Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 10

"Wow! Your mom didn't even flinch when you said we're taking a shower together," I say as I peel off my sweaty clothes. Luke throws one of his socks at me. I pick it up, take a big sniff then throw it back in his face.

"Yeah, I guess she doesn't mind if we fool around here," he says, wagging his boner at me.

"I kinda promised her we wouldn't fool around outside the apartment." I stand in front of the mirror and look at myself. If Luke can do it, I can check out myself for a stray hair or something else unsightly.

"Yeah, me too. But, we're careful and it's not like she'll find out."

"It's just that she's being so cool, and I don't wanna run out and do exactly what she said not to do. We shouldn't be doin' that stuff… like makin' out on the golf course."

"Uh... huh...," he walks up behind me and puts his hands on my hips and slides them up my sides.

"It's called guilt," I say, trying not to let the ticklish feeling overwhelm me.

"I'm familiar with it. She's a mom. I think it's an essential skill," he looks me over.

"I think we need to try to keep it under control outside."

"Don't worry so much about it." He's resting his chin on my shoulder. "This thing of ours is so new, and we're making up for some lost time." He rubs my abs and chest while kissing my shoulder and neck in between his words. "It's just that when I get around you... the things you say... the way you look.... I just can't control myself around you, G," he whispers and exhales in my ear. My knees almost buckle.

"You're very persuasive," I turn around and quickly press my mouth into his. As I wrap my arms around his neck, he lifts me up and sits me on the bathroom counter. The soap dispenser and some bathroom knick-knacks go flying to the floor. Luckily, nothing breaks. We start to laugh.

"I guess you have a point," he chuckles as he gives me some more light kisses.

"It's kinda like when you would jerk off before you were going to be around me. We just have to plan a quickie before we're going to be together in public. That way, we won't be as tempted."

"Dude, we're sixteen ! I don't know about you, but jerking off four times in a day wasn't unusual for me before Wednesday. Now that we're together, I'm horny again just a few seconds after I cum!"

"I guess we'll just have to never leave your bedroom."

"Ahh… that would be so awesome!" he laughs.

"We'd better turn on the water before you mom comes knocking and asks what's going on."

"You're right." He turns on the water and holds his hand under the stream. "If I remember correctly, I owe you a little revenge."

"Blame him ," I point down at my dick as it points up at me.

"Oh, no way! I love that little guy. He's on my side. It was the rest of you that left me hangin' on the golf course. I'll just ignore you and give all of my attention to him." He gives my dick a little tug. "Hiya, little G."

"If you don't mind, I think I'll have to lie down in the tub so I won't slip."

"Hmmm... ok. I think I can work with that." He pinches my butt as I climb into the tub. I sit down and position myself so that the stream of water hits me in the pubes. He kneels down between my legs, takes my dick in his hand and smiles up at me. The water pours off of his hair so perfectly. It makes me want to grab the shampoo. He gives me his sexy smile.

"Finally! Let's see how you like it." He starts planting kisses on my dick up and down the shaft. I know what he's up to. He's going to try to keep me on the edge, just like I did to him on Wednesday.

"I like it! I like it!" I look down at him and notice he's jacking off. "Hey! Let go of him! He's mine."

"I know, I know. I just can't help it sometimes," he smiles up at me as he continues to kiss my dick.

"Here, let me hold your right hand so you're not tempted." he reaches up and I interlock our fingers and hold his hand against my chest.

"You like that?" he asks as he licks my balls.

"Uhh... It's nice... not my most sensitive area."

"Sensitive, huh?" He runs his tongue slowly back up my shaft and flutters it around my dickhole. Suddenly he takes me in his mouth and makes five very vigorous passes right over the area that makes my eyes roll back. I buck my hips in the air and moan way too loud. Just a couple of seconds of that sensation has put me teetering on the edge of orgasm. I resist the urge to reach down and jerk myself off. All I can do is squint down at Luke with a pleading look in my eye.

"Oh… yeah…," he laughs as he's gone back to licking me up and down. "I think I've discovered my secret weapon. You'll never know when I'll bust that one out."

"The next time you bust it out, I'll be busting out in your mouth."

"I'll keep that in mind," he takes me in his mouth, but very slowly this time. He holds his mouth in place and very gently moves his tongue around my dick. Again, slowly, he starts to inch his mouth further down my shaft, like a snake devouring its prey. I can feel him breathing out his nose, even through the heat of the water. He's moaning as he slides more and more of me into his mouth, and I know I'm getting very close.

"Oh fuck, Luke," I stuff a washcloth in my mouth. He finally takes it all the way in and he stops as he exhales into my pubes. He continues to massage the base of my shaft with his lips. After a prolonged pause, he slowly starts to move his head back slightly, but quickly goes back to engulfing the whole thing again. I can't breathe as I stare down at him, wondering what he's going to do next. I wipe some hair out of his face so I can see his expression as he's pleasuring me. Just then, he twists his head slightly back and forth as his lips slide around my base again and again. He moans louder as he enjoys what he's doing to me. The sounds, the sight and the feeling combine to overwhelm me, and I know I'm past the point of no return. I tighten my grasp on his right hand with my left and I reach for the shower curtain with my free hand, the only think that I can grab onto. " FUUUCKKK ," I groan through the washcloth and I feel the shower curtain start to rip. The sensation keeps growing stronger and stronger. I finally thrust my hips forward to jump start the eruption.

