Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 7

My phone alarm penetrates through the deepest sleep of my life and as I regain the ability to think, I jerk my head over to make sure I'm still in Luke's bed and in his arms.

"So, it wasn't just a dream," he smiles with his eyes still closed.

"Nope," I whisper. "I gotta get in the other bed. Your mom is gonna be up in a few minutes."

"Nnn-nnn," He grabs on to me, but I wriggle away.

"I set my alarm to go off again right after your mom leaves for work. Then I'll come and get back in bed with you." Luke groans and clutches onto the pillow I was using, bringing it into his chest.

I cross the room silently and crawl into my old bed, unable to stop smiling. This hour is going to be so long. There's no way I'll be able to get back to sleep now. I know I'll just be reliving every moment of yesterday– Suddenly, I feel Luke crawl into the other bed with me.

"Luke, no!" I try to protest through my giggles.

"She's not gonna come in here," he wraps his arms and legs around me.

"She might. She did a couple weeks ago, remember?" I can't believe my mouth is saying these words. His body feels so perfect against mine. Right now, I wouldn't care if everyone in the world could see us.

"How much longer are you gonna pretend you don't want me exactly where I am?" Luke gives me the smile I can't resist.

"That's all I got," I put my arms around his shoulders.

"Good." He whispers as our bodies link together, resulting in a passionate kiss.

It's 6th period, American History. The school day is almost over. I've been in a fog all day. I haven't been able to concentrate on anything in any class. I try to stop my thoughts of Luke, but they creep in every few seconds. All day, I feel like I've been on the verge of laughing or crying. I've actually spontaneously started doing both on multiple occasions today. I panicked and told some kids that my cat died during one of my crying jags, and I don't even have a cat. The laughter was easier to hide. I'd just slip out my phone and pretend I was reading a text. Mmmm… the texts.

I take my phone out of my pocket to reread all of our texts from today. I think I can get through them again without crying. We're watching a movie, and a lot of other kids have their phones out. The teacher doesn't seem to care. Actually, I think he's looking at his phone, too.

Before 2nd period:

Luke: "Hey, ur my bf now. Text me somethin bf-ish."

Me: "We can't do this! 1 of us could get our phone taken and some teachers read texts!"

Luke: "Jus text me b4 or after class."

Me: "K."

Luke: "I'm waaaaaiting…"

Me: "I think ur cute. There, satisfied?"

Luke: "I think ur cute, sexy, smart, funny and the guy of my dreams."

Me: "Ur makin me cry again!!! I already cried 2x and they want me 2 C a counselor. Save that stuff 4 later!"

Luke: "K… Luv u! :p"

Me: "Luv u2. & thanks 4 what u said."

Luke: "<3"

Before 3rd period:

Luke: "Hey"

Me: "Hey"

Luke: "U as horny as I am?"

Me: "Quit!"

Luke: "That didnt make u cry did it? :)"

Me: "No. Im trying not to think about that cuz thats all I think about if I let myself."

Luke: "I cant help it. Got such a bone 4 U."

Me: "Me 2. Lucky I have my baggy shorts on. A lot easier 2 hide it."

Luke: "Ur ass looks so hot in those shorts."

Me: "How? U can't even see it."

Luke: "I can see the outline of ur perfect cheeks. I just want to grab em n' kiss u so hard."

Me: "Crying again."

Between 3rd and 4th period, I have a daily routine, which I innocently refer to as my "Luke fix". It's actually more like stalking. Since Luke and I have no classes together, I would never see him at school. That was just unacceptable. We're actually never even in the same building at the same time. I have Luke's schedule memorized, so I was able to pick the break between 3rd and 4th period as the time that it was possible for me to see him. I could stand behind a tree and see him walking from his locker between the B and C buildings to his next class. He's always got people hanging all over him, and I always liked to see who he's talking to. It ruined my day when he was talking to and smiling at a girl. I'd have this sick feeling in my stomach the rest of the day, but it was always worth the gamble. I had to see him and check out his sexy hair and how his legs look in his shorts. On game days, he sometimes wore his uniform to class all day. Watching him walk around the corner of the C building in his sexy baseball glory was always enough to get my dick hard. I can never look at him during a game for long. I need to keep my wits about me.

