Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 5

Taking a deep breath and trying to calm myself down, I run out the door to meet Luke's mom, Denise. She's a successful lawyer and she works her ass off. She's incredibly progressive and liberal and I love to hear her ideas about current issues. I'm not very political, but I can pretend I am when I listen to her. Luke thinks she's a huge nerd because she gushes over him so much.

"Hi, Mrs. Olson. Luke just got out of the shower, I think. Here, let me help you with the pizzas."

"Thanks, Garrett," she says with an exhausted sigh as she hands them over. I take her briefcase in my free hand as she hugs me. "I can't believe I missed his perfect game! That must've been so exciting!"

"Yeah, he was a big crybaby about it," I laugh.

"Yeah, and I bet you were sobbing right along with him," she fires right back.

"Ya got me."

We head back into the apartment and Luke comes out of his bedroom. He's in a white tank top, knee length black basketball shorts and his same black no-show socks. Even after pumping out three loads this afternoon, I still want him bad.

She runs up to Luke to indulge in some of her usual gushing. As she enthusiastically hugs him, his gaze locks with mine and he smiles. It's such a warm, loving smile. I can tell he's already looking forward to being alone with me again. I can't wait to be in his arms again.… Holy shit, I actually get to kiss those lips! Fuck, I love those lips. As I watch them embrace, I stupidly feel jealous of Denise. Oh well, I'll get my turn. I try not to smile too much as I carry the pizzas to the kitchen.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see the spurt of cum that sailed over the couch earlier. It actually hit the wall and dripped down all the way to the floor. It left a creamy trail. Denise's back is still to me, but Luke can see what I'm looking at. He eyes open wide and he gives me the 'Do something!' look. I stick my tongue out and pretend to lick the wall. He stifles a laugh and hugs his mom harder to make sure she doesn't turn around. I quickly grab a couple of tissues and wipe down the wall and stuff them in my pocket. He lets out a sigh of relief as he continues to hug his mom.

"Baby, I'm so proud of you!" she kisses him all over his cheeks and the top of his nose.

"Save some for Garrett," he tries to wriggle out of her hug. "He was the closer."

"What do you mean?" she asks.

"The last dude that was up hit a screaming line drive, and Garrett dove for it... I mean full extension, and snagged it."

"Oh my God! How exciting!" she runs over, hugs me and gives me a kiss on the forehead. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"Uhh... you're welcome, but it was all Luke," I mutter.

"Let's dig into those pizzas. I'm friggin' starved." Luke won't curse in front of his mom. It isn't that she gets offended, she just thinks it's low-class. I try to remember not to curse around her, too, but I forget more often than Luke does. Sometimes you can't describe what you're feeling without the word 'fuck'.

I devour the most delicious meal of my life, not counting Luke's load earlier. I must've worked up quite an appetite because it feels like I haven't eaten in days. Luke seems to be experiencing the same sensations as he licks his fingers with joy after every bite. We exchange sexy glances while we try to pretend that the nervous energy is from the perfect game. I make sure not to overstuff myself, as I don't want to be belchy and bloated with Luke later. I notice that he doesn't eat as much as he normally does, either. Eventually, Luke and I settle on the couch to watch TV as Denise plops into her favorite recliner. I purposely sit at the opposite end of the couch from him so I won't be tempted to touch him and he can't reach me either.

I've always loved to watch TV with Denise, especially reality shows. She makes the funniest and meanest comments about the contestants. Right now, I just wish she'd go to bed early. Luke doesn't get into those shows as much as we do, but he knows his mom looks forward to it, so he watches with us. He usually tries to do his homework through it, but not tonight. I think he has other things on his mind.

The routine starts off as usual, but all of a sudden, Denise stops making her comments. I peer over her shoulder and see that she has fallen fast asleep. She still has her glass of wine in her hand and her mouth has dropped open. I ease the glass out of her hand and set it on the end table next to her. She gets up every morning around 5am. Sometimes she can go all day, but tonight she's clearly exhausted. I should be, too, but I'm still electrified from what has been going on with Luke and me... and what's going to happen later.

I make the 'shh' motion to Luke as he starts to grin. I sit back down on the end of the couch to finish watching the show and Luke swings his legs up on the couch next to me. He scoots down so that his feet are touching my leg and he begins to stroke my thigh with his toes.

I shake my head and motion towards his mom, but my dick starts to grow quickly. Luke's feet are so fuckin' sexy. I have a feeling from now on, my dick is always going to agree with what Luke is saying.

"She's fuckin' out ," he whispers a little too loud. "I could leave her in that chair and she'd sleep there all night." I look over at her. She's sitting slightly closer to the TV than Luke and I. If she starts to stir, we'll have a couple of seconds to compose ourselves.

