once we're zipped back up in my sleeping bag.

"So?" he whispers.

"What?" I yawn.

"Do you love me more than ever?"

"Honestly," I pause for dramatic effect. "I'd like to say yes, but I was already at my max. I couldn't possibly love you more."

"Awwww," he makes a silly frown.

"What about you? Do you love me more?" I ask.

"Well, I was at the max already, too. But I think I just exploded the meter with that one." We both chuckle.

"Quit trying to one-up me!" I poke him in the ribs. "But one thing is for sure. I have an all new respect for your... physical abilities. I think you've surpassed my birthday night on the hotness scale, and I thought that was totally impossible. You're like some sex god."

"It's all you, G." he says, and we share a playful kiss that turns into an exhausted one. Then, for the first time in our relationship, I fall asleep in mid-kiss, which is about the most perfect thing I could ever hope for.

I awaken in his arms again as my alarm goes off. We share a good-morning kiss, and then panic comes over us simultaneously. We may still have some mess to clean up and some evidence to dispose of. We scramble around, checking moistness in several places. I poke my head out to see if there are any early risers, but all is clear. We finish the clean up and get rid of the bag of dirty Kleenex. With everything done in plenty of time, we look at each other with a shrug and a smile. We'd gotten away with it, and fuck, was it ever worth the risk!

"Let's take down the tent," I say for the first time in my regular voice, not caring anymore if I wake them up. We start breaking it down, and the noise finally awakens the hibernating family members. They emerge from the tent and we go over to greet them.

"What were you girls giggling about all night over there?" Dad asks, but I can tell from his tone that he has no idea what went on. I have to think fast.

"It was Luke. He wouldn't stop fartin'," I say, shoving him playfully.

"Yeah, right. Like it was only me." he says, pushing me back. We were seamless in that cover-up.

"Ahh... to be seventeen again, when the funniest thing in the world was a fart," Dad says. I look at my brother as he tries to wake himself up. He looks like the walking dead once again, and he didn't seem to absorb any of the conversation. He doesn't even look up at Luke or me, and we start taking down their tent.

Before too long, we're all in the car, heading for our traditional big end-of-camping breakfast. I can't wait. I've really worked up a huge appetite. It's going to taste especially good because I feel like I'm floating on air, plus I'm starved. I might order two breakfasts.

We head into Denny's and before we're seated, Luke and Dad head for the bathroom, leaving my brother and me to ponder the menus. As I'm deciding what kind of pancakes to order, I feel David staring at me from across the table. I look up at him, and a jolt of fear shoots through my body. He's staring at me with the most evil grin I've ever seen, shaking his head.

"What?" I ask as coolly as I can, but my insides are frozen.

He sounds like a man for the first time in his life. He says with the lowest, but clearest voice I've ever heard from him: "You...," he pauses, "are FUCKING DEAD!"

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