Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 36

Shit, shit, shit! I'm driving home, wondering if I did the right thing. I may have overreacted, but why did Luke have to flunk a class? We haven't had any classes together since elementary school. Even then, he wasn't concerned with his grades or anything school-related. I forget how different we are sometimes. Before, it was always video games or baseball or his workout routine, and now it's hot sex. He never let on that he was having any problems, but we never talk about school. I guess I should have asked.

I bust in the front door of my house, not knowing what I'm going to do with myself. I had a lot of sex scheduled for today. I catch my mom by surprise.

"Garrett? I wasn't expecting you home until later."

"I know," I sulk.

"What's wrong?" she asks. I guess I can tell her about the summer school part.

"Luke's being an ass. He failed a class and he's going to have to take summer school. I got on his case because it didn't seem to bother him that much."

"He got an F? Couldn't you have helped him pass?"

"He kinda got caught cheating... or plagiarizing, really. He didn't even find out himself until today. I had no idea he was struggling."

"That's a shame. You did the right thing by letting him know that it's not all right."

"I think so, too. We'll be buds again soon. I just hate fighting with him."

"I understand, Garrett."

"So how 'bout you and I go to a movie or something tonight to celebrate school being out? We can even bring dad and that other kid that lives here."

"Sorry, Garrett, I have book club tonight. You should try to take your brother out, though. I don't want him sleeping the summer away."

"Is he acting up again? I thought he was doing much better now that he was getting exercise."

"He's backsliding, I'm afraid. He'll be all right for a few days, and then he's back locked in his room for a few days. I think he was starting to make friends and enjoy school again, but now he's realizing he's going to be on his own for the summer."

"I'll work on him a little this summer. I just don't think I can deal with him tonight. He'll probably try to goad me into a fight, and after the day I've had, I'll probably take the bait."

"All right, not tonight. I will take you up on your promise this summer, though." She sticks her head in the fridge. "Would you like to help me with dinner? I'm just about to start."

"That sounds delightful!" I say sarcastically, but she doesn't seem to catch on.

"Great! You can start by chopping up some vegetables."

Time seems to drag as the evening goes on. I pick up my cell phone over and over, wanting to text Luke. I don't want to cave in, but I don't want to prolong our suffering either. He's off the baseball team and he's going to have to miss the playoffs. He really let them down. That has to be punishment enough. He needs me. I need his body. I pick up my phone one more time.... No, I'm thinking with my dick again. It has to come from him.

As the evening gets later, I grow more anxious. I finally get tired of watching syndicated reruns. Suddenly, I remember the gym! I can't believe I didn't think of it earlier. Luke is probably there, working off his own frustrations. I'll be able to get him, in all his sweaty glory again. I get a huge boner thinking about it on the drive over there, but he's not there. I feel like I'm about to come out of my skin.

I try to totally wear myself out with cardio. I know I won't be able to sleep tonight unless I'm almost comatose. I run on the treadmill until I can't feel my feet underneath me. I keep my eyes on the parking lot as I run, thinking each car could be Luke pulling up. Occasionally, I slap my face, realizing how stupid I'm being, but my eyes always seem to creep back to the parking lot... except for the several hundred times I check my phone for messages. Finally to the point where I'm not sure if I could even drive, I limp out of the gym and head home.

I slink up the stairs and take an incredibly hot shower, holding myself up by propping my head against the shower wall as the steamy water cascades down my body. If I could've just kept my stupid mouth shut, I could've been in Luke's bed right now, with his dick up my ass and his tongue in my mouth. I let out a long groan as that realization hits me.

After I'm done banging my head against the shower wall, I head on to bed. I slip on Luke's workout socks, which still have a nice smell to them and rub one out quickly. That should do the trick and keep me from tossing and turning all night. I check my phone one more time, and finally lay back and close my eyes. The next thing I know, it's morning.

When I realize I'm home in my own bed, the frustration comes flooding back immediately. I snap up my phone, and finally: 1 New Message.

"G, we've gotta make up. Me and my dick can't take it anymore." I can't help but smile, and I text him back.

"Actually, it should be: 'My dick and I'". I couldn't let that opportunity go by, especially since the F was in English. I get an immediate response.

"Your ass is gonna get such a pounding!" I can't help but laugh out loud in my room as I watch my dick grow with the thought. I send back one more message.

"That's why I got on your case, so we could have some hot make-up sex. Call me?" My phone rings in seconds.

"I'm really sorry, G. You were right about everything. I blew it, and now I gotta deal with it."

"I'm glad to hear you say that. I figure you'll get enough shit from the team."

"Actually, they're on my side. They're trying to petition the school to let me back on the team."

"Oh." I'm surprised, but I guess I shouldn't be. They're letting him off the hook when they should be really pissed. Oh well, I'm done being mad at him. "So what are your plans for today?"

"Hmm..." Luke starts. I can almost hear his smile. "This is Friday.... and I don't have to start summer school until Monday. If you come over now, we'll have about 72 hours to be naughty."

"Naughty, eh? I'm on my way!"