"All right, I'll rub your feet a little if you promise to behave." He looks like a little kid on Christmas morning. I feel like I'm about to unwrap a present, too. This is also something I've always wanted to do. I scoot down the couch and lift his feet into my lap. He's still wearing his short black socks. I focus on his right foot first, rubbing it deeply and slowly with both hands. He leans his head back and closes his eyes with a satisfied grin. I pinch his big toe to get his attention and he looks up at me as if I'd woken him out of a deep sleep.

"Watch her!" I mouth the words silently and point to his mom. He nods.

I return my attention to his feet. I rub them deeply and press them into my lap and against my throbbing dick. It feels so amazing. He's looking over at his mom's chair, but after a few seconds, his eyes roll back in his head and his eyelids close again. When he realizes it, he quickly opens them and looks over at me.

"Sorry man, I don't think I can keep my eye on her. It just feels too good," he groans and bites his lip.

"I have to do everything around here," I whisper with a half-grin.

I go back to working on his right foot, and then switch to the left. I glance back and forth from Denise to Luke. She hasn't moved at all. Luke catches me watching him and he suddenly pulls down his shorts and flashes me. His dick is as hard as ever. I giggle and look down at my own crotch with fake surprise. I quickly give him a flash of my own boner. We both choke on our laughter then nervously look over at Denise. She doesn't move.

I keep working on one foot, then another. He's starting to rub my dick with the toes from his free foot. I could easily cum from this… I'm so fuckin' turned on. I start to slip my hand down inside his sock as I rub more sensually than forcefully. Finally I peel off both of his socks and really admire his sexy feet. I notice that one of his toenails is a little black, probably from pushing off of the pitcher's mound.

"Hey, I can paint these pink for you, if you like," I whisper. "It'll cover up that unsightly black toenail." He gives me the double middle finger. Wow, both hands. I feign hurt feelings and put down his foot. He gives me an air-kiss and I start rubbing again.

As I'm rubbing, I notice his eyes are closed again. I very slowly lift his foot up and bring my mouth down to meet it. I give him a very soft kiss on the tip of his big toe. He opens his eyes and looks up at me with surprise.

"Fuck yeah," he mouths to me and then closes his eyes again. I continue to give light kisses and small licks to each of his toes. Wow, his feet are a little more beat up than I realized. I guess that's why they say pitching is all in the feet and legs. I still love them, though.

"Hey," I whisper, tapping his foot. He opens his eyes. "Lemme see your dick again." He smiles as he slowly and playfully pulls the waistband of his shorts down to reveal his beautifully swollen purple head. It's completely soaked in precum, and I can't resist. I quietly lean forward and lick it clean as Luke tries to stifle a moan. The taste and smell is overwhelming, and I quickly slip his whole dick in my mouth and give it one suck all the way down and all the way up. I see a wave of pleasure run through Luke's body and he lifts his hips into the air with a loud sigh. I get a wave of my own as I savor the sweet taste of his precum.

"Sorry," I whisper as I pull his waistband back over his gorgeous dick.

"No, please!" He tries to pull it back down, but I hold it firmly against his abs as we start to giggle.

"I can't wait to get back to that." I sigh as I sit back and wrap my hands around his foot again.

"Dude, you're gonna get some serious cum," he rubs his dick through his shorts.

"Mmmm," I whisper and lick my lips, trying to remember exactly what it felt like shooting into my mouth… and the taste… that warm, salty, creamy, gooey taste of pure, intense pleasure… Luke's own pleasure that I'm giving him… Luke's lust for ME . Holy fuck, I can't wait!

I put his foot back in my lap. I use my left hand to continue rubbing his foot, occasionally running my fingers in between his toes. He really seems to like that. Now, I move my right hand up to stroke his shin. His legs are so hot and muscular and teenagery. They're perfectly tanned and just a little hairy. I alternate between rubbing his shins and very lightly running my fingertips up and down from his knee to his ankle, then up to his other knee. I can tell it's working as he shivers and arches his back over and over.

I try a new move. I hold his big toe up with one hand and I make a fist with my other. I press my knuckle as hard as I can up and down the arch of his foot. He quickly grabs a cushion and shoves it in his mouth to stifle a scream. He's arching his back and then his hips as if he's humping the air above him. Wow, this is driving him wild! If I keep this up, I think we'll both end up cumming on the couch just a few feet from his mom. I know I easily could lose control just seeing how turned on he is. Plus, the smell of his precum is starting to drift out of his shorts.

"Dude, I swear, very soon, I'll do this again and try to make you cum just from rubbing your feet. But I really think we should stop while we can," I whisper.

"You'd better swear," he looks bewildered as he slowly inches back from the edge of orgasm. "Fuck!"