After 3rd period, I quickly ran to my observation point. I'd had my heart in my throat all during math. I kept thinking I'll see him talk to a girl and I'll fly into some jealous rage. I kept telling myself that he can talk to girls… but I know exactly how I'll feel if I see him talking to one.

Luke: "What u wanna do when we get home? ;-p"

Me: "We don't have practice. We have to go to the gym!"

Luke: "We can do whatever we want."

Me: "I'm not letting u slack on ur workouts. I luv u 2 much."

Luke: "Maybe we can fool around in the parking lot. :)"

It was at this point, I saw Luke come around the corner of the B building.

Sitting at my desk in 6th period, I close my eyes and take a deep breath for a second so I can remember exactly what he looked like.

He was by himself for only the second time ever since I've started getting my "Luke fix". He had his earbuds in and he was staring at his phone with that sexy grin… perfect. I would have liked to keep my routine a secret, but I just had to see him smile and look right into my eyes.

Me: "I C U :)))))"

Luke jerked his head around quickly as his smile widened. He spotted me almost immediately and jogged over to me.

"Hey," he said, nonchalantly.

"Sup," I replied, biting my lip and looking at the ground next to him. I chickened out and couldn't look him in the eye, after all. I was afraid I'd start crying again.

"What are you doing over here?" he asked nervously, kicking a nub of crabgrass.

"I just wanted to see you for a second." I whispered, finally looking up in his eyes.

"Oh yeah? That's good cuz there's a secret that I need to tell you."

"Really?" I felt my heart beating up in my ears.

"Yeah." He leaned forward and cupped his hands around my ear. He started giggling as he gave me a hot kiss on the ear. I almost crumpled to the ground, but I caught myself just as my knees were about to buckle.

"You serious?" I pretended he actually said something as I looked around to see if anyone had noticed what he'd done. No one was paying any attention or even looking at us, which is rare when Luke is around.

"Yup. It's true," he said with a very quick wink that buckled my knees all over again. "I gotta go."

"Yeah, me too." I had to run as fast as I could to get to class before the bell, but I felt like I was floating. I had to take some deep breaths to keep from crying again.

Before my 5th period, which is Luke's lunch:

Luke: "Dude, I fuckin' reek!"

Me: "Has ur mom not had the deodorant talk with you yet?"

Luke: "No, I can smell my pre."

Me: "Pre dont smell!"

Luke: "I cant stop leakin it! And some girl said she could smell my fairmoans, but I dont know how 2 spell it so I cant google it."

Me: "I think she means ur pheromones. It's your sex smell that you give off to attract a mate. I'll cut that bitch if she keeps smellin u. That stuff's all 4 me."

Luke: "That stuffs all cuz of u."

Me: "I cant wait to be with u."

Luke: "Me 2. Fuck man, school is like a million times more miserable now."

Me: "Ya, but after school is a billion times better."

Before 6th period:

Luke: "I can't stand it anymore. I gotta get a bathroom pass and go jerk off."

Me: "Don't u dare! Ive been waitin 4 that load all day."

Luke: "Sorry man, I feel like I'm gonna die."

Me: "DONT!"

Luke: "You could meet me :-p"

Me: "No way."

Luke: "Why not?"

Me: "We'd get caught! It wouldn't be a quick blow and that's it. I'd have to kiss you and it would go on and on and… fuck, I can't even think about it."

Luke: "Mmmmmmmmm <3<3<3<3<3<3<3"

Me: "LOL I'm turning off my phone!"

I look up at the clock. I'm almost positive the minute hand has moved backwards two minutes since the last time I checked. There are so many things I want to talk to Luke about. We didn't really get to talk much yesterday... our mouths were usually occupied. Maybe we can talk during our workout if we're careful. Most people are listening to their music or concentrating on their own activities at the gym.

