Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 27

It is late Thursday afternoon. I am lying in Luke's bed, alone. Right now, Luke is playing baseball. This is the first game of my rest-of-the-season suspension. I can't even sit in the dugout or watch from the stands. I briefly considered watching with binoculars from the roof of the gym, but realized what being caught could mean for my baseball future… and also how lame that sounded. Luke should be home soon. The game should be over by now.

Luke and I had our first lover's tiff regarding Mr. Wilson and my counseling… although it's been hard to fight when our lips are always locked. Just the knowledge that someone else knows about us has been really rough on Luke. He's had a couple of episodes that he called panic attacks. I think he's just being a drama queen. I've had a couple more good chats with Mr. Wilson, and he said he understands about Luke's anxiety and fear. He promised that he wouldn't come to games anymore, and he promised that none of his gay perv friends would be leering at Luke during the game. Wilson and I shared a big laugh over that one.

However, now I'm nervous waiting for Luke to get home from the game. He didn't pitch today; he probably played in the outfield again. I know that if he's had a bad game, he will blame me and probably Wilson. I hope he hasn't had one of his episodes/panic-attacks/dramatic-spaz-outs. I think I finally got him to realize that we can trust Wilson with our secret and there's nothing to worry about, but he's still not happy about it.

I'm trying to do some homework, but it's really hard to motivate myself to get anything done on a Friday afternoon. It's especially hard to do homework when I'm horny. Damn, I hope Luke played well today. If he did, he'll come home in a good mood, and I'll get laid. I'm SO fucking horny. I've tidied up my butt, just in case. I look down at my homework again, and I hurl it across the room in frustration. Where the hell is he? I lay my head back on his pillow, turn to the side and take a big breath in through my nose. I can smell him in his pillow. It's been almost twenty-four hours since we last had sex. It's been almost twenty-four hours since we last kissed. I resist the urge to watch our locker room movie, or just rub one out lying in his bed. Fuck, I'm horny! I'll go brush my teeth again.

As I head back into the bedroom, I hear Luke's cleats clomping up the stairs. He's trying to run. That's a good sign. I grab up my homework and lay back on his bed, pretending I haven't just been waiting for him to get home.

"Where's my G?" he calls out as he bursts in the door.

"Hey, how'd it go?" I call back to him, trying not to sound too cock-starved.

"Did I ever tell you that I'm fucking awesome? 4-for-fucking-4!" He arrives in the doorway of his bedroom and poses so I can admire him.

"Yeah, I kinda remember that back from my playing days," I smile. Fuck, he looks hot. "Where's your mom?"

"She went shopping. I think she knew I wanted to celebrate a little." He wiggles his eyebrows at me.

"Are you wearing my socks?!?" Luke is wearing white socks and a stirrup like I always wore. It's so sexy.

"Maybe," he smirks.

"Don't you think that's the kind of thing that you've been worried about? Don't you think that people will wonder about that?"

"That's the best part! It wasn't even my idea. It was Marshall. He suggested that the whole team wear our socks that way as solidarity and as a tribute to you." Marshall is one of our bench-warmers, but he'll see a lot more playing time now that I'm gone.

"Wow that's really hot." Luke laughs as I can't keep from staring at his feet.

"Personally, I think little Marshall may have a crush on you," he says as he slowly makes his way over to me.

"Yeah, we do it sometimes." We start laughing and Luke jumps on top of me, still in his cleats.

He smells so ripe and dirty and perfect. After he tickles me and we squirm for a minute, he descends onto me and gives me a hot, wet, slow kiss. He breaks it and lifts his head slightly to look in my eyes. I toss his cap on the floor and run my fingers through his hair.

"Three hard line-drive singles into left-center and a line-drive home run to left that was still rising when it cleared the fence." He grinds his crotch against mine. "AND I threw a chump out trying to stretch a single into a double."

"Sounds like you had yourself a pretty good game, there." I rub my hands up and down his sides.