The show that we were watching has been over for a long time, and we were well into the 10pm local news. I smile as I can't even remember what we were watching. Luke gets up and flashes me again. It's so hard and wet; it looks like heaven. I reach over and wipe a little off with my finger and lick it clean. I'm afraid if I take him in my mouth again, he'll go over the edge.

"I'm gonna get some serious pre," I whisper with a smile. He gets a little on his finger and licks it up.

"Fuck, that IS good!" he smiles as he hikes up his shorts. Goddamn, that's hot.

He checks that his boner is not protruding and goes over to wake his mom.

"Mom, we're really tired and heading to bed," he gives her a gentle shake.

"Okay, me too," she says and slowly gets up. "Sorry guys, I… I just got really sleepy all of a sudden."

"Good night, Mrs. Olson. Thanks for the pizza," I say as Luke walks her to her bedroom door. I anxiously watch her stumble out of the room. Luke waits for a few seconds in her doorway to make sure she's disappeared into her bathroom. He runs back to the couch with a smile and grabs my face with both hands. He forcefully shoves his tongue inside my mouth and I hug him tight as we indulge in our first kiss in what seems like forever.

"You're so fuckin'… irresistible! " Luke whispers as he breaks the kiss. "C'mon!" He grabs my hand and we run to his bathroom, locking the door behind us.

"Ooh, I get to hold your hand?" I can't stop giggling, knowing what's in store.

"Garrett, I need to cum… like RIGHT NOW … and I'm fuckin' serious! I mean, if you do that kissing, licking, teasing thing, I'll fucking die. I mean, you'll seriously have no more boyfriend. You'll be sobbing at my funeral, asking yourself why you didn't just SUCK MY DICK !" The sound of the word 'boyfriend' coming out of his mouth jolts through my body like lightning. Luke is my BOYFRIEND , and I'm his BOYFRIEND ! Holy shit… and he's the one who said it!

"Don't worry," I sit down on the toilet seat and he stands in front of me, gripping my shoulders.

"I think I need to drink your cum as much as you need to shoot it."

"Ahh yeah, dude!" he smiles as I slowly pull down his shorts. His dick pops out of his waistband and bobs up and down as if it's waving 'hi'. I lick up a stream of precum that almost drips on the floor.

"I would ask you if you're ready… but you're ready." I eagerly take his dick in his mouth and begin a slow and rhythmical sucking motion while I hungrily swallow the fluid that formed an appetizing coating.

"Don't… jerk off, dude. I want… yours… too." I can tell by the way he's breathing that he's just seconds away. I keep the same slow and steady pace. I know I cum a lot harder when I jerk off slowly.

"Uhh… feels… so… Uhhhhhhhhnnnnnn!" Luke finally gets the release he's been aching for, and I get the hot blasts of cum inside my mouth that I've been craving. The taste is too amazing and overwhelming, and I swallow it down as quickly as it fills my mouth. I'll savor it next time… right now, I'm quenching a thirst. As the squirts become smaller and smaller, I suck harder, hoping to coax more out somehow. Luke slowly fucks my mouth as the intensity of his orgasm subsides.

"Mmmm," I moan as pleasure overpowers my own body.

"Are you cummin?" Luke asks, breathlessly.

"Mmhmm," I answer him, but I can't take my mouth off of his dick. He dives down and frees my dick from my shorts just in time for my first squirt to splatter on his chin. He smiles as he dives his head down onto my dick to make sure he doesn't miss any more. I try my best to keep my eyes open and watch him guzzling down my cum. I must be giving him a load that rivals the one I just slurped down, and he seems to be enjoying it just as much as I did. I run my fingers through his sexy hair as Luke's cum seems to pulse through my body and envelops me with a tingly and completely satisfied feeling.

As my orgasm begins to fade, I regain the ability to breathe and find myself gasping and taking in huge lungsful of air.

"So fuckin' GOOD!" Luke looks up at me with a big smile before returning to suck the last bit of cum leaking from my dickhole.

"I never thought I'd see you with a big cumsplat on your face," I laugh as I continue to try to catch my breath.

"I bet you never thought you'd kiss me with a big cumsplat on my face either!" He looks up at me with an inviting smile as he spreads the cum around his chin with my dick. I push him onto the tile floor and take a big lick at his chin as we laugh hysterically. We simultaneously embrace each other as we settle in for a long kiss. I moan, getting a strong taste of cum as my tongue ventures deeply into his mouth. We're both getting the hang of kissing, now. We seem to be perfectly in sync. As hot as sucking Luke's dick and eating his cum is, kissing Luke is just as remarkable, but in a completely different way. The only description I can give is that it feels like complete perfection. That special tingle begins to slowly grow in my dick again, and I know I could cum again, sprawled out on the bathroom floor. I'm afraid that if I do, I'll fall asleep here. A vision flashes into my head. I want to be in Luke's bed… under the covers… in his arms… kissing his lips softly. I manage to push myself off of Luke and sit up.

