Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 21

I turn my cap backwards and slowly saunter up to him.

"Hey," he says.

I get right in front of him, pin his biceps to the lockers with my hands and lean my head in. The split second before our lips meet, I finally reciprocate with a "Hey" of my own, then dive my tongue into his mouth. We both wrap a hand around the back of each other's neck as we try to press our mouths into each other as hard as we can. Our jerseys are crinkling up against each other, so I break the kiss and head down.

"You wanna pitch me some cum, dude?" I say as I descend down to the level of his crotch. I can hear him stifle a laugh, but he quickly composes himself.

"Yeah, fuckin' suck it, short stop." He's totally in character now. I give one quick lick to the outside of his baseball pants, but since we probably have only three minutes left, I quickly undo his pants and bring his dick out of his jock to show the camera. I smile up at him and sensually take his dick in my mouth.

"Suck that hot jock dick," he moans as I start to pleasure him. I try to do some sucking motions that will look good on camera. I pull my mouth completely off, knowing that he is close.

"You like that, man?"

"Fuck yeah," he moans. His dick is giving off heat, and it seems to be begging me to wrap my mouth back around it. I lick its swollen head and jack it, running my other hand up and down his leg.

"I want your cum, man. Give it to me." I jerk his dick just out of my open mouth.

"I'm gonna fuckin' give it to you. I'm gonna fucking nut." A spasm goes through his body with a wave, and I bring my tongue up so that the underside of his dick can rest on it. I feel his cum start to jet to the roof of my mouth and coat my tongue, and I just hope the white squirts will show up on camera.

"Fuck yeah," I pant out quickly as soon as I'm sure he's finished and take his dick back in my mouth. With an over-acting moan, I gulp down what I've been saving.

"Fuckin' eat that hot jockboy cum," Luke pants as he presses the back of my ballcap into his crotch. He must also realize our time restriction and then lifts me up by the armpits with one quick hoist. He gives me a quick, cum-savoring kiss, spins me around and slams my back up against the locker.

"You got a hot load for me, short stop?" he says as he descends and starts undoing my pants.

"Fuck yeah! I got a big creamy load worked up just for you." He pries my dick out of my various gear and smiles as he runs his tongue up and down the shaft.

"You've got a hot fucking dick, short stop," he says as he takes me into his mouth, and really starts sucking.

"Suck that dick, man. Fucking suck it!" I moan out. I'm no longer acting, as the sensation is just too powerful. I feel myself start to reach the point of no return. The situation combined with the hours of anticipation I went through means there's no way I can delay it, even for a few seconds. "I'm gonna fucking cum so hard, dude!"

"Yeah, man. Give it to me. I want it all." Luke is mimicking my jerking-off-into-the mouth strategy. He rests his tongue under my dick and eagerly awaits my eruption. The first jet is a little stronger than he anticipated and it squirts up to hit him above his upper lip. Some of the cum even goes slightly up his nose. Undeterred, he moves in slightly so the rest of my squirts go into his mouth and down his throat. He moans and swallows with the gusto of a hammy porn actor. He finally takes my dick out of his mouth and starts smearing the cum on his lips and nose with my slowly-drooping dick. "Oh yeah, it tastes so fucking good, short stop." He says as he licks the cum that he's been pushing around off the tip of my dick.

"Fuck yeah, dude. Eat it up. Get every drop." I wipe off what I can see on his face with my finger and then feed it to him as he finishes slurping.

When we're satisfied that all the evidence is gone, we both slowly put our dicks back in place and close up our uniforms. We both look at each other and I lean in and give him one more hot kiss.

"Now, go out there and win us a game!" I slap him on the butt and we can't help but crack up. I race over and turn off the camera.

"Holy shit dude! That's going to be so fucking hot!" he laughs.

"We could sell that for thousands of dollars." It's going to be much hotter than I had imagined. I put the camera back in my bag and stash it securely in my locker. "Now, we just have to go out there and pretend we're fired up for the game."

"Oh fuck! I have to pitch now?"

We walk out of the locker room and start jogging towards the field. We see Coach Garcia coming, but he stops and turns around when he sees us.

"I was just coming to get you guys," he says. "We're ready to go and Olson hasn't even warmed up yet!"

As Luke heads to the mound to warm up, I almost grab him for a good-luck kiss without thinking. I chuckle to myself as I start to stretch. I watch him try to get focused. He's huffing and puffing out there. He sounds like he's doing Lamaze breathing exercises. He throws a couple of pitches, and I know he's going to be fine. I spot Denise and my folks up in the stands. I wave up at them.

I try not to stare at Luke as he pitches, but he's such a big hunk of perfection out there. The pressure is off very quickly as some tall snaggle-toothed kid hits a hard single off of him in the first inning. He gets the other three outs fairly easily and we're off to a good start. In the bottom of the first inning, we score two runs despite my striking out.

The pregame ejaculation has had the opposite effect on us, as opposed to the horniness last game. Luke seems totally fine, and I'm the one who can't get the locker room scene out of my mind.

It's the top of the second inning, a ground ball is hit right at me, and it goes right between my legs. I haven't had that happen since fourth grade! I can see Luke glaring at me out of the corner of my eye, so I look over at him so I can convey a sorrowful look with my facial expression. He's looking at me with a hateful glare, but just as he turns back to the plate, he gives me a very quick wink and secret smile. I now know why those old-fashioned cartoons had women fainting over a handsome man. I feel like I could melt right into the dirt, just from that little wink. I have to cover my mouth with my glove to keep everyone from seeing my huge smile.