Finally, the bell rings. I run to my locker without trying to look too eager, but my heart is racing. I get my books and make a bee-line for the parking lot. I see Luke leaning up against my car; he's even sexier than when I saw him earlier. His smile is penetrating my chest and making my heart beat even faster.

"G, this has been the longest day in history," he says as we jump in the car.

"No shit," I turn the ignition and peel out of my parking spot. "So, did you?"

"Did I what?"

"Did you go jerk off?"

"Nah, man," he chuckles. "I actually did go to bathroom to do it, but there was some kid in there taking a shit and I sorta wasn't in the mood anymore."

"So are you in the mood now?"

"All it took was seeing you appear in the parking lot. You woke him up," he rubs his dick, showing me the outline in his shorts.

"Good," I chuckle nervously as I drive to the gym. "So, does it feel… you know, weird?"

"Does what feel weird?"

"Just this. Going from being buddies to… man, we really went a long way on day one. On top of all we did, we said 'I love you' n' junk. We said a lot more than that."

"I don't feel weird. I just feel relieved… majorly relieved. It's been like the one thing on my mind for a really long time and now, all that confusion, hesitation, wondering shit. That's all gone. I'm also relieved for you cuz I know you must've gone through the same thing… maybe worse."

"Yeah, at least you had an idea. I was totally in the dark. Muy stupido!"

"Oh yeah, and also… I'm really, REALLY happy. Relieved and really, really happy."

"Me too." I reach over and grab his hand, forgetting any weirdness.

"So, do you feel weird?"

"Sometimes. It's surreal. I mean I can look over at you and I still can't believe I get to kiss your lips, for instance."

"These?" He puckers them and makes kissy noises, and we bust up.

"Yeah, it's like a dream… and it feels like I'm gonna wake up or snap out of it. I was just getting to the point of convincing myself that this was never a possibility and I'd have to get over you if I ever wanted to have anything resembling a normal, happy life."

"You'll never have to get over me, G. You may have to get under me, but not over me." I reach out and pinch his arm as we bust up laughing again.

We finish the 10-minute drive to the gym, stealing quick kisses and rubbing each other's thighs and crotches all the way. I quickly learn how to drive with constant distractions. We pull into the parking lot of the gym.

"You wanna mess around before or after our workout?"

"That depends. If you brought a towel for mopping up sweat and one for mopping up pre, then we can work out first. If not, I need a release."

"Me too!" I smile as imagine the gym equipment drenched in his pre. "Let me drive around the back of the building and see if we can have some privacy."

"I like the way you think, G," he says. I drive around back and see several cars parked behind the building.

"I think this is an employee exit. There might be too much foot traffic."

"Try over there!" He points to the strip mall across the street. His bicep is right in front of my face, so I give it a little kiss. "There's nuthin' behind that building."

I drive across the street and it's perfect. There's a parking lot, but it's totally empty. There is one dumpster, but I park far enough away from it so that we're over a hundred feet from someone taking out their trash.

"You realize, that if we do this, we're going to have to eat the evidence," I say with one eyebrow raised.

"I think I can handle that," Luke whispers as he pulls my face in and we lock lips. I have sure missed this. I push his cap off and toss it to the back seat so I can run my fingers through his hair. He tastes so amazing. He starts undoing my shorts with one hand, so I work on his jeans. He makes quick work of my button and waistband, and quickly has my throbbing cock in his hand. We continue to make out as he gives me very gentle strokes. He suddenly breaks away and dives his head down towards my lap.

"Oh man," he manages to whisper before wrapping his mouth around my dick. The first wave of pleasure comes over me, and my eyes roll back in my head. I quickly open them and try to look around to see if anyone has entered the parking lot. I see nothing, but it's not like I could stop him even if there were a hundred people crowded around the car. I lightly run my fingers up and down his back with my right hand as I continue to stroke his hair with my left. He's holding nothing back. He's working me hard with all of his skill. He wants me to cum as quickly as possible. The pleasure builds up as his warm mouth engulfs me.

"I'm gonna... cum... Luke." I manage to get the words out somehow.