"Can we continue this in your bed?" I ask, biting my lip.

"Sure," he chuckles as we help each other to our feet. "I almost came again."

"Yeah, me too." Every word out of his mouth makes me want to kiss him again. "Let's get ready for bed… then… Holy shit! I get to sleep in your bed with you!" I feel embarrassed as I realize I just made a huge imposition on him.

"You'd better sleep in my bed," he smiles over his shoulder, and a wave of relief comes over me. We both start to floss.

"There's one thing I want to ask you," I say. "Well, there are a million things I wanna ask you, but just one thing right now."

"Shoot," he says as he flosses and admires his hair at the same time.

"So how was it that I was so painfully obvious about wanting you this last year and you had me completely fooled?" I fold my arms and try to look serious and await his answer.

"It's kind of a long story," he laughs. "I started really liking you in the 6th grade. In–"

" 6TH GRADE ?" I interrupt. "I was short and scrawny then."

"Nah. Do you remember that you were one of the best players on our little league team? Plus, you were so cute and funny," he pokes me in the belly.

"I was such a… little kid."

"Anyway, in 5th grade, I remember some of the other guys start to talk about girls they liked and I had no idea what they were talking about. Girls were gross and annoying. When 6th grade came around, I knew I was crushing on you and girls were just as gross. I also knew that I could never tell anyone about it, and I started to withdraw."

"I remember that. You were an asshole for a while."

"Just sec…. Lemme brush my teeth." He acts as if we're having a mundane conversation. I don't think I've ever been more interested in what someone is going to say in my life. I patiently wait while he brushes, spits and rinses.

"Anyway, the summer between 6th and 7th grade, I discovered the wonderful world of masturbation!" He makes a jerking off motion with his hand and I roll my eyes.

"Those days are over, mister."

"Damn right. Anyway, one time I was jerking off in my room and came just a couple of minutes before you got to our apartment. I found that after I had just squirted, I was a normal person and I wasn't thinking about kissing you or having sex with you all the time we were together. After that, I always tried to jerk off right before I was going to be spending time with you."

" Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! " I slap my forehead. "I thought I was a pretty smart guy, and I never even considered that! I always jacked off after I had been around you for a while. I was even going to break off our friendship and try to get you a girlfriend! Jesus."

"Really?" he looks shocked. "Why?"

"Because I couldn't be around you without getting so turned on."

"Ooh, you think I'm sexy?" he makes his sexy face and flexes his biceps for me.

"I warned you, when you do that, I'm gonna have to kiss you," I say as I walk over to him and plant one on him. As I pull away he grabs my shoulders, pulls me back in and shoves his tongue in my mouth. I love the slight minty taste of his mouth, as I had not yet brushed my teeth. I rub the back of his neck and work my fingers down his spine. He starts grinding his crotch into mine, and I think this would be a good time to stop.

"Wait, did you jerk off today before I came over?" I ask as I really have to put some effort into pushing him away.

"A little," he nods guiltily.

"You fuckwad!" I punch him in the shoulder.

"I'm sorry, dude," he cracks up. "I just thought I might nut all over you when I was rubbing your back. I almost did anyway. Plus, I didn't know what all was going to happen."


"I'm so glad you didn't jerk off, though. That jizzing on my t-shirt thing was SO hot." I don't realize that I'm sitting on the toilet as I try to process what he's said. "Do you want some privacy?" he asks with a smile.

"No, no, I'm fine," we laugh.

We finish up in the bathroom and head into Luke's bedroom. My heart is pounding. Luke's room has two twin beds which are across the room from each other. Denise had bought a second bed a few years ago in case he had a friend sleep over, and I'm the only one that's ever slept in it. I sit on the bed I usually use, and Luke crosses the room to sit on his. He's checking his cell phone and pretending to ignore me. I figure I should check mine, too… no messages. I should set the alarm on this phone. Let's see… Denise will get up at 5am. I'll set it for 4:55 so I'll have time to get back in the other bed. She usually does a really good job of staying quiet in the morning when she's getting ready and we're trying to sleep. Still, I remember a couple of times when she came in to wake up Luke really early and ask him something before she left. I'll set my second alarm for 5:50. She usually leaves around then, and when I hear the front door close, I can jump back in Luke's bed. We should be able to cuddle for forty more minutes before we have to get up… maybe we can do more than cuddle…. My phone vibrates. I have 1 new text message. I see it's from Luke and I open it. No words, it only says: ===D

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