"It was all dedicated to you," he starts giving me little kisses as he whispers. "The home run?" *kiss* "That was for you." *kiss* "The other hits," *kiss* "Those were for you." *kiss*

I giggle as electricity surges through my body.

"And when I threw that dude out at second," *kiss* "That was for you, too" *kiss* "and when I stood in the outfield thinking about you and growing a boner," *kiss* "THAT was majorly for you." *kiss* "And when I jerked off in the bathroom before the game," *long kiss* "Holy shit, that was for you." *kiss* "and when I licked up my cum afterwards -"

I pull his head back down and we laugh as he kisses me all over my face and neck. He then finally wraps his arms under and around my back as we really start making out. Feeling his body on mine, his tongue in my mouth and smelling the sweaty baseball smells is going to make me squirt in my shorts very quickly. I tickle him to get him to rise up.

"What?" he smiles.

"Luke, you gotta to fuck me right now," I pant. My dick is almost ready to explode with the thought of him drilling me in his full uniform, plus his cleats. Without hesitation, he starts tearing at his pants, trying to free his dick. I quickly get out of my shorts and reach for a tube of lube. I have it ready to squirt on his dick, but Luke yells out in frustration as he can't get his well-protected boner out of his pants. I finally lend him a hand and, working together, we accomplish our mission eventually. I squeeze out a glob on his cockhead and work a nice coating over his dick. He shoves it inside of me, and we both moan like we've been walking bare-footed on hot beach sand and finally are able to step in the ocean.

"G, I don't think I'll be able to last long today. I've been thinking about you all day." He shoves his dick the rest of the way inside of me and settles his body on top of me.

"I think I might cum before you. You've got me so fuckin' turned on." I rub his butt and cup his cheeks with my hand.

With that, he starts pumping his hips as fast as he can, and we moan and grunt. He holds my legs up in the air as he slams my ass. I finally grab him down so we can kiss while we cum. Amazingly, we last almost a full minute before I squirt a load all over our bellies and chests, and he unloads inside of me. He pulls himself out, and starts licking the sweat and cum mixture off of my torso.

"Fuck," he pants. "I gotta get out of this uniform or I'm gonna pass out!" He rips at his jersey and finally starts untying his cleats. I lie on the bed and admire his body as he strips down.

I head for the bathroom to clean up, and Luke gets up to grab us a couple of G2's. I return to see him stretched out on his bed with his feet crossed. He's wearing only his boxer briefs and my baseball socks, pushed down to his ankles. It's almost enough to make me pump out another load right there. I walk over to the bed and lie down on the opposite end, and lift his feet into my lap.

"So what was the score, anyway?"

"Eight-zip. They had no shot."

I start rubbing his feet and he moans with pleasure and exhaustion. Just looking at his face, one would assume he was getting his dick sucked. I can smell his feet without having to hold them up to my nose, but I do occasionally, anyway. He continues to tell me about the game, inning by inning, player by player. He's trying to draw it out as long as he can so he can enjoy his massage. I'm happy to get the extra time, too. I've worked up another raging hard-on, and Luke's toes tickling my dick through my shorts are making me throb. I start to lose focus on his words, as I concentrate on my senses: the sight, smell and feel of his feet and calves. He's worked up a nice boner, too, and I can see a nice wet spot forming on his underwear. I can feel my heart racing. Oops, I've gone too far.

"Oh, shit," I interrupt him.


"This." I pull down my shorts just in time to see my dick starting to cum. I jerk a few white squirts onto my belly, as Luke laughs at me. "I know, I know. 'Get turned on much?'"

"Hey, that's my line."

"Let's see what I can do with this," I scoop up my load into my right hand and crawl over on top of Luke. I free his boner from his boxer briefs and rub my cum into his dick. He's not laughing anymore.