"Mmmmmhmmm," he doesn't hesitate as he awaits my load and speeds up his sucking motion. My body tenses up and I make a high-pitched moan, not caring about the volume. I feel myself start to release in his mouth and I thrust my hips up. I grab onto the headrest behind my head, as I don't know what else to do with my hands. I can feel Luke sucking it up as he starts to moan through my orgasm. I think he might be enjoying this, a little. I finally collapse back into my seat and start rubbing his back again. He's still at it, trying to get every last drop.

"That was great, man," I say, trying to catch my breath. "and not weird at all."

"Goddamn, G," he finally comes up from my lap and reclines his seat back. "That was so hot, I'm about to cum, too."

"I've been thinking about doing this all day," I glance around once more to see if anyone has snuck up.

"Yeah," he says trying to free his dick from his jeans. I had neglected to free it the rest of the way out of his shorts. As he does, the smell inside of his shorts explodes inside the car.

"Wow, I see what you mean about smelling your pre. That's so fucking awesome!" I bury my head in his lap, inhaling the thick, sexy aroma.

"Quit sniffin' and start suckin'!" he whispers.

No teasing this time... I know what he wants, and I'm going to give it to him. I start by forcefully rubbing my lips down his shaft a couple of times, and then take him into my mouth. I force my tongue over his pressure point repeatedly. Quickly, he arches his back and starts to spasm. He really was ready to pop. I'm not prepared for the amount of cum that's jetting through my mouth, and some of it squirts out the side. I start to focus on swallowing as much as I can while still pleasuring him. He's totally flopping around the front seat and isn't trying to stifle his screams, either. I continue to devour all he has for me as his movements finally start to calm down a little.

"Ohhhh G," he finally stops moving and I finally stop swallowing.

"That was delicious," I say as I smile up at him. I then notice that quite a bit escaped from those first couple of spurts, and it has gotten on his jeans. "Sorry about that, man," I say as I start to lick up what I can.

"That's ok, I'm changing anyway."

"So we're supposed to work out now?" We look at each other and laugh.

"Maybe we can skip the warm-up," Luke says, still panting with exhaustion.

"Let's just do what we normally do. Maybe we'll get a second wind."

After a last kiss, I turn on the ignition and the air conditioning hits us in the face. We both moan as we didn't realize how hot we were. I drive back across the street and park in front of the 24-hour Fitness.

"Let's take a quick shower first. I bet we reek of sex," Luke says as we get our bags out of the trunk. I agree and we go in the front door.

A few guys on the team are already there and they cheer as we walk in. For a split second, I wonder if they're cheering us for finally getting together, but I quickly realize they just haven't seen Luke since the end of the game yesterday. They motion for him to come over and talk, but we just wave and hurry towards the locker room. I hope no one gets suspicious. We hurriedly get out of our school clothes, tightly zip the sex smell into our gym bags and jump into the shower. A wave of relief washes over me as I know we're in the clear. I clean myself thoroughly, dry myself off and start to get in my workout clothes. I see Luke getting out of the shower, and I realize I'd better not look at him since there are a couple of other guys in the locker room. I don't want to get another boner after all we just went through.

I wait for Luke to get dressed and we emerge from the locker room ready to meet our adoring fans. We go through a play-by-play of the game with them. We give each other devilish smiles as they have no idea what we've been up to. We eventually break away to start our workout.

"Put your earphones in your ears, but don't turn on your music so we can talk," I whisper as we get on the treadmill to warm up. He obeys. "Holy shit," I whisper over the drone of the treadmill.


"We're like… a couple ."

"Umm, you're my man, my boyfriend, my lover, my guy, my G, and I love you very much," he whispers. "I thought we had already covered that."

"I just didn't realize it until we're out in public like this. To other people, we're a couple … not that they know, but it's still kinda mind-blowing." I try not to smile but it's impossible. I figure I should wait a couple more minutes before I ask him any more questions. We finish our warm-up and move over to the machines to start our circuit. We're far enough away from anyone else, so I continue.

"You know, you've said some pretty nasty things about gay people," I say with halting words.