He's not prepared for me to climax as I see part of the first squirt leak out from the side of his mouth. He laughs as he pulls back to sucking and tonguing my pressure point through the rest of my orgasm.

"Ohhhh... yeahhh," I can make out his muffled words as he enjoys each jet of my load. I let go of his hand and relax my whole body as I continue to spasm. He rubs my abs and chest as he finishes savoring the taste. He finally lifts himself up and lets the water stream off his back.

"Dude, you weren't supposed to cum yet. You almost broke all of my fingers," he laughs.

I'm still in shock of how intense that was.

"How could I possibly stop myself when you do THAT ?" My eyes roll back in my head again. "You made me cum SO HARD , man.... Whatever you want... I'll do whatever you want," I pant through my exhaustion. He slides up next to me and strokes my wet hair.

"Just finish what you started on the golf course, G. Jack me off while I kiss you. I'm so fuckin' close," he whispers and I immediately shove my tongue into his mouth. The taste of my cum is so strong on his lips and down into his mouth. It tastes so much better than when I've tasted my load. Maybe it had something to do with the intensity; it's so strong and salty. I realize that I'm going to miss his load, so I break the kiss.

"Just sec," I try to hoist myself up, but my arms and legs feel like wet noodles. I chuckle with embarrassment as I finally clutch onto the shower head to steady myself. I point it up so that the water stream hits the back wall and cascades down behind Luke's head. That will be perfect as I finish up on him. He finally smiles up at me when he realizes what I'm doing. This way, at least all of his cum won't get washed away.

I settle back down next to him and look at him in the eyes for a second before I go to work. He's looking at me with such love and adoration, not with sexual longing. I feel like I'm about to cry again but I quickly brush it off. Instead I just smile back at him and rub the tip of my nose against his. He chuckles and leans in to kiss me. I take his cue and reach down to start jerking his dick. There's still a warm salty taste as we push our tongues back and forth. I wrap my fingers around his shaft and I give him a firm, constant jerk.

"Fuck, G," I can still understand him even though our tongues are entwined. I keep as much pressure on his dick as I can and press my mouth into his as firmly as possible. Suddenly, I feel a hot squirt hit the side of my face as he moans into my mouth. I try to speed up my jerking with every last bit of strength and energy left in my arm. His orgasm coats us like a lawn sprinkler. His head finally flops back with an exhausted groan. I wipe off the huge jet of cum on my cheek with my finger and lick it clean.

"Want some?" I ask.

"Okay," he pants.

I scoop up some off my chest and let it drip off my finger into his mouth. I quickly press my mouth to his and try to lick the cum off of his tongue. I look back down and get some more, which I lick off of my finger and quickly share as my tongue plunges back into his mouth. I make several more repetitions as he comes to memorize the pattern. Even though he's totally exhausted, I can tell he's really into it. He accepts each sample like he's hungry for it.

I look for more, but seem to have exhausted the supply. It is then that I notice my own dick is purple and throbbing again.

"I think I'm gonna cum again," I whisper as I start to jack myself again.

"Yeah, G. Do it." he says. I can tell he wasn't ready to be done with our sharing game.

I lay back against Luke's chest as I try to muster up a little more energy, pumping my cock with total desperation. I soon moan as I jerk several more spurts out on my stomach. Luke scoops up some with his finger and takes over my job. He dangles his finger over my open mouth and drizzles some cum on my tongue, then licks his finger clean. We share and savor my second load through exhausted kisses and finally our heads collapse.

"Dude, I can't believe this," I pant.


"It just keeps getting better, every time we do it. If it gets any better than this, I think it will literally kill me."

"I know, huh? It's hard to figure. I guess it's just that we've waited so long and we're so into each other," he gives me another light, sweet kiss. "But, trust me… it's gonna get WAY better."

"I don't know how, but I believe you," I smile and tweak his nose. We lay in the tub together for a few more minutes, my head lying on Luke's shoulder, just staring into each other's eyes. I marvel at how I could be this close to another person. "You wanna get cleaned up?"

"Not really, I just wanna stay right here," he smiles.

"We're going to have to eat sometime, and your mom is waiting on dinner."

"Oh yeah." Neither of us moves a muscle for another minute and we both burst out laughing again. I finally take the initiative and somehow pick myself up. "Fuuuuck," he groans as I help lift him to his feet. I kiss him again, as I can't help it when his mouth is so close to mine.

"Just stand there, I'll wash you up."

"I'll let you." He's almost asleep on feet. I give him a quick shampoo, and then wash his sweaty parts.

"Go ahead and get out. I'll be out in a minute," I say as he climbs out and dries himself off. I give my body a little more attention, as I don't want any lingering evidence. By this time, the hot water is almost completely gone, and the cool water is shocking my body back to life. I climb out seeing Luke fully dressed. He's leaning up against the bathroom counter, still trying to catch his breath. I pinch his butt as I start to dry off.

We eventually emerge from the bathroom after a few more kisses. I have no idea how much time has passed. I see Denise still in the exact same position, reading the same magazine. However, now the TV is on and turned up really loud. Luke and I exchange nervous smiles.

" DENISE HUNGRY !" She does her famous Cookie Monster impression and we all laugh. "I know you just got out of the shower, but be fore you start dinner, could you both please WASH YOUR HANDS ?"

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