"Don't eat. I'm making breakfast."

With that, I'm off. I'm able to get past my dad with just a couple of words because his face is buried in the morning paper. He must be the only one in the world who doesn't get his news online.

I make it to Luke's in no time. I let myself in and see him in the kitchen. He's wearing an apron, a pair of socks and nothing else. I bust out laughing.

"Damn, you sure know how to get a guy goin' in the morning!"

"Oh this? I kinda like this look." He spins around for me, showing me his bare ass.

"How do you get your ass so tan? Are you going to a tanning booth?"

"No, I can get to the roof of my building. It's part of my looking-pretty-for-G ritual."

"I wanna go! It's not fair for you to have hot, tanned, pornstar privates and for me to have a huge stark-white zone."

"I love your stark-white privates."

"Not fair, I say!"

"Okay, I'll take you to my secret place soon," he turns back to tend the stove.

"So what are we having?"

"Smoothies and eggs."

"Kinda strange combo. Can I have some coffee, too?"

"Sure, but you gotta make it. We need some fuel and some protein for the weekend."

"Fair enough. I'll eat whatever you put in front of me." I smile.

"Don't tempt me." he snickers.

"So how did your mom react?"

"I'll give you one guess."

"I eventually talked her down. I kept telling her that it was all me and that she shouldn't be mad at you, and that I would ask both of you for help in the future."

"Thanks. I'm here for you, always... you dink." I eat up the eggs and gulp down the smoothie a little too fast. I'm ready for the sex. I hope I don't belch in the middle of a hot kiss. He's already finished his food, and he's doing the bare minimum clean-up, leaving the rest for his mom, or possibly me.

"If I remember correctly, I owe you about four hours of smoochin'," he says, snaking his way towards me.

"Damn right, you do... but I gotta brush my teeth first." We start our game of me trying to make it to the bathroom, and Luke trying to stop me, once again. This time, he grabs me tight before I make it past him and won't let me go. I look up in his eyes and smile.

"Let me see if you pass my test. I don't have very high standards when it comes to that. Let's smell that breath."

"Nuh-uh," I mutter.

"Come on, G. Breathe on me."

"Okay." I exhale a hot breath in his face.

"A little eggy," he sniffs. "But nothing I can't deal with. Now, stick out your tongue."

"Ahhhh." I oblige like he's a dentist. He licks my tongue over and over, and finally takes my whole tongue in his mouth and gives it a little suck. "You're clean. Get in the bedroom!"

"Talk about a little eggy," I smack my lips with a sour look on my face, and we both burst out in laughter. He pokes me in the ribs, and we engage in another tickle fight. We squirm on the floor, red-faced and laughing, trying to catch our breaths. Eventually, I smack my head on the end table next to the couch. It really hurts, and I lay on the floor, clutching it.

"Awwww, G. See what happens when you won't just go to bed. Lemme see." He takes my hand away. "Aww, you're fine. Just a little bump. Maybe Dr. Luke can make you feel better." Luke picks me up like a damsel in distress. I look back up in his eyes, and my head feels instantly better. I can't help but stare up at him in awe as he looks down at me with such love. I giggle a little, as I know how much he loves to play the big, strong, superhero. He carries me into his room and lays me down on his bed tenderly, rips off his apron and begins to undress me.

"I missed you last night," I say, as sexily as I can.

"You have no idea," he says as he pulls down my shorts and my dick snaps from the waistband to my lower abs, stark-white as ever. I'd better not look down there or I'll be too self-conscious.

"I bet I do."

"I tossed and turned all night. I even humped a pillow till I came at about 3am," he says.

"Wow. I went to 24-hour Fitness and wore myself out so that wouldn't happen to me."

"Me too! When were you there?"

"About 8:30."

"Shit, we must've just missed each other."

"I was hoping I'd see you there," I say as he plops down on top of me with the tips of our noses touching.

"Yeah, that's why I was there, too… but I got you now." We both giggle as we give each other quick, soft kisses and continue to rub noses. As always, it quickly develops into deeper, passionate kisses as we rub our hands all over each other's bodies. After a few minutes, I push him over and roll on top of him, as I really dig into his mouth with my tongue. He does the same a few minutes later, and we continue to repeat, rolling over and over. We break for a few seconds every once in a while when one of us feels the need to say, "I love you," or something similar. Although we've said it to each other a million times, I still always get a rush from hearing Luke say it, and it seems to make the kissing hotter. I'm in total heaven.

After a while, we both seem to be squirming to a position where we won't cum, but it just becomes too much. Luke finally rears up and sits on my lap. He grabs both of our dicks and starts jerking them together. I moan and arch my back, as I'm propelled into my orgasm.

"This is... gonna be... so... AHHHHHH," He grunts as both of our dicks start squirting into the air, coating me with jizz. I open my mouth and catch a little bit of it, but not as much as I wanted. Luke notices my open mouth, and after our dicks have emptied and slumped over, he licks a tongue-full of spunk off of my torso and crawls up to share it with me. We push it around on our tongues, trying not to squish and spread what's left on me.