He looks at me as if to say, 'So?' Eventually, after an uncomfortable pause, he thinks he knows what I'm after.

"Sorry, dude."

"No, it's not that. I was just wondering if you were just trying to keep people from thinking you were gay or you really meant what you said."

"Well, I do feel that way sometimes." A couple of women walk by and we go back to the chest press.

"What do you mean?" I say as they start to leave.

"Well, it's hard for me to identify myself with gay people from what I see on TV, like on that awful gay channel. I see the people on those shows and I'm like, no wonder people vote 'Yes' on Prop 8 in California. Gay people can be fucking annoying!"

"Yeah, I know what you mean, but it's not like we can separate ourselves at this point. We're at a crucial period. The generation that grew up thinking homosexuality was a mental illness is starting to die off, and I really believe our generation isn't going to buy into all the religious bullshit. I think we really have a shot at being open and accepted for most of our lives."

"I thought you were a good little church boy!" Luke whispers with fake surprise.

"It's all part of my master plan," I say, rubbing my hands together in an evil fashion. "I found out that if I do things that my parents like, I get more freedom. So I go to church every Sunday and get good grades. That way, they let me do what I want, which is spending time with you."

"That's what I want, too… lots and lots of time," he smiles as we switch machines. "I'm glad I don't have to go to church. It would make me fucking flip out."

"I can tune it all out. It took lots of practice, but I just think of you and I can block it all out."


"Ok, new subject: celebrity crushes. Go." I look at him and he smiles and blushes a little. I can't wait to hear what he's going to say.

"I dunno, you go first," he giggles nervously.

"I guess we should start with Team Edward or Team Jacob."

"Uhh, neither. Tell me if they ever start to make out with each other. Otherwise, I'll pass."

"Ok fine. I'm with Team Edward. I find that Taylor Lautner's bad acting seems to overshadow his abs," we chuckle.

"How 'bout the Biebs?" I ask.

"Umm, he looks like a girl. Actually, he looks like one of those porcelain girl dolls,"

"Jonas brothers?"

"Maybe a couple of years ago."

"One Direction?"

"Yeah, I'd do 'em," he says a little too quickly. I raise my eyebrow. "I mean, only if you were involved somehow," we chuckle again.

"Who else?" I ask.

"Umm... I know! Matt Sarazen from Friday Night Lights!" he whispers loudly.

"Good choice! I had forgotten about him. How about baseball players?"

"Hmmm," he thinks.


He gives me the so-so sign.




"He's okay."


"Minus the beard."


"Not bad."


He pretends to throw up in his mouth.

"Whew," I smile as I wipe my brow.

"We'd better shut up and get out of here," I say and he nods in agreement.

After a few minutes, we finish our workout. We go get our bags and leave in our sweaty workout gear. I have just enough time to take Luke back to his place and get to my house before dinner. I smack his hands away on the drive as he tries to rub my legs and crotch. I don't want to have a big boner at the family dinner table, and we don't even have time for another quickie. I finally pull up to his apartment complex. I want to give him a good-bye kiss, but there are lots of people around. I can tell he wants the same thing. I look around for a private place, which gives me an idea.

"Have you seen Brokeback Mountain?" I ask.

"Of course."

"Ok, let's reenact the scene where Jack first comes to visit Enis at his house on the stairs over there. No one will be able to see us. Your staircase is secluded enough."

"I love it!" he laughs.

We both jump out of the car and race over to the stairs. I beat him, so as he comes up behind me, he grabs me and throws me up against the wall and kisses me violently. I push him back and throw him up against the same wall. We both laugh through the entire kiss.

"I gotta go, man," I finally push him away, listening for any approaching footsteps. He sighs with disappointment.

"Call me tonight after you finish dinner."

"You got it." One more peck and I leave him for the day.

I drive home in total bliss. I don't even feel exhausted from the sex or the workout. I just feel perfect. I sing along to the music on the radio, as every song is about Luke and me. It's amazing how they all know exactly what I'm feeling. I turn onto my street and a shiver of fear replaces the bliss. I see Denise's car parked out in front of my house.

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