"Oh wowww," he moans at the sight of me sucking the cum off of his dick. I feel his body start to spasm almost immediately and I enjoy the pleasure that I'm giving to him. Soon, I'm swallowing down a healthy load as I enjoy the taste of some more cum. I'm always a little surprised about how much I love it, especially since we started fucking and I don't get to eat his load as often as in the beginning… way back to last week. I rise up, smiling and licking my lips. He gives me an exhausted but grateful kiss. I turn around, scoot up to lean against him and physically lift his arms up and wrap them around my chest. He finally gets the hint and gives me a hug and holds me. "So, you're staying the night, right?"

"Yeah, you got me all night long, baby."

"Ahhh, sweet… I think I can come up with some things we can do."

"You know," I stroke his arms as he holds me tight. "This is what I fantasize about when I'm at school and home and other times when I'm not around you. At first, I just thought about sucking your dick all the time, but now, this is where my fantasies always go."

"What, my dick doesn't do it for you anymore?"

"Your dick is total perfection. That should just tell you how much I love this."

"You're right. It's really nice. We don't cuddle enough."

"I wonder why that is," I say sarcastically as I rub his thighs.

"Maybe because it so easily leads to huge boners." We both chuckle as he rocks me side to side.

"Luke, you smell so fucking awesome, and I'm so tired. Can I just take a little nap leaning on you like this?"

"Sure, babe." He kisses the top of my head.

"You might want to take a nap, too. You have to be so tired and you want to have some energy for tonight, don't you?"

"Yeah, maybe I will." He lightly strokes my arms. I close my eyes and enjoy the chills shooting up and down my body from his light touch. I slow down my breathing and eventually doze off.

I wake up as I feel him continue to rub his fingertips over my arms.

"Mmmmm," I start to stir. "Did you get to sleep?"


"How long was I asleep?"

"About an hour, I think."

"You let me sleep on you for AN HOUR?"

"Yeah," he chuckles.

"You've never sat in the same place quietly for an hour in your life, and you sat there the whole time totally still so I wouldn't wake up?"


"Sorry, that must've been uncomfortable."

"Are you kidding?" He hugs me tight. "I really enjoyed that. I got to hold you and stroke you, and think about how much I love you." He kisses the top of my head again. "You're so cute, sleeping on me, and it made me feel so good knowing that I'm here for you."

"Wow, you sure know how to make a guy feel loved." I try not to let on that I'm getting choked up.

"Plus, I got to think about how fucking amazing your birthday is going to be."

"A couple more weeks. That seems like such a long time."

"I have all of these plans for you, but I guess I should ask you what you want to do. It is YOUR birthday, after all."

"I just want to be right here, in your arms, just like this... maybe with a little bit of cum squirting."

"Good. I'll try to work in some cuddling and some squirting."

"Luke," I sit up so I can look at him in the eyes. "I just want to make out with you all night tonight, but I bet you want to get up and get something to eat and take a piss and take a shower."

"You're right." He starts to get up. "But that can all wait," he says as he pulls me back onto him.

"I love you so much," I say as he scoots down to lay down flat. I climb on top of him and kiss him all over his face. We soon turn to passionate, deep kissing, and again, I've never felt so close to him and so loved. We make out for a very long time, too long to measure for someone so completely lost in bliss. Our exhausted dicks eventually pump out two more pitiful loads from the friction of bodies rubbing together. There will be no going "all night long" tonight. We're both totally spent and the sun hasn't even set. I roll off of him and try to get up, but I collapse onto his bedroom floor and lay there, laughing and trying to catch my breath.

"Come on, loverboy," Luke hoists me up and I put my arm around his shoulder. We limp into the kitchen like an injured athlete being helped off the field. We look for something to eat, and notice a note left from Denise.

"I'm leaving for my date. Sorry I missed you guys. I guess you were preoccupied. I'll be home late. Love, mom."

Luke downs a G2 and tosses me one.

"I guess we have the place to ourselves, tonight."

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