"Thanks for sharing," I smile as he goes down for another slurp and we take our time savoring our loads. He finally collapses next to me, and we look at each other with exhausted satisfaction. I run my hand over his abs, up his ribs and finally run my finger over his chest. "There's something I wanna ask you."

"Yes, our cum tastes great together," he smiles.

"I know, but –"

"Yes, I'll marry you."


"Yes, I love you more than ever."

"I love you, too, but–"

"Yes, you can smell my socks." With that, I jump on top of him and cover his mouth with my hand. He looks up at me with his wide, innocent eyes, and I melt again. I uncover his mouth and plant my lips on his before he can get another word out. After another hot kiss, I finally compose myself.

"ANYWAY, I was thinkin..." I rub my finger over his pecs again. "You know I really love you, and there's nowhere I would rather be than right here. But I realized that the last time I did anything social with anyone but you was when Nate and Justin and you and I went to that Diamondbacks game. That was over a YEAR ago!"


"I feel sometimes like I'm keeping you from doing normal teenage things... like just hanging out with other kids n' stuff." I feel my face start to flush, and I bury my head into his chest. He starts to laugh.

"G, let me ask you a question. Before we started doing it, how often did I hang out with other kids?"

"Not much."

"Not EVER! That game with Just and Nate was my last social outing, too. I could've spent time with other kids, but I didn't want to. I just wanted to work out and hang with this really cute dude... I think his name starts with a.... G...." I poke him in the ribs again.

"You sure? You know if you ever wanted to hang with other kids, it won't hurt my feelings."

"Shit, G, you think after all we've been through that I would rather hang with some stupid kids than be here with you?"

"I was hoping you would say that." I give him another forceful, but loving kiss. "But just know that you can always do things without me if you want."

"That reminds me. There's something that I should probably tell you... along the same subject."

"What?" I snap my head up to look at him.

"No, nothing bad. I was kinda getting freaked out a little about people talking about us... because we never spend time with anyone else. I wanted to talk to some people to see if I could notice any suspicion on their part, you know."

"Go on." I threaten another rib poke.

"People always used to invite me to hang out or to go to parties or whatever. I didn't want to, so I would always just ignore people and only talk about myself and my workout routine. After a while, people would get bored with me and stop talking to me. Then I heard that Jenna Patrick was having this really big getting-out-of-school party, but I never got invited."

"I didn't even know about it."

"I had to ask her why... partly because I wanted to see if she suspected anything, and partly because my pride was wounded. She was in my history class, so I asked her a couple of weeks ago. She was so shocked I was even talking to her," he chuckles. "She said that you and I were totally invited, but she thought that you were some super Christian and you had your claws in me... that we would never drink, do drugs or fuck. I assume she meant fuck girls."

"Ya, I think that's a safe bet."

"So she said she just thought we wouldn't enjoy her party, and that's why we weren't invited."

"Do you want to go?"

"Hell, no! We have a whole weekend of make-up sex ahead of us." We chuckle and I lean back over to kiss Luke again. Eventually, I sit back up on his lap.

"You know, Luke, I really don't think any kids at school would ever suspect us. Even if you and I walked into the quad holding hands and gave each other a big kiss, people would probably just think we were trying to be funny. Kids are dumb."

"Maybe you're right." He runs his hands up and down my sides. He always does that when he wants to fuck me. "Anyway, my point is that I don't want to spend any time with anyone but you... and you." He taps my slowly hardening dick with his finger. Just then, his phone rings. He reaches over for it. "Hmmm... It's Nate. Speak of the devil."

"I gotta pee, so I'll give you some privacy," I run to the bathroom, and decide to do a full ass-cleaning, as I'm sure a good fucking will be right around the corner. I return to Luke's room, hoping to hear what Nate wanted.

"Nate and I are gonna go hang out tonight without you, if that's all right," he says and then busts up.

"NOT funny." I smack his leg.

"Seriously, it's kinda bad. The school told the team that my suspension wasn't going to be overturned. He said the team is going to TP and egg Palmer's house for giving me that F. I begged him not to, but I think they're going to go through with it."

"Dammit. They can be so stupid. Why aren't any of them mad at you?"

"Cuz I'm so adorable."

"I think you're much more adorable than those dumbasses do, but I still got mad at you!"

"Ahhhh... but I have my ways of dealing with you," he says. He reaches for a tube of lube and squirts some in his hand. He lubes up his dick and tosses me down on the bed. He quickly climbs on top of me and slides his dick in. I knew it would be soon, but not this soon. I wrap my legs around his waist as I groan with pleasure.

"Fuck yeah you do! Deal with me! Deal with me!"

This story is completely fictional. Any resemblance by name or description to anyone dead or alive is totally coincidental. This is a love story between two high school aged boys. If this offends you, if you are not of legal age or if this content is not legal in your area, please do not read this. If you have comments, please email me by clicking my name at the top of any chapter

Thank you to those who have commented on my story! It is nice to know that you are enjoying it, as I sure am enjoying writing it. Please keep the comments coming!

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