Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 14

As I stare out the bus window, I prepare myself for a good cry, but all I feel is angry. I can't believe he could be such a jerk after all we've been through.

"Connor!" Coach Hanson snaps me out of my daze. He's standing in the aisle of the bus, holding on to the seat as the driver makes a sharp turn. "You need to talk to Olson! We're a team, win or lose. He can't be the hero one day, and then go running to his mommy when things don't go his way."

"I know, coach. Don't worry, I'll talk to him."

"Good. He's not too important to get kicked off the team," he sneers.

Yeah, right. Of course is he is.

The ride back to school is long and tedious. We hit every red light, and the bus driver makes a wrong turn, which makes everyone groan. We just suffered a tough loss and we all just want to get home.

We finally get back to school and I get in my car. I feel my phone vibrate, finally. I did not want to have to be the one who calls first.

"Hey," I answer.

"G, I'm soooooo sorry. I never should've done that. I can't believe I rode home with my mom. She like, TALKED to me the whole way home."

"I think you needed a good talking-to."

"Look, I don't blame you or anything. I just get so pissed off sometimes. I mean, I single-handedly cost us the game today. I think I have right to feel frustrated."

"Yeah, you do. But you can't take it out on me, and you can't abandon the team like that. Coach was really pissed."

"I know. I'll talk to him."

"Do you remember the 'I-love-your-whatever' game we were playing on the ride there?"

"Yeah," he whispers and I can hear his smile through the phone.

"Do you remember you held my hand afterwards?"

"Yeah." I can hear the guilt that I was going for.

"I don't know if I've ever been happier than that moment. That was so fucking amazing!"

"I know, me too."

"Well, you have to know that you're the center of my life right now. You have the ability to make me so... out-of-this-world happy, and that means you also have the ability to hurt me just as much."

"Dude! I'm a 16-year-old dumb jock. Being a boyfriend is very new to me, but I think I've done a pretty good job at letting you know how I feel about you. I love you more than anything! But you can't take everything so personally when I get pissed off. Please tell me that you'll try to remember that when I'm being a bad boy."

"Ok, if you try to remember that baseball is a game of failures. You can't take things so hard or it will destroy you. The best hitters in the word strike out four times in one day and the best pitchers in the world have one or two terrible starts every season. You know that."

"Ok deal. Now, could you PLEASE come over?" he groans.

"I don't think I should," I say.

"Please, don't punish me anymore. You know how sorry I am."

"I know, it's not that. It's just that if I go over there, I won't feel too good about me."

"What do you mean? I promise… I'll make you feel great about you."

"It's just that you were kind of a jerk, and you apologized, which is fine. It's just that if I go over there now, I know I'll be rubbing your feet and sucking your dick, and I'll just feel like a bitch."

"G, if you come over here right now, I'll rub your feet and suck your dick... AND you can call me Nancy!" We laugh.

"As tempting as that is, I've got a lot to do before school on Monday, and I bet you do, too. I think missing each other will do us some good."

"Fuck, dude," he finally sounds resigned with a big sigh. "Can't I see you tomorrow?"

"Yeah, we need to go to the gym. I have to go to church with my folks… then we'll probably go out to eat. I'll call you around one and we can go work out."

"THEN can we have some hot, sloppy, make-up sex?"

"Sloppy, huh? I'll pencil you in."

"Call me tonight?"


"Love you, G."

"Love you too," I sigh as I hang up. I just want to call him right back and tell him that I'll be right over. Then, I'd jump his bones.... and be a bitch, I remind myself. I've got to think of a way to expend some energy.

I drive home and feel my phone vibrate again. It's a text message. I open it at a stoplight. It says: "Don't cum tonight. Build it up."

"Ok, extra wet and sloppy tomorrow," I type back.

I finally make it home. I run in the house, say hi to my mom and try to sneak away so I can get in the shower. My mom follows me up the stairs.

"Garrett, it's your brother!" Oh great, drama time again.

"What's wrong?"

"He hasn't left his room all weekend!"

"So? He's a surly teenager with no friends. Let him sulk."

"Just DO something!" she clutches my arm.

"Ok, Ok." I get an idea. Surely this will get me out of it. I knock on his door and open it.

"Hey Dave?" His room is totally dark and he's in bed.

"Go away, fuckwad!"

"Hey, get out of bed! Let's do something. Anything you want... you and me. You pick."

He's silent for a minute. Mom looks at me with a hopeful smile.

"Ok, let's go do some target practice off your stupid, ugly head." A huge feeling of relief washes over me, but I have to pretend like I'm offended.

"I tried, mom. But clearly, I'm not the one who's going to cheer him up."

"What should we do?" she asks me as we walk down the hall.

"I don't know. Just try to talk to him like a person, rather than a son."

"I have no idea how to do that!" she shrieks.

"No kidding."