Snaggle-tooth is up again, and this time, he hits a towering home run. We're still ahead 4–2, but he's acting like he just won the game. I stare him down the entire trip around the bases, but he never notices me. Luke is too busy kicking the dirt, wondering how he hit that pitch so hard. I don't think he notices the excessive celebration. I watch snaggle-tooth back in his dugout bragging about his home run. I can hear parts of his boasting; he sounds like a stupid yokel. He's a fucking snaggle-toothed hillbilly! For the next couple of innings, I get so angry every time I hear his stupid voice. I hope we can do something soon to shut him up.

Things calm down for a while. It's now the seventh inning. We're still ahead 4-2, but we're stalled on offense, as their new pitcher seems to have better stuff. Luke starts to get in trouble in the bottom of the seventh with a couple of walks. Maybe he knew snaggle-tooth was coming up, and he lost focus on guys that came up before him. However, here we are. Two guys are on base and snaggle-tooth is up, representing the go-ahead run.

First pitch… ball one. Luke takes a deep breath. I'm so nervous I can't breathe. Another home run and Luke is going to freak out. The next pitch sails really high and Kevin is just barely able to catch it. It would be much better for Luke to just walk him and deal with the next guy. I just hope he doesn't give snaggle-tooth a pitch to hit. Luke winds up for the next pitch, and it nails snaggle-tooth right above his knee.

He immediately starts charging the mound, heading straight for Luke. Without thinking, I bolt towards snaggle-tooth. I feel like I'm running in slow motion, and I can't get anywhere. Luke has his feet planted, ready to strike. Snaggle-tooth arrives at the mound and throws a clumsy punch, as he didn't take into consideration that he was moving and Luke was waiting for him. Luke dodges easily and deflects most of it, and makes a well-timed swing. He connects with all of his force right on snaggle-tooth's jaw. The punch drops snaggle-tooth to the ground with a thud, and that's when I arrive. I see out of the corner of my eye two guys from their dugout tackle Luke, but I'm now sitting on top of snaggle-tooth. It's time to teach him a lesson. I punch him as hard as I can three times quickly in the face. The third punch knocks out his awful tooth and cuts my knuckle pretty bad. The next thing I see is recently-toothless staring up at me with shock and fear in his eyes. I look down to see my hands wrapped around his neck, as I realize I'm strangling him. Before I can stop myself, the coach of their team pushes me with all of his strength and I go flying into the air and tumble on the grass.

I look up to see everyone frozen. Several people are gathered around toothless, who is gasping, coughing and crying like a baby. Some people are staring at him and others are staring at me with shock and disgust. I look over at Luke and he mouths, "Are you okay?" at me. I can't believe what has happened and I just stare at the ground. In a minute, I feel someone grab me under my armpit.

"Come on, let's go." Coach Morgan hoists me up by the arm and I walk back to the dugout with him. I sit down on the bench and he wraps up my hand with gauze. "Come with me," he says as he heads for the exit. We walk out and I see the campus police car parked right outside of the ball field. The police officer walks over.

"Is this the kid?" he asks.

"Connor, wait in the back of the car until we can get this all straightened out." Coach Morgan and the rent-a-cop head back towards the field. Holy shit, am I going to be arrested? Am I going to juvey? I see my parents and Denise running up.

"Oh Garrett!" Mom sobs. Everyone begins questioning me at once, but I just shut everyone out. I stare down at my feet and eventually everyone shuts up. We wait in silence for what seems like forever. Finally, Coach Garcia approaches. I'm glad it's him and not Morgan. He's much nicer and calls you by your first name.

"Well, I've got good news and bad news, Garrett," he says as he puts his hand on my shoulder. "First the good news. No one's pressing any charges. They all realize that there's no way Luke was intentionally throwing at that little shit. Pardon my language. Anyway, the little shit's going to be fine. He'll probably have some bruises in the shape of your fingerprints, and you probably did him a favor by knocking out that tooth. Now, for the bad news. Garrett, you're suspended from the team for the rest of the season."

"What?!?" I look up at him with tears in my eyes.

"When ballplayers fight, they throw punches and push each other around. You never, EVER do anything to injure anyone and take them away from the game. No strangling, no kicking, no stabbing and no shooting." I appreciate his attempt at a joke, but I'm still in shock from what I just heard. "You're going to have to go to anger management counseling with Mr. Wilson for the rest of the school year. If you stay out of trouble for the rest of the year and complete your counseling, I don't see any reason why you won't be able to join the team next year."

"Nooo," is all I can manage to say as I shake my head.

"Also, I just want you to know that if there is any retaliation from either side, there will be arrests made and there will be jail time. I know you wouldn't do anything like that, but just be careful. I can't speak for the other guy."

"Yeah," I nod and wipe my nose.

"Okay, go on home with your folks and take it easy," he says and starts to walk away.

"Is the game still going on?" I ask.

"No, we forfeited," he says without turning around.

I ride home in silence with Mom. Dad is driving my car home, even though I insisted I was able to drive. When we get home, I jump out of the car, bust in the front door, run up the stairs into my room and slam the door shut. I start ripping off my uniform with total frustration. I jump on my bed, lay in the fetal position and sob. Everything was so perfect just a few hours ago. Now I've let everyone down, especially Luke.

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