I go into my room and peel off my uniform. I change into my grungies and head for the bathroom. I realize this whole David thing could really work to my advantage. My parents will be totally preoccupied with him. They won't even notice that I'm gone. I'll just have to show up for dinner occasionally, go to church on Sunday and pretend to act concerned about my brother. I smile, thinking how David would be so pissed if he knew that his little depressed teen act is getting me laid.

I start to take a shower, but I get an idea. Instead, I run a hot bath. I slip in and enjoy the heat all over my body. I bite my lip as I start to press my middle finger up into no-mans-land. I smile as I think of Luke saying the words "backdoor slider". What a cocky fucker. It's not like he can really throw that pitch. It's certainly a new sensation... it's more strange than painful or pleasurable. I'm going to have to get used to it. It might be a little better with Luke... to feel him inside me, to watch his face while it's happening, to watch him get intense pleasure from my body… to feel him erupt inside me. Oh fuck, how is that going to feel? Am I going to be able to feel each squirt? I stick my finger even further in. Okay, that hurts a little. Well, at least my dick is hard... it's probably more from thinking about Luke than the finger-fuck.

I finish up in the bath and make sure I really scrub all the places where zits could occur. I finish up and head back into my room to do some homework… geometry homework… numbers 2 to 52 even? Jesus, doesn't she know I have dick to suck?

My phone rings. Damn, it's just Denise.

"Hi Denise," I say, flatly.

"Garrett, you're a genius!" she whispers into the phone.

"Why are you whispering?"

"I don't know what you said to him, but he cleaned up his room, completely cleaned his bathroom, and now he's doing his homework!" She sounds so excited.

"I told you I'd whip him into shape," I say.

"Seriously, what's your secret?" she whispers.

"Nothing, really. We just talked about... that during the time when we're not together, we need to really concentrate on school and family. That way, when we're together, we can... spend our time... umm..." Oh shit. Why did I go down this road? "We can do things... we can enjoy... we can give each other a hearty handshake."

She roars with laughter.

"Well, keep at it! Also, he's so happy, which makes me happy. I really think I made the right decision supporting you boys."

"I'm really happy, too," I say with a huge smile. She has no idea.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Garrett."

"Sounds good. See you then."

I guess it's time for more homework. I sit down, but hear my mom calling me down for dinner. I run downstairs and sit at the table next to my dad.

"What's the grub?" I ask.

"Your mom made salmon."

"Thanks mom. I appreciate it a lot when you make healthy stuff," I say, hoping to score some points. She looks totally preoccupied. "Is David still in his room?"

"Yes, I had to take up some chicken fingers for his dinner. He won't come down," she says, staring out the window.

"Garrett," Dad takes off his glasses. Uhoh, this will be dramatic, too. "He seems to be worse when you're around. Do you know why that is?"

I want to say that I have an easy solution for that, but I don't think it will go over too well.

"I just think it's partly because he's jealous and partly because you guys are always comparing him to me. He's just not too athletic or talented." I also want to say attractive and intelligent, but I don't. "He just needs to find an outlet for his energy, something he enjoys doing…," something besides mouth-breathing, I think. "I wish I knew what it was, but I really don't."

"Do you think he could get involved in church activities?" Dad says with the stupidest, most serious face. I want to do a spit-take with my milk, but I control myself.

"Umm, I don't think so."

"Well, for the time being, I'd like for you to lay low. Maybe you should spend more time at Luke's if Mrs. Olson doesn't mind."

I can't believe my ears. I want to stand up on the dinner table and jump up and down.

"I'll talk to her about it." I try not to smile. "But I'm sure it'll be all right."

"Try to help them around the apartment and do nice things for them," Mom chimes in.

"I will."

I finish up my dinner and head back upstairs to continue my homework. Eventually, I get a text from Luke.

"Dude, I'm trying to be good. I tried to clean and do my homework to get rid of this shitty feeling, but I need you BAD!"

"Glad to hear you've been a good boy. Sweet dreams," I type back.

I eventually finish all of my homework. I'm amazed that I kept myself from calling or texting Luke. I get into bed and switch off the lights. Who am I kidding? Sleep? It's only 10:30, and this is when all of the memories of the last few days start flooding through my mind.... and now I can't get any relief. I promised Luke. I jump back up, put on some exercise clothes, and head to my parent's bedroom.

"Guys, do you mind if I go to 24-hour Fitness? I'm all wound up about David and I need to just get on the treadmill and tire myself out." Mom looks at Dad, and he finally grants his almighty permission with a quick nod.

"All right, just be careful.... and come wake us up when you get home to let us know you're back safe," Mom says.

"Thanks!" I run to get my IPod and then I'm off.

There's no one on the road at this time of night, and I quickly make it to the gym. The parking lot is almost empty. I pull up next to the building, and I see Luke on a treadmill. It looks like he had a tough time trying to keep from rubbing one out, as well. I guess it's just meant to be. I get out of my car and sit on the hood for a minute, just watching him. He's really into his music and he hasn't noticed me yet. He's really sweaty. He's staring right at me, but he still doesn't see me. Eventually, I see him squint, then that big, goofy smile instantly appears across his face.

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